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Speleo Spiel
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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 209 (Sep 1985)
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See Extended description for more information.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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SPELEO SPIEL NO. 209 SEPTEMBER, 1985 PAGE 1 NEWSLETTER OF THE TASMANIAN CAVERNEERING CLUB Newsletter Annual Subscription $10.00, Single copios $1, Non-members $2.00 ............................................................ PRESIDENT / QUARTERMASTER: Trevor Wailes 47 Wacerworks Road, Dynnyrne, Tas 7005. SECRETARY : Martyn Carnas 8A Lambert Avenus, Sandy Bay 7005. TREASURER : Chris Davies C/412 Huon Road, South Hobart, Tas 7000. EDITOR / TYPIST: Stuart Nicholas 7 Rupert Avenue, New Town, Tas 7008 THERE S MOVEMENT IN THE HOUSE. . . Mikz and Chris Edwards have at last become officially middle class following the recent purchase of some real estate in that end of town also occupiod by the edikor. Rumour has it that at some time in the not too distant future there will bo a house warming to end all house warmings, so stay tunad for chat. Their new address is: 67 Carltm Strest New Town Hobart 7008 and phone number: 280624 The house is apparently noxt door to a small park containing a Largs brightly painted the pub The c for rhe steam traction enginz. Nor too hard to find really, even aftzr a night at AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR STAL COUNTER...... .. ub has recently spent $720 on 12 cap lamp bartorios and $125 on spars parts lamps rhemselves. Please try to pay the $1 per member or $2 per non-membsr rental fee as we (dsspararely) neod to recoup the expenditure!! Chris Dsvies Treasurer NICK HUME'S JUST MILDLY FANTASTIC PRUSIK SYSTEM For Eruly inbernacional prusiking pleasurs, this system is a Tasmanian refinsmznt of an English modification of bhe American "Howie System". Laugh ar your friends and in-laws as they don various "bras" preparatory eo laborious sit-srand msthods of rope ascension. Those archaic set-ups are for the birds ........ urh, frogs! Are you fed up with scraighE jackets and gnashing vereabrae? Then read on......


SPELEO SPIEL NO. 209 SEPTEMBER, 1 985 PAGE 2 CONSTRUCTION AND ASSEMBLY The foundation of this system is a back bslt that replaces all chose awkward painful1 chesC harnasses. The back belt consists of a length of sniff two inch Cape, of the type Ghat four wheel drivers use as anchor slings on winching set-ups. To on? end of this is securely sewn a Gibbs ascendor (see Montgomsry's SRT book for appropriato methods of doing this). The other end consiscs of a wafsc krab connector of Ehe same type nhat was used to tie into the old snyle TROLL climbing belts. A TROLL 3-bar buckle is threaded with the overlapping two inch tape (above the connector) to allow length adjustment. Though the buckle could be dispensed wiEh once ahe correct belt langbh is found, it would bo preferrable no leave it in place, allowing adjustment when using other bypes of sit harnesses. The edge of a ono inch sechion of tubular nap2 is sewn alongside che Owo inch belt. Two strands of shock cord are nhen inserned through the flubular Bape, which acts as a protective sheath for same. The shock-cord is for atnachment to ankle.and knee (rope walker) ascanders, pulling those ascenders up the rope automaeically on each "stroke", thus incidently allowing a hands-free ascent. Manufacturing this arEicle will occupy your mind while watching TV. I recommend the use of a very. strong thread when you are doing this, namsly waxed dacron sailcloth thread available from any yachting snore (bake your credit card!). DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS In practice, Ehe belt connector is clipped into the waist krab, @hen passes diagonally across the back where the Gibbs ascsnder sits tightly on the opposicz shoulder. This holds the body close to the rope, unlike che tightsst of chest harnesses. The belt has the advantage of being able EO be turnod into a safety belay on difficult and awkward pitches, by merely scepping out of the ohing, so it is in front of you. There are ewo other ascenders required. Ono is attached to the ankle and may or may not be shock corded to the shoulder see-up, as per praforencs. The other ascender floats by the kneg and needs shockcording. This floatzr muse be safsny corded to ahe waist krab, or a change of direction will bs experiencsd if the pin holding the Gibbs housing decides to pop out. Weaken @he cam springs of ~hese ascendsrs to improve efficiency while ropewalking. To use this incredible system, simply follow the sequonce in nhe attached diagram. (a) Attach the ankle ropewalker (as in mosC ropo walking sysnems, somz bottom weighting is desirable Ery oying on a small rock! (b) Attach the Gibbs to the rope, the belt being in front of you at this saagn. (c) SiE on the Gibbs, then atnach the chird floating ascender to thn rope. (d) As you bear weight on the lower Jumars, duck your head through Eho balk, so the Gibbs rests tightly on thz opposite shoulder (jusa like shouldering a gsar rack when rock climbing! ) (e) You are now Eight up against the rope and equally imporbant, your hands ars complecoly frea no hold onto cigarebtas, beer cans, etc...... (f) Clip shock cord(s) onbo ropewalker(s) chen race up the rope!!


