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Alaskan Caver
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Alaskan Caver
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Alaska Caver
Pease, Chuck
National Speleological Society (Alaskan Cave Areas Conservation Task Force)
National Speleological Society (Glacier Grotto)
University of Alaska Southeast (School of Arts and Sciences)
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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Contents: Kayak Island Cave / Dr. O.W. Frost -- About "The Alaskan Caver" / J. Rockwell Jr. -- Current Glacier Grotto Membership -- Proposed Trips -- Exit Glacier Grotto / Scott McGee.
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Vol. 8, no. 4 (1983)
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See Extended description for more information.

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Volume 8 Number 4 Kayak Igl6 -ve 'Nigh and Dry" this 20 foot high cave on Kayak Island's northwest shoreline uas a scenic shelter for author/photographer Dr. O+W. Frost.


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Other libraries may subscrib for 85.00 for six volms. Members of the Grotto receive "The Alaskan Caver" free. (Because we have not published.any issues this pst year, members uho mid their dues far 1986 have had their memkrship autmticaLly eeended through 1987.) The Glacier Grotto xi11 supply back copies to individuals for 50.50 each except for I'olume 2, Nos. 1 and 2 ~?lich are $1.00 each. If you ~mt back copies, send your check or money order to Glacier Grotto, 2944 hory Street, Anchorage, Alaska 99508. The Glacier Grotto also exchanges publications with the followimz organizations: MI ml AVDEEe9 CIi? C< ?KTEF ________*__________~~~~-~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~*~~**~*.~~~~~~----.~~~~~*~~~~*~~~~-~-----------*----------*----*----*--------------______*_.__________------*-----**-**~--.----**--..-------------.--~-***--...------------*---------------------------------------" I.!.::? Bidtam Rhgcb ydur Crpeycb SA!1 33E :'yfeE :'c:?:: t:~:! :Y Pirmingtat Cr:l:to Heusletter P, 0, BCI 551C2 lirn:ngiea, AL Blcorlsgtcn IW Cr, Yltr, c/o Frank Eeid P.0, Bcr 1283 EIooaingtc>, !5 174:: Ca!ifornia Cavrr P. 0, B~x Q!? Stingle S;rlfgs, Tb 9ffK Cascade Erntto PbO, Err 15f63 Seattie, Fl !Fi;5-?652 Cavt Crichet Ca~ttte c/o Doug S!ecko 119-d !e!rost Apts, L~d:r.~ i! ti-ti Cieve-0-Grcttc Hexs c/o A, iordgrer 29212 Detroit kd, Ves!!zkc, O? f:1(. Conn,de Git,de I'Etio~ !EL. dt 5pelealogir clc Ia~r,Gr:l., 11 tue Es: lt-A:garl Cs-3-15 Ie;cts:t: 5;. -:: ..f!,Coa:lss;ose Grc!:e Via Fscliavelli, 17 u q4n9e. -.?:r.?s:? --:.: . t. C, Speleogr~?t c/o E.1.Sradstav 1132 Epr:n Street *in=b!e:ar,cr:a, II :::. -,--: GoS.A.Bb C Rue Fetonva! J,C1 Hank 1 5262 Vsz~e (Bey! r*+r "Ld--u Hgri: I Pogec C/O C.!,A.!!. Plarzz Gallmbert: li C.A. 1 Cwe: I:\:! bfrs, C.K. Barei .-A +, Wiqr3: Zurir c/o I,C,B,C. ;t:~sa!e: !: PtE Bcrthwer! Caring c!a E,Stcrk L 3,loller~ :]I! East !GI S39:5 ifi Sal: Lake C::;. C: i!iCI h'uova Sye!ecl~gia Viali Btbc?ia Ell1 OC199 Bcra Irbil Syloc Fighua~ clo E,sm:tb 18:; r~xtain Bay E:x:n, :Y 37: 4:-?!k! Ptileie!pbia G:.Digest clc A. N:E3un ED 12 Yellcw Orrinkr Li. ':?es:tr !;rings, PA 1?413 Pb:lie:s c/a 0,B.Hobls iIl,Sc~t.?ifil. ?.O.E;r :::al Wistet3erg kiv. S;rir,$Fi~Ii, OF 159 1 2," 6qlve 11:rtg. c, t E.Turrrn!lre If:: ti ?tee: L~ccfrtd, IL E:i;: Ser a&ec,UnitrUSG? Library 1E 1201 Sutrise Fa:le? Dr. R%$:r,, WA 5:092 S?s!eo Club Era1 V!a Fx!rea Doria 7; OF!$: r.0~3 :Till[ S~e!estrp, cjc Cbrie htrr 53~ !SOT C,T. S:atlcr~ B~":xville, PS 3'?15 SPZS Grugu dc Bs;ele:logse Ctaaadinos Ipr:aio de Correcs 591 1 E[ 0: C:3~ah S7.:.;5 Sveriges Spe!eolog-Fcrtund ex 4517 S-102 65 Stzcbbrla 5WEIfK Tte Explorer 1128 al~ia kveaue South Pazaier:, CA 91':: U. S. Ceulcfica! Serwep Ws:tcr2l Center 050 Reston, Vh 22642 YICEC Liirsrg c/o 5.E:ccdy 1?:4 AIber! Aveau~ V::t::i3, BC '?$A ?A9 rd:k:h Yut Vlrgtnia Caver,c/o G,Dbsber 821 !baanee Drive Buckbenncs, YV 2E2FI Yisconrin SpeE .c/o G.Zachatiasea 3261 S. kew Pork bvesue N:!usutee+ Y: i?:il Yembrs interested in reading abut caving in the exotic places listd abcve should contact me (Pfi:217-7150). khen the articles are not in Fnglish, the abstracts sometimes are. A11 members are urged to write up their ex~riences (it does not ha\,e to tc fancy) and send them to our fourth editor, Mike Mauser, 6631 Teshler Dr,, Anchorage, Alaska 99507. Without articles there can b no issues. The SSS has an annual contest (L-ith prizes) for the best grotto publication coXuer, so even if you can't ~~ite send in that favorite caving phero or fi~ap$ic art. kho kno~;s?


