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Temple Terrace Sentinel

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Temple Terrace Sentinel
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Temple Terrace Town Crier
Perry L., John ( Editor )
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Temple Terrace's first newspaper.

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. e ... "' ,, 1, ; .. ., .. .. ::.-: -r }-j ; Volume III, Number XX July 24, 1949 ., :. : TO OUR FRIENDS AND FELLOW CITIZENS The editors regret to that thereare only six .. more isses of the TOWN CRIER. to be published in the current sub scri!)tion year. When this year was started it was hoped thatrarrangements cou1d be made for other to continue the publication. Since we were unable to .. find any one else the present editors, feeiing that a paper for. Temple Terrace was a necessity,. dee ided to k eep the paper gotng for the balance of the year. .. We feel that some means of informing the residents of various events and happenings.should be maintained. We nave iried"to print articles. of. interest about the City. reports of ci vie affairs, the City Commissioners meetings,. worthwhile .advertisements and local news as it. given to .us. / We realize that we will wi n no Pulitzer prize -_ed_.i.tor ial efforts but we have don. e our beEit and have .ha4 on various occasions neglected ou r personal and profe'S.s.ional affair, a to ge. t the paper out on sc .. hedule. We appr.eciate the and cooperation of you, our. readers, for. y0ur helpful assist-ance in furnishing items of news interest. If possible we would like to work with and cooperate with the new CRIER editors between now and the end of the.present subscription period so that you, readers may have unin1;erruptd.'. news service of the Terrace publication. '' ..


T E M P L E T E R R A 0 Bua Ray Knopke Editors and Publishers Published semi-monthly in the interest of the residents of the City of Temple -Terrace, Florida. Distributed to the subscribers the second and fourth of each month. P.O. Bo. x 5645 Phones: 3s-2g32 Per copy .10 Tampa 5, 3a-2751 Yearly $1. 50 T 0 W N CR I E'R TEMPLE TERRACE GOLF COURSE Next .. their own individual .homes and gardens the residents of Temple Terrace probably take more pride in and obtain more enjoyment from the Golf Course than any other single thing connected with the City. Those .who play golf enjoy the active pleasures connected with the game, while those who do not enjoy the many different vistas framed by the eighteen hole layout of the course that rambles on both sides of the community for more than six thousand yards. And all residents enjoy the many things connected with the community made possible in some measure by the profits that the course has been able to show over a period of years through able ,,, management. The course was laid out in 1923 at the time the community was originally developed. The work was in charge of one of the leading firms of golf course designers and engineers in the country at the time and .. was regarded as a sporty course, designed for championship play. In the early days of the "boom", 11Long Jim" Barnes, a golfer of 'international renown was the "PR011 and many of the coun-... trys leading golfers gathered here for exhibition or play in some of the big tournaments that were held. The City acquired the course after a referendum in December, 1925 at which time it was voted upon to float a bond issue of $$10,000 with which to purchase the course from its owners and stockholders. The course was originally operated as a club and on a basis; the fees in those days would put the present modest green fees and monthly dues to shame. However, like many of the boom. time projects, the course was to suffer after the quick money ed out of the picture and for a number o f years after the boom during th,e following depression had its ups an:d downs. It, is to the credit of all those connected with it in its lean years that it managed to keep its head above water, pay off its creditors and survive in the good condition and sound financial status that exists today. Also, much commendation is due Mr Brook, Pro for. the past ten years or longer, who is wi.lling .to lend _his of the game to encourage begi.nnets whe.the. r young or old. The designers of the course used exceilent. judgement in going be yond the mere numbering of the eighteen holes; they gave each hole a very name as.can be -testified to by those who.play e or merely _enjoy it fo. r their daily_ That tfhese names are a icturesque and a pol icable can be .seei n -rom the ollowincr: W (1) TOWER (2) ROAD(3) LIVE OAK (4) OUT I,,OOK (5') RI-VER-VIE' n (7). S H ING'N HOPE (g) POND (9)'PERFECT!O}l 1'11ihich are the front nine and comprised of 3280 yards of t ough play for a par of 36. The back nine of 325g yards for another 36 par bear equally appropriate attractive namesi (10) HOLLOW (11) HILL TOP (12) GROVE VIEW (13) PINES (14) PINE VIEW (15) ;TERRACE_(l6) DEVILS DELIGRT (17) HAP.PY HOLLOW (lg) HILLSIDE. The principal shortcoming of the course, but one in which it is not alone throughout the state, is lack of water on the fairways. (continued Commissioners page)


