Binoomea, Issue 128, November 2006

Binoomea, Issue 128, November 2006

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Binoomea, Issue 128, November 2006
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Jenolan Caves Historical and Preservation Society
Jenolan Caves Historical and Preservation Society
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Jenolan Caves (New South Wales, Australia) ( -33.820556, 150.021444 )
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Contents: Society Spotlight Jimmy Lim -- Jenolan Shelley Collector -- Who was John Lucas? -- Royalty visits Jenolan -- We Should Remember Them Part 2 -- Caves' Secret Lay in Lumps of Clay -- Speleo Stuff.
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BINOOMEA The Newsletter of the Jenolan Caves Historical & Preservation Society. Issue 128 November 2006 ISSN 0310-7248. JCH&PS RAFFLE. CHANGES WHAT DID YOU MISS ????? Now we have a real collectors item as the latest prize in our raffle. The print being raffled is a composite of several colour photographs taken in the Pool of Cerberus Cave by JCH&PS member Jimmy Lim. It is approx. 50cm x 68cm. Editors Column November 2006 Well this is usually our Presidents column but Arthur is off on a great train journey travelling from Beijing to Moscow. He will be back for our meeting on 11 th November at which It is currently on display in the Guides office at Jenolan. Scott Melton will be showing us his cave brochure and cave magnet collections, so do come along. The photos were taken using the lighting installed in the chamber supplemented occasionally by battery powered dichroic lamps having the same colour temperature as the existing lighting. Jimmy used a Nikon D70 6.1 mega pixel digital camera. The main photo was taken at a setting of 400 ISO using a 10.5mm focal length fisheye lens with 1/3 sec.exposure at f/2.8. The image was rectified using Nikon Capture software to reduce fisheye distortion. The composite was created using Photoshop 7. The reason I chose the cave is that it has beautiful decorations & a lit pool of water. An update on the Nettle Cave is that it is still undergoing redevelopment and the walk from the Grand Arch to the Devils Coachouse is still closed off to the public. We anxiously wait to find out when the Cave will be ready for public inspections, so stay tuned. Other happenings at Jenolan is that the NSW Government has control of Caves House. A 21 year lease (3 x 7yrs) for the running of Caves House in co njunction with commercial cave tours has now been put out for tender. Well what a roll up we had at the last JCH&PS meeting. The Binoomea Cut was a hive of activity with a large group assembling outside on a cold winters night at 6:30pm. If you werent there you missed the new tour of the Temple of Baal. This includes evocative music, dramatic led lighting, and we even heard the original discovers talk Read the full story including all the technical electrical details in the following pages. Afterwards Dennis Winchester from Caves House put on cheese & fruit platters and wine for the group in the Caves House guest lounge. Special thanks to Dennis for putting on the spread, and allowing us use of the room to hold the meeting. All up I believe there were 32 in attendance for the special JCH&PS tour. A variety of JCH&PS members were in attendance including guiding staff past and present, a previous Caves House staff member, plus a fe w cavers. There were a few unfamiliar faces, however by the end of the night, most had all met up and discovered old acquaintances, and met some new. The night was a great success, and thankyou to all who travelled to attend the event. At the mee ting afterwards, we heard all about the Royal visit that happened that day at Jenolan. Our member & Jenolan guide Margaret Commins who did the tour for the royals has given us a full report to read. We print the story behind the relighting of the Temple of Baal written by Daniel Cove & Russell Commins, as published in the Australasian Cave Karst Management Association journal no 32 June 2006. Jenolan has also been in the media again. Newspaper articles and TV footage appeared recen tly regarding the clay deposit studies declaring Jenolans system as 340million years old, the worlds oldest open cave system. Also an article appeared about some new discoveries at Jenolan. (remember you read about these first in Binoomea, they are in Rho Hole cave) These articles are reprinted in case you missed them. Happy reading, Jenny Whitby Editor Jenolan Caves Historical and Preservation Society Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5, and this raffle will be run over several months, and drawn at the AGM in February 2007. If you want a chance to add this fantastic item to your collection, send your money to JCH&PS today.


