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Cave Research Foundation newsletter

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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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CRF newsletter
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Annual members meeting -- Board of Directors meet May 24, 1986 -- New CRF-NPS agreement signed -- Project coordinators sought -- MCNP February expedition / Scott House -- Fitton Cave Memorial Day expedition Arkansas project / Douglas Baker -- MCNP Memorial Day expedition / Tim Schafstall -- MCNP Fourth of July expedition report / Scott House -- 1986 expedition schedule Flint Ridge, Kentucky.
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Vol. 14, no. 3 (1986)
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AUGUST 19E:6 ANNUAL ME: MEERS MEETING The annual members meeting is scheduled for Saturday November ::: in Albuquerque, New Me: : pedi tion priori ties. The current priority of CRF is to produce products that will maKe information about the caves and their resources more accessible. Bill Wilson was appointed to c ompile written standards that effectively guide the M .C. cartography program and promote uniformity of map production for various purposes. Interested individuals should contact Bill to contribute to his efforts. A draft will be complete by the November meeting. VOLUME: 14, NUMBER 3 NEW CRF-NPS AGREEMENT SIGNED On March 26, 1986 CRF President Ronald C. Wilson and NPS Director William P. M ott signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOUl behveen the two organizations. The M OU continues CRF permission to conduct :.cientific research and cartography on lands administered bv the National Park Service. 1 twill be formally reviewed every five years and renewed/altered as appropriate. A Declaration of Mutual Interest was included as an attachment, and details some of the specific responsibilities and opportunities e:< pressed in the new agreement. Copies of the documents are available from Ron \.Jilson. PROJECT COORDINATORS SOUGHT Priorities established b Y the Directors at their Mammoth Cave meeting include the following; directed cartography s ystematic resource inventor'/ and narrative description of Mammoth Cave (beginning with developed areas), systematic photodocumentation of cave entrances, s ystematic photodocumentation of the caves and their resources, resource inventorv and cartography of small caves, and a compilation of a comprehensive bibliographv of CRF supported publications. Contact Area. M ana.ger Diana Miller for more information or to volunteer to help coordinate any of these projects.


AUGUST MCNP FEBRUARY EXPEDITION (Editors note: the regularly scheduled February e::pedition was cancelled due to poor weather conditions.) HOW IT CAME TO PASS As soon as the scheduled e>:pedition was cancelled I began to ways of still getting some worl< done on the tourist trail maps. I called the Pari< and received permission to wor l< in the cave on the regularly scheduled days. Seven people from the Missouri area were able to attend and housed themselves in various motels about the area. Saturday, February 15 Doug Baker, Jim Kaufmann and I entered the Historic Entrance to go to Boone Avenue (the roads were completely covered at that time) and began a resurvey of the Boone Avenue stretch from Mary's Vineyard to Rose's Pass. Eventually Micl< Sutton, Sue Hagan, Paul Hauck, and Jim Sherell straggled in from various points (we had left them keys at the Pari< office) and began a detailed sketch enhancement of Roses's Pass. The resurvey of Boone was completed, and the resl. A total of 3000 feet of cave was surveved. of which 2300 feet was resurveY. On Saturday mornino, the Board of Directors and cartoaraohers had a meetinc to discuss future stratecies of the mappina proaram. Scott House presented a plan to out CRF cartooraphy on the map. Several acreements were reached. which I will not discuss here. Later on Saturday, the Board met with Pari< Service officials. includina the Superintendent. (Editors note: See article in this issue for further information concerning the Board of Directors meetinc.>