- COMMISSIONERS MEETING The. Board .of.City Commissioners mid-monthly meeting.was held Tues day, July 19, 1949. City.Attorney Duff advised the Board that matter of. unpaid street improvement assessments had been taken .-. with owners of proper,ty involved and that the assessment remains. unpaid.in only a few cases, which he believes will be brought up i to date in the near future... .. Mayor Bua advised that permanent registration forms hav e been secured and that after consultation with Mr. Dekle, Supervisor of Registration for Hillsborough County, the Temple Terrace Board of Commissioners will set a date for the pezmanent registration. It is anticipated that .the booka will be open for a period of several months in order t .hat -electors may register at their convenience. Increased valuation on property in Temple Terrace was brought under discuss ion along with the.possibility that the.millage ra te will be lowered both in the County and City. No action can be taken on local millage until the new valuation is furnished by the County Tax Assessor sometime during the early part of August The Tax suit iiled the City, a matter of interest to all residents, wasthe only new business to come before the meeting. After a discussion of this suit and a similar one filed two years ago by UnitedAssets Corporation, Comm. Howell made a motion, seconded by Comm. Knapke and unanimously adopted, whereby City Attorney Duff was instructed to answer the new suit and to take all necessary steps on "behalf of the City in defense. of both the actions. H. P. WARDWELL City Clerk (GOLF COURSE continued) During the long dry months the inability t o provide suffictent water for the fairways makes them resemble miniature deserts arid it is indeed an excellent golfer who can par it under such adverse condi tiona 11any plans for remedying this situation have been de vised by those connected with and interested in the course as ager, greens keepers, players and non-playing r esidenta but in the past the obstacle of money has always stood in the way, especially in the past few years of mounting costs. However, plans for providing water for the fairways never been completely dropped and possibly it may b e a realization before too many years to come. Another d raw back of the course is of ari adequate club building as is enjoyed by most other courses both public and private. But who knows---maybe .that day wi11 also come in the not too distant future. ; Despite the two draw backs as related above and the keen tion offered from numerous other excellent courses in Tampa and vicinity, the Temple Terra.ce layo.t st ill has those who swear by it and play here daily week in and week out, rain or shine. Its continued popularity is shown by the fact that. on an average of between twenty-five and twenty-seven thousand players have used the course during the past five years. That this number could be increased materially there is no doubt if it. were possible ta provide some of the by other courses. Regardless of what other courses may have---!his"is your c ourse-Be proud of it--Use it tp its fullest Tell.your friends about it---Boost it in every. way. It not only provides healthful recreation for all local families willing to take advantage of the same, is. a reservation for wild animal and bird life but also provides each year a respectable sum that goes toward the upkeep of the community----------not to mention the fact that despite the lack of a fancy club house it is so close to each comfortable home in the community as to make your own "19th hole" readily accessible. <


