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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Renick, Johnny ( Circulation manager )
Schulzke, Bunny ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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m Lill ll llli il u im n Joh n Perry, e ditor ? u blished Weekly J a n Schulzke, Soc. E citor Foundeerry A t the l ast T erra c e Civic Association 29, YJ.e.yor 8 L este r th accu:rn( the Sentinel of erroneously reporting ti1n t "Mr. C. F. Herb w u s chair::H>n of .IMPORTANT TO EVERY F HLY IN TERR ACE There h a s n caller. for all those interested in the Trrrace school at the rchool the City ContD.ct Con-house, f'ecP"Jhf.' r 0 a t 8 rnittee, denied tha t there was such a a n d the uontinel of criticising the c o ::l--:iisJi o n of their "activitie s if ci.ny." At tha t meotins I sni c tha t I would b e g l atl to correct apy D i s u n d e r stan ding H e r c are fr: c e Y a c t as they in last we e k's iien tincl. T h e l atter, the City Co11::iLrn i nors w hich i s o f Civic officers a n d ::Jr. C ? :for b Li .Jrobably thP first atter:ipt b y a lo.r g e :;r o u p o f 1e'.:l; '.ll c 'l' e ci tizf.: n : ) T1:1i s c alled b y school l trust0c J Law r encP PPrry, will Ito is c11s f'unris a v ailohle for c:J<"IJen d iture during the n e x t two years I D n c t h e afvisability of p l acing all of Te': r p l r Terra ce : in Di strict 41. t o k eep a n accura t e c h eck o n the 1 t t f t i + FE W COM:U TTEE CHJ rm.rnN REPORT:) TO ASSOCIATION a c 1vi 1 es, 1 r any, o n e c :y c o n Presi(en t U rgs C o11mittes To Or g anize n.nc1 Reports miss i o n e r 3 Th i s a r e liable a n d efficient group will keei) t h e As3ociation :-ae rnbers (the tot a l i s s t ea(ily ris ing) 'Ounctuall inforr.ied a n d 3houlc 6 0 to brin c.. g reatly de.,ired C .)--oper;'.tio i \ t a meeting of the 'J'P::ipl e T er-betwee n the two-the Assocl2t. i o n Civic at the club a n d the cor:uni s s i on." hnuse, Nove"111 e r 29, six cif the If the I".lay o r h a d tD.iH:n the troublef fiftePn co:'!lni tte e chnirrnP n gav e to reac the above w ith l i ttlc to thP o rr;ani zati on. haste, he would hr.v e sE.i:c:n t ; iw.t I c L :fr. r.B:. 1,P Gr o n e Fec> r a l A iCi. n o t say ::1r. Her b v ;as o f C hr.ii r e11ort0C' his c onmi tne Con t a c t C or.i".li ttee. If h e had read orv,r-mizer. ? n c1 wor:.Cin;;, o n c.=iny ryossil the lette r th"a t J r)h n r I Pc1p,r n l 6 Civic Clu b s C.K. to all a ssociati o n i 1 n Nov e r.iCooner thRt '.1.Pr com"'.l'li ttee ber 1 4 h e w oulc hav e seen that '"'.ler.t r.":t h e r horne fro11 o nF: i s suc h a thing n s a C ity Coo::i i t t h r Pc "I f c1.ock next 1 1! e dnesday Contact Corrt"!li t t e e So f o r the a{te :rn:vm t".1 ril a n s firs t two p oints. ifr leri Renick, socia l comm As for the la3t the 8 n e sbo u t ittee renor t e e that she the l::len tine l cri ticL:ling t hr-conl"'li -f'it'ln' t c' eP.l'TJ. a<1v1 s.::bl e any social ssi on, he i s q u i t e ri/ ht. U n til nJw r .. cti v i t y until cftr.r the h olic1ays. the e ditoria l i olici0 s o f 1':>en tJ. A Du;:i., ch.!iirman o f the ine l h a v e been heavily c e n s o r c 6 b y s treets o n e commi t the e c itor';;; c e n;:;ored, not t ee, rc;>ort0c thElt his committee C'ire cted Jut from now on the lio s w oul( meet n n d ,.,w k1 ? 'llans e>ff. E v e r y thing a p p e aring :in t hese C-iunty r-:1::'.rl s chairr:w.n, Fra n}<" c'.;;ll1 torj_.:;. l c olu.'1l nS h a s teen and will I Tho"!!S on, renort0(1 t1111t '.'lis c ommi tte ccn tinue t o b e the eciitor's views. s a w n o t ask a n d wculd T h e r;:iayor fines tha t ':"Wntio n o f sto nCling by. activit i 0s, if R.W. Gilb0rt, a ny" hi ts hi:'.:l w h e r e i t nur:ts. Jin d the AviG .tir m c o111 ttee, reDorte.-.: .. 1 : ell i t s h ould N e v e r h a ve. 1 seen the.. t 'Jl O!lS rw0 b e e n r.rewn f o r a & .;r o u p tha t took !:lore t.ime doing Tr::..,:-:>lE T r-rr.'1C P eir:J':lrt, a site l ess such a n inefficient '"JC:nner. sel r ctpc1 a n d the.t the tt_ee (Con tinued i)age two, c olumn two ) (C r m t i n u e d ;1ag,.:;> t.wo, (!: Jlu.inn ::ive.)


