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Cave Talk is a publication of the National Caves Association, a non-profit trade association founded in 1965 by a small group of private show cave owners. These initial members sought to bring together show cave owners and operators from across the United States to promote the show cave industry to the public, to share information and ideas, and to lobby for legislation favorable to the show cave industry.
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(July 9, 1988)
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-. NCA CaveTa k NATIONAL CAVES ASSOCIATION July 9, 1988 DARDIIRA MUNSON, Conrcfina tor Route 9, OaK 106 McMinnville, TN 37110 (615) 668-3925 1988 CONVENTION As announced, our 1988 Annual NCA Convention will be September 27th-29th in Manitou Springs, Colorado. There will also be exciting post-convention activities the following weekelld. The Convontion is a time when those of us who are in the show cave business can got together to learn, discuss issues and problems, alld enjoy one "nother's company this is a time to exchange ideas (slImebody may ItI'lVA an answer to a problem that's been bugging you or Y"u might hnvo n Aolution to theirs). CliVE OF THE WINDS will be mailing tile convontion dotails to each of you, but if you have any. questions, fee I free to call Rusan Ainsworth or Grant Carey at 719-685-5444. Social note: Grant and Annettn Car:ey were mnrried June 8th and returned from their honeymoon just in t I me for the 4th of .1uly. OUR LOSS SICK CALL NCII MEMBERSHIP AFFECTS US ALL We are saddened to report the death of Nell Iiollornry Member 1':,1dJ.e Miller from cancer on April 9th at tho Lake of th" OMrkn Gon"rnl II"npitar. Eddie was General Manager of BltIDl\L Cl\VP: for ~5 yo"rR and wnR part owner, serving on the Board of Directors unl:.!1 his death. For those who would like to contact his wife, Fayo, hor address is 312 Kansas Avenue, Camdenton, MO 65020. As many of you already know, Tom GibBon Buffer.ed a serious stroke, with complications, in mid-April. After a .time in the hospital in Front Royal, he was moved to Waynesboro, Virginin for intensive treatment and therapy. He has been home for an occasional weekend. The address in Waynesboro is Waynesboro Community Hospital, 501 Oak Ave., Waynesboro, VA 22980 and Tom and Betty Ann's home address is 203 Cavelier Dr., Front Royal, VA 22630. Perry's Cave, in Put-in-Bay, ohio, has applied for membership in the National Caves Associatio. In accordance with the policy adopted in 1987, any NCA member input or comment should be made to the Executive Committee within 10 days of this notification. Comments by NCA President Russ Campbell It soems many of us are becoming more knowledgable about our court Ay~tem. Personal injury suits seem to be part of Ameri(~an Society. 'I'hore' B a case pending against the National Park Service that could Indeed affect ua nIl. A lady slipped and broke her log in Carlsbad C"verna. In her suit she alleges Carlsbad Caverns w"a negligent. 1'heir trail ramp grade exceeded 12% ... the 12% figure was ded vo<1 from st""dar<1s for aurface structures. Think about that I'or n IIlWllnllt. I aflllr I1nVOR could .look like shopping malls. Imagine he typ"" nr: 1'""ltvllllnll/flll it could take to reach 12%. In many inlll.allcen IIIIa Wnlll,l ,1tAhoy tho e"ve. The defense attorney contencls lust: UH't. nlt'I",~n ",tnndnrds cnn't apply to natural wonders. Jach 1'.,111 HI1FUI Cnlllphp.ll havo hnon called for defense testimony. Hath Jack and HUAPI Bee where a very dangerous precedent could be c"taulished. The case is currently under cOlltinuance. 1\8 we know more, we'll pass it along.