FLORIDA Office .of the President July 21, 1949 ,.. .. TO ALL RESIDENTS OF.TEMPLE TERRACE: A little.:more .than three ago 1 came into your community _as a stranger to all of you to serve as Ptesident of Florida Christian College. before have I received a more cordial welcome from people with whom I had had in common than that which has "9een so generously and warmly accorded me. Already I have twice bee;n-.-invited to and have attended. meetings of community groups and through.these meetings formed the acquaintance of a large number of Terrace residents. For this spirit of good will and community appreciation I am most grateful. Yours is a splendid little town and I want to assure you of mypersonal interest in helping it this way. A clear understanding between parties is the best guarantee of good will and continued Such true I am particularly anxious that our neighbors have no misgivings' or misunderstanding about the new administration's attitude on various matters affect ing our community life and relationships. Will you believe me when I tell you that none of you deplores more than I any misunderstandings that may have arisen or prevailed in days gone by? About these matters I know 1 i ttle and am not now of the disposition to "pull" skeletons out of the closet" the history of which I am inclined to think should. be forgot ten. Suspicion of our neighbor's motives if harbored long enough .in our hearts will inevitably find expression in our words and deeds and destroy a relationship which otherwise can be most pleasant. :-so far as I know those of you with whom I have met have me in good faith. Certainly such has been my disposition you. My hope is that nothing may arise to prevent a most cordial feeling of friendship as long as Florida Christian College remains in Temple Terrace. I am aware of some situations which, under certain co .ndi tions, .,. could make for unpleasantness, to both community and college. As much as lies our power -the administration proposes t : o keep Flo;r ida Christian: College inside its proper bounds. We intend t0:i respect the rights of others and we 1 ikewise expect the same in return. Our:: guiding principle is that of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us More than this no fair-minded person will expect; less than this we should be ashamed to profess. I am confident that such a disposition is reciprocated by every resident Of Temple Terrace. Florida Christian College is a religious institution and by its very nature and ideals is quite different from public and many other private schoqls. We have no desire to be "peculiar" in any sense other obse.rving to the very best of our ability the Bible's teaching and endeavoring to exemplify that' Book's precepts in our practice. This institution has no desire to take over or dominate the affairs of Temple ferrace either by force or political machination. Personally, I have no political ambit ions and think that no .. person off.icially co'nnected with our organization has any. Should any properly qualified resident of t'lie community regardless of professional occupational connection, see proper to cast his ballot in any election and on any issue I am sure that the. spirit of democracy and American 1 iberty. in all of our citizens demands that1 he .exerciae this privilege if he desires. "t : We want to be your frienda in the dight way and are anxious that none our motives an ambitions. We are engaged in a work of which I would 1 ike t o see every person' in .the communi t,y duly A appreciative. Likewise I would l ike for all the fri'ends and supportw ers of Florida: Christian College to know that the school is si'tuated in a community fr.i!endly to. ward our :effort. a and-, after all, this. should be a matter of no little interest and pride since there are hundreds of vis' i tors who coine to' Temple Terrace annually simply because Florida College is here. We solicit your good will and cooperation in helping us make Florida Christian College a real asset to the communl.ty and I pledge: you niy personal efforts to this end. Most cordially yours, (Signed) James R. Cope


-<2> ll\IOW BASIL and MARY JANE BROOK r : > It is a long way from England to Florida, especially by way of Canada, Washington, Oregon and California but that is the way Basil Brook came before settling down here. He was born in Sussex England and in 1909his father came to British Columbia, Canada, on a Land Grant from the English Government. After living in California for a short time family decided to return to England in Five years in England was enough and they return-ed to the States in 1925. Like a lot of other families they decided to come to.Florida instead of returning to California and got here just in time to get caught in the big Florida boom and bust. In 1932 Basil. moved into the house where the Pinnell family now lives and became the Golf Professional at the Temple Terrace Course. In 1933 he and Mary were married and purchased the house where the Jordan family now lives for the staggering sum of $750.00. In 1935 Mr. Brook was offered the management of the Rocky Point Golf Course with good guarantee so decided to accept the offer. Both of them missed Temple Terrace and in .193g they returned to resume the management of the Terrace Club. Mary Brook is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her parents owned a large farm there and Mary was brought up on the farm. Basil ,gtaduated from Hillsborough in 1927 and went to manage the golf course at Bartow for two years. He then went to the Lakeland course for a year. During this he also traveled around the professional circuit and spent some time as the professional at clubs in Michigan. Although his duties now prevent him from playing much golf he does manage a round now and -then and usually shoots around SO. When the Brooks returned to the Terrace they purchased the house where the Porters now live and then later bought the house where the Batells live. Recently they built a home on the river and live there. Both Mary and Basil like to fish and in any spare time they usually try to spend it fishing. Mr. Brook (there is no s on the end of the name) doesn't have much leisure time, however, since some golfers like to start playing around seven in the morning and he is usually at the club house to open up at that time. Mary not only spends a lot of time helping out at the club house but keeps house, too, and does a lot of work in their yard. Both Mary and Basil have contributed much in work and time during their years in Temple Terrace. For many years he acted as City Manager in addition to running the golf course. Like many other successful people Basil is emphatic in his belief that most of his success is due to the hard work and efforts of his wife and gives much of the credit to Mary. ;.