Seacave Rock is a prominent 20th-century landmark on the northwest coast a 21-mile-long Kayak Island, The cave itself is about 20 feet high, 40 feet wide, and 20 feet deep. Nowadays it is "high and dry" above a sandy beach, well above floodtide. The base of the inner cave is strewn with fallen rock, but toward the front it is possible to pitch several small tents well out of the rain. The cave also provides shelter for a sizable bonfire and a panoramic view of 4-mile-long Wingham Island just 2 miles across a channel, called Rayak Entrance, to the west, In July of 1984, a party consisting of Dr. John Thilenius, Research Wildlife Biologist of the Forest Sciences Laboratory, Juneau; Dr. John Mattson, Archeologist of the Chugach National Forest: and the present writer all camped in and near Seacave Rock. No cave is mentioned in records of the Vitus Bering Expedition of 1741-42. Indeed, soundings taken then in the channel between Kayak and wingham islands suggest that substantial elevation of both islands has occurred in the intervening 246 years. The cave, if it then existed, must have been below sea level. Geasg Steller, Bering's naturalist, may have sealed the rock face (above the invisible cave) to reach the top of the Rock to get a good view of the mainland and the north end of the island. His journal indicates that Seacave Rock was the turn-around point of his 6-hour exploration on what Bering called St. Elias Island. --Om W. Frost Research Professor Alaska Pacific University .:hut -"The .4lsskaj Cax-er" h>J. Ro21~:e11 Jr ~IF. Glac.iela G~.>ttcr us~s "The .Alasl:m Cav~br" tc, F;t.cq> en-11 ot.he~c-~lrl cul ~1 m,t_ orgm?izat ion, the Natiorlnl S1elrological Socictt-, informr.d of air act : t i~s, It's curnulati\-e relmrts and references represv1:t all erra\-sil2llc 1.2:3!:!r-Jri= ,:. .4lnzl.arl caves. The f~llo~~i~ ".4lasl.rmi Cavers" ]lave be;: puhllcl~cl t-, ctlzc: Plr:tct rl~t~ Yolme 8, No. 3 r<2s printe' as l*cllun:: C, Yo.] rnIs?.~!:r.. T.,:. 7 issuc is \'olume 8, 50. 4 There t,l l 1 'X sly iscue p-*r :-olr~mu 312 : :I< : I . !.pub1 is!icd t;henet*er the:~ is sufficient mte~.inl Collies are sent to the fol101:ing lccat ior:s: Consclrtlurn Ljb~%at,?. at tho t'ni\.ersity 3f .31n-Ii3. k.c5~r--irr+ Rest IU:'CP~ Libmry in the Fdernl Bui ldi TIC, .4:~*-f:u:.:icc% 1'.S. c-+-l~~rir:nl Survey Libmr? at tho .Alfl:I;;? Fx-ifltk:ljq.-rLlt*.. ;', : 4lasEta C ta te Li brar?-, Juneau V.S. Geologir.rr1 Sur\-r.y>-, &rtr~n, I'irainiz Knfiurr;il S~x--lc~~-?logic~l Societ?L.ibrnl?-, Ilul1:sr11'4~,. .41::!.:,


