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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Volume III, Number X -; E!iECTION : ; : : -' .' -: ;,' .. '. ,;. ., :I .. J.. :" .,..;_ .... -r 1--J E .. .... -March 13, 1949 R E S U L T S As probably everyone knows, the Referendum on the question of the .. special assessment of 2 cents per curb foot was overwhelm-.: passed. The vote was 46 for the tax and 13 agains.t. This was a decided increase over the number voting for the tax in this referendum and the first one when it was b{ only about 12 votes. < : ; 1nasmuch as we were so much in favor of the tax bill passing, :the :editors wish to thank everyone for c .ooperation; and it is hoped that we will be able to :support in matters that will help Temple Terrace .. to p r qgress : :: The of the be .gi veri to.-the ture when it meets. in Aptil; and : a b.ill be passed ;author izing the tax to be collected. It is arrangements can be made to collect the tax at the same time and through the same arrangemehts that the othet City taxes are collected. This would be by the County Tax Collector and could be paid at the same time. Work on thecleaningand making necessary repairs of the streets will continue to be done as it has in the past. Any repairs that a:re needed can be reported to Mr. Wardwell at the City Office and .he will see that the work is promptly .taken. care of. :.... : : .. that in the near future more resurfacing can oe done; this is done, of course, with the qoopera t ion and help of County.Commissioner Bullard. Resurfacing does much to help preserve t.he st reets.


T E M P L E TERRACE Gasper Bua Ray Knopke Editors and Publishers Published semi-monthly in the interest of the residents of the City Temple Terrace, Florida.-Distributed to the subscribers the second and fourth of .. each month. P. 0. Box 564-5 3$-2$32 Per copy .10 Tampa 5:_ Fla 3S-2751 Yearly $1. -50 T 0 W N C R I E R COMMUNITY CHURCH of Temple Terrace '.who did not attend the play, i_.wr-l:tten by Rev. Metcalf and presented by a very talented group from the First Congregational Church of Tanipa, missed a very fine program. All the players knew their: parts well and gave a fine interpretation to a religious, drama. Mrs. Lucas presented special piano selections which fitted in well with the balance of the progra,m. It is regretted that more people did not avail themselves of the opportunity to see this program. ...... ....... ... _,..,_ ,_ ... ) } :,l:, .. Re.v and M r.s __ _gave a fine progra m March 6th, to a large group-0-f T emple Terrg :ce young-p-eopl.e .. ---_ Combining music :arid. words, Rev. Ande rson: was a,ble to put across many points in a way that young and old alike should for a long time. the .meeting?. zurged tha t t he pare-nts and : young people ort t o attend the Saturday night meetipgs.. '. ,".,r '-.> .. ..... : .;, ******** _.;;i, -;..... ATTEND CHURCH. ; .:C


., THE PORTER FAMILY ---, Because Frank Porter is a man of his word the Porter family now resides in Temple Terrace. Mr. Porter was transferred from Jacksonville to Tampa and both Mr. and Mrs. Porter had looked and advertised in vain for a house to move into. Through a lucky break they were advised that th,e _home they .now. li-ve i n (belonging to Joe and Beth Powell) was for rent but that another .. family was going to look at it first. After the first family decided they didn't need such a large house, the Porters were told to come out and look at it. On the way out Mrs. Porter advised her m1sband that she had just come from Jacksonville and had no de sire to live near there while he worked in Tampa, so he could just turn around and not go any further. But it seems that Mr. Porter had promised to meet the man showing him the house at the filling station and he meant to keep his prom i se. So, in spite of protests, they came, they looked and n aturally were conquered by all the advantages of Temple Terrace. As a result, in August .of 1947, they moved in and since that time have become so captivated with Temple Terrace they are planning on buying or building a home here. They need a big home because there are Frank and Mildred and two growing boys. Frank :Jr. is 12 and is in the 7th grade at Franklin Junior High; Bill is 9 and in the 3rd'grade at Temple Terrace School. A dog, Duke, "is their. pet but if anyone knows where Bill can get a horse 1 ike Trigger; the information will be much appreciated, Born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina, Frank and Mildred have known each other all their lives. They were married in 1934 in Sumter. While he was with the Pont"iac oo. Frank was transferred about quite a 'bit and they have lived in Char. lotte and Asheville, North Carolina and Greenville, Wilson and Sumter, s. C. They also lived in Atlanta for awhile and lived in Jacksonville for 4 years before coming to Temple Terrace. Mr. Porter is Division Manager for McKesson-Robbins Company and likes his work very much. He enjoys playing golf but doesn't like fishing. He is Vice-Pres. of the Civic Association and a member of the Building Committee which is in charge of the Recreation Building. He is also an active member of the Community Church and on tl':e Church Board of. Directors. Mildred has no special hobby except 'that she does enjoy resting. And as Frank put it, 11 especially resting in bed 11 She does find time for Garden Club activities and can always be counted on to help in any Civic ente.i:prise. .. .,,, *********************** ******************** ***********"'** ********


