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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Bua, Gasper ( Editor )
Knopke, Ray ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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. e T J-J E Volume III, NumberXV May S, 194-9 THAT MAG I C W 0 R 0 There is magic in the word, MOTHER. Mother i s the on e who makes our dreams come true. Mother is the one who answers all of our unanswerable questions with the ease of a college professor and the patience of Job. Mother is the one who gets us up (and how we do hate it) at the of dawn to get us ready for school. Mother is the same person who meets us with a smile, a drink and sandwich when we come home from school. Mother is the one who is f01'e .ver loOking over us and thinking of our 'well-being 24 hours a day, year in and year out. Mother is the one who cherishes our every thought and utterance to the last day of our lives. Mother is the one who we through neglect fail to appreciate the magic of her power and understanding .. is "Mother s Day". Let us take off our hats to the one person who unselfishly always thinks of her self Let us pay a real tribute to for what she truly is---not just today but every day--11KOTHER11 I


T E M P L E T E R R A C E T 0 W N C R I E R Gasper Bua Ray Knopke Editors and Publishers Published semi-monthly in the interest of the residents of the City of Temple Terrace, Florida. Distributed to the subscribers the second arid fourth Sundays of each month. P.O. Box 5645 Phones: 38-2832 Per copy .10 Tampa 5 Fla. 38-2751 Yearly $1. 50 Some old minutes of the City of Temple Terrace that were recently located disclosed information pertaining to valuation of property and the City Budget for the year June 1927-May 1928 that may prove interesting reading to present property owners of the community: Administrative Department Pay lioll Rent, Suppl. & Misc. Auditor Legal BONDED INDEBTNESS Interest Exp. Sinking Fund Paving Cost on City Property Due 12/26/27 Prin. 11 11 Int. 11 12/31/27 II 4/15/28 II II II Past due on Water Works (Approx.) WATER VVORKS Sanitary: Streets: Pay Roll Elect. Trucks & Tools Receipts (Water Dept) Parks Dept. Pay Roll Equipment Material Caddy House Expense Receipts (Golf Course) Street Lighting BUDGET 6/1/27 -5/31/2g Expendi-Income to tures be deducted 6000. 00 1200. 00 500. 00 lS00.00 51600.00 200.00 6231.62 1994.04 3of:>s.21 1909.46 2000.00 6000.00 3000.00 1200.00 12000.00 3000.00 1200. 00 2400.00 2100.00 15000. 00. Gross Total ( "i ... 9500. 00 51800.00 15203.33 10200.00 1s600.oo Electricity 720.00 Repairs & Maintenance 2$0.00 1000.00 (continued next page) Net Total 9500. 00 51soo.oo 15203.33 gioo.oo 3600. 00 1000.00 e


' .,.. .. COMMISSIONERS MEETING Busiile .ss to come before the regular monthly meet-.ing of the Bpard of Temple Terrace City included necessity of purc has ing a truck for work on golf course and about the City generally; delinquent Street Improvement Assessments; checking and repair to fire plugs and mapping of water main locations; police uniform; function of Judge in dealing with juveniles; proposed chariges at swimming pool; and advertising for golf course and City zoning restrictions. Recent and frequent breakdowns in the City's trucking equipment emphasized the immediate need of another tr_uck. Mr. Brook offered to sell the City a truck he had recently purchased Comm. Knopke offered a motion, seconded by Comm. Howell, that this truck be purchased at a price of $375.00; by vote, purchase was authorized. In the matter of delinquent Street Improvement .Assessments, City Attorney was requested to prepare a letter to be sent out by City Tax Collector to all persons who have not paid the assessment. Arrangements were made to have an expert from the Tampa Water Department to check and make necessafy repairs to local fire hydrants and to locate all water mains, cut-off Valves, etc. Purchase was authorized of p oliceman s uniforms in field green at a cost not to exceed $25.00, plus cost of insignia. Future disposition of juveniles in cases involving than a felony was discussed and Judge Maeder is to have a conference with Juvenile Judge Kicklighter on this matter in the near future. Changes to be made at the swimming pool wilt include the addition of higher protective sides on the diving tower. Advertising for the golf course was approved at a cost of $ 25.00 for repainting of sign at miniature golf course on Florida Ave. Zoning restrictions were discusaed with the possibility of providing possible business area in locality where deed restrictions may have expired. **************************************************************** contined) Administrative Department Expendi-Income to tures be deducted Gross Total Net Total Fire Deoartment e Pay Roll 24oO. 00 2400. 00 2400.00 Contingent Fund 10000.00 10000.00 The preceeding Budget of $llS,703!33, as shown by the Gross Total, for the fiscal year. 1927-2$ is in sharp contrast to the crrent of $2S,S91.92. A further contrast of even greater interest is the fact that total assessed valuation of real and personal property in the City of Temple Terrace for the year 1927 was seven million, four hundred six thousand six hundred and sixt -four dollats .. 7, as compared to the a9sessed valuation of J203,360.oo for all real and personal property within the City. H. P. WARD\iE'LL -City Clerk ***************************************************************** N 0 T I C E Mr. B. Nelms has requested that in need of police services after S:OO PM to 9all the Gol! Club 'number---3S'!'"260l