HANK ADOEBSS Cf F? EM PBOKB Va PEOWB *-*----.*----***--*...-.......*--------...--....------*-.--...*-..--..---. --*..*-.----*-...-".-----.**-..--... --------------------..-**--h*-------****--***-----*-----------m--*-**--m--***--*-------*--------**-------*---Bilket, Bob P,O. Bor ill7 Livermore, Cb 91550 [115)15$-Bt28 (4IS]FZS-5013 Bennett, John {Jeff] 31 2 lor 1199 Cbn6irk, A% 99567 {907)688-6080 (9011333-5361 Bowers, YI, Harve~ Box 811063 Yasilli, Ak 93687 f90?)316-2291 Burger, Raj !R 2 BOX 6690 Chugiak, A1 99567 (90?l688-3!35 (9071162-t2fl5 Danaway, !am (treas] 1301 Chad St, Ancborale, Ak 99518 (907131C-4039 (907 1162-42lO Punawa7, Sharon Dunec, Jabane I, P, 0, 00~ LOO731 Anchorage, AI 99510 190?)21?-7145 (90?)211 -0475 Hal liday, Dt, Yilliar R, 201 Acklen Park Drive IS2 Nashville, TH 37203 [206)324-1l11 (6351571-3081 Aall i~aa, Dr ,TbowssIat lrt) 1611 Vol~triae Lane Fairbanks, At 99709 (9013419-6064 (901)4?9-1451 Ifillinan, Nsncj c. (90?lr?9-6oar Ball, Ilissbttb Scbuttenbacb Id40 Gibb~ Bill Cit. Ancborrit, Ak 99501 (907ISl3-tO90 Ball, Iattbeu Thomss 0811, Uichatl Iaa Ball, Richard Allen (90?)333-$090 (901 1265-9377 hamilton, TOE USCY 1200 Unirersitr Drive bnchosa#c, Ak 49508-4667 190?] l!E-7451 Jenkia~, liclael S. P.O,Bor 4-2913 dncbo~agc, &K 99509 (9071211-1004 Jenkine, Srdnef P. (901 3 561-1735 Jeaainge, Cail 2700 Iobul Court Ancharate, U 33508 (907 )278-1041 (907 1277-5601 Jeanings, Tin I907l561-2634 Kliager, Col*David 1. (HVrepJ P, 0, BOX 531 Lta~snwartb, Md 98926 [509)518-5130 (509)518-5880 Koeack, Ceba 7. P. 0. Box 61P163 Cbagiat, A[ 99561 (sol l688-5d85 Hauser, Wiie (sec) 6631 Teshler Dr, bncboradc, AK 99501 (90?)319-3026 (907127 1-1799 Netder, Curvin 8, 1 I1 Hugo I5 94n Praaeisco, Cb 91122 nell, Divid n. P. 0, Bar 92041 Collete, lK 99708 (9071 155-6587 (901) 171-6318 Wottoa, Bruce B., Jr, Star Route, Box 206 Bagle giver, AI 99571 {901)691-91 lt Wlcbolls, Jamea B, ( AltllYB) 149 Cirard Avenue 9alt Lake Citp, UT 84103 (801)361-5218 (801 1322-2100 Wims, Warrig SBB I70 Copper Ceater, A1 39515 (401 1622-3817 (901 3825-5271 Ohsbima, Dr. George 35 latsdacho, Kit&ahirabwa Sahp, Kroto 606 Japan 075-781 -lo51 0789-51-3121 Pease, Najot C. R., Jr, Bor 541 XPO, MY 09057 141611282339 Berele, Jhles J. Boll Hsdiae Street dnchora#e, bK 99101 (9071344-4395 (9071212-4195 Bockuell, Dr.Jalius,Jr.Ipre#}29U lsorj !It, Anchorafe, AK 99508 (901 )2?f-1150 (907)561-8267 Rockvell, tlitabetb A. (!01)33?-1583 Bach~11, Julius IY Itad) Roy, Charlca (Skip) 1326 C St, hncborage, bK 99501 (9011 216-0711 (903)564-8201 Rubeck, Ruaty 750 Swab's Yay 159 Yasilla, AI 93687 (9071 176-9003 (901)552-2660 Butkauski, R~nette S, 0t.Pld.Snr.l~ if 101 C St. Anchorage, A% 99513 (901j82t-J871 (9071261-1403 SandBoffer, Paul F. P, 0, lor 9-1333 dncho?age, XK 99509 (9071314-3259 (9071219-1293 Szith, Dr, E, Yatrea 181 Rortlvood Drive Banmond, LA 90101 t504l549-2316 itrucbes, Dan 1611 %cadore Or. II Ancborn#t, A1 99507 (!07)341-I981 (361)276-1115 Sutes, Charlie P.O. Box 2116 fair bank^, AF 99101 (!07}152-1669 (9011452-3203 teel, Bruce P, 0, &or 100731 bncbarage, bK 99510 (907 1277-7115 Underwo~d, dsroa 8. P. 0. Box 60504 Fairbanks, kE 99106 (901)455-6495 Yiaiae, like B. 6814 li~er Drive Parctterillt, NC 28304 (919186l-0489 (919)396-1030 Veil, Bentj T, 1100 Talaa Dr, kncboragt, IF 91516 (301)315-3361 Yei l Re~l Ybitt, Dr. Eorace 9221 Ceege Circle %&file River, A1 99677 (307 J 691-6741 [%01]265-9767


