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Cave Research Foundation newsletter
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Contents: "R" = Resource! / Larry Pursell -- Cave Research Foundation 50th anniversary celebration Hamilton Valley, Kentucky October 19-21, 2007 -- Regional Expedition Reports: Lilburn Expedition Report, April 14-15, 2007 / Paul Nelson -- Lilburn: Memorial Day Expedition: May 26-28, 2007 / Expedition Leader: Jed Mosenfelder -- Lilburn: June 15-16,2007 / Expedition Coordinator: Carol Vesely -- Mammoth Cave: Independence Day Expedition: June 30 - July 9, 2006 Expedition Leaders: Tom Brucker, Dave West, John DeLong / John DeLong -- Mammoth Cave: March Expedition: March 16-18,2007 / Expedition Leader: Joyce Hoffmaster -- Mammoth Cave: April Expedition: April 13-15, 2007 Expedition Leaders: Dawn Ryan and John Lovaas / Dawn Ryan -- 2007 Expedition Calendar.
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Vol. 35, no. 3 (2007)
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CRF NEWSLETTER Volume 35, No.3 established 1973 Send all articles and reports for submission to: William Payne, Editor 5213 Brazos, Midland, TX 79707-3161 The CRF Newsletter is a quarterly publication of the Cave Research Foundation a non-profit organization incorporated in 1957 under the laws of Kentucky for the purpose of furthering research, conservation and education about caves and karst. Newsletter Submissions & Deadlines: Original articles and photographs are welcome. If intending to jointly submit material to another publication, please in form the CRF editor. Publication cannot be guaranteed, espe cially if submitted elsewhere All material is subject to revi sion unless the author specifically requests otherwise. For timely publication, please observe these deadlines : February issue by December I May issue by M arch I August issue by June I November issue by September I Before submitting material, please see publication guidelines at: www NEWSLETTER STAFF: Content Editor : William Payne, Layout and Photos : Ralph Earlandson, Mailing : Bob Hoke, Cave Research Foundation Cave Research Foundation Board of Directors President Scott House, Vice President Joel Despain, Treasurer Bob Hoke, Secretary Bernie Szukalski, Hamilton Valley Director Pat Kambesis George Crothers, Charles Fox, Joyce Hoffmaster, Pat Seiser, Diana Tomchick Operations Council Barbe Barker (Guadalupes), Mick Sutton (Ozarks), Pat Helton & Bruce Rogers (Lava Beds), Dave West (Eastern) John Tinsley (Sequoia/Kings Canyon) For information about the CRF contact : Scott House 1606 Luce St. Cape Girardeau MO 63701-5208 phone 573-651-3782 Donations to CRF should be sent to: Bob Hoke CRF Treasurer 6304 Kaybro SI. Laurel MD 20707-2621 2 "R" = Resource By: Larry Pursell Over the years I have heard a lot of jokes and jabs about what the "R" in CRF really means. The most common jab I heard was "resurvey", but if you stop for a moment, push your helmet back a little, and think for a moment that "R" could easily stand for "RESOURCE" because that is what each of us are, a resource of information about caves and Mammoth Cave in particular. When I say "each of us," I am not just talking about the new guy in the vertical section who can climb canyon walls like Spiderman. My association with CRF goes back a scant sixteen years. Back then I could crawl along pretty well, squeeze through some small holes, and I could free climb a little. The reality now is that I tore all of the quadri ceps muscles off my left knee 4 years ago, and though it was repaired properly it still reminds me that it's there I'm a biscuit or two over a load (but I'm work ing on that). I've had cataracts removed from both eyes. In short I passed 50 a few laps back. So I'm pretty much ready for the caving junk heap, right? "NO! WRONG! INCORRECT!" as my Geology Professor, John Mylroie used to thunder at his students when they gave him an obviously incorrect answer. It scared the dickens out of a lot of them, but his point (l think) was to make you rethink what you had just said Obviously there was a major flaw in your thinking and he wished for you to correct it. In a way, that is what I am trying to get you to do, if you think there is little you can do to forward the research effort of CRF be cause you are not as agile and athletic as you were 20, 30, or even 50 years ago. Each of us is a treasure trove of information. There are a great many things you can do in the name of cave research even though you aren't up to a 2500' crawl any more. There is always something you could do to ADD to our knowl edge about Mammoth Cave, and isn't that a definition of "research" in the first place? CAVE RESEARCH FOUNDATION 50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION HANULTON VALLEY, KENTUCKY OCTOBER 19-21, 2007 Cover Photo Jim Borden looks at a gypsum flower in Roppel Cave during a 2000 CRF expedition Photo by Peter and Ann Bosted


"What then?" you ask. You would be welcomed on my project. Thanks to the efforts of Bob Parrish Harry Grover (we miss you Harry), Candi Leek Mike Nardacci, and Fred Douglas all over 50 now we have collected thousands of names and dates from Mammoth Cave and placed them into a searchable data base Why? People who visited Mammoth Cave prior to 1900 were a little wealthier than today's visi tor. They are the kind of people who wrote journal articles or travel logs when they got home from their travels We'd like to find some of these and see what we can learn about a trip in Mammoth Cave in that time period. See an opening here? "What else could there be?" Think of the tremen dous wealth of knowledge that will be at Mammoth Cave this October when we celebrate our 50th year as an organization! So much of the oral history of Mam moth Cave is gone because no one bothered to collect it. With today's modem technology why not collect a video record as well as an audio one? Biological or cultural inventories are waiting for someone to step up 3 and do the work. Think of all of the knowledge rest ing in CRF trip reports The closest analogy I can think of is the data NASA has committed to disks from so many of its space probes. However no one has had the time to read the data. Sure we have com pass bearings, and 'clino readings in our trip reports, but what else is in those trip reports? I know I put in some comments beyond the data we collected. We've had great times caving in the Mammoth Cave system and maybe it's time we shared some with the world. There's an awfully big porch at Hamilton Val ley with some very nice rockers for thinking. I'm sure that if we put our heads together we can find something for everyone to do. Come back to us. Bring your "resources" and you'll be as welcomed as the 20 year old "kid" with megabucks worth of climbing gear. Just ask him who "0. Strona" was and when did he visit the cave. See ya there? I REGIONAL EXPEDITION REPORTS I Lilburn Expedition Report, April 14-1S, 2007 By: Paul Nelson A springtime caving trip in the Sierra Nevada is a challenge because the weather may not always cooper ate and, even under recent drought conditions, the weather folks foresaw a storm striking the southern Sierra Nevada in the middle of the upcoming week end The storm was forecast to be small with rain and snow flurries For the first trip of the year, IS people were willing to brave snow and rain, and also finished their income taxes in time, to attend the Lilburn expe dition the weekend of April 14-15, 2007 John Tinsley and Gary Christopher did a through trip, starting at the Meyer Entrance, to check the phone line and to tend Tinsley's sediment stations On the way in the East Stream passage, they found that the floating deceased squirrel was now an actively decom posing squirrel which had created a colorful bio-film of reddish-brown residue extending downstream for about 10 meters from the remains. No sediment was found in any of the samplers and the water level was about an inch below the winter maximum at the White Rapids. The absence of winter build-up of water at White Rapids confirms drought conditions They also reported many of the alligator clips for the telephone system were corroded and needed to be replaced They spent five hours in the cave. Marek Cichansk, Mark Scott, Will Heltsley, Sarah Jones, and Eldar Noe went to the dig located in the Kleinbottle Complex near the cave's northern end. They soon made about six feet of progress, re moving sediment which yet blocks the passage. The sediment included only sand and cobbles and no fos sils or other non mineral remains. Marek and Sarah exited via Meyer Entrance while Mark Will, and Eldar exited via the Lilburn Entrance. They noted the Glacier, a flowstone and rimstone deposit, located near the base of the Meyer entrance pit was very dry They spent nine hours in the cave. Jed Mosenfelder Bill Frantz Paul Nelson Fofo Gonzales and Elaine Garvey first went to the Canopy area for restoration work and to mark "closed" areas with flagging tape. While cleaning was being per formed by other party members, Jed did some quad checking and managed to get lost for a time in the Tree Root Room area. After the available clean wa ter was exhausted while scrubbing formations Elaine checked a lead marked "needs small caver." This lead promptly dead-ended. The group then poked around an upper level where Bill and Paul found a lead that was not on the map The group then surveyed about 130 feet of passage leading to an upper room and