J t YEAR'S FINAL EETING OF.,GARDEN .CIRCLE The meeting of 'the Terrace Garden Circle scheduled for next iNE:ldnesday, May 11th; will take place in the patio of E.A. MOCartney1e home on river; This is the final meeting of the 19.46-49 year for the organization and a large .attend-ance is expected. at 'id:30 Wednesday morning, there will be a business meeting, featuring reports of committees. for the coming year will be installed at this time by Mrs. "Jack Lacey. Following the beautiful rose ceremony, luncheon will be served with its accompanying social hour. Mrs. qross is the dayts hostess. In the afternoon, the Circle and its guests for the day, members of the Orange Blossom Garden Circle of Lutz, Florida, will enjoy a 11garden tour", visiting a number of the most beautiful gardens in Temple Terrace. TEMPLE TERRACE REPRESENTED AT TAMPA FEDERATION MEETING The annual meeting of the Tampa .Federation of Garden Clubs was held recently at the Club House on Bayshore Boulevard. The Temple Terrace Garden Circle was represented by its president, Mrs. W.F. Thomson; the past president, Mrs. E.A. McCartney; and Mrs. H.P. Wardwell, who will preside over the Circle's destin ies during the coming year. These ladies will have some very interes.ting things to relate at the Temple Terrace Circle meeting next Wednesday. TOT HAVEN MAY DAY PAGEAJ.1T The Tot Haven kindergarten of Temple Terrace gave a May.day pageant for the local grade school and a number of patrons, May 4th. Virginia Stead, age four, was Queen of May; a _nd Nick Baum, age six, was King. Cindy Rosdale, three and Laura Bowlby, five were royal princesses; and Paul Slade and Joey Seitz, both five, were princes in the parade to the throne. Phillip Lucas and Gregory Baum, both aged three, were pages. They carried the miniature crowns and did the honors of crowning the king and queen. To complete the program, the royal court wound a Maypole and sang, "The Puffer-Jug Song". **************************************************************** BRIDGE CLUB: Mrs. Frank Porter entertained the Bridge Club last Mrs ... J.M. Bregar won high score and Mrs. VV.M. Mcsweeney, second. Guests included Mesdames Whitman, Reynolds, Maeder, Bua, Mcsweeney, Bregar, Batell and Porter. Saturday Night DANCE May 14th. The Temole Terrace Civic Association will sponsor a dance for the benefit of the Temple Terrace PTA, Saturday night, May 14th, at the Civic Building---9:00 1til 1:00. The proceeds from this dance will be turned over to the PTA for the benefit of the Sbhool's movie projector Let's.all attend this dance it a big success! ****************************************************************** PICNIC: The children of the T,T. Community Church choir were entertained yesterday with a picnic at Indian Rocks Beach by Mrs. W.B. Richardson. ****** Mrs. W.R. Hill of Haven spent several days during the past week as guest of Mr. and Mrs, Larry Wardwell.


