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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
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Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Volume III, Number VI GROWING -J' r \ l r I r' .r.. J'/J y P A H S J r'. fJ r ; '\ r .r.. J\ J \.r "-' !:'... C I\l F J\ January 23, 1949 We are all familiar with the age-old expression "suffering from growing pains". No truer words have ever been spoken with reference to our Beautiful Temple Terrace. For the past twenty some-odd years our growth has been somewhat slow and painfvl. We ha ve had some tough times in the past. The bridges we have crossed have been crossed not without great effort. W e would .like to pay tribute to those of you who have had the courage to stick it out through all these years; we are sure it must give you a great feeling of satisfaction to be able to say, "I've been here since the beginning and have gone through all its trials and tribulations and still love it". Yes, we have come a long way since the dark days of our Bonded Indebtedness (which we no longer have); and we feel sure that those of us who are new residents, no doubt must realize what a wonderful reeling of satisfaction it is to live in a community free of Bonded Indebtedness. When anyone starts writing about Temple Terrace, one immediately begins to realize that Temple Terrace has so many wonderful things to write about that it is very easy to lose yourself and wander away from the theme upon which you staxted. That is exactly what has happened here. I believe we were talking about "growing pains"----well, weare still growing; our progress is still somewhat slow. However, we are surely For the first time in its history Temple Terrace is beginning to look like a city. There recently has been completed the inst.all at ion of two traf;;.. fie lights; one which has oe enand in use for a month or more at the corn.er qf Terrace Highway and Glen Arvin:; and the other at Temple Terrace Highway and 56th st : : these are smill things. But they: tend to' : add --to. cul' fair city, in that we are in of its citizens and the growth of the community. These traffiet signals have been installed for the community's benefit and safety It is hoped that in the near future more little things may be added that will help' the progress of our wonde_rful community.


.. TEMPLE TERRACE To1.;-1 C R I E R Semi m onthly n e w spaper p u blished in t h e i n t e r est of the residents o f the City o f Temple Ter r a ce, Florida, f o r T e n Cents per copy or $1. 5 0 per year, i n ad vaace, distributed on .the sec o nd and fourth Sundays i n e ach month .. R oute 8,. Box 471z Gaspe r Bua--Editor Ray P hones : 3$-2 $32 Reporter--learilyn M5_ller 35 -2041 In approximately two months from now, or on March 20th to be exact, it will be Spring. As we all know Spring is the tim e of the year when the birds, the bees and the flowers all come out to enjoy the mighty wqnders of Nature. Spring is also the time of year when Man, too, would like to come out and enjoy the wonders of Nature; particularly that time of day wpen we would lik e t o sit out on the terrace, patio, or under the trees in the coo l of the evening, when it is possible to see and admire the beau-tiful sunsets that are a part of the glory of Florida and Temple A Terrace. The birds, bees and flowers can always be sure of enjoying the evenings to the fullest extent, and up to the last ray of sunshine. Unfortunately, man is not so privileged. WHY? Simply because of a small, two-winged, long-billed insect commonly known as a mosquito; whose bite or sting causes pain, irritation and often disease. Most of the residents can speak from personal knowledge as to just how annoying these little pests can be. It is felt that every resident of Temple Terrace would surely be in favor of some kind of mosquito control program and that everyone would contribute to its support if some plan of =con sistent solicitation could be set up. However, to solicit and collect contributions for a mosquito control project would require a tremendous amount of time and effort on the part of some of the citizens. The solicitation and contribution method would prove very unpopular and burdensome to some; plus the fact, that .others who might not see fit to would still reap the resulting benefits. In order to set up an organized, effective control plan in the community, fogging will be necessary, and should b e done every six to eight weeks during the spring a nd summer. Each fogging will cost approximately $350.00, or a total of $2100.00 for six foggings spread over the period when the mosquitoes are breeding and at their worst. (continued next page)