tight canyon with a flowstone floor and many forma tions. All the remaining nearby leads were surveyed. The group spent seven hours in the cave. Howard Hurtt and his son, Isaac, were joined by Peter Hamel and Kristen Ankiewicz to conduct surface support and tend to logistical chores around the cabin. By Saturday evening the day's persistent rain turned to snow and the cabin and environs were blan-4 keted by about 2 inches of wet snow. After dishes were washed and stowed and the cabin cleaned and swept, the cabin was closed up and the water system was drained and prepared for winter conditions as the weather folks were forecasting yet colder weather dur ing the next several days. Everyone then got an early start out of the canyon. Lilburn: Memorial Day Expedition: May 26-28, 2007 By Expedition Leader: Jed Mosenfelder Participants : Gary Christopher, Marek Cichanski, Joel De spain, Bill Frantz, Elaine Garvey, Fofo Gonzalez, Will Heltsley, Charlie Hotz, Keith Hubbard, Howard Hurtt, Lynne Jesaitis, Sarah Jones, Chuck Lee, Rob Lion, Peter Luffi, Shannon Mathey, Jed Mosenfelder, John Tinsley, Carol Vesely A gregarious crowd of 19 people, three guitars, one banjo and a harmonica converged on the cabin this weekend. On Friday night, several people attempted to come down a new route that cuts three miles off the hike, but missed most of the flagging that had been placed on the trail the previous month because appar ently much of it h ad been removed by birds After bushwhacking for several hours through undergrowth and downed timbers, the group arriycd late and hag. gard, with at least one major injury involving an unfor tunate meeting between an eye and a branch Com pounding the problem was the heavy load of their packs, as Will had meticulously designed and fabri cated (and Gary had painted) a new set of metal stairs for the front of the cabin that had to be hauled down in pIeces On Saturday morning a grand spectator sport played out as most of us watched other people work ing. Will, Rob, Gary and others installed the new front door stairs which provide a much-needed upgrade to the facility Meanwhile, John went to work repairing shingles on the side of the cabin, which (in between expeditions) had suffered from the most extreme bear assault I've seen in 16 years of caving at Lilburn (fortunately the bear didn't quite penetrate the wall!) Finally the key arrived with Howard and we headed into the cave in three groups. Carol, Marek, Sarah and Rob went to the lower part of the Attic, an area we have been avoiding for years due to its extreme head scratch-inducing complexity Carol's new sketch fixes some major problems on the quadrangle map, and the team surveyed about 50 feet of small maze passage, some of which had been previously surveyed but the notes had been lost. Next in were Bill Keith Shannon, Ch u ck and Peter, who went to the middle part of the cave to perform restoration flag trail around the Jefferson Memorial, and reality-check the map around the bottom of the Triangular Ladder. Finally, a group of six (Joel, Fofo, Elaine, Charlie, Lynne and myself) went to the south end to pursue some leads and resur vey tasks in the vicinity of River Pit Avenue. Charlie, Fofo and Elaine headed up a rope to check out some very small leads we left a couple years ago, reporting them to be even smaller than remembered and requir ing a hammer and/or very tiny caving team. Mean while I walked around in circles for several minutes before throwing my hands up in the air and assigning Joel the task of re-sketching the complex room where station Rl is located; this room is one of the most ob vious landmarks in the cave (the site of a phone drop and an exposed climb down to the Z Room and South Seas, as well as the former location of a data logger), yet bears little resemblance to the current map. While Joel was sketching Lynne and I surveyed a short but significant connecting passage in this area, netting about 80 feet of legitimately "new" passage despite close proximity to the main elephant trail. Afterwards, Lynne and Joel headed out of the cave while the rest of us climbed up to an upper level to pursue a climbing Peter Luffi and Chuck Lee cleaning formations in the BX Survey (near the Triangular Ladder). Photo by Bill Frantz


lead found three years ago Charlie did a bold climb, levitating 28 feet up to an unfortunately dead end. On the way out I spent some time checking on a very con fusing loop closure problem in this upper level, which should facilitate a very significant map fix. On Sunday, John and Gary performed more sur face tasks while the rest of us went caving again. How ard, Marek and Fofo went in and out of both entrances to install and test new phones at Meyer Pit, the East Stream, Historical Entrance and Crevice Way. Another team composed of Bill Chuck and Elaine completed a through trip, performing various restoration tasks along the way including formation cleaning and eradi cation of old carbide stations Carol, Lynne, Sarah, and Shannon headed back towards the Attic and pushed a tight lead on the lower level, which was surveyed for 18 feet. They left a couple of potential "passage resto ration" leads requiring tools Last in the cave was the south end group, this time composed of Will Rob, Peter, Keith, Charlie and myself. At River Pit we split into two teams. Will, Rob and Keith dropped down the rope to the river level, which is unusually dry for this time of year, consistent with our surface drought in California They looked for some leads towards the end of the river but got confused by the map, so they ended up resurveying about 100 feet of known passage and 30 feet of new passage in a different area. The rest of us headed up to an upper level where I knew of an other climbing lead and a tricky looking traverse, the latter very high but directly above River Pit. After ex amination, the climbing lead did not look too enticing (bare wall heading up to an apparent dead end), so instead we surveyed about 40 feet of tight up-trending crevice passage in the same vicinity. Next we trav ersed over to the traverse, where we decided that the best way forward was actually to drop down and climb up the other side. We rigged our rope to a sketchy boulder wedged in the passage and descended, discov ering a "pancake-y" middle level not shown on the map. We surveyed in this level, tying in to known pas sage to complete a big loop. Charlie also pushed up the crevice towards the other side of the traverse, but the climb turned out to be scarier than anticipated so it was left for another day. Monday dawned with the usual cleanup and reor ganization tasks beckoning Howard and Marek per-5 formed a major repair of the water system, which may be in an even more sad state of affairs towards the end of the summer if our drought continues as expected. All in all, this was a very productive weekend, both on the surface and in the cave; although not much new passage was found, confusing errors on the quadrangle maps are now being systematically fixed. Master Carpenter Tinsley '8 handiwork on the cabin: the light colored shingles are replacements for bear damage suffered in between expeditions Photo by John Tinsley Will Heltsley and Gary Christopher removing part of a boulder during installation of the new stairs The patch on Will's eye is unrelated to the task at hand (see text) but did make sledge-hammering more inter esting. Photo by John Tinsley.