GQLF : HE ACTED LIKE A BIG-TIMER, ANY.WAY (Do You) It didn't take me long to realize I was meeting a big-time golfer in this fellow nam' ed Sm1 th. golferi;J have mannerisms all. thei. r own--like warming a ball in their pocket on a cold d-ay---i.nd I knew Smith was an all-time All-American super-star golfer when I saw his. For one thing---obviously afraid o! over-driving 4oo yard ho\ehe used a mid-iron off the tee. Further procff of his ability came on the first gteen, when---after lying flat to $tudy the slope---he four-putted for an 11 and threw his putter away. I immediately re-cognized a Master's temperament. Awed by his orowess, I offered to l)lay syndicates, a nd 'held the price down to a doilar per, which he accepted condescendingly after I called him a miser. Realizing on the 120 yard second hole that I could never hope to attain his degree of perfection in taking turf with iron shots, I plodded on in my inimitable style and won the hole with a nine. He would have scored another fine eleven if his putt hadn't been deflected by an infinitesimal speck which sent it clear over the green into a trap. Another mannerism which displayed his par-cracking ability came into play at the third tee, when he spat on his ball, saying, "I never use the ball-washer. The water's too cold, and hc:nds back my drive. 11 He must have been. correct, for he sent a whizzer down the fairway that: carried all of a hundred yards. When he started to play for position on each shot, the way the pr6fessional golfers do---I knew he1d been holding back all the tii!le, and now going to open up. After squinting carefully over the ball down the fairway, he played into a swell position among a group of trees. Using a specially-made high-loft club to carry over them, he hit the ball on a line and got back on the fairway by bouncing off an .assortment of timber. It wasnt long until Smith disclosed his full repertoire of big-time golfer tricks. He tossed up a handful of grass to see which way the wind blew, then missed the green entirely from a distance of 50 yards, Dusting a path on the green with his putter enabled him to send his ball 15 feet past the cup. Wiggling his feet around to feeling the texture of .the sand in the traps forced him into a sandstorm he got out. i By using super-human skill and brains, I managed to out-wit this formidable trickster of $16 in syndicates while pounding out a score of 105. I have enough experience now to recognize professional class in a rank amateur, and I'll be more careful from now on. No more big-time experts for me. I'll play in my class. I'll watch for mannerisms, and stay away from men .who take great pains studying each shot.before it. Pardon me, now, while I take out .chalk and draw a 1 ine on the green. I 1 ve had several two-putt greens .recently. by f ollo\ 1ing this little trick. The rest of my foursome look down on it, though. They call it "Big-League" stuff: :B'.esides, they say they ;_want to get in 1$ holes between noon and S:'un-:dO.Wh and .;hav.en' t: got:the time for all this impr .essive showmanship : b:efore .imissir,ig a .ho.ts '. : t .. They.::think the stars ought .to .know what to do .and walk up and do it without killing so much time acting like theyre going to do the trick of sawing a woman in two. What amiable dopes my pals are! But they'll never amount to much as real b .ig. impor.tant golfers Neither will Smith. Who's he think he's kidding?. (The above article is reprinted from .the. May: 1949 issue of the golfers magazine, "GOLFing".)


