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Alaskan Caver
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Alaskan Caver
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Alaska Caver
Pease, Chuck
National Speleological Society (Alaskan Cave Areas Conservation Task Force)
National Speleological Society (Glacier Grotto)
University of Alaska Southeast (School of Arts and Sciences)
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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United States


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Contents: The Alaskan Caver -- Cave Lake Cave in Winter -- Directory of Membership, Glacier Grotto 1989 -- POWIE III Summary and Statistics -- Minutes of Grotto Meeting.
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Vol. 9, no. 6 (1989)
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See Extended description for more information.

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Yo1 urne Sr MF Al qSMN Number 6 The AlCaver f s the intermittent publication of the Glacier Grotto of the National Speleological Society. (Copyright 0 1989 by the Glacier Grotto.) Materials not copyrighted by indfvlduals or by other groups may be copjed by other NSS Pub1 ications provided credlt js given to author and The Maskan Caves and a copy is sent to the Edttor. Back issues are available fran the Presi dent for $1.00 each, Members should send articles, letters, news items, announcementsr and so forth directly to the Edltor (see below). Opinions expressed witht n are not necessarf 1 y those of fheqt the Glacler Grotto, or the HSS, &her shI Q f s open to a1 f I rrterested i n A1 askan cave dl scovery expf oratf on, descri pt I on, survey, rnappl ng, photography, hydra1 ogy, rnorpho? ogy, blol ogy, geology* history, rpeleogenesis and other spelaean processesl conservation, management, advewtures, and the fell owship of A1 askan cavers. Dues are $7.50 per year for the first member of a mall lng address and $1.00 for additfonal persons at the same address. Overseas a1 r mail requires an additional $10.00. b are due on January 1 and are sent to the Treasurer (see below) with the appl ication/renewaf form. Those paylng for the first tlme after October 1 will be canslderad pald up for the follcwing year, The year through which each member 1 s pal d I s 1 nd4 cated on the ma1 1 ing 2 abel Meet1 ngs are call ad to pl an and report on tr'lps or other special events; anyone wanting to have a rneetlng for any reason shoul d not1 f y the Prest dent, Vlce Presi don't or a Member-at-Large. Nme President J Rockwell Jr Vlce Pres Davfd M Moll ActIng Sec JIm Nlcholf s Treasurer Sm hnaway Memb at Lg Tan Hall fnan Fhb at Lg Kevin All red Editor W Harvey &.curers AsstEd CurvfnMzler Mi Reg Rep Pave Kl f nger Mbership Cumin Metrler Address city St Zip 2944 hory St Anchorage PK 99508 P 0 Box 82044 Faf rbnks AK 99701 P 0 Box 654 Clear AK 99507 7301 Chad St Anchorage AK 99518 1617 Wol verl ne Dr Fa1 rbanks AK 99709 P O Box 376 Halnes AK99827 305 5 Bartlett Cr Wasf'bla AK9687 P 0 Box 1100338 Anchorage AK %5 LO P 0 Box 537 Leav~rth WA 98826 P 0 Box 100738 Andorage AK B510 Hone Work 277-7 L50 564-8267 4556578 474-6318 474-0104 5856213 344-4037 762-2171 4796064 47+7454 vda WNS" via WINS* 376-2294 373-2247 333-8766 333 -8166 s4~mot 540-5880t 333 -0766 333 -8966 Messages may be announced to Kevin dally rt a radio statim MS at (907) 766-2020 The area a& for phoning Dave In Leavenworth, Washington 1s 1509) (both nunbrs) Cover: Cave Lake Cave, Winter 1989 (March), Ice formations cavered wlth white powder, probably resl due of cal cl te. Photo by Kev in A1 1 red; art4 cl e on page 3. Table of Contents CaveLakeCaveinWinter .................. 3 Directory of Membership, Glacier Grotto 1989 ........ 4 POWfE 111 Summary and Statistics ........*..... 6 Minutes of Grotto Meeting .................. T ?age 2 The Alaskan Caver Volume 9 Number 6 December 1989