NCA/NSS AWARD Our Annual NCA/NSS award for the best paper, presented at the NSS Convention, dealing with a show cave, was presented by Gordon Smith, representing the NCA, to Art Palmer of Oneonta, New York, for his Geologic History of the Black Hills Caves paper. Gordon reports there were 13-14 papers in the competition. COMPUTER SURVEY Of the 32 computer survey replies we've received eo far, twelve caves are not using a computer at prosent of tllesn three are considering the purchase of one and are interested in ldens and information. The other replies indicate there are almont as many different units, printers, and programs in use ns thern wern rnplJ.oA. More about computers later .... BROCHURE BOXES We I ve been asked to repeat th(' ilddrOB" or I lin I'nulpnny mnking qond-looking sturdy, cardboard brochure di!1j1lay hOlCpn. IIIRI Rcreen Art Posters, Inc., 4333 E. 10th Lane, Hiall'llh, FI, :1]013, "IIf",n ]05-68l-4641. 'I'hey make boxes in various sizes and they can bo pl1rChnAed with or without an imprint. CAVE BOOKLETS As the Executive Committee works on developing a successor booklet to our very popular,, Great American Show Caves, they would like to look at any cavo booklet your cnve produces and sells. Please send two copies to Barbara Munnon, Secretary, NeA, Rt. 9, Box 106, McMinnville, TN 37110. (Let us know if you'd like them returned. ) NATIONAL LANDMARKS We were pleased to hear during the 1987 Convention that CAVE OF THE MOUNDS was to be named a Registered National Landmark. Gary Soule, who, with the owners and others, worked hard to supply the U. S. Department of the Interior the necessary documentation and material, tells us this honor was bestowed on November 30, 19B7. Gary also mentioned this honor in an article about CAVE OF THE MOUNDS in the February 1988 NSS News. Nine long years aftermaking application, FJ\N'l'J\STIC CAVERNS has been notified they will receive ReqlstQred Nntional Landmark designntion around the first of next year. EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY During a recent walk-through trainIng guide training session at one of our NCA member caven, Tom Aley stronsed the importance of what we and our guides do (llld say. We will each talk with thousands of people this summer and we wl.ll have a unique opportunity to influence their knowledge and attitudes nbout cnv09 niH) KarAt areas. ORIENTATION ANOTHER MOVIE David Cale has written an exc(ll1ent IJrlnntnt:lon brochuro for use with LAUREL CAVERNS' wild tOU}. other NCA 11lC!lllber caves offoring wild tours might be interested in seeing this brochure. CRYSTAL CAVE, in Spring Valley, Wisconsin, han replaced 20 steps with a ramp during the first stage of redeAigning access into the cave. DeSOTO CAVERNS had another movie, "'l'hc Lost Platoon", filmed in its cave, this time while they were open to the public got a lot of good TV and newspaper publicity.


LURAY CAVERNS The GREAT STALACPIPE ORGAN in Luray Caverns has been recognized in the 1988 Guiness Book of World Records as the World's Largest Musical Instrument. Beautiful stalactite formations produce music of symphonic quality when struck be electronically controlled rubber tipped plungers as the organ is played. The organ is located in the vast Cathedral Room in Luray Caverns is played during million annual visitors. . , ... every tour and is by nearly onc-half CLARIFICATION Gordon Smith did not, as noted in the last NCJ\ CAVE TALK, buy a shoe store; the canoe rental/MARENGO CAVE business did to usc the space for a proposed in-town gift shop. However, under the supervision of Laura Robertson and Judy Smith, the shoe Btare proflpcrcd, so, for the time being they are selling both shoes and giftn., INSIGHT Linda Fairchild has shared a nensitive article by one of MOANING CAVERNS' former guides, Carolyn Rathbun, about taking a group of 25 mentally retarded adults on a cave tour. The article was to be published in the July 9th issue of Insight magazine. Ms. Rathbun has also written an extensive lesson plan incorporating math, spelling, writing skills, etc. on the Cflve theme thls may soon be published for nationwide use. NEW VISITOR CENTER Work began this spring on ONONDl\Gl\ Cl\VE's new visitor cClnter. The center will tell the story of "Missouri-1'hn Cnve State" witll displays on natural and cultural histolY of the (lark, nnd wi,ll include an information center, restrooms, a restaurallt, nnd gift nhop. '1'he old visitor center will be demolished and the arnn wlll be illiowed to return to its natural state. Completion in early 1989 in expected. RESTORATION Bruce Herschend, at MARVEL C1\\fI~, Js look.inq fnrwnrrl to the completion of a display featuring restorf'd formatlollfl. T\ nClW process Wi1!1 used to replace about 20 broken stillactiten that. will hp. shown bC'hind glass in a display case. The procefls in fll'Pclnl1n thnt thCl new formations are back-lit and the transtucenc'y of the! original formations was exactly roached. Also about to be comple!tr"d is it lighting effect in the cave which will help guidp. the gucstn' nttention to the more spectacular, but harder to seC', formations in the top of the last room of MARVEL CAVE. MINIATURE GOLF INSURANCE LAUREL CAVERNS has just compl0ted a $60,000 all indoor miniature golf course themed to the history of the Cllve. Harrison Terk, as Chairman of the NCA Insurance Committee, is continuing the reasonable-cost show cave liability inAurance for NCA members search.


