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Alaskan Caver

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Alaskan Caver
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Alaskan Caver
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Alaska Caver
Pease, Chuck
National Speleological Society (Alaskan Cave Areas Conservation Task Force)
National Speleological Society (Glacier Grotto)
University of Alaska Southeast (School of Arts and Sciences)
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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United States


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Contents: Calendar of Events -- Grotto Officers -- News -- Maianuska glacier Ice-Cave Trop - March 30th, 1983 / Rosemarie Knecht -- Bogoslof Cave "Update" / Ann Baltzo.
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Vol. 8, no. 3 (1983)
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See Extended description for more information.

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The Alaskan Caver


Novrmber 21 El acier Grotto mwrting. Meetings are held in room 312 a+ Grant Hall, Alaska Paci+ic University at J:30 pm. December 19 Glacier Oratto meeting. Meetings are held in room 312 of Grant Hall, filaska Pacitic Unzverrtty at /:3u pm, J anuar y lb Glacier Grotto meetirlg. Pketlnqs are heid in room 312 of Grant Hall, Alaska PrciSrc University at I:3U pm. I February 2C1 GI acl er Grotto meeting. Heutxr~gs are held in room 312 e+ Grant Hall, Alaska PaciSic Wnzversity at 7:30 pmfhr A1askln Laver is 8 pmriodic publication of the Glaciu Gratto of the National Speleological Society. Subacriptims are trme to members. Hemberrhip dues rrr *S per annum (add L3 for overseer members wishing rirmal l instead of surf rcr aai 1 ) Duer can be rent to Sydney Jenkins at P.O. Bax 4-2917, Ancharage, Ak 99901, Cupyright $985 by Blrcier Grotto. Hatwirl net copyrightmd by individuals cr othw qraupr may be sopied by ~thar NSS publicatimr providad credit ir givmn to thr @larkan Cavw and a copy a+ much publieation ir rant to thr mditw. W?D I 1 U OFF 1 CERS Prmmi dmnt Julius Rackne1 L 4907) 277-7150 H (#kcharage) Vice Pre~ident Joe Wad (907)456-&U77 H tfairbanka) Secrrtrry Rick Bowwrrox (907 )5&3-49&1 H CAnctmr age 1 Trmaeur er Sydney FJenkins 19071274-1004 H (Anchorage) fit Large Tom Hal l inan (907)479-6064 H {Fairbanks) At Large Davm Street 49073243-4829 H 1Ancharage) Editor Richard A. Mall 4907) 333-2090 H ICkrchor age 1 NWthw. Ro~ Rep Dav* Klingcer 1509)548-5480 H (Washington) Training Chair Hxke Hauser 1907) 349-3026 H (anchorage) NEWS GLACIERS? fit the Lktotrmr meeting Uan flud reported that he had already been doto Byron lalacier this f rI l and Swnd r proriwsl y unreported cavein Byron Glacirr itralf. #ith thrcoldett Qctobmr mrmcwd st may turn wk to bm r grrat year +or glacier caving. linntsct Jay Rockwell tn Inquire mbwt upe~mir~g gllcimr tr xp5 this winter. CH1 I ESIOFIEt ~lro at the Uctobw mmrting, Kent Hudson showed r1 rdes af Forty Foot Cave, obviously missnamed because it is real L y 70' abnve the gr wnd. He rrpwtmd that they checked B00' 04 passage including a 30' wade room with savmr a1 rlde passages, Other fratures of the cave included ICP crystals and a sump at thr and, But there are lots sf unchecked ride leads. at the September meeting Harvey Bowers showed same glades +ram 1984 Chitistono tr xp. 11N CITY! at the Septembet meeting Harvey Bowers showed some slides and talked about lira~stor&e at Irr~ City ruear the we~tern end o+ the Seward Pennxnsui a. He separ ted sink holes and other karst #eatur-ms, Cover: bnn Baltzo's multiple fLasfl ptroto 05 B090sl0+ lava tube. cSes story orr page 4. )