. A] N,r \ l I CURRENT GOLF HAPPENINGS Mrs. Elliot Dixon, a longtime bridesmaid, finally crashed through and became a bride, as it were .She beat Mrs. Bob Nelms for the Temple Terrace Women's Club championship. $hooting -fine golf, a 90, to beat Ruby. s 91, one up, the last putt on the last green.-.. '' 00000.0Q First Flight: Mrs Lew Bower wone from Mrs. Second Flight: Mrs. E. Walker won .over Mrs. Walter. Mccarley. Third Mrs. Ray c. Knopke beat Mrs. C F. Jayroe. 0000900 The Tampa Women's Golf Association held their weekly tournament at Temple Terrace, Tuesday 22nd; medal play 1$ hole tourney. 0000000' The Tampa Women's City Championship t ourney will be held at Temple Terrace, March Sth -llth. This.tourney was first supposed to be playedat Forest Hills and was so announced. However, the schedule has been changed. Forest Hills has come under new ownership and T. T. was asked if-it could be held here. There will be driving and pitching and putting held in conjunction with.the tournament. This tournament is open to all women. The entry fee for of the Association i( $3.00. We are trying to get up a flight of beginners, as w e have a great number at Terrace. 0000000 T. T. entries in the City Iledal Play 'did'notwind up as nicely as :they started. Raymond Hill and Francis Reeves were leading the.handicap division at the. end of the lSholes at T. T. Ray Hill: finished in 2pd place, though he could easily have won with a little luck.. 0000000 Qualifying begins Saturday, 26th, for the ponlan Ball tournament. Qualifying will last t w o weeks. 0000000 A was held by the T.T.W.G.A. at their weekly meeting", Thursday, ... 24th. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Overheard Thursday at the ladies.golf meeting------Marriage is a matter of give and take. So what your husband doesnt. give you, y.ou will to take. 00000000000000


..... ; (Register and Vote continued) The City doe s..riot: have enough income without the tax to maintain the streets. As the figures show, it is always spending more than the street assessment will bring in. But the assessment does hel:p .... a:nd because the prope.rty which benefi ta from the streets pays a a .mall amount, everyone benefits. Actually, of course, it is the resident living he re and enjoying the fine streets who will receive more from his tax than the vacant lot owner; but in turn, the man owning the vacant property would never be able to sell the prop erty if the streets were poor. Everyone is. familiar with .the streets of Tampa and how rough they are. We are fortunate in that our streets do not have the beavy flow of traffic and if we maintain them properly we will continue to have streets which are good and free from bumps, holes, grass and trash. Remember always that the money each person has invested in his or her home is to a great deal protected by the way the City of Temple Terrace progresses. If the water system goes bad your investment will be affected, if the golf course should go bad your investment will be affected, if the Recreation Building and swimming pool shouid_go bad your investment ,,will .be. affect ed; so naturally, if the streets go bad your investment will be affected. We urge you to protect your investment. Consider all the advantages you receive and the small amount the tax will cost you. Then be sure to register by March 2nd; and vote on Mar. g. If there is any question concerning the tax, the editors will be more than glad to explain more of its advantages. Remember that it does benefit each resident. COMMISSIONERS MEETING Business disposed of at the Mid-Monthly meeting of the Board of City Commissioners included a motion by Comm Kn6pke, seconded by Comm. Howell and adopted by unanimous vote, that City Attorney be instructed to review the City Charter for the purpose of determining proper procedure, and to prepare bill or petition, if necessary, to have Legislature pass legislation revising City Charter whereby authority would be. created to change date of bi-annual City Election to a date in the month of August. The Commissioners also decided to call a Special Meeting for the night of March 2nd, in order that official list of registered freeholders can be presented and officials selected for the Referendum to be held March g, Other matters brought under discussion were: a permanent reg istration list of voters; letter from the Attorney General, setting forth legal requirements for voting; the wording of ballots for the forthcoming election; and program planned by City Judge and City Attorney in setting up the Municipal Court. Have you noticed a marked improvement in your telephone service recently? In the past we have received several complaints by the residents of our City ae to the poor telephone service. The matter was taken up with officials of the Peninsular Telephone Com pany, at which time they assuxed us that our over-crowded condition would be corrected. The Telephone Company has recently installed two additional trunk lines to Temple Terrace-----for which we are very grateful The great optimist is the business man who marries his steno grapher thinking he can continue to dictate to her


