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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Bua, Gasper ( Editor )
Knopke, Ray ( Editor )
Miller, Marilyn ( Reporter )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Volume III, Number III -, ,. \ j r1 I r r' i \ I J I r' _,_, December 12, 194S )/(rerr!J! Christmas


TEMPLE TERRACE TOVrn CRIER Semi-monthly newspaper published in the interest of the residents of the City of Temple Terrace, Florida, selling for Cents per copy or $1.5 0 per year, payable in ad v ance, distributed on the seco nd and fourth Sundays in each. month Route 8, Box 471z Gasper Bua--Editor Phones: 3S-2751 3g-2s32 Reporter--Xarilyn Miller 38-2041 ********************* ******* Once again t he year rolls around to that when everyone is thinking of someone else ................... 11C HRIST : : As 11 2 .... fillB us with the grea t feeling of faith in all peoples CBRISTMAS ... makes us forget our pet peeves and malices which we believe ourselves holding for others. Instead, it fills us all with joy and happiness .... CHRISTMAS ..... reminds us again how thankful we are to be living in a country as full and bountiful as this ... CHRISTMAS .... is the time when we, who can enjoy the soirit of spreading ti joy to the world If are truly grateful .... BEST WISHES For A J 0 Y 0 U S C H R t S T M A S / / <\ '"1 \. The Editors


REGULAR CITY COMMISSIONERS MEETING .. The Board of City.Commissioners; at their regular monthly meeting, 7th,. decided that it had become necessary to take steps to curb traffic violations; principally speeding and ignoring stop signs. The ordinance prohibiting the dis charge of firearms within the corporate limits has also been continually violated. Apparently the only way to remedy the existing situations is to punish offenders when apprehended. To do this will require. that a municipal court be set up. Com missioner Knopke put a motion-before the Board that the Comm issioners get together and decide .. on a suitable person to appoint as a City or Municipal Judge; and tha.t they work with City Attorney Duff to set up a Municipal Court in the City of Temple Terrace. This motion was se9_ onded by Comm. Howell, and u.nanimously approved. A Court of t .his kind functioned in the City several years ago and it is possible that this again will be the answer to a situation t .hat is daily becoming mor_ e troublesome. The Commissioners al.so: Discussed the possibility of obtaining for a public playground, the property on T emple 'rerrace Highway, now set aside by the County Commissioners., for a school or public purposes In the event a new school is built, the playground at this site would still be available. Instructed that a letter be written to the Executors of the William T. Morris Estate advising that the City was not interested in certain property on Ridge Dale Ave. Authorized Comm. Howell to attempt to obtain a qua:q.tity .of 3/411 pipe, w}1ich is quite scarce, for use on the golf course sprinkler system and by the Water Dept. Authorized City Foreman to co1nmence repair work on the City barn; work to be done as time is. available and material purchased as needed. Instructed City Foreman to attend a flame thrower dem-0nstration on grass and. weeds, with the idea that this method might prove satisfactory removing grass and weeds in streets, especially those streets that have been resurfaced. Golf Course Manager Brooks rep'orted on certain new machinery recently purchased fo. r .the. goLf.: .course, the condition of the course in general an. d tb,e fall in g of'f in play during the past month, due to general business COnd..it.ions. City Treasurer gave the finanoia.l report for the month of Nov. which showed the City to be in a sound financial condition, with only current obligations outstanding and total cash assets in excess of $6,000.00. Report of City Commissioners SPECIAL MEETING--see next page. The Temple Terrace Community Church has formed an Adult Bible Class. The class is being ta.ught by Mr. R. J. Duff. The first meeting was held. Thursday evening at P.M. at the Church and was well attended. ************* The Temple Terrace Church is short of Hymn Books (now don't stay away on that account). There may be some of them in our homes. If, by chance yoti have .one, how about bringing it to church with you ************* The largest.crowd on record attended the dance, Nov. 2Sth, sponsored by the Civic for the benefit of the Cbmmuni ty Church Building Fund. All .. proceeds w .ere. turned over to the Church Officials. Much credit is due Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Richardson for their untiring efforts in making a successful affair. ************* ********* ******* 3