)SCI I IPhNUSE.A GLAClER ICE-CAVk I k kF March firth, 1985 1 had just come back trom r vicatinrb to tropical 'Irhiti, when an excursion I to thenatanuska Glacier sremcd to be a good way toshift back into &larkan ways and tempwatur~s. ALt~g~tk~er might very pl~a~ant "grotto e::plorer*" and glor lous rulirhir~e that dry made the rdfwt worthwhile. LJe le+t the Glrnn Higlinay at about Mile I-, at around 11:30 a.m., to +allow r kraal down the bluff into the river valley. lhe descent proved to b~ the hardest part Q+ the trip, as must of ur had trouble rnaneuverlng thr deep anskiing downhill. lcwn Hamilton raid, "Just +allow ma,"aand made it look I ike thmr r was nothf ng ta thr narrow path. HaT 0t course, my latert mxercase had been suntannlng on the baachos. lhe +Irt rirrr bottm eovmrad with aa5y morr ovmr ace made traveling +un. We watched muosr and rrourr tracks, the Lattmr disappearing into th~n ars. Bxrd wlng impressions told the story. Ubwt cmr a'ciock wr reached thr north ride of tho glacier st the end of a wall gully. Ihe su~r war ~d up r protected picnic spot right next to the entrance of our trip's goal, the Glacier Grottos. Crampons were def inr tely r plus uhen crawl i ng into the cares. Fwtunrtely, the caves did not contain wch water. bk enjoyed the Ice formations and the adv~rlture 04 it all. Ihen there are these who are scienti+ic. alder the supmrviriori of Jay, they spent quite some time measur~ng thm maill EPVC. 1 hope they'll let us know haw the cave wrll b~ave changed by next yaar. lam, Hike, Ray, Vana, arrd Dan elided up the closest glacier rxdge to check out the scetter y bayorld. Ihe rest of us took tt mrsy. The afternoon was comf w t ab 1 e mrlouglr. llle sun wvrd below the icm ridge md lmft our lrttlr hallow to cool off. 4 p.m. rammed to be a good time to brrrk camp and head mn out. Ihrer a+ us, md then tom, rtrrted. As usual, skiing back seemed to cover a shorter distarlce. &~lde~, a g~ntl~ dwnhr l l grade away from the glacrer speeded things up. We carrted the skiis UP the b1uf.F to thr road, We worm imkzng forward to r Mexican d~nner in Pa&mer, whrr- we agreed to ~mt. It was 6 p.m. when the +lrst vehzcE~ lett down the highway. Mlkm, Hervan, and 1 ertjayrd wr dannw at the only bxacan restaurant In tbut we remoaned unmrt. #a haven' t +wnd out yet where the rest of the 9mg had therr clhcrw, Much rpprec8ation md khanks to larn and Jay +ew wqanitlng and l~ad~ng a great auklng! hosemar i e knecht


-rqzaCcldd fiurthm pur q=rJrasaJ uo rplmfsy joJKqrAd aqq 0.1 peu6yr3r swa-rl Asttwns j Aqt~~q>w ~UCJ?~C~JDSA ~~?AOAF+ e papl[~~~d anFq 7 t r~ +orsow ~OO+-C)&S +o rdotr syq va r>r+Ans s ,uq-rrs aqq ur sburuedm buftrysqurq 142 pur *raqnq aqq $0 qcsds sdaqqo pdraq paam,, 'rW61 Aldaa u! ras 6ur~utq my3 UK puslrf rnhd qu~hg im ssqnq ahrT sqq jo uo~qrmfdxm 3s~~) drm ua err pup ~sqqfinrp ~rm *plr~qrw krr pm J rnda A~~sorm~, ","aArY +otroha, qnaqt *aye2 pur s-nJ )o Jeqrrrnu r (WJ) t~8&f 'q3~~ 'u-~?wH) aqq inoqt ~auq T T EM AJ~A ptrpyry Tn-d =qs muy oq awe3 eq utum~aapqnm ptfit ur 6ursg -a~rsA Auea H+ suo~qr~mc)O IcsS And mjtrp~r~ pur qsrj a41 +a a6~rq3 ut sew p~~wo~ -=he3 ur:prlw qutsr+lu6rs r jo ~a!ha~ 6urqc~xs ua saw qTnssJ aqq pur uw a)w rrq pur ~zqyrg pdeq qastr 02 psusddrq ; y a6r s~eaA re~shss aqrqs ucq6urqse~ uy uorqushucm rardaqst)~ qr stzq~ FfaM?DQu -r Aq 1*31.WU&ln 3hW3 J0


