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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 164 (Feb 1981)
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See Extended description for more information.

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Annual subscription $5.00 Single copies 20 cents ********************************************;k*******:::>x*:z**,%* President : Geoff Sisher, 115 Brooker Avenue, Glebe, 7UUU. Ph: 20 5013 (W) Secretary: Chris Davies, 2 Elarlore Place, 'Nest ivloonah, 67009. Ph: 72 4104 (H) Treasurer: Bruce YcIntosh, 243 ilavey Street, South a Hobart, 7000. Ph: 342833 (W) Euitor: Stuart Nicholas, 7 Rupert Avenue, New Towll, 7008. Ph: 28 3054 (H) *****:%*S ::S**********C****.It***.k.i:***********************:s:~********s FORWARD PR3GRAMME Sun. Feb. 15 TRAPDOOR WALLET the BIG (?) push! Chris 3 Trevor seem to be organising this. 'lied. Feb. 18 NORLT'S SLIDE SYOW 8 p.m. at 7 Rupert Avenue. Be here::! Sat.Sun. & Xon. CHAIRMAN another trip to this terrible hole! Feb. 28 Mar.02 Also other caving as well on this long weekenu. See Stuart if you need more persuasion! Wed. Mar. 04 GENERAL 'LEETING i p.m. at 7 Rupert Avenue. Perhaps Trev. might show us some more of his bke movies! Jed. Mar. 25 A':NUAL GENERL W:ETING .I p.m. at 7 Hupert Avenue. -,Lake sure you cone alond. P Wed. Apr. 01 A?RIL FOOLS DAY! Also a General 3-eeting at the usual venue and time. Is anyone going caving? All meetings and no caving nakes T.C.C. a dull scel~e, gr something like that. Wnat about UwarrowcieZf, ,'hi Martin, Caularon, Niagara, the hole(s) up on miu\or near tne slip and around The Gap? *****************c************************************************ EDITORIAL Welcone to 1981, the year of exploration! Already a new cave has been found in the Plorentine'with good prospects for more, both there and closer in around the Junee area. This might even be the year of the BIG breakthrough! Keep in mind that the Growling Swailet stream flows unaerground for aoout 10 km and re-emerges, havin,.: been joined by several other cave streams, at the Junee Resurgence just dwon from the Homestead. Jill the exploration of this system ue left to cave divers or is there a "arytt access soirieplace? 1t's a pity Khazad-dum dian't go, .I but has anyone been in Niagara Pot since 1974? 0 Tnere are ally more caves waiting to be founa and ex?lorea, one of wnich just might provide access t3 a really big system. So let's get stuck into it and do some real caving tnis year. 1t's all good training for tre 1982 Niugini aspirants, to say :~othin& of being good for Tasmanian caving!


:peleo -'pie1 ,;o. 164 Peb rwary, 198 l. Page 2. CLUB NEi'V? & OTTIER TRIVlA Despite what you (nay nave read in the edltorlal of' the latest ASF Xewsletter (XO. go), I have not been abducted by SCS! ARC TV the other night had a news item giving some aetails or a recent cave find in Borneo. Apparently, it has a chamber with a floor approximately sixteen times the area OS a soccer pitch this is two and a half times the size of the previously known largest chamber (in "kxico, l thlnk!). Twenty-two speleos were involved in the British expedition. .Following on from the very successful and lnf'orrnative WILi)EF&E;jS S ::EDICINE WORKSHOP held last Kovernber, the Australian Sport S ledicine Federation is conducting a further workshop over the weekend of Iarch 28 & 29. T:iis will be a repeat progrmme, subject to availability of speakers, and I can certain1,y recommend it to everyone. Further inf o. from Stuart Ylcholas. BE THERE! rev or's SRT gear still ?ias not arrived from the homeland. I hope it's speed of arrival bears no relation to its speed in use! There are no FOR SALE ads. this month. For the fitness fanatics, why not see Geoff Fisher and join the Trogging Trotters Team in the Run for Fun to be held in i,;ay? A recent combined SCSJTCC trip to a hole discovered by SCS roughly south of' Growling Swallet was quite successful. Still going (only just), Serendipity is approximately 200m aeep! --NORI.'IIS SLIDE SHOW-For the uninitiated, one only Norm Poulter (the Quiet Rover, the Cream, ana