Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Renick, Johnny ( Circulation manager )
Schulzke, Bunny ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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TEMPLE TERRACE SENTINEL 2 DISTRICT 41 TO VOTE--{Continued) "An election will Tues day, Nove mber 27, at the Te :nple Terrace schoolhouse to elect school trustees f o r the next two y ears and to vote on millage to be l evied f o r schoo l purposes. "You will n otice tha t the mill i s set u p in tw o divisions; three r.:imlls being r e con.rnende d for a n d thre e"' eight r J n ths r e c or.i::ien ( ; ed t o b e levied Y:' a building fund rAt & meeting some two 'Jr tl.1:::ee :i..Jn ths ci. go at the Te:nple If-.;: ... r a c e schoolhouse, it w a s un an :.:::i:iu sly decidec"i t o recor:ir:.1enr" this 3.8 l evy with the i d e a in o f I.MILL GIVE RE PORTS --(Continued) C.F. Herb, is probPbly the first atte"'.lpt by a le.rge group of T e mple Terrace citizens to keep a n accurate check o n the activities, if cny, of thP-city This committee, a relinble an 0 efficient group, will keep the Association is stee. dily rising)punctually informed and should c :-. !'nuch to bring ab out a greatly desire6 c0-opera tio n betwee n the two the Ass0ciR tion a n C the t::1ereb y ra;i. sing sufficient funds WHAT Hi"lVE .. E GOT TO D E THANKFUL to b e able t o build F.Jn r.,0( 1 tir)n a l FOR ANYHOV.r? --roo!Il at the schoo l built:: ing c....,unty by this dreac' ".At the l ast o f the e neniy in 19.'15. If y ou wt?.ren't in trustee s it was ci.6that y-) u hav 0 r:ilenty ti:> b e cid e d to r ecommen 6 this .<:,c:c1iti n a l thnnkful f or. l evy. B u t si hnck n n r b eing "If both o f the s e !71illD.ges :'r e thankful isn't ;:;1 1ing to stop tubervo ted f o r as y o u fin( the:-i the culosis fro".!l r'1111ne : on-"!le.ybe '.:\Ver ballot, it is belie ved that b y the y o u o r y our u s e o f thi s acCi t i o n a l Tne 39th Annual Christ a s Seal s ur)plemented by w h a t we nay '.:le Sale is n (:_-.w unr('r way. i s y:Jur able to get from the c )unty -'."e o.} ) ::->rtuni ty t o tl'J so111PthinS t o help will thel'lil h a ve sufficient fun(s the fi1. M c: '6:--l!i P .':L electi::m yeE