Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 5 Folder 30

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 5 Folder 30

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Audubon Florida Records, 1900-1970, Box 5 Folder 30 Corkscrew Fires, 1962
Audubon Florida
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Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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1 folder
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Box 5 Folder 30


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Audubon societies -- Diaries ( lcsh )
Ecology -- Florida ( lcsh )
History -- Gulf Coast (Fla.) -- 20th century ( lcsh )


The daily journals of Audubon wardens and statewide reports on certain sites and projects cover activities from 1900 to 1970, with most of the materials concentrated between the 1930s and 1950s.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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RESOLUTION: DESTRUCTIVE 't.'ILDFIRES, COLLIE R COUNTY, FLORIDA WHEREAS, destructive wildfires have been spreading and burning in Collier County for the past six weeks or more, and WHERl:AS, due to no measurable rain and the extreme dry period, wildfires have spread across the cypress swamps in Southwestern Collier County to the Corkscrew Sanctuary, containing the Nation's last remaining stand of virgin cypress, and WHEREAS, the wildfires were fought twenty-four hours a day in an attempt to control the wildfirP.s and save Corkscrew Sanctuary, and WHERI+AS, Collier County is most appreciative of the Florida Forest Service and many others, who vith no direct obligation other than a public service, in bringing the wildfires under control and saving Corkscrew Sanctuary and the last stand of virgin cypress. NOW, THERIFORL, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commission ers of Col1 ier County, Florida, that it DO AND DOFS HEREBY lts appreciation of the cooperation and diligent efforts of achieve-ment in controlling the most destructive wildfires in Collier County and preserving the remaining virgin cypress and the Corkscrew Sanctuary. BE IT FURTh'ER RESOLVED that certified copies of this resolution be forwarded to the follO\Ting: Florida Forest Service, Box 1.200, Tallahassee, Florida; Hay C. Hill, District Forester; Tommy Kehoe, Director Collier County Civil Defense; Don Lander, Agricultural Agent; The National Audubon Society; The National Park Service; The Naples Fire Department; The Everglades Fire Department; The Fort Myers Fire Department;


> STATE OF FLORIDA COUNTY OF COLLIER The Borth Fort M3'ere Fire Department; The Civil Air Patrol; E. A. Doug Hendry, Sheriff; and Newspapers serving Collier County. ----------------------I, Margaret T. Scott, Clerk or the Circuit Court in and for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit or Collier County, l"lorida, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a resolution duly adopted by the Board or County CoDDissioners of Collier County, Florida as the same appears of record in this off'ice, same having been filed on the 12th day or June, 1962, and recorded in Minute Book Six (6) 'Witness rq hand and official seal thie 12th day of June, A. D., 1962. ( 1'Jtu Margaret 1\. Scott, Clerk Circuit Co6rt


Mrs. f&Ttaret T. Scott Clerk Circld.t Court Everglades Collier County, Florida Dear M l'"s. Scott: June 20,. 1962 were very -pleased to receive from 70U oopy of the Resolution of the B oard of County COlll\iseionere of Collier County expressing appreoi Qtion to the Florida Forestry ervice all who eo generously proVided b9lp in bringing the wild ?ires under control and sa'Ving our Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuaey May I aek you to convey to the County Board of this expression of the Society's deep appreciation of their ResolutionJ also, the Society's Board ot Directors, Officers, and ita personnel at the Corkscrew Sanctuary are everlastingly gratefu l to the B oard of Count y Commissioners, the State Forestry Department Park Service, th.e 'Fi.M Depart. ents of Naples, Everglades. fort t-:1yers and North Fort Myers, and ll tne many othe r public and private agencies and individuals or their devoted and most generou help in the S9nctuary tro11 destructlon. T o have h a d t hia outpouring of help from ao many has been a most heart-varmlng experience for ue all. CWBtrt cc1 Mr. Charle D Hutchinson V ery incerel;r ,, Carl W B uebhe1eter Pneident Superintendent, Corkecrw Swa."ftp



Mr. Carl W. :Suchheister Page 2 I do hope ti1at my decision to take vacation in July does not conflict with any plans you had made about visi tint; the Sanctuary, as you say in your letter of June 26th however, that it will be impossible for a. week or two at least, I hope that my dates of vacation meet with your approval. I am presently tryinG to catch pwith all the loose ends before I leave, I have submitted all my reports, inventories and the revision of the 1 Self-Guided Tour booklet. I have just heard from Mr. Popenhager tha t he will be unable to visit the Sanctuary for at least another month as he is tied up with a job in Panama City at present, that was one project which was concernine; me I didn.1t feel right a.bout leaving until I knew what could be done about the diking operation. When I am absent Noel Edwards will handle the Weekly Attendance report, I have given instructions that no one in particular will be in charge, I expect all of them to contribute their best efforts and operate the Sanctuary as they know I like it to be done, which I am sure they will do. You have mentioned in your letter that you would like to sho\'1 t..he Society1 s appreciation in some tangible way, this is something that I to sug&est, not for my 011m sake but I did feel that it would be good for morale if we could compensate Joel, Noel and Sam in some way. Hy first thoughtswere a bonus, but then I am always shy about additional expense to the Society, additional time off I know they would appreciate but as they have remarked to me many times and also from my own personal experience it takes money to visit different places, so as you have suggested tangible appreciation, I would recommend a bonus. The question of course arises, whether they should all be made alike and rewarded equally, there were as you know amounts of effort, Joel putshone the others in this regard and then Sam was wayward, this ofcourse is entirely between you and I and to prevent any dissention I would suggest monetary reward in equal amount to all three, I will arrange the additional time off to compensate for the days which they lost due to the fire. As for myself and Margaret, we know so well that anything which you have in mind will be more than enough, besides we never consider that the Society' s appreciation should be made in a tangible way, we just feel that if we do our job as well as we know how we will receive personal satisfaction in knowing that we are contributing to the overall success of the Society and we are forever grateful that the !Society has given us the op:por tuni ty to work in this field. You have probably received some photographs which I.ydia Edwards took from the Forest Service plane of the fire scenes, I asked her if she would be agreeable to send them to you as it was possible they could be used for publicity purposes. I have also sent some which I took fro;;i the air, 'tould it be possible to h ave some copies made of all of them for us to keep in our Corkscrew Film Library? I hope I have covered e.verything, all being well we will be off to breathe ome of that exhilerating mountain air in a few days and join in the whooping and hooching of all these displaced Scots up in l orth Caroliru:i. Mosquitoes down h ere rie;!lt now are devastating, I have never kno\tnthem to be so thick, we are all about ready :for blood transfusions we have been robbed of so much blood lately. :Best Regards. Very sincerely, Charles D Hutchinson superintendent


