Alaskan Caver

Alaskan Caver

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Alaskan Caver
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Alaskan Caver
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Alaska Caver
Pease, Chuck
National Speleological Society (Glacier Grotto)
University of Alaska Southeast (School of Arts and Sciences)
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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United States


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Contents: Caves and Potential Cave Areas of Alaska / Bill Halliday -- Southeast Alaska Coastal Limestone Terrain - Introduction -- Limestone Solution Caves in the Hackman Report / Listed by Hackman -- Lave Tube Caverns and Potential Areas of Their Occurrence -- Littoral Caves in Alaska -- References Cited -- Coastal Southern Alaska Limestone Areas Plates.
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Vol. 1, no. 2 (1970)
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University of South Florida
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This publication is distributed free to interested cavers in Alzska first ctld tiicn 210 'Qutsiderst' as long as the supply lasts. The first issue of 1'IE ALASKA9 CllVgli was only a three pngc xzroxed copy, Hesponsa to the first issuc was rather poor and / there f osc only t %en ty-f ive copies of this issue were xeroxed, The publication of thin nctfslc t tcr 9 5 an dl~skin caving will cornth~uc as lor.;: as there is 2r.y intzrt?st s!lov.:n by cavcrs both here afid in the sr:t frcqua~icy of p?lbllc,?.t~.on, ,:z would still 6rcatl.y issue cotltains a real nice a~ticlc compiled by Bill HaLlidsy of Seattle. This is ths type of matzrial we arc looking for, also any -trip rcports concerning caves hero ix Alaslca. The cditor ht;n recently been married zr,d near the end of Aprll 1371 w~ll lc?a-*-e for tk;elvc months in Thailand. He will be returning to Alaska as soon as pessiblc to stay! Edited by Chuck Pease 709 Xast 9tl1, Apt $10 Xnc50rL?y, A??::ka 99501


CAVES IUD FOTdNTIAL CAVE AWAS OF ALASKA 5Y sill IIalliday AT cvery Alaskz-basod spelcologis t !rmo:~u all too ~:cll, the cpclcological potcnti2,l of this largest ntatc has rac~ivea little attention. Val*ious factoro r.13n tlollerl below me patially rcsponsi'sll: for this. Of pa-t icillzr signif icancc is the fact that the c~ost celebrated of Alr?skals caves are ou-tuidc l;hc mainstream or" 1l;lcrican ard mrld s~ulaology. T!~cze ere the burial eaves of tho hlcutim Islends, rzportcd at least a erly as 1878 (~~11, 1878) and given wide noticc by Hsvey in 1882. As nearly as can be determined by Hrdlickals cxcellcnt ant'mopological roport (~!rdlicka, 1943 ) none oi theso is of rr.0l.e than slight spcleological interest with the possible exception of what m?y be crusted fuia~izole. h'hile some my Se of littoral origin, most secrn to be talus caves or rockshelters. Perhaps the next most celebrated Alaska caves sre tho c~usled fumzrolen of the Xztx3.i :t"ationnl i.!onurnent arca, repeatedly mon tioned in Hat ionril Acogra$hic Society '.> publ;cat,io:~s (~rigzs, 1922). 'fo dzte, speI4~olo~ists seen to ha\; Icft this type of czvity c!~ tirely to vulc,a~ologists, ::j;;!~'ding CYJES of the four cl jor types lirnrs-olle solut ion, ?.a-ra -kll3:,c, ~l zclcr .::J lii;ornl ::c?.:i0c2l $;~?3.i..oloc~3i~lly fyon pcr::~rlrrel uf the U.S. Gcal.o;;ical 3~1:~~ey. To dzte, hc:re-fer, th~ i,ioat zotrtblc :;i,,.-1,? ~.15li;l-c$ c:;:or+, cn AJ.; s??lo~!.~~y ??-i?i.ns .t!~-tt ol' !!a&-:-,.I (1 2-1 3.) d.:sp~tc ilj: 1.Lr1itn~j.ons i:i 2rcn ~rd ostolt ur" .i.~;l/dstisa%iu~~+ ;lit11 s rcccnt up,^ -2 01' iintr:rest in ;l.?.cie~ caves, lava ttba c?.vcrcs e1:d ;;zt:ndokzrst in general, thc st~.;c zp>eErs set for n bur~~aning of in bcrcs t in ,ll,iu!<~ spclaolo~y. In thc follo:.~ing report, ench rcajoz typo of czvc will he co~sidcrcd scpara tcly. In some casc3, imyufficicnt inforn2t1.uu lias cone to Il.znd folccrtzinty in ~1:s;;ific~.tion (i.c, is a c&ve in thc littoral zone of a lines ton^ shore of sulutiol~al or li tturzl oriGin). Correct iclna a::d ~ddi tions :!auld be welccrr.cJ $3 both thc zu thor xrAd by -1 .' ilL:.?-' ,.dX*'iTl cdvimContray to soac published statcaents, much lirncstonc is p~cscnt in rllaske. J'i;;urc 1 siiar.~iz:~ a rc con?l;iiss: r?.r-iy of linestaiic deposits irl :;cu t1:e~:;tern ,llaskz,, p,-nhnbly ninii;lizes the total; sinilar r?.a;;; of otllcr arcsa in tile sczz~r? report [~~od~e, 1944) s!lo;.i only a snll.1 perccnt of those recorded by lntcr, rr.orc intensive studies. L i :..n .,., -. + ,on2 zlso crops out e;ztcnsivcly an the Soward Peninsula zr;d in scvcrnl. I.ntcrlor +I ..Las. -. 1! da2osit in DIoi~lt ::ciCi~?ley :Iatic::dl 17k:k ill C~OSO 1)~0xi~,1ity to tl:e Alnska RaFlro~d 112a reccivcd unhc publ.icity ~CC~'.~~ISO of thzt pl'oximify. ;I i 930 U. S I Z;zolr>gic~l s::;-vcy rt.cor,nais;n~cc of nn~th:.:cs t .',I ~sl:,~ sh3:;l:; outcro~ls of" 5 il~.ur:~ 11 Lhjf t T,~ncr; tcne .:!: t Cr.rbo2j.f erolls Lisburuc !,F;:!e;%ao:~c occ.-il.cgly hjl~;d~*:d; of a I kes lo=,:;, ru:;:~i:?~ ~-7: v .::J c.'s~.-::~z$ ;;3rO~:; t;:t? ~)YGC.TS Z;r.'.~;3 ri'~':.l '~~LI~c L.~L)~cT.".F: ;2~~~d (li!?': L~;r; ,?:i:>ei.r t.0 v.2 -; frc*a one ",o f .. . L : 3. ,# :c.,.I TAI?-L I.:.:? it ;;iq;.-. -*.r:; i: rvgj Q:.,S r.c:,.~ L'!.d -,.A) ;h ai' t?. : ,