TEMPLE TERRACE SENTINEL 2 COMMITTEE CHAIRliEN suggested that the Association ask the city cor.nnissioners to lease the land to tbme tim.steel!;.. r President Simmon suggested that the committee submit their plt>.ns t o the cirectors for approval. President urged the C J!lLni ttee chair-,nen to get together w i t h their com:nitteemen, form their plans, and b e ready to re J ort t o the association. Mrs. E. A McCartney entertaine d her g r ::::>u p from the S e ::iin.:::il e Heights Met h o d ist Church a t a c o v e r e d o i s h luncheon l ast 1 5 !edn es d ay. F ourt e e n wer e p re:.rnnt. Sa.turday night t h e e nter t aineci a n c J.i-i. Dixo n o n their 18th Wec: {ing v e r s ary. Guest s w ere the DixJn's t w o R )s0nary i:in6 Jllc k and .Mr. a n d Bi::m n e t Wils on, a n d a n d J:r s. uha 111 C hurc'.1 Do.znar Dec e m b e r 6,7, a n d 8th, a t the Church ::>ch J o l N;Jvel Gifts Gi f t s f o r gift s mother Gifts f o r s i ster and f J r b r.-i t h e r G ifts f J r d a u ghter f o r son Gifts f o r eac h [.tn0 every. J n e c a r d s a n d stick e r s too Fancy t wine all bri:.;ht e nc: new Gar:ies n n d t o y 3 i n full.est measure Co:ne c:m a s l D p w h e r e i t s /J. p l e a s u r e a c EDITORIAL (C8ntinued from uage one.) Did y o u e v P r sto-p t o think that the things w'ftl1ch the Civic / tion has taken UDOn itself to ao and for v 1hich you pay $ 6 a year 3houlr : be done by the cit1 commissioners? S ocial welfare, g n 'l d policy, landscaping parks and sanitation and street lighting and m arking, de v elopment, a n d fish a n{ preserve are thing s which any efficie n t g r o up of c om'.'"'lissi'"lners. shC1uld ha.n cle. W h a t r i o w e pay taxes for? But 0on't 'Tiisun<:'!ers-t;; r n d m e I t h idc the Civic Associatio n is a s plenC.i C t hing n n c r 1:) l)lenty o f g 0o d in thi S C Or:l'"".iU n i ty. I111 g r '.,rit t h o c o mmissio nr:r s h nve c ertain thing s f 0 r TP"'ll r T crre c e but wha t I'>n a f ter f 0 r i s t heir sins o f O"'.".li.ssi: m r ather tha n con.r:ii ssion. : f:>r t h e C : :mt:ic t C o m::iittee a c heck the n n o n e thinks that "to 9 n ( c....,-0nerate with City cor:i'"'lissi ....,n 0 r s in th8 n r o mot i :)n 'Jf the v:relfl!.r e o f Terrace" mea n s thRt the comtt P.e' s 0uty i s s u p n 0rt ony wild s chenc-: t h e C'Jffi"''lissi 0 n e r s m a y 1hf't c h The J f any c o m ini ttee n r e t o innkP renrts to the g r o u p in : : m they a r e s e r 6.o thi 3 cor.r-:ii ttee i s t ...., "'"'rk ;:m r c o 0 e r n t e the w ithout .ker;Jing a n accura t e che c k u n their activities, if any, a n e r ep,r ting it t o the association, I'd like t o kno w T h e SPn tine l will b e t o print nny s i g n ed views o f nny o f its suhscribers if the y are not too lenghty. The S e n tinel's 8 im is t o keep t h e o e 00 l e 1errace informe d nnc1 t n f o r the i!"lpr::-iv e:ne n t vlcCa rtne y t e l l.::> U J t h a t ,....,f the con"'.lu..11ity n n d its governing a l ette r t o t h eir s on, b ody. Dick w h o is o v e rseas, w fts returnnex t w er-k' s ec'i t oria l ee l t.J the n "Di s c h a r g e". in 1r-.rhich I cha r ges a t This was all the w n r f t h e y r r-:crdved t h c c ori'!iS'.:ii'Jners' d 0'lr. A L L I N S O N S G R 0 C E R Y DO YOUR CHRISTMAS HOLIDA Y S oHOP PING EARLY THL) YEAR. W H Y NOT DO YOUR HERE IN TE2ff?L E 'I ERR ACE A T ALLIN SON'S. SAVE MJD TROUB LE. YOU .i1.RE SURE TO F IND A M PLE 1:.Hfr. ,JLIES O F FRE S H HIGH GR.A V E .fEf\TSf FRE J H V EG.ET A EJ,,ES, ANr C A N NED GOOCS P HONE 7 0-2591