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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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Contents: Cave Research Foundation Receives Award / Dale Pate -- Derek Ford and Will White Win GSA Award / Russ Harmon -- Regional Expedition Reports: Cumberland Gap Expedition Summary, July 23-25, 2004 / Mike Crockett -- Cumberland Gap Expedition Summary, August 21, 2004 / Mike Crockett -- 2004-05 Expedition Calendar.
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Vol. 32, no. 3 (2004)
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CRF NEWSLETTER Volume 32, No.3 established 1973 Send all articles and reports for submission to : William Payne, Editor 5213 Brazos Midland TX 79707-3161 The CRF Newsletter is a quarterly publication of the Cave Research Foundation, a non -profit organization incorporated in 1957 under the laws of Kentucky for the purpo se of furthering research conservation and education a bout caves and karst. Newsletter Submissions & Deadlines: Original artic l es and photographs are welcome. If intending to jointly submit material to another publication please inform the CRF editor. Publication cannot be guaranteed especially if submitted elsewhere All material is subject to revi s ion unle ss the author specifically requests otherwise For timely publication please observe these deadlines : February issue by December 1 May issue by March 1 August issue by June 1 November issue by September 1 Before submitting material please see publication guidelines at: NEWSLETTER STAFF: Content Editor : William Payne Layout and Photos : Ralph Eariandson, Mailing : Bob 2004 Cave Research Foundation Cave Research Foundation Board of Directors Rick Toomey President Phil DiBl asi Personnel Officer Peter Bosted, Mick Sutton Joel Despain, Pat Kambesis, Richard Maxey, Bernie Szukalski Officers E liz abeth Winkler-Secretary Roger Smith-Treasurer Operations Council Barbe Barker (Guada lupes), Scott House (Ozarks), Janet Sowers (Lava Beds) Dave West (Eastern), John Tinsley (Sequoia/Kings Canyon) For information about the CRF contact: Rickard Toomey III CRF President Kartchner Caverns State Park 520-586-4138 PO Box 1849 fax 520-586-4113 Benson AZ 85602, Donations to CRF should be sent to: Roger K Smith Jr. CRF Treasurer 3669 Singleton Terrace Frederick MD 21704 2 SUBMISSION GUIDELINES AND DEADLINES Please note the new address for our content editor, William Payne, who recently moved to Midland, Texas Both his mailing and e-mail addresses have changed, and are shown in the masthead on this page. Please send all articles and reports to William Payne Be sure to use his current e-mail address, His previous e-mail address is no longer valid Please send all photographic submissions (pre ferably as jpeg files) directly to Ralph Earlandson at Be sure to include cap tions, identifying people in the photos. Also, please identify the photographer so I can give proper credit in the newsletter. Also, in order to get the quarterly issues of this newsletter out on time, we need strict adherence to the submission deadlines listed in the masthead. Please note that the deadline is the first of the month two months prior to the month of issue. For example, the deadline for the February 2005 issue is December 1, 2004. This will insure plenty of time for William Payne to edit the submissions for content, for me to format the material into the final layout, and for Bob Hoke to print and mail the newsletters Thank you for your cooperation in observing the above deadlines and standards to make the CRF News letter a timely publication. Ralph Earlandson, Layout Editor COVER PHOTO: Stan Allison inspects the restored tlowstone tloor in the Rookery in the Lower Cave of Carlsbad Cavern. Work like this by dozens of individuals like Stan since 1996 has led to the awarding of an NSS Certificate of Merit to CRF, as described in the article on the next page Photo by Dale Pate.


