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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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Contents: 2 November 85 annual meeting shapes up -- New Eastern Operations manager -- New newsletter editor / Lynn Brucker -- Pollution news -- New vertical supplies manager -- New safety supplies officer -- Mammoth Cave Memorial Day expedition / Tim Schafstall -- Mammoth Cave 1-5 July expedition / Scott House -- New survey gear officer -- Mammoth Cave 6-7 July expedition / Rick Olson -- MCNP August expedition / Kathleen M. Womack -- CRF annual meeting maps -- Mammoth Cave field schedule -- Guadalupe expedition schedule -- Next newsletter.
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Vol. 13, no. 3 (1985)
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AUGUST 1985 2 NOVEMBER 8 5 ANNUAL MEETING SHAPES UP The 1985 CRF Annual Meeting in the Dayton-Yellow Springs, Ohio area will begin with Roger and Carol McClure hosting a general get-together on Friday night, Nov. 1 (see map). On Saturday morning there will be three training presentations for all visitors. Scott House will conduct How to make a map, covering CRF cartography methods. Phil DiBlasi will present How to a cave resource inventory, using a new data base form that has been used and refined in Kentucky. There will be a presentation on CRF Science, relating to the integration of studies into a unified picture of the cave. The place in Yellow Springs will be announced. On Saturday afternoon at the Outdoor Education Center in Yellow Springs there will be a members' meeting open to all to present highlights of the Directors meeting. A main agenda topic will be the objectives and goals for CRF for the next five to seven years. VOLUME 13, NUMBER 3 The banquet at the Outdoor Education Center on Saturday night w i 11 be a good one. If you plan to attend, notify Richard Zopf, 830 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, OH 45387, at once, ASAP, by telephone. If you can't reach Richard call Roger McClure or Roger Brucker. Tell us how and when you are arriving and when you plan to leave. Tell us if you need sleeping arrangements, such as floor space, waterbed, or motel. Also send a check for $12 each for banquet tickets. Telephone numbers: Richard Zopf 513-767-9222 Roger McClure 513-233-3561 Roger Brucker 513-258-1644 NEW EASTERN OPERATIONS MANAGER Gerry Estes has assumed the duties of Eastern Operations Manager. Leaders of Mammoth Cave Expeditions need to notify Gerry of what keys will be needed for their expeditions.


August 1985 CRF NEWSLETTER Vol. 13, No. 3 (Established in 1973) Editor: Lynn w. Brucker 21 Murray Hill Drive Dayton, OH 45403 Quarterly: Feb., May, Aug, Nov. Deadline for submitting material: three weeks before the first of the issue month. Circulated gratis to CRF Joint Venturers; non-member subscriptions $4.00 per year. The CRF NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Cave Research Foundation, a non-profit organization incorporated in 1957 under the laws of Kentucky for the purpose of furthering research, conservation, and education about caves and karst. For information about the Cave Research Foundation, write to: Ronald c. Wilson, CRF President, 1019 Maplewood Drive #-211 Cedar Falls, IA 50613. NEW NEWSLETTER EDITOR Janet Alfred will be the new CRF Newsletter Editor starting with the November 1985 issue. I have enjoyed my 4 years and 17 issues of the newsletter but it is a relief to turn it over to Janet. She will do a superb job. Please help her by sending articles and expedition reports. Mail to: CRF Newsletter 613 East 106 Avenue Plainwell, MI 49080 She w i 11 be doing the typing on a Apple I I computer, so if you can send her a disk it would help. We will still be printing and mailing the Newsletter from Yellow Springs, Ohio. Good Luck, Janet! -Lynn Brucker Page 2 POLLUTION NEWS MCNP has acquired funds to seal two previously uncapped oi 1-gas wells in the park. A recent revival of oil exploration in the Mammoth Cave area has raised new concerns. One of the wells was spewing natural gas into the atmosphere and possibly into the cave. Wells outside the park, but within Mammoth Cave draihage basin, may pose additional threats. Early in June a tanker truck containing a toxic chemical was struck and ruptured on I-65 on the southeastern edge of the Mammoth Cave basin. Rapid clean-up efforts by the EPA, together with stepped up monitoring of the Turnhole Spring basin, resulted in no evidence of contamination of the cave system by the phenolbased compound. A close call, it underscores the fact that such spills are common, not-exceptional, and that the cave is always at risk. NEW VERTICAL SUPPLIES OFFICER Rick Olson has taken over the duties of Eastern Operations Vertical Supplies Officer. NEW SAFETY SUPPLIES OFFICER Tom Alfred has taken over this duty for the Mammoth cave Area. He has already revised the Cave First Aid kits. They are smaller than before, so there is no excuse for not taking one along on your cave trip.