I:,uch of Al?.ske's limestone has never teen viei:e8d by a sp@lcologist, Along the oi~theztern cozL:;t, cccsss is entirely by boat or seaplane; once ssliore thc vcnturcr s: riif f icul t bushxhzcking ar.d/or wallokrin~ in muskeg. Bc tnccn thc rsi1rc:id znd tile ~zt i o:?.zl rrtrk decosi t is 5.3 ur;forri:ble rj ~cr. S07,c out crill>s n~.r :!or.> m,: L:+ jat:ys rocd, but l:@r;ic is irolatcr! from the acir. Xlhs%s ro2.d nystcn~, :,I tt5ou~h 2 fca ; irctrrlpr: in the interior ranGus, ncces:s to potc1;tizl cs;~ zrcas liere is l?,;;ely by hclicoptcz, float plant or cmoe. T~IE l!odgc ( 1 944) reconnaissanc~ report on southeastern P.lal:a lincvto~~c recorded the f ol1o;:ing locatior~s ?:nd descriptions : ! 2:; cliffs 011 tll~ shores of zhzlter,zd i;~ters.. Lir.!c~ toccocci!rzcncr,s ~.;hici, Lpp.:rr fro:., the record to he large (zrr,?nZ -Lko:;e sho~:n o:, i.'.i (:: T.;. 1 i! and to hovc a pl~-itj* OE OVCF 9i.r C::CQ3 2nd i:ilc~c the c:tir.~:itb.' cost oI' d.~li.vci.~ in bins at Portli;.!rC sill n3: bc rorc tllLn 62 axe shc:ln 'lclov: 0 16. I:~;,b;i-.l GTZ,-~G Iclarrd, wast of Chic~,t;oC, 57 40' PJ, 136' 15' 1!. On soidtht!cst 21 sic',c 03 is1 2nd opgosite rnoz~h of KukAr;n Bay; SiLurizn limestone on (neixb3) Edrards Island. Pure. 20, Luiu lalend in KcYq Strrtit. Pernicn limestone. a 23. ~EP-ILC~CI-G Pc?k ad rcngc of mountcins nlon~ southuest sidc. Rsrc limestone. 21. (sic) Ed~ards Island in Port Be~uclcrc. Sjlurian limestone. Hi,gh-grade. Thick. 22. Szcina;: Xzy, bluffs itlong east oidc ozpositc cannery, Pre.-Silurian, 1,000 f ec t thick. lnt ercalat cd bcrls of chert. 22. (sic, Hc:i.C of Szsinaw xay, on narthe~st sidc, Linestonc cut by diorite di;;cs; strikes inlmd to S'A. 95.62,~. 26. Pri!;ce of" Kales Ir;lar,d. Descriptioa sta~ts nt tkAc K3:, gore S, 1'1 cnrl on zroluld islcnd, Ad jt-.ccn t islsl!r?s slos tl y given scpa*;:te dcscripti.sri:-. Cl;,rer,cc Sound (strait} Isler:ds, lias;.:arcf Group, S crecn Isla?d, Silurian, part, thic!:,


