Billy Wayne, the St. Louis detective; or, The mystery of the black mere

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Billy Wayne, the St. Louis detective; or, The mystery of the black mere

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Billy Wayne, the St. Louis detective; or, The mystery of the black mere
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Old Sleuth library
Old Sleuth
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New York, New York
George Munro's Sons
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32 p. ; 32 cm.


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Dime novels ( lcsh )
Detective and mystery stories ( lcsh )
Bankers -- Fiction ( lcsh )
Gambling -- Fiction ( lcsh )
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No.14 Billy Wayne, the St. Louis Detective. By Old Sleuth. This Number contains a Complete Story, Unchanged and Unabridged. j SINCLE I l NUMBER. f GEORGB MUNHO S SONS, l'UBLISHEHS, 1 7 TO Z7 VAKDEWA'l'KR ST., NEW S PRICE i 5 CENTS. S Old Sleuth Librar y, Issued Quarterlv-By Subscript ion 25 cents per Annum. Copyrighted 1885, by Georgti at tlw Post Office at New Yo1k at Second Class Rates.-Sept. 14, 1885. Co p yrig hted 1884 and 1885, by George Munro. BILLY Dy OLD SLIEUTll. l.'EW lOH.K: GEOHGE .PUBLlSil.EHS, Vol. 1 1 7 TO Z'l YAN L'L\\


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Billy Wayne, the St. Louis Detective. By Old Sleuth. This Number contains a Complete Story, Unchanged and Unabridged. No.14 j SINCLE l l NUMBER. f GEORGE MUNRO'S SONS. P BLISHERS, 17To27 VANDEWATER ST., NEW YonK. 5 PRICE 5 CENTS 5 Vol. I. Old Sleuth Iss11ed Q11arterly-By Subscription, 25 cents per Annum. Copyrighted 1885, by George Munro.-Entered at the Post Office at New York at Second Class Rates.-Sept. 14, 1880. Copyrighted 1884 and 1885, by George Munro. BILLY VVAYNE, T:::S:E ST. LOUJ:S DETECTJ:"'VE; Or, THE MYSTE R Y O F THE BLACK MERE CHAPTER 1 am hr:re !" 'l'he light was turned low in a larire, e.egantly furnish fl room, where two pale-tl1<'ed mtn con trvnted each ot h .. r; one was standing; with his band re-ting upon the librnry table, the other bad e-nrlently just entered the room. The hour was m1dn1ght, and the rnrround lngs were weird and ppressive. The man who uttered the words with which we open 11ur narrntivl' stood over the threholu, and thne was deep cmauiug in 111s tone as he uttered !ht 1 leclaratiun. "lam here!" "Yun are Billy \Vayue?" "Thnt is my uame, sir." You nre the detective?" .. 1 a1n. 0 Du you recognize met" "I do." "Wbo am I?" Leon Embre." "Mr. Wayue. you will not be offended if 1 ask you a !ew questions?" .. No. sir. ; Are you It berty io undertake a job whicll may command your undivided ulltntion and services fer weeks und possibly for mollllls?" "1 a1n. " lt engage d or not eng11ged, will you bind :rourself ti' an nath ot secrecy?'' No, sir; l will uoL take an outl.l; my simple word is sufficient 1 like tbat." answered Leon Embre; will you give vour word t" And b1od myself in what manner?" .. t o 8ilence only.". Am I LO hold a guilty knowledge of a crime?" "No" Will it be a secret 1 can conscientiously ''Yes." Yon have my word; engaged or 1mrngaged lily lips tile sealed concerning any cornmuntca&lon you may n1>1ke t o me." One wo r d mor e; if you ente r my se r vice Dy OLD SLEUTH. you shall command your own price for your services." l um ready, sir, to listen to any communica tion you may make." One word more. l accept your word in good faith. 1 have a glnstly si)!ht to submit to your view. I have a terrible revelation to make. -You will be called upon to' pipe' par ties away up fn the social scale, and wllen once my revelation is made lam in your power. I must truRt you, and you must trust me "1 aJT. preparert to accept tile duty, provided it is an hon 111 able one." "Come with me." Leon Emllre raised a lamp from the library table and led tile way from t!Je room Billy Wayne followed silently the lead of the man who had ncted in such a weird manner, and who bud promised such weird nod ghastl,V t!i.;clo8ures; but despite the warning words the detective waR not pr e pared for the ghastly hortll:1t. as it lurned out, awaited him. Leon l!;mhre led the way alung the great hall ot tbe house to a sna1lt room awuy at tile 1ear; al the door he came to a h11ll, and said, "Yo11 are a man al iron nerve." Bow do you know?" 1 knew you by reputation when I sent for you sir "'1 not nt trifles as a rule." "lt is not necessary to cautioc. you, still I wish you to be prepared to behold au awful sigbt." "1 am prepared, sir." Billy \\ ayne was indeed a mnn of iron nerve He was 11 brave anrl experienced detective a man wbo had wC'n bis way to hie high position us nn officer through many pe1ils and feats of womlerful oaring. 'Ve will here stnte that our hero also knew Leon Embre by r e pntntion The lqtter W88 a young nan not ovtr five -and-twenty; his father had been reputed to be a French nnbleman, an exile with tile best hlno 1 l of Frnnce in his veins. Twenty years previ0us to tile events which we r eco r d M Embre had arrived in Misso uri hrine:ing with him a lad of five summers. lhe sranger bought a tine estatl!, and lived for a tew years the life o! a recl:.Jse. 1'he lltl mnsters were procured for the edu cation of the lad. whnm he c11lled h is snu and heir, nod the old FrenC'hman took gr Pal delight in teuching the lad many occomplishm1 nts, es pecially in the use of weapons. Lton was an accomplislted swordsman, a sure pistol shot. and an athlete wl10 coulcl h:ive com peted with some of the best professionals When the Jart reached the age of twenty his father 1ied, lcaviug the boy sole lleir. Tile estate was not a large one. Tbe house was a massive stone mansitn surrounded by a fine park, situated in wllut might now be called the snburrs at St. Louis The father hat! never done any business, nor had be speculat ed in any way to o btain money, yet he nppeared always to have a houutifnl SUJ)plj trom some secret source, end after the fa ther's death the secret income appeand to be continu1 d. The snn. like the father was very reserved, making but few acquaintances. He WRS studi ous, and led what might be called tile life of Ii He was not unneighborly, however, our purse proud, as he always made himself ugre.,able when brought in contact with neighbors. Bis establishment was not a large one. consisticg merely ot a male conlt, a Freuchnrnn, the lat ter's dau!!hter, the only ft.male in the house, and his own valet, who also was a young F1enchman or l taliHn. Some Pl Ler ff,cts in the history of Leon Em bre will be revea!ed as our narrative prr.gresses. we w rsh only to state that Billy Wayne the de tective was familiar with all the incideals de tailer! above. Wb n t he dP.tectivE ea i d, "l am preoared," Leon Embre produced a key. opened th

BILLY W YNE, Wayne did n<>t make an immediate answer. CU!.P'rER l!l. Umt he was lo b ehold any sight, no matkr how homl>le. A gliastly sigh1 indeed met his view; the most ghas1 l_v s i!!;ht, in some respects, he bad ever en counterert clnring his experience as a detective. Leon Embre, as staled, held the li&ht alott and its rays tell upon whut at a glance appeared to be lite ri,gid corpse of a, lYride ''. Answe.rl" e;ommundet rig111f11lly Zara?" "I nllt." body of Zara, and yet I have, like you, "lt i s not. Ber rnot11er, wlteu she marrid Wliere?" noted th .. resemblance Zarn, coucralP.CI from him the fa c t that she bad "1" !lw Mere." "Had Ruse a sister?" a child, and wb e n he married the widow l..te sup.. "Tl1e Black Mere, on Colonel Zara's place?" "She wns never irnown to mention the existposid she heh.I in f ee the tort une ot her "\ e." ence o! a sister." husb11nct; but site only enjoyed a l ife interest, "Wis 1 ttoat"n" th f ?" arnl wben the truth was disi:overcd he ins1ted i 1 .., on e sur ace The question can be easily settled," said the 0 ""'o I dr'g"ed 1t rro th b Lt that lbe child, whit h was l>ul an lnf11n1, llhould : ,, m e o om. detective. "lf Rose is living this must be the "W IJ1 u ?" body of another.,, be presentt d to the world 11a bi5 own cld]tJ And "An hoi:r go." .. Alas! herein lies another mystery.,, llbe was SD presented, a11d the iraud has re-"Who aH.!t:tl you?" .. Where is Rose?" maine1l a secret until this day." "'fli L m tier 1 ot" "How did you chance to learn the facts" a 1 I will tell ' OU nll later en." 'T'he detectie advanced and more c1oselv ex deman:ied the detective. amined the fentures of the dend girl. They The detective fixed his keen eyes upon the "The facts were r elalecl to Rose In my preswere heuutiful even in death, anrl a remnl'knble younir man, and at once Lile conviction was e,1ce by be! old nurse. ancl the woman holds unfar.L struck the keen ofilcer. The l ac e f,,rcPcl upon his mind that he was not gazing do11bt1 d proofs of lter s1111Pments." was not bloated atter tlte manner ot drown d upon Lhe lace ot a maniac. Tile eyes that reThe detective wns thonglttt ul while the young people nsunlly. aud Wayne discerned why tbe to hi s glance were those of a mau as man continued ttis narra tive. answer had cnme in such a strnnge manmi r to sane as a juctge upon the bench. "The m111ber died. and thA girl, who has no his first query, l'hal is for yon to determine." '' )iill you know the young lady?" blood relativ es livinir. brnnme the charge other 0 "lrlid." ur hero as;i:ed a second question in a tremu-,. Well?" step-lather, and when the latt e r died Rudcl.enly lous voice. she l> came lite wnrd ot her step-uncle, the "ls it thP body of Colonel Zara's ward?'' .. Yes.'' prl'sent Colonel Znru." The Rtartlin::rejoinder ca:ne; "And you are prepared to swear that this is "Bow about 1he fortune?" "1halisfm yo1t to determine!" not her hody?" "Whal designs the Sll'p-tather had l know The delec1ive was taken all aback. He per''Yes." not, but it is ll fac t, as 1 hnve as erlained, that, cetved ti int he stood face 101nce wilh the st 1 angest Hus it been claim eel. that it is her bodv ?" according to the '!:ill on r eco rd, Rose is tbe heir mysterv and most remarlrnhle incident ot h is ":No, but Ib ey will so cluim w h en they fish to llle I\ bol e e;tatc and woulct, upon arriving whole life. it from tlte Mere," carue the strange at hgal ar-e, <'ome into pos session." Will you. relate the f 1cts to nie?" he asked. answer. The detective did not ialerrupt the stranae "La1er on; tirl tell me WdS she drowned?" The rlel"ctive gazed aghnst. nnrra1 ive until the yonng man stopped for0a The detective drew his ma-ked lantern and When they fish it !rom the Merel" he remonwut. when he asktoe of t:M Librarian of Con.vreu. D. a, ,.