SPECIAL MEETING, CITY COMMISSIONERS, CITY OF.TEMPLE TERRACE, HELD AT THE CITY HALL, 26, 194-S PRESENT: GASPER BUA, O.H HOWELL, RAY O. KNOPKE. H.P. WARDWELL Purpose of Special Meeting, to compose and forward a letter to the United Assets Corp. relative to the "open account" now on City books, in favor U.A.C., in payment of Tax certificates which were held by U.A.C. at inception of '!open account"; and to try and induce a settlement with U.A.C. of this open account. Copy of letter to be made a part of these minutes. COMM. BUA: stated that he feels that payment should be made on. 11open account" as has.been the custom since its inception, and that a letter should be written to Mr. Ingen explaining the situation that has arisen in connection with the "Open account", in that the legality of this debt has been questioned by property owners of the community; and a fequest made that Mr. Van Ingen meet with the in an effort to determine, once and for all, the reason for this open account, evidence supporting same and its legality. COMM. HOWELL: went on record as differing very materially from Comm. Bua in that Commissioners should write Mr. Van Ingen a .... _..,f:. letter advising that after an investigation of all the records: we cannot find any justification or legality for the "open acc-ount" now on the books or for any payments having been paid on this account previously; and that w e (COMMISSIONERS) should request a meeting with him to discusQ this open account in its entirety and try to arrive at some amicable set Uemen.t; and that he (Comm. Howell} also feels if w e (COMMISSIONERS) refund. this year's Taxes before we arrive at this settlement it will very definitely lessen our (CITY'S) chances of obtaining an amicable settlement with United Assets. Corp., and he is not in favor of refunding Taxes against this supposed obligation. COMM. KNOPKE: stated that he did not believe that the previous obligations of the City as shown on the books should be repudiated; and that Tax refund should be made on 11open acc ount'' on City's records in favor of U.A.C. In view of the question raised as to the legality of the payment a .letter showing our desire for a meeting with Mr. Van Ingen to settle the questions that h a ve arisen should be sent at once expressing our desire to meet with him to settle these problems. Mr. Knapke feels that by City not repudiating the debt, he (Mr. Van Ingen) will show goOd faith in any future dealings with United Assets Corp. There being no further business to come before meeting same upon proper motion was adjourned. On following page is printed a copy of letter sent to Mr. Van Ingen by registered mail, November 27, 194$. P T A NEWS The Temple Terrace PTA will hold its regular meeting Dec. 16th at S:OO PM at the Civic Center Building; will also present its Christmas program, and is urging everyone to attend. The new Bell and Howell 16mm movie sound projector for school has been purchased by the PTA. This will prove a definite asset to the school's educational program. ************************************************************** DON'T FORGET-------.... The children's Christmas tree party, Dec. 19th, 7:00 PM at the Community Church. ************************************************************** Every minute you ate angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness. 'i


Mr. B.J. Van Ingen 57 Williams Street Nevr York City, New York Dear Sir: 27 November, 194S We are writing to you in regards to the "open account" on the record books of the City of Temple Terrace in favor of United Assets Corporation (Leroy Allen, Trustee). As you are no doubt aware there was held in June of this year a City election, with three new Commissioners being elected. Recently we have been advised that the continued payment of this account, by the refund of tax monies, is illegal; and the payment of any additional monies has been protested by several citizens of Temple Terrace. As Commissioners we have contapted most of the parties that were interested in the transaction at the time it was made .. and opinion is divided as to the liability of the City. In vi-ew of the questions raised we would very much like to discuss the matter with you if this could be arranged. In the event that you plan to be in this vicinity in the near future we would appreciate your so advising us. You probably have in your possession certain papers showing the reasons this account should be paid. If it is at all possible we would like to settle the argument .. and discussion that this debt has caused. We sincerely hope .that we will have the same cooperation as experienced in the past between you and t!_l. e City. We are trying to do everything to make Temple Terrace more popular so that your investments and interests will c o ntimie to grow at the same time that Temple Terrace goe s SincerelY yours, BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS CITY OF TEPLE ,_TERRACE per: :: : H. P. Wardwell City Clerk .. ..!;-