6 Lilburn: June 15-16,2007 By Expedition Coordinator: Carol Vesely Participants: Carol Vesely, Bill Farr, Howard Hunt, Jed Mosenfelder, Paul Nelson Fofo Gonzalez, A.J. Yeckel Raj Rathinasabapahty, Ron Bourret, Rich Coulier, Brian Farr, Issac Hunt Howard Issac and Fofo arrived shortly after 4:30 on Friday afternoon and had the cabin and expedition paperwork all neatly arranged when the rest of the team trickled in later that evening. Saturday morning, three teams headed into the cave Paul led Raj and Rich to the triangle ladder area to check and survey leads On the way, they discov ered that a lead marked as "to elevator" on the map actually goes to the bottom of Crevice Way. After ne gotiating the ladder without incident, the group sur veyed their lead through a breakdown passage for 19 s tation s netting 70 feet of survey There are more leads remaining in this complicated area, but the breakdown makes sketching a real challenge. Meanwhile Howard, A.1 and Fofo entered the cave through the Meyer's entrance and continued with the ongoing project of upgrading the phone system. They added sealants and replaced handsets for three phone connections and called to verify that the units were working. The phone at the cabin rang all after noon, as the team called multiple times (Will someone please turn down that ringer!) from the Hex Room, then Lake Room Junction and finally South Seas Junction while performing their valuable maintenance tasks The group exited the cave through the Lilburn entrance, having successfully traversed the through trip A third team consisting of Bill Jed and Ron headed south to Thanksgiving Hall. As expected the water level was low for this time of year, due to the drought. After wading through the waist-deep water, they arrived at Thanksgiving Hall where they began pushing upstream. Bill squeezed past one constriction in very small passage with good air. Very small, prop erly-equipped persons could probably push farther towards River Pit. Ron pioneered the route at a second lead that the team surveyed for 115 feet through breakdown with holes going down to the river. On the way out, Jed sketched a few extra cross sections along the main route. Ron also checked out a climb that went to a tight muddy chimney with loose rocks On the surface, Carol, Brian and Issac answered the phone while basking in the SUll. Brian chopped wood and the two boys hauled the wood into the cabin and stacked it. Carol spent a couple of hours "arm chair caving" by reviewing the maps and making a new lead list. That evening, Howard and Fofo treated the group to music. Sunday the crew cleaned up and hiked out after another fun and productive weekend Total person! hours 30 hours Underground 24 hours Surface 6 hours (not including Sunday clean up) Mammoth Cave: Independence Day Expedition: June 30 July 9, 2006 Expedition Leaders: Tom Brucker, Dave West, John DeLong By: John DeLong The 2006 Independence Day Expedition had 50 p e opl e attending, with 35 people caving and others pitching in to s upport the expedition. 4 additional peo ple participated in 6 trips prior to the formal start of the expedition 34 trips were fielded during the week. O ver 14, 000 feet of cave was surveyed, 3 558 feet of new survey a nd 10,484 feet of resurvey In addition substantial progress was made by many notably Scott House in working with data sets, d es pite a problem early in the expedition with an air conditioner that made working in the map room a bit hot. On June 10, 12, 13,14,17 and 21, Art Palmer e ngin e ered a s eries of trips into Crystal Cave. June 10: Rick Olson led Art Palmer Rick Toomey, and Peg Palmer to Lost Pa ss age to map a s mall crawl le a d and re-sketch loops in the area The small crawl lead was mapped to its miserable end, but small people may want to return someday. It has a perceptible breeze and is headed towards an empty spot to the east. 100 feet of new survey and 45 feet of resurvey June 12: Art Palmer led Peg Palmer, Dave West and Karen Wi limes out Left of the Trap to redo that survey 37 stations were completed using as many old ones as possible. 1,025 feet of resurvey. June 13: Art Palmer led Peg Palmer, Dave West, and Karen Wi limes to re-sketch Dennison Way. Sketches of good detail and with some geologic infor mation will be integrated with existing survey data into the master maps. June 14: Art Palmer, Peg Palmer Dave West and Karen Willmes headed for Mud Avenue to do a re sketch, but the party turned back when a member had


equilibrium issues that would have made the climbs too risky June 17: Art and Peg Palmer continued the survey of Left of the Trap, putting in 38 more stations and 933 feet of resurvey June 21:Art Palmer, Peg Palmer, and Richard Zopf continued the survey of Left of the Trap, putting in 21 more stations and 808 feet of resurvey. Much remains to be done in this crawl. On Saturday, July 1, seven parties were fielded as the official expedition kicked into gear. Peter Bosted led Ann Bosted and Dick Market to Keller Shaft which they climbed and rigged to check out some high leads After overcoming a series of challenges that included a just barely long enough rope Dick climbed up the steep fissure to find himself in a 10 foot wide by 4 foot high passage going both ways. He set station B1 at the top of the second climb and they dropped a vertical shot 25 feet down and did five more shots back down into Pohl Avenue 110.9 new survey and 48.2 resurvey. Ed Klausner led Steve and Judy Ormeroid to Par rish Pit where they put in 197 feet of new survey, fin ishing all the leads on the T survey On their way out they checked other leads for potential. John Lovass Bill Baus, and Mike Freeman rigged Bishop's Pit where they used three ropes-totaling over 180 feet-to descend what had been described as a 100-foot pit. The 100-foot rope got them to a ledge where they were able to rig additional rope. They found some massive breakdown in the pit which they described as unnerving, and at the bottom put in 13 stations of survey Bob Osburn led Sue Hagan and Roger McClure to produce a quality sketch and data for Lexington A ve nue "F100rless canyons requiring hopping" were a bit of a surprise, so there were a few tense moments. De spite this the party got 587 9 feet of resurvey Elizabeth Winkler led Dawn Ryan, Aaron Ryan, and Jerry Bowen to fix a loop error and extend the Y survey in the Jones Shaft area Challenged by "weird extensions in the wall that look like they are passage but then end" and "loss of floor and very deep floor channels" they got 540 1 feet of resurvey Dave West led