Young Wild West's reckless ride, or, Arietta's hairbreadth escape

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Young Wild West's reckless ride, or, Arietta's hairbreadth escape

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Young Wild West's reckless ride, or, Arietta's hairbreadth escape
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Wild West Weekly
Old Scout
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New York
Frank Tousey
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Dime novels ( lcsh )
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Reprinted in 1922.

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With a mighty leap the sorrel cleared the brook. Arietta gave a cry of joy. The outlaws urged their horses to a fas te. r gait. "I'm coming, Et!" Wild shouted.


WILD WEST WEEKLY A Magazine Containing Stories, Sketches, Etc., of Western Life Issued Weekl11-B11 Subscription $2,50 per f/ea r Ente,ed accor ding t o .Act o f OongresyJ in the year 1910, in the office of the Wrarian of Congress, Washington, D C by F'rank Tousey Publisher, 2i union Square, .New York. No. 383. NEW YORK, FEB RUARY 18, 1910. !Price 5 Cents. young Wild West's Reckless Rjde OB, Arietta' s Hairb r eadt h Escape B y AN OLD SCOUT. CHAPTER I. YOUNG WILD WEST HELPING THE COWBOYS, sweetheart, remained close to the cliff, and watched him as he went upward with the agility of a squi rrel. Wild and Arietta had left the camp, which was less than a quarter of a mile from the spot, as soon as breakfast had been eaten, for the purpose of shooting some Crack! Crack! Crack! Cra-a-ck! thing in the line of game A volley of revolver shots sounded, breaking the stillThey had struck the fresh tracks of a deer, and were ness of the early morning. following them when the shooting sounded n ear them A handsome, dashing-looking boy, who was attired in While they were surprised to :find that there was anyone a buckskin hunting suit, and a young girl, who might well so near them, neither were the le~t bit frightened. be called as "pretty as a picture," were walking stealthily Both had been ?orn and reared m the West, and they through a ravine, and when the shots rang out they quickwere used to all its dangers ly halted and drew back under the overhanging rock Young Wild West liked danger, in fact. So much did "I reckon that spoils our chances of getting any game he lik~ it that he loo~ed !or _it, and thus it was that we this morning, Et," the boy said, as he peered in the di:find him on on.e of his tn~s m search of adventure, for rection the shooting came from, but saw nothing, because tun~ and fun m a very wild part of northwestern New there was a high ridge of rocks lying between. Mexico. The coolness and daring of the boy, who had made a "That's right, Wild," the girl answe r ed. "I had no idea that there was anyone around here but us I wonder what is ~oing on, anyhow ? Crack! Orang! crang! "Ah!" exclaimed the boy, nodding his head in a cool and easy way. "The last two s hots came from a rifle I reckon there's a lively scrimmage going on, Et, and very close at 1iand. You wait here, and I will try and :find o u l what is up "All right, Wild. I suppose Charlie and Jim will be coming here in a hurry, for they will think we have got into trouble "Yes, they won't be long in getting here, you can bet. As he sai d this Young Wild West, for it was no other than the well-known boy hero, who held the title of Cham pion Deadshot of the West, started to climb to tiie top of the cliff Arietta l\furdor.k, the boy's charming, golden-haired name for him se lf was unsurpassed, and the fact that h e could handle a rifle and revolver with such accuracy a, to win for him the title of Champion Deadshot of the West, was quite sufficient to make him one to be feared by eYil doers and loved by those who believed in hone ty and right. The boy was not long in climbing to a point from whi c h he could look across the ravine, and while he was doing it the sounds of angry voices and more shots came to h i s ears. What Young Wild West saw when he peered over a big boulder was a sor t of duel taking place between four cowboys on one side, and half a dozen villainous looking men on the other. The cowboys were crourhing behind some rocks, anc1 were armed only with revolvers,. or "guns,'' as they were called by those who had use for them in that wild part of the country~


2 YOUNG WILD WEST'S RECKLESS RIDE. --The men who opposed them not only had guns, but two though, for Black Bm and his gang co11ld easily get away of them were showing rifles. if they wanted to. I suppose they want to try and wipe From his position Wild cottld se!3 both parties. The the cowboys out, so there will be no chance o.f anyone else cowboys were on the same side of the ravine as be was,, catching them very soon." while the others were at the other side, at a distance of I He waited for a minute or two longer, and then, find probably a couple of hundred feet ing that hostilities were at an end for the present, lie They were hiding behind the rocks, too, and as the 11 started down to where he had left his sweetheart upon the young deadshot cast a searching glance that way he saw a l edge. man lying on the ground motionless. I Half way down he cauo-ht sight of a man and boy com-"I reckon one of them got his medicine," the boy mut; ing that way in a cautiou~ manner. tered: "v\: ell, it would_n't be hard to gue~s which side to j They were his partners, Cheyenne Charlie, the scout, take m this fight, ~ot if one went acc ordmg to the looks and Jim Dart, who was a boy about his own age. of the men. It strikes me that ~he _galoots over there are ~ "Here they come," he exclaimed, under his breath. "I a bad lot. These fellow_s on ;hi~ side s~em to be p_retty reckon I'll go on down and meet them and let them know dece~t lookmg men. Well, I 11 J~st -:ait h~re mm ute what is going on. Then we'll all go back and get to the or h o, and then, ~; they get to gomg it agam, I 11 tate a other side of the ravine. I have heaid just enough to hand m the game I convince me that the quicker the half dozen fellows over Just t~en_one of the men at t~e other side of th~ ravmc there are caught the bette'r it will be." thrust his nfle through a crack m the rock, and fired. "D"d th W"ld?" A tt 1 d th Th b 11 t t k b b ld b hind h" h o.f I you see em, i ne a as rn as e young e u e s rue a 1g ou er e w ic one d d 1 t d d d tl 1 d h h th e cowboys was crouching ta ;.10 roppe own upon 1e e ge w ere s e was A defiant shot was the result, and then a nother shot 1 8 an mg. was fired. 