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Contents: Maws II? -- Cavers conquer cold / RZ -- Also in February -- Endowment fund goal -- March expedition - MCNP / TG -- Historians: Help! -- First aid fiasco -- April expedition MCNP / C C Weedman -- Memorial Day in the Guadalupes / A C Hill -- Thesis publication -- Buffalo National River -- April at CCNP -- Also in April at CCNP -- CRF annual meeting Nov 11 -- July at Flint Ridge / P. L -- President's letter / Cal Welbourn -- CRF field schedule.
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z o oCt C Z :::l o u. ::I: U a: oCt w en w a: w > oCt U SEPTEMBER 1978 No. 11 MAWS II ?? First you read it, now you can wear it! For all fans of great cave art and T-shirt lovers everywhere, Cave Books proudly presents the MAWS T-shirt; a faithful replica of the famous cover of that worthy book (and CRF's first wearable collector's item). No JV should consider his/her wardrobe complete without one. All profit from this project has been designated for CRF's Endowment Fund. We encourage everyone to purchase at least one and wear it with pride. Available from: .. CAVE BOOKS ... 1909 McGavock Pike Nashville, TN 37216 Adult sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large $3.50 plus $.50 postage and handling. CAVERS CONQUER COLD Only three parties worth of cavers materialized for the February snow romp. Bedquilt gave a few more feet around Omega 13, Parish's pit yielded only cut arounds, but Grund Trail still lives. A side lead is now a walking canyon, very high in the ridge, heading Northeast. A post expedition survey trip tied the top of Rider Haggard's Flight into the G Survey leading to Minna's Way. Cavers wantonly destroyed ice formations at the entrances, shoveled parking spaces for their cars and survived the expedition with no running water. Due to the rigors of the February expedition, your M.H.U.G from this period will be worth double when traded in on prizes from our fantastic catalog. RZ CRF Newsletter ALSO IN FEBRUARY A special CRF expedition was held in February for archeological surveying and for some CRF members to attend the first meeting of the Steering and Sci ence committees for the 1981 International Speleological Congress to be held in Bowling Green, Kentucky. R. Watson, R. Brucker, R. McClure, P. Watson, G. Hargrove, and J. Quinlan attended the ISC meeting in Bowling Green. R. Watson, R. Brucker, and G. Hargrove attended the closed Steering Committee meeting as well as the open meeting. P. Watson and J. Quinlan are on the Science Committee. R. Brucker volunteered to contribute the ISC logo and other designs (poster, etc.) and was accepted. R. McClure offered to handle aspects of the finance committee (sales, etc.) and was accepted. Twenty eight people from 13 states attended the ISC open planning session. Of the 10 people attending who are members of the permanent Steering and Sci ence committees, 6 (named above) were CRF affiliated. J. Quinlan will organize some sort of excursion in MCNP for all participants during the Congress. CRF will organize one or more excursions for before and/or after the Congress, but noting definite was settled. All who did not go to Bowling Green mapped and recorded aboriginal debris in the Q-Survey near the Chapman Entrance in Salts, and in the large trunk and cutaround passages between P26 and P30. R. Brucker led a photo trip to take pictures in Grand Canyon of Crystal for the cover of Donald Finkel's book GOING UNDER. P. Watson led a photo trip to the Rider Haggard's Flight area of Mammoth to get pictures of the complex passages in the E (Boiled Egg) Survey that were explored by the Indians.