Cave Lake Cave in Winter by Kevin Allred Saturday, Karch 18, 1989, I decided to ski up to Herman Lake to Cave Lake Cave. My purpose was to take advantage of the cold winter conditions and check the sump in hopes of it being low enough to continue into the cave. ( see he Alaskan Caver Vol ume 7, Number 2, page 3 (1982) for map of Cave Lake Cave). It was necessary to ski in five miles, and with some eff oxt X arrived at the entrance to the cave. Inside, ice shelves were protruding into the passage and the floor was covered with slabs of fallen ice. It was apparent that the cave had remained flooded well into the winter. After donning caving gear, I made my way down the main ice-cluttered passage past a f oxest of pure white ice stalagmites. Here the shelf of three-inch-thick ice remained in place some seven feet abwe the floor and completely spanned the six-foot-wide canyon for about twenty feet. A couple of chunks of thrwn ice brought the bridge crashing down with a tremendous boom! Further in, unfortunately, the stream was still flowing nicely and the sunp was only about two feet lower than I had ever seen it--far short of leaving the lake dry. Another shelf of ice spanned the area abwe this terminal lake, and a well-tossed piece of ice knocked it loose with a loud roar followed with a gust of wind from all the displaced air. The possibil ity of continuing without diving equipment is remote as it still sumps. On the way back out, the other sump was completely sealed with ice, and I paused to photograph the white stalagmites which prwed to be cwered with a f ine white powder, probably calcium carbonate. It was a great trip. [Editor's Note: Cave Lake Cave, near Raines, is not to be confused with Cavern Lake Cave, on Prince of Wales f sland, which was the cover story of our last issue.] The December 1989 issue of DC Speleoqraph reviewed the June issue of The Alaskan Caver, 9 (3 1 in "Nms from Alaska", on page 9. ~entioned are old DC Grotto members, Rich and Lis Hall, new DC Grotto mher, Mike Mauser, as well as other Glacier Grotto members: Kevin Allred, Harvey Bowers, Bob Bastasz, Jay Rockwell, and Kathy Tonnessen. Our friend David ~atf ield is also mentioned. I. The December 1989 issue of Cave Cricket Gazette, 14 (8) :89-90, made a full reprint of an October December 1989 Volume 9 Number 6 1989 article by Jay Rockwell from The Alaskan Caver 9(4):3-4, It was prefaced by Doug Stecko' s kind remark: "This articleappeared in one of our exchange newsletters, The A1 askan Caver. I h reprinting it because of the importance of this recent discovery. s The December 1989 Explorer was the first received ackncwledgement of our October report of the discweries made last summer. A brief summary of The Alaskan Caver 9 (4) :3-4 is given on page 132, The Alaskan Caver


7" U1 .m CL.

