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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Bua, Gasper ( Editor )
Knopke, Ray ( Editor )
Miller, Marilyn ( Reporter )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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e Volume III, Number IV This Space Reserved For Those NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS I HEREBY RESOLVE: ,,./ 1. ,... -y :.. .. 2. I / ,-,, ,' '. ?---"' ""' ,,_.., Y I,.. 3. I 4. 5. \ 6. 7. s. \ 9. 10. \ \ (1 r) Jr T\1 \__iJ\ tJ December 26, i94g


TEMPLE TERRACE TOWN CRIER .. Semi-monthly newspaper in the interest of the residents of the City of Temple Terrace; Florida, selling for Ten Cents per copy or $1. 50 pe r year, pay able in advance, distributed on the second and fourth Sundays in each month. :Route S, Box 471z Phones: 38-2751 Gasper Bua--Editor Knopke--Oo-Editor 38-2832 Reporter--Mariiyn Miller 38-2041 ***************************** 1948---1949 The year 194-S is almost over----it has offered us many opportunities. Some of us have taken advantage of these opportunities; others, for various reasons, let them slip by. Let us reflect back to see whether we passed our opportunity by---did YOU take advantage of every hour of the day, every day of the year; or did you sit idly by and let someone else get ahead of you? If you did, it is definitely your loss. NOW! A New Year is approaching----it also will have many opporun ities. Are you again .going to sit idly by and let them pass you by once more; or will you on the alert every hour of every day of the coming Let us each resolve that we will be the one who will take adv antage of the opportunities that the year 1949 will definitely present to us. HAPPY NEW YEAR The Editors .. r


CITY COMMISSIONERS MEETING The principle business to come before the mid-month meeting of the City Commissioners, held Dec. -21st, included the Temple Terrace Playground Project_ ; 11open account" owed to B. J. Van Ingen and the United AssetsCorp. and a legislative program to be drawn and presented to the Hillsborough County members of the State Legislature and County Commissioners. In the playground matter it was decided that the most suitable property that appeared to be available for such a project is owned by the County in the 11F11 section and dedicated for public purposes; namely, a school. Since a playground would be needed when and if a school is built it is felt that there should be no objection on the part of the County to the City establishing a playground on this site. Commissioner Howell therefore made the motion that.City Attorney Duff and the Mayor Commissioner go before the Board of County Commissioners and endeavor to have Blocks F-1 through F-4 i .nclusi ve, together with streets abutting these lots be set aside for playground purposes in the City of Temple Terrace. Motion seconded by Comm. Knopke and unanimously approved. In the matter of the "open account" a letter from Mr. B.J. Van Ingen in reply to the letter se' rit by the City, and published in an earlier edition of this paper, was read by the .City Clerk. Mr. Van Ingen stated his position in the matter and feels very strongly that the debt is a legitimate one on the part of the City and had been entered into in good faith by both the City and himself and that payments on same should continue to be. met as they have in the past by refunding the amount of Taxes paid to the City on the property owned by United and 'Mr. Van Ingen. After considerable discussion by members of the Board of City Commissioners and citizens present at the meeting, it was decided that additional information should be obtained from Mr. Van Ingen and the City's record and no further action.taken until receipt of desired information. With the State Legisla.ture convening in the near future, City Attorney Duff pointed out the necessity of the Commissioners preparing any legislative program that they intended to ent to the Hillsborough County members for legislative action. Other business disposed of included a report from the City Attorney to the effect that a Charter had been prepared for the Church and properly recorded, and that a survey of the. property to be deeded to church by City of Temple Terrace would be made during the coming week; legal action that apparently will be necessary against property owners who have failed to pay the Street Improvement Assessment; and the decision of the Commissioners to give all regular City employees a Ohr.is tmas gift as has been the custom in past years., (Note: .The le.tter from Mr! Van Ingen will be published in the next edition of this paper). *. *. *. * * * * *. * CIVIC ASSOCIATION .... The Civic Association held a general meeting, Fri. Dec. 17th, with a good number of present. It was apnounced that the Assn now. has 36 paid memberships. With all the good work that the Ass'n is doing for all of Temple Terrace every family should be a member. The building is rapidly becoming a center of recreation with facilities for. shuffle board, ping pong, pool tables, cards etc. being available for children and adults. During a short business meeting; attention was drawn to the new loud-speaker system which has been installed. The meeting adjourned to enjoy.the.entertainment provided by Mildred Hyde, singing; Robbie Duff, dancing; and Carol Mcsweeney playing the piano. The program was well received and the refreshments delicious. *****************"'"'*"' ***********