1 "Yes, Et," was the reply. "There ate four cowboys on This time the man with the rifle exposed his shoulder I this side of the ravine, while on the other_ ~ide, probably and arm and one of the cowboy quickly took advantao-e a couple of hundred feet away, there are six scoundreh of it and'. fired a shot with bis rev~lver. 0 I could easily tell they were scoundrels by looking at them; A bowl of pain was the innnediate res11lt, and the muz zle of the rifle flew up in the air, and il10 man dropped to the ground. Wild knew that he had been hit by the bullet, but that the wound was not very dangerous he could readily guc;;s. "Keep at it, yctu galoots," one of the cowboys shouted. "I reckon we kin stay here all day. We want Black Bill, an' we're goin' to git him if we have to shoot the whole bunch of you. Ile killed Bob Jones, ther ranchman, an' then lit out with all ther money he could find in ther house. We're after him, so yer might as well give him up There will be more hurt afore ther day is over, an' then I reckon we'll git him an' ther rest of you, too." "You'll never git me," came a voice from the 'other side, an' Young Wild West easily saw the man who spoke the words. He was a man with a short black beard, and this no donbt gave him the nickname of Black Bill. "So the cowboys are after a murderer, are they?" he thought. "Well, I r eckon I'll help them catch him. I'll wait till Charlie and Jim show up, though. Then maybe we'll find a way to get behind the galoots and take them by s urprise." Some more words passed between the two parties, and, then one of the villains fired a shot again. Just why he did this our hero could not guess, s ince he was positive that no one showed himself to give him a chance. The four men who were after the murderer were alto gether too cautious, and they did not mean to get hit hy a bullet if they could possibly prevent it. "You too galoot s go ahead and waste the lead," Wilrl muttered, as he gave a nod of satisfaction. "The cowboys seem to understand their business pretty...well. So long ns they act that way they'll stand a chance of winning out. But they could never get the vilJain without assistance, but when I heard one of the cowboys call out for a man named Black Bill to surrender, because 1ie bad kill~d and robbed a ranchman, that settled it. 1 knew then for sure I reckon I'll take Charlie and Jim and get around behind them. Come on; we'll go on and meet them, for I .saw them coming ".All right, Wild," the girl arnnvered, s110wing that she was as c0ol as though nothing out of the way had hap pened, or was lik e ly to happen. The two went along the: ledge, and were soon making their way clown to the bottom of the ravine. Just as they rcac)lcd it Cheyenne Chmlie and Jim Dart arrived. Cheyenne Charlie was a typical Westerner. His long black hair and mustache, and tanned and weather-beaten face told plainly that he was a native of that region, ancl that he had been through all sorts of dangerous perils. Jim Dart was just an ordinary looking boy of the West. Roth were attired in costumes similar to that worn by our dashing young hero, and they certainly looked to be quite able to cope with the dangers that were likely to threaten in that part of the country "What's ther trouble, Wild?" the scout asked, as he looked at the young deadshot inquiringly. Wild quickly told him what was going on. "So that's what's the matter, eh?" and Cheyenne Char lie gave a nod and hrugged his shoulders, while a grim smile played abont hiR lip "Cowlioys after a murderer, are they? Well, I reckon we'd better give them a lift." "That's right, Charlie. Corne on. We'll get over to the other side of the ravine, and creep behind them. Et, you go on back to the camp I reckon we won't ncecl you .,, The last was said to the girl, who promptly gave a nod and replied :


YOUNG WILD "\YEST'S RECKLESS RIDE. "All right; but be careful, Wild. Don't go to taking toward where the outlaws were lying i n wait, they nodded too much of a risk uncl waved back at him. "I won't," and the young clcaclshot s~ilcd at his "I reckon I'll soon settle that part of it, anyhow," Wild sweetheart. "I reckon I know just about what to do. I thought, as he statted back to join his waiting partners located well the spot where the villains are hiding "Now, then, we'll go ahead and show Black Bill and his As the girl started back through the ravine Young gang iiomething they are not looking for Come on, boys," Wild West led th e way across it, and began clambering he whispered, as he joined the two. "We'll steal up close up the steep bank. to the galoots and take them by surprise. I reckon they' ll Cheyenne Charlie was right after him, and Jim Dart hold up their hands all right when they find we have got lost no time in following him. them covered Dart was a boy who never had much to say, though he j "If they don't they'll .drop," was the scout's retort. always knew just about what to do when the critical moI "Don't shoot unless you have to, Char l ie," cautioned rnent arrived \ the boy. "I reckon the cowboys would rather take them Fear was something he did not know, but h~ was not I alive, especially their leader, who is called B l ack Bill the one to lead "All right. Jest as you say, Wild." Neither was Cheyenne Charlie, for that matter, though I