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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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,. ... } I 1. .... -r E f\ I\ ;\ C E V olume III, Number XIX July 10, 194-9 TAX C E R T I F I C A T E S On July 6th Mrs. Bonnie C. Arries, through her attorney, John filed suit against the City to satisfy her claims for settlement of two Tax Certificates held by her and which were issued by t he City in 1929 and 1930. These tax certificates are in the amounts of Four Hundred EightyThree dollars and Forty-Five cents ( $ 4S3.4-5) and Four Hundred Eigh t y dollars and Fifteen cents ( $4SO.l5). Both certificates cover aree. on which the Recreation Building and Pool are located. During the past years since these certificates were issued there 1...:..-re been various actions taken by the City and other holders of similar certificates to settle the claim. There has been much dis concerning the responsibility of taking up these certifi cates and during the past various attorneys have expressed opinions en the problem. In view of the complex situation it is hoped that during the coming more information will be available. The situation will be discussed at the next Civic Association meeting to be held Friday n ight, July 15th in the Recreation Building. NOTICE TO VACATIONISTS Are you spending vacation out of town this year? For your protection, call Mr. Wardwell at the City Office, 3S-2663. He will be very glad to have Mr. Nelms check your home frequently to see that everything is in order while you are away, so that you may enjoy your vacation free of home worries.


.. T E M P L E TERRACE T 0 W N C R I E R Gasper Bua Ray Knopke Editors and Publishers Published semi-monthly in the interest of the residents of the City of Temple Terrace, Florida. DistriQuted to the subscribers the second and fourth Sundays of each month. P. 0. Box 564-5 Phones: 3S:..2g32 Per copy .10 Tampa 5, Fla. 3S-2751 Yearly $1. 50 WHAT'S SO DIFFICULT ABOUT FAITH? Hav e you noticed.-that man who, to accept certain relig ious on the ground that he doesn't understand them com pietely, seldom has the remotest idea what makes his windshield wiper work? Have you observed that the fellow who argues, "But I can'.t accept anything so baffling to my intelligence," has the fullest faith in his radio or his telephone, without anything beyond a sketchy idea of how they do what they do? Whenever I get into a mood when I feel doubt about anything in the I switch myself back onto the track of faith by realizing t hat no story in it is harder for my mind t9 than the nundreds of. wonders which I accept in everyday life as routine r don't say, when I hear in a Br-0nx flat a voice from 1eheran or that what I am hearing is too incredible to believe. :i: sit in a Connecticut bungalow and a singer out in Los Angeles into my room by air wave, I never think of saying, "That 1 s too much for me to Why should miracles of Holy Writ seem hard to take when one real-izes they were performed by a Man compared to Whom we are intellectual pygmies? Nobody contends that Marconi, Bell, Edison and : cor-a se were than God. I believe in.prayer unquestioningly. But I think. more emohasis is needed in and homes on the quality and mood and .spirit of prayer. Of all things, certainly, that should not be slipshod, fum bling and hasty, except in an emergency, foremost among them is a talk with God. We all seem to have plenty of time for other things of life.No man would think of going into a business conference, for example, with-. out plenty of careful thought beforehand about what he is going to What makes us think that, in the matter of prayer, we can take c;"..At a few minutes a day for a 11quicky11, often poorly thought out e nd poorly ; .,: Prayer is the most solemn and most important act of daily life. It rC:t.tes over all else. It is a "must", as they say in the business wcrld. And while we should do it often., I don 1 t think one can talk with God without infinitely more reverence, patience, thought and concentration than one shows when talking.to a neighbor. Certainly, most of my neighbors wouldn't even notice me if I were as casual alnupt and hurried in what I had to say to 'the m as I sometimes am in presuming .to say.something to my Maker. For when you.talkwith the Creator, that is the one time when you are communing with One who "cannot be fooled or imposed upon. .... ... i : .. by H. I. Phillips


.. :J... CITY OF TEMPtE TERRACE aALAN'CE 31, 19 4:9 .. CURRENT ASSETS: Cash on Hand Petty Cash Springs State Bank A S S E T S $ 37 25.00 3 ,443. 47 ... 2,664.00 matu:t'ity Series F Savings Bonds Total Current Assets: ASSETS: Improvement Assessments Due: $ 526.36 Water Accounts Due: 635.92 Agreements for Deeds: 679.03 TOTAL ASSETS: L I A B I L I T I E S c r r _-:HREN T LIABILITIES: Accounts Payable: $ 3S3.6S Basil Brook (10 % Comm. Golf Course net) 205.77 Withholding Tax s1.50 $ 670. 95 2Jl!ER LIABILITIES: Tampa Electric Co. (Street Lights) $ 666.72 United Assets Corp. 12,521.92 (Leroy Allen, Trustee) Water Deposits 430.00 $ i4,955. 59 Deficit 6,637.44 TOTAL LIABILITI E S A N D DEFICIT value) $ 6,476.S4 $ 1,g41.31 $ g a1g.15 -. $ :s, 31s.15 H. P. WARDWELL City Clerk i ''. t '. : : ; : ;