AINS SMOTHER FIRES IN EVERGLADES By JOHN BYRAM I Acres Burned During Long Drou o-ht Defense workers, men and apNAPLES, Fla. Recent b from the Fort Myers downpours, marking the B S C b 1 and Naples Fire Departments arrival of the local rainy eg1nn1ng to tage a ome ac ( and volunteer fighters from as season, have virtually far away from Miami comended the stubborn fires which bined in the fight. to save this have been burning out of con-the hammock floors and conmore in the 1v.1iami area in the priceless arboreal heritage. trol in the Everglades district sumed the roots of trees. summer than it does around Naed by the rain, their efforts since last fall. The rains have The traveler on the Tamiami pies on the Gulf Coast. Storms eventually were successful, alsaved from extensive damage Trail between Miami and Na-frequently build up to magnifithough about 2,000 acres of the uch nationally known tourist pies or 0:11 State Road 29 in. east.threatening proportiqns preserve were touched by the attractions as the Everglades ern Collier County still seem th. e east of Naples, only flames. National Park and Corkscrew ample, melancholy evidence of to dissipate or move to other B d lk R d swamp sa.nctuary. the fires, as well as the signs Natives hold to the bewa eopene It t t d th t of burgeoning recovery. Sechef that they are halted over The 3 555-foot boardwalk, sult tions th'.'1-t lu"uperintendent, expec e 0 ma ea P oeruxduring the rainy season, To be North America. and his rangers plenty to do. hke recovery in a matter of there are days when there About one tenth of the 6,080 Fortunately most of the fires Only the hammocks, the is a steady downpour. But there acres comprising the Corkscrew were minor and were controlled islands of hardwood trees and are many other days that are swamp Sanctuary were gi:ven to before they did much damage. vegetation that dot the vast completely fair; often the rain the Audubon Society by the Lee Mid-May brought the worst of seas of grass, will be slow to obligingly holds back until' late Tidewater Cypress Company. the fires. revive. There the fires reached afternoon or evening. Florida state foresters This blaze started near Coop down into the dry humus onl Generally speaking, it rains[rangers at the sanctuary, Civil erstown in the protective area several miles outside the park's northern boundary. Within three AND LIGH'f ON LIBERTY BELL days it had spread to the park ......, itself and threatened to get out of control. On May 19 a second 11 d I d d tr big blaze was spotted south of THE first attempt to apply a d teen-year con act at any time. the Loop Road, which leads off Europe's Bon et Lumiere l ad an ak e y et' There. will be two performthe Tamiami Trail about forty techniques to American dou e c e ances mghtly every day of the miles west of Miami. Racing history will take place Bralml T1zha ion b e r en an week, at 8 :45 and 10 P: M. through the dry Shark River 1 appropriately at 8 P M e ere w1 e no ive ac-program takes about fifty mmV 11 th' f' f tors othing but the sound a ey, is ire Joined orces Wednesday, July 4, at Independ. n utes. The Lumadrama program with the earlier one and swe t ence Hall, Philadelphia. Luma-hght, music .and voice. is now to conclude on into the national park. p drama is the name of the Amer-The experiment, inspired by Oct. 11, but 1f the autumn ican corporation organized by Park Service desires. to should prove especially c!ei:nent, Semmole as Firemen civic groups in Philadelphia and Indepe1.1dence Hall P. !Ive and attendance econonncally Various firefighting services New York to finance the perattract10n after a.ark._ 1s fl-salubrious, the mghtly prowere mobilized. Rangers, Navy formance with the cooperation nanced by contnbut10ns of grams may be exte nded. personnel, airmen from the of the National Park Service. $10?,000 from the Avalon The : cond sound-and-light Homestead Air Force base, 1 The script was written by datio1.1 of New the Phila performance in this country is Seminole Indians who live along Archibald MacLeish; the music delphia Community Founda-scheduled for later this month the Trail and volunteers la.bored wa.s composed by David Aram, a tion, ?ustave. G. Amsterdam at the old fort at St. Augustine, ceaselessly for three weeks be native Philadelphian, and played of and the Old Fla. Europe's historic sites the fore the two fires were con by members of the Philadelphia Ph1la?elphia Development Cor-chateaux of the Loire Vall ey, tained. By that time 61,000 Orchestra under his direction. porat1on. the Acropolis in Athens, for exacres inside the national park One thousand spectators, pay-$l 500 W kl O h ad ample-are now regularly light-and 71,600 outside it had been ing $1.50 for adult tickets and ee Y ver e ed and filled with the sound of burned over. 75 cents for children, will sit on Lumadrama is an American actors making historic speeches This is, of course only a small temporary seats, which will be corporation, and it put up $156,-and narrations in several Ian-percentage of the 1,416,218 set up in front of Independence 676, and its costs are to be re-guages for the benefit of tour-acres in the Government's great Hall for each evening session paid from admission ists. Experts from the European park, which last year drew 560, and removed immediately there-above the $1,500 weekly operatinstallers have been advising 000 visitors to the main center after. The music will begin, the ing costs. The Park Service rethe Lumadrama staff in Phila-at Flamingo and expects more lights will play up and down tains the right to cancel the fif i delphia. this year.,


Mr. John D Associate Editor The Miami Her*1.d 200 South Miami Avenue Miami .30, Florid& Dear Mr. PennekaJll>t July 2 1962 I have been advised by Superintendent Hutchinson of our Corkscrew &ran., and also by Charlie Brookfield. and Betty Wood 1n our Miud. Ottice, that you p:roVided great help in connection with the recent fires that threatened the Corlnrorev On behalf' of the Society I thank you ve17 v&l"'Mly for all tha t you didt and I also wish to take tnie ocouion to thank the Miami Herald tor its excellent coverage ot the fire in which it included mention of the need of volunteera. All of this ueiatance is tremendoualy appreciated I now have the final report trom Hutchinson. Approld.Datel.)' 1800 acres 0 the aanatuary property were burned over 1 but1bne of the area contained an;r or the old large cyprea1. We were 'Very fortunate indeed 1n having the f irea contained be.tore they entered the big C1J>teA area. With warm :regard CWlhee Sincerely Carl w President


CORKSCREW SWAMP SANCTUARY L IST OF FIRE VOLUNTEERS orida Forest Service, Tice, Fla. 4 R C Hill -District Forester f Sam Patterson Lee County Ranger "'Jlf O K Zipperer Collier County Ranger and all other service personnel Summerall -Fire Tower Communications p l"Y Connie Ryan -Forest Service Pilot 1.J,JJ lt. Assistant Chief of Fire Control Wf 1 I Tallahassee ) Norman Herren Harmon Turner, County Engineer, Everglades t,J{q H .13. Watkins, J r., County Commissioner \VI I 1 4th Ave. South and l3each Naples wlQ Pete Doub, County Commissioner "I I Immoka.lee Fla. \Talker \ Solano Farm Rd. Naples, Fla. v 3ational Park Service Tarren Hamilton, Superintendent J ack E Dodd, Assistant L. Chief Ralph Maxwell Asst. Chief Ranger Dick Nelson, Ranger Richard Stokes, Ranger fa W Fo:a ter Ranger ) June 13 196! Remarks FoU&h t south fire from May 14th personnel worked without complaint throughout and some worked through the night without rest, also fought North F ire 1i th convice labor Handled all fire communication s relayed phone calls from many people calling in regard to the fire, relayed messages for and to me. Invaluabl e service, lande many times outside gate to relay news and communications on fire, flew me over fire area several times Coordinated services when fire became critical again on June ?th Made arrangements for bomber operations at Naples Ai rport and many other services. Invaluable assistance in acquirinc county equipment delivery of county 'dozers with operators Arranging convict assistance Arranging convict labor over weekend of May 27th Arranging delivery of County dra.gline Donated 1dozer and operato r 'f\. I (. ) Arranging delivery of l3omber ) ) -, Delivered Park Service Pumper Came to offer an;y assistance he could and arranged for Ranger to help us move pumper with a Glade s :Buggy to mop up remains of South fire Came with Glades and assisted with mop up