Without making the least sound, Young Wild West and he was a man who had served years as a scout for the his partners crept forward, and in less than a minute they government troops, and had experienced all sorts of dan, were within twenty feet of the crouching villains gcrs and perils among bad Indians and lawless whites. Our hero paused long enough to satisfy himself that But Young Wild West seemed to have been uom to I the man lying upon the ground was dead, and then he lead, and his two partners were wming followers, no matnodded to his partners and leaped over a rock ter where he went Hearing the noise he made, the six men quickly turned The three were not long in reaching the top of the' I "Hold up your hands, you sneaking coyotes!" the boy ascent, and then picking their way along among the rocks' called out, in a commanding tone of voice and bushes, they gradually neared the s pot where the six When they saw that they were covered by the three, outlaws, as they could well be called, were hiding behind I the villaius showed signs of fear. Their faces paled, and the rock s j up went the hands of all but one. The villains were about fifty feet below, and as our The exception was B lack Bill. three friends reached a sharp turn among the rocks they He remamed crouching close to a rock, his eyes flashmg saw their horses in a little hollow m a dangerous way. Tl f th b t W'ld k th t "Up with your hands, B.Jack Bill!" the boy cried, sharp1ere were seven o em, u as i new a one 1 1 "If cl 't I'll h t 1,, of the men had been killed, or el s e badly wounded, ho Y you on s 00. you. 1 d t d th t tl t b 1 ]db th The man uttered somethmg that sounded hke a grow l reaci y un ers oo a 1a num er s1ou e ere. f b d Th. ld t th th 1 b t th o an angry ear, and ma e a move to raise his revo l ver ey cou no see e men emse ves, u e young C. 1 1 deadshot knew just about where they were, so without me c. Young Wild West fired with amazing quickness, and making any noise he led the way to where the horses were. Cheyenne Charlie and Jim Dart were watching sharply, with a howl of pain the villain dropped the. revolver their revolvers ready for instant use The boy had not shot to do him any more harm than to graze the back of his hand with a bu llet, a n d h e h ad The young deadshot had dmwn one of his guns, too, succeeded admirably. and pausing near the seven horses, he pointed toward a "Up with your hands!" clump 0 rooks, and said in a whisper : "The galoots are right behind there, boys. 'l']rny are As the command again rang out Black Bill obeyed. lying behind a pile of rocks Before we appear to them I "Line up together there, you sneaking coyotes. If any of you make a move to lower your hands we'll drop you in reckon it would be a good idea to let the cowboys on the your track s other side of the ravine know we are here. If they should The villains lost no time in obeying, and in less than happen to see us all of a sudden they might open fire on minute they were standing in a l ine, their heads above the us, thinking we were with the outlaws." rocks they had been crouching behind, so the cowboys "That's right, Wild," the scout quickly retorted. "But could see them plainly from their place of concea l ment. how are yer goin' ter let 'em see yer without the measly Charlie and Jim stood with a revolver in each hand coyotes down there see yer, too?" "I'll soon fix that. You just wait here with Jim." The boy's quick eyes soon selected a spot for him to climb upward, and the next minute he was rapidly near ing the top of ajagged hill. He took off his hat, and just as he came to the top of it, waved it back and forth. Aimost at the same time he caught sight of the crouching cowboys. They appeared to be not a littl e surprised when they saw the boy waving the hat, but when he motioned to them that everything was all right and nodded his 11eacl now, so there was no possible chance for the villains to succeed in doing anything, even if they attempted t o put up a fight Seeing that his partners had them dead to r ights, our 'hero clambered upon a rock and called out: "Come on over. I reckon we have got the ga l oots y ou want "Good!" came the reply from the other side "We'll git there as quick as we kin. Much obl iged to you, young feller We wanted Black Bill bad, I kin te ll you." As Young Wild West turned to step down t h e rock s ud denly rolled over.


YOUNG WILD WEST'S RECKLESS RIDE. In order to keep from b e ing hurled down the steep de-I S~tisfie~ that it would be no use in trying to catch !11e r::cent he made a leap and caught hold oJ' a tree. v1llams, smce they were mount ed. and no doubt ndmg Uheyenne Charlie and Jim Dart invo-luntarlly lowered 8 wiftly away behind the rock s and trees, Wild led the w a y their revolvers and started to aid him. back to the spot where the mi s hap had occurred. 'fhen it was that .Black Bill utte red a s harp cry to his They were just in time to see the four cowboys startmen and made a leap from the spot. i~g to ascend the steep slope below them. Before the scout or Jim realizeu what was going on the "It's too bad, boys," Young Wild West called out. villains were running for their horses. "They got away from us." "Look out, boys! They are getting away!" shouted "Is that so?" and the cowboys paused and looked s urWild, as he clung to the tree. prised. His partners turned to run back when they saw the boy "Yes, that's right. It happened just because I had a was in no immediate danger, but just then the six villains little accident. The attention of my partner s was call e d rounded a bend and disappeared from view. long enough to give them a chance to rid e out, and the y Charlie and Jim quickly clamber e d back ove r the rock s los t no time in doing it. The y had their horses right close but they were too late. by, so before we could get to them they had mounted and Black Bill and his men wer e ridin g away. wC're off. But we'll help you catch