CITY OF TEMPLE TERRACE STATEMENT OF INCOME: AND DISBURSEMENTS From June l, 194a to June 1, RECEIPTS: Cash on Hand Golf Fees Member Dues Water Dept.--Sale of Water & Tax Meter Deposit Sanitary Dept.--Garbage Collection Recreation ?ldg. Rentals, Civic Assn Cont. Street Dept. Street Imp. Assessments City Real Estate Taxes Real Estate--Agreements for Deeds U tility Tax (7 months, excluding water) J.,icense Fees and Permits Civic Assn Street light Contribution Miscellaneous Receipts (sale lockers, lamp posts, mowing, hauling, etc.) Less Book Credit, Street Assessment and Real Estate Sales on Truck Purchase TOTAL RECEIPTS: Cash DISBURSEMENTS: Golf Course Wages & Commission New Equipment Fertilizer, Seed Gas& Oil Advertising Ins., Bonds, W orkmen's Comp. Electricity Sprinkler System & Fittings Pa:rrts--Trucks & Mowers--Labor Misce11aneous-.:.pencils, kerosene, stamps, oxygen, acetylene, towels, disinfectants, paint, screens, ledger sheets, etc. Water Department Wages Gas & Oil, Pump Electric Power-Pump Insurance Postal Cards,water bills Pipe fittings, pump repairs Department Wages Repairs & Truck parts Gas and Oil Workmen's Comp. Street Department Wages Material and Supplies Fire Department Repairs and Gasoline $ 7 7 7 ,677. 75 4,132. 49 g5-.00 g46.00 619.13 2 ,514. Ga 4,316. 44 303. 34 950. 49 145.25 90.00 370.16 $39 33 375. 00 $ 7,665.96 1,569.93 1,797.33 6$4.06 52.05 130.35 1so.31 394.4-S 657.56 450.09 $ 246. 5g 25.00 i,29s.70 3s.oo lS.45 :ll: 1> 1,s .50 $ 640.l2 49. 4 SS.4-S $ 1 12 s.03 $ g39.19 $ 2' 47. 75 ) I, g9.95 1> .. (continued next page) e


' OF tNbOME1 AND DISBURSEMENTS I }' I DISBURSEMENTS.continued! I Pool & Recreation Building Labor Electricity & Phone Insurance Chemicals Roofing Tile Chain Screens Table repairs Miscellaneous, paint, brooms, etc. (Civic Assn paid all of these charges except $239.s2 for major repairs) l:L0e Wa { chman 1 s Clock Gas Car allowance Bonds Bulbs & Batteries General Administration Salaries Bonds Legal Services Printing Gas & Oil Tax Commissions, County Election Fees Office Supplies General Department Wages--work on barn and in City general other than charged against specific departments Street Lighting Insurance Gas & Oil Batteries Tires Oement Sand Block Barn Buil.ding material Barn Pipe and fittings : _;Qffice; fan, safe, repairs, check books, etc. License tags Printing & Advertising Christmas gifts, City employees Fertilizer & Peat Truck purchase P /R. Mqtor parts, tools, etc. & ou"tside labor on equip, ment Payable (United Aasets) Total Journal Record of Disbursements LESS: Charges to expense for which no disbursement was made. $ 55.15 9s.oo Sl.25 77.25 70.10 135.00 2$.00 32.09 93.30 63.10 859.95 1,$55.00 30.56 525.00 20. 00 2.25 $ 2 ,432. 81 $ 2,920.00 50.00 250.00 24.45 14 .07 14.20 33.50 462. 60 $2.01 234.S3 30.94 29.71 199.62 370.27 9.91 30.58 118.0l 5. 26.45 65.00 10.00 50 420.12 5,889.73 Truck purchase applied to credit against Street Assessment and real estate.purchases. Basil Brook, lOfo Comm. $375.00 Golf Net 205.77 $586.77 TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS CASH Loss IN FUND FOR THE TWELVE MONTHS ENDED MAY 31, l949 ( : .. "-,,'I "' .. $ 307.50