Fire Volunteer liet D W Lander, County Agriculture Agent Naples Fla. '\,.O Tom Kehoe, Civi;L Defense Director vi 720 Westlake Drive, Naples, Fla. ./ Fire Chief G P Riner Naples Fire Dept l-1 Fire Chief S Bass 'WI "fJ Fort Myers ./'Mr. Sweet and Mr. Spencer with volunteers form Civil Air Patrol, Naples, Fla. Brown Lee Electric Cq. Fort Myers, Fla. Joe Coleman, fhfJ P O Box 1011 lg\ Naples Fla. Larry Mosher Manhatt a n Mercantile Co \Y\ I mmokalee Fla \ ;-i'Jack :Barnes Ii 1243 12th Ave lforth Naples, Fla Mr. F aulkner Pine R idge Nurseries N a ples, Fla. Yancy Williams ]OX 433, Rt. l Jlast Naples, Fla. / Russ Stahlman Box 1091 Naples Fla. /Louise Cason M D F .A.A. P / J041 Grand Avenu,e Miami 33, Fla. .'al\ {) Joseph Emmert -yv c o Kris ne Daiu; Miami, Fla. ) ) ) Page 2 ) Assisted with bomber operation ) at Naples Airport ) ) ) ) Also supervised his pumper at South fire with l fireman and his son Supervised operation of his Fire Dept Pumper at South fire with 3 firemen Brought own Jeep and fought both North and South fires on May 30th and at S outh fire on June 9th Bro ught fire truck and 2 volunteers, Art Samson and Hugh King fought on North and South fire Brought Swamp Buga, Water Tank and with 2 volunteers fought the fire Donated use of Water Tank Donated use of W ater Tank which has been in use on our Swamp :Buggy throughout e mer g ency, also fought the fire Donated use of a pumper and left it at Sanctuary to be used as needed, also fire BUgy and fire fighting Three trucks with several water tanks and containers, 8 volunteers and 9 JAY.BEES fought fire. Offered services and was present at scene of fire in case of injury with the assistance of two friends Mrs. Bratt and Mrs. Cooper Dr. Cason also left medical supplies for our use when she returned with her friends to !4iami at H q and fought fire for three


c Fire Vo.lunteer list Page 3 F 1 Hesser, Jr. hJ n 808 Polk Street "'l"Y"'---H?llywood, Fla. Stayed at and fought fire for three days I / Rodalfe Rivero ,. 2760 S W lst Street Miami, Fla. Jose Portella 600 N W 43ct. Apt. :/f2 Miami, Fla. ) Miguel A. '.Balanos 1039 S.W. 5th St Miami, Fla. Vicente R. Verdiell 600 N .W. 4Jrd Ct. Apt. :/f2 Miami, Fla. \ Emir R Verdiell 600 N W 4Jrd Ct. Apt. #2 Miami, Fla. Bethehcourt Wt f 6oo N W 43rd Ct. "'\ Miami, Fla. Lorrance Robertson b/-y-0 4210 N.W; 4th St. fi:l I Miami, Fla. Fleming .57 62 S W. 2nd St Miami, Fla. Fought fire (North) II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II at and fought fire for four days at and fought fire for three da;vs ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Cuban RefU&ees ) do not speak English ) had di ff icul ty in ) explaining that they ) would not be paid ) as they were when they ) the Everglades ) Park fire ) ) Gentry, U.S. Hurricane & Research Center, Miami Cloud Seeding {,,lvnr. Robert Cunningham II II II II II rt Conover, Meteoroloiist II II II 11 11 II Caribbean Gardens Contacted Radio Station W.N.O.G. to make appeal for volunteers_ a!'Pance4 8el'Viees of 'dozer /Rufe Daughtrey, Fort Myers New;; Press, Forty Myers, Fla. ob Duffey ti II II II II II 11 "'Tom Morgan, Naples Bureau Chief, Miami irerald, Naples, Fla. vHoward Van Smith, Miami Daily News, Miami, Fla ., Kristine Dunn II II II II Radio Station W .N.O.G. Naples, Fla. / Badio and T.V. Stations W.I.N.K., Fort Myers, Fla. Reporting Photography Reporting II II News Releases 11 II


..... Fire yolnnteer M st / John Pennekamp Miami Herald Miami. Fla. /Jack Holmes 1228 Alhambra Circle Cora l Gables 34, Fla. Slobusk;y 7425 S.W. S6th Ave. Miami, Fla. Steve Trumbull Miami Herald, Miami :Bill Stapleton Miami Herald, Miami v Ray W 111 iams General Contractor Naples Fla. / L P Lucas -:Soni ta Sprin&s Fla. N A S Staff Members :Betty W ood Jack:Best and Dick CunninQlam, /Mr. Alexander Fort Myers (Address u.nlalown) c/o C D Hutchinson /Ra;r Gilb Shady Rest Trailer Park Naples Fla. /Ken Culloden N Tamiami Trail Naples Fla. / H W Lechner JOl N W l5lst Street Miami, Fla. / Gene SllY'der State Fire IrivestiS.tor Ila. Forest Service ) l ) Page 4 Interest in Cloud Seeding operation Contacted John to request his assistance, took pictures of South fire damage and assisted in mop-up operations General interest and effort to raise financial aid. Reportin Photograpcy General assistance and aid to me in su,gesting sources of aid Donated use of Swamp :Suga for five days. 'Wholehearted support and effort in dealin:; with publicity in Miami Performed many and varied duties and of great assistance during critical period S -2 8 -62 thru 6-J-62 Donated dynamite set and charged dynamite with me in attempt to reach water. Jeep, Water Tank and fou.,;ht fire Fought fire with 2 volunteers from Junior Conservation Transported me to and from fire areas when our own vehicles were in use for volunteers


I f Mr. Charles D Hutchinson Superintendent Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary P O Box 8o6 Imokalee, Florida Dear Hutoht June 261 1962 I am moat gr teful for 1our very detailed and comprehensive report about the Corkscrew fires. It has made us all here appreciate to a much greater degree the critical nature of the fires and the immense difficulties in controlling them, and what you, and all the rest of Corkscrew were up against in shch a great emergency. I will say what I have aatd again and again that all Directors and Officer but none more than myself, appreciate very deeply the devoted efforts of all of you in preventin the fires from.destroying the Sanctuary I h ave thanked every donor ot money by personal letter enclosing a Treasurer's receipt. I have written to more than half of those listed by you as having provided volunteer services and equipment. I will finish the list as on as possible. You mention that our cost might be between 5 ,ooo and $6,ooo. I can under stand that, and think we are coming off To date we have received approximately 11000 in unsolicited contributions. I very ch hope that you and Margaret ere able to get some rest, and I am sure you arranged to have your staff members do likewise. I would like very much to show the Soc1etye appreciation to all of you in so tangible way. I have ideas about what I will do for ou and Margaret but for the rest of your staff, give me your ideas. At one time I mentioned that it vould be good if Joel could see the Tampa Bay Sanctuary before leaving you and 1 think it would also be good for Noel dwards and his wife If you like the idea, and will give them the time off, please make the arrangements direct with Warden S chultz. I am still planning to come down, but for a week or two it will be impossible I will let you know lfl'1' plans when made. Again my heartfelt thanks to you all, and with warm regards to you and Margaret, and the others. CWBtrt Sincerely, Carl w Buchheister President