PROPOSEO BILL BY GREATER TAMPA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR. THE ABATEMENT AND CONTROL OF MOSQUIT* OES IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA, AND OTHER NECESSARY PURPOSES, ANO FOR THE LEVY OF TAXES FOR SUCH WORK. BE IT ENACTEn BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF Section 1. The abatement and control of mosquitoes of any kind, whether disease bearing or pestiferous, within Hillsborough County, Florida, is advisable and .necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the heal th,comfort, welfare and prosperity of the people thereof; and is found and de-. clared to be for public health and other public purposes. Section 2. The County Health Unit, as provided by Chapter 22323, Laws of Florida, 194 3, is hereby with the responsibility of abating or suppressing mosquit;oes in Hillsborough County, Florida. Section) 3. The Director of said Health Unit shall cause to '.:>e done any and all work and things necessary for the control and elimination of mosquitoes in the whole or any part of said County, wherever such work may be necessary, and he is empowered to use such means, physical or chemical, as may be necessary to accomplish 'the objects of this Chapter. Section 4. The Director of the said Health Unit shall cause t o b e .prepared a separate itemized estimated budget for the ens1_i.ing fiscal year for the operation and cost of mosquito and abatement in said County, and submit same to the B ucgeG Board of Hillsborough County each year, such budget to be approved by the Budget Board of Hillsborougp County, Florida. The County of Hillsborough sh.all levy, for the p u.rp:.iues of this .Act, a tax of no t more than (-) mill. on the dollar on all taxable real anq personal property i n s aid County each year, and all moneys $0 collected by the Count y of Hillsborough shall be paid to the Hillsborough County Health Unit, and shall be known as the Hillsborough Heal th Unit Mosquito Control Fund. The annual fiscal bud g e t for mosquito control in Hillsborough County, as approvP.d by the Budget Board of Hillsborough County, Florida, shal: be certified by the Director and submitted to the State Board of of Florida, and the amount thereof shall be included in the computation of monetary benefits flowing back to Hillsborough County, whether from State Federal sources, as if the moneys derived from the levy of taxes by the County of Hillsborough for the said Hillsborough County Mosquito Control Budget were actually paid into the State Treasurer's hands in the same manner and form as other moneys pr9vided by law for the Hillsborough County Heal th Unit. Section 6 The said Health Unit is hereby authorized and empowered to cooperate' with the State Board .of Health.of Florida, and to receive State aid, or aid from the United States, and to use such funds in any manner authorized by the State Board of Health. Section 7. The Director of said Health Unit is hereby auth oriz e d to contract with any other pnblic unit or gov ernnh:ntal a gency of any County, or the State of Florida, or t h e United S tates, for the performance of any mosquito co ntrol work; and, subject to the approval of the Board of Cc;unty Commissioners of Hillsborough 9ounty,, the Director of said Health Unit is authorized to contract with private, independent con tractors for the performance of mqsqui to control work, but all such contracts with private independent contractors shall be let in the manner provided in Chapter 125.08, Florida Statutes, 1941. (cont i'nued next page)


