Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Renick, Johnny ( Reporter )
Schulzke, Bunny ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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r ,, I i TERRACE S ENTINEL John Po-rey, -Pub. WcoklJ. Sub .. .10 .J>-0.1"' mo. Adv. 10 per col. in. John Renick, Circulation Mgr. Bunny Schulzko Souioty & i1.dvortis1ng .Mgr. W o aro sorry to report that Mrs. 3.G. Seager died in Hazelton, on Sept.,29t.hcHer funeral was held Oct.2nd at 1 The .::>entinel is very sorry to hear this news. The people o f Temple Terrace thought a lot of Mrs. Seager. I'm sure the y will miss her very much .Mr, Seage:t' says he will to 1!1erra.ce this winter., .. *****-1H;.*.,..*'k?r****".<-1<-;;--l<-.;..-.,;;.-x-**-x-""****;.-So1a e J.1AW hav e m0"' e1. jni;o r.-T arq Cai)t.and M .rs .J:!;d.C. Fletche!' o:f hh0J.e Islanur i '::ley :;,_j i, e in th'3 Temple Terrc-.c e Jipartment s. Capt. if: at h1l:tf!'to,...o Fieldc ha11:1_ng fJ::pw:n P-40 Warhawks ovg1 Ar'rieo. a n d S : l ri.1 7 1".l plares t o his credit),. he is nOV" a:-1 f o r 1 -3J. .-: ... ig':ltcrs .. T:1e ed.::t o:::> wa!Lt s o cha:i1! r. l.:. cf :n'3 re.)rl3 who ha iM cornrlirnented him on the arth::'e'; wedk l r af".\C1."1. g :in f:ha <;i +;ye Quite a T.T. citiZ'3llf! e".'l.C4.C".'Bed +-ha'-; '1' l; j cln.. t..b.e r :di+:ur e $ $ e e & 1 Q Mr(/. a : 'ld .Mr::e of !"r_, a":'e vi:::i t ingtheir aunt, Mrs. J.H., B :l J 1 St apLend r al') v g_'.; F::. BA.tJ.r':J..J.!f:, f}fl., ) rill b e h ome on an<.>ther 15 day fu:c1 .ough 00t. J.'.1 t h FiP s9.y s lH i:i_.kast.r. e e.1 my fine. Shirley Sei':;:.:; anj ::tir3 o f h onor at a bitlhliday party given a':; the Du:1ut.:::i Lo m J viad1:es4..ay v .:t. .ib.::rlell was 10 and Katherine 5. were 2 5 f;;llc18t a } Booker and :1)1c l.n 1 ., .Fl 0rirl.a W'.lo l e s c .le Lll.'llh<-: r .":. ...... !")' Mary .. sE tLe .to BflP.J. b.:!'1d R u.m.os aro attending Haiby Names Ac acl e m,r_(; ..... Patsy Renick is with t n'pox. We a:i.1 :qope t o 'hava you as again soon, Fat. Joan Smith was injueed whe"1. s h e fell of. f her bi"cycle: fr"ont of the golf' .. Q .lub. 1,['ue sde.y e -----.. .... The Sentinel ha;,i rece i V 8 d '1ncthcr :10.t i c e ,:._s tating the necessity of having a '7:3'J bus to t ake tha w o rking i:-.; o r l e".t 9 t h e Springs in the .a.!Vl The T. T Chnrch Sc!i.ool vv:1 l l be helu t:1.:t & S:..mday a t the schuo l house at 8tiJes will .. c..n th. s adu]. t :t s inv1ted. Classes f o r a:1. l ages. Nonu e::ion :inD.t1-:malo A L L I N S O N1 .S Beef, Pork, L amb B oiled H am, Salam1,Sliced LUncheon Meat, 2# pk Armour Cloverbloo m Cheese 90. Armour1s Treat Gt:lf Kist Shl"imp Chicken of the Sea Tuna. GROC.!!if\Y Russe11:e Blackeye Peas with Snaps Blu e L9bel Karo 1 7 17 8 pts. Mot t's A p p l e qts 29 n c pjs. Cha3e & C offee 33 Cheerioats 23 Fresh Green Beans,Yellow Cabbage, Rutabagos STORE 9.AM to 7(()30 ,PM 9AM t o 1 PM &: SUND.AYS