August 1985 MAMMOTH CAVE MEMORIAL DAY EXPEDITION Thirty-four cavers attended, and compiled 8000 ft. of survey (3800 ft. of resurvey) from 12 parties. Scott House led Doug Baker, sue Hagan, and Richard Hardison to Turner Avenue to continue this major resurvey. They completed the Turner-Mather loop. In the course of this 3770 ft. section, they found a mysterious W survey, apparently not placed by CRF. Who, then? Phil DiBlasi and Jan Hemberger, accompanied by Lee Snead on Sunday, conducted archaeology studies in Short Cave. Tom Fritsch, Bill Baus, John Danovich, and Steve Maegerlein continued working in Joppa Ridge's small caves. Twenty feet down into a blowing hole they were stopped by a slide. The next day they continued digging downward and finally broke into a canyon passage 12 to 15 ft. H x 5 ft. W. One end terminated in fill. The other led to 100 ft. of passage, to a lead requiring rock removal. To be continued. Roger Brucker, Lee Snead, Sue Schindel, and Tom Cradick continued the survey of Smith Valley Cave in Cedar Sink. They added 25 stations of C survey, ending in water of "yodeling depth". They also surveyed an upper level 15W x 20H canyon for 500 ft., with fill at the ends. Tom Brucker (Tommy Death to his friends) led Mick Sutton and Norm Pace to Hawkins/Logsden River via the Doyel Valley Entrance. They found upstream Hawkins River sumped, so surveyed some upper levels near Z-123. They surveyed 750 ft. and found some good leads, including two medium size canyons leading from a 100 ft. high dome. Page 3 Lynn Brucker, Mike Banther, Bob Eggers, and Don Cahall went to Belfry/Black Kettle avenues to examine some leads. They never reached their objective, but surveyed 500 ft. in small leads and cutarounds. They left by way of Hickle Trickle, avoiding the Hellhole passage. Gerry Estes guided Richard Hand, Kevin Rasmus, and Dary le Hensel to Kentucky Ave. to sort out more of "that mess". They checked leads from Boone Avenue to Forks of the Cave, dropped some pits (blind), surveyed 842 ft., and tied to Fox Avenue. On Sunday Doug Baker, Tom Cradick, Kevin Rasmus went to Cleaveland Ave. Near the Snowball Dining Room they surveyed 341 ft. of passageway. This is an excellent example of thorough trip preparation, with two or three alternate objectives. All cavers would be wise to research the leads and write them down, if the primary goal (Roaring River in this case) is flooded, collapsed, etc. Write that info down in the notebook! Richard Zopf led Geary Schindel and Tom Alfred to Hawkins River. They surveyed leads and cutarounds. Later Richard led Tom Alfred and Richard Hand to the New Entrance to do a detailed survey. After some reconnaissance, they decided how to survey a series of complex shafts. They descended some pits, but found no leads. Richard says, "The bottom of Solomon's pits is 350ft. below the New Entrance door. Thanks be to Phil DiBlasi and Jan Hemberger, to Sue and Geary Schindel, to Beth Estes and Maggie Tucker Death for kitchen assistance, to Doug Baker for sweeping, and for Sunny Butoryak's camp management. --Tim Schafstall


