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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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.. e ; ... ... -.. ...... ,. : }-J E -r E J'v1 PL = f E f\ I\ -r\ C E ,,,-;Volume III, Number,XIV April 24, 1949 E A S T E R S E R V I C E Temple Terrace was awakened at sunrise.Easter morn with a fine of Easter. music' emanating from our Community Church, q.nd heard t hroughout the city. The church was filled to near capacity to rec. e i ve an inspiring Easter me_ssage by Rev. Walter Metcalf at the regular time of worship; The choir, .accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Glenn Lucas,. presented a beautiful selection. of.. hymns appropriate to Easter-time Practically all the Sunday $chool students participated in the special w1th the small tots .; from the Primary Depar.tment making up a .Junior Choir and singing, "Jesus Loves M e11, most commendably. Much of the credit for the fin' e music by both choirs is due to tne of Mrs. W. B. Richardson who has given unstintiriglyof and talents in tne developmeqt and training of our Yp':lllg people singing in the choirs ., The church is fo'rtunate in having Mrs. Lucas as its uianist She has' also anent much time arr a.nging scores for the choirs and par tic:i,pation:.. !!el,' musical background has been quj_.te .-:an asset '-:towaJ;d build.ing .the desir.ed mus-ical sue cess of our church.


T E M P L E T E R R A C E Gasper Bua Ray Knopke Editors and Publishers Published semi-monthly in the interest of the residents of the City of Temple Terrace, Florida. Distributed to the subscribers the second and fourth Sundays of each month. P. o. Box 5645 Phones: 3s-2s32 Per copy .10 Tampa 5, Fla. 3S-2751 Yearly $1. 50 T 0 W N C R I E R S W!MMING POOL The Temple Terrace swimming pool was opened informally during the past weekend and despite the cool weather most of the local youngsters enjoyed their first swim of the year. The pool will not open officially for the season until May 21st but it is planned to have it open weekends between now and that date if patronage warrants it and weather permitting. The pool will again be operated under the sponsorship of the Temple Terrace Civic Association and will be managed by Mr. Alvin Parks, assisted by Mrs. Parks. In addition to Mr. Parks, who is an excellent swimmer, another qualified life-guard will be employed. Several improvements are planned for the pleasure of both swimmers and spectators. It is hoped that a water-polo team and a swimming team will be organized to compete against Sulphur Springs and the Tampa Municipal pools. Persons familiar with the pool know that it is one of the finest in the state and one of the few all-tile pools in this locality. It has a capacity of 250,000 gallons and is filled twice weekly with cold, pure water drawn from the City wells. The pool is treated chemically by a chlorine solution, fed through special intake valves, as is required by .the State Health Department. A constant of 25,000 daily also helps in maintaining the and purity of the water. The pool is a pleasant, healtful and safe place, both for children and adults to while away the hot summer days; and in order that State standards can be met and improvements made it will be necessary that the erit1re community support the project and assist in keeping it in a sanitary condition. During the 194g season more than 5000 swimmers enjoyed the pool and it was at no time taxed to full capacity. Tell your friends about this spot and make your plans now for swimming parties, swimming and picnics in the patio---or just plain sunbathing. Any suggestions that will make the pool more attractive or assist in more efficient operation will be N 0 T I 0 E SEVERAL PROPERTY OWNERS HAVE RECENTLY COMPLAINED ABOUT VARIOUS NPISANCES: DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, THEFT OF ORANGES AND OTHER FORMS OF TRESPASS. IF THESE OFFENDERS ARE APPREHENDED AT ANY TIME IT IS THE IN TENT OF THESE PROPERTY OWNERS TO PROSECUTE TO THE FULLEST EX TENT OF THE LAW. NOTICE