other pseudonyms!) is currently in Tassie. For the even less initiated, Norm was here in 1971 for about 8 months and participated in the exploration of Khazad-dum. Tle has wlth him a magnificent slide show of a recent trip into Central Australia together with picutres of other areas of Australia ( inc. ~assie) The one and only showing will be next Wednesday, Feb. 18 at 7 Rupert Avenue starting around 8 p.m. Make sure you're there and tell all your friends as well: KLNUAL GENERAL 'EETING \VEDNESDAY, MARCH 25 8 P.M. Yes, folks, it's almost that time of year again. who's going to do what, where and when for the next 12 months of the Club's existence? Think about it. ~on't forget: A.G.M. Wednesuay, March 25 8 p.m. at 7 Rupert Avenue. Have your say in the running of T.C.C., perhaps even stanu for one of the office positions. EASTER 1981 Various bods have suggested an "Easter Extravaganzaw at dole Creek this year. Why not? Sounds great with a ~erbert's Pot trip included for the same low cost, n=nely the fuel to drive up there. 3ee Trevor, Chris or Diana for more info.


Speleo Spiel No. 164 February, 1981. Page 3. 'vVAVTED! Keen team to have a go at ~erbert's Pot, gosslbly at Easter depending or:, if and when we can get a guide (do we neea one?). Also in this area (Xole creek) are whispers or an old bushranger's cave hideout:!: Privileged information on this is thought to be accurate. A weekend carnp is intended and it would be good if we could have a good turnout or ola and new members instead of the usual faces this means YOU. You, reading this magazine and never being in it. idake arrangements now to come at Easter. Lots OS easy caves and varying length busnwalks. The more the xerrier, Yic! Contact Trevor Wailes, 251801 and don't S waste another holiaay. .................................................................... TRIP REPORTS Hastings Area Wolf Hole Saturday, 13 bec. Party: Stuart Nicholas & Nick Hume (TCC), Keith Harper, John Cherry, Stuey Scott & Peter van der Woude (police S&? divers), Phil Jackson h Stefan Eberhard (SCS) Following on from the initial cave dive lrexperiment" at the ;dole Creek S&R Workshop, a second exercise was organised to dive Lake Pluto in Yolf Hole. Despite the attraction of a Kubla Khan (Kole creek) trip which effectively reduced the TCC sherpa troop to zero, we pressed on regardless with the aid of Phil and Stefan from SCS. Carrying scuba gear as well as caving gear up to the cave and lowering it all down the entrance pitch proved to be a fomidable task. It was four hours from leaving the vehicles until we were set to dive! Maybe the mosquitoes could be harnessed to fly it in on future trips: The Police divers operated in pairs with a rope fed from shore, while Kick and myself used Nick's Mk.11 line reel which worked reasonably well. Absolute zero visibility was tne order of the day after the first swim arouna. This made orlentatlon difficult to say the least, although laylng out and following the line proved reasonably straightforward. Proceedinq by feel around the wall was also dilficult because large pieces of the very rotten rock kept falling ot'r at the slightest touch, stirring up the Sine silt even more. The deepest point is abcut 4m with no extemions anywhere, as expecteu. ATter 25-30 mins. of splashing arouna we de-geared ourselQes a-d proceeaed to laboriously haul bodies and gear out of the cave. No dramas occurrea on tne entrance pitc,l altnough in future, mucn more care must be taken with the knots usea, especially for haulin!: ta::ks. The consequences of a dropped full scuba tank are catastrophic and very dangerous to all in the vicinity. For tnose wno aon't know, tanks are filled to a pressure between about 2200 ps~ I ana 3000 psi depending on type aria material of manufacture. A rc~atively minor knock can bres off the brass valve an6 tnen you're m ~ig trouble! C ljefore the next exemise, a more serious atte:npt has to DC .riade to manufacture a reliable llne reel. Following that, mucn more practice is required in ~ts use, since the successfW laylng 01 the line is paramount to everyone's safety. Stuart Nicholas.


