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Cave Talk
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Cave Talk is a publication of the National Caves Association, a non-profit trade association founded in 1965 by a small group of private show cave owners. These initial members sought to bring together show cave owners and operators from across the United States to promote the show cave industry to the public, to share information and ideas, and to lobby for legislation favorable to the show cave industry.
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(April 25, 1987)
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NCA CaveTa k NATIONAL CAVES ASSOCIATION April 25, 1987 ::::: reURlSM * * W.R1"(~ **... ~) FeR AMERICA NATIONAL TOURISM WEEK. MAY 17-23,1987 NATIONAL TOURISM WEEK ... Let's make America's Show Caves an important part of the May 17-23, 1987 National Tourism Week .... We have logo sheets, promotional material, and tourism fact sheets for each state. This wealth of material was supplied to us by the National Tour Association and The Travel Industry Association of America. Let us know if you'd like us to send you any copies. MCA IN TENNESSEE Convention Chairman Roy Davis has announced the 1987 Mid-Tennessee NCA Convention, featuring CUMBERLAND CAVERNS in McMinnville and MOTLOW CAVE at Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, will be held October 6-8. There'll be a Dutch-treat 'get-together' supper Monday night and some committees will probably be meeting that afternoon. A Friday post Convention activity in the Nashville area will be planned and OPRYLAND USA, America's Greatest Musical Showplace, will be open every weekend in October. Nashville, which is about 70 miles away, is an American Airlines hub city and provides excellent flight connections. There are small airports in McMinnville and Manchester. Details and schedules will be mailed later, in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to call Barbara at 615-668-3925. CHANGE The enclosed news release tells of changes at SKYLINE CAVERNS. We extend a warm welcome to Jim Bolen and the new management. Tom Gibson will continue as NCA Legislative Committee Chairman and will also continue to receive and process our monthly Economic Impact Reports. Tom's address is 203 Cavalier Drive, Front Royal, Virginia 22630, phone 703-635-5946. HIGHWAY BILL This heavily lobbied 5 year bill not only provides for the completion of the Interstate System and funding for federal highway programs throughout the United States, the bill also continues existing beautification law. The ACHA states future efforts to change beautification law will have to come from other less traditional legislative vehicles or be free standing legislation and that ACHA members should expect such efforts. However, as a result of the recent Congressional action on the highway bill, the industry should be in a much better position to deal with them. RADON Clippings from Bill Austin, MAMMOTH ONYX CAVE, and Jim Wiggins, MAMMOTH CAVE, tell of Bob Carson, "The Radon Ranger" at MAMMOTH CAVE, who works for the National Park full time testing and compiling data to insure that no threat exists to visitors or employees. Carson states because of extensive research and documentation he has done, it is safe to say that the average visitor to the cave has more potential for danger in his own home. Other clippings quote Alfred Craig, who heads the Environmental Protection Agency's effort to reduce radon levels in homes as saying "Radon is by far the most serious health-effect problem that the EPA is working on." A clipping from the April 27th U.S.News & World Report is sub-titled "Seeking medical cures, thousands soak. up radon-gas fumes in old Montana mines." I


