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Cave Talk
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Cave Talk
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Cave Talk is a publication of the National Caves Association, a non-profit trade association founded in 1965 by a small group of private show cave owners. These initial members sought to bring together show cave owners and operators from across the United States to promote the show cave industry to the public, to share information and ideas, and to lobby for legislation favorable to the show cave industry.
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(February 22, 1988)
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See Extended description for more information.

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, NCA CaveTa k NATIONAL CAVES ASSOCIATION February 22, 1988 BARBARA MUNSON, Coordinator Route 9, Box lOG McMinnville, TN 37110 (615) 668-3925 PRESIDENT'S COMMENTS As we get ready to start the 1988 season, NCA President Russ Campbell shares some thoughts with us ... headings will be starred (***). Thanks, Russ, weill look for more in future issues .. REFLECTING Each of us are in the travel industry. We participate on two different levels. First as a supplier ... we own or operate attractions. Second as a consumer ... we all travel for recreation. Now~ neither of these observations taken individually are very significant. Put them together, though, and they produce a great opportunity. Stop and think about the last few trips you've taken. I'll bet that a good portion of what you recall was negative~ poor food, slow service, a clerk just "putting in time", dirty carpet, the long lines, and remember that restroom? It seems as you travel that most businesses that produce service have forgotten just that. There just doesn1t seem to be much service left in this' country. Now on the other hand remember the positive~ the fella who took time to simply visit, the gal that gave you the map, the clean restroom, and what about that attraction? .. sure it cost a little more than you expected but it sure was worthwhile .. they really took care of us. So what's the great opportunity? Well, as both operators and consumers we can apply our consumer standards to our own attractions. After a trip come home and make sure you're not guilty of the same negatives you just experienced. If you saw something that pleased you try to incorporate it. It's amazing just how far you can go in this world by simply treating folks nice .. They'll give you just about anything you want from life. Don't miss your opportunity. ***PLAIN SENSE "Our customers expect the same things we expect when we travel ... friendly service, a smile, and a clean restroom." ***SURE THING The man sho say's he can1t do it ... is certain to be right. ***CONSIDERATION The best value isn't necessarily the cheapest price. CHIINGES ADVENTURE Starting in March CAVE OF TilE WINDS will have a new area code (719). their phone number will be: (719) 685-5444. WOODWARD CAVE's phone number is (814) 349-9800 ALABASTER CAVERNS has a new box number 32 The address of SEA LION CAVES is now 05914 view Loop. The enclosed flyer tells about Mexican Caving Expeditions Steve Fairchild is offering. Each NCA member cave is being offered two trips at half price. The fee covers all expenses except transportation to and from Mexico City. The trips will be offered year round. Steve will be happy to answer any questions if you'd like to give him a call: (209) 736-2708, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.


