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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Schulzke, Jan ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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John Perry, F.ditor Published Weekly Jan St!hul z 1 'I'HURJDAY TO DECIDE ON LIVE STOCK, POULTRY ** Th ere will be a meeting of the m8mber s of the Templ e T errace Civic Association, February 8:00 P.M., at the clubhouse. The Association will on the proposition that all live stock and/ot poultry b e prohibited in };] f \ S. J 0 B S 01'J G E N E I\.r-\ L R E D C;\1\;JP;\J G J'J J LL DRIVE V'lLL GET UNrER WAY MARCH 1 IN TERRACE thr:; 'Icrracr:; city limit3 Mr-:.. Job--;on, who is st.ill Al though thL:; As socia ti on confinr:>d i 0 bE:d as a rP-sul t o f has no oowcrs to maki:; or cnforcr: a fo.11 do11n.1 thr :-; t air.:: of her ho"11P or ordina.ncl1i0 Can1_)aign in 'Temple Terci ty com, nL>. .dop.(:,r s that they race s year. ,n unable to leave her bea, will ThE: li've:.;tock-poul try i..; .:.ue :airect thr ca'1!pai g n 11.ri th hitip i.:, th2 m o ..;t con trovr, r s i a l one df C o-'wor1{C' r a n d thr: trl'ep:1onr::. y e t pitched into the l ap of tho Mrs T.C. Cross, Mrq L.A Gray1on, new organlzation. Eithrr wa y :ifr< ; r .A. McCa r tnry, "llA:r s J. L. Perry, it turn3 th: ii.:>soci ation i s J.T<.. Po"'cl, '1 r S.L. S"1ith, bound to offe n d < ; n d V1 F. Thori-;on will nic Th e poJ_i tical importanc e of JorJ,:on in thr: canDc=:ign in T, -mplc t his whole situat1on will not Trrracr. In thr qarney Mr..;. liEin the deci.sion, pro or con, G.E .. 1;.rill ,_;olicit 1 n0mb n r':hip which the Asdociation on for thA the li vc:.':>tock-poultry abolition Jo u l a n s f o r t'.'lr-o ri v c que;.;tion, but in the amount of to hd rr wci.y tbr l a ; t of it cen bring t o bear o n weak, 1. thE city For t'"l,.,_ ReCJ Cros.3 If the As.Jociation C o e::-; d :cide l'1 fcnbf.:'I'.':;hiD < '-1C1s br:0n upd c r in f avor of doing a w a y 1"i th the tni::' very able cirrction of M r E:;. Job-li anc poultry a n d muK<::J 0cn i.n Tr->mplc Tr'rracr.. Even t'.'.lough Uiis "3uggestion11 t o th.s she i s to hr"\r b0c, si0n G r s t:1 c co'Timi :::.doni::r.: ; <)lo t r1i ::; proprrty 11suggestio n3li from the .A.0.:;oci<-tj_on. tn. :',fr. n d ,,.!r s John If ?o n o t <:ict thr:!. Owe n f w aily 11.Dvr; dono much to J t. v n i;n?rovr., cine" br-inut i f y th0ir or.op0rty _nE.u.n taa.t t:H. G1v1c A..:i:::>OC.l0 .t1011 iswn1lc1 ':irv 0 bPr' n living in t''li s 1-:.n o ugh C')rn juni ty} :-:n thr 1', i th all o f ?Omnlss: J i: c r s c tnd o f T e nlc 'IAr r.'.'Cr; i s s :.-irry to sr; c th::com:n1.;,.,1 ::in E:rs ':5t1ll are l c vr:: responsible only t') the voters. If the Civic Asd ociati o n does d ecide ta ask the --r-:-----------t o o&s.; a n ordinnnce prohibiting MRS. R ENICK 1rriNS PP.IZE A'I' FAIR tJ.1 c l{CC;0ing of <:.nd/or ) oul try in t h(; c'i ty limits' ; it will b e inic rcJting to 3cc just much 1 o ws r it c & n v.deld in its bid for control. W11ich will b e the 0trong8r, 4'ivic Associa tion or City M r s q0lr n Rrnick w0n a firs t pr i z o [.-1 t t F r,., c n n t F l 0 rid a St a t 0 Fnir f0r hrr Afghari w"iich :.:he made. CongrDtulD-tif"\n 3