THE ST. LOUIS DETECTIVE. 5 ., It ie." The girl made the will according to her meet me. H e received m e in his library 11od upon my entrance inlo the room he exclaimtd: 'Leon, thi s is terrible.' .awn intent?" .. No.,, "How do you know to the contrary?" l le11ioed the facts from her own Ii ps. "Wh11t are the r e al !acts?"' "The gill supposed she was willing the bulk property to ch111italile instit.utioos, giv in g e>nly an iocorue to Colonel Z ara.'' l begin to s e e where we are drifting io this remarkable little romance," said the detective. "No, str, not yet, l e t m e tell you all. 1 met Rose :Zara. We met and lov etl, ana the n the truth, the fatal truth was revealed. Colonel Z11rs also loved the girl, not as a chihl but as one whom Ile would wed, and when he learned of her eng>Hrnment tu me his wrath knew no bounds: but he is a deep, cuoomg man. After the first exhibition of disuppointment he changed his tucti<:s. He deceived Rose. He d ec.eived me. lie pretended to consent to the Indeed, he became its most enthusiastic sup and a d w ent w e ll unt il to-ni ght." "Aocl what happened this night?" .. This niuht was to have witntSsed my wed ding to Rose Zura or Ri chland." "And there is your bride," said the detective in a sol emn voice. pointing to the gayly be decked t1ut cold, wet-clad co1pse. A look of strange disgust came over the young man's face as he ejaculated: :No, no, it's false, it's a devilish that is not the body ot my Clear, beautiful, lovio" K<>SP1" Tue C1etective thought dillerently, but he did not express hi s idea. The young man continued his narrative. He laid: But few g u es t s were invited, the hour was eight o'cloc k whe n the cerer1ony was to have taken pla ce. 1 r"ached tlrn ho.1se a few mo ments lJetore eight; I was met at the door by ooe ot the gnestd who toltl m e a strange, a ter rible tale, nod the u1no, 11s far as he was con cerned, told me th e t ru r l:." What diCi he tell you?" "M. Y intended bride was with two ot Iler companions who had assisted in preparing her for lhe wed1lio g t=he appeared cheerful and hapi:;y as it w11s stated to we, a o d about D hour befUe the appoioletl time excnseC1 h erself to r a few moments ant i left the room. Hulf no hour passed and the two girls went to loo.i for h e r. She could not be t in rn d The youn.e; man's emotinn cnused him to cease talking. The detective sat sil ent and mrdila tive, suti sfie d in hiil own mind 1hat th e bully uf the missing b ide lay I here cold io death. At lcrt)!ll.J the yo,rng man resumed Ills varra t.ive. He "An alnrm was given ont and search in s tituted, but my oride that was to be coul1l mt be found." A.e;ain the young man stopped, but after an interal h e resumed, and said: "Rir, strange RS it muy seem, the moment 1 heard th e slory it came OVnel Zara had carried out some deep and damnuble scheme. l did 001 go to search ror my bride. l dem11ndect tn see Col onel Zarn. nod," c ried the detective, "yo11 ctid oot hed his strange nar rative, and a momeot "s followed The detective was revolving all th e strange !acts io hi s mi11Ll. but at teng1h he asked; What 1 easoo have you for thinking that the was murdered; have you searched for wark" of violence?"' L eon Embre tixed his eyes oo the d e t ec ti ve and asked: Harn you noted WE'll all the incidents oJ: my narrative?" "Yes." "The n why do you asl that questinn?" ' 1 will auswer you frnokly. 1 believe that is the b1od y of your lost bride." Y uu do?" 'Yes.'' "'fheo yon are not as cute as l thin k with nil your experience you ought lo be "You drew the hody from the lqke?" 1 went ctirecl froru th e p resence ot the c;olooel. l rode ove r to my own home, secured the nssistanceof my valet, proceeded tutbe lake, aoli in l ess than halt ao hour clrnw to the sur face what you see tbne." And with n shudder the young mao pointc d toward the corpse. And you ure PRtis tied that this is not the bucly of R ose Zarn t" "I am suti sfied. Se e bere. The young man drew from his pocket a photograph, and subruittiog it to the detective, said: Examine for ynurselr." We will here s t a te that the detective was satisfie d that there was sorul!ll io_g aod that a feartul crime had been comn: irt c d. Ilis ques tion s we re menly iott-nd e d to force all t lie io formalinn from th e vouD_g mnn that he possib l y coul d. Uad be nccep tese bocty 1 s it t" "I can not t "ll." "You have no suspi c ion?" "1 have no suspicion." "There is a wooderful resemblance between the missi n g Rose aud that deac1 woman." "Yes .', "And you can not account for rt." "lcanoot." Wl!at is your theory?" "Rose lives!" Where :ij she?" "The colone l knows." ''What 1 s bts purpose?" "lr he s u cceeds iu palD" io g oft that bocly as the body ot the real heir ess, and succeeds to the property, he will then secretly murder the podl' g irl nod make sure ot his prize." "You are an excellent reasoner. y,,u would make a spleodi1l d e t ective," Thank you; l propose to play the detective role with your assistance." Billy Wa) oe h eld a long talk wi1h the young man, during the course ol whit h he rtevelop e d facts which will be duly ::tisclosed as our narra li ve proceeds. A f1er a lon g t alk lb e let ectrve askecl : "And now whut will you do wi1l.J the body?" "RestCJre it to the l ake." "Who i s 10 takE command of the operation sY"' "You Qir" will not r estore the body 1o the lake. Why not, ancl what shall we do wiih it?" Tue d1:.tecrive smiled nod proved hrn real ex p erience OV<'r I he natural cuten!'.S!I o f the young man wi1h th e remntk: "As lon g as we keep thedeaa the colcc< wiil li.old the living!" CHAPTER \ TnE youn g man gnzell at. the deteuive in a p e rplexed manner and said: l do not untlerstand." Billy Wayne smil e d aad answered: "Remember your owu theory. The colonel will seek to p a lm that body off as the self-destroyer! Rose Zara." 0 Yes.,, Sllould he succee d he will kill the real heiress '' "Yes." W e ll, it w.c hold lhat body we beat his garue from th e srart: we bewilder him; we knoc k hi111 out. H e will not know <\hat to do, but he will ant u a re h arm the Jivin g. Fiactrng I he bocly m issing he may really rnak sure ot murr l 1 ring the hei: ess.'' "N<:'ver! the m ystery nf the d1appenraoce of that co1ps c from lhe M.e re will Jay snC"ll a s h mlow ou hi s oul be will not dare harm the li ving. Ile w ill know thflt some Nemesis is on his track, some mysteriou s pnRonage, who. as it w e r e, has an1icipatect hi s dea1l v game. l:le mav be forced to n confesRi o n. you murk my words, if Rnse be li ving: a t the ho11r Mere is d111p.gcd, no e l that body he 11ot found, she will be sacr e d f rom persecution a l his h ands B e will need lte 1 li ving to save !ti& own life!" 1 Ah, I see! )'es yes, you are right I" "Again." coutinued the d e t ective,'' you n nrt l can b e present whcn th e :\le r e i s orug. gect: y o u, by appointment. 1 will be' the Riknt man in blncic' We can watch the villain as Ham let wntchetl bis molher's ro yal parnmonr, and by bis spenking fnce we will read his innocence or his guilt." l es, yes, }'<>ur scheme is the right one; lndeect, you Ahall take tu!. :-barge f this cuse I will but follow nor! obey.'' "Afl<>r the dragging Clf the iake we wil se& first to learn who that p oor thing wr._ io lite." Tes, there 1 s a m ystery there." "A rleep mystery, inrleerl; it i s the case that ha' ever hreo called to ruy at teJJt!on, hut you mny rest asBuretl that a ll shall be miw.. as bright and clear as clay.


6 BILLY WAYNE, ==================== .. What shall we do with the body?" "I wish to engage your valet." You had the evidence when l saw you J.a .. Who kuows of its presence here?" "Well, wlmt dues b.e say?" night?" .. Mynlilf and my valet ocly." He leaves tlie matter with you." "Yes." 'I.our valet 1 Uan you depend upon "l cun purt witli him I" "Positive evidencer" him?" The vaiet approached lii'> master and demand-"l did." "I would trust bim"wlth my life!" ed: "Tell me all." "That's all right, but could you trust him "Speak you the trnth?'' "A mau came to me before I knew that Roae with your pocket-Look 1" "1 do. was missing. He wa:;i shown into tlie library "l say 1 can trust lilln with my l!fel" Tlie kuife of the valet was turned toward hie where I w as sitting, and he said to me: "Yes, yes, but can you trust hiui with your own but Billy Wayne was on deck; the 'Colonel Zara, some one has been drowned in. pockct-booK?" blow was stayed and explauatious followed. the .Mere!' an the suicide in wbite reall7 Take it to the city to an embalmer's, and wus. eome day we may cun1ront Colonel Z ara with "The man gnve no alarm?" the silent evidence ot a terrib l e crime. He will "None whatever; lie came direct to me." not tlntl the body in the lake, but when the right CRA.l'TER VI. "And did you te:l strange tale to any time comes vve onav find it for him." oneY" We must move secretly." WE have writtun that th e salutations ex"Yes; the moment it was known that Rose "Yes; you and 1 must act the whole funeral chanch was P.1lly m bis as the qmet man No. no, Leon she ts dead. We shall fi?d your purpose?" In black, walked toward Victor saluted her hody ID the and now let advise "No; 1 acted to eave your feelings." him; tlie valet returned the salutation and de1 not to r emalD. ,, I And did you make any discoverie; ?" manded: . E!ow do you mean? "Yes but do not press me further.'' "Ate you scek10g the master, su?" ")' ou must not be present when the body is .. "No; lam seeking you!" came the prompt found.'' . Yes, I must know all! What did .JOG answer. Why not, sir?" . ,, l: ou arc seeking me, sir?" Tli e Right will be too terrible for you onde1 .. We a bndal sh1iper. "I am; yonr name is Victor Verder?" all tbe circumstances." I Wliere? ,. "That is my name." l arn a man, s ir, not a woman. I shall as1 .. On the niargm of th e lake-,. You are the valet of Mr. Leon Embre?" sist in the search, but 1 11m satisfied the boay .. l!_ one worn by Rose? 1 am... will D(lt be foun1l in the Mere." I .. r es. . .. "You are a rich man, Victor?'' "! wish l sha1ed your hope, but l can not.''. .. 1 ou identified It? The valet eyed the speaker, and after a mo-"It's strange, sir, that you should le so as I .. BYes. d.d d h .M ment retorted: smed 1nat Rose's body will be found in the .. ut,rou 1 not rag I e ere, W liat is that your busint-'Ss?" Mere." .. :Nn. ,, "Well, I have a chance to make you a rlcli "It will be, lam Rure." .. Why not? man if you a re n ot already rich eno u gll.'' "No, s ir, it will not be. Rose was not in-We no 1 sent for the neces. "lam not already rich enc>ugh." sane. She woul1t not drown herself; such a nppirnnces. ,, The detective advanced close to the valet and theory is preposterous. Rememher, l saw and .. l ou have kept the .. whispered a few words in his ear. talked with lier as late as five o'clock yesterday .. Yes, 1 know; but I can find him. G t b -11 I" d th 1 afternoon, and 1 will sny that she was cairn J\Inybe not, bnt be could have shown yoa his fa;e e va et, chee1 tul. and bQpeful-indeed, happy. Sbe to bearcli tokr the .?ody." ct 1 If t .., h h Id es ut w e now You need not ge t so mud and seek to take expresse ierse o me. ...,uc a c ane:e cou "H d k ?" my life simply because 1 ottered you '\ more not take pince." ,. ow 0 you now reruunr;ative position I" .. You will force me to a contession.'' "We shall search opposite where the slipper "With. Colonel Zara?" wnsfound: I,,shall find the man; yes, yes, .. Yes." you will nrnke 1t without be1Dg forced." l shall find li11n_. "Sir. you are a villain! and Colonel Zara is "l desired to spate your feelings." 1 do not heheve you ever will.'' a greater villaint" :: Jn .wha t :. 1 sbal}.'' He is a gentleman, and will pay you ten I not wish to dash all hope from your No, sir, w:tll neYer find him, but he times the .vages yon are receiving now mmd. shall 'oe found. The valet w11s thouglitful for a but ".You need not thus tennerly consider my L eo n spok_e In a deterrr.lned tone, and at length be salrl, as a peculiar expression played feelmirs, sir. l am strol:!g enough to thEl I Col. Zu1a his eyes aud at the over bis swarthy tace truth, no matter how ternhle toe revelnt1on." younl{ mnn with an alarmed look m l11s eyes. "I wish you would make the proposition to "I evidence the bocty or Rose will The words of Leon Ewbie were tbe tlrs1. waromyfrese nt If be .. to part with be,!nnnd ID t.he Mere. ,, notes of da_n!\'er; were the first tndlcame will entertain yon propn silion Indeed, a1rl Wily did yon not tell me? I t111n ot a susp1c10n. '1 here was no greRt slg" l will in the presence of your to 8pare your feelings as long as nificance in mere declt1ration, man presen1 master" poss1lile." shall be founrll but wbrn coupled wuh the "You will?;, I "flir. I desire to know the trulhl" statement, .. You will not find Mm, l>ut he ahaJZ 1 will / Harl l beltf'r tell y1111 ?" be found!" the words were ominous to some "Comet" CcrtRinly, sir I insist that you tell met" one. At that moment Leon Embre appl',ared in "Half an hour hefnrP. yonr nrrivRl Inst night, Who will find him?" dcmanued Col. ,Zara. eight. 'l\'alking through the ground.a 88 heap. l hart evinerice that Hoee hiW. drowned herself "I will." proac.lled the detective said; fn the Mere." "You willr"