AUGUST 1986 People also went cavinq on Saturdav. Richard Hand led Jim Carter, Marv Follis and Karen Hunter to the Turner/Mather Avenue .iunction area to do some resurveY in support of Scott's new map. TheY brouaht bacK over 500 feet of aood survev. Phil DiBlasi. Jan Hemberaer, and Dave DailY went to the Three Springs pumphouse area to checK on some rocK shelters which had been reported to have been vandalized. Thev found no evidence of such, besides what had alreadY been documented. Also, theY surveved the shelters and aathered information for the cave inventory forms. Tom Alfred was a.cco mpa.nied bY ,.Joe Ka ffl. Karen Wilmes and W. Hallman to Penck Trail. TheY resurveyed a small portion of cave past Eoqli Shafts in support of MicK Sutton's map of Swinnerton Avenue and environs. On SaturdaY afternoon. Scott House. John Wilco:-:, and Tim Schafstall tooK a trip into Mammoth to the Bottle Hall area to locate some of the old WalKer SurveY benchmarKs. Those located included two near Cathedral Domes. and the one in Bottle Hall. Tom Brucker, DarYle Hensel. Julie SotsKv. and Norm Pace travelled to the recently discovered Fritsch Avenue : led Bill Baus, Janet Alfred, and Karen Wilmes to the Salts/UnKnown linK area where they surveyed several hundred feet of passaqe toward Lehrberaer Avenue. Scott House, Sarah Bishop, and John Danovich surveyed over 1000 feet near Brucker BreaKdown, also in support of Scott's Turner/Mather map. PAGE 3 The DiBlasi crew of Saturday turned their efforts to Gentry and Sand Caves on Sunday where they again surveYed entrance areas and rocK shelters, as well as qatherinq more information for the cave inventorY data base. Richard Hand, Jim Carter, and Joe Kaffl took a looK at the Ferguson entrance and found the qate to be buried by mud and rock. Last but not least, Bill and Diane Wilson. Rich Wolfert. and A. Swenson tooK a. look a.t Turner Avenue and localitY in search of profound aeoloaic discoveries. Finally, I would like to thanK all who pitched in to help clean up camp, to everyone for washing their own dishes, and especiallY to Sunny who did a terrific job cooKinq and preparing meals for 40 people. It was a qreat help not to have to worry about shopping or planning meals. Tim Schafstall (E:ditors note: Tim put in an urqent plea for another stove for the Ridge. As an occasional camp manaqer, I concur that another stove is needed desperately. If you can assist in procurinq one (or more) for the Ridge the future gustatorY satisfaction of the robust Flint Ridqe cavers will be credited to your efforts.) MCNP FOURTH OF JULY E:XPE:DITION RE:PORT Saturday, June 28 MicK Sutton, Tom Gracanin, Brenda Lord, and Grea BlacK resurveyed more than 2000 feet of Lower Lower Gravel in Flint Ridge. Tom BrucKer, Richard Zopf, and ,Jim Kaufmann went to the 7 Pits area of Ralph's River Trail where they completed the survey of a large loop that had been hanging for many years. Sue Hagan, E:ric Compa.s. Dave Hoffman, Karla. Bradshaw, and Dave Hanson went to Pilarim Avenue, Pinson's Pass and HawKins' Way where they put in a considerable amount of resurveY in support of new Mammoth Cave maps. Stan Sides, Roger McClure, Richard Hand, and Julie SotsKv went to Ralph Stone Hall where they surveved several hundred feet of virgin