Karen Willmes and Ann Kensler to "the room beyond the end of Edwards Avenue" They surveyed back to an area with four pits, noting signs of formation mining and old nails and bottles, which led them to name the area The Den of Thieves Karen found the name "Jack Short" scratched on the ceiling with a date of Mar 12, 1922 Several leads in this area would be good for a small person party 449.4 feet of new sur vey 7 Mick Sutton led Andy Free, Dave Matteson, and Chris Woodley to Lower Salts They redid a number of surveys in a very complex area ; with some looping back, some ending as windows to a pit, and others tying to other surveys With 528 feet of resurvey and 39 feet new survey this trip "helped greatly towards comprehension of this amazingly complicated multi level canyon maze." On July 2 six parties were fielded. Peter Bosted, Ann Bosted, and Dick Market re turned to Keller Shaft with more rope to enable all to ascend safely the flowstone slope and chimney to the B 1 survey point. Leads proved good for four stations at best. As survey was finished early (7 set stations, 125.5 feet new survey), a leisurely trip out allowed for photography on the way Mick Sutton led Sue Hagan and Andy Free to continue the A-survey resketch in and around Weller Avenue to Cama de Juan. This significant passage appears not to have a name. Sue suggested Camino de Juan The party completed 41 shots of resketch before sketcher burnout threatened in passage which was be coming more, not less, complex. They focused on the main line-there are upper and lower levels meander ing out of phase with the A-most of this has survey some not. Bill Koerschner led John Lovaas and John DeLong to Elysian Way via the Brucker Connection to an upper level canyon above U5 for survey. John Lovaas built a rock pile under the highly undercut climb. The 12 high by 3 wide lead soon reduced to 5 high by 2 wide. After 21 stations a bedrock curtain dips to 8 inches of a bedrock floor which John DeLong squeezed under to find another 70 feet of 4 high by 3 wide crawl to a point where the ceiling lowers and passage becomes partly blocked by breakdown yet with some airflow. The trip resulted in 335.9 feet new survey. Two parties worked the Parrish's Pit area with the aid of a ladder, and were later joined by a third Dan Greger led Steve Ormeroid Judy Ormeroid and Ann Kensler, and Joyce Hoffmaster led Karen Willmes and Chris Woodley Dan's party started to clean up survey errors and tie to main passage The ladder proved to be one section short of getting anyone safely into the pas sage above the pit. Joyce s team started near Ultima Thule. Using the ladder the team got into the objective and tied into U14. At station U18 the passage became very tight, as did an upper level. The party pronounced the passage not promising enough to push that hard given no one could come after them if they had prob lems They then joined Dan's party and went down Wells Pit. Apparently no one had ever gone down the drain so they went as far as possible and surveyed out.


The passage was really voids in the breakdown but much of the wall was bedrock .. The parties netted 417 feet of survey Ed Klausner led Dawn Ryan and Aaron Ryan to Cleaveland Avenue and Violet City. A lead at the end of Croghan's Hall turned out to be about 7 inches high and went 10-12 feet to a back wall. Next was a trip down Cleaveland Avenue to clear up a few places where the notes were unclear. This party then joined the two teams in the Violet City area. The first objec tive here was to survey to Lena's Dome. They couldn t get down without a rope, but put in three shots from the tourist trail to a convenient spot over the dome Next while the other two groups were working on Wells Pit, they checked the opposite wall and found 75 feet of passage next to the steps. The trip got 232 feet of survey. On Monday, July 3, six parties set out. Peter Bosted led Mike Freeman and Dick Market to survey in old Roppel near Hobbit Trail. At Hobbit Dome they followed the GH survey. Along the way they cleared up an earlier error locating two different GH14 stations. 160. 5 feet of new survey were added and various leads were checked and sketched. Several leads ended with constrictions for future small persons' leads. After a long day of "thrashing, moaning and complaining about the fun in the Canyon" they joyed a "leisurely rappel down the very scenic Hobbit Dome." Karen Willmes led Joyce Hoffmaster and Chris Woodley to Wilson Cave Partway to the objective one of the party members realized that they weren't up to the trip planned. They deposited a cable ladder at the intersection of the D and G surveys. On the way out they looked at some of the signatures, including mem bers of the Cave family. They exited the cave at 4 : 30. At the trailhead the register had the name and mailing address for Norman Cave. Monday's Salts trip had Mick Sutton leading Bill Koerschner and Andy Free back to the Camino de Juan area to continue Sunday's work but with mostly survey and little resketch. Accomplishing 821 feet of resurvey and 8 feet of new survey the party also noted "a boriginal materials like charcoal, intact cane, stoke marks and evidence of mining with some fine gypsum remains." Bob Gulden led Dusty Gulden and Jerry Bowen down Edwards A venue to continue sketching main passage profile where he left off in November. Ed Klausner led Bob Osburn and Ann Bosted to the Violet City area and with the help of Dan Greger, located upper level leads using a disto, compass, and c1ino. They did five of these in Kaemper Hall and Elizabeth's Dome. The party then went to Cleaveland 8 A venue, where they proceeded to the benchmark at TTl9W and started surveying east to fix an error in closure The last shot in Cleaveland was at Y37 where they tied into the lower level 929Cl survey station While in this lower level, they looked to find old sur vey stations to tie into They could not find any actual stations, but did locate the logical place for a station that matched the sketch They redid the A survey to locate a tie error, completing the days objectives. They completed 1,286 feet of resurvey. Steve Ormeroid led Judy Ormeroid Dan Greger, and Ann Kensler to survey Lena's Dome and check out other pits in the area The right hand pit was rigged and found to have no leads or passage. The left hand pit was accessible by climbing down the breakdown. There are Kemper and Bishop signatures (1908) scratched in the wall at the edge of the pit. They then checked the no name pit near Elisa's Dome. The edge was covered with loose breakdown. After