TEMPLE TERRACE SENT IN FL 2 MR8. dAWK' b F Jd'HER TO UNDERGO OPERATION Mr. w 'I'. J 8.CTH::!S of G enev<:.<-on .... Lake, Ohio, f<:thc r of i .lr s E. E. Hawk, i s now in 'Iampa w hc::r e he will unci ergo a serio U.3 opi:Jrntion v::cdrn:;;sday or Thursday at the 'I::..n9LL Jlunicipc:cl Hospital. V !2 wish Mr. J a_:'.Jlf:S all the in the HENDERuON,.J ARE .P J.lNTING THEIR .tiCJ UciE 'Ihc W .E. Hcnd e r sons p ainting thGir house. Th e y are doing the painting the ms elves and doing a v ery good job. Mr. Rudy o f Young:;town, O h i o was th2 wGrk-r n d guest of Mr. a n d A M cC artney. Mr. sna G eorg"' K auley at the restaurant, Las Novedades, o n e v 0ning The 4r. Macua l ay s vifE Mr. & n d r M V a n Lyk e of Connecticut, e:md J.d Ti:HJ Arncrico n L egio n P J .>t N o 5 c..n c .. uxilia r y n c mbc r-.; of Pojts a t a u.n d cinFr <-'t t hColumbiu E c .>taursnt l a.s t 'Ihur.:;d&y. Anong th1_ wc:rr end i'fr: .>. WGbE:.r Rosenbt':.rg. Mr. A.W. G:ial of Clc:.rc-no nn, Pa., Mrs Hcl0n Rrnick' 'O; f::e'ler, Mrs L aura Brinl< son rmd J .J. All0n of Warren, Pa. will bP thC' guc==.;t s of Mrs hcnick in T0rrP c e for nbout EDITORIAL Thr. :;;entinr l c a n .,;cc no ; e n i b l c reaso n why an br. orohibiting thr o f in the city. I thc t cattle and chickrns running thr. :rngh 0nc1 s yCJrd i::; c ertainly a nui 'sEnce. But for u s ta br ns tn b a n all stock, 1 b.r n t1i.r -:w n r r 1 o f offending stnck b p0wcra d e lc:g 0t:-o t 1 t : 1 ,, ci_ ty 0fficial2 by t '1c city t0 1<:E r n th0ir 3tOfJ1'.: U p n d 1\ r 0p t '1r m Up in 3UCh 2. sightly n ann2r a s "uit thr' :1'11 0 com11'\unity,i s ridi cul0u" an.d und crrir..,cr a tic. All in thr '1J:tvr to oo i s to rnf'orcc '.)Ur '.)r ,-;cnt 1 2 W'.3 to ke:n 2ny ;t0ck or nr--rni from a Thr r r arr "'.rv r rri.l go0cl rr-,a::ons 1Nhy we krrry tb.0 (1) Th0 govrrn1v n t o s1dng us t 0 0roducc: all thr eggs ana milk w2 00.s-::i bly can t'.:l hrlo h'.:'ld in flntin. ( 2 ) If 1:1.n :m ti;tnck 0rdinance werr' "'. 0 t y Florida O.r EtilyOr10 W)UlC bC' Unable'.:to kee p h1tricM.-n: g or ;table. ( 3 ) into 'Iorr a c e oftr11 do -;n b:--cc: U '3f' t 1 i:-; L> the placr; t0 kr r p ::i C0V' 2nd 2 few Inst(ad of g oing to thr cxtrEme, 1 0 t u 3 our 2 ne rnforce the ad<. o u2, t r laws t "'r 1lready have. It b r f0lly to cut off one Of '"'. c1r::1_1 "inr:>; C2rd.:;. A LLIN b O N G GRO CERY YOU \:HLL Fl.NL *A LIN E OF GOOD;.) ON OUR aJi .LVEb FROM 1:a 1CH YOU CAN ,.;f.LECT FOOD .. ;: FIAT ViILL ADD VARIETY, COLOR, 11.NL' FLAVOR TO YOUR OUR FRE!::>H VEGETABLEb AND HIG : 1 L \1EA'L..i ARE 1:.LL T'3AT' b TO OUT A PERFt,C1 JA:EAL;' A 1mAL T:l.AT YOU ':"ILL BE PhOU1 OF YOU ARE PREPARING !'I' AND YOU'RE EA1ING IT. Phon r 7:::-f:591