3 Cave Research Foundation Receives Award By Dale Pate At this year's annual National Speleological Soci ety Convention in Marquette, Michigan, members of the Guadalupe Area Cave Research Foundation (CRF) were awarded a Certificate of Merit for their dedica tion to conservation and restoration projects at Carls bad Caverns National Park. Under Barbe Barker's leadership since 1996, dozens of individuals have do nated thousands of hours of their time and expertise to restoring many areas in Carlsbad Cavern. Without the CRF members' interest and hard work, Carlsbad Cav ern would not be the place it is today Areas in Carlsbad Cavern that are in the process of being restored by CRF members include portions of the Main Corridor, Scenic Rooms, Big Room, Lower Cave, Left-Hand Tunnel, Lake of the Clouds, New Mexico Room, New Section, Hall of the White Giant, and the Guadalupe Room. Restoration of these areas has taken thousands of hours of meticulous work by dozens of individuals--and many are still being worked on. The dedication of numerous individuals within the Guadalupe Area CRF makes these significant long term projects possible. Following are examples of some of the projects they have been working on. Lower Cave: First entered by Jim White around 1905, the Rookery in Lower Cave is a flowstone covered area with pools of water that at one time held thousands of cave pearls. It was obvious that over the years people had walked on the flowstone with muddy boots Visitor tours to Lower Cave began on an irregu lar basis in the 1980s; and by the early 1990s, tours were given on a regular basis, five times a week The trail through Lower Cave crossed the Rookery flow stone numerous times and with more and more people CRF members cleaning the Rookery in Lower Cave Photo by Dale Pate walking through the area, the flowstone was becoming a muddy mess. The CRF started restoring the Rookery and found that the flowstone under the mud was actu ally white and quite beautiful. The park soon realized that it would have to install raised walkways over the flowstone to stop the mud from being washed right back into the cleaned areas With the installation of walkways, the CRF went back to re-cleaning the flow stone and have since restored most of the area The restoration also yielded hundreds of cave pearls that had been hiding in the mud for all those years. Guadalupe Room: Discovered in 1966 by CRF members while surveying, the Guadalupe Room has seen less traffic than most of the cave, but has still seen quite a bit. An area of flowstone and soda straws within the Guadalupe Room named the Soda Straw Forest was a favorite spot to visit for many years Here too, the flowstone became very muddied from these visits A project was begun to clean the flowstone by park employees, but was soon taken over by CRF as one of their projects As restoration progressed, an amazing transformation took place. What was once a large area of mud-covered flows tone is now a natural flows tone floor. Though the flowstone floor is nearly restored, the CRF still has lots of work planned for the Guadalupe Room. Lake of the Clouds: Di scovered around 1930, Lake of the Clouds is the deepest known point in Carlsbad Cavern. Not much is known about the history of its discovery, but since that time numerous indi viduals with muddy boots have walked across a large section of mammary deposits that jut out into the lake. CRF members have spent and will continue to spend hundreds of hours restoring this beautiful area One discovery that resulted from cleaning the mud off the deposits was a signature from 1930 This important find may be from the first exploration team to enter the Lake of the Clouds area. These are just a few of the restoration and conser vation projects that members of the local CRF have performed at the park Though we all know that the true reward from the restoration efforts in Carlsbad Cavern has been the transformation of impacted areas to beautifully restored areas it is also important that the organization and the unique individuals that form the Guadalupe Area Cave Research Foundation be recognized for their efforts and contributions Carlsbad Caverns National Park is pleased that this organization has been recognized nationally for the work they have done and the park looks forward to working with the CRF for many years to come.


4 . .. . '.'. . : .. : .. -:a... .." -_ r:-. ,,' . .Ji'$:':;i7. ..: -"" Before and after of; small section offlowstone restor ed by CRF members in the Guadalupe Room of Carlsbad Cavern Photos by Dale Pate. Derek Ford and Will White Win GSA Award By Russ Harmon Kar st Colleagues: I call to your attention the wonderful news that I r eceived from the Geological Society of America Qua ternary Geology and Geomorphology Division in mid July : Der ek C. Ford a nd William B White have been se l ec ted to r eceive the 2004 Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division' s Di s tinguished Career Award. It is an honor well earned a nd certainly most de serve d So ple ase join me in congratulating Will & Derek Recall that we had nominated Derek and Will for this award in 2003 with the hope that this might occur while we were all gat h ere d to get her last yea r in Seattle for the GSA sympos ium in th e ir honor but it turns out that we were a year l a t e with the nomination. In any case thi s will provide anot h er opportunity for all of us to ge t together thi s yea r in Den ver in early November a nd celebrate the s t a ture and recognition that karst research now hold s in today' s sc i ent ific community, much of whic h i s a dir ec t result of the foundation laid through Will s and Derek s research teaching, a nd l ea d ers hip ove r the past 30+ years. Th e c u rren t QG& First Vice C hair Alan Gilles pie, ove r sees preparation of th e Dis tin gu i s h e d Career A ward, which consists of an engraved bronze plate bearing the name of the winner and the date of the award, and a bronze emblem of The Geological Soci ety of America The bronze plate and emblem are attached to a memento of special significance to the award winners that is selected by the recipient's col leagues. Your suggestions for a suitable "memento" in each case (i.e. for Derek and for Will) are needed Ideas please, by return e-mail. The current QG&G Division Chair, Ellen Wohl arranges for the winners of the distinguished Career A wa rd to present the 30-minute Distinguished Career Award Lecture" as part of a regularly scheduled Qua ternary Geology technic a l session at the Annual Meet ing. In the case of this dual award, each person will pre se nt a IS-minute lecture I hope that many of you will be able to attend this year's GSA meeting in Denver to hear Distinguished Career Award Lectures which will occur as part of a regularly scheduled Quaternary technical session and to see Derek and Will receive their award at the QGG business meeting which usuall y takes place on Wednesday evening.


