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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
Bua, Gasper ( Editor )
Knopke, Ray ( Editor )
Florida Press Association
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Temple Terrace (Fla.) -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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: ;', .I :, "! ... : : .. '. :" Volume III, Number XVI I :. ... '. t ._. May 2 2 19 49 F I S H F R Y .. for the Fish Fry to be held Sa 28th, sponeorby the Civic Association, are r apidfy beirtg"completed. It is anticipated that over 2000 people will attend the affair. Mr. Al Faltus, general chairman, nas. ?-ppointed. v.ar:ious committee. s to .help in the work. Mr. have arranged a program of swimming and aquatis everitsta be presented during the evening. The y are als_o a show with te.n girls modelling O'l,ltfits .-I .. J will be serv-ed from '51: 30 tiY 9:00 P.:M The eating arr anger.lents are being made by Walt Rey r;,ol,ds ap.d Ba .ss Richardson a r.d Howell. A var1e d menu wit: h f"fsh as the featured att will: .be offered. dlen'n Lucas ha:s : 'proniised. a supply of v age-Cables with plenty of corn-on-the-cob. Danc1.-ng will begin at 9"0 clock' w\ t'l1 the ':fur.nished by '01e Brother Charlie and his group of entertainers: TP,ey are one the best known entertaining uni.ts in this area' ; broadcasting daily over WFLA anr;l playing eve .. rz,._$at,+day; Il;j.gh:t: .at_ the .. coris'eum before crowds: of two anQ.;. tbref:! people. .. : .,; .. -. Mr. Bua, in charge of advertising the has had two thousaand :dtickets printed -is now .. :rd pre-p re .. I> .. ....... .;. t :t.. \ '* "' .: ,,.. ,# .. ; ... this will naturally need the coopetation and help of everyone; .so .if you are called upon to. assist in : \ : r hope ::. : : : : -:'. The -:F:ish Fry will a ''to Terrace ... : I who have never been here before. It is hoped.that many .of 'these (continued hext page)


T E M P L E T E R R A C E Gasper Bua Ray Knopke Editors and Publishers Published in the interest of the residents of the City of Temple Terrace, Florida. Distributed to the subscribers the second and fourth Sundays of each : month. P.O. Box 5645 Phones: 3s-2s32 Per copy .10 Tampa 5, Fla. 3s-2751 Yearly $1.50 T 0 W N C RI ER TEMPLE TERRACE PAREN'J,'-TEACHER. ASSOCIATION The Temple Terrace P T A concluded its 10th year of activity with the closing program, May 12th. Mr. Ray Knopke gave the devotional. Yearly reports were given by all committee chairmen and plans were made for a Study Group program, held at the home of Mrs. O.H. Howell, May 19th. The School picnic will take place June 10th, with lunch provided the school and swimming afterward at the pool. Mrs. Howell, in behalf of the P T .. .Pr esen-ted Mts: Capp.ol i no with a small taken of. appreciation for her excellent work through out the year ... Mrs. Cappol ino, in turn presented corsages. to both old and new officers. ....... ... ,. of new officers was co .nducted b:( Mrs. H.P. Wardwell. Officers include: Mrs. Arthur Schul zke president; Mrs. Glenn Lucas, vice-president; Mrs. J. Cappolino, seol;'etary; Mrs. Frank Porter, treasurer; Mrs. R. J. Puff. ,.hist.or1a, n : : the meet .ing,. 'qy Mrs. J Bre-gar and Mrs. Porter. _:: e During the past ten years the p T A has froma charter member-ship of 33 to th pr.esent t ,otal 01' S 9' meinbers ... Through the efforts of the PT A in 'the past few yearsrnany school improvements have been made, including the venetian blinds, heal th lamps, fuel oil ,tbe pl-Qtu,re projector and a large number of books_ for the. school 11:br ;l!ry. -l We trust that these past a ... and inspiration for even gre'ater serv;ice. to. the'sbli6ol and to the community. (Fish Fry continued) "\ll : ..... _,'. : ... : : people will return to use the swimming pool, pia:y golf and per-haps some will eventually live. in Ter:i:"ac e .i'' -. The affair promises to be a b1g-' orie and much credit is due those who are working so hard to make it a complete S\lCC.ess .. ',"f< ::: .. .. .... Mrs. A. M c. Jobson entertained meinber : s ; C a.mpbell Circle of the First Christian a : meeting, 1 ; !onday, M ay 9th.