ho?nct, Lean TI P. 0. Ecx d?5163, Chug~ik, AK W5o? 27 23519 krac::::, Elira fl, P. C, Bcr 'ti;:, Fa~rbahks, Ah 99707-292: 89 163flORE (9G;1452-Q5461?071456-5-i1 Lanr, Buids 4; 51: dden Ena~h Lrt 5 ~gnal Hour;la I n, M 57377-2063 8574 12154RE !515).8Pt-d?l?i6!5)8d7-204C Fano, Doranne Mul lrn~r a m 0% 17389RE (C:EIE;6-d?l? ,~utan, U~lliam S. P. O, Ei~r 3!?, Gnrdova, Al; 9574 89 30837RE LWIS, Stwe WF Rom 2!1 lrvtnp PICURU, Fairbanks, AK 99775 89 30022RE ,?07)4?4-774 li~k~n, RnS~rt 2314 7ul I k Street, Anchoragp, AK 9?51? 90 !90?)?43-5?4?'?07)2??-45dG flagser, tfrcbarl 35, 9404 Balfour Driue, Bfthesda, HD 20814 89 11 135RE i30!)571-1961(301~4?t-5077 lays, Rachael H, 1013 Bannister Street, Anchorage, AY P95Y 91 29942RE (907)2?6-01381907!56a-5!!1 vr~e:. Stephen F. P. 0. Boi 63226, Fairbanks, A# ???OB BY 31075FE (7071479-2831 N?sslcr, Nrcld J., 11 P. 0. Box 5052, Uaadland FarK, MI 80866 8W 28733 171 9) 687-2555 Hetrlcr, Curvtn 0. R. 0, Box 100738, Anchorage, AK 9P510 09 23883RE (907)333-8766 no11 Dav~d M, (uicrprcrf P, 0, Bor 82044, Fairbanks, AK 99708 09 10 106RE (9071455-6578?9073474-6318 Holl, Marshall H,, 11 L I 89 2P29BFR I HPFI Sandra K. 0 1 89 29297FR I Itzon, Hank 316 Chambl iss Strre t Apt, C, Cnatanooga, M 37405 BW 28171RE Id! 51166-0916C4151265-2254 Morgan, Linda 11302 He l odr Dr, R3fl8, Nor thg!rnn CD 80234 8PN Morton, Bracr R., Jr, HC83 Box 204 Eagle RTVP~ Rd, Eaglc Rlvrr,&K99577 PO 320211 (90316P4-9112 Horton, Virginia rn I 90 I Nichol Is, James R,(dct.Scc.) 3020 Pauis Rclad Ub 10, Fairbanks, AK 797I)P B9 1521dRE (907)474-0 104(907)585-65i3 0' Harra, Doug P. 0, Box 14-9001, Anchorage, AK 99514-9001 fl? (907) 257-4200 Olson, Dr. Uallacr Box 21096!, Auk@ Bar, AK 99821 09 (907)789-3311 C?87)506-1679 Dlwn, Haric M. I m 89 a Pease, Hai C.R. (Chuck) BOX 54?, 400, MY 09057 IU.BEM) 09 4847FL 4P-6152-B23394Q-d?lS1-5142 Rentlr, James J. 7840 Convoy Court, San Dtepv, CA 92111-1210 &9 16191277-1010 Rockurll, Bill 6310 East Grrcnlake Uav Horth, Srattlc, W 98203 89 30316RE (204)524-6025 Rockurl I, Dr ,Jul iur ,Jr ,(prts)2944 Emory Str~ct Ancharage, AK 99506-4464 89 I I308RE ( 9073277-7150 (907)564-8247 Rockwell, El izabrth A. I I 81 1523274 3 19071337-1583 Rotkuell Jul ius IU (Tad1 1099 bldrr Street, Eupnr, OR 97401 89 17856FR 15031687-9127 Rorrnbaun, 'Tonn lox 92401, dnchoragr AK 97409-240 T .-, .-.BY appl (907152-Ed70 Rupglrs, Annr K, Box 82350, Fairbanks, AK 99708 89 27U53RE nanr (907)474-7741 St. Dennis, Cathy 1103 Chugach Uay R3, Artthorage, AK 99503 , : 90 (907~5dE-362B(907)263-PODD Sanders, Dr. Robert B, . 11441 Rockr idpr RoadF Rnchorrgr, AK 99516 89 (?07)345-0203 Sandhofer, Paul F. P. 0. Bax 7-1333, Anchoragr, AK 9509 89 (907)344-3259 ( 9071249-1293 Sattlrr, Robcrt Alan P. 0, Box 80466! Col lcge, AK 9970B 89 27469RE 19071479-3398(9073474-7818 Seiftrt, Dr. Richard D. 1196 Violet Dr~vr, Fairbukr, bK 99712 89 22571RE 1907127E-9246 Seistr, Pam 1990 K Strrrt, W, Uashrngton, DC 20526 89 (P071248-6619!90717B6-3340 Shivers, Stenhen P, 2221 Huldoon Road, St 6888, Anckurayl AK 9950.4 90 11lI71333-66?2 Shiuers, Ltnda K. I I 90 I Sins, Strurn M, 2110 Bull Privr, Colorado Springs, CO 00915 BW 264P9RE ( 71 9)574-0529 htth, Dr, G, Uarsrn 408 Urst Dakota, Hmond, VI 70901 89 SdOlRL (5041549-3742!504)549-228a Snlth, Rapion 0. P, 0. Box 8276, U. f, Station, Knoxuillc, lN 37996 8R4 7164RE (61515B4-4921E6151974-2449 Strait, dnn Knox P. 0, Box 1675, Carlsbad, HI 88221-1675 89 132188 (505)887-5730 f rtl Bruce 2000 Val lejo Ho. 0, Sirn Francisco, CA 94123 89 Thmpson, Norman R. 11302Ht~u:~D~iue,t300,Horthglrna,C080234 89N26017RE13031457-3329(303)538-3675 Tonnessrn, Dr, Kathy A, P, 0. Bor 2417, L~uemore, CA P4550 89 (916j441-3044(916)324-i74 Van Flctr, Hi&c P. O. Box 24, Haincs, AK 99827 PO l4174RE Nard, Dtnise E. 390 South High Bcnrh Road, Alpine, Ul 84004 89 20815AE IB01)756-P32?(801)321-1180 Yhrtr, Sharw 9461 R i land Road, Eagl c R ivrr AK 995?? PO (907)694-9562! 9071561-1 61 5 Uhife, Hatt I 1 90 I Yhitt, Dr, Horatc H. 1510 Cbandlrr kcnuc, 4nn Arbor, HI 48105 83 12951RE uright, Yini~tld 6, 3506 PI nrbrook Dr r vr Richmond, W 23225 89 20555RE 18041 272-5336(804 1771 -2422 ----------KEY: Pd = Y~ar through which membership has been paid, IPdN = member owes pslmarr alleg~anee to anothrr Grotto.) NSS # = US5 Member~hl~ number; status with NSS rs indicated by letters: i .em no let terr means t4SS membershio has lapsed. -------------------------------------------------Summary: T~tdl memberehir 108: Primary affil iaticn NSS member~ 58 as 04 December 31 1 QG?, Decemher 1989 Volume 9 Number 6 The Alaskan Caves Page 5