36. Calder Region. Limestone occurs in Ct~lder Rase and extends nortllwud to Labouc!zere B5y. Verrcont I1;arblc Compsfiy. ~:lcvation 103 feat at Geldar Quar~~ on S, near hex1 of I:i~blc Creek. Limcstane bcds 1C3-1003 fcet .. 1 t~ic:.:. i.;z:=Llc b31t 3,093 feet vide ~trik~ds I.;I z?:d dipa S,:, extc~id;; ~02th zcross Dry Prcss to Xzrtlo Isl~nd; art off on 12 a?~d just back of S)i:.:.azn by &rz!xi-bc. 'io l! ;; crol;:zs Cal4er 3~t 2nd r~ap>cirs f o 1; nr?d beyond. Cut by diabasc dikes. Y~.~L',,O CzCO 3' Bry PZSS, 2fj miles long, extends E fro^. Caldcr and Shc?kkan Strait to El Capi tan Strait. C1 Czpitan !;able Ccrip~~; Vcrii~mt ?:arb1 c Co~parq. Limestone occurs on 51ro small islands and at thc 3l side of the entrance, Pre-Silwian. Part of a Larce area covering Prince of Hales an3 adjacent islwds. Strike I16Od. 1'orrr.s bluff 200-4CO feet high. Cut by .r?ikes which have rrarbleincrl ad jaccnt li~cstorle. Unif orrnly pure, rrhite to blue-grq, Some quartz 8cams. Quarries at 100 foot devztion. 37. Labouchere Bay. Silurian limeatone cxtonds froz Caldcr to Lahouchcre 2nd includes Point Protctcticn, Point I3&.er Ic Red hy. Pure, thick, 36. Point Protection. Ezst sidc. 35, {sic) Point D&er. Along cozqt and for 1.A miles to cast. 40. i:oocuisko island. Ancc!:ett, costern:rozt poi:li, 56' 9' H, 133' 16' il. Silurie:~ lircsto~c covers cqst of thc inlmd. Jointed ~nd shcarcd, cut by dlkcs. Cr,?h~zl 1~c11nl:gcs to ~r.rb't c f rcn Aneskct t ~stwlrrd. Limes tone denoc massive nociid~r and shdjr, 95-99p C;rCC) Lnrgc, thick, (Iuzrries 3' St+:cl.~ir:i (llc?rl~scn) Cove, t-:est of ~?rier.lcett end. on G side of islnnG. ~~DcICG zre thc sase as abuvc. 43, ]l,-..r.>le Tcl~n$., in Davidson Inlet ard south of l;o,scui:i!;cl. Exte:!sj.oli or Si~aknan bclt. (2uz.rrics prazent. Islond 3 w 4 rl:i.l.cs, rnaxix-ir;; cl(+vztio~; 7523 feet. Tokecn, northi:tcst shore. Verront I.:;;rbJc Co:a,?;hn). D;rk blue lincctone altcrcd. to c!arblc. l.Luch pyrites. I-; C Ucl.1 2,500 fcct '. wide eAr?nris sg ncrozs Orr i.1~~5. h;uct jointeLy3cut by andasite and prphy~y dikss. Dips 38:40' I!d. Qunry ncxr wharf. Ilarblc Isla~ld, SS of Tokeen, 1-1;miles. Rocks as at Tokcen. 43, (sic) I>avirisot~ Inlet and islerids therein; amtb 2nd SiI of icarble f slaxd. Head of Eagle Hzrbor. Thick, pure. 43. (G~c) klhitc Cliffl 55' 55' I;, 133' 29' ki. Ti~icl:, pwe, Orr Island, between l)$.son Inlet and See Ott cr You~cl. l',ission 1.Izrblc Coa;rznj-. 95-37;; CaCQ Covers noct of islsnrl, 25 feet a3ove high tide level, maidc!i jointc2, Dips 3' steeply, strike IIiI pure. QIIUI-> at h'ater e3~e. 7. rrcce tz, Islenr?. Xot tlcd, fxne-crrtincd, dcn-a ll~rcl lirr.cstonc. 8.q-g9,!,U CLCO at 3' cage c:i~all bcy and 5O fest abovc hi~h tide level at niddle of 12 sidk of island. frG, Cordovit Br:y. Ski side of Prince of i:dcs Isl2r.C 2r.d b~ii:~zn Prince of \:ales 2r.d L0r.z 1sl rinds f I?I.?P~CT I s lad. Pure t!15ck Sil.urizl lirnes toile.