...... Know Your GLENN LUCAS FAMILY One of the most recent famil:i.:es .. movl.ng to Temple Terrace is the Lucas family. Moving here from Leesburg in August they have been quick to enter into. pract ically all of the Temple Terrace civic and social activities. Mr. Lucas has been connected with.the Wilson""TToomer Co. for the past ten years and at the present time is manager of the Peninsular Fertilizer Co. which is their branch. He is a second generation Florida Cracker and wq.a born in Mulberry. Mrs. Lucas was born in Rocnester, but has lived in Florida since they were married in ,1937. The two met while Mr. Lucas was a traveling salesman. With nothing to do one night he attended a high school play and Mrs. Lucas (at that time, Ruth Sibert) was .the leading la9iy. Love at first sight, and in spi'te of the fact that Ruth's parents had raised her to be a concert pianist. romance and they were wed. At the present time they have three boys. Richard, aged S! is in the third grade of the Terrace School. Sibert .is 6! and in th. e first grade. Phillip (the boss of the farnily) is just 3 and is going to the Mrs. Lucas said that she was a strict and. was raising her children to do all the housework. leave her plenty of time to enter into more df the activities of Temnle Terr ace. The boys as yet haven't made up their minds .as to what they want to be but Richard believes he would like to be a magician. Mr. Lucas graduate.Q. from the University of Florida He likes to hunt and fish and is going to start playing golf, 11as soon as he finds time". Mrs. Lucas said she had little formal education and 11all I know is my husband taught me". (This statement was checked and rechecked for accuracy). Her hobby, of course, is pleasing her husband and they both like going to football games. Living in one of the new houses just off the Number Three Tee has proved very interesting. With golfers looking for golf balls, Mrs. Lucas said she knew what a goldfish felt like. They li"ke their home and are ,planning on adding additional rooms, or they may decide to build. If they decide to build, it most definitely will be in Temple Terrace_. In the few months that they have lived in Temple Terrace they have shown their interest and desires'to help the City improve. They are a very welcome addition and a.s the years go by we feel that they will have had an active part in the city's growth. NOTICE The Civic Association is having a new public address system installed in the Civic Center building. It is hoped it will be ready for use within the next few days. It will consist.of 11 speakers, distributed in various parts of the building, in ora,.er. to obt.ain proper distribution of sound; 8:'1. so. a 30 wat t amplifier and on e microphone. (Oh yes, you will also be able to play records through its automa ,tic ..:.recoi:d chang er). ** *"' *"' ,..'. .... ... -...... ** ** ** *** ** *** ** **** ** ** ***** **** .. .. \ It is much easier to be critical than to be correqt. Disraeli ;


. : Und e r the chairma.nship of Mrs. Frank Porter the Ohr is tm a s project of the circle, the providing of clothing and other gifts for several .families w h o othe rw .ise m i ght not h a ve much holida y cheer, h a s gone f orward amazingly well. A part of the club meeting was devoted to wrapping and tying the 7 arious articles. The G arden Ci;rcle 1 s m e m bers g ave ge:r:;:j::.:ous J.y; and the very.considerable aid given by the Tamp a Needlework Guild h e lped maim possible Christmas cheer for more fam ilies tha n planned. An annua l feature of the circle, a m i n ia'ture C hristmas Bazaar, helped members with their'Ohristmas s h op ping and added a tidy sum .to the circle treasury. A V:3I:Y delectable l uncheon was served after the morning's Brogra m by the hostess committee: Mrs. E. R Hires, chairman, Mrs Gasper Bua, Mrs. ElizB:beth Bassett, Mrs. H .C D avis, Mrs Fi..W. Gilbert, Mrs. S L. S mith, Mrs. A.E. Blake a nd Mrs J.L. Perry. Mrs. Blake, who was res. ponsible for the beautiful de-.. c;,9rations, which so transform e d t h e club room h a d really given .,the luncheon table the full benefit of h e r skill and artistry---the t w a s exquisite. Centering the l acy cloth was a delicate arrangement of spun g l ass in heavenly blue, surrounding'.: a symbolic group; a Madonna r eindeer ,lambs--al'l in silver and soft blue, and ov e r all the soft gleam of candlelight. Contrasting types of greenery, silvere d too, and an antique silve r service the very lovely t able. ************************************************************* TEMPLE TERRACE SCHOOL N EWS Our school. will be on the air over WFLA Sat morning, Dec .1$th, a t g:30, sponsored by the S afety P atrol. Won't you listen in? Th e first graders h ave rec.eived a lette. r from S anta Claus and everyon e ts. on the'ir good behav'ior. On D ec. 16th g o1clock, the will present the Christma s Story as their p art of t h e PTA .program. E ach room will h ave a tree and a Christmas party, D ec. 17th. Christmas holidays begin Dec. 17th a n d school will convene J anuary 3rd. .. t