,r. Carl \l. Buchhei s ter Fire Report Page 2 On May 15th Forest Service Personnel operator in clearing off the Tram road in Section 27 and 28 then contiuing South on the main Tram I road towards 33 on May 16th, these men worked day and night on this ......Qilflra ti onA_ A t the time of Mr. Baker i's v'fsi f on gay 17th spur trams in to Sections 33 and 34 were being made, this operation was per formed in attempt to cut o-fr--,t1ienorthward. movement of the fire. On the 19th of MS\V it appeared that the fire was under control, however during the the fire traveled under the tram spur in Section 3'.3 and with aid of S W wind was in open A t noon Oll_ May 20th in my absence_ Joel Cadburi_ reported the break out to the Florida Forest Service in Immokalee men and equipment were dispatclied to the area and contirra.ed to cut additional tram spurs, wind direction slowed fire and by May 22nd was again under control. On May23rd in my letter to Hr. Clement I reported that the fire was still burning aloI)S1the fire on mile south of Section 27 but appeared subdued and close watch would be kept as the wind was still Fire was contained within fire lanes until May 26th but it was then a da erous ground fire and was it' s way under lanes by way of the lo,s which had been left during the lumbering and which had been used in the and build up of the Tram roads. At approximately 1 30 p .m. heavy columns of smoke were observed rising from the approximate area of the County line in Section 4 on the Nor .th end, our Wardens Cadbury and Edwards checked both North and South ends and once again reported to the Florida Forest Service in Immokalee that now the Sanctuary was threatened by fire from both North and South, County units were in the North area and at work by 4 30 p m and the Forest Service personnel were working in both North and South fires. On Sunday May 27th at 6 a n I checked fire ,area on the North end and found fire moviJlg--'into Sections 3 4 8 and 9 situation was critical and u;pon my return I Mr. erren for parmfss1on to have the assistance OfCounty priso rs as ned effort of our own personnel and Forest Service personnel would not be sufficient to combat the large fire front. My call to you to advise on evening. May 28th, 1964 Contacted Mr. Turner in a m for use of County Dozer to assist at the North end Contacted Everglades National Park, spoke with Maxwell and iele regarding Bomber operation was referre d to C hief Ranger Branges and discussed cost of this operation, called New York office (Mr. Buchheister) to advise called back to National Park to make arrangements for bomber Returned to Sanctuary and despatched Sam Whidden to North end to lead Forest Service personnel and instruct where lanes should be cut, prisoners had also reported to Sanctuary and were sent to North end Noel Edwards was sent to Naples to keep check on bomber operation time schedule. Mr. Herren had made arrangements with Naples Airport and Fire Dept Fire Chief Riner bomber water supply, Civil Defense Director, Tom Kehoe in operation and made public appeal for donations to defraY cost of Bomber Don Lander County Agricultural Agent also assisted in bomber operation. I flew ov e r fire areas with Forest Service pilot Connie Ryan District Forester R C Hill was flown to Naples and his car left at my disposal for radio communication the Bomber operation. Joel Cadbury sent to South fire with tf.:I'Oup of volunteers. Bomber commenced operation at 2 p m and continued until> p m operation very effective and halt fire until Bombadier Weasel arran:;ed by Mr. Baker arrived from Panama City next Jack Best and Dick Cunn ingham arrived at Sanctua;ry n q late afternoon.


Mr. Carl W :Buchheister Fire ieport Page 3 May 29th :Bombadier Weasel on scene at 7 a .m. and commenced to run lane across marsh to hook up with tram spur which was being cut by Forest Service personnel from the West side thus making a complete fire lane from Fast to West across the :Bomber continued the operations of water drop, Forest Service, volunteers and County personnel all working on South fire during operation of bomber Joel Cadbury with Weasel operator. Prisoners with Forest Service from Hillsboro, Glades and Henry Counties, Sam Whidden and County personnel fighting North fire. :Bomber made two drops on South fire, one drop on North fire but this was not successful because of the heavy overlaY of Cypress foliage. Slight rain dampened both fires in late afternoon. I Contacted radio stations W N .O.G. and W.I.N K also Joel Kup1erberg publiv appeal for volunteers with Jeeps, :Buggie s and stressed our need for water, only source of water supply was Sanctuary for South fire and for the North fire, the settlement of Corkscrew and Mr. Carter's farm Volunteers were arriving in afternoon, one being housed in Staff Dormitory May 30th Volunteers bega n to arrive with all types of vehicles and water tanks, fire truck from L ee Electric Co., tanks were filled at Sanctuary and volunteers were guided to fire scenes by C a dbury, Edwards and ]est, C unninham remained on Gatehouse duty for public information. Mrs. Hutchinson and Mrs. Edward s prepared food and drink for volunteers passing through Sanctuary to fire areas. Forest Service personnel remained on South fire but requested volunteers be directed to North fire because situation there was more critical this was a h.8.nd and back pump operation. Charlie :Brookfield arrived early afternoon, Hutchinson in Immokalee with Ray Hill discussing dynamite to b2eak open water holes. All volunteers concentrated on North fire in afternoon. First discussion with Joel Kuperberc re'8-l'din' coordination of firefighters on his return from scene of fire. Hutchinson returned to with Jack Holmes to contact John in regard to cloud seeding "During absence Santuary exp erienced half inch of rain, fires dampened Discussed operation with Charlie Brookfield and Kristine Dunn of Miami News. May 31st Volunteers and all crews were concentrated on North fire combating gound fire. Dick and Hutchinson on South fire. Hutchinson to Immok:alee in e vening to confer with Bay Hill discussed drilling of wells as dynamite operation not considered practical. Contacts were made for well drilling but unable to recruit anyone with eq u ipment available or suitable for this type of operation. June lst Cadbury, Edwi/ds, :Best, Cunningham and Whidden at North fire with prisoners, volunteers and Forest Service personnel, still hand fighting and back packing. News reporters taken to scene by Hutchinson, new tram road being Ut by Forest Service on West side at. South fire as precautionary method Had to return Cuban volunteers to Immokalee, in


Mr. Carl W Buchheister Fire Report Page 4 check in with Forest Service at I mmokalee learned that prisoners would be withdrawn over weekend unless special permission obtained from County Commissioners contacted H B Watkins permission granted, also checked into cloud seeding operation. Flew over fire area upon return from I mmokalee Dick Cunningham returned to Tavernier and additional volunteer moved into staff dormitory. June 2nd Cloud seeding to be attempted (no clouds), crews still hand fighting North fire. South fire was still holding on fire lane, preparations were made for backfire, weather conditions not favorable. More volunteers arrived and despatched to North fire. C adbury and one volunteer stranded at scene of North fire, Best and Hutchinson out to locate them and returned safely to H q at 10.JO p m June 3rd Cloud seeding again attempted with no success, only slight sprinkle of rain in late after noon South fire began to build up conferred with Ray Hi l l in Immokalee and discussed possible backfire if conditions favorable. Jeep broke down no vehicles as Swamp Buggy had clutch trouble. Cadbury to Bonita Springs to borrow Swamp Buggy from L .P. Lucas Jack Best returned to Miami. Another volunteer moved into Staff Dormitory Sam Whidden did not report at North fire. June 4th Usual conference at Forest Service in I mmokalee at 7 .30 a m Crews despatched to north and south fires still back pump operation. Called Charlie Brookfield was informed that Ranger from National Park Service would deliver Fire Pumper to assist on South fire. Rang e r Dick Nelson arrived at Sanctuary volunteer Hesser vacated bed to return to Miami and Dick Nelson moved in. Sam Whidden still not on scene. June 5th Crews to North and South fires, Hutchinson and Nelson to Immok:a.lee to confer with Ray Hill backfiring still not favorable. Later conferred with Fire Chief Bass of Fort Myers Fire Dept for possible assistance on South fire if no rain made situation critical, his services offered. Sam Whidden still not on scene. Dick Nelson returned to Park. Pulled our Wardens out of fire scene for rest period, gave afternoon off and Hutchinson and volunteer Hesser who had returned replaced them on fire scene. June 6th C rews to North and South fire, still back packing and hand fightin' North fire, South fire being patrolled by Forest Service personnel and building up, Hutchinson to West side of south fire to check with Forest Service crews there, still no rain and situation critical again. Ground fire out into open fire, water urgentl y fire now less than one half mile from Section 27. Wind chane;ed to S E direction and increasing in velocity endaD&ering the Sanctuary from the south end Sam Whidden reported at Sanctuary in a m


