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Alaskan Caver
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Alaskan Caver
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Alaska Caver
Pease, Chuck
National Speleological Society (Alaskan Cave Areas Conservation Task Force)
National Speleological Society (Glacier Grotto)
University of Alaska Southeast (School of Arts and Sciences)
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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Contents: Calendar of Events -- Grotto Officers -- 1983 Glacier Grotto Financial Report -- Glacier Grotto Members -- Ye There Still is an "Alaskan Caver" / Rich Hall -- Dues -- News Scoop -- Please Note the New Address for the Editor.
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Vol. 8, no. 2 (1983)
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See Extended description for more information.

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CSpri k June 19&4 Chul itna River Cave


CALENDAR OF EVENTS August 9 Chitistone Expedition planning meetlnq. Meetings are held in rcom 312 of Grant Hall, Ak PaciSic University at T:3Q pm, Auqust 10 First Chitistone Expedi tlon group leaves. CaI 1 Rich Hall (535-2090) for inSormation. August 17 Second Chi ti stone Expedition group leaves. Cai 1 Rich Hal l CZ33-2090> +or in?ormation. August 24 Third Chitistone =pedition group leaves, Call Rich Hall (333-20903 for in+ormatima, September 1 Fourth Chitistone Expedition group leaves, Call Rich Hall (333-20901 +or information. Sep/OctJNcv Glacier Grotto meet~ng, Meetings are held in room 312 of Grant Hall, Alaska Pacific University at 7:3U pm. but dm not meet on a regular1 y scheduled date, Call Jay Rockwsll for info (277-7150). The Alaskan Faygr is a periodic publication of the Glacier Grotto a+ the Nati onai Speleolagical Society. Subscriptions are +ree to members. Membership dues are $5 pw annum (add 83 +or oversees members wishing airmail instead of surf ace mail ). Dues can be sent ta Sydney Jenkins at P-0. Box 4-2917, anchorage, fiK 99501. Copyright 19by Glacier Grotto. Material not copyrighted by individuals nr uthw groups may be copied by 0thNSS pub1 icatiuns prcvi ded crdi t is given to the Alaskan Caver and a copy a+ such publication is sent to the editor. GROTTO OFFlCERS President Julius Ruckwell (907 1 277-7150 H (hchwage> V. President James R, Michells (907)479-2149 H (Fairbanks) Secretary Curvin B, ktrler (907)3;13-2957 H (bnchwage) Treasurer Sydney F. Jenkins 69073274-1004 H (hchcrage) Edi tar Richard A, Hall (907) 333-2090 H Chcharagel The Chul i tna River Cave The purpaw of this essay is to document our second expedition tu find and explwe the Chul i tna River Cave, The first expedition was unsuccassfulthe s~~ond expedition, however, was wccess+ul in locating the cave. The nates from our expedition may be hefp+ul in the Suture. The members of this seccnd team were: Kir, Jay Rockwell, Curvin Metrler, and myself Don Wi l l i ams, We 1 e-IE t Anchorage with one goal, to locate, explwe, and document the Chulitna River Cave. At exactly 7:38 am, we left Dr. Rackuell's hame on a crisp Saturday morning. The mileage meter was at 758 miles, WI3ilm driving north tawards Wasil f a, we discussed the possible 1~catiuns nn the map, We decided to explwe a section of the map ten miles further than our first trip. At 10:40 am, we arrived at the Chul i tna River ~od~k. kcarding ta the mileage indicator, we had traveled about one hundred sixty miles. We had a cup o+ cu+fee and inquired about the cave, The lodge owner was very kind and gave us a tip on where he khoughk the cave might be.


