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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Schulzke, Jan ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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. Publi shed Weekly Founded TEMPLE TERR.AC1 u ONLY NEWSP A PER Monday, February 4, 194E ------------------------------------------THE FEATHER YOU WE AR 1'.CJU ____ r;:, i\. RE LR. JOBSON TO ATTEN D CCJLLG CJf 8URGND Dr. a n d A M C Job3o n will leave Wednesday for Birmingham, Alab&ma where Dr. Job will at tr.n c ths h..n:wri can College of burgeons v (1ich i.:; meeting there. WhilG tie y are away, the will place Moth e r Job ._.on in the 'l'CJ.: npa 3.1uni ci pal ]o .:.pi tal. p l a n to return .-:>unoay. J?OW ELL TU UNfERGCJ t.1'.L CJJ?f,R} .. TION Mr. J.K. Powell, pop ular 1 crrace will go to Jt. Joseph s FE::bru&ry 11 to undi=-rgo a n op r::r a tion to a catar act on hi.j left eye. TEMPLE TERRACE TO BE CANVASSED HOUSE TO HOUSE Thi:; Uni teo 'Par Cht:?;.,t Victory in Temple Terrace by Mrs W \L 1ti 11 get under way VJecnPs c'ley, February 6, a nd will continue FebruFry 15. M ajor with her co wor1.{Prs 1 Mr J.'L BrP2;ar Mr. 0 8 Howell, Mr"". F.A. --, J .L.Perry, 1\fr-:. R.F. Pinnell, < n ( iMrs W.f. will confuct a canva1s this : comr!lUili ty. The neirr ; ymbol of t '1e War Che t 1 i s the red feather circled by twelve blue stars at left. The cho0en, i t the traditional of courage. The twelve t h e V 8 :"Tl0Il th ) 0 f t'1.P 1{Ja r c 1e') t l S year aroun d contribu. tor will a rec to wear. HThe f e:-i t'1or y01J wear -hovn; ; you c are11 i-; t"ie -n.otto of th8 C'.1e-'t : and PVrry contributor can :feel t'.:H'.t i.t 2. Ylfe8_ t i in his iz : 11 ;1hi?n 1.e give-:; 11.i suo:i0rt to thL: ; "'OYldf er ful r.i 0ncy. Y-:iur fJni tr?d finance;, : tnirty-nin Your contri! to organizations ; as Boy ; c J t :::: G i r l Scout 3 Chi 1 c'l '. ren':; Home7 Hill'ibcirough County j A.s : 3 1n. For thP 3linC:, County i Society. Ol f Jalvation Army; Bank, Y.M C .A., Y..'N.C.A., a n d d a y nur3eries. 194E knericrm Rer1 Cro:>, Ca111pc-.ign l i '' not incluc'lr:ic in t11i. ; ca"l'J.ryaign. all of 1 e mplE 1 errace, wi shes Mr. Powell a l l the luck in thE world. ; Of th8 totn l ...,11nunt recei vec1, : 64. 2"/c gop_to Year-round Corn11uni ty 'Chest }o over seas l rehabilitatioh relief, 13.7% ........ _________ G I VLS cmtJINI TY i:iING 'I'l1..e Templ e Terrace Chu.-ch bchool ga v c a Com:nuni ty W ed n s s d a y e v ening a t Mr. Capolina e ntertained the group with motion pictures. ance good, b u t the Church i s hoping for a l a rger group a t thE n Ext Sing T o m [owling ill with tn0 flu, but i J now b ack at 0chool. for our a r':lPd force evPry1 "hPre, a n d 6.3% f6r op P rational c o s t s 1 Gifts to the CTYJ.i ted w a r c-..1est are al1 0 from income tRY es.The Crntinel urges you to re mbe r e1c?ct your c yr1trib11tion will be divided bctwer-m t1'1P 3g di ffsrent I age ncie3 a nd to give v e r y when t1:1.e C1.0st wort;:p r cc;ll:c on you. H ere your OD'Jortunity to make 2 idefinito contribution to buildin g I a Peacp with Victory. I I i P F. 17 yrar o l d dog, ?21, 'a:o killrc1 in front of r rcrntly by a hitanc-run driver.


TE.'VIPLE TERRACE SENTINE L 8 THI::i WEEK MARK0 THE BEGINNING OF THE 0EVE.N1H YEAR OF TION FOR TdE TE:.[PLE TERRACE JENT INE,L. EvG r since its founding on Gasparilla Lay 1940, the S entinel ha3 adhered to its policy of J rinting n ews of inte r e3t to p eople It also has advocated in its columns t ho s e things which would be beneficial to the residents of Temple Terra c e a n d has fought again;:;t those tn. a t would t end to hinde r thG growth of the c ommlli1ity and keGp it from becoming the really fine r e8 i d c n t i a l section for which it was originally inte nd ed The 0rmtine l will continue to follow thi 3 I want t o th2.nk thf.:-pc.o p l r ; of T1' ! e 'Ierra ct:: as well a s t'10::;e who the S e n tine l b y mail for t n cir grand s u pport. A s ; e s t art into sev enth ye&r of p ublication, w e assur e you that we v.rill welcome: any i t erns of loca l new3 you might have or any views which you to ex prf ss. 'I'h8 editor. '.'fr. a n d M r s :.VkCartncy 0 n t ertained at a ,arty r ec0ntly. pre;:;ent wer e Mr. and M r s S.vV. S haw Mrs L. Wagnor and Joe of V1ashington, r.C., 11:1r s Earl H arvoy of New York and Vi rginio of Richmond, V a Mr. O H Howell's a n d moth(r, and M rs. G.P. f fo wcll, and Mr. U.B. Howell of Coluubia, Tenn. have bi::e n vi:Jiting t1'.1.E'. 'fowcll'> at their hom P in Templ n Terrace. Mr. r m ( i 'lrs. J.P. of Ta:npe. r.:.nd "-;r 1 BP.2sley' s '11.0thr--r} 11fr1 Ethel finv ric'c'i r of Henry, T ennpc:sp ( o f J.L. Perrys 3und:.-iy. S P n tinP l has t w o new ] Ub scribrr s T hP y a r A thE G.O. 1owa r d s and the R C. Knopl{0s Both famili c s arc new rrsidr>nt:::; in 'Ji:::-n n l c Terrace. ALLIN JON I I) GROCE.RY '.'IART\FT Phone 7:>2591 IF YOU ARE A R EGULAR S'.-IOPPER AT ALLINSON t lVlARKET, YOU ALREADY KNOW OF THF MANY AIVANTh.GES O F TRALING [{ERF IN TEHPLE TERFACE. I F YOU ARE NOT, 'Il:IEN YOU Vi!ILL WANT T O D I S COVER FOR YOURo ELF THE TDlE A N D TROUBLE 0AVING IN LO ING YOUR '1ARK E'J'ING HFRE. YOU WILL ALWh.Yu f l ND A 1f.'IDF V JJHETY OF CAN N E L GCJOD0, F R E ..::1 V EGfTAB L E.;, ANr H IG r-I GFArE FRE0H FOR YOU TO ,'.E L E C T FR0"\11.