TERRACE s ;Bl?&ING MEET Temple Ter:race l'IOP girls di vis ions at a meet for. twel t]'.lursday, with Sulphur Spr-. ings at Temple 'l'errace. Boys," Temple Terrace, 37; Sulphur Srings, 11. Girls, Temple Terrace, 31; suiphur Springs, 10. High point winners for Temple Terrace were Ronnie Howell scoring 11 3/4 points and Gloria 11 2/3 points. .i .l .... Results: Boys Division ... 25-Yard Freestyle--Bill Porter (TT), Billy Ritter (TT), B. Stew art (SS). 25-Yard Breast Stroke--Ronnie Howell (TT), J. Yunkers (SS), Tommy Jackson {TT). Time: 0:23.7. 25-Yard Back Stroke--Frank Porter (TT), Billy Hudson (SS), P. Calhoun (SS), Time: 0:27.6 .. 40-Yard Freestyle--Ronnie Howell (TT), B. Nalker (SS), B. Porter (TT). Time: 9:27.e. Medley Relay--F. Porter, R. Howell and B. Porter (TT). Time: 1: 07. 2 Freestrle Relay--B. Ritter, B; Porter, Tommy Jackson and F. Por ter (Tl). Girls Division 25-Yard Freestyie--Gloria Kasper (TT), Robbie Duff (TT), J. Harrison (SS). Time: 0:17.2. 25-Yard Breast Stroke--Katherine (TT), S.M. Bleis (SS), A. Wonders (SS). Time: 0:27.6. 25-Yard Backstroke--Adele Roller (TT), R. Wetzel (SS), D .:A. Kelly (SS). Time: 0:21.lt. 4o-Yard Freestyle--Glor ia Kasper (TT) J. Bennett (TT) R. Wetzel (SS). Time: 0:27.6. Medley Relay--Adele Roller, Katherine Duncan and Joanne Bennett (TT). Time: 1:06.9. Freestyle Relay--Both teams d'isqualified. Temple Terrace met with the Davis Islands team at Davis Islands Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock, the results of which are not avail-' able at this printing. It was a return match between the two teams, with Temple Terrace already holding one win in the series. Much of the success of the Terrace swimmers has been credited to the coaching of Janice Smith and Whitney Pinnell, both of Temple Terrace, and Dees of Tampa, the. Temple Terrace life guard. Mr. Frank Thomson has loaned the pool management a stop watch. It has proved of great value to the swimmers and coaches in determining the progress that is being made each day. ********************************************************* DANCE DANCE DAi1CE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE Don't forget to make plans" and reservations for the dance to be held at the Recreation Center next night, July 30th. nu1 tom1al"do1s transcribed music will start at nine o'clock and .continue until one (' Mr. Bass Richardson .1s in charge of the promot ion and is worki _ng hard to make the dance a success. The dance is being well adver-. :.. t ised and it is anticipated that a large crowd will attend .. .. 'I' I I) ,p J PLEASE! VOLUNTEER. HELP is needed .. 'to UNdecorated the Easter de-corations still in the building. Call Bass Richardson--3S-?5J.2.


AROUND THE TOWN L \ ... .. Mrs. Jane Ca.'9polino and daughters, Camille and Janette, left last Tuesday for an extended visit in New York and expect to return to Temple Terrace sometime in August. .. Mrs. Tom Cureton and daughter, Jean, are spending a short vacation at Indian Beach, returning this weekend. They expect to return to the beach for the month of September Capt. Cushing has left for visit of a month to the Dominican Republic, Republic of Haiti and Jamaica, B.W.I. Mrs. K.V. Humes and Nancy are leaving for a monthts visit to Grand Cayman Island. The Frank Porters recently entertained as house guests, Krs. Carl and daughter, Penny of Jacksonville Dr. Leo Batell expects to return to Temple Terrace shortly after attending a seminar for Pediatricians in North Carolina Mrs. Helen Renick plans'to leave Tuesday for Pennsylvania to spend a month with her father. Mrs. Gasper Bua was hostess to the Bridge Club at the last meeting Mr. Arthur Schulzke, who is now in the banana refrigeration business, will be working in Venezuela for the next two years. The Schulzke family are leaving to spend two months at Grand Cayman Island in order to be near Mr. Schulzke's base of operation but will return to the Terrace in time for the start of the school year. Mrs. O.M. Whitman and Mrs. M.R. Bittikofer recently entertained at bridge parties at their respective homes Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Mcsweeney left July 9th for a three week trip to Highlands and other points in the mountains of North Carolina. Carol will return from camp with them Mrs. Paul Kas -per and :Ja!llily have returned from a stay at their cottage :fl agl er ori. 'tlfo c oaa t .. ... : : :'". 'f .. ... t .. ; : ) I I;' ... 1 Due to the heat including Betty Wardwell, Lillian Bregar and Ruth.Lucas, have succumbed to 6 1 the scissors and now have short locks. (If the CRIERs stencilcuttin' gal doesn't get "cold feet" by this she will also sacrifice "her hip-length tresses to the shears and join the "short" parade). .. If you are at a loss as to what to Sunday-----.. why not visit,remple Terrace Community Church? -_;, ..!! I : '. l "I': .. i


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