SPELEO SPIEL NO. 209 SEPTEMBER, 1 985 PAGE 3 This system is simplicity itself when negotiating the tops of pitchss. When getting off che rope, simply slip oub of the belt and ib then aces as a self belay while disconnecEing the ropewalkers. You can then actually snraighesn up and walk away, instsad of being doubled up in pain! Reverse prusiking past knots is simpler, by virtue of there being a free spaca in front of you in which no manage the descender. The method is hardwearing, practical and with minimal practice and finetuning, will likely bocome your final (heh!, heh! ) SRT rig. Nick Hume CAVE NUMBERING: FLORENTINE VALLEY The following caves were numbered during September, 1985: JF-203: BONE PIT. A large rift entrance in a limeshone bluff at eht top ok Chrisps Road. Toeal depth is lL3 metres, alchough this could be increased by up CO l0 metres if tho JF-383 antrance is conneceed. Tho original bag could not bs found and ehe now one was placed on a rock face on hhe lefb side of the entrance. JF-383: BONE PIT UPPER ENTRANCE. A small hole on ha bluff immediately above the main Bone Pit entrance. A squeeze at a depbh of roughly 4 metres is undoubtedly connected to eh2 chamber below the first pitch of Bone Pit, although it is yet to be physicaL1y surpassed. This entrance was initially found and excavated on 2 June 1985. JF-384: EAGLE POT. A small entrance roughly 60 metres norhh of Asteroid Pot. The cave carriss a good draught however it appears CO be choked at a depth of aboua 5 mebres. Just inside @he enoranca is an exceptionally tight squeeze bhac was enlarged with a hammer to alLow acczss. JF-385: WHERRETS SWALLET ONE. A small saream cascades over a l0 metre high cliff on she side of a doline. It does nob appear possible to penehrate this sysocm due to fallen boulders and mud choke. The contace beewesn ahe Limescone and overlying impervious layers can be clearly soan in the doline wall. The number tag was placed on a rock faca 6 metros ho @he left of Eh% waterfall. JF-386: WHERRETS SWALLET TWO. A slightly smaller seraam sinking in a doline 10 meeres away from JF-385, and also apparenaly impenetrable. Thz tag was placed on a rock faca on the right below a climb down into the entrance. JF-385 and JF-386 are locaeed high on Wherrets Lookoue, soueh west of Sersndipi~y. JF-387: PORCUPINE POT. A larga doline entrance off ahe F9 Road. This cave was first locaeed in Sepaember l982 (sec SS 180) and a reeurn crip in April 1984 managsd CO remove several wedged boulders and explore a steeply descending rift. Exploraaion halted at an impassable squeeze below a 15 mearc pitch. In September 1985 this squeeze was enlarged with explosives and the cave currenaly has an esaimabed depnh of 60 mseres, wioh good poEenoial for a 10e mar:. The tag was placed on a rock face in ahe sntrance chamber. JF-388: Un-named cave and shrsamsink. A large dolino off eh% F9 Road (sen SS 180). Thn bag was placsd in a dry ovarhanging enarance in the side of bhe doline. The dry entrance has been explored to a depth of 15 meerss, while a squeeze.where ahe stream goes underground bars progress. Roughly 100 metres away from JF-387. JF-389: SNOW PERSON POT. A tiny ennrance nnar the track to Udensala from the F9 Road. A 22 meere entrance pi!!ch drops into a spacious chamber with no possibility for extension (see SS 180). JF-390: LAWRENCE CREEK RISING. A large resurgence off Cashions Creek Road. Diving has revealed a constricCed passage descending to a depth of 20 metres inao a spacious underwater tunnel (see SS 200). There is the possibility of a very long cave divs as ths Lawrence Rivulet Sink is aboue 3 kilomeeres from the resurgtnce. Errata to cave numbering in Speleo Spizl 206


