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Cave Research Foundation newsletter

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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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CRF newsletter
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Contents: CRF annual meetings / Pete Lindsley -- New CRF members -- 1984 area managers -- Mammoth Cave February expedition plans -- Check your cave gear -- Lilburn Cave 1983 -- Ferguson map completed -- Mammoth Cave leadership expedition -- Next CRF newsletter -- A new caver -- Guadalupe Field schedule -- New Flint Ridge telephone number -- Mammoth Cave field schedule.
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Vol. 12, no. 1 (1984)
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FEBRUARY 1984 CRF ANNUAL MEETING At the 1983 CRF Annual Board of Directors meeting in Louisville, KY, John A. Branstetter was welcomed as a newly elected Director. The BOD accepted with regret resignations of Directors Cal Welbourn and Ron Bridgeman. John joins seven other members of the BOD who re-elected Sarah Bishop as President and Roger McClure as Treasurer. Pete Lindsley was elected as Secretary. Other BOD members are Elbert F. Bassham, John c. Tinsley, Ronald c. Wilson and Richard B. Zopf. Emphasized at the November l983'Director's meeting was the review and discuss ion of long range CRF goals and interaction with the managers of the National Park system, where the Foundation performs most of its field work. The two-day working session was enhanced by the attendance of some invited guests. Past CRF Directors that joinen the group included Fred Benington, Bill Bishop, Jack Freeman, Denny Burns, Dave Huber, and Burnell Ehman. VOLUME 12, NUMBER 1 Bi 11 Austin presented information on the EPA 201 Study of groundwater pollution that is the key threat to the Hammoth Cave environment. Tom Poulson and John Tinsley presented the Science Committee proposals. The BOD was pleased to have four representatives of the National Park Service join them during Friday and Saturday. Dr. Jay Gogue, SE Region Chief Scientist, attended from Atlanta. Bob Deskins, Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent, and Jim Wiggins, Management Assistant, served as representatives of the longest cave in the world: and finally John Palmer, Chief Interpreter, came froro Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Much of the discussion fit the four categories suggested by the Science Committee: l. Research 2. Resource Management 3. Interpretation 4. Planning. CRF is a RESP.ARCH organization and many of the goals under discussion dealt with the need to integrate the research results by making them available to NPS managers and interpreters, as well as to other researchers.


February 1984 CRF NEWSLETTEF Vol. 12, No. l (Established in 1973) Editor: Lynn W. Brucker 21 Murray Hill Drive Dayton, OH 45403 Quarterly: Feb., May, Aug, Nov. Deadline for submitting material: three weeks before the first of the issue month. Circulated gratis to CRF Joint Venturers7 non-member subscriptions $4.00 per year. The CRF NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Cave Fesearch Foundation, a non-profit organization incorporated in 1957 under the laws of Kentucky for the purpose of furthering research, conservation, anc1. education about caves and karst. For information about the Cave Research Foundation, write to: Dr. Sarah G. Bishop, CRF President, 4916 Butterworth Place N.W., Washington, DC 20016. All the sessions of the CRF Board meeting were hosted by the Museum of History and Science. Attending Joint Venturers found a live exhibit of the Calcomp-plotting S-100 cave computer that ate survey data quicker than you can say East Cocklebur. Or would you believe a three-dimensional mo del of Carlsbad Caverns? To top off a most enjoyable banquet there was a superb after slide talk by Dave Black. Dave led his audience t .hrough the far reaches of Rappel Cave, sans wet feet and muddy hands. It was a vicarious visit to the most interesting passages leading up to the exploration that r .esulted in the 1983 connection of Poppel Cave with Mammoth Cave. -Pete Lindsley Page 2 NEW CRF MEMBERS The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of nine newly elected Members of the Cave Research Foundation. The new members include Howard Hurtt, Dave Cowan, Sue Bridgeman, Pete Crecelius, Ron Lipinski, Rob Stitt, Roger Miller, Rich Wolfert, and Gerry Estes. 1984 AREA MANAGERS The area operations managers for 1984 are: Mammoth Cave -Richard Zopf 513-767-9222 Guadalupes -Rich Wolfert 303-278-1891 Lilburn -John Tinsley 415-327-2368 MAMMOTH CAVE FEBRUARY EXPEDITION PLANS Tom Brucker has great plans for this year's February expedition at Flint Ridge Feb. 18 & 19. If water levels are low enough h e will be sending parties to Roariny River leads. Some new leads have been found, and any of these could lead to vast extensions of the cave. So everyone come and bring your wet suits. CHECK YOUR CAVE GEAR Flint Ridge cavers please check through your cave gear for compasses, tapes, first aid kits and other CRF owned equipment. Please return to F i chard Zopf, 513-767-9222.


