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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 272 (Jul-Dec 1991)
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See Extended description for more information.

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SPELL': SPIEL 272 This Speleo Spiel is rather compressed. . July -> Dec 1991 Among other things, various softening modifications were made to the code of ethics (removing the absolute bans), some discussion was had re further involvement with / by the CDAA in caving / cave diving issues, several applicationa for membership frorn other group8 were approved, the newsletter (Australian Caver) finance and structure was discussed and a partial election of new office bearers waa done. The full minutes should be available in a reasonably short time for perusal should anyone be keen. All up a good weekend was had, especially the BEN on Saturday night and the half price Mexican meal on Sunday night! Stwt Nicholas It has been three years since the last published TCC President's Report. Much has happened in that time, both on the political side and the caving scene. Rather than dwell on the past three years alone, 1-11 try and sum up the past decade the period of my Presidency of TCC. I came to Tasmania to go caving and managed to get a few trips in. During those trips I've been exhausted, frozen cold, thoroughly pissed off and totally exhilarated frequently all on the same trip! As President during the 80'8, I've been proud of what the TCC has achieved. We've never been a large club, but must have been one of the most active in Australia during this period. The results speak for themselves. A lot of these results were hard won both below ground and above. In the first half of the decade we were subject to "greenie bashing" if not outright physical, it waa verbal and political in the acme that access to our most exalted reaource was limited. In the latter half the ecofasciats were onto us, and they seemed to have political backing, again limiting access to the more distant karst corners of Tasmania. This is possibly a result of sitting on the fence had we been more comitted to one faction or the other I suspect the results would have been little different. As a club, we seem to have had a strange effect on the Australian caving fraternity as a whole. it seems to be a "love us or loathe us" situation. I must ahit Tasmania has some of the best karat resource in Australia and maybe a little jealousy crept in when after a slow patch in the late seventies the "two heads" started doing it their own way without mainland assistance. Guests we've had here from the mainland have stated that they were told not to get involved with "them". Where this animosity was founded escapes me. Because we have been a small caving group we have not had the manpower to assist all the mainland groups. More often than not this was due to commitments we considered more pressing in newly discovered gystems of our own. This only smacks of the same elitism that exists in places such as WA or SA where to get into special access caves one has to do certain penances! Some of the exploration of the 80'8 was on the edge, so to speak it burned a lot of promising members out. The trips may have been very hard, but our safety record was exemplary no doubt luck played some part in this, but the knowledge and expertise of the members of TCC must take credit for this clean sheet. The Speleo Spiel has over the decade recorded everything TCC has explored and mapped. Usually this magazine / newsletter is published late. I would like to think that it is because its servants are out caving, ae has often been the case. t?y vanity would like to have seen more notice taken of what we have been doing by the international caving press. However, because some international rags have used mainland sources of information, our kudos has been somewhat diluted. Speleo Spiel is received by the BCRA and other national bodies existing overseas, but little ia