NEW PRODUCT The PENNY SOUVENIR vending machine with four exclusive designs is a"Jailable for yout scenic attraction. TIle beautiful oak cabinet with eye-catching graphics attracts the customers. using less than four sq. feet of Eloor space the Penny machine can add to your income. The person sees their own penny pressed into a souvenir. The machine has a 180 day warrenty and requires very little m(lintcnance. You design the four exclusive souvenir designs for your specific location. For further information contact Miles Romney, President, Penny Design, Inc., 3098 Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 or call 801-466-]711. NEW ENTERPRISE A new enterprise for HOWE CAVERNS over the Holidays was wholesaling fudge (Calico Cottage Candies fudge made right there at HOWE CAVERNS) to area businesses. This proved to be very popular as well as profitable. They also ship (prepaid) to businC's~es out of the area. Contact Janette Van Schaick, HOWE CAVERNS, 518-296-8990. GOLD P1\.NNING DeSOTO C1\.VERNS has struck i.t Rich! They are now offering Gold Panning for their visitors while they wait for their tour. Visitors pan for real gold as well as gems and minerals found in Alabama. For $2.00 you are guaranteed to learn how to pan for gold and you might even f~nd some. POSTERS The Graphics Department at ENDLESS CAVERNS now has four different 18' x 24" full-color photographs of the Caverns. (We've seen them, and they are really great! SCM) 'These posters are on lo~n to various businesses, motels, restaurants, etc. also for sale to the public in a frame ($24.00 each) or rolled in a shippincJ tube ($3.75 each). Call Gary 703-740-3993 if you'd like more informatic)n. CH1\.NGES AND ADDITIONS CAVE OF THE WINDS is adding another room to their cave tour and a fancy new light show. Also, the Gift Shop and bathrooms are bring remodled (is this a pre-convention tradition?). We'll see all this and lots, lots more during the 1988 NC1\. Convention at CAVE OF THE WINDS September 27th-29th and the weekend activities. 1880'S THEME Jill Beadsley tells us CAVERNS campground and along an 1880's theme. they h~ve a new pavi.lion that they are continuing and poo}-at the C~SCADE to remodle)the campground '--" 5TH & 6TH GRADES Randy Langhover has been showing the COSMIC CAVERNS movie to area 5th and 6th grades he dosen't charge for the movie, but urges the classes to set up a field trip to the cave at less than half the regular admission. SHORTER DOURS CRYSTAL CAVE in Nisconsin hilS shortened their hours from 8 to 8 to 9:30 to 6:30. Jean Place says they feel they will not lose business with the shorter hours during the summer. Also, they plan to be open :or the general public on weekends only in September and October. They will continue to take groups on weekends during those months. NEW PAVING In December MARENGO CAVE had their entrance road and lower parking lot paved. Looks great, but speeding is now a problem. This winter they have been cleaning the floors in sections of the cave and have also put in two small waterfalls to recirculate the natural water during the dry periods of the year. SPECIAL REQUEST Dick and Denise, SENECA C1\.VERNS, have received a special request to send some cave post cards to a little boy, Clint sanker, 7442 Elkwood Dr., West Chester, Ohio 4~069, whose special dream is to receive cave picture post cards" from allover.


FAMILY DISCOUNT COUPONS ENDLESS CAVERNS is using the enclosed Family Discount Coupons in their area this year and would also like to supply their brochures, with a coupon attached, to !nember NCA caves. If you'd like to disp:ay their brochure, please let Gary Berdeaux, ENllLESS CAVERNS, P. O. Box 859, New Market, VA 22844, know the number you'll need. BOUQUET CONFERENCE Steve Stokowski, Chairman., National Speleological Soceity Educational Opportunities in Speleology Committee, writes, "The 'Caves and Caver-ns' video is excellent! I commen(l the National Caves Association on a job well done." The first National Tourism nn(l Parks Conference will be held March 9-11 at Biloxi, Mississippi. An impressive lineup of speakers from the National Parks Service, the National Pnrks & Conservation Association, The Travel Industry Association of America, The National Tour Association, The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, as well as Dr. John Hunt, distinguished Professor of Travel and Tourism at the University of Massachusetts, will lead discussions of topics of interest to all involved with tourisrr in the United States. For further information please contact Priscilla Baker, NPS Tourism Director, Washington, D.C., (202) 343-4917, or Jim Howard, Public Affairs Officer, NPS Southeast Regional Office, Atlanta, (404) 331-5187. N1\.TION1\L TOURISM WEEK "Tourism WorkS for l\merica" will be the theme of National Tourism Week '88, May 15-21. May 16th has been designated Tourism Awareness ~, and members of the tourism industry will be encouraged to weal~ red on this day to signify their involvement in the industry. MR ROGERS NEIGHBORnOOD LURAY CAVERNS was chosen as a site for the filming of a segment of the popular PBS TV Program, MR. ROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD. The cast, including the star, Fred Rogers, Betty l\ller1in, anrl guest star, Eric Kloss, noted blind jazz saszphonist, along with the Di.rector, Paul Lally, Producer, Margy Whitmer and seven technicians arrived in Luray on Sunday, Feb. 7th, and spent all day Monday filming a nine minute segment of the show in the cave. A highlight of the program, which will be released to the network on May 3, was Mr. Hogers playing his theme song lilt's A Beautiful Day," on the Caverns Stalacpipe Organ, while being accompanied by sClxaphonist Eric Kloss, as the theme wns sung by Betty Aberlin who plays Lady Elaine on the show. IN PRINT Both the January about WIND CAVE. NCA/NSS Award. 1988 and I~ellruary 1988 issues of NSS NEWS carried articles Several were by John Scheltens, winner of our 1987 NEW OWNER AWARD ICE CREl\H A number of our southeastern NCA member caves will be mentioned in the summer issue of RoadTrips magazine, sponsored by Chevy. Arkansas' HURRICANE RIVER CAVE has been purchased by Barbara Szlemko and her son Robie. The Sz1emkos, who are from New England, have been busy, despite snow, ice, rain, and freezing weather, getting the cave ready to reopen in the Spring. Their address is P. O. Box 240, pindall, Arkansas 72669, pbone: (501) 429-6200. ALABASTER CAVERNS has received a plaque for Attraction of the Year in Red Carpet Country. Red Carpet Country is a multi-county organization in northwest Oklahoma. The award was given for having the most outstanding attraction for the year in Red Carpet Country. MERAMEC CAVERNS now features Ice Cream Churn ice cream.