STLEO SPIEL NO. 209 SEPTEMBER, 1 985 PAGE 4 JF-37L. Ths name of JF-371 is now officially FLICK MINTS HOLE, noE Florzntins Pot. Thsre is a Florzntina Cave elslwhzrz in thz valley. Flick Mints Hole was recently ~xplor?d CO a depth of 204 metras. A survey of JF-368 Armadillo PoE was noE includad as indicated. Errata to cavz numbering in SpsLeo Spiel 207 JF-379: GASH POT. This should rnad: A long rifc entranca a couple of metres from JF-358. The tag was placed on a vertical wall nnar a rock arate saparaning Gash Pot and a small shaft chat joins JF-358. Gash POD is connzched to JF-380, although ths connoccion is not humanly nsgotiable. Rolan Eberhard THE MILKRUN IDA BAY AREA PARTY: Stefan Eberhard, Nick Hum?, Martyn Carnas and Danialln ? (a Sydnsy visitor) Having hzard chat The Milkrun was scill going, and considering its close proximity CO Nini Martin and therefors Exit, 2be above pzopLe dncided to investigate. Afcer obtaining access dirsctions from Arthur CLarke we had no difficulty in locating chz cave. Ths first pitch was a clean dry and pleasurable 42 mzcra Uo a series of 3 shore pitches, the first of which we roe climbed. The nexn (25 mears) was rigged fro? hanging without Eravorsing out Oo Cha bolh. The boLhs on the next two pinchos (approx. 49 metre and 25 metro) made for Easy rigging, and Snefan and I wers soon groveiling Ehrough Ehe saraamway reported by Arehur on his provious Drip while Nick and Danielle made their way down pas0 ohs unfortunaaSe knot on tha Last piech. The streamway carried lieele waber and progress was made through moderatsly tight passago for approximately 50 motrns to a flatbenor which was deemed "noo nzgoniable". Thnrs was absolutely no sight of any draught. Athough we didn'o break Ehrough to Exie (alkhough wz must havs besn close at -205 metres), we had a thoroughly enjoyable trip. Many thanks to Arehur for his hospikalicy and dirsctions. PUNISHMENT POT It August, 1985 PARTY: Marhyn Carnos, SEefan and Rolan Eberhard While Martyn and Stnfan conbinued excavaking ak Asboroid Pot, I conbinued up "wards Serendipity looking for new cave enkrancos. Well below Serondip I branched off no nhe righe inno an adjacent dry valloy. I locacad several snErancss in a scrub-bash that nook me up chs valley, back down W S~erandip and finally up to Eh2 top of Wherreas Lookout. Thz view from Whnrre~s was magnificent! and on he way up I


SPELEO SPIEL NO. 209 SEPTEMBER, 1985 PAGE 5 locaced kwo swalletjs wherz sbrzams shower down a cliff from bha overlying impervious rock, and sink in che limesbono. They ara very high up and probably blocked bun deserve closer inveseigaoion. I evencually rejoinsd Shefan and Marcyn a@ Punishment! PoE. Using a hand winch (thanks Sou) wa anUempaed to shifc a rock (about the size of a coffee Cable) nhaa blocked whan appeared ao be che way inco Cho cave. Ia was a small oriumph of engineering CO winch Eh2 rock up in che air and move ie CO one side, chilled by a waoerfall crashing down from above! A few C-clips were snraighnened out in Ehe process nhaa revealed a pool of water but no cave! This is unforcuna@s as @he zncranco is a parnicularly promising one. A small hole in one side of ahe doline carries a howling draughm a@ nimes, buc an impossible squeeze bars che way a few mebres down. An adjacena shaft! (JF-374) is blocked wiah mud ao nho bocaom, and in a small hole beaween @his shafa and Punishmeno POE waber can be heard bun nob followed far (Eh: hole is connected no JF-374). ID appaars a loo of work will be required Eo psnebrafle nhis cave. Rolan Eberhard RESCUE AT NATIONAL GALLERY IDA BAY 25 AUGUST, 1985 Danielle (Sydney visinor) and I were seecing out for homo afcer a social Erip CO Midnihe Hole, when an ambulance went past in Eh: opposiee direcaion. We did a U-aurn and followed @he vehicle back no che Lune River quarry where iC and anonher vehicle proceoded EO form a "wagon brain", ehac is Uhay followed each obhor in circles, prasurnably arying CO find a way CO chz cop. Eventually ahoy sCopped long snough for