Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Wehman, Bobby ( Reporter )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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I i I f S E i'I r J 1\J E L I\OB E K -r '1Y E J-J i\1J;\J\l1 PO I\ TE I\. FRIDAY-------MAY 16,1941 ....._ ___ ------------. --------. .. ---.. ---------------...,_ ---... -----------.... ---.... -------....... -----------------------wThe Bo-y Scout Tiro op in Iv"i:r,, & Mrs Jerry Jernigan had Teriace, Troo::J 50, Vient to Cain: Dr., & Frank J. Conklin and Owen BoJ>eln l a8t .SA.tu:eC:.ay and Mr .. and Mrs Percy N ursey f o r Sundayf> T.ney :.ia.d qnite 8 gnod time dinner Mothers Day, serving there sw:i_mr1in,:s, row-i_ng, enJ eating. ch0i:r. own garden. Fuur 'I'hose that ''v'e:i:c '38.rr. Dowling, and two had white .. VVhi!- .!im H,..,_wk,,Bc1::J f'J1'J.d Harry{/ good t:u::e 1J1ras had by all. -111.'es-'::? anc_ J 'i-;hn Perry.' ---------Mr. wi::;h the i'rom noc1n :.:;Rt vnt i 1 7; 30 that nigfit. Johnny i:Jarketon.Assistant S.:Joutm'.lsteJ..' s b::ti18r, Ct.1.rt stayed f rom night until :::.oon :'l.ay :'lte'. JJcw ling, and Perry 'l1e Girl Scouts of Temple Terrace hari the drawi!lg W0dnes6.ay ef ternoon fOY> t1.e 0a)<:e '.:lnd ivi:rs. Gr'3.yf.loil was the lucky w1nncr. 'J:he ra.Ke V\t'.:ls warteb .Y.. Mro Srrij tn" ... '----.,. the -,, .r .. -::> v i H ;i, n i r 11 M T T ,.'!ll1'\:,r-.. :.,.,,."l,., f. th T 8.Lttn iv]. E::r, rr. E .v, "' .:n"-),. uc;..-' :9 0 i.,lD.J.oO't!..h,0rm"'n 1 s "au :;bL "1 w "'o i f""'o P t ;,-. +-' ... 0 .... ... rf. l"> 7 L::i... "' "" -u. 0 u i. J. s ... m 2 r-..,-, .,r.1.u G. ,"..:. J"') New Yo:rh: C:'...ty is .:":' her r : 0 ,,"!,:m:: las_ G;Jdi. parents in Temple 'l'er:'ace .IJ'lhoi:r ----went t:-if;'!!:l., Thet haJ l':l. "-Tery ..1 nice tir:10_, '11lt1e v;Lt1. ? Q .. _. ,: ,.go ca:::-1p1Sg ims in Jnnel) The :Kober_t Wehman uE>EuJ.nel Is whd),.o. t :roo p w:!.11 go to Cump Fowler fteport er has bee 81.C k but ;i-s quite on Mary 2., we 11 nov .. :. __ ____ t,s heve pl'ntnt):'Y :.r10ti'1ed The fol.lowing a:re the Boy S0out Mer i t Badge Counse:::.o:e a in T emple Terrace------1.;1c J.1cad ; _r,g,h 0a.Sline:::J:a:1d the I J 1 D:rto F R Ro2.cil---Mets.l WoT"k 1Nocd s ncJ/l 'l),)c n W e now have a end nw;1 be::'.'ino; ,,,l, .. m a lrn s the ne.._., kind cf t;.;rs UEJed on the / h e adine. v(G a1 e -Crying to improve/ I Mr,, J, K, Powell-0arper:.try Work Ivfac;h ineJ"J HRndicraft Dr .. W,,P U:.:ncan Pj.rst Aid the :.n way vve can/ so you vn.11 OE; aule to enjoy it ', more. Om."' aim i s to prinj.' Templ.( Tc:rrace new s onl y ou:c su.bscrib/ eris a.r0 only th0s0 who aie intereste.d in Temfle / / Pers onal H ealth Coach. Johnni e Ui.;sonS Nimming ---------/ Llfe Saving A !.b eY.'ta son -Reading '!'he editor has not5.ced that th)( Jobsons aro the of their houae as we:1 as pa!ntlng the outside. 5'.)4 E,, Nor1-;h Sto Sr.holarsh:tp --------M::.". Poul:bry L e t your motto say-"Take a dip-a-da.y11 in the Temple Terrace Swimming Pool r-' r; f' r' r r J 'f ,.. \ I \ r 1/ r -r ci ri J\ -01 J\ !'-!:'., PHONE v3 ... 25m ... ..... ... West e:r.n Mee. t a : : Beef.,.Pork-Lamb. Whole Kernel Golde n Bantanm C orn Roasts-Chops-Steaks. French s Woces.tershire can, Sauce 15' Cold Outs Baker's Moist Coconut 10' can Green Chiffon Soap Flake s 22 ALLINSON1S THE FRIENDLY STORE DELIVERS