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Cave Talk
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Cave Talk
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Cave Talk is a publication of the National Caves Association, a non-profit trade association founded in 1965 by a small group of private show cave owners. These initial members sought to bring together show cave owners and operators from across the United States to promote the show cave industry to the public, to share information and ideas, and to lobby for legislation favorable to the show cave industry.
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(November 15, 1974)
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NCA Cave Talk NATIONAL CAVES ASSOCIATION NOVEMBER 15, 1974 Barbara Munson, Coordinator 1026 BalJrorel Drive Signal Mountain, TN 37377 (615) 886-2995 ANNUAL MEETING THE LETTER "e" MINUTES NEW NCA OFFICERS DUES ARE DUE NEW NCA MEMBER THE FIRST YEAR RESULTS CONGRESSIONAL LIAISON NEXT YEAR SICK CALL BUSY PAST PRESIDENT OHIO CAVERNS May and Marion Smith, Vivian and Max Evans, and their many Bellefontaine friends made the 1974 NCA Convention outstanding. Our thanks to each and everyone. Fifty-two people, representing 26 caves, were there. We missed each of you who could not be there. Convention Wrap-up Speaker Rodney Schaeffer opened by saying the letter "c" kept coming to mind as he thought about the NCA £aves. £oncern, £ooperation, and £ommunicationsQ The Annual Meeting Minutes are enclosed. We hope you'll read them as some items will not be repeated in CAVE TALK, Summaries of the many fine talks will appear in future issues of DOWN UNDER. A separate listing of 1975 NCA Officers, Directors and Chairmen is enclosed. Membership dues statements have been mailed. As decided at last year's meeting, annual dues for the year ahead are to be due in October. Memberships not paid by January 31st wi.ll be discontinued. ENCHANTED CAVERNS, R. R. 2, Box l85B, Eldon, Missouri 65026. Mr. H. Dwight Weaver, cave historian and writer, is president. Welcome to NCA .... We greatly appreciated the many, many nice comments we heard about the NCA CAVE TALK. In fact we heard so many ni.ce remarks that we agreed to continue for another year, possibly increasing the number of issues as suggested by a number of members. Public Law 93-386, recently enacted, authorizes SBA to approve loans to small businesses affected by the energy crisis. This came about, in part, as a result of testimony received last February or March about the impact of the energy crisis on the travel business. Tom Gibson was one of several making an appearance before the subcommittee and offering testimony. Mr, John H. Studebaker has been retained by the NCA as our congressional Liaison Person for the year on a part time basis. The 1975 NCA Convention will be October 14, 15 and 16 at Hannibal, Missouri, in the heart of Mark Twain Country. At Convention we were sorry to hear Floyd Artman, OLENTANGY CAVERNS, had suffered a heart attack. We wish him well. Immediate Past President Carl Gibson is now on the board of the Roadside Business Associationo


ENERGY IMPACT CARDS November and December Energy Imp?ct Cards are enclosed. your attraction is closed durlng these months, Tom would have the cards returned. Even if like to ENERGY IMPACT LAME DUCKS OCTOBER October was a good month for some and not so good for others. Seven caves reported increases averaging 25.36%. Nine reported decreases averaging 12.25%. One reported a break even. These figures may change as additlonal cards are recelved. Legislative Chairman Tom Gibson suggests that our members should contact their representatives now for the lame duck session which starts November 18th. Regarding sign legislation the letters to the congressmen should favor HR 14002, as the basis for amendments to the senate bill. Letters to sena ors should urge the acceptance of these amendments in the conference report on the bill. THE NEWS WAS ALL BAD WRITE AT ONCE GROUND WORK TAX CASE Tom Gibson was one of five people invited to rep.resent the travel industry at the Virginia Governor's Energy Conference in Richmond on November 8th. There were numerous speakers from the Department of Commerce, the Department of Interior and the Federal Energy Office. Tom feels our NCA members should be zeroed in on some of the information he obtained: There is no short term refief possible. Until new domestic supplies are available, late in 1977 or early 1978, we are dependent on imports of about 8.5 million barrels a day of crude and refined product. These tremendous imports create a balance of payment deficit of 3 million dollars an hour: One of Washington's prime objectives is to reduce oil imports by one million barrels a day. According to King Mallory, Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce, steps being considered are: mandatory reductions in Sunday driving and sharp reductions in pleasure driving at any time. FEA already has the authority to put a rationing plan into effect. It was acknowledged that these stringent measures would produce "some economic disruption in certain lines of business". (Tom got the distinct impression that the travel industry is considered expendable in this crisis.) Write your elected officials, and anyone who might be able to help, immediately .... urge them to write the FEA about this .... Travel (according to an official govenrment survey) is big business--a 61 million dollar a year business--employing four million persons (one of every 20 in the civilian labor force)-and producing over five billion a year in taxes. The November elections turned up a lot of new faces, from Senators on down to the community level. Each attraction should lay some ground work with those officials representing them and let them know who you are, what your problems are, how you stand, how you hope they will stand, the number of jobs and amount of revenue your attraction generates in your area, the significance of the tourist industry in your state Judge John C. Dowling, of the Dauphin County, PA Court, declared INDIAN ECHO CAVERNS "provide an educational experience" and thus is not subject to an "amusement tax". According to the Oct. 2, 1974 Harrisburg Evening News this is the first such case to be decided in a courtroom.