PaJIE I11 Summary and Statistics by Carl ene All red Since Kevin has been busy writing the Forest Service reports he has asked me to assemble this summary for him. The following is a list of the participants: Carl ene Pa 1 red Kwin Allred Bob Bastasz Harvey Bawers Rick Bridges Evan Gehring Kiles Hecker Patti Hecker Dorica Jackson Nathan Jackson Kelly Kelstedt Buddy Lane Steve Lewis Nee1 d Mes sl er Curvin Metzler Steve Miex Dave Modisette Hank Koon Linda Xorgan Jim Nicholls Jay Rockwell Liz Rockwell Anne Strait Doug Strait Norman Thompson Kathy Tomessen Mike Van Note Winfield Wright All participants together surveyed a total of 9586 feet. The following is a list of the caves and pits explored and surveyed: Belittled Pit Blowing in the Wind Cave Cavern Lake Cave Deer Creek Sinks [Heceta Island) Drip Drop El Capitan Cave El Capitan Pit Frost Pocket Cave Macho Peekaboo Cave Mint Lake Cave (Heceta Island) Perfect Pit Pit on the Cutting Edge Snow Hole Window Well The five longest reported 1 imestone caves in Alaska, by total feet surveyed, are: 2. El Capitan Cave 9046 2. Stasl ight Cave 2189 3. Macho Peekaboo 972 4, Blwing in the Wind 745 5. Lower Cavern Lake 726 The seven deepest reported limestone caves in Alaska, by total feet in depth, are: 1. El Capitan Pit 625 2. Snow Hole 449 3. Blowing in the Wind 313 4. El Capitan Cave 256 5. Macho Peekaboo 223 6. Starlight Cave 201 7, window Well 296 The three largest reported underground (limestone) rooms in Alaska, in feet length by width by height (highest ceiling) axe: 1. Alaska Roan (El Capitan Cave) 230 IL) x 85 (W) x 116.5 (HI 2. Ghost Room (Macho PeekabooE 185 (L) x 75 (W) x 25 (HI 3. Main Room (Lrmer Cavern Lake) 63 (L) x 99 (W) x 23 (HI The following is a list of the participants who did the most surveying, by total footage (not including survey notes not turned in nos taking into consideration that some people put a lot of time into ridgewalking, haul ing gear, Doug* rescue, recovery of gear dropped in the helicopter mishap, photography, or babysi tting) : 1. Kwin ~llred* 6645 2. Stwe Lewis 3969 3, Mike Van Note 1915 4. Cumin Metsler 1909 5. Miles Hecker 1817 6. Carl ene All red* 16 19 7. Kelly Kelstedt 999 Those who were on the expedition the entire month were therefore able to accumulate more footage. Here is a summary list of the new breakthroughs made in El Capitan Cave, followed by the initials of those involved: Page 6 The Alaskan Czver Volume 9 Number 6 ~ecember 19 89