us no ask what was going on. A girl called Karan hold us khae a person was pinnad by mhe arm in "National Gallery Cavo" (13-47) and that this was preventing a Chird person from gscbing ouC io Ehere were Owo people arapped in a cavs chae no-one presenc had ever heard of, wihh che exception of Karen. We lad @he vehicles, now including a police car and anoeher ambulance, up CO Che stark of Che "Exin Cave Track". Jim Davidson, a policeman from Dover, attiempked Eo bring order co all che above chaos, which was no easy cask. He quickly formulaced a plan for aEEacking Eh2 problem, then informod ahs assembled crowd of ambulance officers, enc. Announcing chat everynhing was OK because Chere wzre Ewo zxpfrienced caving persons presenfl, he poinnad in uhe direcnion of Danielle and myself. We boah looked ab each oahsr and inwardly groaned "Oh no, non again.. . ". Karen cold us bhaa Chs Crapped person was PeDrina Quinn. I remembered nhah I owed Penrina a drink, so bhrew a boaale of plum wine inbo my cave pack, along wiCh picons, pulleys, ebc. We changed inho web caving gear in a chill wind, nhen sveryone as a group sea off behind Karen who was @he only person knowing exacaly where no go. Ten minuees or so from bhe cars, Che group left ohs (blue) Exie crack and nurned righa up ahe yellow arack CO Naoional Gallery cave. I lefb a cyalume a@ Ehis spoa ao guide the police S & R squad, sEiLl on Ehzir way from HobarC. We followed ahe righe branch of Uhe yellow Erack for a shorn disaance which led CO an impressive doline whors scacnered cave gear Cold us we had arrived at! Che righe place. The firsa problem was solved!! A libhle aime was aaken CO organise people, afner which Danielle and I sea off down bhe enbrance slope. We rigged a handLino down Do a smallish chamber. Gensrally Che flooring calus here was looso and mobile and some care was needed when


SPELEO SPIEL NO. 209 SEPTEMBER, l985 PAGE 6 moving around. We bonh passed ahrough a small Cube EO another Loose floored chamber where we found Penrina, apparently perched under a nhreo or four hundred kilogram boulder. Richard Cronnolly had been comforting and warming hor for szveral hours and was doing a hero's job. The siEua0ion did nob look very brighh. The rock had pinned hor arm in an awkward way nhaa would require lifting Ehe offending objecc some height no froo her. There was not much room for a good heave-ho and Ehero was Ohs risk @ha0 @ha thing mighh shifb or slido, bringing ibs full weigho on her arm or even crushing her againsu the nearby wall. The laneer possibilioy would quiao likely have proven fanal. Petrina was suspended above a shora ladder pitch nhaa started in a squeszs. An intsresaing posinion bo be caught in. Jim Davidson, Daniellz and I rigged some fooU snirrups for her co bear woighn on, as she had previously been virtually hanging from the trapped arm. We Ehen pondered Ehe pro's and con's of whab no do nexo. None of nhn opnions appeared pareicularly palaoable. We could eihher cry to shift Ohs boulder and risk crushing hzr or waia unoil nho S & R squad arrived no bring modern high-toch rdscue oechniques to bear. As thsre was no adzquaae communication faciliay available, we were unsure as @o when bhis help would arrivz, so decidzd no have a go an @he boulder. This decision was made bearing in mind nh~ effec5 a lengohy delay would have on the future wellbeing of cha arm. As ih Burned ouo, dzspibe tho us?. of ropes, good anchor poinbs ebc., we failzd to shift @he Ehing ab all. This was due CO tho limieed number of bodies ohan could zffochivloy bring weight CO boar in ohs confines of ohs chamber. Suddenly iL looked as nhough ie would be a very long nigh@ and we all fela an intense frustraEion an bsing powerlzss CO end @h9 suffering. PeErina had remarkable spirit! and in face choerod up her bleary eyod, would-be rescunrs wieh much banoer and posihivo