THE ST. LOUIS DETECTIVE. '1 "Ye9, I will find him if I spend my whole fortune in rewarus." What cau bis discovery amount to, si1 ?" "We shall srn when I !iud ilim A cold gleam shone in Col. Zara's eyes, and he said : Your words are ics11lting to me. ' Tllere was an answermg flash in L eon's eyes as he said: J can not see \Vbere the insult comes in, 11irl" Tile two men understood each other; the wur was opened, CHAPTEH VIL COLONEL ZARA was a phyRicall.Y brave man. Be was one or those s 1 l e ut, r ese rved, re sentful men who could carry bis designs in his mind tor yea1s, waiting for an opportunity to allnin some given purpose. Be was a dangerous man -a devil in human form-and llis tlevilislrnes s waq b etrayed in the manner in which lie had wailed even until the wedding-night before -carrying out bis erell up didappoiutment, bad skillfully bidde n his ctrngrin, anti had made even Leon believlll for a season, that be was the youug man'111rlend. 'fhe mask, howpver, was at length torn off. Leon had breathed a suspicion; tlie colonl'l i.Jad resented it; uad, from lhat momtat, th e young man was ntle men, anr l h number of n eighbo rs were present. As the Mere was sil.uatt i d 011 private grnund, mere ial ers were not permitted to be prese nt, although the rumor had gone abroa1 l th a t thtJ heiress ot lhe great property had drowned her self in the lake The Black Mere waR but a small sheet of water, sil ualed in the midst of a d e nse E?:rowth of trees, wbich tower ed vver it. giving JBhadeLI waters a black Mpect; hence its name, the Black Mere." Although not large-covering only a few acres-the lake was v e ry deep. lnr l e ed, the villagrrs rouuJ.l about were at to s1a1c that it was a bottomless pit; but the1e w e r e those w110 had dragged its bottom ov e r, previUS to the which called tcir its being dragged the time ot whiC'h we wrile. Col Zan\ and Leon sepuiated at th e verge ot the lake. A small group ot pale -face d men l\'atC'h r d the workers 11s tile irons were nnw and then bro11gl1t t o the snrfnce; and among the Jail er was a respectublelookin!? man in black, who nppearcd to tnke a deep intere s t in the operations. The man apneared to be a strsnger. Be had not spok1 n to nny one t111l be dioplayed a keen interest in all that was going on. Col. Z11ra observed tile man after a moment, and inquired: Who is that l!entlemnn?" He was that he wa@ a .. Uoes no one kno1v who be is?" No one nppeared to kno.v who he was. The man was dressr.d io plum black, but he was a very shrewd and inlelligent-looking prrThe stranger's presence appeared t:i annoy Col. Zara, and he kept his ere upon him. Another matter appearetl to worry the c<'lonel, and that was tile ill s uccess ot 1he men with tlJE drug irons It wa& straage I h at their ill success sllou l d annoy him, aR one naturally sup pose tb11t t be mere finding (Jf tnc body would be nc c .. pted as a most unfavorable facl. Col. Z>1ra at length walked over to the stranger, and ijllid: Goorl-morning, sir." "Good-morniug," answered the stranger. "Ah, your name is-" The slranger made no answ Jiushed with anger. You are a detective?" ''lam.'' Wby are you here? "I reckon the circumstances warrant my presence." A moment the c:ilonel stflod in silence, bot at length be remarked: "As au officer of the law I recognize your right to be h e re." 'l'he dragging proceeded, but no body was found. were no tides to move a body wllicll bad once sunk to the b o ttom, and the opinion began to grow that the bad not di owned hers e lf in the Black: Mere. A gentleman who was pres!'nt advanced to Col. Zara and said: Colonel, you have r easo n to hope tor the best. th e men sav there is no body in the l ake." "There must bE !" exclaimed the colonel, ungunrdeuly. The gentleman looked surpr isl'd. "Unless," added the colonel. "the man who came to m e wilh the slory Ped I" "The m a n must llav e lierl, and I think, sir, it is your J.luty to tin 1 t the man aud have him account tor the st m y be told you." "The m:m "ill be f'o11011 I" came a voice. Leon Emure was the speaker At tbis mMnent, oneot th e men who had been eagagtd in the search came and said: Colonel, there i!. no body ia that lake! I'll stake my lit e ou ill We've dragged every inch of tile bottom!" CHAPTER Vlll. 00LONEL ZARA look ed hewild e red. "Tl1a hody must lie then:!" he said. "No, sir; we hav e mane a thorough Sf'.arcb It it were there, we sllould have found it long ago." Theie is mystery," suggested n gentleman. Uol. Zara was perplexed: nod there was a rea son tor his pnplexity, as th e will show: and, as he stood there, htJ chanced to look up anthing to kll you. Colonel Zara has req uester! mi; lo call and see him." "Whal is his purpose?" "We c a n tell better atter my interview with him; hut listen to me : for a rtayor two be care ful whnc y ou go: remain home nt nigl.Jt." "Bab! do yon s:1ppose 1 fear that man?" "He a mnn-one ot the most dangewus men in the StRle; indeed, oae of the most dangerous men I ever met; heoo' sess1san iron He is nadv in resources, and he mi>ans He is not b ent by to day's fni lur e He is bothered, perplexed, Rnd mys titied, but !Je game, and he means to carry out his game." 1 will lie on my guard, but J will not make a of mysel r." I fear you do not realize your peril: listen to me: that man's whole game aow upon yon r life or death I He will brave any peril to win!'1 "But I tell you 1 will be on my guard." "You must take other p1ecautions l wlab.


8 to tell y;u this matter will be settled in a few days." In a few days?" 1"" t'S." "flow?" 1 will find the g irl. "Yon are fully satisfied that she lives?" "I am now." Why do you say now!" Sin1ply until this morning 1 believed that the heire ss was the vict i m, but now I am satis fied t but she lives " Who is tl1e girl whose body was cast in the Jake?" That is a mystery we must solve. Did Rose ever speak to you of a !amily mystery?" "Neve1." Very well, we will find the living, and then we will study the identity of the dead. I may solve tllat myst e r y to-night. "How?" "When 1 have my interview with Zara." "You have a suspi cion as to the rei.son of his request to see you?" '' l have." "What is your theory?" "I will tell you some other time. Now, all I wish to do is to warn you of the. necessity of guarding yourself." I tell you that you need have no fear "I will remuin with you to-111gbt. I will return h ere after my visit lo the colonel's, but you need not wait up for me; give me a key and ai:siu-n me a TO<)Il1." "1 will be glad to have you make my house your home, but not on my own account." You will learn in goocl time that my precau ions are well grounded. I !di you we have lo deal with a dangerous man-one of the most .i11ni;ero us men in tile Stale." Tile two men had a consultation : they supl?er tog ether, talked over many strang ... and s1ur tling in cident;; aud at eight o'clock tile d etec tiv e sturled for the home of Col. Zara. Leon bad loaned Dilly Wayne a fast horse, and the latter rode away, fully satisfied in bis mind that the night would be fraught. with the most startling incidents; an11, as the sequel showed. th e detective was not 13illy Wayne was a ti:st-class man-a fear less fellO"', e:::p er ien ced, and as cute and cun ning us any uiau in th e business. He started ror Col. Zara's house ahead of time. fie wished to lake a few observations be'.. forn presenting himself beforethea1ch schemer. Biily hH1I an idea that Rose Richland was still conceal e d somewhere i11 the mansion, and he lrnd made up bis miod to steal a murch ou the colonel, and make a search betore such a contingency could he anticipated. A few hundred yuds from tile g reat entrance to the grounds surro11nding the 1io11se, the de tective alighletl aod picl>et<'d his horse. He an ticipated cnc1111ntering strange adventure, but did not drea m of the thrilling incidents that the night was destmed to develop. CHAPTER IX. BILLY WAYNE in own way made certain quiet investigations. l:te an hour, and jus t at h a]( past nine he enterer! the ho1use. His ring at the door was answered by a male ls Colonel Zara at bnme?" ".Are you the gentleman whom he expected'/" "lam." I-1 e is at home, sir." Tlu1e was a light in th e hall the detective examio1 d the man's fare, and at once r ecog nizcn a rascal. Have you lived here Jong?'' asked the officer. 1'he man answered in an obsequious manner: "No. sir, I a1n a new servant." Wl1e1e were you last night when the young lady di"appt nrpj ?" The ,er va nt shot a quick inq11irin2: glance at the officn: th e usual conventional i00J;: of the servant. vanishetl for the mom!'Dt, anrl was supplemeoteu by i: glare of keen intelligence. r OU will fiud the master in the library, sir." "Yes. tb:it's all 1ight, but where were you last night when the young lacly rlisappearerl ?" "1 dn't know as il concerue you, sir, a st.ranger. rou were not here. Where were yon?" "Jf I was not here I was wllere my master eent me." "l\\d he seni :\'OU anJwnere7" BILLY WAYNE, "Why are you asking me these questions? 1'. ou're makiug quite bold, 1'11 refer you to my master." There was a tbougl::tful look upon the detective's face. He was a quick, observant man. and up to all the little tricli.s and devices ot bis crart, aml at the fir8t set out he bad struck a "point." Will yon show me to your master?" "Tllat's what I'm wai lin g to do." The man led tile way along tile great hall to a r ea r room. Be opened the door, and, ping asicle, said, respect ruJ!y: You will find m.Y master within, sir; he ex pects you." The dttective stepped into the room. There was a lamp upon tlle library table, but ii was turned low, and only a" dim, religious light" WliS ." Are you nt present engaged 7" I'm always more or less enga.,;ed, in some case." "If you enter my service nnd give satisfac tion, I will pay you more than well. I will give you a year's snlary." A very grnerons ofter, sir. What is the service you wish performed?" "I wish the facts ot my warrl's disappearanoo to be sali .;factorily explained." What do you suspect, sir?" "Last night I suicide; now my mind is ... What do you suspect now, sir?" "A murder." The detective was silent. Billy wanted tlms to catch the game th e colonel was set to play. "You are ied to think your ward was murdered?'' he snid, after a moment. "Why do. you think so?" "Because the body was not found." 'That bearing has that incident upon the case?" A man came here and told me '.bat be bad seen a temale plunge into the lake. No body was found, and now l am led 10 believe that. there was design in telling me that story." "Do you think the man who told you the-stmy was the mun.terer'I" 0No.'' What clo you b,.lieve?" "1 believe the man really saw what be said. he did." I do not understand." "I believe t he whole thing was a conspiracy.,. "Who could have any motive in murdering the girl?" That 1 can not conceive." Let me see," said th e detective. deliberate ly, "there is a will or record, 1 believe?" The colonel was silent "A will," continud the