::peleo ,;pie1 No. lbFebruary, 1981. rage 4. Kubla Khan (alinost a movle) Dec. 13/14, 19d0. "Oldens never diet1 but t~ey sure cone close to expiring! rialf way to .ale Creek, the infagous !IQ aeciued to overheat so our arrival at the Kubla can2 was delayed. In order not to upset it tso rnuch, we rested it outsiae the Lole Creek puo, wr~ile Lerl arm I got our bearings and Boags. Three hmrs later (after leaving tne pub) and checking out every possible track off the roaa looking for water in dry stream beds that gushed noisily, we parked and set to the task of resting 200 yds. from the elusive Briggs .Q Co. ca?:,p. Tne iciorning of the epic trip dawned and Len and I arove down to the ;:arakoopa Cave turn-off to cook breakfast and play cricket (?) until Cnris and l)i Uavies turned up to s:low us tne way to the campsite. I naa heard many thinqs '3f iiuola Khan and rriust adnit to -,iy suspicions of half truth. The caxpsite found, the grmp gatherea, loaded with photographic gear, laaaers, rope and nourishment. Wen Greg arrived, we set off. Fighting our way tnrough hordes of revenous leacnes, a:Ad low scru3, we arrived at the top entrance to Kubla about 11 a.m. Rigging the initial entrance pitch (10m) took some tine yawn: Once insiae ala down the hand line onto the top of the second pitch of 12;n approx. which was directly over arla down a massive flowstone, trlings slowea up even more as many photos were taken, in tr~is hall called Forbidden City. This is, or was, impressive but clue to the nuerous flashes of light is now qnite green and lush with algae several feet deep: Fron here we proceed through many halls, up and down many climbs, snapping and flashing all the way (it's a veritable jungle in there now with the anount of light expenaed). After spending 10 years looking at formations in various karst areas around the world, I must admit that the Hall of Kings is surrealistic, but very real and I must say this area of the system is one of the most spectacular I've ever seen. The stalagmite foraations following the drip fault above them, leads one tnrough the hall and virtually points the way on up into tne roof ana on to the next hall over which The Khan itself presides. The Khan, an immense (? metres) stalagmite, defies photography by its sneer size. Sitting on the lowest level of the Khan, decisions were made as to who wished to continue through the systern and wno waqted to shoot hundreds more feet of film. If all the film exposed in this half of the syste!n were edited together we'd have a half hour movie ard prize winner at that. The decision was made Chris, Len and myself would continue into the unknown (for us), and the rest of Bill's party woulu shoot everything that grows fractions of millimetres over the millenia. For me, this is where the real caving starts and the large I1touristIt halls end. Forty metres up and behind the Khan b.? the cavern wall is a arop aown into an old stream passage with static pools of varying aepth. The actual climb wnicn descends through three levels is a good free climb and the whole cave changes shape frorn large solution halls C into sporting, abandoned anci active stream passage. This abandonea passage ends positively in a rack wall and a 6m climb into tne roof where formations seem to bar the only possible way on. This climb, again sporty, with useful stal hand grips, leads into a snort


;peleo ,pie1 o. 164 Febrdary, 1981, Page a. crawl where water can be heard in the uistance and af%er crawlin,: under, over and through fomations, we emerge high on a flomtone ledge in a large chamber with a very active stream soinewnere below. Taking as few risks as possible, the unaetermined lmgtn of the pitc~ was single-roped and secured tl~ usem1 handy stals, after Cwis gave his approval and abseiled over the gentle curve of the descending flowstone. He kept to the right of the pitch as he went down anu found an easy free climb startin,. about half way down to the cavern floor. The rope was pulled up and doubled so it could be pulled thru after us. Len was next down, anti xqself last, remembering just in time to bring Len's photography gear wnich was a good idea as I had the rack rigged for suiciae MHGG! The handy 'stai. was perfectly positioned for the pull tnrough and without much fuss we easily climbed down to the streamway. Following t he cola water towards its emergence upstrear;l over and thru some uncomfortably deep pools, it got to the stage where, to keep our necks dry, we climbed up into the rift where Soi* hairy t raversinq became necessary. This manoeuvre continued cp ite s.