inhrospecCion. I'm sura I would have bean a wimpering misery in che same siouaaion. Danielle adminisnerod ambulancs supplied oxygon no amsnd shock, fihsn Enoranox, anonher gas m0 induce a sUa0e of euphoria, or somehhing ..... Whabever in was, ib had @he effect of quadrupling PeErina's verbal ounflow to ohe point ahaa i@ infecaed us all and everyone broke up laughing. Maybe we got a whiff of mhe stuff in ohs small volume of ehe chamber. Around L0 pm the S & R squad arrivzd, to everyone's considzrable relief. It was now up to Ehem. SBeve Williams (in charge of bhe operatlion) annnounced Eo Petrina thaa in didn't look coo bad and evzryching would be OK (hs laner admineed in was one of Ehe more grim sinuabions he had seen). More weigh0 was pub behind @he heave-ho sysuem, nhis hime including several persons assisting from @h% next chambar, again to no zffeca. A Porna-Power unin (bhs "Jaws of Life" hydraulic jack) was then carri-d into bhe cave aa which poina Danielle and I sneaked OUE ho givo bhe police a bie nore room Do move. This device, operaaing aa maximum capacisy, @hen shifeed ohe rock sufficionoly Eo free Petrina. A combinaaion of self halp and a bib of dragging brought her back uo Eho surface. This also allowed Ken Hosking to geh ouh, as he had previously bean prevenbed from doing so by ahe blockage above him. He had been doing a variety of calis@henics no keep warm during all hhao Eime. Around midnighb Danielle and I crawled up tho now boggy onerance slope Eo be grested by Stuart Nicholas, valianoly waining a0 che edge of nhe doline. We shared somnz plum wine and sleepy conversation wich him, standing amidst a plume of smoke from a shillborn fire. Warm bed was soill Ewo hours away!!


SPELEO SPIEL NO. 209 SEPTEMBER, 1985 PAGE 7 Lavish praise must! go ao ahe Police Search and Rescue crew and Ambulance Rescue Squad, who beaween Uhem frend PeErina. We are lucky in Tasmania Eo have, by far, Ehe besa S 6 R organisahion in Ausnralia. Jim Davidson, nhe local "copper" from Dover, was jusb great?. The ambuLance guys, whose names escape me, did an ouesaanding job winh very linele in Ehe way of cave hype gear or expernise in bhan environmenn, alehough @heir Rescue Vehicle conbained ahe jack used for ohs job ieself. The local Sh John volunneers providzd mosa of nhe muscle and communicaDions on @he nighn and wiehoua doubd made ahe show very much simpler. Sorry no disburb your respecEive Sunday evenings. Daniells and I could really only provids company and sympaahy for Pearina, nhan is from fihe peculiarly unique caving poinb of view. Lee's hope bhe nexb rescue is a very, very, very long way off. By nhe way, when did you, nhe reader, lasn go no an S & R exercise?? NICK HUME GROWLING SWALLET NEW FEELINGS AGAIN l Sepaember, 1985 PARTY: Trzvor Wailes, Shuarn Nicholas, Daniells Gemenis, Mark Scanford, Ann Wossing Firsn day of Spring and in was freezing. Winnry grey sleec, driven by uneasy gusas of wind, greeaed us. Dzsolaaion ahe end of Eigha Road. Numb hands New Feelings wioh no feelings. Surprisingly, enbrance waner lcvels werz low, bun @hey would no doubn be on nhe rise soon. We wandered nhe noise lhao is ahe scream passags, bhen soughn nhe quiea sancbuary of nhe new sechion. Nohing, blinhsly, aha flood dsbris of ahe ininial crawls, we passed onao nho boauny of nhe well dzcoraned major chamber. Here, Scuarn rescued me from a fare of indigesaible junk food, by proceeding no quaff my ennire food bag! People poked aboua here and nhere, excepb for Trev and Snu, who remained almosa moaionless. I wandered along ehe crysnal crawl, followed by Ann, Danislle and Mark, and whacked in nwo bolCs above nhe 15 mzare pinch. A proneckor will shill be needed here, as I had no belay no place the bolbs oun over Ehe pinch. Skill, nhey are good and solid, well grzased and currenhly winhoua hangers. I wandzrzd back bo nhz