descending, progressively lower levels were observed, but unstable rocks led to a determination that the safety of further exploration was compromised They then looked for a previously reported lower level entrance to Bishop's Pit. An old survey was found ending at a balcony over looking the pit, approximately 20-25 feet lower than the previous day's drop of the Pit. 99 feet of new sur vey was added. On July 4 three parties went caving. An intense period of rain that left HV without power made for an inter esting trip. Later, fireworks were enjoyed by all in camp. Ed Klausner led Jerry Bowen, Tom Brucker, Elizabeth Winkler, and Dick Market (and later Dusty Gulden) as one large party that split into two Jerry and Ed went to survey a hole in the breakdown that led towards Ultima Thule. Surveying was slow as the pas sage was small and survey shots were short. After sev eral shots, they heard a noise that sounded like a low, continuous roar. Back in the main passage they real ized that the noise was water that was falling into Bishop's Pit. They exited the cave and it had obviously just rained hard. They headed to Hamilton Valley and brought gear back to the cave to help the Bishop's Pit crew if they came up cold and wet. Dusty Gulden joined them. On returning conditions were the same They were to meet the Bishop Pit's Crew at 8 p.m and it was only about 4, so Jerry and Ed continued their survey while Dusty waited near the pit. They finished up a passage that hugged the wall of Kaemper and wound up as a pit on the other side of Ultima Thule near the tourist trail. Meanwhile, the Bishop's Pit party had rigged the first three drops with 20 feet of rope to spare, beginning their survey where the Saturday crew left off. After two more drops they surveyed down a


multilevel canyon passage that appeared to be virgin, coming to yet another pit. Then a noise first assumed to be air from the door being opened in became louder and louder until it became apparent that it was water rushing in. Returning to the last rope in case they needed to exit, they saw water burst out a side passage in the wall as they got there. "Quite impressive and a little freaky!" After watching the water for about ten minutes, it became clear that the water was draining nicely into lower levels and they continued the survey After crossing the last pit they found yet more leads off a room. They came out of the pits and derigged to find the rescue party waiting with supplies. 389 feet of new survey was added. Bill Koerschner led Peter Bosted and John DeLong to South Arlie Way are to resketch and push leads. At Ursa Avenue they checked on two leads in the nearby windy breakdown that will require a better equipped party to push. A resketch of the JC survey was begun and was soon in Johnson Way, with a breeze whipping down survey. After passing several small pits with tight leads, the survey went through some breakdown to the left where the main tube was surprisingly regained. The wind blasted but a wall of breakdown was encountered. The party continued an effort to move through the breakdown and succeeded in reaching a room 20 feet by 15 feet. The leads in this room require climbers to be pushed, and likely would connect to Fossil Avenue. The trip netted 462.7 feet total, 347.6 resurvey and 115.1 new. Dave West led Karen Willmes and Chris Woodley for a survey and sketch enhancement trip to a lead off Denison Way. After tying to F13 and closing a loop back to F 12 to get detail on a cutaround, they surveyed to their lead. A label near the climb read "GWW" so they tagged it the Great White Way. Beautiful gypsum covered ceiling and walls. Headed to F26 to finish res ketch to the room where the loop from Left of the Trap comes in. 176 6 new survey and 208.25 resurvey. On Wednesday, July 5, four parties set out. Peter Bosted led Ann Bosted and Dick Market back to South Arlie Way intending to reshoot and resketch. Taking the Downey Avenue entrance and ladders down, they found the cave to be very wet at the bottom of the third ladder so the trip was aborted after 5 minutes. They then spent an hour or so improving the road. Bob Gulden returned with Dusty Gulden and Jerry Bowen to the Edwards / Cox in Great Onyx split to con tinue profile down Edwards Avenue from station G43. They did 1,400 feet of profile. Bob Lodge led Rick Hoechstetter and Matt Mezy dlo to the end of Edwards A venue in Great Onyx to 9 take a ladder and survey leads. They were able to sur vey some of the leads, but determined other leads de scribed as large passages in that vicinity were not large at all. 164 feet were resurveyed. Tom Brucker led John DeLong and Chris Wood ley using a shortcut route to reach N-136, an upstream branch of the Colossal River. Finding 100% flooding of the N survey points, they began in F4, setting large, prominent stations for 308 feet of resurvey. Several virgin leads noted involving wetsuit passage or diffi cult technical climbs to significant passage. Further survey of this area also includes several domes. More significantly two people were introduced to Colossal. On Thursday, July 6, three parties set out. A large group headed in to Albert's Domes with plans to split into two parties: photography and com pass blunder fixers Ed Klausner led Karen Willmes, Dave West, Ann Bosted, Sue Hagan, and Jerry Bowen into the Carmichael Entrance. While Ann, Sue, and Jerry photographed, Ed, Karen and Dave went down Welcome Avenue to fix compass mistakes, also find ing a nice section of gypsum. Ed, Karen, and Dave returned to Welcome Avenue photo group and led Ann to the gypsum display. The parties then went to El more's Pass, just past Henry's Dome. When photogra phy was done, all headed for the top of Ryder Hag gard's Flight, stopping to photograph the boiled egg of Boiled Egg Passage. Mick Sutton lead Thursday's trip to Lower Salts, back to the Olga's Donie area to tie the KC survey from Saturday to D survey on route to Moonwalk. Mick led Matt Mezydlo, John DeLong, and Chris Woodley. At one point they found a passage filled with wall-to-wall pool deposits in the form of delicate / fragile spar crystals. Continuing leads are visible though there seems to be no way to pass through with out causing significant damage in this crystals area. Other work was done resketching in the main Lower Salts Canyon near Chert-Ball Dome before time ran short. 389 feet of new survey and 127 feet of resurvey. Bob Lodge led Peter Bosted, Rick Hoechstetter, and Bill Koerschner via Lower Arlie Way to station C5 which is a 25 foot climb from the base of Pleiades Dome. Continuing the C survey began with mapping a wide tube passage. Meanwhile, Bill did a geologic section starting in the lower canyon that leads to the base of Crecelius Dome. The survey finished with one shot traversing a 24-foot void, placing the last station at a point directly above the stream in Western Ken tucky Parkway (location verified by flagging tape drop). The canyon may continue to the northwest be yond a traverse that needs bolts. It is possible that someone got there from another direction, as Bill