AUGUST 1986 passage in a. lead that Gerry Estes had found a year or so ago. More remains in that area. Sunday, June 29 MicK Sutton, Sue Hagan, Paul Cannaley, and Dave Hanson continued worK on Micl<'s new version of KentucKy Avenue. Eric Compas, Richard Zopf, and I went into Mammoth to survey a new, highly accurate line, to trianculate a point to replace the missing benchmarKs at Grand Central Station. As we finished the survey we sauntered over to the site of the azimuth marK to e:{press our indicnation over its disappearance and found ... the azimuth marK. Virqinia Day and Connie Hand accompanied Richard Hand into Crystal so he could continue his worK on the place names in Crystal. Monday, June 30 M icK Sutton, Sue Hagan, and Paul Cannaley continued surveying in Lower Lower Gravel and e>:ited via Candlelight River. It's MicK's opinion that LLG is a better way to Candlelight than JaKe s Breathing Trail (If you don't mind a little water>. Jim Kaufmann, Don Fraley, and Tod Neidt cleaned up leads in the Wirth Avenue area and added several hundred feet of new survey. Richard Zopf, Dave Hanson, and I relocated transit staKes and laid out a new survey line in Main Cave from St. Catherine's City to Violet City. Tuesday, July 1 Dave Griffith and Hugh Griffith went into Great Ony>: to do a cricKet census. Paul Cannaley, Dave Hanson, and Dave Kezer-le surveyed Gentry Cave. Jim Kaufmann, Eric Compas, and Tod Neidt did resurvey in BecKy's Alley. MicK Sutton, Sue Hagan, Don Fraley, and Virginia Day continued worK on KentucKy Avenue. At night Richard Zopf, Dave Hanson, and 1 ran a transit/level line for 1700 feet of Main Cave in support of the ParK s study of the saltpeter operations. Wednesday, July 2 The Griffiths continued their cricKet census in Great Ony>:. Dave Hanson, Jim Kaufmann, and 1 surveyed a considerable chunl< of Robertson Avenue along the old tourist trails. MicK Sutton, Sue Hagan, and Don PAGE 4 Fraley went at it again in Kentucl:isting sKetches along the survey lines that had been reestablished. Richard Zopf went into Mammoth to clean up a carbide spill that had been inadvertently left by a previous survey crew and was then noticed bv .the ParK. Friday, July 4 Douq BaKer, Ray Cross. and Ron BucKholtz went into the Emily's Avenue area to put in some new survey and do some resKetching. Thev found a 45 foot tape-reading or bool<-writing error in the original survey. (Which is why we checK these things again.) MicK Sutton, Sue Hagan, and Karla Bradshaw finished the resurvey of KentucKy Avenue, endinq at the Hippodrome. Dee HaucK, Jim Kaufmann, Adrienne Kroll, and 1 resurveyed Martel Avenue for the new maps. Richard Zopf, Scott Brown, and MiKe Schneider put in some new survey in Inqall Way and checKed leads. Kathleen WomacK, Tom BlacK, and Matt Schneider did an e:: HicKs, Jenny Branstedt, and Larry McCarty went into Mammoth and Di>:on in support of Angelo's lineament and saltpeter research proJects. Saturday, July 5 Norm Pace, Julie SotsKy, Daryl Hensel, and Kathleen WomacK went into Lee Cave to build paths for people to stay on and to taKe photos. Paul HaucK, Richard Zopf, and Ray Cross ran into the New Errtrance to tie MicK Sutton's resurvey line to the newly rediscovered benchmarK at Grand Central Station. Bill Wilson, MarK E:lliott, Nancy O'Malley and Wayne Estes went into Turner


AUGUST 1986 Avenue in support of Bill's geologic worK. Angelo George, et al., went into Long's Cave to continue worK on his projects. Doug EaKer, Tom BrucKer, and Jim Kaufmann went out to the Emily's Avenue area again to finish worK on that segment of the wild cave tour route. MiKe Schneider, Matt Schneider, Adrienne Kroll. and Ron BucKholtz went to Prewitt's Knob to checK out an lead. Survey Summary Over 4.25 miles of survey line were put in. Most of this was resurvey of one sort or another. The emphasis on this expedition was to continue worK on the "Great Flint Ridqe Resurvey" and get as much done on the tourist trail maps of Mammoth as possible. The was very successful on these two fronts. A breaKdown of footage shows that approximately 7000 feet were surve y ed on the old tour-ist trail and wild cave tour routes. These will appear on the Cleaveland Avenue sheet and the Cathedral Domes sheet. Some 3600 feet of survey was done in KentucKy Avenue. The saltpeter transit line accounted for 1700 feet and the Violet City resurvey totalled about 2300 feet. In Flint Ridge the Lower Lower Gravel resurvey accounted for nearly 3600 feet. Survevs in and around Pohl Avenue totalled over 1600 feet. WorK on the new BrucKer BreaKdown area sheet (including Ralph Stone Hall, Ralph's River Trail, and Ingall Way) came to over 2100 feet. Wirth Avenue (on the Turner/Mather sheet> qave up 615 feet of new survey and resurvev. ThanKs To: Virginia Day, who is one outstanding camp manager. In addition to planning the menu, doing the shopping, and cooKing the food, she also cleaned out the shelves in the Kitchen, washed all the cooKing utensils, cleaned out the rotten food in two refrigerators (power went off in between expeditions), scrubbed down the Austin house shower, covered the freezer with washable shelf paper, and even washed out the three outhouses with Clore>:. She also found time


Annual members meeting
Board of Directors meet May 24, 1986 --
New CRF-NPS agreement signed --
Project coordinators sought --
MCNP February expedition / Scott House --
Fitton Cave Memorial Day expedition Arkansas project /
Douglas Baker --
MCNP Memorial Day expedition / Tim Schafstall --
MCNP Fourth of July expedition report / Scott House --
1986 expedition schedule Flint Ridge, Kentucky.


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