(l) (NOW MEI G-Hl30R ..__ -THE M R. B!TTIKOFER FAMILY From Japan to Temple Terrape is quite a change but tha t is what the Bi ttikofer fn.mily had just done w hen t he y m .:i7ed to Terrace in of 1948, Major Bittikofer (he pronounces the kofer to rhyme with cougher but Mrs. Bittikofer rhymes it with loafer) was transferred to MacDill Field after having been in Japan for 30 months. He is in the Engineering Corps (fortunately he is now attached to the Air Corps) and has been in the army since 1941. The Bittikofers met in the summer of 141 while both were stationed at Cochran Field, Macon, Georgia. Mrs. Bittikofer, or as her friends call her, Arlene (close friends call her Gus, which is for Augusta) was an Army nurse at the time. Competiion w3.s pretty fierce but the Major was persistent and finally in January of 1942 they were marriedr 'i1hey have two children, a bqy and a girl. Grett i was born in Georgia and will be six in June. Rich is named after his father, M yron Richard; he was born in Wisconsin and will be four in October. Major Bittikofer is from He attended Ohio State University and graduated in l94o. While at school he was a boxing champion in the 135 pound division. He was also active in other sports and .still is interested but confines his activity to goif, although both he and Arlene are ardent baseball fans and enjoy watching the Smokers play. Arlene is from Wisconsin but likes the South much if only because it was in the Soth that she met her husband. She has recently become interested in golf and is rapidly improvir.g her game. She was recently elected to the Church Board of Directors and is much interested in civic works and projects. Bittikofer went to the Phillip,inee in 1945 and then on to J apan. Arlene, together.with Gretti and Rich, joined him there and they lived in.Osaka, Japan for 9 months and in Kyoto for$ months. Rich was only 9 months old at the time and Arlene, thinking that she would be in Japan for possibly .three years, had to buy clothes and shoes for all the time that they would be there. Both Bittikofers have many interesting stories to t .ell a.bout the cu8toms of the Japanese and their ways of living. Arlene has several hand-made silk kimonos and other articles of clothing given to her by people there. Several pictures on the walls are Japanese prints. and the Major enjoys playing several Japanese records for guests, made by a singer comparable to Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. They must be heard to be appreciated. Being an Army familY,, the Bittikofers have moved numerous times Besides the time spent irt Japan they have lived in Uacon, Georgia; Henderson, Ky; Lebanon, 1'16; and Muscovy, Okla. Both of them like Temple Terrace, 9f corse, though it does mean the Maj-(continued on Golf Page)


/ CURRENT GOLF HAPPENINGS The T.T.W.G.A. weekly tournament (a Kicker Tourn.ey) was won by Mrs. Lew Bower 5n the A Division; B Division, Rcs c Niohols m 1; B eginners Divisici.1, llt:rs. June Gillette. The putting cont est was won by Mrs. Ray Hill and draw prize, Mrs. Gas;>er Bua. 000000 The Macauley two-ball mixed-foursome tourney started first round matches Tuesday, 3rd. Medalist hon.ors won by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ginn, net 66; second place, Mrs. R. Nicholson and E.C. C arver with net Matches will oe allowed one week. Full diff e=ences between handicaps will be given. The defeated S in the championship flight will form the first flight. 000000 Several Temple Terrace players went over to Forest Hills to pJ. ay in the Annual West Coast Two-Ball-Mixed tourney. and iE::s. Ray Hannaway had 6S for 3rd place and Mr. and Mrs. Pete E:..trray, for 4th place. 000000 The Donlan four-ball tournament ended rather disappointingly this Rev. E. Hambrick and Rev. R. Walker were scheduled t:) play R. S. and Bob Griess er in the finals but Rev Ham b:i.:ick r Jroke a finger playing .soft ball, so had to default; the cup g"-' ,:_ ng to TuicMahone and Griesser. It spoiled what would really been a wonderful match. 000000 A Blind Bogie Tournament will be held this :weekend, Saturday Sunday 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (Bittikofer continued) or has to get up an hour earlier to make the drive to Field whi-0h means that Arlene has to get up also. But this disadvantage is more than overcome by the advantages, so the Bittikofers feel fortunate in being here. Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Mcsweeney left Thursday for Miami .to attend the Florida Express Fruit Shippers. Assoc ia ti'on convent ion. ****** Frank Porter left Friday night for Indianap9lisJ Make plans to attend the next Civic Association Friday, May 20th. Important questions will be discussed.


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