>me way at about 10m above the stream on ledges wnich varied in width on either side so changing sides happened frequently. At one or two sections, we had to clirnb down to the stream. Tne clirnb up to the exit Bill had spoken of, finally presented itself and was difficult to miss, also to climb. A massive flowstorie is the problem and after the passage of many muady feet, the 8rn ascent is now a greasy slide. Keeping to the wall edge, we ail finally managed to scale it with the help of a rope. Once U;! t.~is obstacle, we are back into a large solution hall with a deeply goured floor. A shaft of light from the exit comes in half way up tne far wall which we head for and find a 12m ladder climb in daylight. It' S an easy walk out of the fault am down the hill back t:, camp. A good trip, sporty and not too wet, not too long and straight forward. It took us about 3 hours after leavin,~ the main party to ernerge triumphant. Backa?b tne campsite a Boags was first, then something to eat. The main party jolnefi us about 4 hours later as we sat round a large fire, On the way back to i-Iobart the trusty fiQ got very hot and thirsty. Len and I had to melt tne Ice out of the Esky for the radiator wilicn only contained stearn. Anyone watn to buy a not HQ Panel van? 2ND F'LTT NOAT The party consisted of Blll 'l'umlin, (esteeiried leader, convenor and feneral factatum), Len Sinith (English gentleman?), Chris Davies (what more can I say?), Greg Kerfoot (Mr Smooth), D1 (~hris's other half), Andrew (education never dia me no gooa) Briggs, and last but by no means least, Trevor k'ailes (the author of this long ana involved saga). Trevor Wailes.


Speleo :;pie1 Iio. 164 February, 198 1. Pade 6. W./. /, 0.Junee Ridge "15 Seconcs Pot" JF111 Saturaay, 20 Dec. Party: Stuart Nlcholas, Chris Davies, Trevor 'Gailes, Len Smith & Nick Hume (TCC), Russel Saunders & Guy (Qld. visitors). After muc? procrastinating, buying of cups of coff'ee ana other time wasting activities centred around the *:aydena shot, revo or' S blue van arrived at great speed. When Chris finally got his long awaited egg and bacon roll lrom the shopt, we trunled through the gate and up the Junee Quarry Road. Our arrival at tke cave produced anotner flurry of inactivity while vario~ls bods attempted to organlse the other bocis. The 250m wide entrance made entry somewhat dlf'flcult but with the aid of ladders and a hamner, exploration was pushed in a series of one-mar, ex~~editions to a depth of about 80rn. Tne cave is a narrow, near vertlcal rlft all tne way to the bottoa wnich consists of' the usual Junee cave fill and, In this case, one only foluing shovel uropped aown a few years ago by John raricer. Yours truly was talkea into going to the bottom after Russell had reported a continuation from his stance at the end of the ladder. Going down was no problem, but gettin; out way sometning else: Over an hour was spent climbing about Zsm to the end of the ladder wnich had been extended by Nick after some verbal persuasion fro:n the "bottoaing party". The problems of extracting a human being from the small, steep and slippery boitom section were too great to even consiaer bringinq out the shovel as well, so bad luck John, you'll k have to get it yourself! Our late (Vp1n) arrival at the gate ciiu not please the gate-keeper which is unfortunate anu we apologise for our lateness. R Adjournin to the National Park pub, someone (probably called llCascadeltT sui:~ested a return trip the next aay to push Trapdoor ;wallet. Read on to see what really happened: Stuart Nicholas.