. '.. ,lf, ... (mosquito editorial continued) No mosquito control program can be set up and become effective without first having a referendum by the :fxe e holders of the community. Therefore, two proposals are being offered: (1) the levying of a special assessment of three cents per fopt per year on all property abutting on a curb. (2) the levying of an assessment of $1.00 per year on each vacant lot and $10.00 per year on improved property, such as dwellings, institutions, etc. If such a referendum is held and the residents, by vote, decide that they would favor such a program, the revenue derived from the a.ssessmen ts will be placed in a mosquito control fund and used for that purpose only. Also, in the event that the County later sets up a countywide mosquito control project, any assessment set up by the City would automatically It is felt that before thismatter is put before the voters by referendum an expression of the feeli ngs of the majority of the community would be highly desirable. Therefore, you will find at the bottom of this page a printed form to be used as a straw ballot, whereby you may signify your desires as to whether you ARE or ARE NOT in favor of a mosquito control program. The TOWN CRIER will sincerely appreciate your cooperation in marking this trial either for or -.agi,nst the project. Please check each one according to your choice and mail the ballot in so that it may. be determined whether it is of any use to include this matter in a referendum and to proceed with a mosquito control program. The ballot should be mailed to P.O. Box 5645, Tampa 5, Florida, not later than Jan. 29, 1949. .. ..... The Editors ARE YOU IN FAVOR OF MOSQUITO CONTROL YES NO ARE YOU IN FAVOR OF A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT BY REFERENDUM OF .03 per front foot per year on all property abutting a curb YES NO ARE YOU IN FAVOR OF A SPECIAL ASSESSMEN T BY REFERENDUM OF $1.00 per vacant lot per year; and $10.00 per year for improved property REMARKS: ...... \ 1 \ ... ... J I"' .. .. : .. 'W' J ; .. YES '" l .: 1.' ':'' .(;. I ;.., 1 NO


.. FITTING PROGRAM MARKS DEDICATION OF PARKWAY Plans under .discussion for sometime by the Temple Terrace Garden Circle were consummated Thursday afternoon when the parkway from the Temple Terrace entrance at 56th St. to the bridge was dedicated to Frank Bullard; to be known as BULLARD PARKWAY. The Circle has undertaken the beautification of this portion of Temple Terrace Highway as its major project and wished to thus honor Mr. Bullard for his fine work as County Commissioner from this district. The rebuilt Terrace bridge was also opened at this time. Gathering at the Temple Terrace entrance was a large group of Temple Terrace citizens, county and city officials and other interested visitors. The Hillsborough High Band of 75 pieces, under the direction of Mr. Amado Delgado, opened the program with The Star Spangled Banner and played several other num bers most effectively. A choral group of thirty voices pleased their hearers with several. numbers. These young people are from the Florida Christian College and were under the direction of Mr. Harold Fletcher. Following this musical program, M -rs. W.F. Thomson, president of the Garden Circle, introduced Mr. Gasper Bua, Mayor-Comm issioner pf Temple Terrace, with a few gracious words. Kr. Bua' in a brief but forceful speech, dedicated the parkway to Mr. as the new marker was .unveiled by Mr. Buas young son, Donald Bua and Ronnie Ho.we J.1, yout.hful son of Commissioner Hdmer Howell. Following a modest and yet appropriate response by ... Reverend Metcalf of the Temple Terre ace Community Church, offered a short prayer which brought the program to a close. Mrs. Frank Bullard, introduced by Mrs. Thomson, then cut the ribbons, in the Garden Circle eolors, which opened this portion of the highway and the bridge again to traffic. Mrs. Bullard and another honored guest, Krs. Jack Laoey, p r e1nden t of the Tampa Federation of Garden Clubs, carried beautiful bouquets of roses, presented by the Garden Club. As a concluding feature of the afternoon, a motorcade, preceded by the Hillsborough Band, drove down the highway and across the bridge, then back aro\llld the newly improved riverfront drive DANCE PLACE: TIME: Don't Forget DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE ... Recreational Building Saturday Night .................. 9: 00 1 til l: 00 Mr. and Mrs. Grover Britingham of Philadelphia are guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Macauley Mr. J. Baird, Hartford, Conn. also was recently a guest at the Macauley home. Mrs. Alvin Parks was complimented with a stork shower tea, Tuesday, Jan. 11th at the home of Mrs. W.A. Reynolds, with Y.esdames R.C. Knopke, H.P. Wardwell, E.A. McCartney, M.R. Bittikofer, Frank Porter and Gasper Bua as co-hostesses. Mrs. Bua and Mrs. O.M. Whitman presided at the attractively appointed tea table.