SPELXO SPIEL 272 July -> Dec 1991 Ham and Prosperous 1992 to all cavers! Page 4 published about what we are doing. I suspect this is partly due to the newsletter chat that ten& to dominate its pages maybe its time we had our own international correspondent to pass on our more significant discoveries. The Speleo Spiel carries no adverts. and is paid for by subscription. The quality is reasonable and the contents ver;. worthwhile we should be mailing more! Financially the TCC has never been rich but we've always been well equipped, partly due to the generosity of the members prepared to put their hands in their pockets when necessary. Unlike mainland university club we cannot buy "tax free" or have gear costs subsidised. ASP levies were exorbitant at one stage so TCC opted out, becoming an associate member. This aituation can be reversed at any time should the committee of the day so desire. Equiprent belonging to TCC has always been well maintained whether it has been the ropes with worn sheaths or lamps with reduced light output. These problems have been dealt with quickly and corrected. Ropes cut to shorter lengths and re-marked to the new length or lamp batteries scrapped and replaced in same cases with a more modern low maintenance battery. In the future, TCC should be careful to maintain its integrity. We are first and foremost a sporting club, maligned to political bodies. Unfortunately a confrontation with Benders Quarry operations looks imminent, the outcome of which will probably be a compromise. Undoubtedly the Green movement will try to close the quarry with no compromise agreement, but this will depend on the action8 of shah Government policy. I would like to thank all the members who have made the last decade a gucceee for the Tasmanian Caverneering Club. These include the organisers of: the many small expeditions, eg Mt he, FB, Cracroft and so on; the Club dinners (we accept they were not responsible for the food, just the venues! ); the Speleo Spiel editors, contributors and production team; secretaries and treasurere; quartermastera and long suffering wives; all the people who have given time to take novices caving, turn up to meetings and put their views forward. Thanks to all of you. Trevor Wailee President 1981 -> 1991 Stu has mislaid / lost a medium sized yellow gear bag, some kraba, a !h long 50rrm wide -yellow tape plus some 25mm stripy tube tape slings. The owner is desperate! Who ver has got them please give them back! Stu's keen to get these bits and pieces back to enable him to go caving without carrying everything wrapped in a blanket and having to use clothes line for rigging! Stu's phone number: 002 283045. 1. Windcheater "Caving TCC Style" motif. Size 16. As new (never been undergmund!). Last chance for one of these classic designs, colour Ash Grey. $15.00 2. Furry undersuit. Brand new Just the thing for those cold winter nights when other warmer things are not available ... Also ideal for those cold wet caves we


Page 5 SPRLEO SPIEL 272 This Speleo Spiel is rather compressed ... July -> DSc 1991 seem to have here. Caving Supplies brand (genuine English quality pmcbct 1. Built in knee pads, Navy Blue with red trim on cuffs. Size WE! $70.00 is cheap! 3. Wilderness Equiperit "ISOCLIHE 50" goretex jacket, size S, colour RRD and 3/4 length. Ideal for those rainy scrub bashing trip! Price $170.00 bargain! For all these remarkable, once only, special offers, contact Stefan Eberhard on phone 002 202631 (W) or 002 492677 (h). TCC Library up for grab... Lnts of juicy exciting MO. hem! It lives in boxes at present and hence is easily shifted. Ideally, the librarian would be someone with some shelf space to spare in order that the material can be unboxd and be more accessible to potential borrowersContact Stefan RbeFhard (phone aa above). mumVG mm THE Hnvse (&AIn,--) (JP@) Patty: Volker Surisd and Dean tlorgan I had made a foal out of myself rock cliabwith Volker the day before so was going to get my own back by taking him caving. He had done a few horizontal trips since he had been in Tasaie but nothing vertical so I figwed a nice trip into New Feeling (Growling Swallet) would be the go, but rain once again stopped play. Plan B was adopted which was a trip through BDl'H with the usual "down to the end and poke around the final rockpile" trick. JP228 entrance would have most probably been mped so we caare back out the JF402 entrance. A couple of hours of daylight still remained upon our return to Hobart, so once again I made a fool of myself climbing with Volker! rxElamm m @'=m 8Juas29Bl Party: Glen Robinson (HSS). Nick b, Trevor Wailes and Dean Ho~gan ('KZ). All af us were to meet at Nick's at ?am so Glen and I stopped in at Trevor'a place on the way through, knowing that he wouldn't be ready... But, 10 d