1. Discovery and survey of Lower Rcckwell River (BB AS KA EG m MVN SL m) 2. Discovery and survey of the Iioneycomb and Upper Rockwell River (SL CR KA) 3. Discovery of the Mud Haze (KK CAI 4. ~xploxationandsurveyef the Xaska Room IBB KT CA KK NT) 3. Discwery and survey of Coffee Passage (MVM KA KK CM SL) 6, Completion sf exploration and survey of the entire Lower Maze (SL KA) We would like to specially thank our babysi tters, Patti Heckert Liz Rockwell, Harvey Bowers;, Kevin Allred, Linda Korgan, and Carlene All red. Patti Hecker and Liz Rockwell were especizlly supportive at base camp, We woulr? also 1 ike to thank Win Wright for his expertise and for psovieing materials in the dye tracing, Special thanks to the following supporters of the expedition: 1, The Forest Service for logistical support 2. Rick Bridges for providing us with food and equipment discounts, and the helium 3. Buddy Lane for a discount on rope 4. Jim Nicholls, Beth McCready for graphics supplies 5. JohnHalleck for information regarding underground radio communication Mfnutes of Grotto Meeting Nwernber 11, 1989 Attending the meeting were fifteen Glacier Grotto members and three guests, Jay Rockwell, the president, began the meeting by reviewing the minutes from the August meeting. Jay briefly discussed how geographically widespread the Glacier Grotto membership is and that this presented unique governing problems. The meeting agenda consisted of two items: defining the duties of membersat-large, and discussing the financing of the newsletter. It quickly became apparent that nobody knew what the duties of a mmber-at-large really were. It was thought that a member-atlarge served as an aid to the president, or as a contact in relaying information be tween population centers in the state. But the by-laws do not define the role of a member-at-large, so would need to be changed. December 1989 Volume 9 Numlsler 6 It was decided that the role was more like a regional officer or representative, and perhaps should be called vicepresident of a particular area instead, Since such an officer would be necessary only where either members or caves were located, the number and location would change as membership or active caving areas changed. Finally, it was mwed and seconded that Jay would make a proposal to change the by-laws in The Alaskan Caver, The motion passed by a majority vote, and Jay formed a committee consisting of himself, Lis Hall, chair, and Sharon White, Financing the newsletter has become a concern since costs have increased alongwith size. Money raised from dues and patch sales does not cwer costs, so sponsors maybe needed. Volunteers tohelp with production are also needed-o The Alaskan Caver


Members in the Navs (Contributions irrvited) William R. Halliday's L981 article, "Zanzibsr Speleophila',el ic Cave-huntingt1, appeared in The Spel go Stamp Coll ec tor 4 : E2, 3 pp. It tells hm to and how not to get te the cave. a William R. Hallidayls 1982 article, "Venezuela's Cueva del Guacharo and its stamps 'I, appeared in The Speleo Stamp Collector 5: 82, 3 pp. It also gives advice on how to get there. a Steve Sirns' 1987 article, '"A major plateau discovery: Twenty Pound Tick Cave opens up", in Rocky Mountain Cavinq 4(4) :26-27 was cited in Current Titles in Spef eolow, Number 21 --the 1 i terature of 19 88, publ, Glacier Grotto 2944 Rnory Street Anchorage, Alaska 99508-4466 of the British Cave Research Asso. page 23. William R. Halliday's 1987 article, "National Cave Law. Proposal--clean draft July 18, 1987 ", in the Fall 1987 ~~eleoqraph 23 (9JIO) :73-75 was cited

Contents: The Alaskan
Caver --
Cave Lake Cave in Winter --
Directory of Membership, Glacier Grotto 1989 --
POWIE III Summary and Statistics --
Minutes of Grotto Meeting.


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