them, all right." The cowboys came on up, and then it was not long be '01 c they understood the situation. Our hero and his partners found them to be very nice fellows indeed. ON THE TRAIL OF BLA CK BILL. Their names were Lang, Gopher, Butler and O'Brien. L a ng was the recognized leader of the four, and h e wa~ not long in t e lling our fri e nd s how Black Bill had Young Wild West quickly s wung himself to a s afe foot w o rkC'd on the ranch with them, and had sne a k e d into ing. t h e h o use the night b e fore, whe n Bob Jones, the owner The rock that had.roll e d from und e r hi s fe e t had r e a ch-of t h e ranch, was there all alon e and h a d foully murae r e d ed the bottom of the ravin e by this tim e and the c rashin g him and robb e d the hou se sound it made e choe d thro u g h the hollow. Th e y did not learn that h e had accompli s hed it until But the boy kn e w v e ry w e ll that the r e was no one b e they overtook him at the rav in e but a short time b e fore. low to be injur e d, s o h e p a id no a t t e nfam to it. They did not know the men who w e r e with him, the y He knew th e villain s w e r e m a kin g the ir esca p e and h e decl a red, but the y w e re sati sfie d that they were no bette r want e d to s top the m if h e could. m e n than Black Bill him s elf. It happen e d that the four cowboys had starte d irnme"OM of them got hi s medicine, anyhow," the man diatel y from whe r e they h a d been conceal ed, or t hey call e d Butl e r s poke up. "I winged him. He was je s t might have been abl e to s hoot at the s i x m e n a s they ha s goin' to take a third shot with hi s rifle when I dropped tened for their horses. him. It was a might y qui c k s hot too, an J m proud of A s it was, it turne d out jus t right for th e outlaw s it. I wis hed it had been Black Bill, thou gh." Cheyenne Charlie and Jim Dart w e re attrac t e d to Wild "We don't want to s hoot him," s poke up Lang, looking on account of hi s mi s hap ju s t lon g e nou g h to p e rmit the m at Butl e r and s haking hi s head. "Didn' t y ou hear me sa y to make good their escap e and r each the horses. that my rope was goin' ter hang him. We' re takin' ther Our das hing young h e ro was n o t long in r e a c hin g his iaw in our own hands thi s trip, yer know." two partne rs. "Well, from what I saw of ther galoot, he' s a pretty "They've got away Wild s aid th e scout, s hru gg ing bad one," Wild declared, nodding to the cowboys. "1 his shoulder s and s h a kin g hi s h e ad. "It's too bad. H r e ckon you fellows had better go back and get your hor ses. that blamed rock had not happ e n e d to s lip und e r your feet You will have to rid e probaoly a quarter of a mile beit wouldn't h a v e happen ed. But I t h o u gh t y e r was s ure fore you can get into the ravine, I think. Then you can goin' down below the r e an' git hurt. I jest couldn't h e lp take up the trail. We'll follow you as s oon a s we g et runnin' to try an' s ave yer." back to our camp and get ready. We have three girls "It was the s ame with me, Wild," spoke up Jim Dart. and a couple of Chinamen waiting for us at the camp." "I forgot all about the villain s the moment I saw you in "Is that so?" Lang asked, as he took a good look at the the act of falling." boy. "You mu s t be Young Wild West, I reckon." "Well, never mind, boy s," and the young deadshot "That's ju s t who I am." s hook his head. "The y got away, but I reckon w e' ll help "Well, I was wondering if you wasn't him when I fir s t the cowboys catch them. It isn't likely they'll go very see n yer. But when you said you bad gal s with you I far, for I have an idea the y r e the sort of m e n who will felt sartin that you was. I heard somethin' about you a look for r e v e nge. The face o f th e Yilla in they call Black few months ago, how yer went ridin' around ther country Bill tells what he is quite plainly, I think.'' tryin' to do good things for honest peopl e Them what "He's s artinly a mi ghty bad-lookin' g alo o t th e scout t o ld me about you said you generally had three gal s with declared. "It's too bad we ain't got our horse s here, or ycr an' two Chinamen. It seems rather risky to take gal s we could git after 'em. But they'll leave a trail, I think." around with you, though, don't it?" "Oh, yes. They can't help doing that," Jim Dart has"Well, I suppose you might call it risky," Wild antened to say. s wered, with a smile. "But so long as the girls know how


YOUNG WILD W l~8'1"S REUKLESS RIDE. 5 to take care of themselves, and like that sort of life, I at the pair. "Well, I ain't never seen a whole lot of hea suppose it is all right. But I may as well introduce you then, but I'm blamed if I ever saw any what could be to my partners. This is Cheyenne Charlie, and that is called smart." Jim Dart standing over there. They are both as good as "Well, you see that one," and Wild pointed to Hop they look, which is saying a whole lot." Wah. "He's more than smart. He is known as our "Look here, Wild," spoke up the scout, shaking his Clever Ohinee. Maybe he will show you just how smart head and grinning. "I reckon yer don't want to chuck no he is after a while. But just now we have not the time bouquets this way. I never was called a handsome man, to let him go ahead. We want to get after the six ruf yer know. Jim is a mighty good-lookin' boy, of comse. flans. We always delight in running down a gang of vilBut I'm tanned so much that sometimes when I look in lain s of the sort you are after. It has got to be a sort of a glass I think I look a greaser." second nature with us, I reckon." "That's all right, Charlie. You're a mighty good"Well, we're mighty glad to have your help. It's too looking man, and I am not joking about it, either. Anna bad that you didn't git 'em when you had 'em dead to think s you are the handsomest man she ever saw.'' rights. But accidents will happen It's a wonder Black "Well, Anna is my wife, an' probably