"Lava tubes are romrrmnl y abs~2 ated with voicanic cones. Ehey radiate hor ltantei 1 y outward Srom the control cwt, br~nc 8 secondary and Lower mruptim br~akthrough o+ the molten magma ta Lhe caaler wmrl d out61 dm?. bitkart internal pressures subs1 de, magma, ski 11 ~cf t enough to +low, terbds to return to rts paant o+ orlqtn-th~s retreat Iraver r lava tube ~n its wake, &I1 thr tuber hove mxmilar charactmrlctics, ymt vary fasclnatingl y in detail. intricate intwcorrnectrng networks occur In some areas o+ the Lower 48. "Llehon-covrrad rubble 81 ter~tat i II~ ui th laxst armas nmcessi tated good .Footgear Sot tl+r rwgh hi km oS about 2 mi Lmr to the slop= of tlagoclo+ Hill, Uz kd tlawur s like Alarl:a spring bmauty md 1ousrwwt wcre unarmidably krampLmd in ttamir lrur pr rsing pra+usaon. therm was nary a troo standing Jrl wight w~l &awr Iry prostrrtr +ram the wind, thelr rcwt holds trtbuws. lha mrlra trunks, with thalr rwtrtrrtched brrnchrs, mrt r mcqnirrblw cnl y at tm-tripping Irvrl Fractured basalt colu~ulr and rrrir d 1 cvr upthrumts prcvxded sub jmcts tor cantmmpletimn during r mrt stespr rt, route, "Lava tubrr, mcm a a mndr, w odud crmtw out1 inmr and bi tc of rug1 te catthzng the lagllt arm prrwnt-day indicrtws of valcanxc aetrvzty that occurQd a III 1 L IOR ymar 6 190 When St. Paul LP~ and was #ormrd. Its older rimtmr, StGeorge Island, 40 nxl-r lo the Southwest, dates back about two rnx i l ierrt year E, Lure rrrnple~ o+ arrcm-melton rock wpre takmn md arbrlyred In lSCI2, and arapplnqs ere done in 1965 by David Hmpksns at the U.S. Gaologrcal arvry, in company with Thor Etnarrron of W~ykja~xk, lcslandIt's m~nd-boggling for e nongoologist to be told that the ear th's pol rr.a ty urbdernent threm rmvwrsa1 s during Saint Grwgm'r l~+etlme. lube entrar~res tlaat we round varird in size and pa~ztrorr. Wno, a p~t, tmtr~ned the skeletatr of a rmindaer: wa pruoud to consider the crrrture's demise in can4i moment. Other openings wra small, L I ttle rnor P than echo chambars far wr yoo-hmsWe wore Iookrng for an wntryway wl lh saw s~mbiance of stab~Lity underfwt and a sure way wit, "When dzd find sucll an opening and cautiously drwped lnto st, tzrn~dity and we like tb thank r flash o+ cpmrnon sense, kept us ntthin rxght of The entrywry, We'd come ill equlpcd wxth just a packet a+ mat clam^, a candie =tub, a crmera and na~vete. Our Lack of rqer and lanterns rrould have made m rxperienced cove explorer 9ASP'Wrtym~e wllh claustr~phabir wpuld be rotlcent about enter~nq sueh a cave. It was not untal weeks fster, when vlrwing tibe arte flesh shot ue'd taken, dld we raallte the shades of color that had surrounded us. +'L)~ECUIS~OIIE wltla friends *rho -re similarly tantallzed abwt delving drwper lnte tho udider grand bl ~bd~uirs resulted In a second adventure several years after wlr 41r6t expedition. But thzs trme we came equipped wi tlh +ood, sever at battery f ontcrrns, prrmeasured r ope, camera and a trapad-as well as safety In numbers and a marale boost a+ camar ader s e.


Ann Baltso's photo af the cave entrance +rom the inside, Ihe vivid col~rs can be wen in her ariginal article (Baltra, 1976) "We tcund the cavr warrd mntered on our first excursion, Our inrtial exci temrnk subsided as we cauti aual y procmeded PI ang the most obv~ous corri dar. Iher~ were piles a+ rubble Crom the ceilrng, drlpping uater, side rha+ts that ended abruptly, roam-srne areas, low craw: spaces, more corridors. Uccariur1al1 y a question Izkr, la there real J y 1 lght at the md of this tunnel?' would be asked. "Iha unrullevad blatkfbess was SP lbhtense we could +eel atr o?Gpeclallf when the lanker 11s were tur ned at+. Excx kornent was fa1 lowed by a sort a+ wrrrxness +t-MIL see1 t~g PO marly nonra.Fl.ect1 ve rur$aces. U~lt to1 erance at con+ inenlent and l enqth o+ retracem~nt rope ran out at the same time atid brought our adventure to a climax just as we rrrched a large 'ballroomr with r giorr-rllck flwr. My husband recal1s ttsat: that was one spat 1 didn't belly-crawl lnto 1 encouraged tlke others but 1 stayed behind and held the rope!