THE ST. LOUIS DETECTIVE. = -'I have told you why I was led to the sus-1 servant fell back insensible, when the cloaked p1cion." si_rnuger ga!!i:(ell Lim au1l dra7ged "Take m:v advice anrl tind the man who told 111111 111to an adJ01111ng roun1.1111d returned to the you the slory: and now. colonel, I've a question library to await the uppearance of tlJC master ot 1o ask: di1l .Miss Richlund have a sister?" the house. A. sis'.erl what nonsense! no, sir!" The binding and garrgiag of tbe servant had You a1e sure?" been qukkly and adroitly p ertormed. ")am why do yon ask?" Lena Elllhre tl1e room, and said: "Well: I tJiought ii she had a sister it might ""Lou have some important infoi:wation for :help to clear 11p the myste1y." me?" "What mysterv." "l have," came the answer: and, when Leon The mystery or the 5irl's disappearance; nod beard the voice, a pallor overspread his face, lDOW sir one more have you a broth-and he fix1 d bis eyes keenly on the mnn wlJo .. stood witll hi s arms ciossed and the slouched "I think." said the colond, "you are here IJat drawr; closPly down o:er his face. to ask quest ions, nl)t to answer them." "law prepared to receive your communtca-The man's tacE was deadly pale, and his voice lion." treml.Jl ed as he "You do not recognize me?" said the strange I will bid you good-evening, colonel, I visitor. 1"eckon you are through with me?" Leo n 1<.:mbre rem ained silent, when the "No; I've questions to ask you." stranger threw back his slouched hat and dis" Yon must deter your questions until an-closed the stern, hard lace of Col. Zara! utber timt." VVhere do you go?" "I have an appointment." "With wl.iom?" "I'm not nt liberty to tell my bnslness." l will ask you a pluin question. are you to meet Leon Embre 10 uight ?" The colonel's voice trembled as he asked the .question. "lam not to meet Mr. Embre to night." "ls he tire man who engaged you to attend 'the s1.,1rch at the Mere?" "No, \\'ill you tell me who engaged you?" Yes, si r." u 11 No one." 1 ou went there of yonr own volition." "l 11itl; and now, sir, goocl-uight." I 1v ish y11u would remain here." "\Yhy remain?" I wish to lalk. with you." \Ve have been talldng, sir." "I may wish to engage yon in this case." "You can see meat another time; good-night, ait." The rktertivP. rose and stepped toward the door. As he did so. he saw tl1e colone 1 g l ance .at walch. Tile action made the officer more anxious 10 go, and his anxiety wiil be made plain as our 11arrat ive progresses A dfep game ot some kind being played. 'The 1letective had matte a most thrilling dis and tell the m11n it. is late. Ass: him his business." The .. nt went to the rloor bearing the mes -sage, whP.n tl.!e stranger wrote a tew words upon a cnrd and 8ahl : "Give thut to your mastP.r." The servunt took the ci.rd, and returued to 111aslt-r. The card read as follows Do nol rel use to see Ille. I have important informatinu tor vuu. which will atone for ruv liisturbilll!; you at such an hour. A FRIEND." Leon told the servant to show the into \he iibrnry. The servant did he was rlirecterl and was tl:e room, when the 8lranrr e r !IP proeched from helJind an,J clapped a chiet to the man's mouth and nostrils. The CHAPTER XI. LEON EMBRE did not betmy any surprise when the colonel disrloseu his identity. I have come to met!t you face to face, Leon Em'nel" l see you come a foe, therefore I can not bid you welcome. Aud no1v, sir, what is th e nature of the information you have announced tliat yon posses s? " l eome to t11lk ot Rose." "Well, sir?" Where iR the poor dear child?" Whe te is she, sir?" where is sue?" "l th1111ght you came to impart information, not to eek it." 1 came here to demand my ward at your haudsl" Wonld Lo fleaven l could say she were here; and, as you soeak so plainly, I. also will speak olainly. l believe tlrnt were it not for ) 011, slie would be here at this moment, my wedded wife." If it had not been tor me?" "Yes, sir.,, "Ahal l have forced you to an admission! Wicked stories have be e n circnta ed about !Ile. I suspected you from t IJe first as the author or th e m and now you so proclaim yourself. But you can not cover np your own cri!me by circnl<11 ing evil stories sir, nbout me!" Colone l Zara, are you here to ruthlessly prov"ke l am; and l am here also to denounce yon. "Yon will compel me to order you 10 quit my hou se!" "And l shoulil not obey you. No, no, sin; yon are unmasked I What have you done with the body of your victim?" Uolonel Zara, if l did not believe you lo be a villain I should think you had g1ine mad!" "This morni11g you insulted me!" "Didl?" "Yes.,, "Row?" "By casting a doubt upon my word." "l can not help it it you tooK my words as an insult; l spoke what l believed to be the trutll " And 1 am here to de'lland satisfaction!" What sort ot satisfaction do you seek., sir?" "TIJat which obtains between gen tlemen. I wl)u)d be justified in shooting you down like a dog; but, murdeier or abductor, l proporn to give you a .chance for vour life, and I am here to nveop:e my nonor!" Leon Embre laughect in a satidcal manner. Are you armerl, sir?" demanded Col. Zara. 1 am unarraect." The c.olone J placed two revolvers upon the table. and in a stun voice, said: '' Relect one!" do yon mean, Pir?" l mi-a n that you shall fight me!" "Without witnes e s? "Yes, without witnesses.' "'l his i s prepost erous, sir; the victor would be arreHed as a 111urd< rer." Yon are a ll\urdern!" "Holrt your msullsl" I came here to insult, to force you to give me an opportunity to avenge the abduction or murder of my ward!'' Leon Emhre had been espPcially warned by the detective not to denounce Col. Zarn. Wayn'e had own reasons !or issuing the command. 9 "Sit', lam not the murderer or the ablluctor ot Ro se Richland anll you know ill 1:3he was .to have been my bride nml your-" Leon sloppeli short. Ile wus not to speak his suspicions And what, sir?" demanded the tiercdy. "You have no right to insirmate that she is missing through any designs of mine." We was1e time." "Yon are at liberty to retire." The colonel adva nced to the library table and placed IJis hand ou one of tile revol vus. Choose ont!," he said, we will settle thie matter as becomes gentlemen." Are you determined to force me to fight you?" "'I am.,, Sir, it you wish to challenge me, l will meet yon, but let us do it in the usual manner; we must have "No, sir l do not wish kn!.lwn tbal l deigned to challenge a man ot your be,ides, there ore other w ny we oi1ould not bave any witnesses.'' "l will not ask wbher or not you really oe !ieve iu your own miud that 1 had anything to do with the disappearance of Rose. You al ready know better.'' l recognize the .charge conveyed in your dec laration s an:1 demand that you select a pistol." Leon 1<.:mbre was no coward; indeed, bad he co n s ulted his inclination a loue he would have grasped one of the pistols 11t once, but he did uot wish to precipitate tlJe tragedy at that mo ment. l decline, sir, to figlJt nuder the circuua-stances." "You decline to fight?" "1 do." "You are a mean. cnlumnions coward." "At some tutu1e time, it you see k satisf action at my hands, I will be ready to accept your challenge." "No, sir; you will fight me to-night!" "Yon are niad!" Li s ten. I oiler you a chance. Defeml your. self, or 1 will shoot you dead in your tracks I" Leon Embrc had no notion of being murdered in cold blood. ")'.on drive me to this?" L do; l accept all responsibility," Leon stepped to the table to grasp one of th& pistol3, when the colonel raised his pistol. Mur der shone in the glitt1-1 ot his eye ; his prt lense to malrn it a duel was but a trick. He h ad en tered that room rcsulvecl to co!llmit a murder. Leon Embre did not r ecog nize his danger. An instant, and he would h11ve been a corpse; but there came a thril l ing interruption. The door of the room fiew open; Billy Wayne rushed in with bis arms upraiserl, exclaiming: "Hold, gcnllemenl Let tlJere be no l.Jloodshed!" A curse fell from the lips ot Col. Zara, and his face turne d deadly pale. lie low1 red IJis weap o n. Re evident ly did not know whether the detectivt! haLI detected his infamous design or not. Billy Wnyae fixP.d his eyes upon the colonel, and inn tone of feigned surprise, said: "Wh at! yon h e re, colonel?" lam heiel" came the response, in a suppressect tone of 'Oice. Why, sir, this is marvelous!" said the de tective. 1 just left yon, as I supposed. a' your own house." The colonel coolly: Ilave yon to my house?" "I was th ere by appointment.'' Ah, yes, 1 b elieve 1 did ask yon to come." "And wer e you gentle men about to engage in a combat?" "We were answered the colonel. What does it m ean? Yon two of all men ongh t to be good friends under all the pt esent terrible circumstances. The co lon el, as has bPen stated, was a man of ready resource anrl of iron nerve. l:le per ceived that through some accident his real plan hall been deteated, but he was equal to the oc casion. We nre not friends; Mt. Embre has grossly insulred me to my toce, and he has imml ted me through gross in sin uations, which he has caused to take the form of rumor." Leon atnoct silent; the time had not arrived for him to "1 rame llere." ccntinned the colonel, "to St!ek the satisfaction one gentleman owes to an otlJer. I had tllken Leon Embre to mBD


.10 BILLY vVAYNE, of courage: I find bim, in truth, to be a coward, a vile slanderer, a villain I" 1 m t't a man at your house within nn hour I rary, and ns to tne tragedy at tile lnke, i ?-ete!P who claimed to be Colo?Jel Zara. Ile 1esernbled1 you to yonr co.co11spirnlor, Leon Em b!'e." "llol i. colonel, you are using strong "Th'l.t young man w!J !Jas boast ell oft or lits comagr and skill as a marksman, knows that I am calling !Jim lJ<: ". "Didn't ii strike you as strange. colnnel, tbat Sir, I can not be made answerable for nny no body was fo1tnd in the l11ke? Yuu certainly blunder ot your own." !J11<11cason 10 expect u tid'l'deot resultr" "Leon will you leavr me alone with the colonel a few momen1s?" sairt tile lletec1 ive. .' l've made no blunder. I di$COvered the Tl1e colonel I! iec.I hard to 1 avoio a betr11ya1 trick the moment I t'Dt eretl the pre.enc\! of your of IJis agitatwu, hut lie tailed. Tiw mptt'ry of double, and 1 hastened bacli: here." the disapparance or the body w;;a a mystery Leon l1ft the room, and a chauge came over the demeanor ot Hilly W uyne. URA.PTER Xll. "You must be crazy; you are talking in ridrlles to me!" Tile dctecti>e laughed in a satirical manner, and an wernd: (JomE', come, colonel, let's j!et right down THE colonel evidently Clid nnt like the idea ot to plain talk. You invited me to your house. remaiuing alone with tlJe dcLe<'tive and IJe raw anel you had u puson tilere to personute you. I 'rouble utwad when he recognized the change 1uiubled lo tbe scileme, and I am huel Now that came over the tace of ne. sir, will you please explain?" that !Jaunted his s;iuJ. a moment (Joi. Zara said: It is not Il<' Ccssary tnr us to continue tb'.11 conversati .n; you ilave warnerJ aw, l will tak(> tile liherly ot warning: you. There is now a. chance for you to "'ithclrnw from thi s con>pir acy, and it you will me, come over to the rii:!Jt side, and you sh"IJ enru u fortune." "Colonel, what was your game?" asked Billy "1 have no exp'anutions to make. "Very nire ly put, colonel, very nicely; but 1 preter to ahitle in the C Dspirncy, as you c1\I{ I do not it. You hav1 well said there is no tor us Wnyne. in a stern voice. pretend to solve riddles." Whal do you mean. sir?" "Very well, sir; there is no need to continue "No Dt'ei to htat around the hush, colonel; the conversation. But Id me warn you, l nm you and l understand each tthcr." for the present the cuijtodian ot young l'llr "Sir, you are advea game man; hut stop right hrre. Save your ments do not concern me, but wh1n yon re so rt selt, ancl ull will be well. There is now an op to a trkk to cover the trnrks of a would-be portunity to withdrnw from your purpose withmurdern, your movemPn's do ccncern me." nut facing the contingency ot ruiv and dis Sir!" ejaculated the colonel. grn<'e." "l mean just what I say. sir." "You hnve the advnntage at present. sir" You dare insinuate t!:at I contemplated a you can insul t m e at your will: but my time murder?" will come. You shall rept'Dt your words "l di.ire insinuate that, had I not opportunely A 11 right. colonel, 1 see you nrc determined enter ed this room as I did, you would have to persist. You will not be warned; but let me lull ed Lron Embre?" nsti: you one question; who was it that person-" Ii:; fllir combat." a1ed you? ls he the man who wllnessed the "The ma"J who leaves a double to personate tragedy ot the lake?" him wbi1e be skals forth to kill a neighbor, has nfJ icietl ot acting Come, con1e, co lon el, if is :..s well for you to know that I am up to a p