thought he could see scuff marks in that passage. 22 ft resurvey and 366.7 ft new survey. Four more parties went out on Friday, July 7. Peter Bosted led Ann Bosted, Jerry Bowen, and Bill Koerschner for a geologic section of South Arlie Way and Evansville Canyon. Bill worked on a geo logic cross-section in Evansville Canyon and the Crowbar Dome area Meanwhile, Peter, Ann, and Jerry went to the south end of Arlie Way, resurveying and resketching from S 149 to S 163. When Bill rejoined them, he gave the group many interesting lessons about the stratigraphy of the various levels between Roppel Junction and the entrance. A total of770.2 feet resurvey done. Friday's second group to Roppel was led by Mick Sutton accompanied by Sue Hagan and ironman Chris Woodley with a mission to continue re-survey of the North Branch Kangaroo Trail. 31 N stations were sur veyed netting 618 feet of resurvey. At N40 there was what appeared to be (without examining it closely) a roosting Northern long-eared bat (M. septentrionalis)-the party didn't recall seeing this species in the Mammoth Cave system before. Bob and Dusty Gulden made one final trip into Great Onyx to station G43 to continue the profile They did 200 feet profile then headed out slowly mak ing time to do two cross s ections, m,ar'y21 and V37.. Tom Brucker lead Karen Wi limes and Dave West to Storm Sewer in Unknown Cave. This was Dave's first Austin entrance trip. After going as far as Cow Falls to prove to Dave that Pohl was more than a rocky crawl the party went to the Overlook. At the Overlook they began by tying to the Omega survey, FSB O-B. Survey in this area predates CRF. The passage grew drier with gypsum and some selenite. At N 16 junc tion they tied to F II. Leads remain in the area. 331 feet of resurvey was accomplished. On Saturday the expedition fielded one frnal trip. Karen Willmes led Dave West, Jerry Bowen, and Chris Woodley on a data only resurvey of Dollar Pass to fix a 50 foot blunder. The party quickly discovered it is futile to use a compass between the Elevator and the Snowball dining room The party thus started in Clark's Avenue to begin a survey back to the Mole Hole. After a few hours (and 21 stations), realizing that time was running short for what was thought to be a short trip, they marked the last station and called it a day. 811 feet of resurvey was the frnal tally for the day The expedition went well and was attended by good people. People came and went throughout the 10 week, with greatest attendance the first weekend. The map room and expedition leader's office were a bit oppressive the first weekend until a problem with the air conditioning was solved. Special thanks go to the many people who helped with food preparation and cleanup. Scott House, Bob Gulden, and Dusty Gulden functioned as cooks early in the week. Elizabeth Winkler saw we had food for the first Saturday. Later in the week Buzz Grover took over for dinner and Rick Hoechstetter saw to break fast. Ann Bosted assumed duties one day to allow Tom Brucker to fill out a party, gaining the dubious honor of presiding over a power outage and potential rescue when the rains came down. Many others pitched in throughout the week. It was discovered that given deep enough puddles and enough children that ropes could be very effec tively cleaned with great enthusiasm. It helps if the pools of water in the lawn are deep enough for rain angels. Crystal Cave I) Rick Olson Art Palmer, Rick Toomey, Peg Palmer ; 2) Art Palmer, Peg Palmer, Dave West, Karen Willmes; Left ofthe Trap I) Art Palmer Peg Palmer, Dave West Karen Willmes; 2) Art Palmer, Peggy Palmer; 3) Art Palmer, Peggy Palmer, Richard Zopf; Denison Way I) Art Palmer, Peg Palmer Dave West Karen Willm e s ; 2) Dave West Karen Willmes, Chris Woodley; Parrish's Pit I) Ed Klausner, Steve Ormeroid, Judy Ormeroid ; 2) Dan Gregor, Steve Ormeroid, Judy Ormeroid, Ann Kensler; 3) Joyce Hoffmast er, Karen Willmes, Chris Woodley ; Bishop's Pit' : I) John Lovaas Bill Baus, Mike Freeman ; 2) Ed Klausner Jerry Bowen, Tom Brucker, Elizabeth Winkler, Dick Market, Dusty Gulden; Lower Salts I) Mick Sutton, Andy Free, Dave Matteson, Chris Woodley; 2) Mick Sutton, Matt Mezydlo, John DeLong, Chris Woodley; Keller Shaft I) Peter Bosted, Ann Bosted Dick Market; 2) Peter Bosted, Ann Bosted Dick Market; Lexington Avenue Bob Osburn Sue Hagan Roger McClure; Jones Shaft Elizabeth Winkler, Dawn Ryan, Aaron Ryan, Jerry Bowen; Great Onyx Cave I) Dave West Karen W i limes, Ann Kensler; 2) Bob Gulden Dusty Gulden Jerry Bowen; 3) Bob Gul den, Dusty Gulden, Jerry Bowen; 4) Bob Lodge Rick Hochstetter Matt Mezydlo; 5) Bob Gulden, Dusty Gulden; Cleaveland Avenuel Violet City I) Ed Klausner, Dawn Ryan, Aaron Ryan ; 2) Ed Klausner, Bob Osburn, Ann Bosted; Lower Elysian Way Bill Koerschner John Delong, John Lovass; Cam a de Juan I) Mick Sutton, Sue Hagan, Andy Free; 2) Mick Sutton, Bill Koerschner, Andy Free ; Wilson Cave Karen Willmes, Joyce Hoffmaster, Chris Woodley ; South Arlie Way I) Peter Bosted, Mike Freeman, Dick Market; 2) Peter Bosted, Ann Bosted, Dick Market ; 3) Peter Bosted, Ann Bosted, Jerry Bowen Bill Koerschner ; Lena's Dome Steve Ormeroid, Judy Ormeroid Dan Greger Ann Kensler ; Colossal Cave Tom Brucker, John DeLong, Chris Woodley; Ursa Avenue Bill Koerschner, Peter Bosted, John DeLong ; Welcome Avenue Ed Klausner, Karen Wi limes, Ann Bosted Dave West, Sue Hagan Jerry Bowen ; Pleiades Dome Bob Lodge, Peter Bosted Rick Hoechstetter Bill Koerschner ; North Branch Kangaroo Trail Mick Sutton Sue Hagan Chris Woodl ey; Storm Sewer Tom Brucker Karen Willmes Dave West ; DoUar Pass Karen Willmes, Dave West, Jerry Bowen, Chr i s Woodley