ENDOWMENT FUND GOAL If every Member and JV would donate $20 a year for the next four years, our Endowment Fund would have $25,000 to celebrate CRF's 25th anniversary. I can't think of a better anniversary to give ourselves. Won't you help? Send donations to: Roger E. McClure CRF Treasurer 1503 Cascio Dr: Bellevue, NE G8005 MARCH EXPEDITION --MCNP The March expedition was a great Enthusiastic cavers, taking advantage of the first relaxation of old man winter's icy grip, descended on Flint Ridge in unforetold numbers. The old man of the cave masterfully satisfied this hungry hoard's appetite for the entire weekend and deserves a standing ovation for his effort. The wet conditions prevented the main thrust of the expedition being directed toward small caves discovered by our surface reconnaisance over the past few years. Instead, parties were dispatched to drier parts of the larger caves. 2 On Saturday, S. Sides, continuing his history project, went to the Woodson entrance. His party found it blocked by collapse inside. Stan thinks it may be closed for good. R. Zopf and party extended Grund Trail 264.4 feet to its apparent end; some marginal leads here. Tom Cottrel led his group through 90.6 feet in cursedly tight canyons off Black Kettle Avenue. Other parties pushed on in Bransford West, Lucy's Dome and Brigg's Avenue. C. Weedman began his cleanup project in Crystal where miles of wire were removed from the crawl. On Sunday surface reconnaisance came alive! T. Brucker, K. Sumner and K. Duchon walked about 50 acres on the south side of Joppa Ridge. They returned with two especially exciting pit leads. These might be big ones for Joppa! Also on Sunday, B. Holland, J. Davis and T. Grancanin returned to Black Kettle and sorted out a complex area begun the day before. They surveyed up to a hot lead reported by C. Hildebolt that has air rushing up into it. Entry was too tight even for Pat Wilcox, however. Entry would be gained only after a hard campaign. The top of that canyon is 15 to 20 feet above the ceiling of Black Kettle. The expedition was well attended by scientists. T. Murphy and E. and J. Nodzenski did air quality studies Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Crystal and Great Onyx Caves. T. Poulson with a large crew, counted bugs in Main Cave, Great Onyx and Columbian Avenue. They also began a biological survey of all the park's caves. R. Hunter, who is working on the biological aspect of the Environmental Impact Statement concerning the park region, worked largely with the biologists. Not to be outdone completely by the discoveries on Joppa, T. Gracanin found 4 very good leads while hiking north of Cathedral Domes on Monday. The old Cox entrance still blows a gale of air, too. I want to thank everyone involved for coming and making this a successful expedition -I had a .great time too! TG HISTORIANS: HELP! The Cartographers are seeking any information concerning names of passages in Proctor Cave. Send your knowledge or opinion to R. Zopf. FIRST AID FIASCO The emergency card file is badly out of date. The next time you are at the Ridge, make sure yo ard exists and that all the infor mab.oY\. is' Current.


APRIL EXPEDITION --MCNP From an administrative and logistical point of view, Claire and I were pleasantly surprised with out first expedition as leaders. with the help of an abstract of the lead list prepared by R. Zopf, and some moral support from 3 T. Brucker regarding intentions to clean up Floyd's Lost Passage, partr .ssignment went very smoothly. Lack of time to construct Gurnee cans resulted in only one party being sent into Crystal for cleanup but six cartography/exploration parties were fielded. B. Eggers let his desires be known that he wanted to go back to the low chert crawlways leading off West Bransford Avenue in Mammoth. It was immediately apparent that if anyone actually volunteered to crawl through that and survey it, that I should take full advantage of the offer. B. Eggers, S. Larason, R. Hardison and K. Bowers brought back 305 feet of new survey. Two parties were sent to the top of Lucy's Dome in Mammoth in hope of doing a 30 foot free climb to the biggest discovery since the Connection. Although things did not quite work out as planned, R. Zopf, J. Morris, and P. Forsyteh along with D. Coons, S. Engler and J. Barnes brought back 500 feet of new survey. T. Brucker led a cleanup party to Floyd's Lost Passage, completing the job of removing the old C-3 phone lines as they went. Care was taken to preserve all articles of genuine value, such as Floyd's bean cans and McClure's Slop Shop, along with several other artifacts. Brucker's party was able to gather some 15 cubic feet of trash such as old tin cans and rotten sleeping bags and place it in a central location for later removal from the cave. Although temporarily displaced, Ernie and Bernie Gurnee will soon be returned to their cave abode. G. Tinker, J. Anderson and G. Wood were able to return to Screwup pit in Great Onyx Cave and verify that there was a large canyon lead in the wall of the pit which will require bolting to reach. Great Onyx isn't dead yet. T. Grancanin, CRF's mascot ground hog, came through again. Working in the vicinity of Proctor's Cave, T. Grancanin, K. Sumner and R. McMillan were able to get into a pit previously located by a surface party last month. The pit was 62 feet deep and did not seem to have any leads. In the same area, this party dug into a blowing hole which produced a series of migrated shafts and a 300 foot, 2x2 crawl which continues. The cave had been previously entered, and several old digging tools were found in the cave. E. Lisowski and M. Link assisted T. Grancanin by tying Rumble Cave to the nearest bench mark via a 2000 foot surface survey in order to accurately orient it with Proctor Cave. P.S. from the Camp Manager (Claire) This, my first attempt to run camp for an entire expedition, was hard work but an enjoyable and gratifying experience. Special thanks to T. Kieth and P. Robinson and Jane and Tom Cottrell, surface people who were a tremendous help, and to J. Morris for that fantastic bread. Also a note that all who pitch in and help with cooking and clean-up are appreciated more than you know. C & C Weedman Send stories to the Editor: Mary Ann Rafle, Shell Oil Co., P.O. Box 481. Houston. TX MEMORIAL DAY IN THE GUADALUPES Good caving, food, weather and fellowship characterized the CRF Memorial Day Expedition in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico. Thirty-three joint venturers participated in the expedition, led by Alan and Carol Hill. On Saturday, 3 survey parties were sent into Three Fingers Cave, Lincoln National Forest. These teams brought back 965 feet of cave survey with new leads continuing on from the areas surveyed. Leads were checked in the boneyard below D-30 and several large breakdown rooms were found. The mineralogical and biological studies of Three Fingers Cave was completed by two science teams. Also on Saturday a ridge-walking team led by T.


