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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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Contents: CRF annual meeting and banquet 19 November 1983 in Louisville -- Roppel and Mammoth Cave connected -- New caver -- The Grand Kentucky Junction / Red Watson -- A short history of Roppel Cave / Jim Borden -- Mammoth Cave Labor Day expedition / Lynn Brucker, expedition leader -- Mammoth Cave October expedition / Pete Crecelius, expedition leader -- Next CRF newsletter -- Mammoth-Roppel connection map -- Guadalupe field schedule -- CRF Mammoth Cave field schedule -- 1984 address list changes.
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Vol. 11, no. 4 (1983)
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NOVEt1BER 1983 CRF ANNUAL MEETING AND BANQUET 19 NOVEMBER 1983 IN LOUISVILLE The CRF annual members meeting will be held on Saturday, November 19 at 1:30 p.m. in the Discovery Theater, lst floor, at the Louisville Museum of Science and History, 727 w. Main St., Louisville, KY. The annual banquet will be held at the Galt House, 4th St. and the river, at 6:30 p.m. Banquet is expected to cost about $15. Joint venturers, members, and friends are invited. If you plan to attend, please notify Ron Wilson by phone or letter at once: (H) 502-895-0163 or (W) 502-587-3340; 165 Thierman Ln. #109, Louisville, KY 40207. Limited floorspace for sleeping bags is available, and Ron has a list of nearby motels. A feature of the banquet will be a presentation by Dave Black on the Rappel-Mammoth Connection, illustrated with spectacular slides. Theme of the members meeting will be presentations by superintendents of various cave national parks, and a discussion of CRF's objectives and goals for the next 25 years of research. VOLUME ll, NUMBER 4 "All former Board members are invited to participate in any of the Directors' sessions," said CRF President Sarah Bishop. Meetings for Directors start Thursday afternoon, continue through Friday, and conclude Sunday morning. Finance committee meetings start Thursday after dinner. On Saturday morning at the museum there will be a demonstration of the CRF Ohio computer capability, a display of maps, and a bookstore. ROPPEL AND MAMMOTH CAVE CONNECTED On September 10, 1983, Roppel Cave and Mammoth Cave were connected through the discovery of a route through breakdown in Logsdon River. The resulting cave is 294.4 miles long, three times longer than the next longest cave. Accomplishing the connection were 10 cavers representing the Central Kentucky Karst Coalition (CKKC), the Cave Research Foundation (CRF), and a group of researchers supporting Jim Quinlan's work. In late 1979, after the connection of Proctor Cave and


November 1983 CRF NEWSLETTER Vol. ll, No. 4 (Established in 1973) Editor: Lynn w. Brucker 21 Murray Hill Drive Dayton, OH 45403 Quarterly: Feb., May, Aug, Nov. Deadline for material: three weeks before the first of the issue month. Circulated gratis to CRF Joint Venturers: non-member subscriptions $4.00 per year. The CRF NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Cave Research Foundation, a non-profit organization incorporated in 1957 under the laws of Kentucky for the purpose of furthering research, conservation, and education about caves and karst. For information about the Cave Research Foundation, write to: Dr. Sarah G. Bishop, CRF President, 4916 Butterworth Place N.W., Washington, DC 20016. Mammoth Cave, Logsdon River in Mammoth was surveyed to an upstream sump. Dye tracing in a newly found river in Roppel established that the rivers were connected, and Jim Bordon estimated that about 1500 feet separated the river segments. Offi cial work was suspended until the summer of 1983. Pete Crecelius, president of the CKKC and a CRF joint venturer, led a series of trips to the upstream end of Logsdon River on the Mammoth side. On several trips this year his parties found vertical shafts, canyons, and promising leads in the area. Two weeks before the 10 September trip, his party found the sump open, with 13" of airspace. That party surveyed 1450 feet, and explored 300 feet into a porous, windy breakdown. Pete stopped the exploration. Page 2 During two weeks of telephone consultations, the CKKC Board of Directors decided to try for a connection. A party of four entered the Weller Entrance to Roppel: Roberta Swicegood, Dave Black, Bill Wal-ter, and John Branstetter. Six cavers entered the Ferguson Entrance. to Mammoth: Dave Weller, Jiin Borden, Don Coons, Sheri Engler, Lynn Brucker, and Roger Brucker. Around 1:30 p.m. the parties heard each other's shouts clearly, and met a few minutes later in a room in the breakdown. It was a boisterous, jubilant meeting, filled with backslapping, Serious Proclamations, and photo posings. After a meal, each party completed the survey and crossed to leave via the entrance used by the other party. At a news conference at Mammoth Cave on October 8, Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent Robert Deskins awarded certificates and medals to the participants, Pete Crecelius described the significance of the event and introduced Jim Borden, who presented slides of Roppel. Jim Quinlan explained the regional and hydrological meaning of the connection. Roger Brucker pointed out the human aspects and heritage of the event. NEW CAVER Katherine Tucker Branstetter arrived October 10, 7 lb 7 oz. Katie is described as "beautiful" by her parents, Susan and John Branstetter, Horse Cave, KY. Congratulations!