' t The Temple Terrace Two Ball Mixed Tournament ended over the weekend, with the winners of last year making it two in a row. Mrs. Robert Jayroe and Gaston Beaqh defeated Vernon Nelms and Miss Judy Reynolds, l up, in championship flight. In the first flight, Mrs. C. Walker and Jack Peters defeated. Mrs. Wal ter McCorley and Raymond Hill, l up. second flight, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McLendon defeated Mr. and J. C. Harris, 2 and l. In the 9-hole division Mr. and Mrs. V. Gray defeated Mr. and Mrs. Alex Smith. Flights Championship: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Nelms defeated Mrs. Fred linger and Walter Reynolds, l up. First Flight: Second Flight: Third Flight: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kreher defeated Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Haller, l up. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fordham defeated Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. R. Hannaway defeated Mr. and Mrs. F. Mitchell. .. Palmer .. The Palmer Tournament has gotten way with 72 entries,' There are 32 in the championship flight. ; with the first16 1osers making up the first flight. Due to the Two Ball Mixed Field Day, Dec. 11th, the first mat ches in the Palmer T ournament have been moved forward an additional week. \ Miss Reynolds Wins: ... Miss Judy Reynolds won medal honors in the City Women's Handicap Golf Tournament at the Palma Ceia Club. She shot a lOS-35-73; and is paired against Mrs. W. L. McCulley in first match. Miss Reynolds is the only entry from the Temple Terrace Club. ,'' Overheard on No. 1 g reen ............. First golfer: 11The traps on this .course are very annoying". 2nd golfer: (trying to putt) 11Yes, will you please shut yours"? I WON 1 T; is a tramp I CAN'T, is a quitter I DON'T KNOW, is too lazy I WISH + COULD, is a wisher I MIGHT, is_ waking up I WILL TRY, is on his feet I CAN, is on his way I W ILL, is at work I DID, is now the boss. Wen's Scrap Book ****************************** Add a subscription to THE CRIER to the family's Xmas stocking! 1


\ ... .., AROUND THE TOWN The Teen-Agers had a very pleasant.evening at the home of Annie and Bobby Tant, Fri. 3rd where they held a weiner roast. Mrs. Gillette was assisted by Mrs. Cappollino. The Teen Agers are planning to entertain Civic Association's regular meeting. Mrs. O.M. Whitman entertained several friends with a bridge-luncheon, Nov. 29th, complimenting her house guests, Mrs. John Tucker and Mrs. Lulu Ramer. Those invited were: Mrs. Ray C. Knopke, Mrs. W.A. Reynolds, Mrs! J.M. Bregar, Mrs. Gasper Bua, Mrs. H.P. Wardwell and Mrs. Frank Porter. Dr. and Mrs. Jobson have returned: !rom St. Louis where Jobson attended the Assembly at International College of Surgeons. also spent a few in New York. Mrs. Fern G. Trimble is returning to Temple Terracs after an absence of seven months. Welcome Home! ***************** Mrs. W.F. Thomson's mother, Mrs. Hunter, is able to be up again after an illness of six weeks. *************tt Mrs. Hannah Davis has returned home from the hospital. We are happy to report she is feeling much better. Her niece, Mrs. Richard Landon of Lynbrook, N.Y. visited with Mrs. Davis for a few days. ***************** Mr. J.M. Bregar is away for two weeks, on activ.e duty under Army supervision, studying economic inobilil! a.t:i.on, and will return December lSth. The Fla. Christian College High School Home Economics class is studying child care, under' the instruction of Miss Goff. The class has been observing the children in Tot Haven. Maj. M.R. Bittekofer has returned from active duty in Iceiand. He was joined here by Mrs. Bittekofer and their young son, who have been visiting .Mrs. Bittekofer1s _parents since August. ****************. Dr. and Mrs. Leo Ba tell ha ye b .een .ill of 'grippe. We hope they will soon be well again. May we caution our horseback riding youngsters so that the end of your ride won 1 t .en4 ****LIKE


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