. : To Tax Payers of. .the. .. CITY OF TEMPLE TERRACE Preceding there is set forth a Balance Sheet of the City of Temple Terrace Assets and Liabilities as of May 31, 1949, the end of the 194.g-1949 Fiscal Year; also a Statement of Income and Disbursements for that same period. There has been no attempt made to list as assets the real and personal.property owned by the City such as the Golf Course and Caddy House, Recreation Building and Swimming Pool, Pump House, City Barn, vacant lots, trucks, motors, pumps, tools and other equipment. It will be noted that the balance sheet shows total Liabilities and .Deficit at $S,31S.15. For the purpose of comparison only it is pointed out that Liabilities and Deficit as of July 31, 1947 was $lO,S92.s7 and on June 1, 194.g, $9,g72.20. This indioates a slow but steady improvement in the City's financial condition resulting principaliy from the curtailment of the indebtedness owed by the City to United Assets Corp. The Statement of Income and Disbursements lists cash income from all sources at $ 30,462.3g with expenditures of $30,7'69.SS. This results in a book loss of income for the twelve month period of $ 307.50. The loss shown however is riot an actual one for the year since in the disbursements was $SSS.OO for street resurfacing from the preceding year and a $ 250.00 for attorney fees previously incurred. the disbursements listed are broken down by various departments the.picture is not complete in that such a breakdown only provides rather tiresome figures. That material accomplishments were made for a community of this size is evidenced by the fact that the expenditures included the maintenance of the Golf Course (in itself a major project); the purchase of five new fairway gang mowers at a cost in excess of one thousand dollars; a new Jacobson Putting Greens mower at approximately $ 300.00; the start of a street lighting system with twelve lights installed on which the sum of $ 462.60 has been expended to date; the establishment of Workmen's Compensation which had not previously existed, to pro-tect injured City employees; l! miles of additional street resur a cost of $ 800.00; purchase of additional Series F Sav-ing Bonds in the amount of $404.oo, to be added to the Water Dept. Sir

( .... :.. : it..I' ; ... : : .... -r ....... .... -. ......... -.... -,,. .. ...... ... @..r-: .. ; 1 '"'. ..... ..,. : lNOW ; ; i ; l r : 1 IN E 1 r( j { ... r-" FAMILY ; : .. .l ;,.; .,. -. In April of 1945, over the protests of Mrs. and Carol, the Mc Sweeney family move'd to Temple Terrace. They were 1 i ving in Palma Ceia at the time and Mrs. M csweeney had her circle of friends and plenty of activities to keep her busy. Carol had her and interests and neither wanted to move to the country. But it seems that Mr. Mcsweeney owned several orange groves near 'this area and one day he noticed that some tourist had stolen three oranges off one of the trees; so he decided to move out where he could keep better-guard over his oranges. And that is why they moved to Temple Terrace. William U cSweeney is originally from South Carolina. He attended schools there and graduated from Clemson pollege. Bill's. fatner, H:i.les B.Mcsweeney, was Lt. Governor of the State and upon the death of the governor he became governor; at the next electlon ne was re-elected and served a full term. There were quit'e a num, ber of servants working in the governor's mansion so Bill .w up in a life. of ease and sees no reason to change at th i : s late date. H e served in the First War and soent some time in France. For v2.rious reasons it is sugges-ted that the reader ask M:r. i.1csw eeney ahout his war career and experiences. After the war he worked on newspapers in South Carolina and moved to Palatka. In 1929 he be came interested in the fruit business and spent the next thirteen years around the cottntry the different fruit harvests. In 1934 he and -Ruby were married {ask Bill how the sheriff of the county had to help him get married) and two years later they came to Tampa. Bill went to work with the Gulf Fertilizer Company and has been with them ever since. Ruby (Mrs. Mcsweeney) is originally from Kentucky. She was born in the country but her family soon moved into Danville and she was .. .raised tri the big city. Her family moved to Florida Ruby went ':'\r.hrough school in Bradenton. She attended Florida .State College :i'.or Women at Tallahassee and then worked for 9 years as Society for the Bradenton Herald. When she first moved to the Terr she was so lonely. aha went t:o town at least two and three times n day. It wasn't long before her talents were recognized, however, and she was e l ected President of the P T A for the years 1946-47 e nd 1947-45. She was also treasurer of the Garden Club during hose two years. In 1946-.47 she was president of the Temple Terr W omen's Golf Association. it. was during those t w o vears that Bill lost some twenty-seven pounds,'. from not eati.ng reg ; "la;t; so at t .. he pre:Sent time Ruby. holds only the office of Trea surer of the civ1dAssociation. 'Jarol M csweeney is eleven years old and will be twelve in Oct9ber. 3he finished school in T-emple Terra ce this .. year (3.nd will ?tart at Benjamin Frankl'in Jr, High next f'.3-ll! Right now she spending two months at Camp Junaluska in North. Caro+,ina._ ; .... As probably knows, the own' the packing house .I. .. ,, (continued, Around The Town page)