Mr. Carl W. Euchheister June ?th Fire Report Page 5. Wardens and volunteers sent to North fire in morning, Hutchinson to Immokalee to confer with Forest Service, decided dynamiting should be attempted, spent most of the morning making contacts for this, finally persuaded Mr. Alexander of Fort Myers to assist me, both he and I at scene of South fire, charged and set dynamite in six different locations both on muck and rock bed although difficulty in finding rock on edge of marsh where water most urgently needed, rock layer in this vicinity approximately sixteen feet below surface. Dynamite not successful would not excavate large enough hole for water supply. although water was drawn inseveral locations but not sufficient for drafting. While at scene of fire wind carried fire over lane, fought spot overs and temporarily subdued Decided only method which would :produce sufficient water would be a dragline, returned to Immoka.lee to confer Hill, while there Forest Service plane radioed tower that South fire hai flared and become critical. Mr. Mikell, Ray Hill and I returned to Sanctuary and were picked up by Forest Service pilot to fly over fire areas. Returned again to Immokalee and :pilot radioed that fire was now spreading in direction of high.way 1846. Contacted Eill Crews from Fire Tower for use of d.ragline, Mr. RHill made contact for county d.ragline, Crews dragline not available, he eontacted Leon McCormack who in turn contacted me and arrangements were made for his dragline to be put into service at Society I contacted Fire Chief Eass and requested his assistance with Fire Pumper contacted Joel and requested that he call Radio Station W.N. O G and appeal for volunteers also asked if he knew of a dozer which would be available and request the of Fire Chi e.f Riner, and operator on Hidlway and conducted him to scene of fire at 9 30 p m "in&-t-nrcreest advantage, Cadbu-ry, Ed:wards and volunteer Hesser ..-fl tOved Parlt OE'ire P'UIIiper into fire. Hesser returned to Miami at --10.30 p m on duty witli Hollywood Fire Dept next day. Edwards returned to Sane tu.ary H Q at 11.JO p.m returned to H.!-Q, t 1. 0 a.m Hutchinson remained with dragline operator the night assisting in operation ho es. Around 3 a m Jeep stuck overhanging ditch, surrounded -Oy fire, walked several yards to locate railroad sleepers to support Jeep, at one point removed all equipment from Jeep, danger from fire was imminent, However, I finally move Jeep out and retreated from fire area. I Dragline operator worked throughout the night several water holes were available by 7 a m to enable Fire Pumpers to draft water. June 8th Returned to Sanctuary H.Q. at 6 a m :picked up Cadbury and returned to scene of fire. Wind direction causing South fire to gain ground, extremely critical. North fire being fought by Forest Service crews only, -prisoners had been withdrawn for special roadwork for County Fire Pumpers from Naples and Fort Myers reported at scene of fire. Fire chief Eass present, Joel Kuperberg and Fire Chief Riner arrived at scene, Marathon Dozer arrived by arrangement of Joel Kuperberg at 8 a m Sam Patterson, Chief Eass, Chief Riner, Joel Kuperberg and myself checked fire area and locations of water holes, fire now rapidJ.y apProaching Sanctuary boundary, Dozer began cutting large fire lane to enable Fire Pumpers to travel fire lines. Chief Riner, Chief '.Bass and myself approached the situ.a.ti on firefighting experience and knowledge, it was decided how water holes could be utilised to best advantage and how fire hose should be laid from the three fire Pumpers which then went into operation wetting down the fire lane to prevent spot overs. Cadbury returned to H .Q,. at 8 JO a m picked up Edwards and returned to scene of fire. Mrs. Hutchinson went to Imrookalee to advise Mr. Buchheister and Miami office of situation. Sam Whidden on Gate for public information. Hutchinson returned to H .Q,. at 11 a m


Mr Carl W l3uchheister Fire Report Page 6 snatched one hour rest period and returned to scene of fire at noon wind now increasing in velocity, fire moving very fast was burning fiercely approximately one mile from SanctUary "lr;Q, (f!:t1'r presence of fire pumpers backfiring was carried out, this met with success, ffre then jumped Highwa;v into protected control district of Forest Service who had to withdraw some of their equipment from our fire to battle the spot over. County dragline and IJicCormack1s dragline continued to operate, large Dozer moved a.round to West side to cut lane all Pumpers opera ting on maximUJitcapaci ty, this was our toughest battle but we were holding it. Cadbury sent back to H .Q,. at 3 p m wind carrying sparks and watch was needed at H.Q,. as precaution. Continu.ed to wet down each side of fire lane until 7 p m when night air and moisture quietened fire. Hutchinson returned to H .Q,. at 8 p m., Cadbury and Edwards in for supper and out to fire scene again at p m returned at 9 p m., Edwards remained at H .Q,. Cadbury returned to scene of fire and remained all nigh.t Hutchinson to I mmokalee at midnight to call Mr. l3uchheister. Cadbury returned to H .Q,. at 6 a m reported fire fairly quiet. June 9th Thl.tchinson and Edwards to scene of South fire at 6 a m wind increasing and fire moving Pumpers again in action, Draglines still ope:ating, Forest Service Power Wagons running line, water being poured on and backfiring again carried out. All hands ounce of strength to hold fire from Sanc.]a.Ij, fire had but wa! extiDGUished before -it travelled more than 100 yards. Finally at 2.30 p m rain fell, crews remained until 4 30 p m to be assured that rain had been effective. Fire quiet and crews pulled out. Large Dozer still working on West side with Sam Patterson, completed lane at 10 p m Sanctuary staff celebrated together at Sl!l.pper in Naples -June 10th Cadbury and Hutchinson to North fire at 6 a m to check effects of rain, ground fire still smoldering. Hutchinson to South fire, large cut over Cypress logs still burning and ground fire still smoldering, Forest Service pilot landed and flew me over fire areas to check situation. Discouraging to find that fire would still be critical if area dried out again. Slight rain late afternoon in Sanctuary negligible on fire area. June llth Cadbury, Edwards and Hutchinson to South fire, back packing and hand fighting areas still burning until late afternoon, more rain, fire cooling but large logs still burning. Unable to attain aid of Forest Service units. J\Ule 12th Cadbury, Edwards and Hutchinson to South fire with Jack Holmes who assisted with mopping up operation and took pictures of burned areas. Richard Stokes, arrived on scene offering aid, I requested need of vehicle to tow Park Pumper to facilitate the mop-up o eration, back pumping was not sufficient, large logs were difficult to xtinguish. Richard Stokes returned late afternoon to Everglades to arrange assistance from Park Service.