Proposed Trips call the trip leader ASAP if you are interested Gull mk Sea Caves or Eklutna Glacier (Cave?) late %p call Mike %user This is an either one or both selection depending on interest and the amount of snow on the Eklutna Me trail. The Gull Rock Sea Caves by Hope are described in Vol. 4, No. 3 and Vol. 5, No. 3 of the "Algskan Caver"'. Hop is a 90 mile drive from Anchorage and bth the drive and the short hike from Hope to Gull Rock are scenic. There are at least twenty caves, including tm 50-footers and a 70-foot tunnel. Jay Rmkwell will inspt the road to Eklutna Glacier from the air the ~eekend before the proposed trip. If it looks god T would like to talre bicycles in from the parking area at the end of Eklutna Lnke to the face of the glacier along the ~ld lake side road. The road is about 9 miles long and has been closed to regular vehicle traffic for some years now. Although the road has some bsd spots in it, it is very lwel and for the most part still in god shape. It is currently closd to motor vehicles escept for Sundays, ?londays and Tuesdays when off-road vehicles are permitted. The scenery is outstanding. On a harm spring or summer day J-ou can hear and see avalanche after avalanche cm down the steep mpon ~~11s. alutna Glacier is reprtdly the fastest retreating glacier in the Chugach ?fountain Range, % Chit istone Cave &trance Survey middle or late July call am The next important job in the Brploratlon of the Caves of the Chitistone (see 1'01. 3, 40. 2 and Vol, 6, Ko 1) is the tying together of all knok-n caye entrances with a smrey. Wen pushing leads ue need to ho~ k-here ue are ~ith respect to the passages for the the other known cares. The objective here is to establish the relati1-e locations of the four springs of Lin:,? Springs Creek, and the entrances of Black Star, Bucklegrind, Chitistone Junction, Sweetr-ater, md Forty-Foot Caves. The details of this trip ha1.e yet to be worked out but call Sam dun ah^:: if interestd. $ Chi t istone Caring Trip late August -call J. Rockwell Le are resen-ing the last week or so in august to push the Chitistone Caves, We need a Trip hader. We can fly in from either Gulkana or McCarthy. The round trip in the Cesna 206 (with four passengers) costs abut 8175lperson from Culkana when the plane returns empty. The last time we went in from Gulkana we had trips bck to bwk and it WEL~ a bit cheaper, For a week long trip the total cost for food and transportation was just over $200/person. Leaving Fairbmks or Anchorage at 5:00 P.M. Friday gets you ta Dry Creek Campground, nearly across from Gulkana Aiqmrt, bj' 11:00 P.M. Taking off between 7:JO and 8:30 Saturday morning gets you to Peavine by at least 10:OQ A.M. We then have time for two trips to set up base camp at Star Cave Creek and to take a look at Black Star Cave. Some my prefer to sct uy c=:p at Peavine. Each group 1s responsible for their aun gear, etc., but some sharing btueen groups saves on logistics. Payments should be made well in ad\.ance for transpor2ation. The Geneva Pacific mining canpan?which ound the buildings at Peavine gave them to the Park Service, Their use can b obtained by request, so a solid base camp is assured if we apply in adktance, and if we want it. All interestd in this trip (or series) call J. Rochuell, as ~c need to plan this one well in advance. & Chulitna Rixper Cave Trip mid-Septmhr to early Octbber call J Rxbell Tbis is a nice day trip for the fall. We meet on the Parks Highr.a). and ualk in from near ?lile 166. It is m opportunity for another Fairhmks-.4nchora~i meeting. See the trip report in Yol. 8, No, 2 of the "Alaskan Ca\-er".