hdmld, strike me pink, blcm me down, stuff me muahrooma and all that sort of thing he waa almost ready! Was he becoming keen again? Does he really enjoy Porcupine Pot that much? Was he just trying to imprees Glen who had flown down from Sydney for the weekend? These questions will never be answered as Trev wasn't saying, but we did arrive at Nick's at 7.05am ready for a top day's caving. Once at the Nine Road parking spot the rain held off and when undurlp.ormd Trev shot to the front while doing his best impersonation of 8omeone actually enjoying caving, although we could all see through this thin disguiee.. The bottom was reached fairly rapidly as the cave had been rigged a couple of weeks prior by Tm and Nick. This return trip was made to enable Nick to retrieve the water tracing nets frolo the main streamway and for Trev and I to explore and survey an upstream (the mnall stream) lead that Trev looked at on the previous trip. Trev had stopped at an open rockfall previously but we soon found way8 through into open streamway again, although it soon started eloping uphill quite steeply. a few avens were evident and it seemed that a large upper level may exist but with


SPELEO SPIEL 272 July -> kc 1991 Happy and Prosperous 1992 to all cavere! Page 6 no way up into it. The passage cliniked upwards ~ntrl itself ended in an aven, although a crack up one wall may be climbable to a narrow passage (with a dynamic rope and 8ome runners with a belay). We surveyed about 500 -tree back to our etart point at the bottom of the entrance pitch series from where Nick and Glen could be he& heading out up the pitches. We followed them, derigging ae we went. The highlight of the trip was the shouting and abme that Trev gave hia chest ascender, just because the poor piece of equipnent wouldn't feed the rope without help! he near the entrance the other two were waiting to take their share of the rope and soon we were back at the road. No one had taken a watch eo we had no idea of the time, but luckily it was only 3.30pm. Ignore what you may have heard about Porcupine Pot it really is a great cave aad well worth a trip if you get the chance! (The system length is now 2700 metres, but nothing more was added to the depth.) Dean llorgan (JP3411 30hlym1 Party: Dave Julio and Kevin (Blue Mountains Speleo s ) Dean brgan (MC! ) Some debate wm had over which cave to visit, but the mainlanders decided the JF341 sounded worthwhile. Unfortunately the Junee Road key was not available at the time and hence a three kilometre walk had to made up the road to the start of the real track! This was made especially bad by the weight of the rope in .y perch 10 metres of 8 man rope took up as much space and weighed about the sare as the chocolate bar! This 8 m "rope" is good stuff ... Once in the cave, the rigging was done by yours truly with no rebelays or rub pointa fairly essential with string. The only hassle occurred when the 50 metre rope proved to be abut 4 metres short on the bottom pitch! About 10 metres of sling6 were used at the top to overcome this minor problem. At the bottom we went atraight to newer sections and proceeded to look at everything. Four hours or so of scouring leads and taking my pictures had us commenting on the great qualities of this cave. Going back out was slower and colder outside was colder atill, to the point that my hand8 went numb, making getting changed at the car somewhat difficult. The BHS crew drove me out to the gate as they were staying at the end of the Eight Road. Same of them are keen to go to Ht Anne at Christmas so if anyone else is been, give me a call. Dean Horgan BlAm RTVW (#MLRWZ suwm! (m) Party: Trevor Wailes, Rolan Eberhard and Dean Morgan. High water levels had us going into Growling Swallet through Slawhtqrhouse Pot and leaving it rigged in case of need on the way out. The old ropettee $hat were used as tie-off points in SHP were removed as they had been in there for the odd year or ten. We soon arrived at the top of the Destiny pitch in GS which 4ppe into the Black River area. A couple of muddy climbs and wet passage bits hqd us at "Black River With White Bits In It" Black River to its frienda! This was qry first trip to this area of GS and the Nhera were keen tq explore upetreee mid rumours of 'caverns measureless to man...' A short aistance upstream we 8et up spore sampling nets for Nick litme's water wizardry and then headed on up.