0 49. I(ound Islmd. B side of Lon; I~lznd, 54 4?/' Z, 132' 32' il. Tiio bclts of pure thick Sil~wisn i2 pre-Silurian limcstone strike ZJi! into Uall Island. Dal-l 3 sl~,nd. llo2t'rlcrit pkrt is czdled Gua.Jur2.. Large voluple of higil gradc rock. 50. Iiat;.l:on Vill~.g;.. Pre-Silurizn limcstone belt strikes to Haterfall Bay, grades into do1o:nitic lil~rble. 511. Viesr Covc. P~cific Coast Cecent Coiy?Zny* L~lrge hi~h-~zdc deposit quarry. Strikes Nd to Capc Lookout. 52. Breezy Bay in Tlevak Strait. Belt strikes ?it3 to Diver Island. .. 53Diver Islmd. 55. i:atcrfall Bay and Cap Augurstint?. Slichtly dolomitic marble, 56. Post Bazw. Several of the lcss-purc depsoits in tbc! abovc are moderritcly dolomitic." ilKoscius!~o lsha-d, This island gives cvcrz indicz.tion of a peat number of cevcs. Tnc zuthor vi~itecl ulroij.'~ six vb.',il c czr1.2~d in tllc vicinity of Zdna Uzy, ri ii?i. locx?.i P:I of one of t:?~s~ six ~ss dc::cribci to mi. by the supcrintci.:en; of thz ;~cl;.? tcm~ux-;:ri13; closed Juncau Sp:r.ce i :ill Logc;.!~~ Ce:?p. Upon loo fin^ rclr this cava I f'ciY,rirl five n!ore ir) t!le smr? &oler;il Eocality. A31 crc aloq the czr;t fLcc 04" c I'GV~HB en:i z;lpcr;r to bclon~ lo a chaink;oxk P.: czves wid UII~~~*~;FDUZ-:! ~!~i.n!lels thht CZ~C~ tb~ o~~erf~o~: from a lzke ~;I;'out; a mile up thc ravine. The rzvinc ituclf is dry at prsscnt but zt onc tirx milst have bee11 the ~2j.n drain:$,-e of the lakc before the caverns kicrk hol1o::ed out. Although %hc underground channel meanders sonw it does rtzr roughly parallel to th2 ravine but at 2 olightlg lwer level. At the tirne I visited the c3vdE which K~S durinz 211 unus~zlly dsy spcll, tkcrc! ~2s no virihle ~~unning k:atcr. Thcra wcrc, ho;:~-scr, some dccp pools in the! cave, sO:,iC oircr ten feet dzcp, and in ox of they1 1 chanced to scc 2 trqclve-inch fish ~irimriling ~roxr?d. Xiicthcr 1lj.jh xatcr hzd cerricd this fish into the pool, or ~<:ctlricr it ~s.s a blind cnvc fish v:~s not Cctcrni!led since up11 a rel,u.rii t'rip xi th z nnt the fish ;;as no;;'rlere visible. Tne back part of thc pool k;as a duck-under 2nd the fist, :.::.s eitircr back thers or kt22 nvcd on to r..xothez. pjrt oi' the cave t~u~~~l :;o;,~ non\~isib? 2 chantl~l:;. (~sland is 26 nilcs lofig CL~P). E!ear C~tjlc Pole knd on the of one "Pike Polc Slitnl'is 2 zn.211 cave ~:hic!i ru11s &out. ecticntj--five ~it-d!; into a lolr bl~;r.i'f, The cuvc L-,. -.-. -1 -.b-.'-.i

Eakcr Island. 'Ihe island is almost cor:l_ulcte'y of 'limes tane and s mining engineer thnt s:ade a stady oi tilo dc~osits on the island stated that traveling on it was danbf~rous because of the many si~llis, caves and pits, (lsland is 15 miles long c~(P). Ilhite Cliff Island. Running into thc f~cc of a vertical limestone cliff and 2bou-L tell fect above the wnter's eclge is a snsll cave that runs about fifty yards into the faze of the cliff end cnds up in a series of sinall chirzicys, (1slcild is one nila in diaacter 61t~). Orr Island. On the central eastern side of this isl~nd and behind a small offshore island is a cave that runs into the face of the cliff and has a small stream in it. (~slznd is 7.5 milcs long CRP), Coronation Islznd. Folklore Cave. Thc fol~lore or tile flinket Indians givee the raven as tllc principal dcity and ancestor of thcir race, Tho story goes that 'nay bzck in' the dzys of creation, isd before ho started his line of descendants, the raven :$ishe$ to mzke the seas safe for his people. Tl:crcfore, selecting as a 11?3ctir?~ placc a cave on th2 islai~d ;~hlch 1:itcr uc?..s nnn:t.d Corcnntion Islcnd (r.c~.:ed in honor of thc znni*;~1-s~ of tllc c+ronatio:l of George III C~IP), hs invited ~11 thc tcrriblc r!onstr,r; of the $.zep ad u!?a~l l.i.,zy had all ~,:;sc;,:hled in ';his cave, lie cast a apcll on thar.1 thst they ml.g:lt never Sc free to xolcct his people. 11r.d today :s%.n: ol:c vj sits thin c~:,~z tl;o non:;tcrs 2re all there to be seen. This zkory tias +,old to :ne by Joe L7h;larit, the local Il~dialz !-riio told ~l;c of thc bcrinl cave, Joc is p?rt 'i'linkut ar,d 312:; vizitzd the cave. He st8?.tss t!~:if there ~rb ~011~iiIc'i'?.bl~ farinationr; iil the cavz at:4 tilet it :/as prc.?~~l,bly Lix shzp of so;w of these t1la.t inspired the ion of t3c eerly XL?J ixi:s to aosoci.;: tc thon with terrible ~nonstern of thc deep. The ~utllor did not have an opportunity to visit this czve since it was a considc~~~b1.c diztsncc from xhcre ::s rrcre 1;orki:lg at thz fins. (lalad is 70 fiiles long c~P). Heccta Islc~d, This island is mostly of lixcs tone ~?d has u co:~sidersble number of sin:< holes on it, sone of them filled with \nitsr 2rd. forwing picturcsque lxke..;, Them is 2 E?IJ-G~ ccve entr~ince in a sink hole ahout helf-a-r~ilc inlz~id z8ro;3 the czst aide 01" Port Alice. 'Tiic cz-c I?cs an un3ergro1~.lrl stresn in it and is hclicvcd to drain a si,zL holc la!