THE ST. LOUIS DETECTIVE. H was late at uight when tl1e retired lo rest. On tile tollo1ving morning the detective held a le>ng consultation with Leon E111bre, aud de parted, Our hero wn.-i very particular in his com mands and and closed l.iis admoni tions with 1he re murk: "Now, sir, you must not underrate the importance of wbul l l!'ll you. Abide by my tlirecl ions, 11ntl 1 promise y;>u that I will fint1 Rose Richland anil reRtoie her lo you." You will never find lrer alive:" 1 will; 1rnd, mn1k me, if you permit the colon el !o lauut you into u quarrel be will gain his purpose. and .nil mr eilorls, as tar as you arc concerned, will go for n uugbt.'' "1 will attend to your words." Late that same afternoou, a quiet, l!'Pnlle manly looking elderl.v man presented himself at the Embre mansion; and, atlt!r his card had been submitted to the young maer, he was admitted to the house. Anet so the day passed; night came, and a strnn ge-looking mun, fol lowed by a blooll-lJound, might have bel'n seen ri:ovir>g along under the s1ar light, with stealthy steps, across the grounds of Col. Zara. The man looked like an 'Indian, and bis np pnrel was a c ombination ot the retl mun and the cowboy. Long hair ,,.1 reamed clown upon his should, rs. Bis complexion was tawny, and his whole appearance was that of a semi-civ ilized Tue mun tnok hiR dog close to the mansion, and started him off npon a scent, The animal was one of the tiuPst specimens ot his brcect, 11ntl h ad bern ns carefully truined us any aog 1hut ever s1artml up<>11 n trail. The dog went carefully nbout Iris busioess and th e n :aster followeJ him, but the sceut appenreJ lo prove a failure. .An hour pas sed, und it was midnight when the master leu dog oil toward a grove of lrceR. "Lie down, Bruno," aid tbe lnditm, and the dog lay tlown. The mnster stoorl a moment 11 st in tl.i11ught, unrt th e n witll l!lealthy tread moved towant the mansion. Ronntl 1111cl round the house thP. slr. inge man walked, uni ii at l;,o gth be to ttecitle upon his roursc of action, antl with tl1e ngili1y of a monkey b e cliruhe1l one ot tire columus snpportiug the b1oart piazza surrountliug tire 1ouse, and onc_e on the rqof be crawled tov;nrd an en1l wiodow. 'I IJe man was very deliberate in all his move ments, amt stopped ever noel anon to listen, bnt at lengt l.J he opeutI the hlinds, raised the sash and cruwled into the house The wiule was ex plained: the two eolouels wer e ii' th e room, and Biliy W11yne r':a1.\y settkd in bis own mind the identity of .bl women. '' i::io tar, so griCII" muttered the detective; end be atlded: "Now we wi!l learn what tbev are 1alki11g uhout." -There were. as slated, three men in the room -the colonel, a man who personally resemblt!d the colonel, and a tltiicl party-a rough, tlerce look ing man, whos e face indicated a readiness to coDJmit :Illy crime, no matter bow villainous. "BuslJ," the colont>l, jnst as the detect ive, disguised as a half breell Iniliun, placed IJis ear to the key-note, "you cau do me a great service." "1 am always renrly to serve you, colonel, when we can come lo terms, and you must ad mit I have served you well during the last few days." "1 don't know about that!" The girl is safe." Wllere1,, "You know whnt mv in structions were." The cte tcrtive g lanced into the room, and saw a shadow fall over th e face ot the colonel. You may have QJisunderstood my instruc-" sir." \Yh e re is t be girl?" '' l would not navise you to inquire too rolum'i. I cnrried out my insttuct1ons. '' A cold chill over the frame ol the de-tectiV<'. vil1,1in'" words we1e ominous, and "nggeslive ot a crime 'flte colonel 11ppearerl 111 at ease, but he said: "Tell me the truth, Bush. "1 cnrritd out 111y in s 1rnctions, sir: the girl will never ri se 11p in jml gu1ent :igainst you, and you will re'lrnmb e r you suit! t o mt', 'Bu.h, I do not desit e thal she slrnultl ever ri&e up m j11dg meat aguinst me.' Coluncl, she 11eve1 uill!" Tue milll spuke in a tone ot terril.Jle signifi cance. "l st ill fear that you misunderstood my instruct wns." "We will talk of that, sir, when we come to make a final ettlemenl; but one thing is cer tain, the youug lady is silenced forever. And now we w1ll ta k over tllis new duty you have tor m e." The !!irl is silenced?" u Fore'Ver.,, "l' uu know L eon Embre?" "l do." Well?" the colonel uttered tbe exclamation int errogatively You yonnir Embre silenced?" "Ile s1ands in my wny." "lt is n risky job, colonel; more risky than the other." \'Vily sot" Tile 11111n lowered bis voice, and said: "Colood, has gone wrong." \\/'hat do rou mean?" Whe re is the body that was cast into the THE strange man hail evidently prepared lake?" hiDJself for his cli1ndeEtinc visit to the IJome of "Ah, yon dare refer to that matter?' Cul. Zarn, as he drew an trom bis "Ci rluinly; why not?" poek .. t nn1t opened the rooU1 door as readily as "You a small slipper. 11 lady's bhoe, "At hour did you cast something into which he concl'nled upon bis person with tlle the lake?" muttered remark: "At Dine o'clock." "Snmetbing tor you, Bruno, oltl bny!" "On the weddrng night?" llaing Sc'CllT d the rlainty lillh slipper, the "Yes." m.u1 stnle from the r oom with as noicless tread "Ancl at ciaylii,:ht the dragging commenced as he had entered. nn1i mover! rapidly 1ow1ud and not)Jing waq lou1 1d.'' I Lie great staircase. Again he stood and list l' es, Rir; uud tl.iut is something I do not ened. I unaerstand." A lignt was dimly burninJ?; in the great hall "It must have been removed." below, and objects were indistinclly revealed. Yes, 11ir.' 11 Who coulrt Lave remover! it?" "There's mystery, colonel.'' "nave you a theory?" "No, sir; I nnr at a lnss to account for tbtt cli>appeatauce of the body horn the lake." You bad co nfederates to aid you?" "1es, sir." "'fhey have sold you out." "Never! I am 'lS sure of the men who aidea me as 1 am tbt1t 1 stand in your :::resence at t;iie morn ent." That is a mystery that ought to be sc.lved.'' "Ye. s, sir; buL how about .Emhre?'" "Be musi he silenced-yes, silenced at all hazards I" "It's risky business, colonel; we ought to wait awhile." "WhyV1nit?" "Tue disnppe>1rance of two prominent per. sons in such quick succession will excite extra ordinnry suspicions." "That can not be helped. That man must be silenced." But can not you wait a few weeks?" "No." "Trnuble will come; and the investigation of tlie second mystery will cause more positive inves1igation ot the tlrsl one." l care not. He must be silenced." And tht!n you are done?" II :No. U "Wh11t, another?" "Yes.,, "vVIJo?". "A dt!tective." '.l'he man, Bush, uttered a low wbislle. "Aun I" he exclaimed, "1 see where the dog is coming 1hro11gh the brush.'' Whnt do you mean?" You sny there is a detective in the caae'l" "A.g11inst you1" .. Y<:!s." "Have y'lu seen him?" .. Yes." "When did he appear on the 11cene'l" "l him first on the morning when we werl' dr11ggin!! lh e Mere." "Did you speak witll bimr ":Not tbt'n "Laler on?" "Yes." "Ah! let me see Does he suspet:JI .,.._ colonel?'" "1 can nol tell; but he is a dangerous man.'" Colone l who Is he?" Billy W uyne." CHAPTER XV. AT the mentiou of the name of Billy Wayne, the man Bush ut1e1ed an exclamation ot aston isbmeut. "Ilillv Waynein-tllis oase?" 0 Yes!" ".Aguinst you?" "Yes.'' Colonel, it's bad." "Bab I who is he more than any other man?" "I'll t ell you whu he is; l'd rather have Selan on my trnckl" He bus but one life " But one lite?" "Yes." "Well, that may be so, but it will take forty lives to gel away with his one. Be is a man we can't down." "You're a coward, Bush!" "No. colonel, 1 nm no coward; but l tell you Billy Wayne is n tnrible man to buck against. 1 yon l'd rather have the devil himself on my track!" Bn81J, you've bad a run ot hard luck lat! lv." "Yes, colonel.'' You need money?" "l1do." "lt's worth ten thousand do!larstometobave what I want." "Embrc and Wayne?" "Yes" "We woQld have to drop on Wayne first.,. "Why so?" 111: is engage d in the service of Embrer "Ye .t) "Very well if Embre were out of the vraywe coulrl never get the bulge on Wayn .. : that man must be taken unaware or never, and should. we drop out Embre, would know his ticket ha:! been given out, and he'd be 1.:1 tho e1ern11l Jay tor all ot us.''


12 l:Ie mt1st be Filencerl. "And you will pay ten thousand?" .. )'cs." It's big n:oney." "It is mdeeil large pay for lheservice. Will you undertake the job?" "l will never let such a chance go by; bnt l tell you l wish it 11ny other man. l'd rather it were the Governor of the State of Missouri " Wayne is the man I II' ant. " I wiil think the mailer over "There is no time for thinking." "Ah I I've cleciderl to h1l;e tLe job. All 1 menn is. l think of a plan to get the bulge on Wayne " I cun sugges t a plan." "All right; what'!' your racket?" "Does Wayne Kno1v you?" "I have not the honor of bis personal ac quRintance; but I flatter mysell he bas heard of me.'' "1-le not know you pe1sonally?" "Then it' s all right. Seek him out. Tell hlru you cun give hiin i 'point' on lhP. missing yirl. Lead him to your rendezvous, anrl you will I hen know what to do." Very pr lty busines s colonel; but it's evf. dent you never hav e had any dealing& with Bilh Waya ... Why. thl man would go lhroni,rh suc h a fiC hcme so quic k, you'd never think he hud h!!tl time to wink!" "h he sci smart?" Ile is." "' It mu t be done." "Yes.. it mus t be done without f a il, but not by anv such transparc ut scheme as that." Eave yo11 a plan?" "1 mi!!lit think of one." Let us he1r your plan." I must huve time to think. Well. think," "Now?" "lt"S." "Why such haste?' "You huvc led me to believe that it is neces sary to worK at once; it Wayne is such a won derlul man, at any moment he may get some pcin1 nn us. That's so, colonel, I see now that you begin to appn ciatc Billy Wayne and it the job is to be we must act aL once." We have Dot even a moment to spare, Bu8h." Tile outlaw Bush was thoughtful for a moment, but nt length he said: ,. "Could you get him here, colonel?" "Who?" "Billy Wayne. " ] might." "11 could be done that way possibly." "llow?" "You get him here. I will know when he is to he nn hand. l'ct have a tew of thr gang ing around under the tre<'s, and the thrng might be do" c a s h e w a l ked o r ro de b y." "lt may be accomplished." The on!y way to do it, colo n e l. "Then it all depends upon our gettmg hi m L ert? "Yes." The co l nne l wns thoughtful a iroment. "I clnn't like Lhe plan," he said. Wny nott" "It would happe n on m y grounds." Yes." l{igky" "lt 's a risky job at best, col onel; indeed it's a risky jnb anyhow, but-" BILLY W.A Y NE, any oilier u :un who w1 ll lake the job, L'm willing to pass." You r Lit me. Bu'>h." l tel1 you. colonel, matters have a tad look. 1 be,!!in lo s111cll a mouse' already." "B(>W so?" The body from the Mere." \ell?" "lt' s two to one Billy Wayne was the fisherman." The detective who was a listener to the whole of lhc foregoing cr..i had liis eye to th e key-hCJle. lle saw that the colonel turnet the body waa oropped into the lake." "Then Leon l!:mbre is a m11re dangerous man than l ever took him to be." Ue iR no tool. He has proved too many tor you so far." "What could tl. e y have done with the body?,. Preserved it." ThP colonel gave a start. "B_v all that's strange. it would be a sm art. scheme!" You can make up your mind that if they have the body you will see a ghost some day, unless--" "Unless what?" "Unl e s s the plan i s carried Oil "It must be done." Y 011 bet it 111\1st lie done. " And yo11 must aid me, Tom.' 1 w1ll go up or do" n wilh you "Do you lhink lhe rellow B11Rh is reliabY et' "1 do; rrrnl'mber the man talked fair. ll did not blow or swagger. He jnst told you lile simple truth. Re said i t was a hard game."


THE ST. LO e1s DE'l'EOTIVE. Tom, do you think it possible to buy this man Wayne?" "You remember what Bush said." "I do not mean to buy him on, but buy him" Gel him to stand off and let the game wor& Without him?" "Yes.'' I do not believe it can be done." .. Can you manllge the other matter?" .. Get him here?" ''l .... t s." .. 1 can try." ""Viii you?" ''Yes." At that mom ent there came a most startling Interrupt ion to the conversation or tlie two brothers; there came a voice saying: "A good CHAPTER xvn. 1 BE two schemers upon hearing the voic e eta1ted and both turned pale, while they glanced arounpol during the whole tim e his muster ilarl been away. Tile detective was g rl'atly disappointed He bacl hope d to trail for 1he livin!!. Ile bad en tered th e mansion for :,'lt purpose, havini; in oulgei<'ion that _.,se Hichlnnd was some wh ere c'" "ti in the hon -c. HP. haCJ thought over tht.. .. , weighed well all the evitl ence. and cou l d 111 Ratisr.1 him se lf thnt upon thll night ot hc disapearancP. she bad been t11kPo trom the hu1se, hut when he heard the st range words of ; he mun B11sh, he was led to fear I but Uie beautiful girl had been really murdered. Agaiu lie coultl uot reconcile his mint'l con cerning the mystery of the body taken from the 1eke. A he joined his dog, be held the slipper to the animal s no se. arnl said: "Now, then, Bruno, old boy, Jet's see what you think n\iout it." The dog snitf.d tne slipper, walked away as tboug11 revolving the matter in his minr!, returned, took anotuer uiff,and then settled dowu "1itb his nose between his two paws. "Welt, old boy, what do you think 0f it?" The animal wagged his tail, looked up into bis master's face, and remained, as a matter of course, silent. "l reckon, old boy. it will be a hard task for us; but come, we will see." The detective toward the house, his hound following behind, and a long time passed. Billy Wayne walked round and round t:ie house, seemmgly in an aimle ss manner; but be knew what he w11s up lo, und soon Ille object ot bis little loitering a1ound was belrayert. He had returned to the spot where he had first lett bis ring. and stood leaning agaiusl a WllP.n suddenly the clog u1iered a low g1owl. "Ahal just as I thought," mutterecl the de tective; and in a low tone he saiu to the faithful beast: "L1e down, Bruno-keep silent, old fellow!" An instant passed, and a hound a.ashed up and made a spring at the detective. Billy VV ayne was a regular p'.)}iceman; be carried al ways a locust with him. One blow, and the hound lay quiverin,g at bis f ee t, and with two more blows the animal dead. Now come, Bruno, old boy!" Tbe tletective moved away, followed by his doe., and look a position froru whence i.le could cummanrl a view of the dead animal. Hnlf an hour passctl, aucl he saw two figures cantiouBly approaching. He recuguized the colonel anrt his brorber. The men CJrew near, and reached the spot where the dead nound lay. Oaths fell from tlle lips of both men, and the colonel exclaimed: "Tile is dead!" Dead as a door-uail I" 'J'om, this Is wonderfol1" "Colonel, it is marvelous!" "Some one killer! the dog, Tom." "Certainly; he Clid not die a natural death." "Whut shall we CJo?" '.' Whut can we do?" "This is ternble, Tom!"' The l wo men were cold with apprebension; th e death of tile clog nuder ordinary circum s11inces would have b ee n l.iut a simple lllutter, hnt und e r the existing cir culllstances it wus omi nous indeed. A moment they stood over the warm carcass, but at l e ng1h the colonel said: "Tom, that man Tiush told the truth." Ile did "This tellow Wayu e is indeed the devil." "D11 yon think it is be?" "\>tho e l e could it l.Je1" We mu.;t fi111l !Jim" The search wa s r e u ewecl, but what could they do without th e ir houotl? RouuS.J' "Then this one will not replace him, but l will sell him it yon him." 'fhc culoael walked away. and peddler Hnrained noel c11r.kered with the servants; bu& at lerigth, when au opportuni ty o!fered, he made a si!!na l to his d(lg. The nnimal rose and st11r\ed off ou the olht!r sidl' ot th e house, while lbe peddler moved towurd the great gate from the grounds. Co 1 ,,nel Zara was s t ill upon the piazza, and, as the man p11ssecl. he c11llecl out: "Wi.Jere is tlie doO'?" .. 1 will le ve witll you, if you wish. sir.'' "Yon will l eave him now?" Yes, sir." "Never mind; brfng him r:iong with night."