* ... The Cream of the Crop GOLDEN TEMPLE ORANGES '. Tree Phone: 33-2381+ shipped right out of TEMPX..E TERRACE F\111 box Bushel basket Half bu. basket W. M MCSWEENEY GROVES Temple Terrace Hwy. we pay express charges *********************************************************** *************************************************** ***** *** Mr.and Mrs. Bass .Richardson entertained a number of friends Saturday evening, Dec. lSth. A very delicious dinner was served which was enjoyed by everyone. ****************** Lloyd Gillette, Jr. is visiting his brother, Ray Gillette (the Temple Terrace Fisherman), and Mrs. Gillette. ***************** Mr. and Mrs. G.O. Howard have sold their home on Sleepy Hpl7 low Ave. to Dr. and Mrs. Byron Harman. The Doctor and his wife plan to move into their new home before the first of the year. ************************************************************** DON'T FORGET: The Annual New Years Dance wil1 be held in the Recreation Building this Friday night, the Music by Frank Overton and His Orchestra, starting at 10:00. Favors for everyone will be provided. Plans are being made to accommodate 200 couples. Heavy advance reservations indicate that this number will be reache d before the week is out. We urge you not to wait -until the Ia.st minute to make your reservations. It Will be a big job. to set up tables and chairs and make all arrangements, so your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. ************************************************************** ( Mr. Gasper Bua will be celebrating his birthday Monday, Dec ember 27th. With Christmas and New Years already legal holidays the government has not as yet designated the 27th as a day of rest. Anyone wishing to send Mr. Bua a singing telegram can call Y-1511+). (Because of lack of space in the last issue, birthday congratulations, Dec. 13th, to Mr. Knopke couldn't be printed ... so, belatedly .. Hapiy ............. ) ****** *******


ti JUDGE AND MRS. LAURENCE AYRES GRAYSON Probably one of the most prominent residents of Temple Terrace is Judge L.A. Grayson; and of course he would not be nearly as prominent without the help and inspiration of his very charming wife, Mrs. Josephine Grayson. The G,raysons came to Temple Terrace just a short time after they were married in April of 1927 and lived here since then. When they first arrived they lived in one of the large apartment houses then located on St. Andrews Ave. At the present time they live in their own home on Bellview Ave. and have lived there for the past twenty years. Judge Grayson served in the first. World War as a pilot and.' returned from overseas service wounded, making it necessary for him to remain in Walter Reed Hospital in Washington from 1919 to 1920. Although both legs were in casts, Judge Grayson couldn't be kept .in the all the time and on one occasion he met the girl who is now his wife. At that time Josephine Cole was living in Washington but originally she had lived in New Orleans, having been born and raised there. Judge graduated from the University of Virginia in 1925 and with his law degree came to Tampa. Although he first said that his only reason' for to Tampa was because he had a job promised to him, furthet discussion brought .forth the fact that Josephine had been in Tampa for several months. What with the Florida Boom collapsing and law work for a young lawyer rather scarce, the Graysons had to wait until 1927 before getting married. 'Although they prefer a quiet life now it is interesting to hear some of the stories both of them tell about the parties and various activities that have occured in the past. Judge Grayson enjoys building things and working with tools. Mrs. Grayson is proud of the fact that the built the garage all by himself but (like other wives)' felt that t;he four years it toolc to build the garage was a little long. She likes to grow flowers and after the Judge plants the vegetable garden she is the ope delegated to take care of it. Judge Grayson served as a City Commissioner in Terrace on several different occasions and has also acted as .City Att orney at various times. He served as Judge of _the Criminal Court during the absence of Judge Himes and .in the past election was elected to serve a full four year term in this important job. It is indeed a pleasure to introducetwo such very nice people and we can assure our readers that being a Judge ;has not made either of them hard to get along with .:. ********************** ***********