'Iationel Spcleological Society files list tllcsc as follows : Alice Cavc (the czve on Kcceta Xslsnd, near I'ozt lice) :*'i;h Cc;e (t?le cave on Kosciusko IsLzn? xith sli,-i?t record of a fish) Folklore Cave (the cave on Coronation Psla.::d, so listed hero) Orr Cx~o (the cave on Orr ~slznd) Piku Pole Sliv's Caqrc (the cavc on Kccclusl:~ Xs!.al~d on the-hon~estoad thereof) ;I!I~%c Cliff Cave (the cztre on iihite Clilf ~sland) At the time of his pio~eering report, Hac!cn;.crn was errlployed by the 11,s. Goolo~icnl Survey, As mentioned, otllcr US3 pcrzonncl hzi~c reported the existcnce of caves in other amas. David !.I IIopkins (written cos~unication, f 761 ) has noted !I the presence of caves and karst in the erctensivo licestones of the Seilnrd Peninsula, on Boulder Creek, a tributary to the Sinuk liivel*, on tlLc Kkriniuk River, and at ifill09.r Cseck in the vallcy of the float Ri~c-P.. Uae set, on 'Trail Creek, a tributary to Cottoc:~ood CresIc xhlch in tun flo;in icto the Goodho;le liiver +hzs ~iclilcd soma vcly irnl;ortan lt Es:cimcr material" These ca;Pds aTc s tatcd to ha~~~l~cen :3ub jccted to inta~sz fr~st ?.ctionl m6 the zost e-ct?rsive is 'k few huu?;.ird fezt long". This eorl*c;spondsinl; rddett: "1 s2y.1 zoze vary u!n?.ll cavern:; in the Pozlt Cln~c?~ice lizzr,tonc i!l %!LC Sork ?..oxy~f ~izs last SUGEIS1' 5i:d L>-0:'~ 2i.d .Tt.~!!jr k=lr!;t i)it~ j.21 221 old. ~narinc .Le,* j.n front of ths Yc;rX 1-:oi1nt-lins. C. L.. ;j~icsi;'~-jl, ;.l;:o :lort,ed i:~ t;:c "fork I.c:;:l k. ... i:ls 1::s t cu.-.-xr, tells !;lo t'nat ~ic.ic~-'b!acl~:r; ~;oc?d cave,; Eve rare .tkcrc. Tl!ere are ~inX?~oler; in a linesto!l5 zrea inl.r_d f.1.c.m Czp ;ioo?la;r on Se:::~.~d l>zl~i~sula 'cut I k;-.C:I of no caves", cn Cllic:?.,-of Islmd, karst is t;.cl?. ?,:if?lo;,zd j.n tile ,'ru:;t Crezk arc3, Ti,e creek :'io::s "for 2 cl:!..:;idt.rzbhe (li~tar.catl tia*ou;;h a r,:~vc \re, Joseph ;,I. wri %ten ccflxv~lication, 1 2-29-G;]). Dnvid 2. Ilr>;~kins reports (:;rit tcx coxn~inic-f iors 10-6-61 t: I 2-22-Cii~) "a nu:facr of l2-v~ tut~r," i:~ tl.rL? Lost Sin flo;~ Lzr th of ;,; t. Eanrlzlchcn a:;d :jl?11<11 r3r I .b3:';:: L::lie on the >;a;:l:;J Pcni:l;~ula. ":ic:r;o of then c-n b2 sc;lctr~.tod to ?e:,.ths of ~.:v~3~'31 tci:~ of feet brlo:q thc flo;.~ . :r,,i for I:~.:i;;~:lt..xl dj.s :b;c; O? & !--l.!:?ri?