Page SPBLEO SPIEL 272 This Speleo Spiel is rather compressed ... July -> Dec 1991 There was one short rock pile but most of it was straightforward until up towards the end where things got a bit more complex. The amount of water seemed to be decreasing as went further up and I eventually reached a spot where it was all coming from a thin rift in the roof with no prospects. I met up with Revor who was waiting where Rolan and he had separated. Something like 45 minutes later we regrouped with each of us having completely different reports of what had been seen. During our individual forays, we had not seen each other at all, despite our having initially headed off in roughly the same direction! All I had found was one large chamber with an aven and lots of chossy rotten loose cave everywhere else. We all agreed that it wasn't a nice place to be, so headed back downstream, collected Nick's nets and had a look around near the Pendant Pot -p. Nothing new was found here and we headed out. At the bottom of Refuge Aven we decided to have a go at getting out through Growling itself, leaving Slaughterhouse Pot rigged to enable me to visit Servalane in the near future. Water levels were up a bit but it made for a better trip and we were soon outside in freezing temperatures and falling snow! It was warmer underground! A fairly unproductive day, but still a good trip. Dean Morgan mm1~ ~ors (1~11) 11 1991 Party: Jaaon Hamill, Ken Pasmore, Caleb Pearce, Simon and Dean krgan. Snow had put paid to anything in the Florentine Valley and a couple of the newer members talked me into a Midnight Hole trip. This was just the m1 through trip with the only thing to report being the advent of some new bolts placed on a couple of the pitches to make rigging easier if you were keen on prusiking out. (Cian and I have done this and it is really a waste of time ...) There waa also a sling and an old Maillon removed from the last pitch as both were old and the Maillon looked a bit corroded. Despite a fair bit of heavy rain recently the water level in btery Creek was only a little bit higher than usual. Dean Horgan IMBbYSXJBW 4klAWtl991 Party: Arthur Clarke, Bob Reid, Stuart Nicholas and Dean brgan. We atarted the day with a quick walk up to the top of Benders Quarry always guaranteed to brush out the cob webs! From there we wandered into the scrub along the contact towards Mystery Creek Cave. The bush was fairly bad and only a few small things were noted except for one cave. This was pushed by Bob and I down lots of climbs to a depth of about 50 metres. It choked off here but further up a rift was draughting well some enlargement would be needed to enter it, but Bob said that he could see down another 20 metres or so. There was a reasonable trickle fo water flowing in the cave and it turned out to be only about 200 metres from Midnight Hole. It most likely connects into Mystery Creek Cave in the narrow pamage joining the Mystery Creek Cave side of Matchbox Squeeze. This passage has a good draught and an equivalent amount of water. Arthur tagged this entrance IB73 (using an old, but unallocated, number). Once at Midnight Hole, we bashed down the hill NE, but nothing was found until down behind the massive Mystery Creek Cave doline where there were wses of large dolinea all over the place. Unfortunately there was not one enterable cave amongst them. Down at the Mystery Creek Cave creek we explored and tagged a cave reported


SPELEC SF!" 272 July -> Dec 1991 Ham and Prosperous 1992 to all cavern! Page 8 recently by Tony Cauthorn. The cave is 50 metres upbtream and 15 metres abwe the creek level and is just a short horizontal system. A quick look around this area revealed nothing else. A retreat to Arthur's at Prancistam was then made and thanks to Arthur for his hospitality and the bag of chips! A good day waa had. Dean Morgan LITTLE (ZUR!lT ( IB23) 20 bwembr, 1991 PAR!l'Y: Stefan Bberhard, Rolan Werhard, Ian Houshold and Vera Wong. The wey shows lots of short pitches and I'm told the cave is a bit Bqueezy in places. Sounds interesting 1-11 go caving. The trip has a touch of spice to it as Stefan and Rolan have this vague idea of puahing the cave through to Exit Cave following the path of the successful dye trace. so armed with the appropriate weapons, we didn't quite find Exit Cave, but something pretty impres~ive anyway. Rolan's rigging, Stefan's got the rigging notes and Ian and I are just taking it easy and descend after them into the darkness. Somewhere down the cave, at the bottom of the 9th pitch, I find Rolan's body poking out of a tight section of passage and every so often a shower of dirt comes flying out behind him. He's digging. Peering wer his shoulder, it looks tight but I decide that I could fit through there, but I don't think they are that interested in this. So Stefan takes over the digging and the squeeze is definitely getting bigger. Now its my turn (hee, hee) and after a few brief stabs at the mud, I discard the hammer and start worming my way through. Eventually I pop through after removing my light and the thing tugging at nry boot.. I'm in a coral covered opening above another