AWARD APPOINTMENT The new NATURAL BRIDGE folder, designed and produced by Progress Press of Roanoke, has won 1st place in the 1986 Printing Industries of the Virginias awards competition for color and clarity. BLACK HILLS CAVERNS! Sandra McLain has been named the new South Dakota Caves Association Representative on the Black Hills Badlands and Lakes Association. TOUR TRANSLATIONS The following announcement, sent to us by C. Holt Maloney, Director of Public Relations, LURAY CAVERNS, tells of the introduction of a series of Foreign Language Guide Books. RESTORATION TECDNIQOES ... At MAMMOTH CAVE Tom Aley will be doing the final phase on the development of restoration techniques for removing grease, soot and similar residues from the Snowball Dining Room as well as from other cave surfaces at the Park. POSTER REQUEST MOVE COMMERCIAL GIFT SHOP A'!, CARLSBAD The Environment Council of Alberta is seeking posters featuring environmental and conservation subjects for use in the worldwide poster gallery they have been developing over the past several years. The posters need not be current, in that they say they find many older posters help greatly in the portrayal of the growing awareness of environmental values over the years. Contact this office for a copy of the request or write to Archie Landals, Director, Liaison, Environment Council of Alberta, 8th Floor Weber Center, 5555 Calgary Trail Southbound N.W., Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5P9. This is an excellent opportunity to have your show cave poster displayed on a permanent basis. Ann Molosky completed the move into their spacious new Hospitality House at LINCOLN CAVERNS just in time for the busy spring school season. The Defense Department will be doing one of a series of Americana commercials for overseas distribution at SHENANDOAH CAVERNS. (Danny Proctor tells us he's been in business at SHANANDOAH CAVERNS for 37 years!) MARENGO CAVE has recently installed carpet in their gift shop beside giving a classy look, they expect the carpet to cut down on dust tracked in from the cave. ---Improvements made over the past few years and during the first three months of 1987 have made Carlsbad Caverns National Park more accessible and enjoyable to handicapped persons. When the visitor center was recently remodeled, modifications made the building fully usable by people in wheelchairs. Inside the cavern, new back-lighted exhibits explain the caverns story. These exhibits are at the proper angle and height to be read either from a wheelchair of while standing. Restrooms in the underground lunchroom have been modified for accessibility, and safety barriers have been installed at locations in the Big Room to prevent wheelchair-bound visitors from inadvertently traveling into areas where steep grades make wheelchair travel unsafe. These barriers eliminate the danger of someone missing a warning sign indicating where wheelchairs should turn around. A new handicapped "Access Guide" has also been printed through the cooperation of the Carlsbad Caverns Natural History Association. ---A revised summer schedule will go into effect May 23. The


IN PRINT schedule is different from those of past summers in that the cavern will open later in the morning. By making this adjustment, the park will be able to maintain the same schedule from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, the period when the greatest number of people are traveling. ---Starting April 1, all visitors going into the cavern will be required to attend a brief orientation program before beginning their tour. Superintendent Smith states this change is being made in an effort to enhance visitor appreciation for the cavern, to give visitors a better understanding of how they can help protect the cavern's delicate beauty, and to provide information necessary for a safe enjoyable visit. ---Also starting April 1, distribution of interpretive radio receivers and maintaining various components of the electronic interpretive system was turned over to the Carlsbad Caverns History Association. There will be a 50-cent charge for use of the receivers. This move frees park personnel for stationing in the cavern to improve visitor service and protection of cave features. The Association is a nonprofit organization formed in 1957 to aid the park's i~terpretive program. ---We've received a number of information requests from people who read about the NCA in an article in The Romance Emporium. ---CARLSBAD CAVERNS was mentioned and pictured in the March 19B7 NTA Courier. -------The April 1987 issue of Trailer Life tells about CUMBERLANO CAVERNS in a "Charms of Middle Tennessee" article. ---An article, with photographs, in the Highways tells about CAVERNS OF SONORA. also made in the April 1987 NSS NEWS. ---Steve Fairchild's 'wild' cave tours CAVERNS were discussed in the February Memo. March 1987 issue of Texas Mention of SONORA is at MOANING CAVERN and CALIFORNIA 1987 NSS Administrative PROMOTION IN KY ---Articles in the Win~er 1987 issue of American Caves tell of innovative cleanup techniques used at CAVE OF THE WINDS, conservation at FANTASTIC CAVERNS, and new discoveries at WIND CAVE. ---Cave Country of Central Kentucky, a full-color, 30 page, 8~x5~ booklet promotes all the area show caves as well as area accommodations and other attractions. A centerfold map and information request cards are included. ---Mammoth Cave Inside Out, in its eighth year, published by the National Park Service, has short articles about the cave and park, includes MAMMOTH CAVE information and schedules for the current season, and also carries ads of other area caves and attractions and accommodations. ---Pencils imprinted "Take Pride in America Visit Mammoth Cave National Park".