.August 1985 MAMMOTH CAVE 1-5 JULY EXPEDITION On Monday, July 1, we fielded six crews. Mick Sutton led Sue Hagan, Paul Cannaley, and Tony Monroe out to continue a resurvey of Lower Gravel Avenue. They returned with 893' of resurvey and 102' of new. Dave Hanson and Luis Gonzales went to Long's Cave to collect water samples for Luis's geochemical research. Tom Fritsch, Dave Dailey, and Dave Kezerle went to Joppa Ridge where they continued probing JDC and Sloans Crossing Caves. Randy Jackson led Jay Arnold, Dave Lemberg, and Paul Greqves out to Ingall Way off Pohl Ave. where they checked leads and also checked the old manuscript map of the area. We now need a resurvey of the mainline. Tom Cradick led Lee Snead, Dave Cowan, and Ron Bucholtz to Swinnerton Ave. past the Duckunder where they resurveyed 1551 ft. of Swinnerton. Janet Alfred, Mary Follis, and Karen Hunter went out to the Carrie's Way and Goat Alley Area where they identified leads and pinned down the route. On July 2 five crews turned out. Mick Sutton, Tony Monroe, and Sue Hagan went with researcher Dave Griffith to Great Onyx Cave where they resurveyed an 823 ft. section of Edwards Ave. The map will be used to plot beetle movements. Dave Hanson and Luis Gonzales also collected water samples in Great Onyx. Tom Alfred took Paul Cannaley and Dave Dailey out to Minna's Way where they dropped a 109 ft. pit and brough back 3 7 3 ft. of survey. Richard Zopf and Joel Laws details for the new NPS Tourist Route Map of the Frozen Niagara area. Tom Fritsch and Dave Kezerle hiked across Joppa Ridge checking airflow in small caves. Page 4 Five crews went out on the 3rd of July. Tom Fritsch, Dave Dailey, Dave Kezerle, and Lee Snead spent several hours moving rocks in Two Sisters Cave on Joppa Ridge. Doug Baker, Randy Jackson, and Tony Monroe went to Lower Gravel Avenue where they continued the resurvey another 813 ft. Sue Hagan led Jim Kaufmann and Karen Hunter out to Swinnerton Ave. where they surveyed another 2003 ft. to the vicinity of Bogli Shafts. Richard Zopf took Joel Laws, Ron Bucholtz, and Dave Cowan out to Grund Trail where they resurveyed a 560 ft. loop that did not come close to closing on the original maps. Lastly, Mick Sutton led Janet Alfred, Mary Follis, and Paul Greaves out to the Gravel/Lower Gravel Ave. intersection where they mapped 1240 ft. of Roebuck Trail and Jake's Breathing Trail. They ended their resurvey at Shower Shaft. Mick reported a large traffic jam at Albright Junction. 4th of July: Four crews set forth on the fourth. Pau 1 Hauck, Bruce Thompson, Bill Roy, and Dave Lemberg began a resurvey of Pohl Ave. commencing at the ladder an reaching back to Mallott Ave., about 2031 ft. Tom Alfred took Lee Snead and Jim Kaufmann out to the Mayfield Avenue/Minna's Way area where they put in 278 ft. of survey near Henry's Dome. Doug Baker, Scott House, Randy Jackson, and Kevin Neff went to Cleaveland Ave where they inspected the Wild Cave Tour route and then resurveyed and sketched around the El Ghor /Mary's Vinyard area in support of the tourist trail map. Tom Fritsch, Dave Kezerle, and Norm Pace moved rocks in Mickey Mouse Cave--good air movement! Tom may find a going cave yet! I Pi2DM!SE: AN ENDLESS 1 F 'r'OV Wm-f !v1 :; I