February 1984 LILBURN CAVE -1983 Major efforts by many JV's enabled completion of construction of the Lilburn Cave Field Station and highlighted achievements in Redwood Canyon during 1983. The principal achievements include construction projects and the installation of a solar electrical system. Credit is shared among the many JV's who donated time, talent, strong backs, and materials. Special recognition certainly goes to those overloaded human mules who backpacked their own camping and caving gear and also 3 0 lb. sa c k s of cement from the roadhead at Redwood Saddle along 5 miles of rough trail to the Field Station. The Station is a 16 x 20 foot cabin with a loft for sleeping. It's built of dimension lumber covered with cedar shingles. It occupies the site of a former prospector's cabin constructed in 1923, a time when Re dwood Canyon was not part of King s Canyon National Park. The new chimney and hearth are of native stone and are built upon the remains of the original chimney. Many feet of steel reinforcing bar were inserted in the masonry to strengthen it a gainst earthquakes, so prevalent in the Mammoth Lakes area. JV' s packed in all of the re-bar, and quarried the sand and stone from nearby creeks. The cheery hearth with a roaring fire should be a fine complement to the wood-burning range already installed in the cabin. Another major improvement was the installation of a solar charging system to power the cave telephone and the emergency radio. In response to a CRF proposal written by Howard Hurtt, ARCO S olar donated two 12-volt 0.5 Amp solar panels. An aluminum frame Page 3 and mounting bracket for the panels were fabricated at California State University, Fresno, CA. The panels are mounted 37 meters above the ground in a white fir, and are wired to a distribution panel mounted in the field station. The distribution panel serves as a junction for the cave telephone/telemetry line, the emergency radio, two deep-cycle storage batteries (124 amp-hours capacity), a 12 volt (30 watt) fluorescent fixture, and two outlets suitable for charging electric headlamp batteries. The entire array is protected by two lightning arrestors. Power production more than adequately recharges the batteries during the two to four week intervals between expeditions. Many small jobs were finished. The grounds were cleaned up of construction litter. Provisons and supplies were reorganized and inventoried; the telephone line was repaired; the water level recorder at Big Spring was repaired and recalibrated. A s a final touch, vents were installed in the attic of the field statio n and the station's front door w a s coated with linseed oil. The major construction of the field station is done. The next step is to improve the station's interior. Construction projects for this year include the repair of the Lilburn gate, improvement of campsite areas and of the cooking facility. FERGUSON MAP COMPLETED Scott Smithson has completed a l :600 map of several miles of passages near the Ferguson Fntrance to Mammoth Cave. A copy was presented to Louise Hanson by Jim Carter on behalf of CRF.


February 1984 MA.MMOTH CAVE LEADERSHIP EXPEDITION The extreme cold of this year's Kentucky winter did not discourage 32 stout-hearted cavers from attending the two-day leadership expedition. The objective was to integrate CRF scientists, trip leaders, and survey bookkeepers to promote an awareness of each other's role in CRF. Saturday morning Terry Leitheuser distributed a paper entitled "Ecological Analysis of the Kentucky Cave Shrimp", and gave a short talk on the biological clues to look for and record when keeping book on survey trips. This was followed by a mass exodus as Terry led a walking tour of Mystic River. The trip entered via the elevator to the snowball dining room. The party then went through Emily's Puzzle to Mystic River. They took a different route out through Emily's Puzzle (deja vu) and Terry left the party to retrieve dye traps. After lunch Beth Estes talked about different types of rock found in the system and described some clues useful to better understand the cave passage relationships. This was followed by a walking tour through the Austin Entrance to Brucker Breakdown and Ralph Stone Hall. Everyone had a chance to try out newly learned skills. Some said it was amazing to see that with "new eyes", the bookkeeper can add significant scientific detail which often is missed. Sunday morning Tom Brucker gave a short talk on how to find new passages and Ken Sumner gave a talk on cave safety followed by a general discussion of the duties of party leaders and acci-dent procedures. Page 4 At 10 am eight parties were fieloed with new party leaders trips into regions they had never before visited. A total of 1270.8 feet was surveyed and trip descriptions are as follows: Lower Salts -Greg Black led a trip out to S-154 where a number of upper level leads were thought to exist. Several leads were checked out and a cut-around was surveyed. The C survey became impassable because of flowstone but other leads in the area deserve another trip with climbing gear. Total survey-181.8 ft. Upper Salts -Beth Estes and Brian Anthony went. into the vestibule room to check for possible ways down to the Y survey which ends near the dig. West Bransford -George r!ood led a trip through Great Gushing Hammoth Cascades to the T-70 pit in West Bransford. They dropped the other pits in an at tempt to follow the water which flows below Bransford Avenue. They found a series of pits (total distance about 45 feet below Bransford) in which water was flowing. In the last pit they followed a stream passage (3Hx2r!) to a point where it diverged. One passage continued as a drain to a 20Hxl2W dome with a pool containing crayfish. The other passage continued as the main water route which was 3Hx4W with 2 feet of flowing water. The passage continues but wet suits are needed. An attempt was made to dig out a lead in the T-68 1/2 pit. Historic Mammoth Ed Lisowski and Bill Wilson went to an area between the Cataracts and Blue Spring Branch and found a sandy crawl south of Chief City. They surveyed 3 3 3 feet. Upper Salts Ron Wilson lead a group of archaeologists through Upper Salts.