: A ... .l .. ., .. .. y '. 'I .. COMMISSIONERS MEETING ... -:\Tl'>.. e mid-monthly meeting o f the' Commiss ionera, held !I'e_sd_ay May 17th, was given over. almost entirely to a discti's' s'ionof-ac:t:ii .011 by the Commissioners, whereby the current session of t'h e w .ould be petitioned: an increase :cent) in the :Temple,.:Terrace rate. Visitors at! the meeting it1format'1.on asr it;o: action .is the o f same and ; wh.e. t ne r ,: it: 1s i' :\7iew of the. ex., in tax. in""'. -. .; :, :1 ........ '.. ; .... : : "\ ..... : I ;. : ..... qo 1 luiiiss iqner s : and A'tto.r'ney'. expl.aine;Q. that tbe pet i't:i.o-n: pr_epared with the idea: Of it. kept' a .. from t:ne publicas .had been intimated; the legal noticeas required by law has been published and ; a story carried in the Tribun.1?; there had been no issue of the Crier subsequent .. to the t'o' petition for the millage increase. It was furt.her t he:t: there was. no 1nteii.t 'ion of, -inqreas.ing the City tax rate rat.her,: the };:lope of or eliminating some of the existing Ift he new valuation becom e effteoti ve the Pity shou.ld get at, .. a fifty percent .. taxes wi t : h the rate of 20 ,mills in arid thete is no intention of the.,additi,ona.1 5 mills. Should the new valuation sufficient .9-t 20 mills. the pr-esent Street .. Tax-. :t.hen be eliminated ... If the Street 'I'.ax.pr,oved dtfficultto collect" 8:S' 'lt has in S;ning .arid building regulations were disci+ssed with the re'str.iCti-ons in deeds at. the present time and the .. various .types of deeds that had resulted fr.om the Holland Act, :.1 1uruhy Ac:t and ... Tax .DJ3ed Titles. ... : :-,r_:he being. in shape 'after the winter season, .. Manager Br-00;k was.a'l.fthorized to purchase one ton of .. a price--of ton. ... :_; .. ),'} .: ... :. ; .. .L ; \ : : : r: :1 .,, .. H. P. WARDWELL City' Clerk ( r-........ ..... ,. 1 "':' :'.' -


, .. '. . : \ .. .. ... I i' l : ''. ., I' 't /,, _- i 4. ', If be:tween the_ to June (The : Gemini has the'. great and orators of the ages .. is a touch of geni':ls each i .ndi vidual born \ln der _its .,irif:).uen:c e; :.Your .powers of expressioQ. are unique for .you cari "wri t'e' an:ct .. t .nink. in advance of. the average person. Yourf a1 'i$ the sfg' n of mental exi:)ression for you are ruled by Mercury. You are intellectual and thoughtful. The mind is so very active .that you sqmetime s give. the. .impression of being confused in your. incliriation s and. 1b .eliefs:," t:or .you may at times be swerved this way and that by p ;onfl ideas, knowledge and infor-mation you sec. ure". .. . You ... will make and changes in your search .fo. r the environor that. are inos t sitable t0 you. You are restless a.11d phangeable, in.searcll of noveity a.-nd.information. If y ou:; tnBrke: '.thi, s a quality by giving equa;:L 'att e 'ntTon. to your po: wer to exp ,ress the knowledge you. b.p'cumulate will. be well.'. A .roll: i ng stone gathers no moss and 'you. cannot afford'to d:r;ift along through life without some anchor"o!' ba9kgroun4.' You aisiike'. worl t .hat makes follow a set pattern. You a c:r-e. 13.tu!e of habit and action. Business and' are: except.ionalJy good. You have a spark of: ,ahout ho.w to make'. money and will thus follow an unusual l'ine of. work or 'career.. are .. fa:vored if, you adhere t o your own particularly favorable trends, such. as'. land or a personal .business. You should never. rush into' propo, s it ions in a moment of enthusiasm. You are anx1ous,'tp mak( ideas P!3-Y and do not al way$ '. ise .or. i go9d ju9.gement before going into things. Hence there is you 't9 Even though ex-perie:t;L e th;inking you must first"establish foundations of life .in which you have security before you attempt all the other things you wish to do. In so ing, YO\l become fre. e .. t9._work to accomplish much in the way of or iginal, creative .eri'GLrpr.ise Jliat wou14 prosperity and personal ,.o : f life ,It. is; wi.se for you to learn a certain trade" or. profess.io,ri' which .usable as the ,basis of your earning powe .r>. In J-tay .. ... }i.nancia;1 .de:pression, whilst you g_i ve qnly a ce;rta:in .. t : t : ime and e n:ergy to your tasks. This .. then leave. a .you. f;re .. .,t,0 the .. outside interests whfch may eventually prove to be your ::real road to prosperity. Your w ,ork shol.1-ld bring you pef.or:e t .P.e p ubliC:. .. .. .. : t .i : : Life _has to be exci :'f r:i,:"e. e an d you to fully and almndantl'Y: oy ,it. .. ypu, nervous and tense hal:rpy those who .have mutual ideas, though.,t s and ambi tion e p _ictu,re o,f 1 if e. You have a fortunate .. to marr.iage. You instinct iveli seek a of as marriage partner. You will be faithful and loyal to the companion. You want a pal, a and f ,q;-_; If. YO\,l: feel that you are no, t Wi9.erstood or: ; you g-row dull and 1 istless. The should .. from you \'. ,r:.t .. : : 'J'.: .. You are "apt to become .. discontented w.ith any one person unless they are. very similar .. fou )n and asoirations, able to be,;eithrjrnrious. oi: .. alJ.Q. .wl':tC?i ca.i:i .. fi11. d fun at work or pl'ay When You find, .. you .. radi,:ant. Home and fam'ily bt you will sincerely endeavor to bring a light, gay, enthusiastic spirit into yor relationships You area genius at or helping them. You will !1nd yourself at: end of the day, however, if you burn the candle of energy too strenuously in business or domestic matters, outside interest or distraction enables you to remain ia.f'fabfe"i:'9:nd cooperative. Love and romance come to you easily. .. .... (continued on Golf Page)


