Alaskan Caver

Alaskan Caver

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Alaskan Caver
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Alaskan Caver
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Alaska Caver
Pease, Chuck
National Speleological Society (Alaskan Cave Areas Conservation Task Force)
National Speleological Society (Glacier Grotto)
University of Alaska Southeast (School of Arts and Sciences)
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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United States


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Contents: Calendar of Events -- The Glitter of Underground Castles of Glass / Takamine Fujiki -- The Issue of Popularization / Doug Buchanan.
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Vol. 7, no. 1 (1982)
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See Extended description for more information.

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University of South Florida
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CALENDAP OF EVENTS flarch f & Glccier Grotto lteeti ~g. Fteetings are held on the third floor 3f Grznt Hall, Alaska Pacific Univ. at 7:30 pn. April 15 Glacier Grotto Hcctir~g. Ileetirgs are held or! the third floor of Grant Hall, Alasks Pacific Uriversity at 7:30 pr t. The prograr.1 wi 11 be ap h1SS sJ ide shov. f!sg 20 Glacier Grotto fleeting. Fleetings are held OF the third floor of Grart Hall, Alaska Pacific Uriv. at 7:30 pn. Jure 11 Glacier Grotto Fleeting. Heetirgs zre held or: the third floor of Gr~nt tlall, Alaska Paciffc University at 7:30 I. The program itill be a. slide shnrl on Caves of Alaska. Jut:e 55-2C Ileekerd caving trip somewhere; call Fich Hal? for details. Jure ;?-duty 3 NSS Cor,ve~tion in Rend 0regor. Con't niss the Co~vcr~tiorr that is and will be the closest one to Alaska i r; years. LahotDay Possf Fl e ng trip to Chi tf store Val ley, The cover picture is a picture of Cresce~t Ceve and is copled fron the Septcntqer ZS, 157C issue of the Japslrese magazine Asa'hi Gra h a~d F.lsskar, Csver. 4 the appezrcd i r: the trticle Irgi rri rg nn page 3 of th~ s ~ssue o The ALASKAF! CP,VER is a perfodic putlicatior! of the GlacSer Grotto uf the !k+.ional Sp~ileological Society. Subscriptions are free to r.m~bers. l:enPerstlip dues are $3 pcr anrun. Dues csn be sert to Elirtlbeth kockl~el'l at 2944 Enory St, Archorage, P.K 99504. Copyri~ht 1 SCl by Glacjer Grotto. llaterial rot copyrighted by i individual s or cjther grollps rlay be copied by other NSS putlicrtio~s provided credit i s given to thc. F.P.LkSY.Al,' CAVER 3rd ii copy of such pub1 ication I r sert to the editor. Editor: Eickard Hell Pub1 i shct-: Dsvid 1701 1 GROTTO OFFICEES Presl dert cltllius RocF\~11 Y. President Pavid Strcrt Secretary Richzrd Hall Acti rg Treasurer Liz Rncklfell At Largc! Dzvi d If011 Pub? ici ty Earpara Ja nsen CUPREKT TI TCES It1 SPELEOLOGY Ile h~ve receivcc' tr:c pub1 icptiots rece~tly fror! rinr.e 01dhar.i in F.hych~,dr)r, Crynyck, f!yfed (\!ales) U.K. They are in exchange for our 5er.dir:g then copies of the Alaskar Caver. The first is 320 Cavir Books, their 1982 1 i st of caving kooks thcy have i r stock for _7_1 sa e or FTEcsv toppics from si? over the rtarld. The second is Current Titles i r Speleoloyj., 19G1 IrlternatSon~l vhich l ists 3136 czvi rg articles hy topic at.[! location. The articles are fror.1 over 200 puhlicatiors ir, EO cr)urC,ries. They cpr! be borrotred fror~ the brotto library E Jay Eoclrlrel 1 r off ice arytine. Rich Hall


fi*rr!em d.W -0 0 13 gp, -7 m m rrc12 p' P."+ ,+gk a 0 ypl -.* a 7 PIf" CPx gm A. Q 4. a:, 0


