Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Petersen, Jane; Pinnell, Whit "Flash" ( Reporter )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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i\alBE ONE John Perry, TEMPLE TERRACE SENTINEL Editor Temple Terrace's fiest newspaper Jane WE PRINT ONLY TRUrH Society-Editor A Florida Association Paper Published Price 51'-pel'.'.mo Whit "Flash" Pinnell, Phone 73-2624 -Paid Suhs..c:rib Reporte r Friday--Sept. 20, 1940 ers--75. ---------------------------------------------------------------------BOY SCOUT GIRL SCOUT AT PARTY1 FRIDAY. ---------------------. ---------------------------Gi Th1e:r8e was a perty g:i ven bv the ThArthu r Barnehevkmarriedt.Marg:ie r c;m:i.ts f o r the Boy Sco.\.lts a t c mas in New Yo'! lil'ty a the poo 1 lir i 1iey 'I'l:i ...,.d..ex: who attend-Park Avenue Meth odist Church, ed were D&le Du1i.ha!J1. .. f'nd Thursdi. y Sept. 5. Joan Petersen two irierds Doris & 7ir gu: ia 3C 2 e m 8IJ Cht>J. 1 ,.., --. <-:-> ) ter;,e I'::e.s:)Elr, .::an:_eE: .Srr:Lth, ) C-) 0 'NeL:fil _L M1l_ : ::i e:l \1 o al:ley; F8.Ler ... lie..;\\{ Jai:ir. ,,.. ) ('/)' ai "):7) , M is, r0 -:,.,i E. E. He wk. D:::u1ny ru..c ... :-,firr.) Jim hawk \..: .. ,-""=::,..-Bobby Wehman,Vv.Li'CtJe .n ar:d Donn.ld f !-" Pinnell,J.C NelmL,l.3 G b Peter.sen ----------BiJ ly De Vernon, Lick Roller,Joim Those who go in_ tc1wn to schvol for the firr.t time .ti1,_mEE --:--;------(Hillsbor0u6h) Murie l Joh1: Jay Se1 dog! Sugar Plumd, fer80L.) J ean Peterse n ... r ) had sJ x pups Prc1.ay n1.ght Johnny Joar.t P0t(:Orsen (Hill-bo o '--h' '"' .. -+-. i d tb u -. u..5 ) Uv t, u ,..,. s ve'X'y prou o f .. e s e pups. He calltioJ. (Hillsbo:;;.oui:S: 1 s i;,p all tl:e r_ew'3 be can getahold -------------of Wh?n he called Todd cam e frcm up thJ.s time he ::iP.1J.. "D:..d you know i;.er __ visJ. t lVlE.ry Anne Johri.8on Shine r Hawk was a in Vve understand Lhat (Sugar Plumb was 0ne t:f Sl:inc:s rs her g:ana.m o c.ner was serlously pups.) Yes, she's six in a n auto not long times. 11 ago. ------1-----Dr. and Mrs. Jobson left by auto Nancy Humes is staying with last Sunday on a trip to Charlatte P erry in her home in ton and New York City to b e gone Hyde Park. about two weeks. Or ... Sc...tu:::'.'day, Mother ----------Jobson was t!lken irl au B.mb'lA.lance Here are the n e w officers of to Tampa H08pital nhere the Womens Golf Clu.b elected in she will be a::'ter until Dr. June. M::"."s. B regRr-;Pr esident Mrs and Mrs Jobsor:. r otu:.n. A visit to MY"s. Brook Mrs. Jogson while et the hospital SecetaryTreasur0 Mrs. would please Tnurnament Mi.3s Eu.k1 0 -----------Brown-HandiCap Chair&n, M r s-O tlfu.Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Wise of Jack-nger-PubJ.icity CbaiTrn an, Mr VVoosonville have returned to Tampa. ten-Int ertainme:nt Cho.j t>m0n, M1s v It's too bad are not Richardson-Telephon e Cha:.rm an. COJ:jJlling back to Terrace to The Ladies Glof Club h a v o a Lu nchlive. eon the first wedne3day of everv ---------------mnnth, followed by a businuess meetMrs. Howell and Mrs Wooten will ing. b e hostesses at Bhe Temple Terrace Party at the Pool tomu:rro w -----------------Jimmy Whitrmn is going to businuess university in Tampa. --------------Shiner Hawk has a new seu of red tme najls. They were painted on by Jimmy Hawk. The Temple Terrace School bas a brand new flag pole. ... ----------Bobby Cross cam e back from Ind. about two weeks ago. ------------------------------The this year are Mrs Bryan(lst.,Gnd. and 3rd,) Mrs Crocke:( 4th.,5th., and 6th.) Mrs. Simpson( 7th.and 8th.) There was been a change in rooms Mrs. Crocker and Mrs. Bryan swaped rooms. School takes in at 9:00 o'clock. Lets out for lunch at 12:15 to 12:30. Lets out in the afternoon at 3:3o. ------------To be prepfi):(red for of the most effectual preserving peace. -G13c..,. war is one means of Washington Parable of the Isms. ------------------------------------Socialism: If you have 2 cows,you give one to your neighbor. Commu4lsm: If you have 2 cows,you give them to the government& the n the govurnrn eht gives you some milk. Fascism:If you have 2 cows,you keep the COW8 give the government the milk, then the sells you milk. you have two cows,you shoot 1 & milk the other, th

PAGE TWO: .._'HE TEMPLE TERRACE SENTINEL Phone 73-2624 Temple Terrace's First N 0wspaper WE PRINT IDNLY THE TRUTH THE LEGEND OF DREAD CASTLE CHAPTER SEVEN: Inprisionment After e wrote the note Carmn was shuved down a long flight of stairs and into a small, damp room. There was a cot in the corner and a small table with a candle on it, Afte r she lit the candle she mad e out the earth walls and floors. After wha t seiamed hours a guard cam e with a tray of food for her. Having fj_nished she asked the guard about the castle's history. H e told her that it was a castle used in the Civil War by the Yankies to keep Confe d erate soldiers prisionors. CHAPTEREIGHT: Carman finds a s ecret passsge. The kidnappers had remov e r h e r raido from her so she decide d that there wasn1t any N.Nili: v1ay to communicate with h e r f 8ther.Afte:r hours Carnm got discouraged tryj n g to think of som e way out. In disgust she kicked the W9l+ w:Uh h e r foot. To h e r supprise a section (_,f the wall f ell to bits. S11.e locke. d into the hole and saw a l!h ght s i:i.i_!\):..jnj_ far dovm what s eemed to b e a passage. /. Here a!: A/ j T Ef'LL / LY Hawk, forTUNA FISH SALAD : A l 2 cups tuna fish,2 cups chopped cele I 0 t.J r cup horseradish, l cup mayonaise, / 1 tea spoon salt, l e t Break I I-.E f /}./ f 5 T PL o u P /"'/ :J A/ F y fish & combine in a cold bowl with: C. N (3 u y celery, horseradish, salt, and mayt () 'i onaise, using a f 0rk. Arrange indu-: __ A,_,> ;J,-... _) viduali:, servings on crisp l ettuce:1 Garnish, if desirnd, with slice s :H a..i<.y d <.: .\A \ } of ha::d cooked egg::; & a dash of 1\,-_ ,/ \J /./ f'< o Ty DA-f\/C b r-..MPLE TtRR1tGE ANDBUFFE T sup PEI( A r CL(llJ \5ATL>RDAYIVJT?5fT,:;_1 Pf /Cb