SOCIETY SPOTLIGHT REMINDERS. This months spotlight is focussed on member Remember that our headquarters for archives at Cottage 17 has a security system. If you are planning a visit, please ensure you call the guides office first, and make arrangements for access. Jimmy Lim the photographer of our latest raffle prize. Heres his story: I grew up in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. I migrated to Australia in 1982. At that time I was And dont forget to advise JCH&PS your new address if you move. working as an architectural draughtsman. In Australia I retrained as an electroni cs technician and joined Telstra, where I have now worked for some 21 years. I also possess Australian trade qualifications in wood turning. I have always been artistically inclined. When DRAFT MANAGEMENT PLAN Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve Draft Management Plan is out for public comment. It can be viewed at The document is 163 pages long, so think twice before hitting the print button. If you wish to comment on the plan by sending a submission you can do so, but it must be received by 1 December 2006. For further details see the website. in Australia I joined the Bankstown Lapidary Club ARE YOU A JENOLAN SHELLEY COLLECTOR ? which taught me the craft of jewellery making, using natural minerals, cut & polished stones, silver and Of late there has been some ridiculous prices paid on ebay for Jenolan Shelley. There are a few known coll ectors with very deep pockets who are prepared to pay big bucks, so be careful you dont get into a bidding war with them. When two people start trying to out bid each other, it just ends up being a competition between the wallets, and not necessarily a true indication the market value. One item, a Grand Arch Pin Dish sold for $410 to a wellknown overseas collector. At least we know this item is going to a good home, and Im sure the vendor is ecstatic at the price they got. enamelling. I am also a k een collector of fossils & minerals but my main hobby is enamelling. I enter State and National Lapidary competitions and have twice won the National Overall Championship Trophy. Most of my life I have had an interest in photography, generally concentrating on natural objects. I was drawn to the colours and shapes of the caves and enjoy exploiting the various lighting effects. The reason I chose this cave is that it has beautiful decorations & a If you are interested in Jenolan Shelley ware, then go along to the Shelley China Fair being held at Mittagong RSL. lit pool of water. Dates: Friday 20th Oct, 7.30PM to 9PM cocktail & preview $12.50 (must be pre-booked (02) 4751 4277) Saturday 21st Oct, 10AM to 5PM $5 Sunday 22nd Oct, 10AM to 3PM $5 JCH&PS Vice President David Cook states it should be worthwhile for those interested in Jenolan Caves Shelley. There w ill be a showcase devoted mainly to souvenir ware with one whole shelf of Jenolan Caves china. In addition there will be sales tables. Thanks to David for advising us of this Fair. Thanks to Jimmy for donating the great raffle prize. Jenolan Pin Dish that sold for $410-00Picture from ebay. CONTACT DETAILS: JCH&PS Locked Bag Jenolan Caves 2790 DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR AN ARTICLE FOR THE BINOOMEA? You dont necessarily have to write the article, ju st tell us what you would like to read about. Articles, suggestions, letters to the editor, comp laints, stories are welcome and can be forwarded to the editor. Please contact: Jenny Whitby at: 48 Park Street Charlestown 2290 or send your email to: or Phone (02) 49432265