We le+t the lodge and drove another two mxlee north on the Georges Parks Highway where we stopped, secured the car, and began nur adventure, We headed magnetic west into thick woods. It was now noon. The trees and shrubs were still wet from the dew. It wasn't long before 1 was wet up to my knees, The sun was peeking out oS the clouds and it remained sunny the rest af the day, Almg the way we recorded many observations. noted that the dense woods opened +rum time to time into plush marsh bogs. The golden bugs. alive with a fresh smell, were very hard to crosssome p~~nt~ the earth was unstable and would ruL1 under every step. Me encountered many small animals along the way, as well a5 many varieties a+ birds, The marsh seemed a periect hot& +or many animals. CJe observed fresh mouse tracks across the bogs, The moose would comb the edge a+ the bag far food. No observation was a5 surprising as when we stopped +or lunch at 2:23 pm, Across the boq, about forty yards south, was a full grown waLf. It was watching us f ram a 5-1 l cluster of woad stumps. It seemed surprised to see us. It cruuched low, with bushy grey ears aimed towards us as Curvin scrambled to take a picture. Its nose painted up to test the wind. As we stwd up, the uuL+ darted o+f into the dens blrch trees. We continued onward. We reached the Chulitna River bank and named the rest stop "Point Arhievgmant". A+ter making a few wrong turns up and duwn the rivw bank, we found the cave which had eluded us. The cave was smaller than f had hoped. But I was very excited ta find the cave even if it wasn't very l arge. We determined the distance of the cave to be about tm miles east, and one third of a mile south from the highway marker. The cave saddled abwt fifty +eet high am a slope mi the east bank, overlooking the river, We reached the cave about 5:30 pm. I was surprised that it took five hours to come only about three miles. The cave itself was nut large as caves go, The opening a+ the cave war about ten feet wide by seven +eet tall Frcm the apening of the care 1 paced oi+ eighteen feet to the rear a+ the cave. The Slow was an incline ta the back wall. There were many various--sired crevases reaching up into the cei 2 ingbar the rear d the cave thwe was one f f nal crevice measuring twenty-two 4eet hiqh. as you entered the cave you cwld feel the cool moist air. There was a sweet +lower-like sell emanating +ram green and black moss growth near the rear wall. Water seeped dawn +ram narrow gaps in the rock. Near the opening of the cave we found an abandoned swallou nest. The view o+ the river -from the rave was strategic, making the cave a sa+e shelter. We could tell, hy droppings, that small animals made their home In the rave at one time, It was now starting to get dark, as the sun slid aver the opposite cliff. 5


After we tusk same pictures and recorded all our observatxcms, we brake camp and headed home usinq the same route as before to ensure out safe returnMe reached the highway at 4:30 pm, where we rested. We were all very hungry, having finished the last of our trail snacks hours be+ore, so we stapped alnng the way for dinner. By the time We -Final 1 y got home it was 2:30 am the next morning. We were all very tired, but agreed the trip was a success. The key to our success was arqanization and a sense of purpose. we set for ourselves some demanding goal s1983 GLACIER GROTTO FINfiNCIAL REPORT Income -----Membership dues % donations ---115,OO fay AL INC~HE 115.00 Esenses Alaskan Caver printing2 ~osta~e3 WS Rudic Visual Aids Deposit Slips TOTaL EXPENSES Sucnnrary ----Total Income less Total Expenses WET OPERFlTING LOSS Esd~f-Year-Bssets Check~nq Balance Cash and Checks on Hand TOTCIL CISSETS Year End Balance --+-----End a+ year liabilities none Net Worth Assets Beginning o+ 1983 325.47 1993 Net Uper at i ng Loss 30-79 ----*End a+ Year Net Worth 294, &a4 1985 Subscriptions are extended to ccrvcr 19B4 because only one issue of The Alaskan Caver was published. Dues fur members are still $5 for 1984. 2~aid far two 1932 issues and one 1983 iswe. ;F'wtage was donated aqain in 1985 by Rackwell and Hall. 4~i sagrees with Total Assets.