she can't see Bill didn't try to git a shot at you when he was runnin' like others kin." away." There was a laugh all around, for the cowboys took in "I reckon ther galoot didn't think about doin' that," the situation and enjoyed it. Cheyenne Charlie spoke up. "He took ther lead when Satisfied that they would not lose much by delaying a they made a run for it. If there hadn't been so many few minutes, they all went down into the ravine, not rocks there they could not have got to their horses. They hurrying much. got out of our sight so quick that when we, turned around Young Wild West and his partners walked along in the they was gone But it's all right. I ain't worryin' a bit direction of their camp, while the cowboys started to about it. If we don't strike 'em to-day we'll do it to climb back to the spot where they had left their horf'es. morrow, or some other time, 'l'hey can't help very well As our three friends came in sight of the camp they lcavin' a trail." found Arietta and the rest anxiously awaiting them. "That's right." Young Wild West's sweetheart ran forward and said: The cowboys were going to ride on through the ravine "They got away from you, eh?" and try to get up to the higher ground where they had "Yes," was the reply. "We had them dead to rights, come down, but Young Wild West quickly advised them but something had to happen to me, and the result was not to do so. that they took advantage of it and lit out. But come! "W c hac1 better go on out," he said, "and then we'll I reckon we'll get ready to move right away." stand a better show. We'll save time by it, too. We can The other girls of the party-for they always called ric1e over in that direction and pick up the trail, I recthem girls-were Anna, the wife of the scout, and Eloise kon." Gardner, Jim Dart's sweetheart. "That's right," and the cowboy leader nodded. "IThe two Chinamen lcferrec1 to were brothers, typical r1ic1n't think about that. I reckon it would be a pretty of their race in general appearance, and were named hard job to get our horses up there by going this way." Hdp Wah and Wing Wah. Two minutes later they were all riding through the The latter was the cook for the party, while the former ravine, the two Chinamen bringing up the rear and leadwas what our friends called the "handy man." ing the pack-horses IIe was a remarkable character, as will be seen later They did not have to go more than haH a mile before on. they struck the wagon trail. "Hurry up and get the pack-horses loaded, Hop and "That's ther trail to King Pin Holler, a place about Wing," Wild called out, sharply twenty-five miles from here, where the cattle raisers make "Allee light," came the rep1y, as if in one voic0t a sort of headquarters sometimes," explained Lang, as he Then the two got at work and showed how fast they gare a nod. "It ain't much of a place, but you kin buy could take clown the two tents and convert them into most anything you want there at ther big store. 'l'heres packs, along with the rest of their outfit and stock of a whisky-mill there, too, an' that place does a mighty big provisions. business about. three.or four days out of every month. The pack-horses were soon loaded, for Cheyenne Charlie Ther boys from ther different ranches generally rides and Jim Dart lent a hancl, while Wild saddled the girls' thrre when pay-clay comes around, an' thcr most of them horses for them. \ leaves their wages there." By the time they were ready to mount the cowboys "I see," and Young Wild West gave a nod. "That seems came riding down the ravine. to be a habit among the cowboys, don't it?" "Hello," called out their le ader, as he 'doffed his hat "Well, more than half of 'em seems to be that way. when he saw the girls. "I reckon we ain't goin' ter git They're willin' to spend a month's wages in two or three ahPad of yer, after all, Young Wild West." I days, an' then go back to work till pay-day rolls arouna I "Well, it seems that way," was the reply. "It didn't, agin." take us long to get ready to move, you know. We have As they started along the trail our hero noticed that two pretty smart Chinamen, ancl when they start in to there were no fresh hoof-prints or wagon ruts, which work they go right al1Pad." showed that it had not been traveled within the last two "Smart Chinamen, ch?" and Long grinned as he looked or three days.


6 YOUNG \VlLD WEST'S RECKLESS RIDE. It occurred to him that it would be a good idea to f little while it looked as though it was all up with us keep right along the trail for a mile or two, as he had an But I'm one of ther kind what never gives up. I jest idea that Black Bill and his gang would make for it. made up my mind that there was a chance, an' there was! Anyhow, it ran in almost the same direction the vilHere we are, as good as ever, only poor Andrew Cack had lains had taken when they fled. ter be shot by one of ther galoots from ther ranch. I.I' it He told the cowboys what he thought about it, and wasn't fer that I'd feel that we'd won a great victory." they promptly agreed with him. "Well, it can't be helped, Bill," answered one of the "I reckon you know what you're doin', anyhow,' said ruffians, shaking his head. "Ther rest of us is alive, an' the man named O'Brien. "I've heard a whole lot about what we want ter do now is ter try an' stay that way you I never heard of yer makin' a mistake yet. You killed Bob Jones, expectin' yer was goin' ter make a 'Well, I don't know about that," and Wild laughed. big haul by it. But it didn't pan out ther way yer thought "I've made quite a few mistakes, but somehow I generally it would There wasn't ther money in ther house tnat manage to rectify them before it is too late If I don't there was s'posed ter be, so it didn't hardly pay yer fer do it myself my partners or my sweetheart, or our Clever ther job But we've got ter make ther best of it, an' I, Chinaman happenB along to do it. We_ work pretty well fer one, is goin' ter