NATIONAL MONUMENT Legislation was signed by President Rengan on Dec. 31st, 1987 designating ICE CAVES as El Malpois National Monument. Congress must now appropriate funds for the.purchase of the property, which is still privately owned. NEW AT HERl\MEC MERAMEC CAVERNS has installed n new Onan 230 GENSET McGraw-Edison back-up generator and control equipment and switches. Also, while the cave was closed in January and February, a new concrete and ceramic tile floor was installed in thn gift shop much to Judy Turilli's delight. STATISTIC SURVEY Bruce Herschend and Grant Carey are pleased with the good response to the Survey and thank everyone for their work and cooperation. They hope to develop a tool which will be of help to the show cave industry in the future. ADDITIONAL CAVE May 1st, BLUES PRING CAVERNS added an additional 400' of passage to their boat trip, bringing the round-trip lcrlgth of the tour to over one mile. The new passage includes clrnmntj f~ wntC"r-enrved wnlln, the largest room on the "River" and 11 1lT1lqul' "l1p"t"I( le ll flowRtorw. Work opening the new section Wils dirroct:ed by '1'11111 IIrr~nt. UNDERGROUND HOUSE NCA Honorary Member Carl G I hSOIl !lent !I!l n "tlTlt' nth Wall street Journal clipping about a 10,0011 sqIInre-foot:, $:1.3 million dollnr home built by Celestial SoaRonltlgs tea compnny'g Jolln flay, in n northwest Arkansas cave. EXPANSION Those who know Joe Waggoner will be interesteo to hear Christus Gardens, of which he is executive vice-president and genernl manager, has recently announced a million dollar expansion. The large new gift shop area was completed in time for the summer scnnon. IN PRINT A lengthy May 15th Chattanooga News-Free Press article tells about Bob Weatherspoon and his plans for RACCOON MOUNTAIN CAVERNS. Bob and his family reacquired the caverns, campgrounds, and park in 1985 and 1986 and Bob is happy to be back at the caverns which became his dream in the early 70's. FANTASTIC CAVERNS is pictured j,n the Fall 1988 National Tour Association's Tours! magazine. Local papers carried a write-uf' of the June 16th, 50th anniversary of a 1938 Indian Sports Scout Illotorcycle rj~o into RUBY FALLS hy Joe Martin. As part of the Hal ley-Davidson 10{) anniversary, Mr. Martin's son, Robert, took the same machine into the cave, although because of the possibility of air contnlninntion, he waR not permitted to ride it. An article about show caves is I>eing prepnrpcl (or publication in the 1,200,000 monthly circulation Ford TimeR. A COUPLE OF NEW PRODUCTS Fuji's Quicksnap FlnRh!, a cHnponnhle 35mm 24 exposure camera. Contact Randy Yancey, Account Hnprescntc1t:Jvp, I"uji Photo Film USA, 1-800-241-6005 for information about tlli~ atHl other Fuji products. Soundstik Systems A Family of Personal COIlllllUllication Systems. Contact Noel Yaney, Vista Communications, P. O. Box 1622, Durien, CT 06820. WE'RE LOOKING FORWl\RD TO SEEING YOU SEPTEMBER 27-29 AT HANI1'OU SPRINGS -COLORADO .