GLACIER GROTTO MEMBERS Bacon, William W. III Bastasr, Dr. Robert J. NSS# 13A96R Bawers, Wm. Harvey NSS# 12088 Buchanan, bug1 as Cunard, Jef-frey S. NSS# 22U9 Debee, Adr i an MS# 14918R Debee, Aleta NSS# 14919% Dunec, Joanne L. Fire! NSS* 16538 Fitzgwald, Brian T. NSS# 19=4 Fi trqerald, Hichele H. NSS# 20370 Fl-, Dan Hal l Richard A. NSS# 16s Hall, Elisabeth S. NSS# 16557R Hall, .Hatthew f. NSSI 22132 Hal 1, Michael I. HSS# 24151 Hal l i nan, Dr. Thomas J N5SI A329RP Hallxnan, Nancy, C, NSS 6367t Helms, Mary Jan-, John F. NSS# 4040 Jansen, Barbara Jenkins, Sydney f. NSS# 18195R Jenkins, H, Stanton NSS# 19447% Johnson, Michael S, Klinger, Col. David H. NSS# 20583R Box h326, Anchorage, A#, 99502 t 907 1 248-481 1 H P.O. Box 2417, Livermore, CA, 94550 t 4 15 1 455-8828 H t415)422-2013 W Box 8710&9, Wasi lla, AK, 99687 (907 ) 376-2294 H W1 Sandvi k, Fairbanks, CIK, 99701 (907)479-2149 H P,O. Box 33, Chitna, AK, 995&$ 1215 Thunderhill tn. #722, Renton, WFL, 98055 370 Villa Circle, Anchorage, AK, 99504 (907 337-A684 H ITO7) 272-SO1 6 W 2022 Francisco St., Berkeley, CA, 94709 Box 451, Tully, MY, 13159 Bax 451, Tully, NY, 13159 3740 Banif ace Pkwy #2, Ckrchurage, AK, 99504 4907) 333-9099 H 7040 Gibbs Hill Cir., Ctnchwage, fiK, 99SQ4 (907133-2090 H 1907 1 2&5-9377 W 7040 Gibbr Hill Cir., Wchwage, AK, 49504 1907 1 333-2090 H 7040 Gibbs Hii f Cir., kcharage, AK, 99504 (9073 S3S-2090 H 7040 Gibbs Hi f f Cir., Anchwage, RK, 99504 1907) 333-2090 H Wolverine Lane, SF? Box 20805, Fairbanks, AK, 99701 (907) 479-&3&4 H t 407) 479-7454 W Wolverine Lane, SF? Ecrx ZOBOS, Fairbanks, AK, 99701 (907) 479-6064 H 3307 hi+ ace Pkwy, Ancharage, a, 99504 < 903) 337-8767 H (9073 248-2250 W Box 2095, Fairbanks, AK, 99707 (907) 456-1018 W Box 395, Eagle Rivw, fiM, 99577 (907) 694-29&3 H (407) 276-4441 W Box 395, Eagle Rivw, M, 99577 < 707) 694-2963 H lbOO W, IlE, #34, hchorage, AK, 99501 1907) 274-1004 M t 907 1 5&41755 W 1600 id. 11E, #34, finchorage, FIK, 99501 E90?)274-1004 M Box 906, Cordava, AK, 99574 P. ti. Eox 537, Leavenworth, WA, 9882& < 509 548-5480 H 4 509 1 548-5880 W