A SPECIAL WEEKEND AT JENOLAN CAVES 14/15 OCTOBER 2006. 2nd October 2006 is the 140 th anniversary of declaration of Jenolan Caves as a reserve. The actual date falls on a holiday weekend and the beginning of school holidays making it difficult to run any special events. However to mark the occasion the following activities will occur during the weekend 14 th /15 th October 2006:'John Lucas' will join several Lucas Cave Tours and tell his own story. 'John Lucas' will be in the valley and Caves House throughout the weekend The entertainers "Collector" Duo will hold a concert at 4:00pm in the Cathedral (Usual concert arrangements and price will apply). Historic cars will be on display on Sunday Visitors to Oberon for the "Tree Change" promotional weekend will get a free Lucas, Chifley, Imperial tour from noon on Sunday. Oberon rate payers and residence will get free tour of Lucas, Chifley, Imperial from noon on Sunday. Caves House guests staying from 15 th to 31 st October 2006 get second night John Lucas. 1818-1902 accommodation free (Room only Sunday to Thursday) and cave tour deal (buy one get one free of equal value) WHO WAS JOHN LUCAS? Extracted from John Lucas A paper prepared by No el Rawlinson read before JCH&PS on 8/5/1978. John Lucas was born at Kingston between Campbelltown and Newt own on 24/6/1818, and was one of six children of John and Mary Lucas. He was educated in Sydney and at the age of 16 he was apprenticed as a carpente r. He married Ann Sammons on 4/1/1841 at Singleton. About 1848 he returned to Camperdown where he was an innkeeper. He then went back to the building trade as a builder and contractor and was very successful. During this time he appare ntly became involved in civil matters and in 1858 he was appointed a magistrate and sat regularly in the Cent ral Police Court. He was approached to stand for parliament and after several defeats he was elected to the Legislative Assembly for Canterbury on 4/2/1860 and re-elected again on 7/12/1864 f or Hartley. He was one of the first to have land set aside for park s and reserves in every country town in New South Wales. He was a heavy writer of pamphlets and a compulsive correspondent of the Empire and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers. In 1861-2-3 Lucas visited the Binda Caves on three occasions and compiled a report which was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 5/6/1863. It tells about the journey from Bowenfels and visits to the Nettle, Arch and New Cave. During the next 3 years he w as able to convince the Minister for Lands that the area needed pr otection, and the minister submitted a minute recommending that portion of the crown lands at the Fish River Caves be reserved from sale until surveyed for public purposes. This was done and gazetted on 2/10/1866. (Thus the 140 th anniversary weekend). In 1875-77 he was Secretary for the Mines, this was just before Dept of Mines took over control of the caves reserve. On 25/9/1878 P.F Adams Surveyor General wrote that The New Cave I would suggest, be called the Lucas Cave in recognition of the interest taken by Mr J. Lucas, in bringing these caves under public not ice ........................ ................................................ ........................................ ............... ...................... ROYALTY VISIT JENOLAN. Report by Margaret Commins. Reprinted from News from the Underworld. (Jenolan Caves newsletter). To our delight, Her Royal Highness, the Sh eikha of Abu Dhabi and her 4 princess da ughters recently visited Jenolan Caves. The royal party arrived at the Caves in limousines, accompanied by their attendants. Margaret Commins, one of our very experienced female cave guides, led them on a private, Extended Orient tour. For Her Royal Highness, who is an enthusiastic walker, this vigorous tour provided a smorgasbord of everything that Jenolan has to offer history, fabulous underground rock formations of every kind, the underground river and healthy physical activity. The Extended Orient tour starts with a walk thro ugh the Binoomea Cut, through the whole Orient Cave, down an historic staircase into the Mud Tunnels of the River Cave, past the Pool of Reflections, into the Exhibition Chamber of the Lucas cave and out into the Grand Arch. After overcoming a few initial butte rflies, Margaret chatted with Her Royal Highness and answered many questions as they moved through Jenolan's fabulous chambers and passages. After the tour, the whole entourage enjoyed a pr ivate lunch at our elegant Chisholm's Restaurant in Caves Ho use, where a special menu had been prepared. Helicopters took th e Royal party away. They had such an enjoyable time that we hope to see them again sometime for Adventure Caving the princesses were very interested!' The ruler of Abu Dhabi is HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, elected as President of the Un ited Arab Emirates (UAE) on 3rd November, 2004. Encompassing 200 islands, rolling sand dunes and striking desert scrub, Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven Emirates and the Federal capital of the UAE. It occupies an area of 26,000 square mile s (roughly twice the size of Belgium). It stretches south to the oases of Liwa where some of the world's largest sand dunes can be found, and east to the ancient oasis of Al Ain. This makes Abu Dhabi the largest, as we ll as the most populated (close to 800,000), of all the emirate s.


We Should Remember Them. Part 2. By Kath Bellamy. Continuing from the last newsletter, here is more of Kaths interesting research on our Jenolan family members who served for our country, and would have been remembered at the Pool of Remembrance in the River Cave. Grandchildren of Charles Whalan No. 167 Trooper George Waddell Armstrong B Squadron, 5 th Battalion, Australian Commonwealth Horse. Enlisted at Bathurst and served in the Boer War His parents were Gertrude Whalan (daughter of Charles) and John Armstrong of Edith. Alfred Samuel Whalan (son of Charles Whalan) was among the first group to enter the Imperial Cave on 16 th February 1879. Alfred Whalan and Agatha Josephine Wilson were married in 1874 and had ten children, eight sons and two daughters. Agatha died in 1904. Four of their sons enlisted in the AIF in the Great War. Only one returned to Australia. No: 255 Private Alfred Harper Whalan MM 49 th Battalion Enlisted 2 nd September 1914. His occupation was a miner. He embarked on board A5 HMAT Omrah from Brisbane on 24 th September 1914. th He was awarded the Military Medal for his actions on 13 and 14 th August 1916 at Pozieres. He was killed in action on 3 rd September 1916 somewhere in France, exact place unknown. Alfred Whalan is remembered w ith honour on the Villers Bretonneux Memorial. No: 1336 Private Glyndwr Montague Whalan 18 th Battalion Enlisted 8 th March 1915. His occupation was a farmer. He embarked on board A40 HMAT Ceramic from Sydney on 25 th June 1915 He was killed in action at Hill 60 on Gallipoli on 22 nd August 1915 Glyndwr Whalan is remembered with honour on the Lone Pine Memorial. No: 351 Gunner Wilson Royal Whalan 19 th Battalion Enlisted 8 th March 1915. His occupation was a railway porter. Embroided postcard from 1917. He embarked on board A40 HMAT Ceramic from Sydney on 25 th June 1915. From Kath Bellamy collection. th He returned to Australia on 5 April 1919. No: 477 Corporal Ri chard Percy Whalan 1 st Battalion Australian Machine Gun Corps Enlisted 13 th May 1916. His occupation was a tram conductor. He embarked on board A38 HMAT Ulysses from Melbourne on 25 th October 1916 He was killed in action at Hervilly in France on 18 th September 1918 Richard Whalan is remember ed with honour in the Roisel Communal Cemetery. Glyndwr and his brother Wilson enlisted on the same day. Bo th sailed on A40 HMAT (His Ma jestys Australian Transport) Ceramic on the 25 th June 1915. (It is a co-incidence that my grandfather, who served with the 19 th Battalion, sailed on Ceramic that same day. K.Bellamy.) The Whalan family was again bereaved in World War 2. NX13274 Cpl. Glyndwr Oswald Whalan 2/4th Battalion. His residence was Woodlands at Edith. He was 28 years old and a farmer. His pare nts were Richard and Florence Whalan; his wife was Enid Whalan. Glyndwr Whalan was killed at Aitape in New Guinea on 25 th May 1945. He is buried in the Lae War Cemetery and his name appears on the Oberon Roll of Honour. List of servicemen from the Jenolan Caves lo cality who enlisted during the Second World War: 6016 Flight Sgt. Henry Edward Barnes R STN Canberra N78961 Staff Sgt. Thomas William Clark Aust. Army Canteens Service LHQ N273951 Private Stanley Joseph Collits 31 Garrison Battalion N195592 Gunner Victor Harcourt Ebberton 231 Aust. Light Anti Aircraft Battery 0242 Flight Lieutenant Willia m Linton Ravenscroft NSW Air Training Corps N440152 Private Leonard George Wilcox AEME TNG Centre If anyone else has further information relating to Jenolans war connections, please contact the editor "They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning we will remember them. Lest we forget."