August 1985 seven crews went out on 5 July. Mick Sutton led Rick Olson, Steve Johnson, and Buzz Groves out to Lower Gravel Ave. where they put in another 1234 ft. of resurvey. Doug Baker took Jim Kaufmann, Bruce Thompson, and Bill Roy to New Discovery where they made a 68 ft. resurvey and added 121 ft. of new in a very low lead that won't quit. Richard Zopf took Norm Pace and Paul Groves down the Doyel Valley shaft to the river where they mapped about 400 ft. and then took some great video footage of that section of the river. Tom Brucker led Janet Alfred, Ron Bucholtz, and Kathleen Womack to the Salts U Survey where they surveyed a few hundred feet of new cave. Paul Hauck, Randy Jackson, Dee Hauck, and Sue Hagan went to Pohl Ave. where they completed the mainline resurvey of Pohl. Tim Schafstall, Geary Schindel, and Sue Schindel went to the Link River area in Colossal Cave where they surveyed 370 ft. Tom Fritsch, Dave Kezerle, Dave Cowan, Lee Snead, and Steve Maegerlein tried to enlarge Two Sisters Cave and were doing so when a collapse ended their efforts. Special thanks to Kay Hogan for managing camp for half the week, to Torn and Janet Alfred who did more than their fair share of cleanup, to Sue Hagan, Mick Sutton, and Dee Hauck for several days of breakfast cooking, to to Richard Zopf for dependable help. -Scott House NEW SURVEY GEAR OFFICER Daryle Hensel has taken over the job of maintaining the CRF Eastern Operations survey gear. Page 5 MAMMOTH CAVE 6-7 JULY EXPEDITION This was the second weekend of the July expedition, attended by survivors of the previous week, reinforced by weekend warriors--44 in all. Tom Brucker, Roger McClure, and Tim Schafstall went to the Mountain Room in Houchins River. Beginning at C-72, they surveyed 12 stations of a CA survey in an upper level canyon. Thirty feet beyond CA-12 is a lH x 3W belly crawl with a stiff breeze; it requires digging in loose mud. They then extended the C survey from C-72 to C-88 to where the stream enters as a waterfall at the top of a 35 ft. high dome. Tom climbed within three feet of the top. He reported that it will take two slings for protection and 50 ft. of belay line, and a "big rnutha" hammer. With all of this, one might find a hands and knees crawl. Off C-49 they installed a 12 station D survey; the passage continues beyond D-1 as "low wet tuff stuff". At C-38 Torn's party ran an E survey (or resurvey?) for 14 stations, where a ceiling canyon diverges. About 100 ft. beyond E-14 is a 15H x 15 ft. dia. dome. An upper level canyon here and a 1 1/2 W x 3H canyon in the ceiling at E-5 are virgin leads that may be related. They totaled 1333.3 feet of survey. John Wilcox, Pat Wilcox, Sandra Crowther, and Laura Crowther braved the wet, tight, windy, and cold Unknown-Salts Link. They surveyed 37 P stations between L-39 and X-51. Notable leads were observed at several locations including a big void 20 ft. overhead (bring leg rockets) at P-18, and a GOOD drain lead at P-19 that still goes after 100 ft.


August 1985 Richard Zopf and Scott House visited the Corkscrew in the historic section of Mammoth Cave. They put in seven D stations and 14 C stations between TT200 and TTllW. It was a struggle to avoid the metal handrails. Why was the route used at all? asked Richard. He also wondered if you couldn't find the true floor of Main Cave through the Corkscrew. [The true floor lies 102.4 mi. due south of New Orleans in 37 fathoms of water _.:_ Ed.] Diana George, Angelo George, Larry McCarty, and J. Pat Stephens visited Longs Cave to continue Angelo's work on lineaments. They reported evidence of sewage seepage. There is a campground in the vicinity, which may be the source. Norm Pace led Tom Alfred, Tom Fritsch, and Dave Kezerle to Thorsell Shafts in Lee Cave. They probed a pit, first and last descended in 1969. Two additional shafts, 32ft. and 72ft., were noted but not descended. George Wood, Tom Black Lee Snead, and Julie Sotsky hotfooted and then wet-footed it to the back of the C survey in Smith Valley Cave. They extended the south-going passage from c-64 to C-71, 188ft. There's still a lot of pleasant survey awaiting here, but dress warmly. Bruce Thompson, Buzz Grover, Bill Roy, LaJuana Wilcher, and Rick Olson surveyed in Crystal Lake inside the Frozen Niagara Entrance. A constricted drain holds up the lake. Kay Hogan did a splendid job as Camp Manager, for which I thank her profusely. And I am grateful for the cleanup help provided by Mssrs. Thompson, Roy, Johnson, Schafstall, Zopf, and Grover. --Rick Olson Page 6 MCNP AUGUST EXPEDITION A large copperhead snake in the outhouse greeted when we opened camp. It proved to be a good omen for the 42 souls who enjoyed the cool, sunny weather. We surveyed a total of 2352.8 ft. in 10 parties. Sue Schindel, Julie Sotsky, Geary Schindel, and Dave Griffith added 748 feet to the C survey in Smith Valley Cave. It still goes with plenty to do. The big surprise of the expedition was Roger McClure's trip to **#>THE LEAD OF THE SWORDS<#**11. LaJuana Wilcher, Jeff Arp, and Brian Hayden were the crew. They returned with 650 ft. of survey in this pleasant crawl off Stephensons Avenue near Cascade Hall. They would have done more, but they spent 150 minutes looking for the *#>LEAD<#* at U-2, according to the trip report. Wrong! It took off from U-20. **#>TLOTS<#** goes two ways; they only surveyed one direction, so there's MORE TO DO!. Warning: elbow and knee pads are essential for this trip. The party planned to get even with me for sending them there. They wanted to tie me to a tree, abrade my knees with a file, and then rub salt into the raw welts. I still say it's a great lead. Diana George led Angelo George, Pat Stephens, and Larry McCarty into Dixon Cave and Salts Cave to gather data for Angelo's project of checking out the occurrence of fracture swarms associated with fracture trace-lineaments. Tom Fritsch hornswogled eight people to dig in Joppa Ridge: Steve Maegerlein, Dave Dailey, John Danovich, Dave Kezerle, Jim Whyland, Lee Snead, and Marco Corvi. They moved about 10 tons of rock, turning an 18 foot pit