' (Mosquito Control, continued) Section S. After October 1, 1949, any mosquito control district heretofore' existing in Hillsborough County, Florida, is hereby authorized to be dissolved, upon appropriate resolution of its Board of Commissioners, but before dissolution such Board shall first collect all taxes theretofore levied by it and pay all its obligations. Any surplus funds remaining in the hands of such Board after the payment of all its obligations shall be paid to the County Health Unit Mosquito Control Fund. Section 9. This Act shall take effect upon its approval by the Governor, or upon becoming a law without approval. ************** (We are glad to publish the preceeding proposal, showing that the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce i s submitting legisla tion for county-wide mosquito control, to be enacted upon by the 1949 Florida Legislature. The TC"NN CRIER will endeavor to lend its support and cooperation to the Tampa Chamber of Commerce in the passage of the above proposed bill). CIVIC ASSOCIATION .MEETS A general meeting of the Civic Association was held in the Recreation Building on .Friday night, February 18th. In.the of President Reynolds, Vice-President Frank Porter p:resided. Mr. reported that the Building Committee had met with Er. Pa=k and that a satisfactory arrangement had been made as to tr. 8 duties of Mr. Park and his responsibilities. Mr. Thomson further advised that each organization should appoint a representative to contact Mr Parle and advise him of the requirements of that organization. Mr. Thomson also stated that records were being purchased for the da.nce, Feb. 2.th. .. County Commissioner Bullard was present and explained the progxam planned for the erl'idication of water He aske-.i that if the people were interested in having the hya-c removed, they should back the proposal of adding $1.00 to ee.:Jh fishing license sold in Hillsborough : County. He fur ther how much money had been spent in the past on t he removal and emphasized that the complete removal of all hyacinths from the river and the lakes would take about three years. Upon motion, it was voted unanimously, to write a letter to the State Representatives and State Senator approving the plan and urging our legislator$ -to supuort the plan. With regard to the mosquito control program for the county, Mr. Bullard advised that he was much in favor of the program had so voted. at the Commies Meeting. Mr. Bullard also reported that the 40th Street bridge would be open to traffic in about weeks. The meeting was adjourned and refreshments served by the hostesses; Mrs. S.L. Smith, Mrs. G. Bua and Mrs. J.M. Bregar. Wives of Faculty members of Florida Christian Co].lege will present tha three act play, "Which Shall He Marry", at the College Au.C:.i.torium; sponsored by the Junior ClaE:>s of the High School Dept. of the College. March 4th Adults .55 S:OO PM Children .35


THE P p LAYERS OF TAMPA CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH preserits INCENSE A Religious Drama in Three Acts by Rev. Walter Metcalf ****** CAST Diemesus, a rich merchant of. Ephesus Drucilla, his wife Eunice,their daughter Aristos, leader of the Church Marcus, his assistant and close friend Zenopha, a Christian slave girl John Metcalf Eula Robinson Lovina Metcalf Oliver Boynton Demus, a Captain of the Guard Justice, a soldier of the Guard Felix, a soldier of the Guard Carl Graff Betty Boynton La wrence Ross Charles Shore Bob Hazzard /'..CT I -Home of Aristos and secret meeting place of the early Christians. ACT II -Home of Oiemesus later that same night. ACT III Judgement Hall at the Arena the next day. TIME The First Christian Century PLACE -Ephesus, a province of Greece, under the old Roman Empire Special Music by Mrs. G. H. Lucas Everyone Cordially Invited Free Will Offering (The above is a copy of the program of a special religious play to be presented at the Temple Terrace Community Church, Sunday evening, February 27th, 7: 45 P M). SUNDAY MARCH 6th g:oo P M P.nother program of special interest, including music, to be given at the Church, will be presented by Rev. and Mrs. James Anderson. Rev. and Mrs. Anderson are from Scotland and have been in this country one year. They have worked with teen-agers in England and Scotland for fifteen years. The young people of Temple Terrace are especially invited to attend this intere$ting program. No admission *************************************************************** NOTICE Due to lack of printing time, please bring this page of your paper to the Church as a program guide for the play tonight. -


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