November 1983 THE GRAND KENTUCKY JUNCTION CRF's Cave Books is publishing the memoirs of the seven major participants who made the Big connection between the Flint Ridge Cave System and Mammoth Cave in 1972. At Roger Brucker's insistence, Pat Crowther, Cleve Pinnix, Richard Zopf, Tom Brucker, Steve Wells, Gary Eller, and John Wilcox wrote about the connection soon after it was made. Now we have engaged Allan Kornblum of The Toothpaste Press in West Branch, Iowa, to hand set the type and design the book. The Toothpaste Press is one of the foremost small presses in America, and Kornblum has won many awards and grants from such places as the National Endowment for the Arts. We expect The Grand Kentucky Junction to be one of the f1nest cave books ever produced. We are printing an edition of 1000 copies. Fifty of them w i 11 be hardbound by hand and printed on acid-free paper handmade in Germany. The hardbound copies will be number 1 to 50, and each will be signed by each of the seven authors. The remaining 950 copies will be sewn paperbound, also on fine acidfree paper. After copies of the limited hardbound autographed edition have been given to the authors, donors, and the founding president of CRF, there w i 11 remain only about 30 copies in commerce. We are producing this limited edition because of our love for fine books, and because the text deserves it, but also, of course, because we hope to use this collector's item to recover capital rapidly so we can go ahead with Bill Steele's Yochib: The River Cave, scheduled for pub11cat1on by Cave Books early in 1984. Consequently, we are making the following offers: Page 3 Post-Publication Prices The publication date of The Grand Kentucky Junction is 1 December 1983, after which the price of the limited hardbound autographed edition is $100 a copy, and the price of the paperbound edition is $10 a copy. Pre-Publication Prices If you send your check before 1 December 1983, you can have the hardbound. for $75 and the paperbound for $7.50 each. (For postage and packaging, please include $1 for each hardbound and $0.75 for each paperbound ordered.) Make checks out to Cave Books, and send orders to Claire Wood, Cave Books, P.O. Box 613, Newburgh, IN 47630. Contribution Offers There has been a good response to our requests for contributions to capitalize Cave Books, but we haven't quite reached our goal, so contributions are still welcomed. All contributors of at least $100 will receive an autographed paperbound copy of The Junction. Contributors of $500 or more w 1ll receive a copy of the limited hardbound autographed edition. These contribution offers hold until 1 January 1984, which date marks the end of our campaign for funds for Cave Books. Contributions to Cave Books are tax deductible. Contribution checks should be made out to Cave Books and sent to: Red Watson, 756 Harvard Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63130. We do intend to have The Grand Kentucky Junction out in t1me for Christmas, so reserve your copies now. -Red Watson


November 1983 MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK Historic Entrance to L i I .... \ f .......... J\._.J PROCTOR I ,. .. ) ( t"' .,. CAVE (" I i r l ..... .. .,./. &.. _,.,._.- ...,.. ( ._, 1 "o<