stick ter yer. We're real outlaws now, together, you know." an' I s'pose we've got ter act as sich." "So ther gal takes a hand in ther game, _too-, does she?" "'l'hat's right, Fisher; yo, u've got ther idea all right. The four cowboys looked at Arietta, who blushed beYou're goin' ter stick ter me, an' so is ther rest. I know fore their admiring glances that without askin' 'em But none of them meant any harm by looking admir-"Bet your life on that, B]ack Bill!" exclaimed another ingly at her, for they were of the chivalric type, and of the villai;ns, while the rest quickly nodded their heads their glances meant nothing more than respectful adin the affirmative. miration. Black Bill was much pleased at the way they acted "Oh, yes," '\Vild answered "Arietta can shoot about "I don't know who them t'hree galoots was," he observ as quick and straight as anyone you ever saw She aled, thoughtfully, as he led the way along the trail at a ways keeps cool, too, and that amounts to a whole lot.'' canter "Two of 'em was only boys, but one of 'em acted "I reckon she must take after you, then, Young Wild as though he was a dozen men, all in one Jingo! but he West," said Lang. was a mighty cool hand, wasn't he?" "He has been my teacher," spoke up' Arietta, bound 'to "He sartinly was," Fisher answered. "When he shot give the dashing young deadshot the credit due, if she ,tas your gun out of your hand I thought it was all up with to be made out a heroine. I you. I never seen sich a quick shot afore in my life. It Just then they reached the top of a slight elevation, I seemed that ther gun fairly jumped from ther holster an' and nearly two miles away they caught sight of -the six: I p'inted itself at ye1: Bill!" villains just as they were disappearing over the cres,t of a "I know," and the villainous leader of the bunch nodhill, over which the trail ran. ded It was sartinly mighty quick work There's 110 "There they go!" exclaimed Cheyenne Charlie "They tellin' what that boy could do if he waster try. I knowccl are followin' ther trail, all right. I reckon it won't be so that; but I kept :figurin' on a way ter beat him, an' I done very long afore we git 'em. Whoopee, whoopee! Wow, it. When I :find I ain't got no show ter :fight I alway;; wow!" does something else. There's nothin' like havin' your wits CHAPTER III. THE OUTLAWS WAIT IN A.:MBUSH. It will be in order for us to turn our attention to the six men the cowboys were :fighting when Young Wiid West saw them when he climbed up from the ravine, after the shots were :fired. Hlack Bill was certainly a bad m;n, and when he found that he had been caught by our hero and his partners he gave in, but did not give up entirely As has been described, he accepted the :first chance that offered, and the result was that he made good his escape. His five friends got away, too, and when they had mounted their horses they rode hard. Not until they reached the trail that led to King Pin Hollow did they slacken their pace, and then the villain who was wanted by the cowboys looked behind him and exultantly exclaimed : "Well, boys, that was what I call a narrer escape We ;,asn't expectin' ter be attacked from ther r ear, an' f~r a about yer, boys "I reckon that's right," nodded Fisher, while the rest hastened to join in with him. "It's too bad that I didn't git a lot more money than I did, fer we've got ter hght out, anyhow," resumed Black Bill, '1S they rode along the trail at a trot. "B,ut, boys, I reckon we'd better git square with them galoots for killin' our pard afore we go very far. I want ter git hold of that boy, too! I'd jest like ter have him a prisoner fer a while, blamed if I wouldn't! He's jest ther kind of a galoot I'd like ter put ter torture. Anyone as is as smart an' cool as he is hadn't ought to die an easy death. I'd like ter know who he is, 'cause ther more I tliink about it ther more it strikes me that he's somethin' greater than ther general run. An' he's only a boy, too!" "Well," said one of the villains, whose name was Layer -Red Layer they called him, because his head was red; "I've sorter been thinkin',1 an' I reckon now I know who he is. "Well, who is ther boy?" As Black Bill asked the question all eyes were turned upon Red Layer "Young Wild West."


YOUNG WILD WEST'S RECKLESS RIDE. "Jiminy!" exclaimed Fisher. "I never thought of that On either side, at the foot of the steep declivities, were afore. That's jest who he is, I'll bet!'' innumerable rocks and boulders, andit would be easy for "Who's Young Wild West?" asked Black Bill, looking the villains to wait b e hind these for the coming of their at them sharply. "I can't say as I ever heard of anyouc pursuers with sich a uame as that afore." Ii was not the first time the villains had been that way, "Well, I've heard tell that Young Wild West was a for they had worked at different ranches in that section boy who goes all over ther country, doin' wonderful during the past few months. thing s as he goes," Fisher answered, shaking his head and Black Bill had been employed by the ranchman he had looking very serious "He's a deaclshot, an' is ther lucki-so cruelly murdered in ord e r to get the big pile of money est feller what ever Jived, they do say Always lookin' he thought was in the house at the time, and the villains fer trouble, too, with them he don't thinf{ is honest .. Yes, with him n~w had watched and waited outside, so they I've heard tell of Young Wild West, but 1 never took might be able to help him in case he got in trouble much stock in what I h ear d till jest now, when Red through it. spoke. You kin bet that thcr boy is Young Wild West." The amount stolen certainly did not pay for the risk "An' ther man an' boy what was with him is his two they had taken, and now they were outlaws-being huntpards," added Layer, nodding decisively. "There ain't ed for, at that! no mistake about it, boys. We're up agin a putty tough The place Black Bill point e