11 Mammoth Cave: March Expedition: March 16-18,2007 By Expedition Leader: Joyce Hoffmaster The 2007 March expedition was a small but pro ductive one. The weather, which had been dry for late winter in central Kentucky, stayed dry over the week end This allowed for the unusual situation of wet suit trips in March. The survey footage total (excluding Roppel) was 684.6 feet, of which 532.7 was new sur vey A total of five trips were fielded, three into the Mammoth System and two into Roppel. Charles Fox led Bill Baus, Cheryl Early, and Janice Tucker to Carlos Way near the Traverse of Death. They used a bypass route which was muddy and involved a couple of nuisance drops but reported that it was well worth the fussing to avoid the Traverse of Death. They surveyed the bypass, tied in other sur veys in the area, and did a high priority tie shot from several months ago that needed to be done at low wa ter. They netted a total of 475.7 ft of survey of which 329 8 was new. Richard Zopf led Daniel Greger and Dick Maxey to the Black Canyon area in Unknown/Crystal Cave. This is an area that had not seen the light of carbide in decades Considerable route finding was involved but they located their objective and netted 125.1 ft of new survey Everything was wet and VERY muddy and al though a rope was taken based on the previous trip re port, it was not used. The pits were free-climbed with out difficulty. Work for small people remains here. Pete Rogers led Seamus Decker, Greg Holbrook, and Mark Phillips on a wetsuit trip to the infamous Keller Shaft drain off Pohl Avenue in Unknown. The drain continued in its pattern of losing 4-6 inches of height every time there was a small floor drain, until it became less than I foot high. Seamus followed the last drain (between B50 and B51) for about 25 feet before it shrank to 1.5 by 1.5. There is still the low lead in water at B25 but nothing off the B has much promise. Rick Hoechstetter led Matt Mezydlo, Chris Hoechstetter, Justin Haggerman, and Anton Barbashin to the Freedom Hall area of Roppel. They surveyed 18 stations of an alternative route from Elysian Way to Freedom Hall. Peter Zabrok led Johanna Kovarik and Dan Nolfi on a long trip into downstream Logsdon in Roppel. They exited Sunday afternoon and once back at Hamilton Valley, we discovered that Peter had not merely cut his finger, but managed to run the knife entirely through it. I am grateful to my marvelous camp manager, Carl Tucker. He is not only an excellent cook and or ganizer, but even provided appropriate music for the menu. It is always a relief to know that everything in the kitchen is taken care of and I don't need to give it a second thought. I am also grateful to Seamus Decker for all his help in researching the route to Freedom Hall, staying in camp until the second Roppel party was out, and helping me convince Peter that he really shouldn't go caving on Monday with the potential se verity of his finger wound Thanks to Pat Kambesis for good advice, rounding up able bodied cavers and being willing to assume the EL job at a tough time. Everyone who attended the expedition was helpful, cleaned, and maintained good humor through some grim wet trips. Carlos Way Charles Fox, Bill Baus, Cheryl Early, Janice Tucker; Black Canyon Richard Zopf, Daniel Greger, Dick Maxcy; Keller Shaft Drain Pete Rogers, Seamus Decker, Greg Holbrook Mark Phillips ; Freedom Hall Rick Hoechstetter, Matt Mezydlo, Chris Hoechstetter, Justin Haggerman, Anton Barbashin;Logsdon River Peter Zabrok, Johanna Kovarik, Dan Nolfi Mammoth Cave: April Expedition: April 13-15, 2007 Expedition Leaders: Dawn Ryan and John Lovaas By: Dawn Ryan We had quite a few last minute cancellations but ended up with 18 or so people attending, not including children. Fortunately, everyone was very capable and several were past expedition leaders who helped out John Lovaas and I quite a bit. Four teams of three cavers each were fielded: two crews to Roppel and two to Mammoth. Dinner was made for everyone Friday night. It was a good way to start out the expedition. It was nice to see Pat Kambesis, Rick Olson, Colleen O'Conner, and Rick Toomey who did not attend the expedition but came for dinner. After much erasing and rearranging trips were assigned on Saturday. Dave West, Karen Willmes, and Elizabeth Winkler went out the 1871 passage in Bedquilt and retaped the shot from H20 (C31) to H21 (C32) and again found it to be 50 feet. They then went on to the pit lead off of the old TH survey and tied into the newer X survey. Several stations were placed to reach the pit. Two other passages were surveyed be fore they exited the cave in the rain. Jim Greer, Charles Fox and Amy Edwards went out to Huber Trail in Unknown, where they put in a new station to tie from the D to the H survey in order to eliminate the tie to 1632X Huber Trail and the en tire route were resketched, including side leads, to eliminate the old survey line and repair loop closures. In Roppel Cave, Ed Klausner, Johanna Kovarik and John DeLong went to the North Crouchway via


Roppel Junction to clear up some confusion at Y2. Next they headed to Lower Level Arlie Way and this time they "honked at the goose. They found the passage to be much wider than the original sketches, so it was resketched. It had been raining all day, and the waterfalls were rushing hard. Bill Koerschner, Seamus Decker, Bruce Hatcher and Peter Zabrok also entered Roppel Cave. Just past the B44 turnoff to Goes Canyon, Bill suggested that someone could take a look at the drain lead there. Seamus decided to try but upon descending the drain, his knee popped. Although painful, it was working. Seamus decided to turn back. Peter escorted Seamus back without incident and then rejoined the survey. By 2 p.m. the party reached their objective in Tumble Dome and worked their way through the canyon that connects to Crawfish River to recover some old survey. The survey continued as the canyon grew deeper with 12 very thick muddy walls. They called it quits at an approximately 80 foot pit with blowing air. The party made it back earlier than expected at 5:00 in the morning. Rich Kline, a National Park Service volunteer came over for the day, and Ana Greer worked most of the day typing in old trip reports. Bonnie DeLong, Ana, and Rich were also a big help in the kitchen. Charles Fox installed a new server which seemed to workfme. A big thank you goes to everyone as things went well and everyone was very helpful. John and I look forward to running next year's expedition. 8edquilt Dave West, Karen Willmes, Elizabeth Winkler ; Huber Trail Jim Greer Charles Fox, Amy Edwards; Roppel Cave I) Ed Klausner Johanna Kovarik John DeLong ; 2) Bill Koerschner, Sea mus Decker, Bruce Hatcher, Peter Zabrok I 2007 EXPEDITION CALENDAR I Before attending any expedition, you must contact the expedition leader as trip sizes may be limited. Failure to contact the leader may prevent you from attending the expedition as the trip may be full.