November 1983 They felt frustrated by the difficulty and the lack of "big cave", but persevered in their explorations. On Labor Day weekend in 1978, veteran explorer Bi 11 Walter forced his way through a squeeze, and with Jim Currens, found the big cave they had been searching for. Over a mile of the large trunk passageway extended under Toohey Ridge. On trip after trip survey parties found and measured a total of 10 miles within a few months. It was during 1978 that Reppel Cave was found to extend to within one-half mile of Salts Cave, a part of Mammoth Cave. In late 1979 the Rappel explorers learned of the explorations in Mammoth Cave's HawkinsLogsden River that had ended in an upstream siphon. On Memorial Day 1980 Jim Borden and two others carried in wetsuits and pushed southwest in a river passage. A second trip down the river led 6000 feet to a breakdown, which the explorers estimated was some 1500 feet from Mammoth Cave. Roppel cavers requested that the Cave Research Foundation not search for a connection to Rappel Cave. The purpose of the request was to maintain good landowner relations and to help the Roppel group attract cave explorers. Some good explorers might otherwise be reluctant to join the Roppel explorations if the cave were just a small part of Mammoth Cave. CRF explorers paid one more visit to the upstream siphon in August 1981. They discovered an upper level passage leading to a complex of vertical shafts. This trip produced ill will and hard feelings on the part of some cavers in both organizations, who felt that the trip's purpose had been to connect the two caves. Page 5 But exploration in Rappel had achieved such momentum that the mile after mile of new survey upstaged the controversy. In 1981 Dave Weller and his crews of explorers opened a second entrance to Rappel Cave. This provided easier and more rapid access to all parts of the cave. The following month two Reppel explorers, Robert Anderson and Linda Baker, made a controversial trip of their own to the downstream Logsdon River survey in Rappel. They reported the breakdown as terminating exploration and concluded that the prospects for further progress were not at all promising. Many miles of discovery and survey later, Rappel cavers and Cave Research Foundation cavers were working together in harmony. Peter Crecelius, president of the CKKC, and one of the primary Rep pel surveyors, led trips for the Cave Research Foundation into Mammoth Cave, and Tom Brucker was one of the most active of the CRF explorers taking part in Rappel caving. In the summer of 1983 Crecelius led CRF trips into Mammoth Cave to examine the vertical shafts upstream in Logsdon River. One of those parties found that the water level had dropped, and surveyed and explored about 1700 feet closer to Rappel Cave. According to Crecelius, who led the trip, "We stopped in a breakdown that was porous, with wind roaring through the holes. I thought it matched the description of the downstream Rappel breakdown. So we agreed to break off the work until we could discuss the pros and cons of attempting to connect the two caves." During a two-week period the Rappel cavers ran up heavy longdistance telephone bills conferring. The CKKC group felt that a joint effort of the CKKC, CRF and


November 1983 researchers working under National Park Service geologist James Quinlan would be appropriate to attempt the connection. The double crossover connection trip was thus made by friends, whose strenuous efforts led to the adventure of a lifetime. Is this the end of Rappel as a separate cave? "Not like ly," said Jim Borden. "The connected parts of Mammoth Cave -Floyd Collins Crystal Cave, Un known Cave, Colossal Cave, Salts Cave, Proctor Cave, and Cave--are still referred to affectionately by their original names by those who continue to explore them." What's next for the 294-mile-long cave system? Rappel Cave is only a short distance from the Fisher Ridge Cave System. Nobody is looking for the connection to this 25-mile-long cave. But on the other hand, none of the explorers doubts that a connection is possible once it 1.s sought. r1AMMOTH CAVE LABOR DAY EXPEDITIO N The Labor Day expedition was a great success with ten parties fielded and a total of 6415.3 feet of survey. Richard Zopf took Pete Crecelius, John Branstetter and Rick Olson through Proctor Cave to Hawkins River to check the downstream siphon. It wasn't open, so they started up the r1.ver checking leads. They returned with 1129.6 feet of survey and they left an estimated 3/4 mile to be done. Roger McClure took Scott House and Tom Cradick to survey the connection between the River Styx and Carlos Way. They surveyed 1452.8 feet. Page 6 Tom Brucker took Doug Baker and Nick Conard into Roaring River to do side leads. They returned with 1469.8 feet of very wet survey. Beth Estes continued her thesis work in the Brucker Breakdown area. With help from Mike Banther and Bob Eggers she bought back 823.1 feet of survey. Stan Sides took Jeff Arp, Hubert Shen, and Brian Hayden to East Salts. They found another segment of large walking passage that ended in breakdown. They put in 355.5 feet of survey. Gerry Estes continued his efforts to sort of the incredible Salts S-survey. Tony Conard, Joe Meiman, Tom Black and Kathy Lee had surveyed 315.7 feet when Gerry pulled a 75 pound handhold off the wall and onto his face. His helmet took most of the blow but he received a good size bump on the forehead and a deep cut in his nose. They exited the cave with no trouble. Roger Brucker took Gerry to the hospital to get stitched up. After dinner, Lynn Brucker, Tony Conard, Tom Black, Joe Meiman, Kathy Lee, and Frank Bogle went to Cyclops Avenue in Historic Mammoth. They surveyed 106.2 feet. On Sunday Diana Miller, Roger Miller and Nick Conard went back to clean up Stan's Salt. s Cave discoveries. They returned with 141.2 feet of survey. Tom Black, Doug Baker, Scott House and Mike Banther went t o Upper Salts to survey a lead Mike knew about. It turned out to have been done. They surveyed 97.6 feet in another place. Tom Brucker took Joe Meiman, Hubert Shen, Tom Cradick, Tony Conard, and Kathy Lee to the fabled areas of lower Crystal. They surveyed 524.6 feet in the B Trai 1 area. -Lynn Brucker Expedition Leader