4 Meador found several porcupine dens with dung deposits. Dark Canyon header (just south of the Queen of the Guadalupes) was checked as was the main part of the canyon to where header (below Cottonwood) comes in. On Sunday two survey parties and one mineralogy/photography party were sent to Deep Cave, CCNP. The survey parties finished surveying and sketching in Deep Cave. A ridge-walking trip surveyed Big Door Cave and found a cave nearby with a 200 foot chimney (Prickly Pear Parlor Cave). A & CHill THESIS PUBLICATION Due to unforseen delays in publication, Dave Jagnow's thesis, "Geological Factors Influencing Speleogenesis in the Capitan Reef Comp18x, New Mexico and Texas" is not yet published. All the material is at the printers and should be finished within 30 days. We are sorry for the delay. For those who have not reserved a copy, there is still time to buy one from Cave Books before they are all sold out. BUFFALO NATIONAL RIVER The National Park Service and CRF will jointly fund another project at Buffalo National River starting Septem ber 1978 to September 1979. The purpose of the project is to provide the Park Service with inventory data on the caves within the Park and to look also at the caves near several proposed development sites within the Park. There will be several expeditions to Buffalo River and all JV's are welcome to participatp. Some of the field activities include checking cave leads, survey, floating parts of '_!le river looking for caves, biological surveys, and ridge walking. For more information, contact P. Lindsey or C. Welbourn. APRIL AT CCNP The April 1-2, 1978 expedition was scheduled as an orientation expedition for all JV's (new and old) of the Guadalupe Escarpment area. Saturday found everyone in Left Hand Tunnel improving sketching and brunton skills. The combination lecture and practical experience was very effective and everyone benefitted by it. In the evening Ron Kerbo and John McLean lead an orientation trip through the major areas of Carlsbad Caverns to give everyone an idea of the cave. On the surface there was a discussion of current handling of survey data and an explanation of the new efforts to locate and organize data by Diana Northup and John McLean. ALSO IN APRIL AT CCNP There was a good turnout for an expedition that was listed as a cave cleanup and building maintenance expedition. On Saturday morning everyone helped carry several hundred feet of hose and hundreds of gallons of water to the entrance of Spider Cave. After all of the material was at the cave, several people returned to the buildings where much needed maintenance was accomplished. The teams at Spider Cave used water from backpack sprayers and brushes to clean accumulated mud from formations in the Ghost and Rhino Rooms. After dinner several returned to finish the work in Spider Cave and remove all the equipment. Also, Saturday night two teams went into the Main Corridor of Carlsbad Caverns to work on the survey for the 1:200 map of Carlsbad. Special thanks go to J. Goodbar and B. Hummel for their excellent repair work in the bathroom of building #7. ---,. [TUCSON) AZ t>. T1