5 I REGIONAL EXPEDITION REPORTS I Cumberland Gap Expedition Summary, July 23-25, 2004 By Mike Crockett Twenty cavers invested 208 hours in the caves of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park booking more than 1200 feet of survey. Friday, July 23, 2004: Mark Joop led Richard Hand, Karen Caldwell and Jeannie Trowbridge for the start of the survey of Little Saltpeter Cave on the northeast side of Lewis Hollow. The tight canyon slot section was sketched back to a level change. Mike Crockett led John Taylor and Anne Elmore to Skylight Cave. The cave plotted out to 439 6 feet. Saturday, July 24, 2004: Dan Henry led Alichia Henry and Karen Caldwell to an objective off the Big Salt Room in Big Saltpeter Cave. They got about 200 feet of survey in the book Mike Stanfill and Kenneth Storey tagged along, then began to address some of the photo objectives in the Big Salt Room area Richard Knapp was joined by Lance Mitchell and Lee Trowbridge in finishing off some of the small nasty stuff around the Big Salt Room in preparation for an August push down main passages. Lance fit himself through a very tight vertical slot. Mark Joop Scott McCrea, and J.D Mays fol lowed the N Survey toward the cliffs to a dome with surface debris. Scott, a student of the Kambesis school, applied his impressive sketching skills for the first time Jim West, Jimbo Helton, Stuart Daw, and Anne Elmore made the tum across the back of the Great Room in the Soldier's Cave section of Gap to a blowing going lead in the floor of the Second Chance Room. Mike Crockett, John Taylor, and Jeannie Trow bridge returned to Skylight Cave to check the data and sketches and capture some images to round off this cave. The map should come out soon. Sunday, July 25, 2004: There were no trips this day John Taylor and Mike Crockett toured the Powell River karst plain down to the Aquatic Research Station. This valuable facility still needs some work including a more effec tive way to handle human waste (porta-potty in the parking lot) and a source of potable water. The Re search Station can provide overflow sleeping accom modations (up to 12 cavers) when the main Center on campus fills, plus it is in the middle of over 500 caves. Helping Dr. Caldwell and CMRC complete the Research Station could pay big dividends in the future. A part of your fees are intended for this pro ject. Opportunities to donate time and money will begin to be otTered on a regular basis in the near fu ture. If you are aware of a grant or gift opportunity that might help complete this project please let the project leadership know It is worth the investment. There were no accidents or injuries reported. Kenneth Storey lost his car key and gained valuable information about how to deal with this common event that may be of use to project cavers in the fu ture if it happens at Cumberland Gap National His torical Park. Cumberland Gap Expedition Summary, August 21, 2004 By Mike Crockett Five cavers surveyed 256 feet in Gap Cave Mike Crockett led a team that included Mike Stanfill, Karen Caldwell Jimbo Helton, Cheryl Pratt and David Pratt. The original objective was changed. Gap Creek, the stream inside Gap Cave, has no docu mented history of flash flooding. However, there is plenty of evidence that the stream runs at high volume from time to time Heavy rains Saturday morning prompted a change from stream survey objectives to a continuation of the survey in the Great Room A team led by Jim West in July took the Great Room survey to the "back left comer That survey was extended around the comer to tie back to CD 19 near the Lunch Rock Before completing that part of the survey the team surveyed out the Oblivion Pas sage This passage is about 150 long, a 4 foot by 4 foot tube with a mud floor augmented by a ceiling channel that extends the ceiling height to 15 feet in places The Oblivion Passage is a classic example of a keyhole channel passage with an upper and lower passage Of course after 150 feet it completely forgets itself and ends in nothingness : a 50foot plunge to the floor of the Great Room beside the Coke Bottle