d out was at the left of foe propo s ition when we tackles Young Wild West an' His trail, and as he disrnonnted and led his horse among the pard They has ther name of bein' able ter lick any rocks his companion s followed suit. dozen galoots they comes across I don't know why it "There's one thing we ought ter make sure o.f," said was I didn't think about that when they surprised us a Fisher shaking his head in a thoucrht.ful way "it mioht ~ittle while ago. B~t I s'pose it was because I had an i be th;t we don't do exactly what bwe intend' ter; an'b in idea that Yoimg Wild ~est was much 01,der than that. that case we ought ter have a good chance ter git away They call men boys, ye1 know. But hes a boy, sure from here. We mustn t forgit that, boy s." enough. I don't believe he's olcl enough ter vote yet." ,. ,, "W 11 "f l 't h 'll b 1 h' b. th l Don t yer thmk ,re 11 make a nnss of 1t, spoke up one e 1 1e a1n e never w1 e un css 1s 1r cay f tl ,1 '(Th tl 't d h d t d Bl I B'Jl 1 1 d ti l f o ie OL 1ers. at s some 1m we can o very an y. comes oav, ac { 1 c cc are wi 1 an ug y rown Wl 1 1 1 fi "I d 't r h y wa Tv t Old ~~T"ld lent iey come a ong al we VO got tcr do lS ter open re On Cale lJ. C 18 OUng l I eS 01 II l ]] b r s1a l W t! II 't t 1 tl t t f h 1,, on em. A ut Young 11 1 11 est must go cown at ther es e am gom er 1ve ano rnr wen your ours. ,, "Th t' th t t JI B'll ,,, first fire. Bill wants tcr b,nt him ahve, ycr know a s er wny er n c, 1 The villains heartily agreed wii.h what their lead e r saitl. "T~at's right," Black Bill answered, .. ''I reckon he'll On they rode for perhap s a couple of miles, and t .hen lose his wonde~f\11 nerve. wl:en he see~. ~1s par~s ,an' th~r Black Bill suddenly brought hi. horse to a halt. cowboys droppm arou~d h11:1. He amt more n "I reckon we may as well Ftop here fer a while, boyi;;," human, anyhow, an' he 11 be 3est ~ s easy tcr g1L ,as anyone he mid, as he i.urnccl and looked back over the trail. "It would be. 1 reckon I know a thmg or two. Ive seen a rnay"bc that there'll be s ich a thing as someone comin' lot in my time, an' I tell yer when a feller secs his friends along lookin' fer 11s afore lonp;. Most lik e ly Young Wild clyin' right by him he ain't g?in' tcr do no~hin' right away. W0s t an' his parcls will agree tcr help thcr cowhoys catch It takes ther sand out of him :fer ther time." U:4. They sari.inly will, I think, after tlwy hear all ahout I "I s'po e it does," admitted Fis her. "But there ain't what happened at ther rancl1 That means that we'll nothin' like being preparl:)d fer somethin' yer ain't ex have a chance tcr put a stop to th c r bu~ine. s We want actly expectin'." tcr git away, we clo, an' as long as we know there's some-I "That's all right. But I reckon no one could git us if one after us we cant feel exactly safe. We've got ter we was ter lay low an' shoot from behind these rocks. find a ,vay tcr clean up every man an' boy what coines ; That would be impos sib le. They couldn't do it, if they after u s But I want tcr git Young Wild West alive, if I 1 all come at once." kin. That boy ain't tcr die no easy deaLh, yer know." Fisher shrugged his shoulders, and said no more. "Right yer are, Bill," answered Fisher. "What he It was evident that he did not think it was going to be done tcr 1er i s enough t c r make yer feel that way. We'll such an easy thing. try an' git him alive I know what yer want ter do. Yer After putting their horses where they would be safe want tcr lay here for 'cm, an' when they come along, give the villains proceeded to get themselves ready for the 'cm a surprise. I r ckon that'll be putty easy, 'cause we ambush. coulcln't have a better place :fer it if it was made ter They were not lon g in picking out places, and then, or lcr." with a nod of satisfaction, Black Bill said: "'rhi:-; is thcT place, an' no mistake." "Now, then, I reckon I'll climb up a little ways an' take J t certainly was just the ri ght sort of place for an ama look along ther trail. If we kin see 'cm comin' it will hu R h. be all thcr better fer us." The trail rau along between a mas,; of hicrh rocks from All agreed with him on this, so the l eader of the outth e rraeks o.f which stunted cedars and bushes grew law gang look ed about for a way to get to the high ground. r L looked as though the engineering of man had cut He was not lon g in :finding it, and then lie quickly clamthe way through, so C'VCn and regular was it; but really it bered upward. was Rirnply one of the :freaks of na ,tnre to be found in the Much to his sa,tisfaction when he got there, he mountains. sight of a party of horsemen approaching


8 YOUNG WILD WEST'S RECKLESS RIDE. But when he got a good i~ok at them his eyes op~ned a good idea for you to go on ahead an' sorter see what wide. they're up ter." 'There were three females in the party. Our hero thought this a good suggestion, so waiting Black Hill easily picked out the four cowboys, who had until the villains were entirely out of sight he started for pursued him from the scene of the murder, and he also ward at a rapid pace and soon left his companions behind. recognized Young Wild West and his partners. The boy kept on riding until he knew he must be But the girls and the two Chinese servants he had not pretty close to the outlaws, and then he slackened the seen before, and he was surprised in consequence. pace of his horse somewhat The party was less than a mile away, and it looked as A few minutes later he decided to dismount and climb though they meant to ride right on through the cut, and a tree at the side of the trail, so he might have a look fall easy victims to tliose waiting for them. ahead. The exultant gleam that followed the look of surprise He was not long in doing this, and as he reached the in the villain's eyes quickly died away, and then he shook top of the tree he found he had a good view for miles his head. ahead, even though it wound this way and that and