It1 contrast to Gome other puts of t'le !:orld, the study of littoral. catres h;l-r: l;:cged in the UnFt~d S tctco. iiith thc cxec2tion of ti105~ archcologiczlly i~~ortent cwcs, this is adso true of A?.ar;ka ;s!?arc their nu:.~ber is prob;..bly ircl~~ils c anrl the potcn t izb for their study psrhap..; u~~cscellcd. To date, only a fc~ littoral caves have been l*ccordedc Tba fo1la;ring caves rneatiened by ilackven are tentst~uely lis bed as littoral: I Coronation Island. *I.., any giant sea caves along the coast, One fisherman told me that on a calm day he xc?n his Tisiljrltg bo~t into ano of the larger ca;rea. These trulling boats 'are usually about 50 to 60 feet long and about 2s high... an abundance of bird lifc,,. One can fire a gun near thc entracc of one of these caves and tl~ousnnds of birds will fly out." r. q Baker Island. "'. . a large blo~-hole csve on a point to the nortbacs t . ." Boyc:~ Island. "Xlong the rcr,idt (;.?;I! :.d~lir.r;ton, arc zcvcral ~,tvcs, Olic , ccn;sist?d of t.20 c2:~es ; ~~~~~3 ;C t7-11:~ c1ap~ ill be t.::et:.~ tlictn i:nd ;;;;~;l vic;~r;d fic,.~ out itt sc~i gi~b3 the ;:F:)r2ii3':'.'1.CC ~f ;i 1: i'gd .i~)lf hetJ, ;,r:sJ,hr?r c~vt. ~?ear'~>is at ths bzs:: of s 11i~;lt cliff 2nd 'r~~i!; a picfurc;jrjuc lake in it. P~.rSk:sr 'to ti?? corth e7.33 up 5Y.c CJCL;~ is a c2vz ",la$ i-uns :I~ru~;;;i~ thc cz;l;:, :At this ::o.lii t is L>~,u t a :7 ~~u:42tcr OC a aile i:cro:;ri, ~;i~!re we oti1e.r s~a, cavc:; alozg the ~2:; tcril s::orc of' tl;c ~sl:.-(!, 2.c-opor." I :(o:cicsko Islznd. A rur;lorcd cave :iifl~ getroglyphs on t:ic 11,1 side of Sl:ip?ly Urq; ty ~e uti.ceztain. Tl~cse cavt?s ere listetl in the filer; of tha :!2ti.cnal Sp~heological Socic ty 2s follo:;~: r:oronn tian Iolnnd; Sea Fo:11 Caves. :'3:,;cer 1sl.zr.d: Bluw I-iole Cwe. i:q-e; Island: ::elf Pecc Cirvz. Cliff Ca-~e. iL?ir~l.:nlir;;ical G!:rvc:, co:r L.r..i11 unvcr:if ier! ru:?,Qrs of a Su?:.a?d I'?cr:*;~c CniTa on ,ruj.ou Ir; lr>:zd, !>robably on the scutk cj.dc, ;.:id of a sm;ill li tt~r::..l czvm nsmAe:,iiljk, '1'1:~ CZYC~ on K=I:,: f sland r.,hc1.c walrus mat was f or,~r.orlj stored (~prln~, 1967) m~j bc lit tor~~l,


, ; 1 C"'J33 -9volt. 1, $2 'a czn in some instances be fo?lo\rcd Soc miles, by listening to the m~ffltld xoar of the riv5l.s rushing throu~11 ~cc c:~ver.:ts fzr below :!I? xurf?+crfs", E3oze;;:~:t g~x::lingly c 1: "Onc cnn sornatiacs penctratc a ~rmt dlstcnce" (icto tllcso CZVC~) but ~pccific~lly ststud that it wns nacesszry "to infer \:hat t~kcs place :sithln the tunn~lsl' znil it eppemr; th;i t tire only ;.;alzzpina Glacier CSY~S ii:~i~S kc exp10~0d .-= shop t llpp?r-lcvcl gl3cicl caves "fro!;l one dc;.p vallt:y to aiiot;lar" \ he uscd to "avoid a s+,ccp cliinb over xor~inc-covered ice". T3 dntc, the most intensive gl.nciespelcolo~ica1 studies in Ala!;ka are those of Eocd (1970) and his studerlt C1z;rton (196i1) of the :Cartin Itiver Glzcier, located ?-bout 60 m~l cs ens t af Cordova. 'l'hcy found pseudokii~% tic phet:ome~~a conl>,?rable to a11 stagcs of thc karst cj~lc. Bnglacial ~nd subt.lacictl caverns arc przscnt, but the en tire f opogrx$:ly is wdergoing entrcnely ray id change. A large subglncia3. cavern zbout 72 foet in diameter, with two brznches 2nd ncarly a mile of pascage exglorcd in 1962 was observed in the final stages of cofl~lpso ill 1365. In another arca, txo inkerconnected sinl~hole Lzkeo and four nczrby lakes enpticd znd refilled at a rate of about a million gallons p:r minutz, on three occazions during thc st~:e'y', TL'~III=I~J= abont 3 hours to c~:~pty. T.e ~lncicr hero is ahzut 300 feot. thick 2r.i r h? :;!~.k~urf zcc cE;.zn?el is ~rob;SE;; s:k'~.,;:~c~;ll. 0!1 c?7:3~3~tc!i:n:: ti~c ~ink :.ri~zn tna Ic-:c~ I?kc br~s em :;J ty, 211 ia?rc!:.silic ro:)iV :.?c?n dvc?r.'ulc ri2:p belo:.!, I)t:ri.cdir,alPy, ~3:; l~;::i 1iai:;zi; like CY.~~OSLORS ;il::C ;:!:dil>le. ~;!;ali tk,e ncbi:;o :;tc:7p>d, thu cystt?m :b-;:fi.l ko ;.~fi7_L ZLC, ;;IL c-111~1.1 rr: LC. 6 L!L*:~ 1:)::~:; 111 tii~ : 7->;s. ~j.;ail;+~-.;; G~J ifjq;l az(l ?,;;'lllzci yar.;.otl?.cslly on ;s 1233 :;?l,ct,:cu!.;lr scdl.t?. A:ich SKL:-::Y~ i~~!,di-,~j:tcfit tnr-~.~.~t; k\\~; t f;\a8a t"tlc L;RO:I t,. 50 2.:~ ti:;;:; tki> d~~~!iLll:;r: OCC,II,.~.;~I~ by n i'o~11 \? 20 1'1' f~?t ili;:::l1, kc',ivc 2s ].OH~ ES 3 i;?~k. ifiC 2'ie.kt~ 2~:i~~ih2<1 :I?.> r,~<~bly r~?,sini::c.?nt of 1 i,;& :r;tona ~p~?lcc,,is at a tr~i,~r,..:d,;:ls'ly F ccoXc~~tod ccn1.c. j-:~ th.1 Jv::.;F.\I .7~*2t~ :1 Ie:i; drr ,n:. tic2lj.y c:..? Ly i.12 ~lr~cicr l;l!;a ~l-~,;i: j.r: t,o a c~~:,3 12i:~ tcd ni?;r C,z~.;p 1 '( on -Lhz JLI;:c;~u Ic~.?f cld, in -tiic Lar8:olz Ci-eek Gl;,,, ,~:r bu \:,;cull C;?, ir:~ P??.?.k P.Y-~ C).?;~CZ-.~~L hi02 I.:CUII 5ili-11. :;i.j'.~;:r:l ;,7il !.c L* e.i.plo.rr?d thj-s c::vrr f~j:r 3'su~tt ;CO ;r'ai.t yzxn ,-LO; rzcently it :.PS zr2lored r'cr r?7~ol~t 3GO actcrs by Ross :I; (owl;io~~, ixzc 24, 1910) :uld f~li::d to ri;:rroir to ia;j? s:;r.bili ty along a str2,l.n slot, A si;b.ila~' 12.k~ nc,w C:,> 10 7.t ICY Ufrji2, in the scl.~;h c~l oi Vnntc?.gc Pc:.k, ii~y also drain into zt cirvz. O1:i postcards ?.re k,ilc!:r of r? 1~ir~il Z~ZC~CZ" Ca7e in tj-;~ ;:IOU t of thu IEer.dcnh,?ll Glncier, C:.acicrs ill ?,c~~t!l-Con tral 11 l?:;!rA fzlet long, avera;.ini; 25 faet :i;i-dc 2nd 9 feet uidc. .I3 of Septt>i+ibcr 73'70, laJ;';ez c~vz :.;;A r.o Loz~sr accca,lole riuc to r3hc c~lli.+~.;c of ti12 first 190 fcei of p?!;sase Zi:luf!!cz Clacim conf ?ins ti riin~lc li:r,c ch i;a:)cr r,;l*~c that is the t,-~d of dkliltn~ River. Cnc clu-rtcr of a mile up &l.acicr is a 100 foot plus pit cii th a ,road siac s+,r:;dn, goin;. ~~:dc~~r.ouncl at this poix-t, 'Shis ?it is on?^ 10 fct2t in dizae:er p,r,d duo to the -cc*~nt of 5:; cflfcrjr?,-, it L+~OUI.C~ bl: nccr:ss;:ry $0 diT:ai t tile stream prior to eriplorint;. 'I'hi3 sl~~I^t i-i;?; see;? ~;JO su:..fir:3..s :~ith no ~il;l>;;~ ~.r>ti~~d 2113 appears parr.nrrcnt.