.' NATIONAL CAVES ASSOCIATION Summary of months open in 1988 Alabaster Caverns Beautiful Rushmore Cave Black Hills Caverns Year round, closed Thanksgiving and Christmas May 15th September 31st Blanchard Springs Caverns April October, everyday. Nov March, Wed. Sun. Boyden Cave Bridal Cave Bristol Caverns California Caverns Cameron Cave Carlsbad Caverns Cascade Caverns Cave of The Mounds Cave of The Winds Caverns of Sonora Cosmic Caverns Crystal Cave (PA) Crystal Cave (WI) Crystal Cave Park Crystal Lake Cave Crystal Onyx Cave Cumberland Caverns DeSoto Caverns Diamond Caverns Endless Caverns Fantastic Caverns Forbidden Caverns Howe Caverns Ice Cave Indian Caverns Indian Echo Caverns Inner Space Jewel Cave Lake Shasta Caverns Laurel Caverns Last weekend in April to last weekend in October. Year round Year round Usually Mid-May thru Thanksgiving (depending in water level) May thru Sept. All year Year round All year All year All year, closed Christmas Day Year round March thru Oct., everyday. November, Fri., Sat., Sun. April Oct. May 15 Oct. 15 May thru Oct. Feb. Dec. June August, everyday. May, Sept. & Oct. weekends and by appointment April Sept. everyday. Oct. March, weekends Year round Year round, closed Christmas Day All year, closed Tues. & Wed Jan, Feb, half of Mar. & Dec. April 1st Oct. 31st Year round All year Daily April 1st Dec. 1st, weekends all ye~ April Oct., everyday. Mnrch and November, weekends Memorial Day I,nbor Day, everyday. Labor Day Memorial Day, Wed thru Slln. Closed 2 weeks prior to Christmas Early April late Sept. All year May Oct. daily. Mar., Aflril, Nov., Dec., Sat. & Sun.


. .Lincoln Caverns Lost Sea Lost World Caverns Luray Caverns March thru Dec. Every Day except Christmas Day Year round All year Mammoth Cave National Park Year round, everyday but Christmas Day Marengo Cave Mammoth Onyx Cave Mark Twain Cave Marvel Cave Maramec Caverns Moaning Cave Motlow Cave Natural Bridge Caverns Ohio Caverns Olentangy Indian Caverns Onondaga Cave Penn's Cave Polar Caves Raccoon Mountain Caverns Rickwood Caverns S. P. Ruby Falls Sea Lion Caves Seneca Caverns Sequoyah Caverns Shenandoah Caverns Squire Boone Caverns Skyline Caverns Tuckaleechee Caverns War Eagle Cavern Wind Cave National Park Woodward Cave Wyandotte Cave Zane Caverns All year All year All year except Thanksgiving and Christmas Early May late October March thru December All year All year Year round except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year All year closed Dec, 25th April thru October March thru Oct. Every day Feb 15th until Dec. Weekends only in Dec. Closed Jan to Feb. 14th Mid May.mid Oct. Year round May 23rd Labor Day, everyday. Weekends April, May, Sept, Oct. Every day Year round May 1st Oct. 15th Mar. Nov., everyday. Dec. Feb., Sat. & Sun. All year March Dec. Year round April 1st Oct. 31st May thru Oct. Year round (Oct. Feb. short tour no charge) All year Year round May Sept. every day. April & Oct., Fri., Sat, Sun.

Cave Talk is a publication of the National Caves
Association, a non-profit trade association founded in 1965
by a small group of private show cave owners. These initial
members sought to bring together show cave owners and
operators from across the United States to promote the show
cave industry to the public, to share information and ideas,
and to lobby for legislation favorable to the show cave


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