February 1984 New Discovery -Brian Hayden led a trip to the Crevice Pit area. They checked the remaining leads in the D survey and put in a survey in a lower canyon passaqe that soon became impassable. Total survey-117.2 ft. Argo Junction Scott House led a trip out Mather Avenue to Argo Junction. After noting many discrepancies in the folio map, they surveyed a cut-around from Mather Avenue to Swinnerton. Total survey 638.8 ft. Huber Trail -Tom Brucker led a trip out to Huber Trail to clean up some troublesome old sketches for Beth Estes's Thesis. There are still some upper levels which need to be surveyed. NEXT CRF NEWSLETTER Deadline for the next CRF Newsletter is 5 April. Please send news to: CRF Newsletter 21 Murray Hill Drive Dayton, OH 45403 Thanks to all of you who contributed to this newsletter. Especially Rich Wolfert and John Tinsley who sent news from the western CRF operations. Also Pete Lindsley who sent the Annual Meeting article on a floppy disk so I did not have to retype it. Thanks also to Roger Brucker for editing draft copy. A NEW CAVER Dylan John Starr-Jenkinson arrived last Halloween 31 Octo ber weighing 7 lb 6 oz. Congratulations to his parents, Linda Starr and Don Jenkinson! Page 5 CAVE BOOKS FINAL NOTICE The following books will soon be out of print. First come, first serve. Quantities: 25 or less each title. -Bedford, Challenge Under ground (English adventure and yarn} HB $12.50 -Balch,Glaciers and Freezing Caverns (Ice Caves around the world} HB $11.50 -Gurnee,Guide to Caving (only guide to US commercial caves) HB $12.95 Faust,Salti[etre Mining in Mammoth Cavethe classic) HB -Grand on special limited edition T25 remain) pre-publication price extended until Feb 29. HB $75.00 (reg $100) Order from: CAVE BOOKS P.O. Box 613, Newburgh,IN 47630 Shipping: $1 first book, $.50 .each additional book.


February 1984 GUADALUPE FIELD SCHEDULE Contact Linda Starr, 505-873-2703, or the Expedition Leader at least one week prior to the expedition. Presidents Day 18-20 Feb Spring 14-15 April Memorial Day 26-28 May Early Summer 6 -8 July Mid Summer 4 -5 Aug Late Summer 8 -9 Sept Columbus Day 6 -8 Oct Thanksgiving 22-25 Nov Laura Reeves 505-294-2264 Alan Williams 303-433-3260 John Francisco 602-747-5143 Bill Wilson 812-299-5808 Elbert Bassham 915-729-4572 Susanna Goad 602-327-6443 Ron Lipinski 505-299-4603 Rich Wolfert 303-278-1891 NEW FLINT RIDGE TELEPHONE NUMBER 502-758-2362 Cave Research Foundation P.O. Box 443 Yellow Springs, OH 45387 ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED Page 6 C'.A VE FIELD SCHEDULE Please tell the Operations Manager, Pichard Zopf, 513-767-9222, or the Expedition Leader, if you plan to attend, two weeks before the expedition. 18-19 February 17-19 March 20-22 April 26-28 May 29 Jun-e. July 4-6 August 1-3 September 6-7 October 22-25 November & & Tom Brucker 615-269-3921 Ed Lisowski 217-384-6032 Pete Lindsley 214-727-2497 Pete Crecelius 317-286-3147 John Branstetter 502-786-1859 Richard Zopf Kathleen Womack Tom Alfred 616-685-6031 Lynn Brucker 513-258-1644 Tim Schafstall Diana Miller 502-937-3353 Non-Profit Organization u.s. Postage PAID Yellow Springs, O H Permit 160 Brother Nicholas Sullivan 7018 Boyer st Philadelphia, PA l9llg

Contents: CRF annual
meetings / Pete Lindsley --
New CRF members --
1984 area managers --
Mammoth Cave February expedition plans --
Check your cave gear --
Lilburn Cave 1983 --
Ferguson map completed --
Mammoth Cave leadership expedition --
Next CRF newsletter --
A new caver --
Guadalupe Field schedule --
New Flint Ridge telephone number --
Mammoth Cave field schedule.


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