':" !' .. :-..... CITY COMMISSIONERS MEETING ..... .: .... The mid-monthly meeting of ,the of City .Commissioners was held Tuesday, Jan. lSth'.; with Comm. Knopke absent. Matters brought under discussion upon which future action is to be taken included: powers of the. ;Municipal Court, as presented by Florida Statutes; disposition of prisoners, fines etc.; laying out of OityPlaygroundin Section F, which will be done under direction of Mr. Nash Higginf3., Tampa P).ayground Direct or; the resurfacing of an.additiona l section 6f City streets in cooperat'ion with Cour..ty author::. t ies, w hereby the wo1t will be done, it is hoped, with a smaller type of slag and a :i.eav ier tar base in which the slag can b e more firmly embedde:i. Matters disposed of by motion included: a motion by Comm. Howell that all future petitions bronght before the Commisr: ion by group, individuals or r equesting action by t:1e Board of City Commi-ssioner.3, be in written fJrm c.t the time such petitions are This was by CoQm. Bua and w a s by vote duly A oecond motion by Howell seconded b y C o m m Bua and approved, authori zed Golf Course M a;.;a.ger Brook to purchase at the lowest obtainable price, one ton of ei tb.er nitrate of soda or ammonia sulphate for use on golf. course greens. To The TOWN CRIER: the Civic From the Outsid e Jan. 20, 1949 Being a of Temple Terrace for many years, and have appreciated the privilege of being among you, my many friends, I have had the opportunity of viewing the advancement of your city and note a change. True, those of you, who assumed the task of ope ra ting the city in past years, did not inherit a 11bed of roses". I know, for I wa. s here and watcl : B d t h e struggl,e when the l ) a d eeemed too heavy But thanks tc nersever. ar..ce and ability, yo':.. h a ve deve lpped a City that e very ean and woman in it should oe proud to live within its borders. The Civic Assn has been responsible for a large .part of what we have, namely: Schools, College, Church, up to date Government, Social Activities and Landscape Street Improvement, Lighting, and with County Government and the Commissioners, combined to make a marked improvement in your city. The Civic Assn, being these improvements, should be supported by every man and woman in the city. Dont sit back and receive all these benefits without giving of your ability, moral and financial, to make this city Bigger and Better; and a place that w .ill stC!-nd.:out among Hillsborough as a pattern .for others to follow. ........ ... (signed) George K. Macauley (We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Macauley for his let.ter. His is the first since our invitation to join the Letter' s To The Ed.itors Department, and we hope that other citizens will avail themselves of the same privilege of written Editors) ... SORRY ... The copy .for "Know Your .Neighbor" arrived too late for publication this issue .. .' next time. He who laughs .. lasts.


' ... '.: :: _:,. : 1 .... ': : l \ ( .. GARDEN CIRCLE NEWS :. .! (: .. : ,., .. ::.:.. .:: : '. : PROGRAM<:.FEA.TUFl:S :MEETING. : Temple Terrace C a.':rden Circle. meeting, Following "the regirlar business me et"ing -in the club room, mem pers ga:t'.hered a t :the 56th sf. entrance I to. Temple Te.rrace Here an Arbqr D ay prbgram arranged by Mrs. horticulture chairman, took place: A, delightfully appropria:te series of readings a nd songs wa.s given by the children o f Te.mple Tei-race School. Followfng this. feature, Mrs. w Thomson, circle. president, dedicated a newly-planted oak to Mr. Frank Bullard, County-Commissioner i'or this district. Mrs. Thomson's talk, while brief, was characterized by its originality and beauty of expression; Mr. Bullard responded in his usual manner and the gathering disbanded after' an appropriate prayer by M:rs. Wilson. Member. a then returned to the club room, where a social hour was enjoyed, luncheonbeing served by the hostesses for the day: Mrs. Rosenbaum, chairman; Mrs. Bluit, Mrs. Crippen, 'llrs. Mrs Pinnell and Mrs. Vandeventer. At this meeting, Miss Joanne Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Smith, was chosen, by ballot, as the Circle's candidate for Camellia Queen of the Camellia and Azalea Show to be .given in Tampa, Jan. 2Sth, 29th and 30th. *****"""* HAVE YOU WHITE CAMELLIAS OR AZALEAS7 The Temple Terrace Garden Circle has been invited to furnish some flower arrangements for the Camellia Azalea Show to be held in the few days of this month In order to carry out plans form ula tad, so that Temple Terrace make some creditable showing, it is necessary to have white camellias and azaleas. If any of our citizens have these flowers available, wiri they please graciously contact Mrs. w.F. Thomson; phone number, 3S-2S71. ******** LET'S VOTE FOR OUR CANDIDATE FOR CAl.:ELLIA QUEEN: At the re cent." meeting of .the Temple Terrace Garden Ciro}_e it was voted to offer Miss Joanne Smith as the Circle's for Cam ellia Queen of the and Azalea Show to be held in Tampa, 2Sth 29th and JCth. In order to vote, one must have a ticket and surely everyone in our community will. wish to vote for this lovely girl. so--buy your tickets! Those .who havehot yet done so may purchase tickets. from Mrs. S.L. Smith. A If' y ou phone her, she will be sure that your tio,kets -are deW 1 i vered to you. .' ******** BIG CANS AVAILABLE FOR GARDEN FESTIVAL PLAN"TSi Enthusiastic plans are being to completion for the second annual Flower Festival to be held by our Garden Circle this spring. In connection, Mrs. Wilson has stated she will' be glad to furnish gallon cans to those.who want them for large 11dollar11 plants to be sold at the Festival. These cans are in.the patio of Mrs. Wilson's home on the Florida Christian College campus; and those who them may come get them there. ******************************************************* BRIDGE CLUB Place: Mrs. W.A. Reynolds'. Winners: High, Mrs. Knopke; Second, Mrs H.P. WardwelL Guests: Mrs; O.M. Whitman and Mrs. M.R. Bittikofer. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Pa1=ks.are parents of a son, born ''day; Jan l9tb, Young Master Parks weighed seven pounds ; twelve ounces.