#Chitna (Cave?) Trip June 19-21 call Jay Rodwell A cave-seeking trip is planned to follow up a lead given by Nels Finestad several years ago. He reported a "god mve" not far fm a mad north of Strelna which is on the road to McCarthy. The previous trip r~as th~xrted by a mudslide. (See Vol. 7, No.5.) Chitna is about the same distance f rm both Fairbanks and Anchorage and thus pro\-ides an opportunity for a joint trip. If we leave on or &fore 5:00 P.M. Friday, it is possible to (I) assemble at the entrance of the campground just across the bridge over the Copper River at 10:00 A.M., Saturday, June 20, (2 1 pool up, and 13 ) leave for the cave as soon as possible, At that time there will be an active dipnet fishery for sockeye salmon there with as many as 2,000 people fishing, etc. Some of your party may wish to do that, and there should be no problem if they do, as we plan to Iw back ta the campgmwnd by 2 or 3 P.?l. Sunday, the 21st, at the very latest. Those preferring to stay in a l&e or motel should make armements w1I in advance. Those interested please call Jay Wkwell (277-71501, mornings or evenings (but not afternoons). EXIT GL4CIER by Scott Mke Ch.1 September 27, 1986 six stdents from Alaska Pacific Wniversitltravelled to Exit Glacier near Sek~rd, Alaska for a weekend Outdoor Program trip. Upn ex-ploration around the glacier's terminus we discovered a glacier calve ln the left flank [looking downstream). The opening was approximately 80 to 90 feet wide and 10 feet high at the highest pint. The interior of the ca\.e had approximately the same dimensions as the opening, however the roof graduelht. sloped down until it reached the ground approximatels 30 to 50 feet in. There were sex-em1 smller passages that lead deeper inside the glacier but these were too small to allw entry. There as water flowing through these passages. There were several crevasses in the ceiling, the Largest of ~+&ich as almut 3 feet wide and continue3 up into the glacier approsimatel?20 to 25 feet. The upstream portion of the glacier has many interesting features 14;ich writ further esplomtion


Looking out fran Kayak laland Cave tmads Wi* Island. Glacier Grotto 2944 bry Stwt Anchorase, AK 99500

Contents: Kayak Island
Cave / Dr. O.W. Frost --
About "The Alaskan Caver" / J. Rockwell Jr. --
Current Glacier Grotto Membership --
Proposed Trips --
Exit Glacier Grotto / Scott McGee.


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