Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Wehman, Bobby ( Reporter )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Presented to the Temple Terrace Public Library by the Temple Terrace Lions Club-in honor of Mr. John L Perry, Owner, Publisher and Editorof the Temple Terrace Sentinel 1940to1946.




JOHN PERRY, EDITOR. THE mli'nr.u.".L!J T empf0' Terra.c e s First Newspaper W E P:Rl:N T ONLY THE TRUTH Phone 73-2624 Price 5 per mo. Publishe d Weekly BOBBY WEHMAN, REPORTER. A Florida Presc Association Paper FR rm Y*-iH:AN .. 17, 1940 .. -X ... .. ; i ii ; .. .. .. -;;; T HE S ENTIHEL T AKES O N NEW R E POR r E R 'The T emple Te! 'rac e Sent in.el A F.B::v. HJURS hes hired a new assistantwno MOR.r<; NJ:!jl i S .cillCUT Tti.:.;; NAA. w 1-11 8.S r epor, c e r ... -Bob t y C OA'!'.i::..l1: CLUB N.t!. 2('J.' W.w.& h \'/eh.nan. p. s. _,. ----..:.---'--' V V.81 LL L.u.T wou KNOW TliOSr.. ,,. IF THERE Ii NEW S -YO U ARb A.S 8001\J :; PUT IN THE SENTIN E L E I 'J:1H.&;R GIV.c; WE CAN oPO'.L' TH.t;Iv1. ._ "-! '' IT lJlO THE EDITOR O:R OR ... ----o!:-h 0 ALL 73-2624. W'Z DON I '.I' :C.XC3 PT ANY ? ; E W S AFTER HOON THUI1SDAY. mh e Pj.onJer 15r oup of the First Cfau.1 .::h :t.n TamlJ&. will have a W eine r roas t at: the editor s home tc-rnorro w af:i0 ernoon, -.. --__ ..... Mr. GhermB.n 1 ;) b1other, :.1r. Louis She rra:an,who i s 83 y e ars viJlti'Ylg tl1A S hE:.r m;....ns. Mo:r-E: souc the S h e.,..rilan;;::1--ere T1{.Pi Sr,mtin e l vis)'.ies t o M r .:3r. e r :nan I'cr s:r;len.di'i \ .. d e r o:DatiJn. :>1' hi:J o utc.oor c:irl,irt ... i n P s t.ree ... o:iJ.CleJ t o the be-su.t.y of T1.1r Hple 1.ll.r i n g that s easox .... -It is estimatd that about. v.11::. b J spe r: t 0n bild .... 1ng in T ellip l c T erra c e t his y ear -----..... --... --GOLF company ::oor... r r e l\11rs. Abbie Standerwick rrom IViarble head ,Mass. and her frie nd Miss. Lo'it ie Hill from Lynnt Mass. They will l eave f:)r Tenpl3 Terrace Hele n D ettvreiler, business Wio nday golfer will give a n ex--------------ib1t1ort matcb at. the 'I'empl e Golf Club iNec. nl:;)nday. rne exibition w ill st2rt at 1 4n e e1clock o n l T:fFJRE _\RE O ? FAMOuS G O A TEE C L Uh T HJ.T \'JAS STARC:::E!D BY MR. Stii!.:R Ml\! r Mrl. M .\GP..U.Ll!i'"'Y Si::' ii.BTBD ihl..f le l'C P u:.i1 .. R CULB BY G R O W ING THEMS ELVE 3 A 11YAN DYJ'B11 APIECE. AND NOW THE MEMBERSHIP HAS I NCREASED TO 5. ITS A BQ1I1 r r LOOK S LIKE MR. MACAULEY H A S THE JUMP ON MR. SHERMAN. WAIT A MINUTE! YOU FLOK S WHO H AVE LAID YOUR MONEY ON M R. M AG AlJLEY DON'T GET TOOHAPPY. MR. MACA tTLEY IS L EADIN G B UY JUST A Lari l e s Day e sd.a y ) ______ .... ______ a'l"lu. 1.r.. :1rJW111 iT'. g are goir-g t o Liv e n & k t h e funeral of.' JY.r. Do--vJ;:1 :ig' s 0ousir-, who wi l l ':>e buriG-1. ":;omor:row. The Hawks expecting so en M:r s. F.aw1 { 1 s aunt and two fr(,)t) Ohio. 4 .le A LLINSON1S GROCERY AND 73-2591 Fresh Dressed Westrern Meats Swift 1 s Fresh Sassauge T Bone Steag Cold Cuts MAR iill T Chickens T o Order And Smoked Pork. e Pink S a l mon 15' a GJ3.n. D e l Monte Midget; S ugar P e a s 20' carw Garde n Patch Gr, ae n Asparagus 25' 11 Tall Can Mammot:.h Ripe Oli v e s 25' '! Chiffon Flake s 22' SATURDAY'S SPECIAL: MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE 1# 25 WE DELIVE R


.Page one Name o:t Family All ins on Bregar Brooks Cole Crocker Grown up's names !fr. & .Mrs. All ins on r. & Mrs. Bregar& Anna(Maid Mrs. & Mr. Brooks Ir. & Mrse Crocker Children's name girl Total of all two three two three Crose Mr. & Mrs. Cross Bob, John, Mary Kathrine, Carl, Betty, one girl that's married. Cureton J)UllCan Dllnham Grayson Hawk Whwell Humes Hunt Jame a Jarnigan Jobe on Kaspar Lockaby McCartney Mortensen Oakley Parry Petersen Porter Quinn Renick Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. .Mr. & Mrs .Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & s. Mr. & .Mrs. .Mr. & Mrs. Cureton nun.can DU.nham Grayson Hawk Howell Humes Tom, Consie, Jean. Bill, Batty, Kathrine J);l.nny, rnyle. Mary Jane, Helen, Jim. one child. Nancey Mro & Mrs. Hunt Frank, Bmnnie Mli. & Mrs. James & Mrs. James sister Mr. & Ura. Jernigan Mr. & Mrs. Jo bson & Mrs. Kaspar Cristeen, Paul, Chunkie, Gloria Mr. & Mrs. Lockaby Johnny Mr. & Mrs. McCartney Howard, n.onold, ick, Bob & s. Mortensen Mr. & Mrs. Oakley Mr. & Mrao Perry Johnny Mr. & Mrso .Petersan Jana,Jean,, Jo Anna,Bob Mr. & Mrs. Quinn Mrso Eanick Johnny, Patsy icha.rdeon Mr. & .Mrso Riogsedaon oaoh 0 & .Mrs. Roach Mr. & Mrs. Siaz 4ohnny,lhirley, Mro & Mrs. Shnia.n immon .Mr. & .Mrs Simmon ii th Mro & Mrs. Smith Frank Janice Joana .ow & a. Snow (old & youne) ample Terrace Statin mro Gose\tah .avis Mr. & Mrs. Travis Bobby fi:a:a five four five three tm-ee four three six three six three six two three ..... two two q five i four one three


age twb !Name G rown up's Children's Total of Family names names all Vall De Vent a r Mrs. Van De Venter one ehman Mr & Mrs ehman Bobb y & .Mar lin four ilmer Mr. & Mrso ilmer two ooten Mr. & 'Ira ootem. one little girl t hree