Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Schulzke, Jan ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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..... John Editor Publis h e d Weekly JRn in 1940 TEMPLE 'I'ERRACE' S ONLY E,d. Mond(ly, i A arch 4, 1946 CJVJC J\SSOCJJ\-fJOJ'I vo-rEs J'lor -ro 1\;J;\J(f C;\JJ LE SUGGs-rJ01'] -f}-j CJ ry RED CROS S CKIHAIGN TO RUN MARCH 4-8 IN TE M PLE 'TERRACE Mrs. A.M.C. Jobson, head of the American Red Cross c ampaign in Temple Terrace, who i s directing the drive from her b e d w h e r e s h e has been kept for the 9ast three weeks aa the rosult of a f &ll the stairs in her hom e has announced the camp aign will take place March 4 through Jnrch 8. Luring this 11whirlviind c a mpaign" w:O.en the Volunteer Work ers c all at your home the hed Cross urges t : 1c:..t y o u hc:Lv e your contribution ready a n d wc.iting. M r s G.E. will man a g e the drive in the H arne y district. ThE:: Volunteer Vvor :eer s in Temple:: 'Ierr.: c e wh:i are 30lici ting m embe r ship are Mrs. T.C. Cross, Mrs. L.A Gray3on, Mrs. E A. McCartney, Mrs. J.L. P erry, Mrs. J.K. Powel, M r s J.L. e:md i\1r s. V v f' Thomson. MOTSER JOBi:iON CELEBRATE!::HER EIGHTY-FOURTH BIRTHDAY LIVESTOCK ABOLITION PROVES T O BE ONPO\)ULAR A 'I MEE:TING The TPrr3 c e Civic tion Pnening a t its regula r mePting not to 11a1u ::. r 0co 'll111endation concerning of to the city connission,:-, r s After mo:;t of the mernbe r s pr0sent had views concerning the pla c ed in the tion bo x by 11Doublr-. X11 t' the keep ing of livc->toc1-c a.n o/or l')OUltry in 'I'emolc; '; br oroh i bi tcd, Prr-'si"'.' d0nt Joh n Sim111on c allrc for a motion t'1.0 floor concerning the i s -::u c in c.:UP 3 ti on. ;,>.d At thi 3 anyonn who/w i :;hpd to mov e t'.l.a t thro 1\s -;oci a ti on to thr: ci tv c 0ri tha t the y anim2ls of Tcmol::-: '1 -'rrc:_c c had al'l'rol r opportunity. No 2 0 How rV;?r, H G. ck r:iov cd that tlH' A:; ":oc i a ti on rr:co111'1:--nc1 th city com::lis:::;ionrr 3 t [ 1nt ho rm an, a former of this community who is remE'mb G r e d for thr; ;nany con( Continue d on p&gP two ) that the autirP been fulfilled. stated the corn r 1 i ttP.r would b s rr1t oin0 c sincf: h e f elt that it3 uscfullnr;s not yet expir"'c.


--TKviPLE TERRACE : 3EN'IINEL 2 structive t hings h t did f o r t h e community, e v e n though fue i s now living in N e w Britain, 9onne c ticut i a co n tinuing to s how a n i n t e rest in Temple Terr[ < C e A s ub stan t i n l c h e c k for t h e Red C r o s s T e mpl e c ampu i g n has been r e c eived fro:-:i h i m EDI T O R I A L 'I[ 1 ( i nt; '0ltor has t h e letter. Thr.r e w e r e 1la n y s t R t Plle n t.:.> 110 d e at the Civic mePting laJt The s tt. 1 te11ent i mp ressing "1R o n e f rom a r elia b l e 2 uthori t a t i ve :ource, Mr. Gra y J on, our c i t y attorney. I t :as t hn t un dE?r t'l.e 1ow e r s g r antee them b y th0 follow t h P com-ni :;i o nr>r s set u n th<: ":lunl cipal c ourt a nd fine nny 01rne r ; e b o +1.1ered a n yonP ,fr. Gra y o n 1946 ;:;t at0d i t be i r rrpr a ctic nb l e to u e t '1e 11uni ci n a l court. R o 1 -ThFP'"PE'nse of 1n o .in-11? ic::. r ch To th0 Editor o f the T e m p l e T erru c 0 [ o::.:.r I t 1 3 t h F opinion a f the a n d s e v 8 rLl.l oth e r .. o f thE Impr o v e m e n t A s s ociLl.t l o n w i t h h e has talked a b o u t the l L s t m 0ct ing, tha t i t o n th cs w h:) l c thi:: b e s t w e h a v e h ud, dcJ p ite int errupti o n n n d heckling b y 0 n e w ho seem ._; t o t