The Back Left Comer has nearly a dozen leads going into small tight passages. Some of these may prove to be merely voids in the breakdown jumble. There are plenty of those in evidence already. The direction and location of these leads doesn't hold a lot of promise for big new cave and several trips will be needed to mop up this section The good news is that the area is relatively easy to reach and can probably be addressed with off expedition trips Also, we don't know where these leads go until they are surveyed You just never know ..... one of them might go There were some problems with keys and permits for this trip The National Park Service administrative staff at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park 6 did an extraordinary job of accommodating our survey trip and supporting cave research The hard work, dedication, and care exhibited by CRF project cavers over the past 17 months has established a solid founda tion with the National Park Service. Work hard, keep a pure heart, respect the conditions of the permit, abide by the rules ofthis complex endeavor and we will con tinue to find respect. The original estimate of 5 years to map Gap Cave was obviously low. Clearly many more years will be required. The NPS literally holds the keys to our success. Maintaining a good relation ship with the National Park Service into the future will mean that we are holding true to the Principals of the Project and The CRF Way. I 2004-05 EXPEDITION CALENDAR I Before attending any expedition, you must contact the expedition leader as trip sizes may be limited. Failure to contact the leader may prevent you from attending the expedition as the trip may be full. Eastern Operations Mammoth Cave Schedule ADDRESS CORRECTIONS If you have changed phone number (Le., area code split), e-mail address, or have moved, please send your information to: Phil DiBlasi PO Box 126 Louisville, KY 40201-0126 THE CRF WEBSITE Contact your operations manager for the user id and password for the members-only section of the site.


CAVE BOOKS Publications Affiliate of the Cave Research Foundation Web Site: www.cavebooks.comISBN: 0-939748 SAN: 216-7220 Rev 9104 CAVE BOOKS Publications Bold identifies NEW publications Bridgemon & South China Caves Lindsley Bullitt Rambles in Mammoth Cave 7.95 pb 6.95 pb 11.95 pb 7 95 pb Casteret Ten Years Under the Earth Chevalier Subterranean Climbers Collins, H & The Life and Death of Floyd Lehrberger Collins 14.95 hb, 10.95 pb Conn & Conn The Jewel Cave Adventure 11.95 pb Courbon et al. Atlas : Great Caves of the World 20 00 pb Crowther et al. The Grand Kentucky Junction 12.95 pb Davidson & Bishop Wildemess Resources, MCNP 3.00 pb DeJoly Memoirs of a Speleologist 10 95 hb, 7 95 pb Despain Hidden Beneath the Mountains: Exley Farr Farr Heslop Lawrence & Brucker McConnell Moore & Sullivan Northup et al. Nymeyer Olson & Hanion Palmer Reames et al. Sides Steele Watson, P. Watson, R. Watson, R. et al. Willmes The Caves of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks 12.95 pb Cavems Measureless to Man 125.00 ltd ed, 32.95 hb, 21.95 pb The Darkness Beckons 37. 95 hb Darkness Beckons: Supplement 4.25 pb The Art of Caving 9.95 pb The Caves Beyond Emergence, a novel pb 10.95 pb 19 95 hb, 10.95 Speleology: Caves and the Cave Env i ronment 21. 