. e COMMISSIONERS MEETING Matters to come before the mid-month meeting of the Board of City Commissioners included a petition by Rev. Branaski to be permitted to erect a small pump and tool house in an orange grova, recently purchased by him on Road. This request was granted with the understanding that the building is to. be used only for the stated purpose and that a dwelling, meeting requirements of the City Building Code is to be erect-ed later. Authorization of the refund to B.J. Van Ingen and United Assets Corp. of taxes to be applied as debit against the Open Accou n t {Leroy Allen, Trustee) carried on the City's books in connect ion with the "Bond Transaction". That thi s payment be mar:e as in the past was put before the Commission on motion of Comm. Knapke; Comm. Howell made an opposing mot-ion that this accoun.t not be paid. In view of the split motion, Mr. Bua th9 motion of Comm. Knapke. Upon vote duly taken, Comm. Mayor Bua voted in the affirmative for the pay ment o f th5.s ob ligation, with Comm. Howell voting i n the n egative; by a t w o to one vote, the Commission agreed to make the payment as in preceeding years. Cost of policeml3.n 1 s unifo!'m exceeding amount ap proximately one hundred percent, it was decided to obtain other quotations on this equipme n t before purchasing uniforms. In the matter of the playground project, Mr. Nash Higgins, Director o f Tampa P laygr'Ounds, wa.s recently in Temple Terrace to look over the locaJ. playground site. In Mr. Higgins' opinion, the site ac quire d from the Cou::ity for this purpose i s an e xce .llent one a nd ca.n readily be adapted for this purpose. M r Higgins is to c heck with Count y Sc hool Supt. Farnell as to t n e prt / oable loc i o n of any fu ( ;ure school that might be erecte d a n

' @ """ .r.1 l g 0 U MR. AND MRS. H. P. WARDWELL Probably one of the best known couples in Temple Terrace is Mr. Hilliare Powell Wardwell and his charming wife, Elizabeth Hill Wardwell. Both are better known by the names, Larry and Betty. Betty was born in Pennsylvania but came to Flor.ida when she was only six, so she considers herself at least part Cracker. She attended schools in Winter Haven and then went North to attend Marjorie Webster College. After graduation, she taught physical education and dancing at &ajorie Webster and at various private schools in and around Washington, D. C. ,vhile still in high school she was active in sports and was a champion swimmer. Betty was recently elected President of the Garden Oircle and since it was first organized has been actively interested in its work and progress. Larry grew up in Maryland--(on the Eastern Shore, which 1!,_not in any way connected with Baltimore). He went to Johns Hopkins University and was active in sports there. He attended law school at George Washington and National University; and was admitted to the District of Columbia Bar (legal) in 1936. After being admitted he worked in the law and enforcement section of the Interstate Commerce Commission in Washington and surrounding area until January of 1942 when he went into the Army. He served in L:ilitary Intelligence during the war and was relieved from active duty in January, 1946 with the rank of Maj or. He spent a good part of his army life overseas and was awarded the Bronze Star medal and four battle stars. In July of 1946, the Wardwells moved to Temple Terrace, after looking over the rest of the state and deciding that Temple Terrace was the best place to live. In July of 147 Larry assumed duties of City Manager of Temple Terrace. He also serves in the capacity of Tax Collector, Fire Chief, City Clerk, City Treasurer and City Purchasing Agent. If anything goes wrong; whether it be a tree down, water b.ill too high, taxes too high, streets not clean, husband staying out late at night, most of the ladies call on Larry for help and he is always ready to help as much as possible. Both Larry and Betty like to play golf; Larry likes to hunt and has a fine hunting dog, 11Happy11 Besides his City work, Larry is on the Civic Club Board of Directors and is on the Swimming Pool Committee. Hardly any civic project has been completed without help from either Larry or Betty, or both. Betty is equally at home and equally good at pouring tea at a fancy party or hoeing weeds out of the flower beds on the Temple Terrace Highway. e