Last newsletter we asked if anyone knew about the photograph taken of a group of visitors at official opening of the Orient Cave on 28 th December 1917. Included in this party was a uniformed soldier with only one arm, being No.588 Private William Jackson VC 17 th Battalion. In the report in the Lithgow Mercury on 2 nd January 1918, it was mentioned that Pte. Jackson was a guest at Caves House and spent Christmas at Jenolan. Well we had no responses, so your editor did a little research and come up with this as a possibility. My guess is that maybe Private William Jackson VC, may have attended the Orient opening because of his hero status. Jackson remained in England until 4 May 1917, until he was invalided back to Australia along with 99 2 returning servicemen aboard A 32. H.M.A.T. "Themistocles", arriving in Sydney on 5 July 1917. To date Jackson remains the youngest Australian to be awarded a Victoria Cross. His Victoria Cross was the first won by an Australian on the Western Front" ******************************************************************************** ************************ Article from The Australian Monday 7 August 2006. Pottering about: Geologist Armstrong Osborne, right, and guide Ted Matthews, left, in the Jenolan Caves, west of Sydney. Picture: Alan Pryke. ******************************************************************************************************** SPELEO STUFF. Another Sydney University Speleological Society dive trip is planned for Barralong on 15/16 October 2006. The last trip in September divers where able to photograph, and survey Captain Cooks Cavern and make a start on the dig past Captain Cooks Cavern on the back side of the rock pile heading towards the show caves. To get any more done it will need some very heavy rocks moved. There was talk that some leads would need scaling poles. Now hauling dive gear and scaling poles then diving with scaling poles would be interesting! This October trip will concentrate on the Blue Tongue dig in Barralong and div ing Upstream Barralong. Five Brush tailed Rock Wallabies were recently spotted observin g 5 cavers from Illawarra Speleolo gical Society, as they exited Frenchmans Cave. They were inside the wallaby enclosure (the wa llabies that is) but only about 20 metres from the cavers. Gary Whitby states that is unusual to see the wallabies, especially so many together so close. Rarely do the speleos see them a t all, however on this day they also saw a lyrebird near the cave, and a juvenile Peregrine Falcon flying from its nest in The Roost Cave.


Article from The Weekend Australian. 16-17 September 2006. Editors comments: The spelling of the decorated chamber is incorrect in the report. It is actually spelt Rhotun da, and they also spelt Felises names wrong. TH The next meeting will be held on SATURDAY 11 NOVEMBER 2006 at Jenolan. Meeting held at the JCH&PS archives Cottage 17, Five Mile Hill, Jenolan starts around 7pm.Come along to hear all about Scott Meltons Cave magnet & brochure collection. Our AGM is the following meeting, in February 2007 ND MEETINGS ARE HELD ON THE 2 SATURDAY OF FEBRUARY, AUGUST AND NOVEMBER. THE MAY MEETING IS THE FIRST SATURDAY, DUE TO MOTHERS DAY.

Contents: Society
Spotlight Jimmy Lim --
Jenolan Shelley Collector --
Who was John Lucas? --
Royalty visits Jenolan --
We Should Remember Them Part 2 --
Caves' Secret Lay in Lumps of Clay --
Speleo Stuff.


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