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International journal of speleology
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International Journal of Speleology (1964-)
Società Speleologica Italiana
Societe Speleologica Italiana
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Geology ( local )
serial ( sobekcm )


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Vol. 1, no. 1/2 (1964)

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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This item is only available as the following downloads:

A preliminary study, using an electron microscope, on the microflora of cave clay sediments / V. Caumartin ( .pdf )

Algae and their mode of life in the Baradla cave at Aggletek II / George Claus ( .pdf )

The microvegetation of a small Ice-cave in Hungary / Erzsebet Kol ( .pdf )

A new Aulakochloris-species from a cave at Abaliget / P. Palik ( .pdf )

Progress in the biological exploration of caves and subterranean waters in Israel / I. Friedmann ( .pdf )

On the algal world of Hungarian caves / P. Palik ( .pdf )

On mosses that, under influence of electrical lights inside the Hungarian and Czechoslovakian caves, penetrate underground / A. Boros ( .pdf )

Processes of limestone cave development / Alan D. Howard ( .pdf )

Corrosion by mixing of waters / Alfred Bogli ( .pdf )

Observations on the evolution of caves / Albert Cavaille ( .pdf )

Detection of caves by gravimetry / Raymundo J. Chico ( .pdf )

Remarks on the significance of experiences in karst geodynamics / Philippe Renault ( .pdf )

The birth of Biospeleology / Constantin Motas ( .pdf )

The Eastern Monolistrinae (Crustacea, Isopoda): I. Systematics / Boris Sket ( .pdf )

Remarks on the Japygidae (Insecta, Diplura) reported for the underground environment / Jean Pages ( .pdf )

Ecology of Fonticola notadena de Beauchamp (Turbellaria, Triclade) in the La Balme cave (Isère, France); suvival in a dry period / Rene Ginet, Rodolphe Puglisi ( .pdf )

The meaning of Pleistocene birdfauna of Hungarian Middle Mountain caves / Tibor Farkas ( .pdf )

Antrolana lira, a new genus and species of troglobitic cirolanid isopod from Madison cave, Virginia / Thomas E. Bowman ( .pdf )

New cavernicolous Millipeds of the Family Cambalidae (Cambalidae: Spirostreptida) from Texas (U.S.A.) and Mexico / Nell B. Causey ( .pdf )

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