.. ELTHOEAM KENNELS (pronounced "El thkame") .. Just brought home to Temple Ter 'race, another. Champion Eng-1 ish Setter. who has become .. well-known over the past two. years, both as a show dog and a fast-going field-dog. "Rambler of Elthcee.m11 (the new champion) is four years old, bred by Dr. E. W. Maechtle; sired by International Champion, "Rackets Rowdy Jagersbo'!, and from one of the greatest mothers, ever bred in America, "El thee.. am s ]t: ar:i.lyn". The champion has sired over 40 pups to in '. South Florida and Georgia; and his offspring are found in many Southern and l .Hd-Centra1 states. They are all going.Bird-dogs. It has been a long, hard road to travel, in fulfilling the ideal of Elthceam Kennels; to keep trained all brood stock and develop TYPE good enough to win at leading shows. Few breeders have been able to.do both. Elthceam Kennels haa +inished four champions since came to Temple Terrace in 1945. AROUND THE TOWN Mr. and Mrs. George who spent the winter at their Temple Terrace to their summer home in New Britain, Conn. Larry Wardwell has returned from accompanying his mother to her home on Eastern of Virginia Mrs Mo.rtenson has returned to Chicago after spending three weeks at her home here with her guests, Mrs. Smith and Miss Catherine McCarthy. o"; f College students spending the Easter holiday with their families in Temple Terra9e included Miss LaGrone and Mr. John Renick Mrs. J.C. Cress of Miami visited Mr: arid Mrs. W.M. Mcsweeney while she was in Tampa a.tt ertding the' Eastern Star Convention Mr. and Mrs. Eri9 GarQ.ner of Detroit, Michigan and Mr. and Mrs. Fitzroy of Cleveland, Qhip wer e guests of Mrs. J.W. Van DeVenter for the Easter holiday. Mr. D.M. Friend of Roanoke, Virginia spent the Easter holiday with his family in Carl Gillette celebrated his l 7t. h birthday, April 19th.


.. GARDEN CLUB The members of the Garden Circle enjoyed a very pleasant and profitable meeting on Wednesday, April 13th. New officers for the coming year were unanimously elected as follows: Mrs. H.P. Wardwell, President; Mrs. Ray C. Knopke, First Vice-President; Mrs. Walter Reynolds, Second Vice-President; Mrs. Laurence Perry, Recording Secretary; Mrs. O.M. Whitman, Corresponding Secretary; and Mrs. Thomas Cureton, Treasurer. Mrs. Helen Renick, as chairman of the automobile tag sale, presided at the selection of a slogan for the new tags that are going on sale this week. "Home of the Temple was the selected slogan. This was deemed a very appropriate slogan since Temple Terrace was named for the Temple orange and the first Temple orange nursery is reported to have been located here. Mrs. A.L. Strickland, who is an acknowledged authority on chrysanthemum culture, was the speaker for tne day. She gave a most enthusiastic and helpful talk on her favorite subject----"The Chrysanthemum". Mrs. Roland Lewis was chairman of hostesses for the day. The luncheon table was unusually attractive with an arrangement of spring flowers in pastel shades. Each member was served an individual cake in the shape of an Easter egg with her name on it. The members are looking forward to the Second Annual Easter Ball, which is to be held at the Recreation April 23rd Temple Terrace has an interesting history that sparkles in places with a touoh of glamour. It seems that the origtnal Temple tree is now located in Orlando, where it is enjoying a ripe old age. W hen Temple Terrace was being established a man by the name of Mr. Collins Gillett set out groves budded from this original tree and those who bought acreage were required to sign a contract stating that they would not allow any buds to be sold for eight years. These were supposed to be the first nursery stock of the now popular Temple orange. Four thousand acres were set in Temple groves and a tower was erected so that visitors oould. gat a better view of the extensive planting. With these facts before us, we decided that the slogan; "Temple Terrace, the Home of the Temple Orange" is not only highly de-sirable but especially BRIDGE CLUB: Mrs. W.M, entertained the Bridge Club last Tuesday. Mrs. Walter ReynolQ.s won high score and Mrs. Mc Sweeney, second. Mrs. Frank Porter wishes to advise.her many that she has had her slip-cover patohed and $Ptings and tied. ****** Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Dyke are spending the weekend with the Larry Wardwells to the ****** Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. alsoare spending this weekend with.Mf, the Ball. '!' The H.C. Dunhams have returned north for the summer. monthe.