November 1983 MAMMOTH CAVE OCTOBER EXPEDITION The Columbus Day expedition was attended by 25 joint venturers and six guests. The weekend was highlighted by a Saturday press conference at the Mammoth Cave National Park visitor center officially announcing the 10 Sep tember connection of Rappel Cave to Mammoth Cave. An official press release was distributed and brief presentations were given by Jim Borden, James Quinlan, and Roger Brucker to the delight of all. Cave trips were delayed until following the press conference. Eight parties accomplished a total of 1856.2 feet of new survey and 1040.8 feet of resur-vey. Ben Keller led Tim Schaf stall, Joe Meiman, Richard Zopf, and Ray Keeler to the Cosmodrome in Upper Elysian Way in Rappel producing 514.7 feet of survey. Gerry Estes continued his his tedious reconnaissance of the S-survey in Lower Salts with Jeff Arp, Brenda Lord, and Brian Hayden. They returned with 46 7.6 feet of survey. Rick Olson was accompanied by Kevin Rasmus, LaJuana Wilcher, and Hubert Shen to check leads in the Christopher's Dome area off Marion Avenue. Two small leads were found and 173.3 feet was surveyed. Ed Lisowski led Jim Carter to supposedly dead Solitary Cave in Historic Mammoth and turned up 420.6 feet of new survey. Bill Walter led Roberta Swicegood on a late trip to Kangaroo Trail near the Weller Entrance of Rappel, surveying 280.0 feet and turning up new leads as Bill always does. Beth Estes continued her thesis work in Poh 1 Avenue by starting the stratigraphy defini-Page 7 tion with the assistance of Margaret Townsend and Roger Brucker. Bob Eggers' party of Dave Weller and Don Cahall produced 941.8 feet of new and improved resurvey in Huber Trail. Ron Wilson and Tony Conard continued an excavation of peccary remains in Toolshed Cave near Shepardsville. Pete Crecelius led Greg Kahre on a return trip to the Cosmodrome in Rappel on Sunday to check leads and obtained 99.0 feet of resurvey. Claire Wood performed a yeowoman's job with meals and camp management. Saturday night's feast was enjoyed by all. -Pete Crecelius Expedition Leader NEXT CRF NEWSLETTER Deadline for the next CRF Newsletter is January 5. Please send news to: CRF Newsletter 21 Murray Hill Dr. Dayton, OH 45403 Thanks to contributed to We are sti 11 in the western CRF all this of you who news 1 e t t e r need of news from operations. MAMMOTH-ROPPEL CONNECTION MAP The map in this newsletter was derived from Occasional Publication No. 1, Groundwater Basins in the Mammoth Cave Region, KY, James F. Quinlan and Joseph A. Ray, courtesy of the National Park Service. Cartography by CKKC and CRF.


November 1983 GUADALUPE FIELD SCHEDULE Contact Linda Starr, 505873-2703, or the Expedition Leader at least one week prior to the expedition. Carlsbad Caverns Nov. 24-27 Doug Rhodes CRF MAMMOTH CAVE FIELD SCHEDULE Please tell Wilson, the Operations Manager, 502-985-0163, or the Expedition Leader if you plan to attend, two weeks before the expedition. Annua 1 19 Nov. Louisville Thanksgiving 24-27 Nov. Ron Wilson 502-985-0163 Diana Miller 502-937-3353 Cave Research Foundation P.O. Box 443 Yellow Springs, OH 45387 ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED Page 8 1984 ADDRESS LIST CHANGES A new CRF Address List will be published in January or so. Please send any changes in your address or phone numbers to CRF, P.O. Box 443, Yellow Springs, OH 45387. are: ADDRESS CHANGES Some recent address changes Kathleen M. Womack 1338 McLendon, NE #18 Atlanta, GA 30307 R. Pete Lindsley Karen L. Lindsley Rte. 9, P.O. Box 221 McKinney, TX 75069 214-727-2497 (home) 214-995-5721 (work) Non-Profit Organization u.s. Postage PAID Yellow Springs, OH Permit 160 Brother Nicholas Sullivan 7018 Boyer St Philadelphia, PA 19119

Contents: CRF annual
meeting and banquet 19 November 1983 in Louisville --
Roppel and Mammoth Cave connected --
New caver --
The Grand Kentucky Junction / Red Watson --
A short history of Roppel Cave / Jim Borden --
Mammoth Cave Labor Day expedition / Lynn Brucker,
expedition leader --
Mammoth Cave October expedition / Pete Crecelius,
expedition leader --
Next CRF newsletter --
Mammoth-Roppel connection map --
Guadalupe field schedule --
CRF Mammoth Cave field schedule --
1984 address list changes.


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