ARKANSAS ECONOMY In a clipping sent us by Muriel Schmidt, Arkansas State Department editorial director Tyler Hardeman says an estimated additional 227,115 persons traveled in Arkansas as a result of uniform school openings, accounting for travel expenditures of $28,590,000, travel generated state taxes of $1,320,000 and local taxes of $285,000. CAVES AND CAVERNS VIDEO .... We're getting favorable responses from schools that have borrowed the 12 minute NCA video premiered during our 1986 Convention. This tape is available for loan to schools, libraries, etc. and for purchase by NCA members and others for $25.00 post-paid. MEGA BUCK 500 A number of our NCA members are listed in the 1987 Souvenirs & Novelties Mega Buck 500. S & N believes the 500 is the most complete listing of leading retailing operations available. The average per cap spending of those listed was $1.95. INCREASES The U.S.Travel Data Center reports state travel offices in the 50 states plan to soend over $234 million for travel and tourism development in 1986-87, an increase of 11% over the 1985-86 budget total of $212 million. VIRGINIA'S LURAY CAVERNS PROVIDES FOREIGN LANGUAGE TOUR TRANSLATIONS


NCA members will be interested in the following News Release, dated March 24, 1987, and received early in April. Skyline Caverns, the second most attended cave attraction in Virginia changes hands next Tuesday, March 31. The present operating firm Skyline Caverns, Incorporated, will close it's books after more than 31 years of operating the attraction, and a new company, the Skyline Group, Incorporated, will assume operation of Warren County's largest privately owned attraction. Making up the Skyline Group, Lowell B. Baughan and Peyton B. to be the General Manager. Inc. are James B. Bolen, Saul Baughan, all of Page County. J. Robinson, Bolen is slated The owners of Skyline Caverns, Inc. the present operating company, are Edward J. Kerfoot, President; Thomas H. Gibson, Executive vice President; Dr. Milton A. Joyce: Vice President, and Albert G. Russ, Jr.; SecretaryTreasurer. Ruff represents a block of stock held by his wife on the Board. Gibson is the only corporate officer employed full time by the company. Currently, he is examining various opportunities but has not yet made any definite plans for the future, beyond remaining active in the field of travel advertising and promotion. Skyline Caverns, Inc. purchased the attraction from Hoyle B. Long February 1, 1956. The late James A. Payne was the first chief executive officer of the firm. Following Payne's death in 1966, Gibson was named the CEO, a post he has held since June, 1966. The Payne heirs stock interest was acquired by the corporation in 1976. Prior to that time, Following Payne l s death, the payne heirs stock interest was represented on the board by Wayne L. Long, Timberville, Va. The decision to sell the attraction was made by the owners of Skyline Caverns, Inc. after Gibson announced his plans to retire from active management in May_ 1988. Negotiations on the sale have been underway since the fall of 1986, and final agreement was arrived at during a meeting of all eight principals February 10.