August 1985 into an eight footer. "It will only take one more trip to get in!!" estimated Tom seductively. Who w i 11 be taken in next? Tom Alfred, Janet Alfred, Paul Cannaley, and Monica Cannaley went on a vertical trip to Henrys Dome, which is enroute to Alberts Dome in Mammoth Cave. They tied in a lobe of Henrys Dome with 248 ft. of survey. Rick Olson led Buzz Grover and Bruce Thompson out to Felicias Dome, where they surveyed 114 ft. There's more to do there. Doug Baker led Scott House, Eric Compas, and Walter Hallman to Helen's Grotto in Cleaveland Ave. to finish field work for the map for the National Park Service of the Wild Cave Trip route. They put in 306 ft. of survey in Dollar Pass and Donna's Garden areas. John Wilcox, Sandra Crowther, Laura Crowther, and Bill Baus headed out Hoskens Trai 1 near Gravel Ave., where they discovered that the lead at I-14 goes to a pit at the end of the C survey. Richard Zopf led Doug Carroll and Daryle Hensel through the Doyel Valley Entrance into Hawkins River to go to the right hand fork. The water was too high, so they went instead to Branstetter's crack in the D survey. They left a floating survey of 287 ft. On Sunday, Paul Cannaley, Monica Cannaley, and Dave Dailey went into Longs Cave to photograph an old autograph found earlier by Ron Wilson and Phil DiBlasi. They believe it to be a l 7 56 date. Many thanks to Claire Wood, a Great Camp Manager, and to other cheerful, uncomplaining helpers. --Kathleen M. Womack Page 7 CRF ANNUAL MEETING MAPS FRIDAY EVENING GET-TOGETHER 175 12.T 201 PIKt :r. 70 KI1Rit76E RD. RT4 SATURDAY EVENING BANQUET ... EDUCAIIDN coJre:P.


August 1985 MAMMOTH CAVE FIELD SCHEDULE 31 Aug-2 Sept 5-6 October 2-3 November Labor Day Exp. Lynn Brucker 513-258-1644 Fall Expedition Tom Brucker 615-269-3921 CRF Annual Mtg Richard Zopf 513-767-9222 28 Nov-1 Dec Thanksgiving Diana Miller 502 937 3353 Please tell the Operations Manager, Richard Zopf, 513-767-9222, or the Expedition Leader, if you plan to attend, two weeks before the expedition. FLINT RIDGE TEL. 502-758-2362 Cave Research Foundation P. o. Box 443 Yellow Springs, OH 45387 ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED Page 8 GUADALUPE EXPEDITION SCHEDULE 31-2 September 12-14 October 28-l December Susanna Goad 602-327-8144 Alan Williams 303-433-3260 John Francisco 602-747-5143 If you wish to attend, notify the expedition leader, the food coordinators (John & Peggy Francisc o, 6 0 2 -7 4 7-514 3 ) or the are a manager (Rich Wolfert, 303-278-1891) at least one week before the expedition. NEXT NEWSLETTER The deadline for the November CRF Newsletter is 1 October 1985. Please send news to: CRF Newsletter 613 East 106 Avenue Plainwell, MI 49080 Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Yellow Springs, OH Permit 160 Brother Nicholas Sullivan 7018 Boyer St Philadelphia, PA 19119

Contents: 2 November
85 annual meeting shapes up --
New Eastern Operations manager --
New newsletter editor / Lynn Brucker --
Pollution news --
New vertical supplies manager --
New safety supplies officer --
Mammoth Cave Memorial Day expedition / Tim Schafstall --
Mammoth Cave 1-5 July expedition / Scott House --
New survey gear officer --
Mammoth Cave 6-7 July expedition / Rick Olson --
MCNP August expedition / Kathleen M. Womack --
CRF annual meeting maps --
Mammoth Cave field schedule --
Guadalupe expedition schedule --
Next newsletter.


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