14 BILLY WAYNE, All right, You will be sure and come?" l will be bure and come. The peddler turned again to go away, when the col11nel wse, and, calliag the man back, adYanctd toward him and i>airing the dog?" You can do as you have a mincl to as to the dog, out 1 want you to come-I wish to have a &alk with you." "C11n you not talk wilh me Iiow, sir?" No, aR I want a gentleman present who is 11.ot at home now." "lt strnngt you should wish to talk with a poor man like m e, sir." "You say you live in the city?" 0 Yes, sir." "You travel around a great dea! among all klncl1> ot people?" "Yes, sir." "That i s all right, you may bA ot service to me; and if you can serve rue, you shall be well paid." "And I am to be here at nine o'clock?" "Any time after eight o'clock and before ten." "1 will be on hand. sir.'' If you can not come to-night, to-morrow e'l'ening wilt answer." "l will corr.e to-n.ight, sir. I am always reRdy io earn a dollar, and 1 ain't particular how I eern it." Again a strange light suone in the colonel's .yes. "You like to earn a dollar?" .. Yes." And you are not particular how you earn it?' No. sir." Whal do you mean by that. old man?" The peddler approached clo se to the coloml, and said: "Rich men sometimes have little odd jobs Shey want performed, and l m just the man to employ. I tell you l'm not particular what l do to earn a dollar." "Well, come to night. "'Yes, sir.' "l'oa will come surely?" "Yes, si1." The peddler walked away, and as he reached lhe road h e muttered: "Dee p ai the devil!" and it was a strange and most s in g ulai' coincidence thal t.he colonel used similar words as he resumed his seat. Said the eolouel: "'l'liat man is lightning. but I've got the bul,ge on him this time" Agnia the peddler muttered: He knows me. And again It was proven that the two minds were runn;ng in the same c!Jannel, as the colonel muttered. He 8Uspec/,8, but J:'lt beat him on that track." CHAPTER XlX. THERE was adePpscl.J emebrewing: both men were stPars soon spread uronnd and it was rPported that !tie pluce was the resJrt of gamblns, rounterfeiter>, horse-thieves, a nd crim innls of all s11T1s, and there were those who well knew that the rumors were we1l founded. Billy Bush, a notorio41s scoundrel. but a man who had managed lo llcep out ot the clutches ot tile law, was a lodger at the tavern, 1Jnd it was said he had an i!llerest in the The ostensible owner ot tile pJ,,cr. was Ii Ger m a n, who was lrnown as Louis Khrone. ll{! was a man, quiet irt Etys, but bis ver y uppearnnce was su!!gestive ot a robber of the olden lime ia the B1>1ck Forest. 'IV"hen Billy Wayne ruutte:red, "lie le11ds to the hauutEd it was to the house above described hat he alluded. The dog Kept on his way, and at length the haunted tavern became v isihle and as the de tective drew nearer he observed several men sit tin g upon the balcony. Billy called off the dog. Be ll:aew well th e anitllal coulrl catch on to the trail once more, at the proper time, and he did not wish 1he ruftians sitl in g oa t!Je p11rcb to know that it was a scent that had led liim 10 the nannied tavern. Billy W!iyne walked alon!?, followed by his dog, and soon arrived in trout of the tave1.:i, where, for a momeDI, he came to a llalt. Meantime the men harl some womeuts previ ously observed bis approach. Billy .B.1sil was with the men seat<'d upon the porch. Hello!' he exclaimed. as !he p1etenrlerl half breed hove in sig_ht, "whom have we here?" A J\lexicaa, 1 reckon," came the response. The men watched the drtec1ivc 1101il he came to a halt a tew fe e t from the pnrchstcps, when Bush called ont, af1era mom<'nt: "Good day, RITaDl!er." The re1cnded Indian gazed, but did not make an immediat" reply. ".Are you looking for some onet" came the WJ.nt do vou want?" "No1hing ;, "We ll, lakrdtancl go.'' The Indian did n o t move, earl Bush and his companions pairl nc, more atleulion to him. .A.tier some time the Indian "alkcu into the houge, laid down !Jis mouey au'1 saia: Whisky." The liq nor was banded to him. He drank, and with his I.log wa.lketl oul, ancl a momenl la1e r man 11nd dog lay stretched upon the porch fa8t asleep. The men paid no nltc.:tion 10 him. the m11n was nol worln atlention, aacl thE lnller statement only proves how well tile detective acted hi& purl. A cou p l e o t hours paeeed, when a l on e man wns seen riding down the road toward tbt laveru. IJello. who comes here? I reck!n this It viaito1 's duy, exrl11imed oae ot the ruen Bush g:unced at the horseman ns the latter drew n eu1e r and said: That man comes to sPe me. Yoo boys just noltl as you are, while I have a few moments tall!: with him." "Bello," said one of the men," it'f' a gentleman," and a glitter shone in the fellow's eye. He was hune:1:1in g for a chance to murder pnd ste!ll, or cto anything for a boodle. The horsemuu reached the tavern, leaped from his sartdle, and permitted his horse to walk o:ll toward t!Je stable. Bush had ri se n from his seat, and had walked away to the far end of lhe porch, in his waf being cornpelled to step over the sleeping lndiQ 'l\hom he was half inclined to kick. The horsem11n proved to be Tom Zara. Well, Hush, how goes it?" be asked. About thA saml', sir," came th e responsll. T!Je n1en at the t;me were standing around a\ the side of the house, but not so l11r away that a pui1 of e1u s could not ovcrhi:llr all that p11ss1:d. provided the pqrties spoke in an ordinary tone ot voice. Have you heard anything new ? demanded Zara. "From what quarter?" "Wayne." "No; I've had no business with him. Are you ready to have a liltle deal witb. him?' Undrr certain circumstunces, yes. You i>nid he must be invited to the house?" Yes. " l:le will be there,,. ''To night." "At what "Rome time between the houro of \ligbl &DO ten o'clock." "lie comes alone?' .. Yt:s." "Under what circumstances was the ap{'tJhl\. :nenl made?" .. You need have DO tear, Bush; ua all rigbt," was the response. CHAPTEH XX. Busa was a bail, bnt he was 11. ca11ti<11l! man. .Be was a but was always loath to take chances of denth or arrest. A momeu.t he 1>o nad1ly." "Bah, you are appnllerl by !hat man!" It we do not take care. you and the colonel will hP appuJlpil by h i m iu the end." "Neve r mind. he is to be at the mansion te>nighl son1e time b, tv-:een Ille hours ot eight and ten o'clock." ".:lo l understand." \'Ve hnve done our part; we h11ve secured his pns1 n ce. now will you dons yon agreed!" "1 will be on J..iand with my men." "How many?" ., Six " Yon will have them properly stationed!" "l will." .. Yon will be on hancl ia time?" I ,viii attend to all the detaii!I. l pr,1flllel to be on hancl nnrt that is eI?ough I will 114 flu! t n be there." "Ancl yr u will rto your work?" "1 will try t.) earn the promised reward" "11nve yon the men on haa<1P" "l l1&ve them here.'


THE ST. LOUIS DETECTIVE. You had better brinir all the wen at your oommand." Leave the matter to m;i. l will do the best 1 can." Tom Z 11Ta wnlkcd around to the stables, 11:ounted. The Indian awoke, en&ered the bar-ro<.m and drank another .and, followed by his dog, wallrnd away. Bis coming and going attracted but little at tenlion and !lie keea detective had made :a most wonderful st foreboding incident of &be wlwle case. His mind reveried back to 1he words of BuslJ, Ynu need not concern yourseU, the i.:irl is s ilenced! "After all," mutterl'd Wayne, "l fear it has b een a 1J1urrle r and all that is l et! to me is lo find out tile guilty part} and bring him lo jus1ice." Thf. ofllcrr stood for a long time lost in 1houghr; but at lenf(th be gave his dog the rigllt "aignal aud I be animal re! umtd lhe trail. l alll search in!! now for the dead," were the that tell tro111 the detective's lips. Tim latter kept close wi1h his dog, animal reached 1he shores ot lhe black pool and moved slowly nlongits miry brink wil.11 his nose close lo the mud. Hohl!" called the detective, and the animal came to IJ. W&yne had noted many footprintq, aad he set mensure them hetore they haol crossed or marred by his Jwn trar ks. Be found no kss than tourditlercnt imprints, showing 1lrnt. what ever the deed I h'1t hal l hel'n commir.ted, tour men h:1J IJeen engaged in the crime. This Ir '.erribl e!'" he mu1tered. The offi-::er wus lullv satisfied at rlrnt moment ss to the nature r.f the gllastly di scovery wllicil .iwaited him. A.II hope of ever finding the missing girl alive bad vanished froll;l ilis mind. So yonng, sn beautitul, and yet what a ter rible fate!" he muttered. The dog st1iod a his command, aud at Ieng I h it was given. The animal movt!d slowly. but at length came to a halt. A mnmenl be st.iod over a certain spot; nod then, bl'mliug down, he lifted up his snout and uttertd a low, dismal hnwl. lt was the death wail. Wayne 1ecognized the ominuus moan, and his heart stood still. lt was a terrible momt!nl, nnd a strikine: tab leau was presented, as the ofiicer, in a sad, sad tune, mnrmmed: 1 have found her at last-not tbe living, bu1 the dead!" CR l\.PTER XXI. BILLY WAYNE was an iron nerved man, but at that moment he actually trembled. The clog had marked tbe spot. Wayne knew where to dig, and he knew just what be should find-the gb>1stl y evidence of one ot the terrible crimes of nwdern limes. The detertive glance1l around tor somethin!.! wher e with to dig. The ground was sott. and he bd reason to beli eve that tile victim of the murder had been buried but 11 short dbtance be low the H urface. A f e w mom e nts pas5ed; the dog had done his work a[ld had walked away and settled At lt>ngth our hero paced around, looking tor something "herewith to dig. I:le foun 1 l u slab stick and set to wom. Wayne's origi1rnl cuncl11sion proved correct. Tue obj1 ct iulerred bad been buried less tla:m eighteen mches below the surlace. and, in a few momenls, portions cf a lady's dress were dis closed. Just as I expected," moaned 1be officer, and he stopped a fi\oment trom his task Night, however, was coming a!)&Ce, tlae shadows were already lengthenmg, u?1d he resumed his lahor. His task was speedily comp le ted, the buried object was b1ought to the surface; 1t was a find, but 1he resl!lt was nut what be had anticipated-be1tirl nor fiuil a body, but did tind >1 io1 ot blood-stained female apparel: "Well, well," he muttered." this is terrible. 1 have the evidence to myst:lf, but I hnve not the proofs l need wherewitil to contront the assassins." The detective's theory wa5 based on rr.ost singular aud remarkable fads. He bnd stared the-clog upon a scent takeu from a !!lipp e r whirh h e knew liad been worn by the mLm.lered girl. The aniwal had traill'd directly rn tlae lodgings of a gang ot asa,sans, and from I he latter point he had trailed to the spot where the blood-stained e:arrnents were found, hut ther e was no bofly, and hetore a murder could be estal.Jlished a body muo t be produced. Th.: dl'lective 11rgued in his mind that the girl nad hel'n carried to th e tavern. She had bten murdered. The body !1ad been c oncenled in one j.Jlac and the bloudy cl1.thing in another. "l must finu the boay." muttnt ronte. Whal doe8 this mean?" he muttl'red, but he kept on uf1cr his dog. The nnima l lee! the wny. and it was after dark when the ligills ot the tavern w1,re disclosed. "I reckon that now, Brno (>, old fellow, 1'11 h11ve to run this trail alone," wns the muttered exclamation ot the detective as he bade tile dog "lay low." The nnimal oheyed anil Billy knew thnt be woulll Relt!P nntil again summoned, even though he were left along during the long hours of the whole nii!lit. fhe dctt>clivc started off alone towatd the tavern. Re moved cautiously an1l kept out ot sight and ma11aired to Ckep near to ov1r hear the voices of lb e men gathereci upon the porch; inrleed, he could distinguish evuy won1 spoken. Bush vas sill ine: on the piazza b.V sevtrnl men. and, es they thought th emselves surrn:rnde I !.>y nnly their own corif1eres, they l al trnd Ill :he tavern keeper eyed him critically but rems;ned silen1. "Good-evening," said the detective. "G,,01-evcning. Vhy are you not mit de poys l wanted to hsve a little talk: with you. Louio."' A. little talk mit me .?"