WHEN WERE .YOU BORN 1 If your birthday is between the dates, June 22nd and July your Zodiac sign is CANCER. You are an extremely sensitive person. Yours is one bf the watery s of the Zodiac and is related to your inner fe.el ings. You are inst.incti vely aware of the troubles or problems of others and precei v e things before they happen. Your sympathies for or against p ,eople or conditions are easily stirred If you are constructive, avoiding worry and fears as you would a plague, this deep intui:tive feeling that y ou have can be a well of inspira ti0n, a force that can lift y.0u high in life. You are not easily understood by others for your true self is not apparent on the surface. You can make yourself adaptable and will often force yoursel f to pretend to be W actually cheerful in a situation that is really distasteful or un congenial to your real self. You are a master of make-believe. Your imagination and senses are always vigorous and alive. Your bus instincts are excellent. You are not always energetic for, l i ke the moon, which is your planetary ruler, you have phases of and energy. You should always attempt to do your most im po:Ltant tasks between the time of the New and Full Moons of each for it is th'en that you have more and vits.lity. The wan Moon finds you slumping into less physical activity. Y nu want to maintain security in order to be free from cares and worries and to enable you to pursue more progressive interests. Thus you are interested in property and land which are your best types of investments. Earning power is excellent since you have managerial and executive powers. Your ideas are the kind that can be made finw ancially successful. Originality and leadership also figure in your success-trend because you can take the lead, mastering difficulties wi.th finesse and diplomacy. Your fortunes are inclined to be fluctUP-ti ve. Very good conditions are enjoyed when you are inspired to '!Jllc)rk at something. Usually it would be something through which good financial returns would be realized. You can enjoy good health if you do not abuse your body but this is -an. ever-present danger of which you must be mindful. Heal th is an i!!1portant part of your life program. If neglected, you easily be come fatigued and depleted in much needed vitality. You have inner reservoirs of energy, however, upon which you draw when.tired or w hen you are subjected to emergencies where strength and endurance are required. The stomach, digestion and nervous system are sensitive, more susceptible to accidents or ailments. You should not eat when tired or irritated for your feelings and moods strongly influence the digestive and metabolism processes. W You are deep, sensitive, sympathetic. The nature is maternal, taking under its wing the weak and helpless. Your instinct is to help oth-ers, although it is this very tendency that often proves to be one of" your drawbacks. You do not always discriminate and thus suffer res e ntment at an injustice you receive. :rt is not always easy fo'r you to show yourtrue feelings towards others for you are reticent and self-conscious in this respect. Your emotional nature is very interesting to analyze. Develop your personality to the utmost, so that you are charming and gra'Jeful, a clever, wise conversationalist, attractive to both sexes through.the inspiration and uplifted spirit you impart to them. Love of home, family and country is a basic principle of your nature. You w.ill fight and sacrifice much to defenq. .. and protect them. A deep loy.alty in the nature keeps you faithful and staunch even when disillusionment may b e .real and irritating. You can see the other per s side and sympathize with it. .though you may not agree with it. You are thus an excellent person to work with and in behalf of the puclic for you are sympathetic in dealing with the problems of all. I .will al ways be a congenial C'O-worker, a loving companion, a fine home-maker, thinking first o f your obligatio. ns to those whom you g i ve your love. Love, courtship and marriage are easily attracted u nless you are too retiring or have a complex that causes you to hesitate to entrust your. future to a marriage partner This is only too often the case with the person influenced by Cancer stars. (continued on Golf page)