AROUND THE TOWN Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Henderson of Atlanta, Ga. were the guests o f llr. and Mrs. Gasper Bua Thursday, Jan. 13th. Mr. Henderson is Mrs. Buas brother. ****************** Mr. and Mrs. Frahk S. Masi of St. Peters burg have announced the marriage of their Anita to E.R. Hires Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Hires of Temple Terrace. The wedding was solemnized in Georgia,Jan Sth. We are very glad to welcome back to Temple Terrace, Mr and Mrs. A;P. sc.hulzke of Hickory, N.C. was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. few days. To you eligible T emple Terrace bachelors: Be On The Alert! There is an attractive widow with serious intentions visiting in our city. Mrs. Florence Mcsweeney, Allendale, S.C. has been the guest of her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Mcsweeney. Mr. and Mrs. Wallis Gardella of Washington, D.O. have been spending several days with Be.tty and Larry Wardwell. The Gar-d ell as have been frequent visitors to Temple Terrace during the past few years and still find it one of the most attractive communities in the entire state. ***************** Mrs. Charles Sibert,. Rochester, Mj.chigan, Mrs. G N. Lucas 1 mother is vis-iting at the Lucas home. This : is Mrs. Si.be-r .ts first visit here and she is much impressed With our laCal beauties. ., Mr. Connie Maeller of New Haven, Conn. is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reynolds. Mrs. Helen Renick's father, Mr. Goal and Mrs. Florence of Clarin, Penna. are the guests of Mrs. Renick. ****************** Mrs. Francis Light, St. Petersburg, is the week-end guest of Mrs. R.C. Knapke. Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Dunham, New York State, have arrived to spend the winter months in Temple Terrace We are sorry to report that Mrs. A.D. Lake has fractured her arm again.


. t CURRENT GOLF HAPPENINGS The Palmer Tournament has +eached its final round. Vincent Gray meets Marcel Claustre for the trophy Sunday, Jan. 23rd. 000000 The Temple Terrace Women's Champ fonship got under way, with first round matches .played last week. Second round matches start Thursday and have one week.to complete. A number of Temple Terrace ladies are entered in this tourney---most of them beginners and all are doing well. 000000 The Ladies Weekly Tournament was won by Mrs. Fred Oblinger, 1st in A division; Mrs. R. Hill was 2nd. B division winner, Mrs. R.E. Pinnell. 000000 An exhibition of practice shots was given by Jimmy Nichols, one-arm expert shot maker and player. He then played an IS hole match against Robert Jayroe, Temple Terrace Assist. Pro and Karl Maas. Nichols' partner, Tony Gumelli had 74; Maas, 74; Nichols, 74; Jayroe, 73. The match came out all even on #lS. 000000 Friday, Jan. 2Sth, Johnny Roberts., sponsored by the Allied Golf Corp., will put on a one hour trick shot exhibition. Over 100 different trick shots Will be demonstrated; such.as, driving while sitting in a chair, driving backwards, driving blindfolded, kneeling, sideways, etc. The Roberts' little 3 year .old daughter, Lana, also Will show a few trick shots. The show starts at 4:00 PM, Friday. Public Invited Free of Charge


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