POTTERY "THE INDIAN CAVERN" EDUCATION COORDINATOR CHANGED EMPHASIS BELL NOTES NEW ROAD HEAVY WORK CHANGE GOOD YEAR TRAVELERS "STORY IN STONE" INFORMATION MID WINTER MEETING NEXT .... Muriel Schmidt has established a Commercial Pottery Department at ONYX CAVE. OLENTANGY CAVERNS has added many ancient Indian artifacts and archeological displays to their Museum. CAVE OF THE MOUNDS has hired Dr. Corinne Thomas (PhD in Entymology) to serve as Education Coordinator. Responsibilities include designing, developing and implementing education programs for students of all ages. MARK TWAIN CAVE has changed advertising emphasis and is trying to attract a larger percentage of the people who are already in the area. They are also promoting CAMERON CAVE as a lantern tour. Former member CATHEDRAL CAVERNS was featured in South Central Bell's October 1974 Bell Notes. Almost four million dollars of State and Federal OEP funds were spent recently to rebuild bridges, widen and straighten the road to RUSHMORE CAVE in South Dakota. SKYLINE CAVERNS spent the first part of November replacing the one tom boiler that provides heat for the main lodge. MARENGO CAVE has changed hands and is now operated by the Southern Indiana Recreation Corporation, Gary Roberson, Manager. Jack Herschend reports the best attendance ever at MARVEL CAVE and SILVER DOLLAR CITY. Barbara and Floyd Artman, OLENTANGY CAVERNS, spent the latter part of September in Hawaii. Copies of the slide/tape show may be ordered from Jack Griswald, BLANCHARD SPRINGS CAVERNS, P. O. Box 1, Mountain View, Arkansas 72560. The narration is available on either reel to reel or cassette. This show can either be used as is or can be "personalized II for your own locale and attraction. Information about the Registry of National Landmarks can be obtained by writing The National Landmarks Program, Director, National Parks Service, U. S. Dept of Interior, Washington, D. C. 20240. A mid-winter, one day meeting, is being planned. This will be either February 14-15 in Memphis or January 31 in Denver. We'll let you know as soon as plans are finalized. We need your news, questions and comments for the next issue of CAVE TALK .....


NATIONAL CAVES ASSOCIATION Minutes of Annual Meeting Business Sessions October 8th, 9th and 10th, 1974 Bellefontaine, Ohio President Carl Gibson opened the Annual Business Meeting following registration and lunch on October 8th, 1974. Rodney Schaeffer, Bob Hudson and Tom Gibson were appointed to the Nominating Committee and asked to make their report on October 9th. The report of the Nominating Committee was accepted and the following officers elected to serve for the following year: H. L. Anderson President, Roy A. Davis Vice-President, Barbara Munson Secretary-Treasurer. Regional Directors: Region One Harrison Turk, Region Two Carlos Wine, Region Three wm. R. Hounshell, Region Four Mark Trimble, Region Five David Candelaria, Region Six E. J. Rooney. In turning the meeting over to the new President, Mr. Gibson expressed his thanks to the officers, committees and members and cites some of the NCA achievements during the past year. Mr. Anderson presided for the balance of the business meeting. Acting on an earlier legislative report by Mr. Tom Gibson, the organization voted to retain Mr. John H. Studebaker as Congressional Liason Person for the National Caves Association on a part time basis for $200.00 a month, to start in November 1974. Mr. Gibson was commended for his work as Legislative Chairman during 1974 and was reappointed to that position. The Treasurer's report, presented by Mr. Roy Davis, was accepted. Mr. Davis introduced Mr. H. Dwight Weaver, President of ENCHANTED CAVERNS in Eldon, Missouri, and recommended ENCHANTED CAVERNS for NCA membership. He stated the membership requirements had been met and the recommendation was accepted by vote of those present. Mr. Davis said Mr. Weaver had expressed an interest in working with him on DOWN UNDER that Mr. Weaver would do the editing while Mr. Davis continued to do the mechanical work and Mrs. Munson continued the distribution and in this way NCA could continue to publish DOWN UNDER. Mr. Archie Cameron and Mr. Bob Bogart reaffirmed MARK TWAIN CAVE's invitation to have the 1975 convention in Hannibal, Missouri. Following discussion of available dates it was announced the .convention would be on October 14th, 15th and 16th, 1975. The mid-winter Ground Hog Day meeting will be held either on January 31st in Denver or on February 14th/15th in Memphis. Mr. Anderson appointed the following Budget and Finance Committee: Mr. Tom Gibson. Chairman, Mr. Rodney Schaeffer, Mr. Mark Trimble and Mrs. Munson. Mrs. Munson presented ideas for an NCA brodhure and suggested such a brochure might be purchased jointly by the NCA and those members wanting large numbers for wide distribution. The Executive Committee was directed to give this matter thought and consideration and recommend future action.


