Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Renick, Johnny ( Reporter )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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SENTINEL John Parry Editor April 17, 1942 Phono ?3-2624 Affiliated wlth tho Flcrlda Press A ssociation. Flo:rida Boy Editors' Exchange, and Wo print onJ :y Amorica:n Amateur Pross Ass 'u .. tho t:i::.1th ;-;-----------------Throug..11. tho darknoss o f war clo u ds, there shinos u light of hurna:..'1. follov;ship "t:;hat koo9s growing in intensity o v ary do.y. This c;lowing spirit o f f:2atcrnity, out a. boacon o f hopo to o. struggl:Lng world, has 'uoon inspired ar,d s:;;:>road by tho h e l ping hand o f our ma.YJ.y :.c.:.;. liof among tho m tho Amcricru:i Rod Cross. Prom ocoan to o c oau, r:ion, woman, and hildron o f all creeds and races are volunteering their s ervices to h o l.p follow-suffers. Aro you. doing your b:tt? You havo .u bra.uch of tho American Red Cross right in your own com1, 1unity that noods your holp. WE ARE ..l'.11 WA .. -0.-:!)o not fc r ono moment dou.b"t; that; fact, and its up to Gach and o v 0ry ono of you to holp in whate ver wn.y ar.d in as many ways a.s y o u possibly can t. o win this war. You may be buyinu bo.t:J.ds and stamps and that is f ino wo all havo t o loun our Govorrunont o vciry thing wo can spare You. may be taking tlm wlrsing course tht."J is f:mo ; you may bo learning, that is You mcy bo taking alay o n e or several of tho di::'for ont off ered for hoJ.p in catJo of attack, but thoro is ano'i,;hor way yo:.J.. ca;n help and help now, md that is by helping mako tho t;arr:ionts _that arc sorely needed by tho Red Cross. Won't you s e t aside one day a weekThursday-and come help us s ew for those who are suffering and so much in nErnd both at homo and abroud? If our boys can giV<31 up so much-their hom es, their i'amiliea,and their livos to heip win t hi s wnr-suroly you, and I mean each and OVGJ'Y ono of JttOU can. c;i';c up OIH G day a week ormoro, i.f' necessary, to do ;pur bit. Wo ha:ro a fa:i.thful f e w who are willingly and GOnorousJ.y giving o;f their o vor:y to sew t: o r tho R0d Cross. Somo of those tow aro giv: Lng o f t;hoir t im o to. h o l.p also in othor ways. Aro you ono of thGso !oVJ? !f not won't y cu please com a join our lit tlo group? We do n ee d lD u nro. Holen G. Cha!rm!lll ------------.--------------Mrs.Holen Mill o :r l c .ft tho T errac o Thursday for her homo in Now York City. M:.."'s. is tho daughte r of Mr. & Howard Sherman. ----------------------------Wo Dr o sorry t o ro:port t:hat Mr. E. E. Ha.wk was :\. n .')l'.1. auto accident noa.r Au.bu.rndalo lose was returning to Tampa ::.rem Boy Scout CllI!lporoo at Ho was n o t s eriously ------------------------------There will bo dl!l.nco :Bor tho young peopl.c at tho Pool,Sa.turday :6rie. Gon. R. C. Rc:iyco 'WI.rho l o.t't for Australia r o contl y commondod .tho bcGbors tha t tho Philippines from ( Incidontly, ho is tho man who ow.os thG! land that Mr. Hammer's corn ;is planted on.) ------------------------------Mr. and Mrs. Goo. K. aro leaving Tompl o :rorro.c o t cmorrow f o r their homo in Now C onn. --__ .. -------------------------Mr. on d Mrs.>:i Jurnoa, who have b oo n S1'0nimc; tho last few months in T o np lo, l oft Thursday f 0r their homo !.n Ohio. ALL:':N80U 1 S GROCERY WESTERN MEATS ':tO ASrs-BJ:;;EFPORK LAMB STEAKS-OHO JPSBEEF LIVER FRESH PORK SAU 'SAGE KINGHAM' S HAMS. Half ort V'lholo : SWIFT r S P.REMIU M VEAL CllJTLETS PARK.AY AID CHU. RNlNLD AND MARKET MUSSELMAN 1 2 PIE C 18 Can. BAKERS MOT..3T Can MAYFAIR GPAPE JUICTE-------18' Pt. DOUBLE q '1 PINK SALMON 25" Cun DEL SAFCE----21' Can GA'JlOR ROACH llIVES-):--::--35){ sot of 3 CAlTIIFLOWER I SQ,-ASH CARROTS LETTUCE CELERY GARDEN Pl APPLES SWEET POTATOES NEW TEXAS ONIONS