up "There's wimmen-folks there, an' most likely they're hill and down. young," he muttered. "We don't want ter kill them, not It happened that the boy just got there in time to see by a jugful! Wimmen-folk s is altogether too ;carce Black Bill and his men as they came to a halt preparatory around these diggin's fer that. We've got ter make differto lying in ambush. ent arrangements, I guess. I'll call Fisher up here, an' It did not take the boy a minute to realize what they see what he says." were up to. Then, forgetful of the fact that he might be seen by "'l'hey have either seen us coming, or they think we the approaching party, Black Bill waved his hand to those will surely follow them," he muttered, as he started to below, and called out: descend the tree. "Well, I know just exactly where they "Come up here, Fisher! I want yer. Hurry up!" are, so I recl~on they won't do any ambushing right away. ,., The man called to lost no time in climbing up, while They're a rn1gl:ty_ bad lo:, and no mistake. The ,villa~n the rest waited and wondered what was up. called Black Bill is certamly a desperate fellow, wno will "Take a look up ther trail, Fisher," said the villainous t~rn all so_rts of chances. I reckon he must be taken leader. I ahve He is a murderer, and that means that the quickBis companion did so. er he is captured the better it will be." "Gals, I reckon, Bill!" he exclaimed. Though the villains were nearly a mile ahead 0 the "Yes, ther cowboys is comin' .with Young Wild West boy at the time he saw them making their arrangements and his pards, an' there's three gals with 'em. Fisher, we for the ambush, he could see them plainly, since the air cant fire inter tber gang any kind of fashion now. We was so clear that even their faces could be discerned. don't want ter hurt them gals." Mounting his horse the young deadsbot rode back and "I should say not," was the reply. met the rest of the party. "Then the best thing we kin do is ter shoot Young "Did yer see 'em?" the scout asked. Wild West, an' not try ter take him alive. We'll shoot "Yes, Charlie<' was the reply. "T~ey are waiting him an' bis pards first of all. Then we'll soon put tber among the rocks m a narrow cut the trail runs through cowboys on ther run. I reckon we kin do this without hit-I suppose they mean to let us have a shower of lead 1f tin' ther gals. We must, anyhow." we come through .. But we won't go through, not until "All right," Fisher answered "You kin count on me they are :fixed so they won't do any harm, I reckon." ter drop one of 'em." "Goin' ter ambush us, are they?" spoke up Lang, "All right. Come on down. 'l'hey'll be here in les; shruggi'llg his shoulders. "Well, that galqot of a Black than three minutes, though they ain't comin' so awful Bill is sartinly a bad one. He's mighty sharp, too, an' I fast. We'll be ready fer 'em when they come) I reckon." reckon he won't stop at nothin' to git rid of us. He Down went the two, and then the outlaws waited and knows he don't stand much show to keep away so long watched for our friends to come along. as we're on his track." "Well, that's all right," our hero answered, in his cool CHAPTER IV. THE AMBUSH FAILS. "Now, then, we want to keep a watch on the galoots," said Y 011ng Wild West as Cheyenne Charlie broke into a shout at the s ight of the six villains. "We don't want to let them see us corning if we can help it, for then they might lie in wait for us and give us a surprise." "That's right, Wild," Cheyenne Charlie answered. "They ain't ridi:a' so very tast now, so maybe it would be and easy way. "I reckon they won't pop any o.f us oYer from behind the rocks. We won't go through to give them the chance. Probably we will find a way to get to them, and then we will surprise them from behind, as we did this morning. But I reckon we will ride along far enough to let them see us. 'l'hen they'l1 have their atten, tion upon the trail all the time, and will not be thinl{ing of what might be going on above and behind them.'' All hands now rode forward along the trail, and it was not long before the sharp eyes of Young Wild West caught sight of a man upon the top of a high point of rock. Few would have noticed him, but the dashing young



10 YOUNG WILD. WEST'S RECKLESS RIDE. was all a joke "You certainly meant to give it to us good rights, but the sudden action of Black Bill had spoiled and hard, I reckon But I reckon you will iind out that the whole thing. we are not to be caught napping any kind of fashion "Charlie," saicl he, turning to the scout, "I reckon there Just hold up your hands now. You got away from us this is going to be a sort of siege of this. rrhe Lest thing we morning, but I reckon you'llahave a hard job doing it now can do is to pitch our camp right there in that little I ,vant to take you all alive, if I can, but if I can't I will grove One thing is certain, the galoots won't dare Oo have you dead, that's all. Hold up your hands!" leave the spot very soon. I reckon we can wait just The las t was said in a commanding way, and up went as long as they can, since we can take it easy while wc are the hands of all but the leader. doing it, and they will have to remain behind the rocks He had no doubt fully recovered from his surprise, and there all the time, or else rnn the chances of being shot. instead of obeying the command, he dropped suddenly to Of course, there is only one way to do it now, and that the ground and rolled himself behind a boulder. is to shoot them whenever we see them. You just go and-It was a clever move, as our hero was ready to admit. tell the Chinamen to unload the pack-horses. They need However, he could have shot him before he got out of not bother about putting up the tents, for I r9ckon we sight if he had so desired won't be here more than two or three hours, at the most. But he felt that it would only take a little more time I have started

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