NCA Minutes page 2 Mr. Jack Griswald suggested one copy of "Story in Stone" be placed on file with the Secretary so duplicates could be made as needed. He also stated he had copies of the narration on cassette and that these could be supplied, at no additio~al cost, to those who already have the series. The Secretary was directed to write Mrs. Heideman expressing the group's regret and disappointment that she was unable to be at this meeting. Mr. Evans said Mrs. Heideman had commissioned the making of plaques honoring each of the past Presidents of the NCA and that she had asked him to present them in her absence. Following the sumarization of the three day meeting by Mr. Rodney Schaeffer, President Anderson expressed thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Evans and OHIO CAVERNS for an outstanding convention and adjourned the meeting. Barbara Munson, Secretary Financial Statement October 8, 1974 INCOME Dues "Story in Stone" EXPENSES Supplies Mimeo CAVE TALK Secretarial Advertising and Promotion Phone and Postage Legislative Travel Entertainment 1974 Balance 1973 Balance Balance on hand 10/8/74 SAVINGS Certificate of Deposit Earnings 8/20/74 5841. 36 1000.00 24.77 43.09 300.00 16.00 824.96 277.36 1700.00 502.08 623.68 4000.00 100.97 6841. 36 4311. 94 2529.42 3737.33 6266.75 4100.97 TOTAL CASH ASSETS $10,367.72 Roy Davis, Treasurer


NATIONAL CAVES ASSOCIATION 1975 Officers President: H. L. Anderson (916) 238-2341 LAKE SHASTA CAVERNS P. O. Box 801 O'Brien, Cal ifornia 96707 Vice-President: Roy Davis (615) 668-4396 CUMBERLAND CAVERNS McMinnville, Tennessee 37110 Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Munson (615) 886-2995 1026 Balmoral Drive Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377 REGIONAL DIRECTORS Region One: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland. Harrison Turk (518) 296-8990 HOWE CAVERNS Howes Cave, New York 12092 Region Two: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Vi rg i n i a, Vi rg in i a, Kentucky. Carlos Wine (703) 635-4545 SKYLI NE CAVERNS Box 193 Front Royal, Virginia 22630 111 inois, Missouri, Arkansas Mark Trimble (417) 833-2010 FANTASTIC CAVERNS Shepherd of the Hills Farm Branson, Missouri 65616 Region Six: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa E. J. Rooney (608) 437-3355 CAVE OF THE MOUNDS Blue Mounds, Wisconsin 53517 Region Four: Wm. R. Hounshell (615) 453-5972 FORBIDDEN CAVERNS Rt. 8 Sevierville, Tennessee 37862 Region Five: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Cal ifornia, Louisiana. David Candelaria (505) 783-5194 ICE CAVES Box 12,000, Ice Caves Road Grants, New Mexico 87020 Region Three: Tennessee, North Carol ina, South Carol ina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida Mississippi. STANDING COMMITTEES PUBLI CAT IONS Legislative Committee Tom Gibson, Chairman (703) 635-4545 SKYLI NE CAVERNS Box 193 Front Royal, Virginia 22630 Budget and Finance Committee Tom Gibson, Chairman, Rodney Schaeffer, Mark Trimble, Barbara Munson DOWN UNDER Roy Davis (615) 668-4396 CUMBERLAND CAVERNS McMinnville, TN 37110 H. Dwight Weaver (314) 392-5490 ENCHANTED CAVERNS Eldon, Missouri 65026 NCA CAVE TALK Barbara Munson, Coordinator 1026 Balmoral Drive Signal Mountain, Tennessee 37377


NATIONAL CAVES ASSOCIATION Barbara Munson, Secretary-Treasurer IOZfi aALMORAL DRIVE 8IlJN"L MOUNTAIN, TENNEBSE£ 37377 As discussed at the Annual Meeting, work is underway on the NCA Directory/Brochure. In an earlier mailing the Publications Committee asked that the Directory information about your attraction be reviewed and up dated, if necessary. Paragraphs should be limited to approximately 75 or 80 words. A copy of the information that appeared in the 1973 Directory is attached. Also, a "catch" or descriptive phrase for your cave was requested. And, is the address shown below the one to which tourist inquiries should be addressed? Thanks for your help in gathering this information ...


MON'r..~1 ENERGY IMPACT REPORT Dec~....,er 1974 Our business for the month of December 1974 was up % over December 1973. down % from December 1973. This increase/decrease was due to Cave by


Mom' ~i ENERGY IMPACT REPORT Nov.,.,.oer 1974 Our business for the month of November 1974 was up % over November 1973. down % from November 1973. ---This increase/decrease was due to ---------Cave by

Cave Talk is a publication of the National Caves
Association, a non-profit trade association founded in 1965
by a small group of private show cave owners. These initial
members sought to bring together show cave owners and
operators from across the United States to promote the show
cave industry to the public, to share information and ideas,
and to lobby for legislation favorable to the show cave


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