Lund. kl rsten 1426 Orca St.. Anchorage, AK, 99501 Hauser, Mike 6631 Teshler Dr., finchorage. &K, 99507 1907) 349-3026 H 1907) 27 1-4799 W Hrtrler, Curvin B. P.0, Pox 100738, finchorage, AK, 99510 NSS# 2388ZR ( 907 1 333-2957 H i90715tLT-4406 W rZol l, David Pl. P.0, BCW 82044, Colleqe, AK, 99708 NSS8 IUlObR ( 907 1 455-&A02 H (5'07) 456-4982 W Morton, Bruce R, 3r SR Box 206, Eagle River, 99577 NSS# 3202L 19071694-9112 H Chehima, Dr, George Dept. bog, Kwansei Gakurn U,, Hyoga T&2, Japan 075-781-8054N H 0789-51-3522 W Rockwall. Dr. Julius Jr. 2944 Emory St,, Anchorage, 6# 99508 HSS# 11308R, (907)277-7150 H 19073 561-1266 W Ruckwe1 1, El i z abeth A. 2944 Emory St,, Anchorage, AK 99508 NSS# 152328, (907)277-7150 H Rockwell, Julius IV(7ad) 2944 Emory StAnchorage, fiK 99508 USS# 1785&# 1907) 277-7 I50 H Smith, Dr. G. Warren 4314 Stacy Rd., Seabrook, TX, 77586 NSSIC S01R (7 13) S34-5323 H Street, David 2510 Fwaker Dr-, Oncharage, AK, 99503 NSSk 82WR {9073243-4829 H (907)271-3484 W Street, Kathryn A. 2510 Foraker Dr., Fkrchorage, AK, 99503 NSS# 9960% (907) 243-4829 H Tonlinsdn, Kathy P.0. Box 2417, 14151455-8828 H Wbach-Tarres, Mcntswrat Balmes 743, 302, Barcelcna 8, Spain Westman, Erik D. 27 Abby PI,, State College, PG, 16801 1&14)254-4026 H YES THERE STILL IS AN "FtLASKCIN CAVER" 1 olwuld like to apolqize to all of you who thcwqht that the Glacier Grotto had died because you stopped receiving ywr "alaskan Cavern. Grotto meetings and activities have continued but the news nevw got out. The "Caver" stopped because I have spent the last year building a house and because I lost my access to a ward processor and because I couldn't get anyone to put it out while 1 was unavailable. My house is now cumplete and I have purchased a Curma PC with the Hulfimate ward processor and an 80 column matrix printer. This means T don't have all the fancies that 1 did be+ore but at least 1 can type at home. This issue will attest that the system works and I have figured out how ta do some basic editing, HQWEVER, the future of the "Cllaskan Caver" depends upon people sending in articles; in the +wrteen months that there was no "Caver" cnly one article was received!! I'll edit but you need to write. Rich Hall, Editor DUES Because there was a 1 apse of over a year in the filaskan Caver, no one ever put out the word to pay dues. Well, don't be too concerned, There wnn't be any 1984 dues but since it costs more to produce the Caver than dues bring ~n, all donatiuns are appreciated, 6


dfter +our years of neglect, the Glacier Grotta is again hjeading for the Chitistone Valley. In July Jef+ Bennett, pl lot Jim Remele and Todd Mueller made a quick stup, entered Star Cave, explored the main passage to a sump and had to quick1 y leave to meet their flight plan. They reported some cross passages but did not get a chance to explare them, Heanwhile, some ather folks were planning same back to back trips into the valley and-now four trips are scheduled starting August 9 and ending September 4. There should be much more exploration going on there this summer than in all a+ the past six yearsThe next issue a+ the alaskan Caver will report it all. PLEASE NOTE PLERSE MITE PLEASE NOTE PLEASE NOTE PLERSE NOTE PLEASE NfY'TE PLEASE NOTE PEASE MQTE THE NEW dDDRESS FOR THE EDITOR THE NEW ADDRESS FUR THE EDITOR THE NEM ADDRESS FOR WE EDITOR THE NEW ADDRESS FOR THE EDITOR THE NEW RDDRESS FOR THE EDITOR THE NEW ADDRESS FOR THE EDITOR ME NEW flDDRESS FOR THE EDITOR THE NEW hDDRESS FOR THE EDITOR Glacier Grotto The Alaskan Caver Richard Hall, Editor 7040 Bibbs Hill Circle Anchorage, Alaska 99504

Contents: Calendar of
Events --
Grotto Officers --
1983 Glacier Grotto Financial Report --
Glacier Grotto Members --
Ye There Still is an "Alaskan Caver" / Rich Hall --
Dues --
News Scoop --
Please Note the New Address for the Editor.


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