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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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F;\J'vJJ LY OF !C_ .V! MARCH 10,1944 JJ-J E. EE J( ilthat group. Capt. Fletcher told lime that he had seen the real iviad-c:=/\ j l ame Shoo-Shoo dance in Dolls Caj !baret in Cairo, .c.gypt. saris he f us I will sing. ,.11 are invited. scorp..i-0ne found in pilots beds. ------Those of you who keep up with the I Mr. Gordon Ham, a former resipopular strip, "Terry and the Pirates-HI dent o.f Temple Terrace, ret.urned will be .interested to know that Col. to his home after a three week1 s Philip C<>-ch:raan, for wham Flip Gerkin ; stay in the Tampa Municipal li(}spj.twas name:d, and 'C-ol. rt Salisb.ury 11 al. We are. very glad to report ( Art Solitaire in were in that re is improving. .. .... ... .. ,: .. -}( ?.:. i(-i(-iif.?f MEATS Beef Pork Lamb Bam .American Cheese Balegna Armeur Star Balogna Boiled Ham Van Camps Chili Con Carne Van Camps Pork and Beans Garden P atcll a Salad Dressing Musselmans Jelly Orange Marmalade Hurff Noodles in 'l'omato&uce Del Monte haisins.. (fl.o .Point.a) Lettuce Celery Tomatoes Cabbage apples ldaho Kidney-Limas-Great Nortrrerns-Navy Beans Split Peas. HOURS: WEEKDAYS 9am to "7:.30p.m o1'UJ ':1am to lpm 73-2591


2 1' 1.1!; T .tl:RhJ1C.C Mr. Framk Thomson's cousin, Bill Addison from South Carolina, spent Wednesday evening with the Mrs. H.O. Howell r eturne d with her son Ron ald from a trip to alab ama Tuesday evening She was visiting the Wootens, forme r Templ e T errace r esidents. Jane and J ean P e t ersen are in a n troo p sponsored b y Danny Sheean wmich stages shows a t variou s s ervice camps. This 8un day they will be at Hillsboroug h F i eld. Miss Opa l Whitaker of Lakeland and Miss Peggy Partick from Palm Beach will spend the week end with the R enicks. ------Miss T oni J oslyn, p r ecee d e d by her brother Dicki e has the mumps. We certain l y hope y o u are roon, Toni. -----------W e are very sorry to h ear Mr. Giddings is seriously ill and was operated on at the r ampa llJJ.r nic ipal Hospital. W e hope he r e covers soon. Hoyette P age f ell from a tree Wednesday and his a rm. hoyette is in the f it h g rade at the T e mple T errace School,. and. this is the first time he has been a bsent this y ear. .... ,, Mrs. J ulian .uowling entertain ea at suppe r night boya B ell ana his g]rl; hosem& r y F lemming of s oJ.rg.11.. .:>ho w i l l stay with t h 0 a D Rl YE j I r) \.\/ \\! '.._). J_ J \ /JF Mrs. Chairman, t;1' assiscrnce of .iv!rs. T.C. Cr0:.;G, ,o'ils i .... G rayson, Mrs. J. La e i>" :c r-7 lt : ir. J .!\.. Powell 8nd 1vneo I<'r a'l h Tn0 mson have for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Maeder, Red Cross func:ts a:ci. cove r rathe r new Temple Terrace Temple Terrac e yd the next have had as their house guests Mrs f e w days. lViost of y ) u kn o w the R e d L.F. Maed er, Mrs. Jimm y Murphy, and Cross is a good thi n g f e w know Mr. 'VVilliam Rya n of N e w York City. how really wonderful i t is. vr. ------Lautenslager, just Mrs. Helen Renick spent Wednes-back f rom China, t e l l s of ho w the day in Lakeland visiting friends. wounded Chinees e solamers ----the Red Cro s s .B'o:i: man y it is their Miss Mary K athryn Mickler, of only religion. nnxi ous famil i e s T emple Terrace has been sick for woula n ever h ear f rom tneir sons the past two days. We all hope you in prison camps ii it vvere not d5or r ecover soon,Miss Mickler. the Red Cross. M a n y a solaie r has -----been saved by some hea Cross blood Mr. T.F. Macau l e y from Milford, plasma. The R e d cross prov1aes Conn. was visiting the 1vlacauleys, Cant0ens, first a i a units, but he has n o w returned to his war r elief, motor corps, surgical h ome. dressings, recreation clubs, and ---home nursing. SO 'l'h, T m.c;N MIGhT Joy, Darlin e and R oy Huffs-LIVE---give to tho :of City have .... **,;.* t car.sf c r e d f r o m t1.e Dade City Tl;!;Rfo ... John Perry, GrRr:.una:." School t o the Templ e TerraceEdit or Johnny Rer : icl.i:, C artoonis t and l'vf[r., Bunn y Schulzke, ---------society t o r anr.;. J clv ertisir l g -filgr._ per mo. ( U1d Ml's .Cc.hv0:t: d c. H dv urtisin3--_;.:)v col. in. v10r (..,, t h e of Our aim is to tha. people and of Te1 .. 'I l.' emp l e -------news onl y Mrs. Abbie Stande rwick is now in Bradenton stopping at the Mana tee Hot el. She is visiting with friends f r o m Swamp s c ott, Mass. She l6ft Templ e o n \Jednesday T m T e mpl e Terrace Churc h School Vii l l b e h e l d this S u .nG.o.y a t 10 i 3 0 A M R ev. S. R. Sa l A s teanh the adult Sunda y School clasE. E v eryone is invited to --you have rec e i ve d newn of your so1die r toy -you have --thG do g has .._. -som\.Jbou.y g ets married ---yoJ.. have a par t y ''-:- .tho re 1 s a new arrival --you're s i c k --someo u e m ov e s into tne neighborhood P H ONE Y8l It 1 s NEWS and we want it. The Sentine l