Mr. Carl W Buchheister Fire Report Page 7 Hutchinson to I mmokalee in evening to contact Richard Stokes, arrangements had been made, Ranger to bring Glades Buggy forllowing morning to tow Pumper June 13th Cadbury, Hutchinson to South fire again, Ranger J W Foster arrived at noon his services used for only short period, rain fell again. Cadbury and Foster to North fire to check effects of rain, found to be effective, on their return trip heavy rain was encountered and Jeep bogged down, efforts to remove J eep unsuccessful, they walked out. Hutchinson to Immoka.lee to wire Mr. Buchheister FIRE OUT. Ed'\'1ards off duty. June 14th Cadbury and Foster returned with Glades Buggy to North end to tow Jeep out Jeep jack inadvertently left at scene. Edwards off duty Cadbury and Foster had not returned to H .Q,. within expected period of time Hutchinson to Corkscrew to investigate, Foster had difficulty in loading Glades Buggy on to flat bed truck, Jeep was out and driven back to H .q,. Three inches of rain l'Pgistered at H .Q,. Rains have contiued each day since, ithin the past week eight inches of rain registered. June 15th Ranger Foster returned 1i th Glades Buggy and Pumper to Park. Cadbury off duty ..,.!'This was a long tedious, frustrating and demoralizing struggle, ground fire is treacherous, human efforts can only delBY it until rain in sufficient quani ty is experienced to thoroughly drench the ground We deeply indebted to all those who rallied to our aid to fight this fire. I am grateful for the untiring efforts of my own staff, special mention is to Joel Cadbury who was tireless in his efforts and volunteered numerous times for additional duties to relieve nzy" personal burden, he has proved more than once that he is reliable in emergencies I Noel Edwards complied with all instructions but rarely showed -initiative, e did not appear to have the sta..mina for the additional work load. Sam was as 'usilal a law unto himself, in the early days of the North fire he donated the services of his own Swamp Buggy frlich unfortunately broke down this being his reason to for his absence at the North fire for a period of three days 'l'.ihile he had gone to Fort Myers to obtain parts and repair the Buggy Criticism was made of lack of coordination of fire-fighters, it should be consia.ered that the Sanctuary is without comnnmication of any sort, it was therefore exceedingly difficult for our staff to be reached during travel to and from fire areas, it necessitated nzy" constant travel to Immoka.lee to confer with Forest Service personnel, to keep in touch with the operation I had to depend on the services of the Fire Tower communicator and the Forest Service pilot who would land frequently on the road outside the Gatehouse To make


Mr. Carl 'I. :Bucbheis ter Fire Report Page 8 :phone calls to keep New York office and Miami office informed and to arrange assistance from many sources I had a trip of thirty four miles each time, Sanctuary staff had to await my return many times for further instructions as plans changed to accomodate the ever changing circumstances, due to fire having five fronts. Another difficulty thalt :presented itself was the uncertain number of volunteers, this changed daily and could not be relied upon, we were also not in a position to a.ccomodate volunteers in any great number. Staff D ormitory became a Hotel and Restaurant for > 1eary fire-fi managed by Mrs. Hutchinson who was assisted b y Mrs. FA.wards as the number of volunteers increased arrangements had to be made Frank Head owner of Corkscrew Truck Stop to prepare food for volunteers. I t shoulm be noted that t h roufP.out the entire of the South fire, not one representative of the Gulf American Land Developement Co. (Golden Gate Estates) offered any type of assistance to my knowledge although this was their land. All things being considered, lack of communication insufficient manpower and e quipment, my consideration of the Society' s financial status in attempting to have services donated without charge, we should be grateful. for the tremendous community effort and interest in helping us to save the Sanctuary from destruction. Estimated cost to Society approximately $4 ,000 to $5 .00Q_ when all expenses are finally compiled after repair of vehicles and eQV.i:pm.ent, refencing and replacement of small tools and equipment Information recefVed rom y Hill advises m res cos the Florida Forest Service a minimum of $18,000 Estimated fi:ie damae e to Sanctuary property a pproximately 11800 acres on North end in Sections 8 9 10 17 and .16, mainly pine, palillettQ, pond cypress and: small percentag e of :Bald Cypress and negligible on South end in Section 27. I d o hope this report covers all important data. l)_ Charles D. Hutchinson Superintendent I realise we have Audullon Camps but do rle h ave Camps for weary staff members? 111


Cal C an P.-.11 qt. t r. C. H. Cftltw, Mt Oft c. B1U, e\rict, H tol\Snao


A STl\TE AGE Same letter sent to: Mr. Leon McCormick, 11 12th St. North, Naples Mr. Ray Gili, 2140 Harbor Lane, Naples Mr. Jack Faulkner, Pine Ridge, North Naples FLORIDA FOREST SERVICE ::: H C0ULTt STA.TE 1<'Q,_S T E A TALL AHASSEE F LORI D A A QDFH":"> S qEF"L'r TO Mr. Yancy Williams, Route 1, Box 433, East Naples Mr. Don Lander, Collier County Agricultural Agent Mr. Jack D. Barnes, 1243 12th Avenue North, Naples


cg,11\ A STA.TE AGENCY FLORIDA Jl'OREl!JT SERVICE C H. OOULTER, State ForHter Poat Office Box 1100 .TALLAHA.88EE FLORIDA e THI: BO ARD JOHN Y HUMPHRESS, Prutdent FRANK Ill PARKER, Vice Pruldent N OR.MAN A HERREN, Secnttary MARCUS 0 RA WLB EMMETT B PETER. JR. June 21, 1962 110 Tamiami Trail Naples, Florida Mr. Miles Scofield Marathon Dredging Corporation Airport Road East Naples, Florida Dear Miles: Now that the costly and damaging wildfires have been extinguished in the Corkscrew Sanctuary, the Florida Forest Service wished to take this opportunity to express to you our sincere thanks for your excellent assistance and cooperation in this emergency. As you undoubtedly know, this area is not under Countywide fire protection and, for that reason, the Forest Service was not called into action until these wildfires became a serious threat to the Sanctuary itself. You can be proud of the fact that your help did result in minimizing .the damage to the Sanctuary, and I know that the Audubon Society is also most grateful for your assistance. Again, please accept our deep appreciation for your splendid cooperation. NAH: jh STOP W LOF'I Rf. Sincerely yours, FLORIDA BOARD OF FORE.:>TRY Nonnan A. Herren Vice President GROW MORE T R EE"S CIJT W I SELY


A STATE AGENCY June 21. 1962 FLORIDA FOREST SERVICE C H COULTER STATE FORESTER TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA ADDRESS REPLY TO 110 tam1..lnni Trail pl od.da that the t11 damagbg Wildfir been in the Cc>rkcr anctuarJ, ftorida Pora t wlahea to ke thia opportuoit)' to ap1:11a to you a your loy .. a, p rticul.r1y Don Brown, OUX' incere tbnka fo ;your ell nt aaaiatance and coope:r-ati in this ... rgeoc7. JOU tedl7 know, area i not un.ty vi teed.on and, for t the Poreat e'Mce 1 llOt call into ction til these wil fires bee a serious thr t to the anctuary itaelf. Y can be pr of ge to also the fac help did r ult in m1ntmiziQ8 the the,, nd I t the udubOn Society 1 at rateflal for your aa itance. A 1 pleaae accep plendtd co peration. cc: up appneiati inc rely, or your STOP WILDFIRE GROW MORE TREES CUT TIMBER WISELY