. e CURRENT GOLF HAPPEN I NGS The winners this week.of the T.T.W.G.A. were: A Division, Mrs. Lew Bower; B Division, Mrs. Rose Nicholson; C Division, H.P. Wardwell; Dra w prize, W.R. Crippen. Two of the most improved women players in the club, Mrs. Rose Nicholson and Mrs. H.P. well, sure make the old saying, 11practice makes perfect", true. Of course, their families don't agree or enjoy going without their meals, etc ...... But----00000 Tuesday, 16th. A city-wide two-ball mixed foursome held at T.T. was a great success. More teams turned out for this event than any other in the last year. Quite a few of these teams were T.T. players who came in for more than their share of prizes. Winners were Mrs. and John Allee; Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Llauget; Mrs. Robert Jayroe and Ralph Gaver; Ray Knapke and Mrs. W .R. Mc Carley; Mrs. R. Hill and Karl Maas. 00000 Qualifying for the City four-ball tourney ended Thursday at T.T. Low qualifiers, Joe Torres and Charles Clark, who shot a low bali of 65. Match play starts, at 1:00 P. M Second round matches, Sunday, l:OO P. M Semi-finals, Saturday, 29th. Finals, 36 holes, Sunday, 30th. 00000 The T.T. Club four-ball tourney is going into the semi-final round this weekend. A great deal of interest has been aroused; favorites are being upset all over the place and it's quite possible tha t four unknowns will wind up in the finals of the Champ ship flight for the large trophy. The third flight has already been w 9n by Mrs. Frank Porter and Frank Thomson who defeated Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Howell in a hard-fought match which ended on the last green. (Pearl Howell has come back to golf after many years absence because of illness. She sure surprised everyone including the Pro and shop staff; her golf seems as good now as it was when she quit). 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (When Were Born? continued) You are very inclined to overstrain your resources, perhaps unconsciously. The nervous system, mental faculties, chest and breathing apparatus are very sensitive and cease to function normally w hen you have any ailments or suffer from fatigue. You will overdo physically and mentally in any task you set yourself to do and then have to rest to restore your vitality. Plan your schedule so that you have time for rest, relaxation and diversion without neglecting your other vital interests. Your health needs constant attention. Your keynot for 1949 is stabilization of basic interests and willingness to consider new money-making ideas.