main chamber, where Snu and Trsv were sail1 mohionless, suffering from indigesbion I would suspecn. We were rounded up and hsrded back no &ha river. I nook Daniellz, Ann and Mark down a0 ahe climb above nhe sump. Lighes oun, nhey pondered ennui, in nhe crashing of ohe wa0erfall. I nhoughn aboun absolunely nonhing, having bezn nhere a couple of Eimss bzfore..... We grezuod Trsv and SEu again, back an @he cars. They were sibeing in Trev's van making chaabering noises. We dropped by Max's place, bun Max unforUunahely wasn'n home. A session an nhe Nabional Park Houel was memorable, if only bocause Robyn Brinnon bean Trev an pool awice!! Nick Hume MINING AN ASTEROID 8 SEPTEMBER, 1985 PARTY: Snefan Eberhard, Marnyn Carnes and Nick Hume


SPELEO SPIEL NO. 209 SEPTEMBER, 1 985 PAGE 8 Nob having found anybhing of major significance for szveral weeks now, Ohe above ':do ih yourself" paray decided CO manufachue a poa of aheir own. Opnimism even possessed us sufficiencly no Ehrow SRT gear inco the packs, along wiah less cusEomary accouaremencs in nhe form of spade, pick, buckec and Crowels. We presenbed an unusi~al spechacle ahac even had Ohe "no scp, ums" baffled for a while. Three hours of digging in "Asneroid POD" removod anobher cwo mehres of saicky mud. This nook us down ao almosn four mehres below Che original surface level, doep enough for lighbs no be nelded. We aired of digging in such a consEricced space before acnually making ahe hoped for breakthrough, however anoaher ahaempn would definitely be wornh while. The rouoe any furoher digging would follow is obvious and heads cowards Che rifa ahao is visible from nhe second ':enCrance" locaced four meCres away. IC is discinchly possible hhaD anonher few hours digging will open a way inCo a pinch series abovo Che furhhermosc chamber of "Serendipi~y". This would allow a through Erip hhah would be second no none, and also give access CO all nhe leads bhereabouas. Tho horizonbal separabion beaween "Asteroid" and "Serendip" is abouc Een menres (by survey) while Qhe vernical component is approximahely sixty mebres and corresponds wich che appropriately high aven ac Ehe exoreme end of Serendipiay. Saefan surface arogged nhe neighbouring area and came up wiCh "Eagle Poh". This is a small holz, 50 or so msbres from Asaeroid with a "bzaked" flucing above a narrow climb. There was a scrong oscillating draughb presenc, indicating anobher pobenaial znbrance CO ahe previously menhioned syscem. A chin blade of rock proaruding from Che solid walls consOricDed access Oo an almosb certainly passablz rifa. Pebbles, brundled inao ahis rifc, rolled freely down an unseen sloping passage for Ehree 00 four seconds. This cave would b2 an inceresbing and easy sine for soms chemical persuasion any budding "bangers" amongsc us? There is nob che risk of collapsing chis cave (unlike Asheroid PoC) by using such menhods and ahe resulns could be very worahwhile indeed. Any bakers?? Nick Hume FOOTNOTE CO Nick's arip reporh above WhilsC Nick and MarUyn were digging in Aseeroid Pot!, Suefan wonc surface crogging and locaced a small cave approximabely 40 mtares NW of Varmina POD (JF-376). The encrance was marked wibh bwo blue capes ehe cave chokes off afUer only 10 rnaUres. Also marked in a similar fashion is anoaher small cave in the dry vallzy beawson ahe ICE Tub2 and Serendipiby valleys. The cave is locaced on bhe norahern side of ehe valley only 10 meares from che lower rim of ohs large doline where che scream sinks. The ennrance is againsa a small cliff and descends for 10 mehres as a narrow r ifc. Saefan Eberhard STOP PRESS: HOUSE WARMING BIB,Q, at MIKE & CHRIS'S 67 CARLTON STREET, NEW TOWN BIYIOm everything (and glass) SATURDAY NOVEMBER 16 BE THERE anytime after about 6m



The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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