short drop. There is a faint draft and things are getting exciting maybe this will go somewhere. I dig and bash the squeeze from this end and the others from the other end. It isn't long before everyone is through and we're down the pitch and at the top of another. At the bottom of this pitch Rolan has disappeared down another small hole and ie passing large sized rocks through to Stefan. A bit more of this happens and then a bit of grunting ... suddenly whoops of delight! We all bolt through after Rolan, snapping at each other's heels. River passage. The tiny stream that flows through Little Grunt drops its pink waters (just a touch of Rhodamine in here) into a mch larger stream and we alowly walk along, savouring the virgin passage, admiring the pristine formation. The passage widens and we take turns in treading new cave. There are a few crawls, but its definitely getting bigger. There are little stream and passages entering all over the place, some of which are not so little. We're running now and the roof is at lezst 10m above our heads. Eventually, though after almost a kilometre of passege (now surveyed), the stream disappears under a rockpile. We spend a couple of hours shifting boulders and crawling about, but we are still in rockpile. We head upstream to explore some of the larger leads. Rolan and I wander up a drafting passage, which leads to more rockfall. Stefan and Ian sniff out another draft that takes them upstream in a passage that aeema to be parallel to the main passage and heading back towards the quarry. This passage was surveyed in a following trip and does indeed lie under Benders Quarry... After a bit more wandering about, we decide we are all pretty stuffed so head out, making appropriate noises on the way up and wondering what Hr Bender will think of all this ... Vera Wong


Page :* SPELtCO SPIEL 272 This Speleo Spiel is rather compressed ... July -> Dec 1991 LITND Qmn (IBM) MRTY: Dean brgan and Stuart Nicholas. For once, this a krgan trip but not a Morgan trip report! LG had been rigged since the original exploration of the new bit and Rolan was getting edgy about his gear being ensconced in the damp and destructive (destroyed?) underground world. He was actually away on sump junket to Indonesia but we still knew he was getting edgy! Plan A was just to pull out the gear and run away, but curiosity struck so yours truly was dragged screaming into the new bit. Enter Plan B. Spectacular stuff! Quite remarkable that such extensive and consistently large -sage exists in that area. Curious it hadn't been found before, but I guess all old cavers have a retrospective mind. The silt deposits on stals and non-vertical wall surfaces was patently obvioua in the passage which runs under the quarry. Silt accumulations in and around the stream were also obvious--A sad reflection on the somewhat muddied waters of nature conservation issues. Anyway, after complaining about sore knees to Dean (with absolutely no eympathy forthcoming!) a retreat was made back through those dreaded far end crawls to the vertical bits and the original plan derig the system. All went senoothly with the rope being hauled as one snake in stages from the bottom. A mighty tangle of rope, knots, krabs and other rigging paraphernalia finally materialised at the entrance. Some degree of sorting was done there and then in order to equalise the loads for the carry up that little hill. Back at the road, Bob Reid and Steve Bradford were found wandering around amongst the moonscape-like rubble looking at some very destroyed and dubious holes in one of the upper quarry benches. Back at the car, some very heavy packs were dropped and a retreat made for the obligatory chip8 at the Dover shop. Stuart Nicholaa mmmoar m (Hclz!j) PBRTP: Stefan gberhard and Vera Wong Another day at work. We have just spent the last couple of day8 harassing spiders, counting crickets and measuring amphipods in the study cave Little Trfnmter at Mole Creek. But now its time to go caving for sport as opposed to going caving for science. The excuse? To find a new stream to measure amphipods in when the Little Trimmer stream dries up. So, of course we will look for the most easily accessed, practical cave we can find. Prohibition Cave looks good it says "exploration potential" next to it in a study of the Mole Creek karst. We jump in the hi's Hilux and zoom off. The 4WD takes us up the boggy logging roads through private and very amateurish looking logging opsrationa. Up on to the lower flanks of the Weatern Tiers. I disappear into the bush, down into the creek valley to find the entrance to this swallet It's impressive. There are two entrances at the bottom of a 2(3m cliff. One lea& into an upper level dry cave, the other follows the disappearing creek. Back up to the road its not long before we are both at the entrance with caving gear. We wandered along the top dry passage first, its walls dotted with foasils. There ia slight draft, but we are turned around by a large sump pool. Off to the wet cave sect ion.

The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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