JULY AT FLINT RIDGE The July Flint Ridge Expedition lad 20-30 people in attendance with 30me caving in all three ridges. In Cave the Mystic River Tributary received a lot of work which re3ulted in nearly 1000 feet of new 3urvey and more to do. An "easy" :onnection to Mystic River was found from Emily's Avenue. Teams worked Ln the Cathederal Domes area, Kentucky Avenue, Black Kettle (Belfry), Bishop's Pit, and Albert's Domes area. One tecun in the Ralph' s River rrail area was able to recover a brunton that had been lost earlier. Nith the expedition nearly over, T. Brucker, B. Eggers, L. Weller, and J. Davis surveyed 1757 feet in the crawlway :ead (Sandstone area) in Colossal Cave. Other teams also worked in Salts Cave. Dicky Pit was relocated and two teams surveyed and tried to find where the air is coming from. There are still some leads and this may be the way into the NW Ridge. Other trips included Saltpetre, biological, and artistic. The water system, which was in dire need of repair, was put back in "good" condition. Much Thanks go to the work of P. Lindsley, R. Brucker, B. Hinson, B. Eggers, and R. McMillan. In all, 1.2 miles of cave were surveyed, the water system was fixed, and all had a good time. ?'L. SE.E PAGE.. 1. 5 PRESIDENT "s LETTER Many projects are going on throughout CRF. Some of these include Lilburn Cave, Horseshoe Mesa in the Grand Canyon, Buffalo River, as well as projects at Carlsbad Caverns and Mammoth Cave. One of the ongoing and most time consuming project is cartography with many JVs spending many hours on the maps outside the caves. In Ohio JVs get together every week at the Xenia map factory to work on the Flint-Mammoth maps. The current project is the Proctor Cave map which will be finished soon. In Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas JVs are working on various parts of a map and descriptive text of Carlsbad Caverns. When finally put together this fall it will be the most complete map of Carlsbad Caverns ever published. CRF has been following the progress of the Mammoth Cave National Park Master Plan and related projects. The waterline to bring in water from outside the Park is in and should be operational soon. Once in operation the Park Service will be able to uncap the springs now used to supply the water needs of the Park. The transportation study necessary before development of a staging area will be released this fall and the 201 Sewage Study of the Mammoth Cave area is progressing well. The only dark spot in the picture is the Job Corps which is still in the Park. Recent efforts by the Labor Department to get the Job Corps located near Cave City failed when the land was withdrawn. We will continue to push for removal of the Job Co.rps from Mammoth Cave National Park. As many may know the first 'western' CRF president is now an easterner. We are now permanent residents of Columbus, Ohio ( at least for several years). I am looking forward to working in the Mammoth Cave System. Everyone help get the CRF Endowment Fund to $25,000 by 1981. All donations are welcome.


Date September 23-24 October 7-9 October 21-24 November 11 Nov ember 23-26 December 30January 1 6 CRF FIELD SCHEDULE Guadalupe Escarpment LNF Buffalo National River Lilburn Cave Guadalupe Escarpment CCNP CRF Directors Meeting, Tucson, Arizona Flint Ridge MCNP Guadalupe Escarpment CCNP Lilburn Cave Guadalupe Escarpment CCNP Expedition Leader J. Goodbar C. Welbourn J. Anderson J. Tinsley P. Lindsley D. Daunt R. Bridgemon S. Ulfeldt B. Buecher Joint venturers planning to participate in research and exploration should contact the Expedition Leader(s) of the trips they wish to attend to 2 weeks prior to the Expedition. This will allow the Expedtion Leader(s) time to finalize trip plans and plan for food. Cave Research Foundation 3678 Hollowcrest Avenue Columbus, OH 43223 ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED Brother Nicholas HH8 8oyer. St PA 19119 I ] USA15c

Contents: Maws II? --
Cavers conquer cold / RZ --
Also in February --
Endowment fund goal --
March expedition MCNP / TG --
Historians: Help! --
First aid fiasco --
April expedition MCNP / C & C Weedman --
Memorial Day in the Guadalupes / A & C Hill --
Thesis publication --
Buffalo National River --
April at CCNP --
Also in April at CCNP --
CRF annual meeting Nov 11 --
July at Flint Ridge / P. L --
President's letter / Cal Welbourn --
CRF field schedule.


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