-Tuesday, June 21,1988 CHATTANOOGA NEWS-FREE PRESS POSITIVE IMAGE PLANNED ~ Ruby Falls, the popu. lar tourist attraction located inside Lookout Mountain, has completed a $500,000 renovation of the caverns and lobby. Outside the bistorlc "Cavern Castle" entrance are, Ron Jones, left, commercial loan officer of First American Bank, .whicb financed .the project, and Jack Steiner, owner of Ruby FallS,,(Staftpboto by Amy Miles Young) ... whiCh Is lociiied' on ihetop ot Lookout Mountain In Georgia, Mr. Steiner sdld the last several years have seen Increased cooperation among the two attractions and the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway as they have been collectively marketed as "the Lookout Mountain attractions," ,Lookout Mountain Caverns comprises two caves, one historic and one discovered 65 years ago. The historic cave (42-foot level). wilh large chamben and odd passages. originally had a huge entrance orr the banks of the Tennessee River across from Moccasin Bend and was used as a rendezvous by Indians and later as a retreat and camp site by soldiers In the War Between the States,' When the railroads came to Chattanooga, however, the nat. ural entrance was sealed by the construction of a railroad tun,. nel through the base of Lookout Mountain. In 1923. a man named Leo B, 'Lambert decided to Inslall an elevator shaft from a point on the side of the mountain to 'make .the cave once again accessible. By accident, the second cave (260-foot level) containing the famous undergroun~ falls christened Ruby Falls was discovered while drilliog through solid stone. Since the attraction opened in 1928. visitors have come from all over the United States to walk the caverns trail to see the famous falls. "The fitting climax to a journey through the subterranean wonderland Is the view of .unsurpassed beauty presented by Ruby Falls. It is unique difI ferent from any other earthly : feature In that the stteam here, 1,120 feet below the surface of the earth, drops a sheer 145 feet, presenting the world's. t liIost spectacular underground .. I' scene," Mr, Steiner said, '. ., "Ruby Falls Is an amazing'1 'grlologl"al discovery.' It ha~ been there forevcr, It wlll en, dure forover." .... ", In 19n~ the cavern.,and. the' 'entrance 'mlldiog, known as the Cavern Castle. wore namcd to the National Heglster of llistorIc Places_ ~~,\1::,:)."jith'~$500,OOO Renovation Complete ... .. ,'i :;R~by:':';Ealls'Notes 60t!. Year, .. '.... By JOliN McGEE News-Free Press Slarr Writer Although area natives and visitors have explored Lookout Mountain caverns for hundreds of years, the atlractlon known to travelers worldwide as Ruby Falls wants to project li positive image to citizens of Chat. tanooga on Its. 60th annIversary. Not only has Ruby Falls completed a $500,000 renova. tlon of its facilities on the side of Lookout Mountain, but owner Jack Steiner wants to 61nphosize the importance of community involvement. "Obviously we wnnt to serve people from anywhere nnd eve. rywhere because we don't want allyone to mlRs the excitement that is generntcd by vlsltlllg ~I'd seeing lIuhy taU Mr. ~ einer sold tmlny. "But we "1.0 waut to project . better imnge tnward locnl poople those who live here and work here and know about liS every day. We are dedicated to being good corporate cltl. zens and to doing our share of making Lookout Mountain and' our corner' of the world absolutely the finest place to Jive In and visit." An open house for local officials and business leaders Is being held today from 5 to 7 C .m. at Ruby Falls. according o Mr. Steiner, and guests will he able to see receot Improvements to the caverns including two new passing tunnels, new wiring In the cave, remodp.ling of the lobby and new landscaping, "We feel a great sense of .tewordshlp of one of nature's finest handiworks," said Mr. Illeioer. "Wc are fully commilted to I ,reservln g the remarkahle ,eauty thaI the fnlls .nd eav"rns display and 10 IIl1halll'lng r : e npp"rtlllllly flit Illen Rnd oml-n. boy. nod gh I~, 11'0111 III ,vel' the world til .11' all,l 10 'ppf)'elale 1111. ph.llnlllnn/lll." While r/lnd.lde slNoS boar witness to the IncrcRlcd com. petition bctween Ruby Falls and Rock City, the lalter of

Cave Talk is a publication of the National Caves
Association, a non-profit trade association founded in 1965
by a small group of private show cave owners. These initial
members sought to bring together show cave owners and
operators from across the United States to promote the show
cave industry to the public, to share information and ideas,
and to lobby for legislation favorable to the show cave


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