CAVE BOOKS .. Ufili;,fe of Research founoi,tion .J.n"li c;w:.bc,-,kJclerra1:an C l rrbel'6 Tte .lie aM Jean cr 7 .;5 pb pb pb pb I'b, pb Tt.e :::a',E ,A.ct.'ellure pb ... :laO: Great ca,'=!5 pb TtE Gr.Ird KellUCky ty al 7 lUItJoI'6, ed .) 100.((1 pb &. IlisMc ReOO'JI'CE1:. M:I'I" 3 .ilC pb \1E1m(.5 3 1 [ 95 n t. 7.;15 pb -il):ler 5enEa71 It.e '.tlunta'nE: ::':'E'j =;1'1 =a'T deeJcp '_a",..-erce & Eruct;! r Ncrlnup :1 NyrrE'jH Oapt.rr. Oliphant O:6Cf1 S hiiNao ;>3't11:r S'::ae W315cr. F R '.\lltton, R Wllwr. R EI al Wll11ee Tte .:;a\'=!5 Of SEquela Klrsp cany;:n Fart.s 1 2 55 pb Co.' /Ern6 Me,JSOI'EIE6i 'Xl Mol' 125.C.J Llxl Ed til, tob, pb Tt.e :)3rcne50 s.ckano I'b Corm.5O S.ckon6: pb Tt.e ,.,.1 Of Ca'/t'9 9 : 95 pb Tt.e caV!!6 s.ycrd :mer-r-nce. a nC'iEl pc 1 5.95 pb n. ::;;',eE the CJYi! Emircn /!"en! ttl, 1 6 . '5 pb ... 10 C pElEO'og:caJ It..ralJ!e a: Ite En. 16n 17;4 1 995 pb Ca\'ES ard a :amEIli 1 5 55 pb ,oIIp:ne Mn;l :2l:Q.I., ',\ill. 1 pc Alpine Kant 20OG. Vol. 1 17.00 pb ."EI1Elcl'ic Ca'im Of C;!iE po s:;:nEE c( ca\'=! 7 .;S pb ... GeaeQ'cal IX) .:;av! -tor.n'31 Par( Ceep TIl" o'&oCyer, aM Exr-crallJn Of ca ,'=! 3::,95 tIC. pb pb i\I,'er C3.'E' Ttu e 0' I n Ite ':';",.e5 cr::n: pb ..... cnEO'cgf I::ne lI.mmlt Gay! Ne:a ZJ..9S pb C"lIno J .:lC pb UrnI&T Plo""malY'8 Floor (rilJ:l1ntl 12.95 pll CR= 01;1'5 and II1E Fl'5 : Yean; 1.57 1 S63 1 2 .0J pb CR= P.rro,,=1 Manu;;1 1 0,OJ pb eRe ANNUAL RCPPRI3 piN 1 ,97.1 197" I.I1IW I iRepxt& CRF 1 ,575 1!ti': Jol',Jr.:;!r MJj: (CC('l1Col'lS E:;\ \)" .l Ogll! ':;JYi! canSll.o COl/lElm N P :!'5,OJ 2,OIi COOg-E6i ,AUirmar ElJck eo-:ter & Bru:1.e." Eruci:;! r S-R \'.;;.rscn ClI\)!. F .,M II Y can;len; &. P. '.'JitY.1n FaLEl Other publishers nlE lI03n cy v.roll! LI;nl H5 I Jeffl PIa, Gel! 12.% til Ca,'e nco 2:.S5 nlE Lcog ca.'e { fie .... i c -24 . nc. . 95 Ft.a!cgrlptcler SJU6 Te.'Ti! 2J.[0 til Cf CaYE6 am Shel Cr. Sa'1p:.!e IIl n ; 1,\'1"11'001 C3>-e Gclno pc:em& ll1e i ,\Tl II';:m \I)e CiIN. Marr.rnm CiIY. SaJlpelet .' ... MJn:mK, CI.Y.:o:IIIlIi, a n d Cal'=! Ne'1/ Ear1nauak. a1 Ci\'e Sa'1p!:er & G U rpcT"tIeI 11a1ut" I'l I;entucty 23.:6 fll ii.[O rll &95 9 95 rcll 24.S'5 1 :;.50 fll C-41l1in U51!!nlng ;n lI1e 03111 (&.'3) 3.00 & .00 fll 495 fll F .m,'!I cr Sana ca\'=! H!rrp;e $. Cr, C3'1 fll rll fll til rll H II (J' cart6Ca;eneslS Kl.iier nit C3.'E' 5ear story 9 95 1...e''\15 CJJt. C3.'E'i 5'.11. p".,n LO.,; Ro-:( Jcck5 \'jal l RaI6. arod & MJrr.JY &. Bru;IIer I>Or.',\';;( NS= NS= P3:1g:tt &. .I. G'ey i>.ea R:ttEl' H & C Slrrpw1 :::-p=!EO Projects Sto:l. & EnH Taybr Tum:r "ta'lI & 3.rnrr6"'6 '.o\'a".oo:l. Wa-.iO.1. R. Werer 'AlIlJrno OIYU!rs To: 191; 1 1.[0 pll M.'e11lJre OJ ca.m g 14 . 5 fll Cll!pO r:I fn9neen; Irr,'e11cry ana Cil'iErlE Cour,ty CA 3.00 TrapJlEd' T ile flaiG C311m; ':::crl 1 ; .[0 rll r..U",,: In elg Ga.'E' NabenaJ 3.1)J '1I'.,ner l Bab; Of \I)e Wena 1..,5 rll caYe SIi.CIp' 500 K P & 00 pll Cr Rep! )J. [O C3\'e DI''.n;j 1I.;;rua1 2UO J:t' C ]', 1 J [O l.O& ,:;a.'e; Of St. I...O"Jl 95 LeO Arlmaux \le6 C..outn'i!5 EI \le6 Cayern'6 S& Ue6 &. SLr,'e)' 3rd CJ\ rg Leo:tugulla Jew. (J' Ite U,:lergrtU"lO Of O tt. ana 7 95 I"b 995 til C'3'tnKli Ine cal'=! Dar!( LIf: TIlt ..... .rrprc 531 e 95 fll 2:.% tp nb 12 ali toll. 1 1.[0 10.[0 toll 1-1RT1.,.: Tne N:6t G.1l11er m ;; 1 T1;er Gale Prenls:;:ry OJ S;;I15 C;Jie I n ill! IXn CiW: (Ctollaall I n e Sun Dlrn S'1h: elut Dy5"3 l a na.'e/ 24.% toll 9.95 5...Q5 S .9E fll til CAVE: BOOKS, J'Oo) Ambfnfood Da)ioa OH !.'-I2.t E:ulil Mlll! pa-p'.D1e Ie: CAVE BOOKS PoII,.,' HlmdIirlt : S; .CO) roc 1he n.>! 00cL P5 for !!J:h txIok. S3j ):) WT OOE 1 0 1;!J .ar I:I?, ? CIll'.:E [ '01 CI!I! 1I.i>!. ( Ollr:; ;\i# dOI.'b Q


Cave Research Foundation C/U Bob Hoke, Circulation Manager 6304 Kaybro St. Laurel MD 20707 -2621 Address Service Requested NonProfit Org U,S, Postage PAID Spencerville, MD Permit #524 (1311 GEORGE VENI 507 E CHAPMAN RD CARLSBAD NM 88220-9383 ADDRESS CORRECTIONS If you have changed phone number (i.e., area code split), e-mail address, or have moved, please send your information to: Phil DiBlasi PO Box 126 Louisville, KY 40201-0126 THE CRF WEBSITE Contact your operations manager for the user id and password for the members-only section of the site.

Contents: "R" =
Resource! / Larry Pursell --
Cave Research Foundation 50th anniversary celebration
Hamilton Valley, Kentucky October 19-21, 2007 --
Regional Expedition Reports: Lilburn Expedition Report,
April 14-15, 2007 / Paul Nelson --
Lilburn: Memorial Day Expedition: May 26-28, 2007 /
Expedition Leader: Jed Mosenfelder --
Lilburn: June 15-16,2007 / Expedition Coordinator: Carol
Vesely --
Mammoth Cave: Independence Day Expedition: June 30 July
9, 2006 Expedition Leaders: Tom Brucker, Dave West, John DeLong
/ John DeLong --
Mammoth Cave: March Expedition: March 16-18,2007 /
Expedition Leader: Joyce Hoffmaster --
Mammoth Cave: April Expedition: April 13-15, 2007
Expedition Leaders: Dawn Ryan and John Lovaas / Dawn Ryan --
2007 Expedition Calendar.


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