: e e WHEN WERE .YOU BORN ? If your birthday is between the April 21st and May 21st, your Zodiac sign is TAURUS (The Bull), ruled by the Planet Venus Your favorite jewels are diamonds and emeralds; favorite flowers, lilies and lilacs; lucky star, Venus; lucky day, Friday; lucky color, green; lucky numbers, 3 and 9. Persons born in your division of TAURUS have a keen fascination for acquiring money as the sign influences everything financial. "The Bull" symbol of TAURUS means "I have" and those born under the influence of this sign, with few exceptions, have a generous share of worldly goods. They are natural born "reasoners" and and are successful in all vocations where the use of their head and mental faculties is required. They figure out their own way of doing things and do not like to follow other people's suggest ions. There is e.l ways harmony and order surrounding them, as they are very exacting in all things involving time, measure or any kind of service. Their characteristics in this direction usually make them manager of the business or department in which they are working. They are inclined to be a little bull-headed and want their own way and hate to give in if they are wrong. TAURUS-born men are successful in lines such as real estate, lumbering, stock-raising, agriculture and anything connected with the great out-doors. They also have a natural cunning which gives them a great advantage in matters pertaining to law--and the fact ttat they are natural born leaders makes them successful, in politics. Important undertakings started in June or July are, with few exceptions, very Friday might well be considered their lucky day. TAURUS women make excellent teachers of music and voice as they are by nature very musicai and artistic. They are inclined to be temperamental and often destroy their best talents and chances of success through jealousy. They are lovers of fine clothes and elegci ,nt surroundings and often extravagant in matters of dress and personal apoearance. They also enjoy good things in the home and take great pride in domestic affairs. Persons born under this sign a+e generous and with those whom they like and are just the opposite with persons they care little about. They should strive to cultivate patience as this will helu them to control their quick temper and save them many unpleasant experiences. This sign's influence on sex is very strong and the fickle and jealous of persons born under it often makes them slow in discovering the lovable qualities in the opposite sex. Through this jealous nature they are inclined to be very in their demands on sweetheart or 19ver--and often get perturbed over imaginary slights. TAURUS-born find most partners in marriage in persons born under PISCES, SCORPIO or VIRGO. Prominent Persons Born Under TAURUS Wm. Shakespeare Duke of Wellington Ulysses S. Grant Robt. E. Peary Phillip o. Armour Norma Talmadge Richard Barthelmess Bing Crosby Robert Montgomery ************************************************* Little Jerry McOarleys third birthday was April 20th which was celebrated with a party on the apd attended 9Y all the local pre-school youngsters. Happy Birthday, Jerryfrom us, too. ***************************************************************** Don't Forget the


OURREHT GOLF HAPPENINGS The T.T.W.G.A. weekly tourney winners were Mrs. Ray Hill in A Div ,ision; B Division, W.M. Mcsweeney; C Division, Mrs. H.P.lardwell and Mrs. Bua, Draw ptize, Mrs. Elliot Dixon. 00000000 Qualifying .!or the Macauley Two-Ball, Mixed-Foursome got under way last weekend. It looks like a large of players; about 5 flights, plus the nine-hole flight; one-half of combined handicaps will be used. Low qualifiers to date lat place, Mrs. H.P. Wardwell and Walter with net 70; second place, Mrs. Bob Nelms, and J.O, Nelms tied with Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Fordham, with net 71, 00000000 Matches in the Donlan Four-Ball Club Champidnship have progressed to the semi-finals with the favorites winning most of the way. 00000000 The Tampa Women's Golf Association held. its t,-;ee}cly tourney at Temple Terrace Tuesday morning. It was a medal play event-lS holes. First prize won by Mrs. Lau+ence Sherrill who shot an Sl; 2nd place was a tie Mrs. P.A.Ellis and Mrs. Al Smith; 3rd place, Mrs. Clyde Reynolds All the ladies remarked that. the Temple Terrace C9Urse was in better shape than the other courses at this Major M. R, Bittik6fer spent the past in Cheyenne, Wyom ing and Washington, D. c. but has now.returned ....... Mrs. Helen Renick has a new Buick; the Elvin Higgins, a new Chrysler; and the Richardsons have finally received their new Pontiac. Temple Terrace PTA newly elected officers for the year: President, Mrs. A. Schulzke; Vice-President, Mrs. G.H. Lucas; Mrs. J.J. Cappolino, Mrs. Frank Porter, Treasurer; Yrs. R.J. Duff ,Historian, Tentative plans are being made to hold Temple Terrace School May Day ;'estival at the Recreation Building, May 6t. h ...


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