' TEMPLE TERRACE ELE: IENTARY SCHOOL The Temple Terrace School presented the P T A program for the December meeting. The impressive Christmas Story was presented in still pictures while the choir sang carols. The.following children pantomimed as the reader, Kathryn Duncan, gave the story: Mary by Patricia ::.ccants; Angel Gabriel, Jack Duff; Joseph, James Ortaliz; Three Shepherds, Jackie Rit ter, Billie Ritter and Standish Crippen; Four Angels Janette Cappolino, Sherrill Lewis, Sandra _Flynn and Joan Lockaby; The 1 Three Wise Men, Donald Bua, Ronald Howell and Brent Lewis. The Choir--The School. Practically the entire school participated either as characters or in the choir. We, the faculty members, appreciated the whole-hearted cooperation of the children and their parents. Recordings will be made of our radio program by the Lock Recording Co. Anyone in .securing a record may call w-4312. We wish you all a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON (In behalf of the Temple Terra.Ce parents, we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to the ty members for their skillful dir.ection of the child-ren in making the Christmas program so successful--...:. __ Th_ e Edi tors.) ************************************************************* The Temple Terrace Community Church was beautifully decorated when the Christmas program was presented Sunday evening, Dec. 19th, with the Sunday .School .children of all the classes,par-.ticipating. Santa Claus was .there in person, with gifts for all the. youngsters of Temple Terrace and vicinitY----including Bass Richardson, who also had to have candy. Santa Claus was a real treat and the children are alr. eady looking _forward to seeing him again next year. ************************************************************* F L 0 W E R S For EveryOccasibn Furnished To You with assuranoe that your arrangement will receive Personal Attention: of ROL BAUM Right Here In Our Own Temple Terrace Phone: M-S612 and 3S-20Sl