:hiI(!, Jzc::, 1951. Of ice 223 c;l1~es. f!~::h\~lllt. Croito Sl>elnanciqs.:, VQ~. 5, ;1.'5, pp 5-9, :Isiyi~n, Lee, 3964, Icarst topography o:~ stq-nznt glacicrt;. 5. Cleciol., Vol. 5, # 37, py. 107-112. :zll, C:,B. 1878. Hcnains of later prehistoric ma1 ebtaincd from caves in the Cztherina Archipzla~o, Alaska Territory ~nd especially frca thc Caves of the Alcutim Islank. ;rigc;s, R.F. 1922. Thc valley of the 10,000 smokes, t!eshinston, Nationel Ceogrzphic Society. !;;.ck~:~t~, Hnhert J. 1349, Spcleology in southcrtstcrn Alaska, Bull. Gat.. Spele~lo~ical Society, Vol. 11, pp. t 1-16. Lodge, Ed::in T. 1944. Lir;lcstoncs of the 12acif*ic Korth1:1cst. Bonnevillc Poi:er ACninj. r?.Crc?.tiu~l Uiv, of Snd11:;triel & I:cr,courc~:; Ucval~~mr3.:~ t. 104 pp. iov~y Iloracc C, 1662. Celebrated Xr:,esicac Czvons. pp. 44-46. :~.dlic;:i.i~, Alp:;, 1941. 2x~lorstio:1 of Plum::$ Gi:t'cs in th~ kleuticn Izlcc~ds. Sci. Ido, Val., 52, pi), 5-23; 113-130. iue::eJ.l, Izrzcl C, 7c,37. Glzcierz of Xortl~ Aws1:ic.a. Uozton, Cin:i L Co. Also see 3. Gcol* VoLm 1. jprinc, l!orna, 1967. Fros )!one to toaorrox. Seat tlc Tirncs Sunday lJ,',e,-. Scpt. 24, pp. 10-1 1. !y sinccrc th~rdkr, to Chmlcs Pease Jr for bFir,~ir.~ tJlc fir Clicks refcrence to r:c ~tt~c~tiol:.