EXHIBIT QUARTERLY SELLING '.' Body lallguage lIlay lell you sOlllelhillg aboul pl'Ospecls' respollse 10 your sales pilch, bul eye lallguage willlell you a lollllore. By Dr. Allen Konopack; -t's a classic sales cliche: The more eye contact you have with a prospect, the higher his or her interest. But the truth is more complex. New research in neuro-linguistic psychology has found it's not the quantity hut the quality of eye contact that matters. Researchers have found, for example, that too much of the wrong type of eye contact between you and a buyer may mean trouble. In some cases, the buyer may actually be resisting the sale or may have little interest in the product. The reverse is also true. Lack of eye contact may lead you to believe interest is low. when the prospect is actually concentrating quite hard on what you are saying. The findings in essence show a relationship between how people move their eyes and what they are thinking and feeling. Armed with the results of these studies, you can become a better judge of how people Teact to your ideas at a trade show. Reading The Signs We picture things with our brains, not our eyes. Light rays bounce off the object being viewed and hit the optic nerves, which electro-chemi. cally transmit the informat.ion to the brain. As this occurs, the eyes themselves are free to wander. That's the marketing link: The direction in which a prospect's eyes wander reveals his or her logical or emotional reactions to what has just Dr. Allen Konopacki, a behavioral scientist, is president of lncomm International, in Chicago. Konopacki directs lncomm's Dynamics of Trade Show Selling training seminars for more than 280 associations and Fortune-SaO companies. been presented. Variations in eye movement also show how intensely he or she is analyzing the sales message. Understanding eye language is not difficult-it's just a matter of keeping an eye out for certain cues. Eyes Focused Straight Ahead. You're in trouble if your prospect is looking st.raight ahead. He or she is receiving information passively, making little effort to analyze the content or meaning of what you are saying. The look is daydreaming, unfocused, and uninvolved with the surrounding physical environment. Watch for this frequently-human beings have an innate ability to ART: ANDREA ALBAHAE remove themselves psychologically in less than 10 seconds. That means you can easily lose a prospect before you've had time to deliver your pitch. Put yourself in the prospect's shoes: Single out an object straight ahead of you and gaze at it for 30 seconds. Within 10 seconds, you'll begin to experience a condition. Such a state resembles self.hypnosis, although you can instantly snap back to another thought any time you want. If your prospect remains too focused for too long, he or she is probably trying, consciously or not, to shut you out. Try another way to get this person's attention, or look for anoth. er prospect. Prolonged Eye Contact. A stare-usually defined as intense eye contact for more than three seconds-indicates coldness, rude. ness, anger, or dislike. Socially we have virtually outlawed stares, except to force momentary eye contact, for example in elevators. Egotistical people stare in order to intimidate. Sometimes naive salespeople stare in order to show interest in a pros


EXHIBIT QUARTERLY SElLING pect, unaware that they are actually making the prospect uncomfortable. At a trade show, staring directly at anyone \ .. ho is walking toward your booth is a sure way to keep even someone who needs your product from slopping by. When selling to someone, don't stare; lake fleeting glances every few seconds to size up how he or she is responding to your pitch. Become adept at these almost imperceptible information-gathering glances-it's a subtle skill that you can improve with practice. Eyes Positioned Upward To The Right. Even though your prospect is looking away from you, you've got his or her attention. Someone whose eyes travel to the right is either relating your information to a recent experience or analyzing the logic of your statements. This renex is conditioned by the fact that body movements toward the right side are controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain-the fact-filled, logical side. Eyes Positioned Upward To The Left. This is another great sign for a salesperson. This look indicates that your buyer is relating your presentation to an experience farther in the past, which generally requires more intense concentration and deliberation. A person looking to the lefl, however, is analyzing your in. formation on an emotional basis rather than logical; the information is being reviewed in the right hemisphere of the brain, the emotional side. Take note of when a prospect glances upward to the right or left. Recall quickly. what you have just said-you have hit some hot button, and that person is now calculating the value of your proposition. Eyes Cast Downward. This is a tough call. Your prospect is definitely concentrating, hut he or she may be thinking either, "!low do I get my boss to approve this great purchase?" or else "How do I end this discussion?" If a prospect looks downward with arms folded across the chest and a finger laid beside the lips, that perHOI! is thinkillg inlensely. At lhis cue, remain quiet and wait for the prospect to re-enter the conversation. Extended Looks Away. Your prospect isn't much of a prospect at this point-he or she is looking to break off the conversation. This often occurs when the person believes he or she doesn't have the time to listen to you. Frequent avoidance of eye contact may also denote fear of involvement, distrust, doubt, lying, or a combination of these reactions. When a prospect avoids eye can. tact. for pmlongerl periods, it is "",arly impossible to motivate that person to consider your olTer seriously. If you need to sell to this company, you'd better find another buyer-you've lost this one. Eyes Focused Upward At The Ceiling. When your prospect does this with arms behind the head or across the chest, he or she is conscientiously analyzing what you've said. Rather than tuning you out, the person is assessing the credibility of what you have presented-an unusual occurrence

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