The total length of this cave was reported to be approximately 300 1'. They couldn't believe that the cave had disappe8red. They thought that the reasor was due to recessjob of the glacier, kcause recessior: rras seen not only at 6yron Glacier but also Portage Glacier at the ti r.le They tried to enter the monster's mouth. They were unable to sleep well for many days because they lost their nain atject. However, they found a new glacjer cave higher on Byron Glacier at 670 It above sea level. They saki a big ice fall which covered the entrame of the cave and seened to fa1 1 down. The length of this 4ce fa1 1 bras about 250 14. Mer.~bers of thi s expedi ti on of the Kwarsai Gakui n Uni versi ty were : Shuzo l.ondo (coachi ng) Hiroshi Platsuzaki (chief 1, Karuo Ikeda !subchief), Toyofuni Okuda, Manichiro Ikuta, Y~shiaki Takanoto, and Teshi nori Ki tano. At fi ct, three nenb~rs entered the dark entrance that looked like a con5ter's mouth. The front of the route went over a precipice searby. Left and right routes stopped at an ice wall also. Then, they entered a rcrrorr vertical pit rrhjch seened to be inpacsaMe and was to the 1cft of the entrance. About cne hour later, they reached an open space Sn the cave 45 F1 from the ertrance. Other ncnbers reached the open space too. Tt~t qcrtical pit was orly 25 CH i~ width, and they went down about 7 !;, then they had to pass through a small tunnel by laying down flat to go thrc~ugh the open space. Tkei r jackets and overall s were covered with earth and sand, because thew rrere nany glacizl deposits on the ice vfall. They were surro~rrded by ice wall s and many stalactites. The teriperature of this open space was three degrees Celcius (30 C), and ria ter drops fell conti nuousl y. The briaht OF-iect dhrt of ice 1Ebilc taki r:g a phctogsaph, part of a Mg stalactite fell down at their feet slith a crash, They escaped by a hare's breath *From the big nass of falli ng ice. They investigated the cave in Byron Glacjer four tines and got many data of measurement, temperature, photographs, etc. The length of the cave was 159.2 t1. The humidity of this cave was 90% at man value. The tenprature of the ice was O.lQC. They saw sone ice fornations in this cave but less than they expected.


Ilr. llillian [Harvey] Boners who belongs to the Alas'kan caviing club cane to their base canp, then told then a friend of his had told hin he saw a glacier cave-like entrance in Raven Glacier about three years ago. They tried to go to Raven Glacier but the approach was too long to get there wi thi r: their 1 inited tine. On August 3rd, they arrived at the entrance of Crow Glacfer's Cave which was their second goal. The entrance looked like a long and narrow crevasse 50 KH southeast of Anchorage and 1360 H above sea 1 eve1 They went down ar. ice wall by mans of ropes then turned right and passed through a narrow tunnel -1 i ke ice hall, then dropped down about 15 I!. Then they went icto a done. When they naved thefr headlanp slonly, they could find the bright object d'art of ice which was the real glacier cave that they expected. There were nany kinds of dcfcle fornations vhich stood out in every direction. That spectacle was likened to a beautiful bright glass castle. They were lost in the wonder of the spectacle. The castle of glass rlas seen continuously for ahout 40 f1 to a turn in the di stance. Ice Horns which you are unable to find in the daytine. They investigated this glacier cave for three days. Their r,)cas~renents were very difficult to do because of the narrow passagevtay and dangerous ice wall. The glacier cave was a total length of 159.7 11. Mean temperature of this cave and the ice were 2.50C and O.IW respectively. They had heard of ice womks which are one of the creatures of a glacier cave. They could not find any in the cave, hov~ever they found the!,\ several tines on Byron Glacier. They took samples of the ice 1lOrnS. Itarty rargers of the forest park visjted then one after another in order to know the place where they found the ice worns, because rangers heard they found ice woms. An ice worn seens to 'be very rare for a ranger to find also. They r:er?t there in the night only in order to avoid the rnany dangers of breakdown of the glacier, the falling ice wall and falllng rocks. 1n the Alaskan sumer, dark night is very short. This Ice worn bs active at night only, they cone out on the surface of the ice approximately 2:00 AtF, and they shorten and lengthen their red-black body of thc approxSnate size of 2 CF1. They look like chips. After 5:00 $,ti. they hide under ice before sunrise. If we want to see them in the daytine, it is very difficult to find then out on the ice. An ice worm eats pollen, plankton of duckweed etc, However, their node of 1 i fe is unknorrn. Thc expedi tiorb had fi ni shed their investigation August loth, and returned to Japan.

Contents: Calendar of
Events --
The Glitter of Underground Castles of Glass / Takamine
Fujiki --
The Issue of Popularization / Doug Buchanan.


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