..y:N,A IJ\-,l7 ter 1 2J ;r. 0_U W 1J 'lf .. ITT\ -..... : t ... .. __.. ( t ff;f.j) I I i ) \ f //:' ... .. 41 /! PALMER HANDICAP TOURNAMENT .. Thefirst round matches in the Palmer Handicap Tournament were completed over the week end with Walter Reynolds, medalist, winning his first round match by defeating Harry Jones l up. Other first round matches in the Championship Flight: J.C. Nelms defeated Chas. Ginn 3 arid 2; L. Ginesta .defeated Ed Green 3 and 2; V. Gray defeated Ray Fernandez I up; Joe Renia defeated Vernon Nelms 2 and l; Tom McClure defeated A. C. Gough I up; H.J. Melt. on defeat-ed James Simmons 3 and 2; Jack Peters defeated Lon Aughtry I up; Frank Salters defeated J. W. Fordham I up; Marcel defeat ed Chas. Nicks I up in 27 holes; H.D. Rucker defeated Jack Palmer 2 and I; Karl Maas defeated Doc 01Brien I up; Cliff Haller defeated Walter Morrison I up; Art Pilley defeated Joe Bua 2 and I; Sonney LaGrone defeated Elliott Dixon 3 and 2; J.W. Chamberlain de-feated F. Mitchell I up. First Flight: pairings are made up of the first sixteen los ers in the Championship Flight. H.H. Jones vs Chas. Ginn; Ed Green vs Ray Fernandez; Vernon Nelms vs A.O. Gough; James Sim mons vs Lon Aughtry; J.W. Fordham vs Chas. Nicks; Jack Palmer vs Doc O'Brien; Walter Morrison vs Joe Bua; Ell'iott Dixon vs F. Mitchell Second Flight: Frank Interlandi defeated Bill Jay I up; Gasper Bua and Ed Vann tied; Jack.Batman Jefeated H.A. Dunn 3 and 2; E.C. Carver defeated Tom Petty 2 and I; Frank Porter Jr. defeated A.B. Gough I up; Doc Gailmard defeat ed Bill Mcsweeney 2 and I; Chas. Robb defeatea Walter Mccarley I up; Hannaway defeated Art Schafer 2and I. Third Flight: Hannaway defeated Bob Archer 3 and 2; Alex Smith defeated Bass Richardson I up; Ray Knopke defeated W.J. Miller 2 and I; Larry Wardwell and J.E. Harris .played a tie Pairings for Second Round matches--Championship Flight: w. Reynolds vs J.C. Nelms; Joe Renia vs Tom McClure; Frank Salters vs M. Clauster; Cliff Haller vs Art Pilley; L. Ginesta vs V. Gray; H.J. Melton vs Jack Peters; H.D. Rucker vs Karl Maas; .s. LaGrone vs J.W. Chamberlain. First H.H. Jones vs Ginn; V. A.O. Gough; J.W. Fordham vs C. Nicks; Walter Morrison vs Joe Bua; E. Green vs R. Fernandez; J. Simmons vs Lon Aughtry; J. Palmer vs Doc O'Brien; E. Dixon vs F. Mitchell. Second Flight: Frank terlandi vs the .. winner of the G: BU:a Ed Vanrt matcn; J. Batman vs E.C. Carver; Chas. Robb vs R. Han naway; F. Porter Jr. vs Doc Mailmard. Third Flight: E.J. Hannaway vs Alex Smith; Ray Knopke vs the winner ?f. Wardwell-J.E. Harris match. All second round matches must be by Tuesday, the 22nd. See next page for T T W G A news.


.. AROUND THE TOWN' Mrs. Lulu White of Jacksonville, is the Christmas guest of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Duff Mrs. J.M. Bregar1s mother, Mrs. Lemster, is in the hospital Mr. E.R. Hires is also confined to hospital care. We hope we will be able to report.very soon that both Mr. Hires and Mrs. Lemster are able to return : to their homes. ***************** We are happy to report that Mrs. Thomson has returned home from the hospital and is doing r t ; 9 I I.: Johnny Perry has been elected president of the Student World Government at Northwestern. where he is a student; also has been voted into Sigma Del ta Chi, National Prof es. s ional Journalistic fraternity. Mr. Perry, accompanied by George Greiff, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Perry, during the holidays. Miss Mary taGrone daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. taGrone is home for holiday vacation from F SU at Tallahassee, where she is majoring in Journalism. ***************** Mr. and M .rs. G.N .. Lucas are spending the holidays with Mrs Lucas' parents in Minnesota. ***************** Johnny Renick, a Business Administration student at the Uni of Florida is spending the Christmas holidays Mis mother, Renick and sister, Miss Renick. Mr. and. Mrs. W. M. Mcsweeney will attend Wa;r.ren' s in-auguration at Tallahassee, January 4th. TT W GA ........ The weekly meeting of the T.T.W.G.A. was held Thursday A M, Dec. 16th. Mrs. H. Maeder and Mrs. Rose Nicholson shared lst and 2nd place Fred Oblinger won the low putts with 15 Qualifying for the T.T. N omen's Championship is under way. This will be in flights of eight. Pairings according to qualifying scores, no handicaps; each ma tc_ h to be played from scra ten. Qualifying ended Monday, Dec. 20th. First round matches started Wednesday, Dec. 22nd. In the 9 hole. d i vision there will be a nine hole flight for beginners and tho$e not wishing t o play more than nine holes. Mrs. Harry H. Ca.mp of Mer.idian, Conn. is visi.ting her daughter, Mrs. W.R. Crip.pen,Jr. for tl:J.e Winter s ea.son : : .... Word of wisdom: The dictionary is the only place where you come to success before you come to work. ******* JI


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