.. ..... ... : : .l .. .. .. ',. t I I;: : l .... j ,. ... ,. ; .-' :) \ .. J : : I I -1 MRS. .. pAVIS :, '":''. An inheri 't'wo vacant l'ots ih {emple. brought Mrs .... Pavis to .look p.t them. It seems bpught. two 16is in Temple .terrace at the time and .. before they could'' use thein the. we11:...knowil" boo'm. broke. M r. :.ancf Mrs. Davis inherited the two lots, : and: p'1ant,led to bu. ,itcf but .. because building costs were high decid' e .o.to buy' a house and purchased one of the new homes op ':the corner of Burlingame and Bona ire. This was in. the early. part of 1947. Mr. Davis died, however, in July. of 147 and Mrs. Davis moved in during October of the yea_ r living in T 'errace -:'$G mu-c:h s h:e. has :macle plans.' to :1.i 'the" Y,t1ar ro.tJ:rld. Originaiiy from Chelsea;' V'erinont, Mrs.; bavi s was very active in poll.t.ics and was President of the Women's R 'epubl'ican Club of Mr. Davis was also a-Otive -in poltttc s and served as' Chaii'ma n 'of the Republican State: Com.mi tte e several times. He also "served as a representati \re( : State Legislature and was a representative on the Milk Board .. 1'> I ) -_ ,., 1 I While living in Chelsea the Davis1s had a large farm and raised Registered Pure-bred {l.nd Pure-bred Jer sey cattle. Their cattle and hogs 1iere h'ote-a: thr'oughout the Eas.tern .part of the country and. :won many. Blue and Red ribbons at 'the various fairs After quit farming Mr'.. Davis became ,man. age+ of one of the creameries in Vermont. He was a;1s p P1.r.hastng Agent for the State L 'i'tjuor Stores of Ver mqp;t. was conne 'cted With the" ;Rock of Ages .prani te Company for' a. number 'of' years. During th"e: war he ut1T1 zed his Civil engineering training in the deveiopmerit and manufacturing of fuses for the V-2 Bombs. Mrs .... ,pa,v.j.s f or111. e:t"ly 1 iked to swim and ride. horseback. Now, h 6Jie ye;r ; 1s mpre apd planting and is of. th. e local Garden. Q.ar.cl ,e. .. .. : .... L has accumulated at various times large numbers of golf balls. Right now, however, thin,gs are a little slow in the golf ball department and she thinks that the golfers. have. improved quite a bit since she first moved in. On occasion she has helped golfers look. Jor. a bal1 and if it couldn't be. f ound has gone in and to;. c e1.?f. the. 'ic>s, t r r I' .' Mrs. Davis signs her legal papebf as Mrs' : Hannah Davis but prefers to be known as Mrs. John P Davis Al though no t:. a9t.iye, a.t any : of the c i vie or ganizat.ioils 1 due t O.-:.i.+l .healthr; Mrs. na..vis is muchly interested .. 'T.emP.:le_ .. is. looki1:1g to the .whe:n;. ?-ble t9( the .various proJ ects going. 9n .. : .: : ****"'"'****** ******** *** 1 ..


. .. G .ARDEN C,IRCLE SEASON'S LAST MEETING ... The following from the Garden Circle column of the Tampa T ribune will be of special interest to members of Temple Terrace Garden Circle: Mrs. Jack Lacey, president of the Tampa Federation of Garden Clubs, installed of!icers for the coming year at the meeting of Templ& at the home of Mrs. E.A. McCart ney on t .he Hil'isborough River I I Mrs. H. p. Ward. we'i1, the new president, will be assisted by the foll qwfng ; of : new officers: Mrs. Ray Knopke and, Mrs. Walter anci vice presidents respec.ti_vE11Y; J.t:: : \ Perry and Mrs : ; 0 .. I t Whitman, secretaries and Mrs. Thomas CUreto'I,1,-,_ 1 ; treasurer. .. A rose ,cerem ony -was held and corsages presen-ted,.various officers and visitors including)trs. N.F. Thomson, re'tirihg pre,si\!ent ,i-' ... Mrs. T .C. was chairman for the day's meeting. Mrs. t :R. Wilson and Mrs. "N. H. Cushing contributed books on gardening to the newly orga.nized circle library M r..,.e, E. Harnish sang prececiing the se. I'.ving of a buffet' luric'hean ':j.n the .. patio '"" .. : ... During the guests were conducted on ."a tOl..ir "O{ nearby gard.ens .bY ii.rs. q.asper Bua. Homes to I 1 :rs. McCartney 1 s were -those of ilrs. C. H Blackmer, M r '1L .. 1 Vi1mer Mrs. J.H. Simmons, Mrs. E.R. Hires and Mre. A."M.C; Jobson.-1:em bers of the Orange Blossom Circle, of which Mrs. H: t f JFinkbeiner is president, were guests at meeting. : .::.:; ****** MRS. THOMSON HONORED ... : : .. At the meeting .. o f the Temple Terrace Garden C th r. ;. .. Mrs. 'N. Frank Thomson was presented with a very lovely potte.ry ... bowl, Mrs H.P. Wardwell making the for Mrs. Thomson is the retiring president, while Mrs. W a .rdwell will: preside over the Circle's destinies during the coming year. I TE111PLE TERRACE SCHOOL NEW S On Friday evening, May 6th, the entire school participated in a May Day program. The colorful costumes added : to the festive air of the school's first May Day. The folk dances, tiny soldiers { e and baton twirlers were a few of the many acts which left the audience with 11ohs11 and 11ahs11 This will be.,a day long remember-ed by both the pupils and their parents. ********** i .. On June 10th, which is the last day of sc):iool, a picnic and Swimming party will be held for the qhildren df the elementary school .A lunch will be served by the P T A on __ school grounds dut'ing the regular luncheon hour; after school ii.:f. dismissed at 2: 00 p. M childreri will go to the pool for a swimmirig party, which will .. last untJ.1 4:00 P.M ********** All children must either report back to school on June 17th for their or leave a stamped for their to be mailed to them. ... ;,: The CRIER wishes to take oppor-tuni ty. to ,, .. commend tbe of the Temple .. School for their : ... efforts iri coaching the children for the D ay Festi vai. Many comments were heard, all in praise of the hard work and extra; time that the faculty spent in the .. so successful.


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