FLORIDA P'Oll&ST 51tllVICE C. H. COULTKR, State Foretter Po.t Olffoe Bos 1200 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA A STATE AGENCY THI! BOARD FR.Am M PAJIDft, NORMAN A. HEMEN Vloe "-'deM MARCUS G JIA WLS, 5-etary EMMIETI B PltT&ll, Jt. BU BEN S. BRICE June 20, 1962 Mr. J. P. Riner, Fire Chief Naples Fire Department Naples, Florida Dear Pearly: Now that the costly and damaging wildfires have been extinguished in the Corkscrew Sanctuary, we wish to take this opportunity to extend sincere thanks to you and all members of your Department for the excellent assistance rendered in meeting this emergency. As you undoubtedly know, this area is not under Countywide fire protection and, for that reason, the Forest Service was not called into action until these wildfires became a serious threat to the Sanctuary itself. You and your personnel can be proud of the fact that your help did result in minimizing the damage to the Sanctuary, and I know that the Audubon Society is also most grateful for your assistance. Again, please accept our deep appreciation for your splendid cooperation. NAH: jh Same letter sent to: Mr. Sam Bass, Fire Chief v Fort Myers Fire Department Sincerely, FLORIDA BOARD OF FORESTRY Norman A Herren Vice President 1tlLl9. CUT TIMal!lt WlILY


PLOIUDA POaaT IDVJCS C. B. OOOLTEI\. s-. ,......._ POil oe. Boa 1100 TALLAH.USSB, l'LOJUDA Mr. Henry B. Watkins, Jr. Watkins & Barkau 663 5th Avenue South Naples, Florida Dear Hank: A STATE AGENCY J\llle 20, 1962 THI: BOAftD n.AJft M. PilDa. ........... NOil.WAN A. HERJ\BH, VW ......_ MAllCUS G. JlAWU, s...e.,. SMMrtT B. nTEll. JL aua.IN &. UICll On behalf of the Florida Forest Service, I wish to thank you for your excellent assistance in the recent wildfire threat to the Corkscrew Sanctuary. Without your prompt and efficient handling the damage could have been much greater. I personBlly know of the several times during the emergency when you took imnediate steps to furnish labor and equipment to fight these fires under the direction of the Forest Service. As you well know, this area is not wtder Cowtty-wide fire protection and, for this reason, the Forest Service not called into action \llltil these fires became a serious threat to the Sanctuary itself. You can be proud of the fact that.your help did result in minimizing the damage to the Sanctuary, and I know that the Audubon Society is most grateful for your assistance. Again, please accept our deep appreciation for your splendid cooperation. NA.H:jh Same letter sent to: Mr. W. H. Turner, Cowtty Engineer Collier County Everglades, Florida Sincerely, FLORIM BOilD OF FORESTRY Norman A. Herren Vice President :11:. CUT TIM&R w1esi..v


A STATE AGENCY FLORIDA FOREST SERVTCK (;. H COIJL T1U\, Stat.foreste< Poot Office Bo 1200 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA June 20, 1962 Tile Honorable Board of County Corrmissioners Collier County Everglades, Florida Gentlemen: THI!: BOA.RD 1'1\ANX M PARD!:R, PnMildeat NORMAN A. HERREN, Vloe PNl&delit MARCt ; s G. RAWLS. s--.iy EMMETf B PKTER. JR. BUB.EN E. BRla 110 Tamiami Trail Naples, Florida Now that the costly and damaging wildfires have been extinguished in the Corkscrew Sanctuary, we wish to take this opportunity to express to the Board of County Conwnissioners the appreciation of the Florida Forest Service for the excellent cooperation and assistance rendered by your Board and the various departments and employees of the County. It would not have been possible to contain, suppress and finally extinguish these fires without the wholehearted cooperation of the various agencies of the County government over an extended period of time. Tile County is to be colllllended for furnishing labor and equipment for use in this emergency. As you gentlemen know, this area is not under County-wide fire protection and, for this reason, the Forest Service was not called into action until these wildfires became a serious threat to the Sanctuary itself. The County can be proud of the fact that its excellent help did result in minimizing the damage to the Sanctuary, and I know that the Audubon Society is most grateful for your assistance. Again, please accept our deep appreciation for your splendid cooperation. NAH:jh Sincerely, FLORIDA BOARD OF FORESTRY Norman A. Herren Vice President STO,. WILDFIRE. QROW MOR[ TRltlS CUT Tl,MSl!:ft WISELY


FLORIDA FOREST SERVICE C. H. COULTER, State Forest e r Post Office Box 1200 TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA A STATE AGENCY June 15, 1962 Mr. Carl W. Buchheister, President National Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenue New York 22, New York Dear Mr. Buchheister: THE BOARD FRANK M. PARKER, President NORMAN A. HERREN, Vice President MARCUS G. RAWLS, Secretary EMMETI B. PETER, JR. BUREN E. BRICE 110 Tamiami Trail Naples, Florida I greatly appreciated your letter of the 12th referring to my letter of the 6th to John Baker. I am enclosing a copy of my letter of today to John, and I wish to add that I sincerely hope that your Society will follow through with the installation of several large wells and fire lines as I have outlined in the enclosure. I will be delighted to see you whenever you are in this area as all of us feel very strongly about the Corkscrew Sanctuary. NAH:jh Sincerely yours, Z00LY Norman A. Herren Vice President STOP WILDFIRE GROW MORE TREES CUT TIMBER WISELY


I June 15. 1962 Mr. John H. ker President Emeritus National Audubon Society 1130 Avenue New York 28, New York Dear John: Mapy thanks for yours of the i2th concerning my letter of the 6th. I am happy to know that you are seriously Qonsidering installing stWeral wells in the Sanctuary. I had intended to wrlte you coneeming this item as a good investment for the future of the Sanctuary, primarily for the continu.a growth and pireservst1on of the neoesaary foliage and vegetation to support the wildlife during dry &easona and, o f course, they could be used 1n the fighting of 1;DUCk and humus fires such as you ha,ve f!lqlerienced recently in the Sanctuary,, In addition, I also think it would be a wise decision to establish several peX'l'Qanent wide fire lines in the outer reach"s of the anctuary. These could be e tabltshed a considerable distenc from the visitor area and 'Would not detract from the scenic v lue. At the same time they could act as safeguards and barriers again t Wildf:lr s developing outside the Sanctuary and moving into it. Since writing you on the 6th, the entire picture has changed and, as you know, we have been blessed with several rains which have COll\Pletely extinguished the fires in this area.. Also, since that date, both the Naples and Fort Myers Fire Depertmenta did considerable assistance 1in helping all of us brtgg the


-. I I Page two John H. Baker 1 J'\.Ule 15, 1962 fires under control and to a point of containment. I am elso writing .letters of appreciation to these departments. It was good to hear from you and whenever you are down this way, please drop by for a chat. With kindest regards, I am NAH:jh cc: Mr .. Carl W. BuchheisteT /' Sincerely, P'LOlll_DA BOABD OJ' FORESTRY Norman A. Herren Vice President