continued) ... on the highway and have built up t e a business shipping Temple oranges to all parts of the couhtry. Bill was going to quit the fertilizer ,and devote his ti{l\e .to running the packing' house but it ended \lp.'with Ruby getting all -the money so Bill thought she ought to .. do the work. So now Ruby is getting ready to put out the advertising for. the coming season. Bill feels that as long as he furnishes the brains. he; has done his 'share. Both Bill and Ruby take an-active part in civic affairs and are interested in the growth of Temple Terrace. They contribute generously of their time and money to help the community. They both like to play golf and can be.seen or most every day. Their home is located just across from the number one green which makes it convenient for Bill to' go out and practice after a hard day working. Space and time limits any .further discussion concerning this likeable and friendly pair but it is suggested that you .ask Bill his Uncle Eustace or to tell you the story of Little Ooooosy. AROUND THE TOWN ., Mrs. Georgette Mora n of Chicago, owner of Madame Huntingford. Cosmeti..J Industry, under business name of Madame Sai, was recently .. the g'..lest of Dr. and Mrs. E.W. Tutaechtle and the O.M. ... ****** Congratulations to proud parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Hays, who are -announo ing the birth of a daughter, Ma;i-c ia June i4th. Mrs. ,!Eari McCartney entertained at tea recently, honoring Mrs. T. C. Mrs. Cross was the recipient of many lovely handkerchiefs as farewell gifts from her many Temple Terrace Mr. and J!.rs. Cro.s _s, are leaving to make their home in Ohat tanooga, Tenn. **"'***** Welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lee,' formerly of Lexington, Ky. who have purchased the former home. We hope they will be very happy .and comfortable in. Temple Terrace. v .. : ; ******** Miss Janice Smith, daughter of the S.L. smiths,_ has ret'i..lrned from Chicago where she has been Sherwood School of Music. ******"'* Alvin Parks, Crippen and H.L. Maeder honored Mrs. Al Faltus:with a stork shower, June 22nd. Mrs. Faltus was presented with lovely gifts by the ladies 'of Temple Terrace. ******"'* Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Reynolds and family have returned fr,om a two weeks vaca,tion i n New Haven, Conn. and other New England points. Mrs. Reynolds' sister,-Mrs.-: Bea Miller and son, Russell of Cam bridge, Mass accompanied them home for a Temple Terrace t. ******** Miss Betty Duncan is home from school in Nashville, Tenn. arid .is spending the summer with her parents, and Mrs. W. F. Duncan. j ******** W e are gl.aq to: :hear that Wayne G'illette is recovering from a r .ecent case of pneumonia. ******** Mrs, Mc;:Cqrley1s and Mr. Neaver of Bir-mingha. m ,_:.Ala were recent visitors of the :.:McOarley family, ******"ii* ;. Mr. and Mrs. Mcdollough of New Jersey wer e recent week end visitors of Mrs. J.w. Van ** ** ** ** ** ** .... ** ** ** *** ** ** ******* **.-** *** ** ... *. ** .. DON'T FORGET THE DANCE TONIGHT .Saturday 25th '"I : ,. c .tvic Association sponsp!shi.p .. ... J : : :1. : .... 'I .Re er.ea ti.on BUilding 75 per person HIGGINS RHYTHM -AIRES ORCH, 9:00. 1til l:OO


. : ( : / CURRENT GOLF HAPPENINGS A hole-in-one was scored by Mr. James Simmons on the 17th hole. The shot was 215 yards long; used a spoon. Part of the hole was torn as the ball hit on the fly and wedged between the pole and the side of the cup. His score .for the day was 90 plus the hole-in-one. 000000 The Tampa Six Man Team tournament will be held over the Temple Terr-ace layout in July. A qualifying round will be held early in July to determine who will represent T.T. in the tournament. The six qualifiers having the lowest medal sco"res will make up the team with the seventh man as alternate player. Each course enters a six man team; the total of the six net scores for each team determines the winning team. Last year the tourney was rained out twice and never completed. No winner since the war. 000000 Judy Reynolds and Ronnie Howell will play in the State Junior Golf Championship Tourney at Lakeland, June 23rd, and 25th. Both did well in rounds. 000000 The annual Temple Terrace Junior tournament, open to boys and girls, will be held the latter part of July. Quite. a few youngsters from Tampa .are playing pretty well this summer, as well as some in the Terrace, so it should be pretty much of a toss up as to the winner. All the Juniors are urged to turn attested score cards so that handicaps may be brought p to date. It is unfortunate that there are not enough young ladies playing to get up a Junior Girls' tourney. However, they (there are about four) are eligible to play in the Club 1 s annual Jr. tourney and if there are enough a separate flight will be formed for the girls. 000000 T. T. W. A. winners last week: A Division, Mrs. R. Hannaway; B Division, Mrs. Rose C Division, Mrs. H.P. Wardwell. 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 (When Were You Born continued) Haopiness in love and security in material and financial interests are promised by your stars. Do not be afraid to drive into the fu ture where these things await you for they will become yours to possess as you express your constructive, inspirational nature and talents. Life is generally fortunate and hol.ds much of the element of luck for you. You attract goodwill because you give it. You will have many peculiar, amazing experiences, but will derive wisdom and knowledge from of them. : Do.not. sudden events upset your base of and maintain perspecti ve if others work on your sympathtes just becci.use they know they cari.


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