I "Speculatian rm rampant rr to g~alogir axplanations +or the multicalwed rubble. We obtained our muItipl~-~xpu~ur~ photo by mounting a camera on tripod with the shutter. locked upen and then flring f kashbul bs f ram &ever a1 posi tioli~. "We marveled at thw =amthing, bubbling, venting activity that taok pl ace oms ago when 1111 pr mgrlarl t VQ~ canoes gave bit th. Ihe passage o+ ti me and rr osi vo weather have 1 a+ t their i mpr i ntc-but Bi centenni a1 yrrr virttws to thm saw &r ma will probably +ind little change there slnce our 1965 coursm in neophyte spelunking." After rrrding ttm rrtzcle thore were questi~n~. 1 wote Howard and a post card included the fol lowing: "Hy brief diary note +or 5/50/&7 crtimrtrr we penetrated about 2iW yrrdn by mursurrd lifrl ine. hd t could rro abwt 150' more across a rlick-+loorad +ballr-', but was chicken about wrigglrnq thru an unstable rock+ all to stbtrr it. HIP +OIIOWUP letter is quoted in entirety: "tlerm's an -tire pictwrl recwd of our intrrpid prnrtration o+ the bgclsicv Cave, Eha rnul tipla flashes one tree cover) took an amat irbg amount of care arid time altd planrbrng in that lightless wur id; we had no stomach fw +ur ther ef+ort rn that direct~on because claustrophobia was setki~lq in, and t\elplrtim~ss En case oC acc~derlt or. mi stake wa~ ai l too mvident. Wliy in lie11 did we ever take such r chance with such total lack o+ cxper a ~nctz*? "1 guess you got my po~tcard abuttt being scsnre 200 yards ins~de +ram the entr-a~bcc a~c~dlng to llre nreasured length a+ the heavy twlne used to mark the escape rwata. Ihc "ballrm" at the mnd o+ our penetratrors was serlsata mlal. Judged by Slash1 xght, the cax 1 lng war about 25' high a~td the width t~mpwhat more. The +loor was flak and sl lck as pol L shed ql ass. "!here are twa caves In the vicinity, both hard to lacate ln the jumbled lava #law. You can walk down xnto the bag one over the tumbled rockpile, but the opening to the lmss~r cave is in the top of the ceilanq and nust be drapprd into by rope, We werm'k prepared to do that, It sermr to be a rirnpl-, roomlikw cavxty about 20" deep and maybe twlcm tliat in diameter tall judged by + Ir~hllght md recorded only in menlory rrmernber, we are not prot:ers~onals)! A carxhou skeleton fay nab ttie floor rlgt~t under. the optn~ng. I guess 'reindmer' Is mare mxack bmcause they cam from Home herded stocC. "Ihr data o+ tills m::ploratim~ W~S b/30/67. PkrncrxaI day was a holiday avwn out tl~erm. "We would be pleased to lmarn of any more drvmlopnrentr that may occur as a resul t a+ your rnter elk.


Halliday (1970) mentions this crve on page 7. He derived his information f-t>n Baitso. Since the Baltzos appear to be thr 6irct ta rmpwt this care in writing we recommend their name "Bagosl of Cave" be used. O+ ewrrc me now need a report on further explorrt~or~, o survey, and mare photos. lhis could be our longest ke~aw~t cavm, HEFERENCES Balkto, Ann, 197b. tr~o title) Alaslra 42(71:78, 79, 81. bal tso, Howard, 1984. pnst card dated april 4, 1984 and letter dated Flprll 15. 1984. 3 pages;, Hailidoy, William R, 1970. Caves and Potrntirl Cavm Armas o+ Alaska. Ihr Alaskan Cavar 1 t2J :2-24. Robinson, Rick 1982. Exploring lava tuber., Ihm Alaskan CIvw (712:4-5. Glaczar Grotto the Alaskan Caver Richard Hal 1, Edr tor /<14U Glbbr Hill Circle Anchorage, filrska 99504

Contents: Calendar of Events --
Grotto Officers --
News --
Maianuska glacier Ice-Cave Trop March 30th, 1983 /
Rosemarie Knecht --
Bogoslof Cave "Update" / Ann Baltzo.


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