95 hb, 15.95 pb A Guide to Speleological Literature of the English Language 1794-1996 34.95 hb, 24.95 pb Carlsbad, Caves, and a Camera 11.95 pb Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave 7.95 pb A Geological Guide to Mammo th Cave National Park Deep Secrets : The Discovery and Exploration of Lechuguilla Cave 7.95 pb 32.95 hb, 24.95 pb Guide to Surface Trails of Mammoth Cave National Park 5.95 pb Yochib: The River Cave 10.95 pb Archeology of the Mammoth Cave Area Caving CRF Origins and the First Twelve Years 1957 -1968 CRF Personnel Manual 24.95 pb 3.00 pb 12.00 pb 10 00 pb CRF ANNUAL REPORTS & PIN CRF CRF CRF CRF CRF CRF CRF 1974 1978 Annual Reports 1975 1976 Annual Reports 1977 1980 Annual Reports 1981 1993 Annual Reports 1994 1997 Annual Reports 1998 2000 Annual Reports CRF PIN (3/4 diameter. enameled) = one volume Maps 15.00 pb" 3.00 pb ea. 4.00 pb ea. 5.00 pb ea. 10.00 pb" 10.00 pb" 5 00 Carlsbad Caverns 2 00 Kaemper Map of Mammoth Cave (ca. 1908) 3.00 Lee Cave, Mammoth Cave National Park 4.00 Mammoth Cave Map Card 1.50 Mammoth Cave Poster Map 3.00 Mammoth Cave Poster Map (Col/ector's Edition) 25.00 Ogle Cave, Carlsbad Cavems N.P 1.50 Slaughter Canyon Cave, Carlsbad Caverns N.P 1.50 Eighth Intemational Congress Poster (1981) 2.00 Ackerman Anderson Black Borden & Brucker Other Publishers The Moon by Whale Light 19.95 hb Cave Exploring 3 00 pb I Don't Play Golf 12.95 hb Beyond Mammoth Cave 59.95 hb, 26.95 pb Brucker & The Longest Cave (new edition) R. Watson Callot, F .-M. & Y. Carstens & 24 95 hb, 17 95 pb Photographier Sous Terre 20.00 hb P. Watson Culver et al. Dasher Faulkner Faust Finkel Finkel Fletcher George George George George George Of Caves and Shell Mounds Adaptation and Natural Selection in Caves On Station The Prehistoric Native American Art of Mud Glyph Cave Saltpetre Mining in Mammoth Cave Adequate Earth, poems Going Under/Endurance, poems The Man from the Cave Mummies Catacombs, and Mammoth Cave Mummies of Short Cave, KY New Madrid Earthquake at Mammoth Cave Prehistoric Mummies from the Mammoth Cave Area Saltpeter & Gunpowder Manufacturing in Kentucky Griffin Listening in the Dark (Bats) Halliday Floyd Collins of Sand Cave Hemple & Conover On Call Hill Geology of Carlsbad Cavems Hill & Forti Cave Minerals of the World Kerbo Batwings and Spider Eyes Klimchouk et al. Speleogenesis Kurten The Cave Bear Story Kurten Single Tusk: A Novel of the Long Matthews McClurg McEachem & Ice Age Rock Jocks, Wall Rats, and Hang Dogs Cumberland Cavems Adventure of Caving Corps of Engineers Inventory and 28.95 pb 39.95 hb 17 00 hb 11.95 hb 5 95 pb 5.95 pb 9.95 pb 9.50 hb 16 50 pb 4.50 pb 3.00 pb 10 95 pb 3.00 pb 6.00 pb 4 95 pb 28.00 pb 15.00 pb 70.00 hb 8 00 pb 60 00 hb 9.95 hb 14.95 hb 11.00 pb 8.95 pb 14 95 pb Grady Murray & Brucker Noswat Evaluation, Cal veras County, CA 3.00 pb Trapped! The Floyd Collins Story 19 00 pb Nowak NSF NSF NSS Padgett & Smith Prosser & Grey Rea Rother, H. & C. Siffre Sloane Speleo Projects Steward Maws: Death in Big Cave National Monument Walker's Bats of the World Ensueno Cave Study Fountain N.P. Study Ogle Cave Symposium On Rope Cave Diving Manual Caving Basics Lost Caves of SI. Louis Les Animaux des Gouffres et des Cavemes Cavers, Caves and Caving Lechuguilla, Jewel of the Underground Tales of Dirt, Danger, and 3.00 pb 19 95 pb 5.00 pb 5.00 pb 3 00 pb 30.00 hb 25.00 pb 10.00 pb 9.95 pb 7.95 hb 9.95 hb 56.00 hb Stone & Ende Taylor Taylor Tumer Darkness Beyond the Deep Cave Passages Dark Life The Vampire Bat 8.95 pb 26.95 hp 15.00 hb 12.00 hb, 11.00 pb 10 00 hb Valli & Summers Watson P Williams Shadow Hunters: The Nest Gatherers of Tiger Cave Prehistory of Salts Cave Blue Crystal a novel ORDERING INFORMATION Send Orders To: 24.95 hb 9.95 pb 19.95 hb CAVE BOOKS, 4700 Amberwood Dr., Dayton, 0" 45424 E-mail orders : Make checks payable to: CAVE BOOKS Postage & Handling: $3.00 for the first book, $ .75 for each additional book. $3.00 for one to ten maps or map cards rolled In one tube. (Outside USA double postage).

Contents: Cave
Research Foundation Receives Award / Dale Pate --
Derek Ford and Will White Win GSA Award / Russ Harmon --
Regional Expedition Reports: Cumberland Gap Expedition
Summary, July 23-25, 2004 / Mike Crockett --
Cumberland Gap Expedition Summary, August 21, 2004 / Mike
Crockett --
2004-05 Expedition Calendar.


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