I.*---i 1 t' I. L CAY23 -.I1 Vol. 1, #2 ------I-.> --. . 1 i: U.. S DEPA?TI'r

Coastal Alaskan Limestone Tcrrein (~cu thcrn Alaska) 1, Scldovia, Kenai Peninsulc?, r.arth sllorc, 2. Port Cral~n:,~ (3ay), Kcmi PcninsuLa. 3. Cp.?e 3ichiin Cment ;(;.irble Point, Russell Fiord, Yekutat Bay. 4. Glacicr Bay. 5. Cerfiors B~J, on icili-nland, ecl;s t side of L)lln Canal. 6. Fort Snct tisham, 011 nairnlznd eazt of bdniralty Island, 7. Nridcs Point, north ara of Port Sncttisham. 8. ,/hitint. River, head of Part Snef tisham, 9. Tracey .2rn, extension of IIolkl~a~n Bay. 10. Fords Terror, north' branc!! of Endicott Arm, If, Paties Cliicier, head of Zcdicott ,hn. 12. Ihrblc Cove, Chzik Jay, Pybus 2p.7 2c Embier Gay, Adrairalty Ialand. 13. .Id;:iral ty Sslznd, op1:osite Tienr~kec Inlet. .. 4 0 14. Presl~:.:at,~?r 3.2~ Chiczgof Island. 15. :',~+;:~c t Ezy C:?ic,?,of Isl;?nd. 16. Iizr?)c.~~ t (.;L'&Ycs i~l;~.~.rl, ,,i+;: of Gili.~? jof Inhnl in 2illisbu~y Sound. 1 7 Tl:.>z!c7 +S U2.y, r,; 1;. r:d t;;. s 4 of I,l.~;ll-i~~ .of 1:; l~u:d. 7 A la+ iir:.gilL~~~ ?AJ, A--:~i>~h~~p:~T l.:l~lll, 19. 3;u;?cc::1 C:i:1;:2 ~:;liil:, Arjn, ;ir;prct! .-.oi Islzc~d, 29. :,ilia Icls:~rl in Lc:{n Stzaif 2 1 2ci~.usl?rc, 3:2:~,~~dc Is 1,-nri, i,ull-~ Zslrnd, 22. Sc;;ins.:r 3xy, Paint Coi-'lq.ti>1-J.i~ ,::;4 I"cr.i!:cula, Kuiu f s land, 23. m!z~::,pll Is~z~I~, :!?,.I 1~Ld:A <:#: .L 5~;*.,i f ?LC]-d G!L~ 11;~:l in z;:j.~ls,!:,.$?it+ l0xk~ 'iirsin ;-a, czt;t uf .i~::,~;;clL. 2>+ Ccorgz Ara, Carroll Tnle t a!ld 'l'ilcrnc ~kn, ;:clri llzgixcda Island, 26. Screzn Islr~cli and Kasq<::lroC ;;,-nup, Clrkrmce Strait. 27. CA7a7ins Izland in CI?.;.z::cc Strsit. 23. X-s~.;in, Prince of ;;ales klmd. 27. Cloliar 3ay, Prince of 1iial.cs Island. 39. C?.=_l~:o::i!clcy Sound, Prince of ,:sics Island. 31, Cclo.xi, P7:lnce of ii~le; S,sland, 32. Dic!!ales tslzd. 33. lied Zay, hcad of Yrince of ile?,~s Island, /10. A;l!;e;kc t t rLosciusco Is1;rnd. 4 3 Sl:~.kze!l hy ?;.1'rn?-\l I'c~.k, kcr:;ci:tsco f s 1ar.d. 4 2. LJ~Hz 31y, :;ou:h:ws: silorc, .Yoscis;co Islmd. 43. :.:~lrtlc .lsI -.:;..I, Us.rii;~;oa I:ilet, Toac,:t\, sc!:th of I;osc:?~.~co Jsl.c?ird. 46:. Gr.r 7:;1::;:.1, all;!, Iicof 6rci3n ;. I,! O.t1. 1r;l nds '!.?f,t.czn ;Cozcivr;co a>lJ. IJp< ,:< 2 0:,':-lu.> 1:; L: -,,: i 5 :I "5 ::. ::: bd L ::r A{;-?!i.$. i15. 'r;i~~kflil L:jl~:ld, nor111 sich.


S br?,'3lcy Island in Tuxekan Passage. :i~c?ts Isl~fiR. Dcrrier ;.lid iia~:id l'slzndt;, in Cordova Bay, be tiieelr Prince of \laleu IsPe!~d atid Dall Island. Long Island. ils..Lcn 7iLlage to ;.I~tcrfzll Yiy, jr,~zlZ. Island. Victr Cove, Dall Island. Crecxy Bay in 'illcv& Strait. Ilivt:r Islami, in P~nssag!: off Dall Islsnd. Capc Lookout, Uall Islznd. Ilsterfall. 3ay a:~d Capc tlu~ustinc, Pall Island. Port Uazan, Uall Islacd.

Contents: Caves and
Potential Cave Areas of Alaska / Bill Halliday --
Southeast Alaska Coastal Limestone Terrain Introduction
Limestone Solution Caves in the Hackman Report / Listed
by Hackman --
Lave Tube Caverns and Potential Areas of Their Occurrence
Littoral Caves in Alaska --
References Cited --
Coastal Southern Alaska Limestone Areas Plates.


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