Mr Norman A. Herren The Gollier Compacy llO Tamiami Trail Florlda Dear Mr. Herren June 121 1962 Today John Beker showed me your letter to him of June 6th, and the copies o! the lettere you wrote to a manber o!individuals in your area 1'ho gave such tine volunteer in fighting the Corkscrew Sanctuary fires,and also copy of his letter o f June 12th to you I Wish t o second everything that John h a s written ex .pressing the S oa iotys deep gratitude to the Florid& Forestry Servtce, the Federal agencies, and indi'Viduale for their wondevul help. In due course we will write letters of gratitude t o all agencies organizations and individuale who have helped and lthose names we will have received. I the heartfelt hanks of our Board and officers, as well as 11.f own, to )"QU personally for the most generous I'l'.agnif'ieent help ;you rendered in the recent critical situation. W e have been much cheered by the news that on S und.,-there was 1/2 inch of rain, and additional raine appear t"O be imminent.-we pray for a good and prolonged drenching l look .forward to calling on you when I next visit the Corkscrew. CWBtrt cci1 M r Charle D Hutchineon Very sincerely Garl w. Buchhe1ster President


i ,)1 t Mra. Maurice MoErlain, President Caloosa Bird Club 1421 Jefferson Avenue Fort Myers, Florida Dear Mrs. MoErlains June 19 1 1962 Mr. Hutchinson, Superintendent, has advised ue of your generous gift of $10 00 to help d&fray the great coat of fighting the recent :fi ree in our Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. '.May I expreaa the Sooi tyta, as well as my-pereonal, gratitude for such a spontaneous, heartening and help.f'ul manifeatation of your kindly interest 1n our Sanctuary in its hour of need Your help, and that of many other in providing tunde, manpower; and equipment pr$vented the destruction of the Sanctuary Enclosed you will find our Treawrer receipt. CWB:g e Enc. cca Messrs. Robert G. Goelet, Treasure!" Charles D. Hutc hinson Very 1:.tncerely, Carl w Buchheister Preaident Identical letter sent to all those having contributed as per c. D. Hutchinson list of June 12, 1962. Total of these gifts: $294.00


. Letter of thanks sent to all contributors who forwarded donations to Charles D. Hutchinson. (List attached) June 12, 1962 Dear-------------: On behalf of the Society, I express deep gratitude and appreciation for your generous contribution toward the great expense incurred by this wildfire which has threatened to destroy our beautiful Sanctuary. The smoldering fire continues to create hazard but we are keeping constant vigil until Mother Nature blesses us with sufficient rain to eliminate the entirely. With sincere thanks, I am, cm/mh Very sincerely, Charles D Hutchinson Superintendent


CORKSCREW SWAMP SANCTUARY Contributions for fire expense senD to C.D. Hutchinson J une 1 2 1962 Date 5-31-62 I 6-1-62 '3 Name and Address Urs. Maurice McErlain 1421 Jeffer son Ave. Fort Myers Fla. Elsie D. Upham N aples Fla J4rs K.J. Curtis Sta r Route La :Belle, Fla Mrs. H.L. Austin 1778 Woodlawn Fort Myers, Fla (President of Caloosa. :Bird Club) Mrs. Charles B Peck, Jr. ,.1314 L a Faunce Wa:y ) Fort Myers Fla (Ca.loosa Bird Club ) 6-2-62 I "' 6-3{)2 /L Hrs Foster D. Smith and Mrs. J Guenther Gulf View Trailer. Colo:rzy Fort Myers J3 each, Fla Annonymou.s p ostmar ked Naples Caloosa Bird Club Members Miss Cecil Hamilton Treasurer 2 164 L archmont Street Fort Myers Fla. Miss Cecil Hamil ton 2164 L archmont Street Fort Myers, Fla. Miss Dorothy C. Chidlow P .O. :Box 4293 Tampa 7, Fla Mr. J ohn C Cowles 282 Second Avenue North Naples F l a Mrs Anna Haag :Box 275 Lehi gh Acres, :Fl.a. (donated at Gatehouse) Mr, and M r s Robert J. Brown Matlacha Station p.Q Box 146, Fort Myers, Fla. $ Amount ip.oo Check 25.00 II 5 .00 It 5.00 ti 25. 00 It 5.00 II c 2 .09 Cash -------25.00 C he c k 5 .00 II 5 .00 II 100.00 II 25.00 It 25.00 II


... CORKSCREW SWAMP SANCTtJ.ARY ( Contributions P ag e 2 6-J...:62 M r and M r s Henry L. Vonderlieth 23 Myrtle Avenue .,/' Millburn, New Jersey $ s .oo Check 6-7-62 Mr. M.J. B e tten dorf 162.5 s. w 4oth Avenue Cora l G ables 34, Fla 2.00 / Miss Dor o thy C. Hall 7 897 S W 7 0th Street Miami 4 3, Fla 2 0 .00 II 6-10-62 H r C .J3. Scofield I j,. c/o South ern Tiell Telephone & Tele g r aph. Co. P .O. Box .503 Cor a l Gables J 4 Fla _5.00 $ 294,oo Charl e s D Hutchinson Superintendent ** Contribution Cards sent w .ith weekly report of June J 1962


CLASS OF Se:av1c2 This is a fast message unless its deferred charcter Is Indicated by the proper symbol. WESTERN UNION TELEGRAM SF-1201 (4-60) w. P. MARSHALL. PRESIDENT SYMBOLS DL= Day Letcer NL=Night Letter LT-lnrernarlonal Lener T clcgram The filing time shown in the date line on domestic telegrams is LOCAL TIME at point of origin Time of receipt is LOCAL TIME at point of destination NHC156 AA505 A FSA115 PO TDFS IMMOKALEE FLO 13 550P EST C W BUCHHE I STER 1150 5 AVE NYK FIRE IS NOW FINALLY OUT THREE INCH RAIN IN LAST THREE DAYS HUTCH. r ..


NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY 118() Mr. Carl W :Buchheister President National Audubon Society 1130 Fifth Avenu.e New York 28, N Y Dear Mr. :Buchheist e r : 28 Telephone: ENright 9-2100 June 4, 1962 I am enclosing the newspap e r clippings in connection with the fire, together with the information regarding the bomber operation. We are still battling to delay the fire, only rain will iinally solve our problem, it continues to rain all around us and we stand helplessly by praying fervently that God will answer our pl-=eas, Mr. :Buchheister I would welcome a flood I feel so desperate. With your permission I would to delay rrzyfull report to you regarding the fire for a few &cy-s, the most recent article by Fred Winters explains the situation very well. I shall be phoning you tomorrow afternoon. :Best regards. Sincerely, Charles D Hutchinson Superintendent Founded 1905 ... Dedicated to Conservation of Wildlife, Plants Soil and Water in Relation to Human Progress


r / Time and cost sheet for the ll 26 llomber Piloted by Austin Murray 5 .28.62 Plane arrived Naples Airport at approx IJJO hrs.Left Homestead I246 hrs. Take off time ** I 4 08 I 4 44 I54 9 I652 I 727 I 802 5 .29. 62. I029 II46 I30 7 ,5.30.62 Total air time for 5.28 .62 2 hrs. 22mins Total air time for 5 29.62 Ihr. I7 mins Plane 'Out of service' in the a m Tire trouble Return to Airport I 430 I508 I6I O I7I2 I746 1 826 1055 1209 I335 .Arrangements made by R. C Hill to return to Homestead .Released to Mr.Dodd. Ferry time to and from Homestead.Total of 70 mins Lay over ,daily expenses, Daily stand by per day Ferry time $JOO per hr. Tanker time $385 per hr. 2. per day. Ihr. 5.30 .62 I hr I O mins Jhrs.39 mins $ j O O $ 50 $ JSO $ 1405.24 1905. 24 ** This first 1drop was released on another fire 6 miles south of us. cc: Mr 'Benjamin


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