16 "YSB. >' "Vot vos your pizziness mit m e now? I vos come dot I look at you, 1 see you vo s a touodt !Je re " Yes, I am I\ stranger 10und here, but you and l will b ec ome b elie r known to each othec wnen the cloud s have roll e d away." CHAPTER XXII. Loms, the tavern k eep e r, wa s a desperate man and witlJal he was a suspicious and vindictive fellow. He said: l don't like it dot you vos come here like you VOS." "You don't like it, eh ? "No, I vos not like it: in de first blace, you vos not vot you lo o k like." "How do you know?" "1 vos know from a e vay you vos talk." Billy W uyne had not altelllpted to di s gnise his speeclJ; h e me ant bu s in e ss aot' s get down to business." "Vot vos your mil m e?" "How are you making unt h ere?" "flot vos not your p i zziness " Would you like to make a little money?" l vos alvaya read y dot 1 make a little money." "And you would like to keep out ot trouble?" "I vos D'.lfer g e t in troubles, because 1 vos alvays mind mine own pizzmess." "You arc in trouble uow, 1 hough, old man." "Eh, vot vos dot you say?" You 're in trouble." "Vot troubles vos 1 in now?" The detectiv e s are on your track." "De detectives arc on my track?" 0 Yes." DPt. VOS all right, dey VOS :r:any times On m y track, but dey nefcr muk e s nuddings out niit me." "They've got you dead to rights this time." "Vos dot eo?" "}7'es.' How vos dcy got me?" On this last a flnir "You v .. s m eander pizziness dot vos go on &er-Dil'!Jl ?" .. No." "Vot vos you mean?" 1 meao the bu s iness I.hat hapJJened the other Slight." "Veil, vot vos happens de udder nights?" A l ady was l.irought here." Vos d<>t so?" '* Yts." Veil. did she vos go avay again?' Sile was murdered." "Vos dot so1" We've got nil the points on you!' "Vos riot so?" "Yes." "Who vos it? You be mine frlendt. You sucli a s mart fellior L should l ike dot l vos make your acquaintance." '.l'.ou are making my acquaintance pretty fast." "Vos dot so?" Every lime tile tavernkeeper repeated tne phrase, Vos dot so?"' Ile ex change d the tone of bis voice, making each exclamation the more .expressive. ".!'low, then, Louis, you are a lucky man." "Vos dot so?" "You CHn get out ot this scrape. .. "Vos dut so?" ... Yes." How?" "Give tlle whole thing away." Vol vos 1 g if11vay?0 is the gil'l ?" V ic Ii !!itl ?" Ri chlRnd." Mebbe she vos in .New York. I voe not know." Yuu can make some money, l tell you." Vos dot so?" "Are you re1 dy to treat with me?" "Meblie l vos. How much money vos 1 111ake?" A conple ot "Dollars?' ''Yes ... :'!. And vot must l do dat l make so much money?" "Tell me where l will find the body of the lllurdired gili r BILLY vV A YNE, "Vos d e re a !!irl murdered?" "No 1rifi in!!, The de t ective was ouly leading a "fly" con ver s n.tiou. He did nol expect to make m1ytliing dfrc c tly out ot the tavern-kee1--e1; but lie WllS on e of liis metliods, an1 lie alwuys h a d a poinl in vi e w when he st!lrted in on a dialogue as u bove quoted. l vos not trifle mi t you, but you vos tiifiP mil me." l::lu w so?" "You vos told me dot dere vos a murde1 done in mine h o use, und now 1 vos told you dot you vo s lie!" Do you me a n to compel me to arrest you?'" "Ali! y o u vos vun of dos e detectives, ell? vun of do s e smurl tellers dot vos alvays fooEng aiounclt min e llouse, makio g me troubles." "1 am !Jere to get certutn inturmalion, anll I will get i ti" Ell. dot vos so? Veil, you --;os welcome dot you g ot all de infm m a lion ot you likes, but vos got nuddiu g s lrorn me!" "You rdus e to aij me?" "I vos refu s e dot 1 IJuf anyting to do mit you, und vos better dot you vos go oft uncl ult e nd rnit yom own pizzioess, or 1 vos show you somPding s!" V\'IJat will you show me?" Romeding9 you v os not pleased mic, J vos sure!" \Veil, lt the show open." "De re vos litne eno11gll." "You have not mucli time." "l vos not haf much times, Ehf'" "No." "Vy not?" 1 w ii I arri>st you." "You vos llrrest me, eh?" "Yes. "Vos dot so?" 1 mean what l say; and meantime, old man, open up or 1 sliall." "Vos dot so ? " Will vou turn IP with me and make some money. or comp e l me to you?" You vos n smarl teller; you comes here ven no vun vos at !Jomes, eh?" "Ye s ., "Dot vos vot you tink?" "Yes.,, V e il, l vos show you somedings yon vos not link." Go on wilb your show." "1 vos in no hurry. .Mebbe you vos make up your miurlt dot you go avay." Wilen I g o away you go with me, unless we come to an understanding." "\lc,s dot sor The d e tective smil e d :i;leaaantly, and answered imitatively: Y tlot vos so." "Veil. m e bb., 1t vos better dot you go ahead." The d e tective advanced one st1 p toward tile tavern-keep e r, when the latler excla i me c t: "llolct oul you vos come near enough. I vos not like your comp a ny so veil." "Once more, will you tum in with meY" "No, l vos Ul\t turn in mit you." "The n you will 1ake the con cqucoces.'' "Vos dot so? Veil. now, you 8IJ11st valch A.s the tavern-ke':'per spoke, he uttered 11 low whistle, and there came a startling response to his signal CHAPTBR XXlll. 'IHREK men, de p e rute-looking fellows, sprung forwurd from within tile ta7ern. Tile German hOi!t u1te1etl n low, satirical laugh, anu said: "Dot VO miu e show." B i lly Wayne sho wed no surprise "Look here, poys," said the tavernkeeper, yuu vos com e slJu s t in time. Ilere vos nn Al e c Smart who vos uwke 11p his mindt dot he vo11ld kidn a p m e ; rh, vot you vos tink?" Tilt' t a vern-keep e r h a d evi r l e ntly expect e d to s ee the detective wilt, but Wayne s1ood there as uncon c ern edly a s tliough lie bncl bee n .-xpect in g tilt: sudden app1 aruncc of 1 h e tlln e men. One of tllem hiin s clt. H., said: .. 1 r ec kon, strung c r, yo u must ha\"e made a mist ake." "Vos dot so?" r es pond e d tb e d e tective, giv ing a mo s t exc:e lh nt imit:i1i o a ot the German's n;.unner of u s ing 1 lie exc t awation. l don't think yon h a ve any business that will ddain you uro1rnd her e anv lon t.:er." "Vos dot so!" exclaim d W:iyn ... "What are you g ivi t l!!: 111<' st ran aer?" .. Who are you uurl Ol\' r : ,.., "Are you auxio11s It: tud w.l>r "Not anxious; but I'm ready to "i$ info1 rnati ,. Uow will vou hnve it?" As th e muu spo ke Ile exposed an uglvlookinf bowic kuile S ometim e s I tak e it that WRY." was the ready r e sponse The desperado w a s taken a littl e a back. H e hail e xpe c ted to s e e !li e s tr ; iug e r t a ke water" nud wa s D\Jt pnpu1 ed t11r such n debau t a nswe r. "Do you t u lk figllt ?" as k e d the "No, 1 do11 't t a lk ii," w a s tile quick answer. "You're lookiog for it." "No. but I d o n t g e t away from I t when it''.1 fo1ced o n me '!'h e re's thrioe of us, stranger "I' m not blincl." "Will you gill" Not at once." The m a n suddenly sprung forward, weapo n Uii hand, 1111d his comp a nions join e d i n the 011-slH112bt. Billy Wayne was a born fig hte1, and he wae a maa wlro had enjoy ed a l a r g e e x p e ri e nce; aa lhe men al him, Billy lea ecl b!lck and quicldy produ ced a club. nnd a thrilling scene f;illowt d. W e h a ve otttimes e xplaine d the l e r r ible e xe cution that can bi> don e with u club in tile IJauds of au a thletic anu po"e rful w a u at c lose qnarters. lt is incle e d a f o rmidable w e upon and, in the hands ot a m a n who knows bow to u se i t i n c erla in c:onti11ge11c i e it i s ruure ellec t he than knife or pistol. Billy Wayne wa s 110 e x p ert w th the dub, aod in le s s than filly seco n d s bi1:1 three oppon e n ts knt>w iL. The wretch< s had come at him suddenl.r n s wus in th e next s cene." "St e bere, stran ge r: whovoo you, anyhowr "l'm 11 lra;;eliog smart AlP.c, 1 nm aad now LouiA, out your 'barkers: tile curtain been rung up' f o r us 1 vos nut fight mit you." "Are you going lo l e t me carve you up with out making a me?" "l vos not going to haf anytinb'B to do mlt you." Oh. yes, you will! You opened lt-tbx< busine s s--ancl you are g oing to stay now." "Viii you come along mit me?" WIJere?" V e vos go inside." "What fo1?" "Ve vos tutrn a drink." "Vos dot s1 ?" l vos tre at dis time. "You are v e ry kind, old man; but 1 cu>: ; here on oJIJer bu siness." l vos talk nrlder pizziness mil you.'' Tlle lal'ern-k eeper pussed our hero a signa l. and w ayne said: A 11 right; l will go In and take a drink wi!b you." The two men entered the bar, when the .rv0 emkeeper aid: l vos gi [ avaJ .. All right do so.


THE ST. LOLTlb DETEUTlVE. 17 ----======;:==========---"Yes. I vos do so; but must pass your \'Ord d0t all viii be right mit me, Mi&ter Wayne." Eh 1" ejaculated our hero. Yes, I vos uudersland now; I knows who you vos. But it vos all right, only you must promise dot 1 vos oudt cle11r mit pizzinesM. " What did you have to do with this busi"Noddings." "You haa nothing to do with it? "Noudings at all, Mister Wayne." "UDtkrst11nd me, Louis; 1f you can satisfy me that you had nothing to do with it you are l!Sfe." "All I did v'ls keep mine mouth shut, und J vos try not tol e you anydings; dot vos all; out de gal ; she vas dead! v e n sbe vos brought here mit de gang; dat vos de t1 ufe." .l:Silly Wayne gave a start. The words, "de girl vas deadt ven she vos brougllt here," told a terrible tale my word is good. 1 tell you now that if you are innoc e nt you are all right." "1 vas innocent only dot l keeps mine mouth shut." Tell me all ahout it. " Dot vos all l knows; de udder night a deadt gal vos brought hiire." "By whom?" Vell, it vos not right dot you make me tole 90 much. She vo s brnught here by de gang. " Was Bush wi t h the gang?" "Ye s "Where is th e b ody now?" Dot I vos not able dol I tole you." Was the body taken away from here?" "Yes." "When?" De same ni ght." "Did you s ee the b ( dy ?" .., No. '' tlow tlo you know it was the body of a young lady?" 1 vo s lieanl d e mrm talk." The detective I.Jud struck a wondertul clew. CHAPTER XXIV. THE d e tectiv e questioned the tavern-keep e r osely uutil tuny c o nvinced tltat the man was th e truth. lie said: "l'iow thm. 1 ou i s, l have but jnst llDe mnre word lCI say to y11u, that, if y o u are dec e ivin g me I shall learn the true facts in the end, and then woe betide you!" "l vos not deceive you.'' ' Ancl you swear you do not know what was ione with th e body?" 0 Yet' : l swear " A.od you did not see tile borty "1 di r l not see il-dot vos de lrufe. The detective app e a red to be satisfied, and be said I reckon I will wait aro und here until your friend comes bac!r." "Which !riendt it vos of mine?" Tbe German locked petp1exed, and, tor a ms lost in thought; but at length he Jaid -"Vos you know vare mein friendt vos gone?" ., No." "How vos it dot you know he vos come back?" "This is hiij head-quarters?" "Vel1, sometim e s h e vos r.ome here." "And you expe c t him to-nigut ?" You vos stay I.Jere and vait for him?" "Yes ." Yell, den 1 vos dell you de trufe-1 links W! vitl c ome back." l'. ou expect I.Jim?'' Ye-..'' "All l will wait; but you must not tell llim 1 am around. "1 vos not tole him clot for sure, but der udder fellers vos tole him "Tuey do not kuow who 1 am." "Vos dnt $0? V ll 1 ight; you vos make sure dot I vos not to1Je him." The detective started to go away, when the tavern-keeper Iloldt on; dot vos not right." "What is the matter now?" "You must SPrve me like vou vos serve de Mder fell('rs. "You want me to lay you out, eh?" "No.,, What then?" "You must tie me up. We makes a fight; you vos get de best of me, and den you fix me like de udller fellows. Why will you have it so?" Oof you vos not make it, den dose fellers vould say I vos laying in 1 it you." "Ah, I see." The detective sprung toward the tavern-keep er; the two men st1ug5led and made considera ble noisP. and at the length the German was borne t o 1 h floor, in a few moments was bouud and tied iu 'l similar as the other men. The little g a me suited our hero, as he had set to run in on a racKet" different from what he had given out. Having fixed the tavern keeper the detective stole from the house, and when a good distance away, alter having secured his dog, UP. looke!I at his watch to learn what time he had to reach Col. Zara's house. "1 might do it," he muttererl, and he moved forw ard with the pace and gait of a veritable Indian. lL did not take the detective any length of time to d e cide upon his course of action, und \\hen approaching the colonel's house, he came to a halt. Now, then, Bruno, olri man," he said, we wilt see what you can do." The dog was put upon th:i scent and soon struck a trail and away he sped. Tue animal did 1lot go far b e tore Ile came to a stand. \Vayne studied the moti o ns of tile h ound, and, reaching a couclusion, act e d accordingly Tlle animal was bidden to" lay low and th e detective ran forward and spe e dily came upon the place wh e re the asus s ins hall pick..t e d tlrnir h rses. lt bec ,ime an open trail. Billy called his dog tor ward, put hilll to the scent, and the pursuit was resumed The detective followed clos e upon tbe h e els of !Jis dog, aDLl soon the animal gave a sign which his ma s ter well unr lerstood Again the d o g was bidd e n lo" tuy low," and Billy Wayne crawled ca11tioml)' forward. Our hero ut tue lim e wus witllin the inclosur e sunounding the grouuds altaclled to Col. Zara' s house. The tread of the dete ctive was as noiseless us that of a real Indian, and be was keenly upon the aJ.,rt tor an enemy. Alte r running along in a stealthy maDner he dropped to his hands and knees and crnwled forward, and again, upon advancing a little further, he came upon lits game. was a C'lenr star! i ght night, and Billy Wayne saw a man crouched in the long gra ss; th e fellow held a cocked ca1bine in bi hand, und l.Jis altitude and tl1e place where he lay ir. dicated an evil purpose. As the cat wllh light and measure1 trend steals toward its prey s o Billy crawled toward the cruuchinl( assassin. The detective hud drawn and was within a few feet of 1he man when the latler m0ved. Wayne Jay Hill. The man changed his position and still Billy hehl to h i 8 halt. Tlle mau tume1l slowly around, anu his glance fell upon tile detective. Who's there?" he aslH d in a low tone. Tll e detec1ive made the cllaracteristic answer: .. lt 's tne." "I reclwo our m an is not coming to -night." Tue detective di s cern1 d that the harl fallen to the natural conclusion that he was speaking to one of his p a l. flow long have you lain here?" Uver an hour." "And llaven't you heard anything?" "Not a F>nund.,, "lllor L ' "What were your orders?" demanded the man. My orders were lo lay low and Whtch." "Rave' you been lyini:; near here?" "No. I've been over by the main gate." ud yon I.Jave seen or l.Jcarct nothing?'" "Not'iing." "I rerkon it's a f1dlure " That'8 my id en, an<'I 1 C'ame mousing around to learn it I had missed noy points." l reckon you llavc not wissetl any points this night." Have you a flask 1" "Yes." l'm dry; pnss it over.' Come and ge ii." The detectiv e ''":l"' as mortal man e'er "Ould be, while t ha.< talking wit.ha tletermineil rascal who bad been posted to commit a mur der at sight; and when the man said, Com"' and get it," the detective crawled forwurd, and wheu quite near en o u g h, the unsuspecting a s sassin reached forw a rd the flask. Billy Wayne wa s not only a cool, nervy man. but po sse serl of extraordinary phys ical stren e!?t, nnd, in s t ea d of taking th e fla & k he seized the m a n by the wri s t :1ml quie k as !ightoing gav& him a j erk. The fe llow wa s urawn over upon his fa ce his weap o n fell fro m his h a nd. a11d Billy w a s upon him. He would have uttered a cry, but the detective bad seized him bv 1hc throat, and iron fingers atitled the signal whic had strug11:led to the villain's lips. lt was u but a desperate struggle. The advan1nge was with the detective, and tht. eoemy was subdued, and in lcsd time fhan it takes to tell it he was c!Joked to l.Jelplessneds and then the darbies were cl appect upon llit wnsts. The victory was with Wayne. CHAPTER XXV. THE assassin wns at the detective's mercy. The latter drew a bowie-knife, alter having fi1st secured lli 8 victim's coc!,ed weapon, and in fl low tone he said: Make ttie least outcry, and you arc a dead man!" Tile fellow had received a terrible choking, and for a moment he was unable lo speak, even had he be e n so inclined. Wayne laid the colcl steel npon his and r e p e ated th e wo1ds, "make the least noise anti you are 11 ileatl man!" The man at lengtl.l gained enough voice 10' a sk: IV ho are "Nner min(! who 1 am. It fa enough for you to know t!Jal I mPan business, DDll now tell me wl111t were vou uoing here with tllat cocke t l sud l o ad e d gun?" "1 wns looking for "My f1iend, have you any r eque&ts to make before you die?" The i:le tective s poke in a d e cided and matter-r of-fact ton e Tbe m a n nppear e d to danger threatened, nod he answered : ''.You are not going to 'kroke' me In blood, are you, stranger?" "Yon I.Ju v e a chancii to save your life." Whal do v o u want me to do?'' "Ope n up.'" Who arc you?" "It matt e rs oot to ynu wllo l an'.; but l wiU take your all the game." "Are } ou a triend of Wnyne?" "Yes, I am a lriend of Wayne. "ls the 1letectivc around here?'' "lle is not far of.I." "'Are you Wayne?" You may ca11 me his agent." \Yill you see Wayne lo-night?" "lmay." "Soon?" "Ye s .' "T1ll him to keep away from the Zara house to-night." .. \Vhy?" danger for him." "Who is seeking to harm him?" You must not nsk me more; l've given you the lead. Go to Wayne, and he will know what lo

1.8 "Ha will be warned, and that is enough." "You think so?" "l do." "Yours isa poor' kid,' Johnny. Now listen. I've got you dead, you ruust gain my favor." "Who are you?" "Bah, duu't pla .\' that ou me, please; you know wtll l'uough who 1 am." "Are you Billy Wayne?" "You may imagine l am Billy Wayne, and open up ju' t th e same as though you were to vYa.vne hirnselt." "On mv honor l've uotbiug to tell. 1 was posted only as u sentinel to give warning." "Your gun was loaded Johuuy, and you might as well know fit st as last that you cau .11ot fool me. and uow open up." What are you after?" TIJe whole business." Then you have collared the wrong man, as i know nothing about the game going ou." Were you with the party that buried the girl(' "No.", "Do you know anything about that aftain" ._.No.,. Who is the best man to eeek for intorma: tiou?' "Bush." Whe re is be?" "lu the house wilb the colonel." [ -Le b there now?" Yes." The detective thought there was a pos s ibilily 1bat the man told the trul It, aod, besides be <:onclude d that he was really WdStiug time witll the tellow. When Wayne started the trail with his bound be bail a tletiuite idta as to hi purpose ; aar!, when he disc:overcd the llorses ol tll e assassins, be secured several litlle articles which lie t bo11d1t mii:ht aid !Jim in llis game; anil, BlTlung -0thcr things, he had secured a coil of wovc11 grass rope such HS 1s used l.Jy the cowboys, and .other ritlers upon the plains. to make mr i ats "l don't tlliuk you're nay good o me, <>ld man," saifl the detective, as he arose from lhe :fellow's body. "I'm giving you a ll the information 1 pos-.ess." The rle:<:ctive bad secured his mau tempor .arily, and he barf., lt1m rise to his leet. Wayne led ltim to u tree lo wlticll he ltonnd huu iu such a manner that the f ellow Vi Ould have Blood t here and slarved to death betore he could ever have Jiim scl!; aud be was also gaggect, tSO 1hat lie could utter no cry for help. ".Now, my friend," said the detective, "it you are p11titnt you are all righl, and, iu good time. you will be released but, if you are im}'Qlient, the c llam :es ate against you." Havmg securC'd the rascal LI his satisfaction t he dtlective s111rtrd his dog on a fre s h lrnil, amt we will state that, ten laler a sec-0nd man was captured in the same manuer as the lirsl oae had bee n. Wayne uid 1101, slop lo ask the second man '1lny qm stious, but, with his e:rnss rope, pro cc>ede,f at once to bind the fell,lw to a tree in tne sawe mauner ns he llad bound the first blec1 the latter. and sec ured him ns he hod rt. aiu little incidents thi.t occurred after-ward." what wer e file iucirlPnts?" "Tue l:ike wns 1g I Iring for your df." "l au1 telliug the 1ru1h. I've untiling to gain by lying-all to g.iu by telling the trutil. "011e more que8tion. Whut became of the livin!! irirl ?" \Vhiclr girl?" The ouc that wns ahdncted." l kuow uo11t;ag ot lhe living girl." You saw the body lhat was tos ed into the lake?" ies And !l w as the b11cly of whom?" Well, th ere in a mys tery. I tbougbL it was tl.Je boll}' ot Colouel Zurn's ward; but. from word s 1 ov c 1heara, 1 was led to believe that ii wus not." "From words that you overlleard?" Y es." Wor. hrniy was dressed in wedding apparel." "To ti at I'll swear." "The de11d br1dy was tossed into the lake." "So 1 believe." "Now. ti1e n, oltl what is your ic!ea?" "What is it you ure trying to get at, Wayne?" "1 wish to learn just wbat conclusion you v. ould reach. l'< itb. n knowledge of all the tacts." "1 would conclude that a conspiracy was in pro_gtess," "But why was the body tOS$e d in10 the lake, clad iu bridal clothes, the same ni ght that the living bride mysteriously disappeared'/" "It w11s a part o1 the game." "But wlrat wa iateocled 10 be shov. n ?" The mau Silvari \\as s ilent when Ille detect ive said "Come, old man, 1 nm wailini:; for your an sw e r. 1 know you llave a-suspiciou." "Well, l llave." \\"hat is yom suspicion. Come, will YOll open it up to me?" "l will." CR APTER 11. TnE detPrtive began to discern that there was a cl1>rnce that al ler all he migb start iu on a tr11 ii !or rile living "Silvuri lie said, "l want you to give me a struigh l opininu, just as though y1 were fig. uriog lhis lhiug out for your own benefit. Now, what's your i tea?" "lt' my iclea thnt the dead gi rl only bore a rPsemhlan0 c t" lhe liviog hride, tl1a1 tllere wa1 some poin1 in maldng ii appear rbat tire bride hntl committed suicide, anrl 1 believe Cnlonel Zura expected to find tlle l>udy in the lake." "And when he found it?" Re would give out that 1:.;.. ward was dead." And the strange> resemblance ot the corpse wou lil confirm his statement," )""es." "Now, then, we ivill assume that the bod7 was rast into tbe lake." .Mebhe it wan 't," sail! the man. But you tolrl me you euspected that such a disposition was roarle of it."


THE ST. LOUIS DETECTIVE. 19 "I'll tell you, Wayne, 1 believe that Colonel Zara meant to h11ve the body tl..irow11 i11to the Jake." not until a few weeks ago ti.tat I had a:iy inter eot in tbe Z11ra famil\'." "Th1 re w112 a !!:irl tnere, an Italian, and a smatt girl ehe \Yas, UDtl 1 k1pt company wilh b1 r nml I would b11ve nHtrried ber, llut sbe fonnC' out thaI my charncler wus nor 11s goou as she had once b..!ievecl, un1l i,l.Je gave me lhe dead sl.JaRe by quil'lly giving up her situation and s1ealing a1ray to parLs unknown." "You can.'' "Rememoer, old man, it you go against me 11ow it will he iudee11 you and 1, anu you can thus measure your own chances." You think he expected to see it found the1e?" "I

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