Speleo Spiel No. 164 Febmary, 1981. Page 7. Blorent ine Valley Gunuay, 21 dec. ?arty: 3tuart Xicholas, Len Smith, Nick IIume anc Rlck (a mate of \?ickV S) As you can see, only tne hard :nen were keer, enough to leave Hobart at 06.30. ilfter gr~eting the now f rienuly gate-keeper wit11 tne news that we woulu definitely be out before closing tiine (of the gate, that is!), a dusty drive out to the Nine Road was haa, dore procrastinating, sitting in the sun and other useless activities, Action at last a fast 30 ~liin. walk saw us at Growlin? gr wallet lookinq at the low stream. Trapd ,or was abanaoned am G. 3. trogged instead witn tne hope that the sump mlght be dry. 'Jit'n undainpened(?) enthusiasm, we zoomed doun to the sump only to find it full altnough the flow Into it was very sinall. The si~e passage where most of the stream flows was crawled into but deemed to be too wet witriout wet-suits. Some climbing was done in the high rift up the sand bank to the left of the rinal stream passage where a very strong draft was encountered. Has anyone peen along the narrow section %traight ahead" or down the estimated lum pltcnv Phi1 Roblnson aria company climbed the rift many rn3ons ago as di~ tne USA guys about a year ago, but has the passage been really pusned? :?ore solar energy absorption took place upon our return to the surface and mucn to tne surprise of the gate-keeper, we were bacK by about 14.30 since Rick had to De at the -:to Field National Park by 15.30. A great Gay was rounued off with a milksnake at tne Xaydena shop ana a quick arive home. 3tuart >!icnolas. rsloz*entine Valley Growling Swallet url-U&-a1 Party: Chris ~lavies, Trevor ',7ailes, Stuart Kicholas (TcC) ilu~h Stevenson, Uale '.adden, John (?)(chris1s cousin) aria Peter :Iutchinson (prospective (B visitor). dith the introduction of restricted gate opening hours (ddu0-1dW) and some verbal pursuasion bdyours truly. we maae it thrv tne gate at arouna 0815, aespite 'i'revor's wailing ( ). Very ury conditions made the urive out to the Kine Road into a guessing gane because of thick dust but we arriveu at the appointed place withoxt too mucn arana. Thanks to Geoff ish her's efforts a fewweks ago, most of the track is now cleared of small logs&nd the big ones have large steps cut in them. This made for a speedy walk in. The strean flowing in Growling was so low that, witn a little care, one coula reach the "SU~IP'~ with arjr feet! In ,)laces, t.e streail was nowhere to be seen. The glow-worm population agpears to have shrunk also. All but Chris (piker ~avies!) crawled trlrough the ury first sum2 and then trlrough the ary second. sunp to the tnird wnich was ueciuely wet. kjt this point, the cave narrows consiaerably anu the gossi~ility of extension in this area is virtually nil. Fiowever, if one was wined with a bob-cat excavator and a truck, the sand could oe re,!,ovecl froiri tne left brancc1 of the sump passage anu a possible extension found. A couple of deep swirl holes in this passage hda exterlsions continuing beneath them but lacx )f size and loose sand prevented any real pushing. It seems that the cave possibly continues in a general SE direction but at a lower level with access blocxea by tne sand beyond the first sump. Pity about that!


.;peleo Spiel To. 164 Februziry, -1951. Page 8. ,;one pokin* around in tne rift up to tfie left f rofn the rnua passage was f'ollowcd by ati urleventful exit after tnree pleasant hours unc~erground. Yavin,~; oeen convinced long ago tnat all Yk. 1 Cortina crivers are rnad, my belief was not to be dispelled on the cirive out. iiugh dia a magnificent rendition of a rally trick known as a Finnish Flick. Unfortunately, the car ended U:) facing back the way it had just come and partly elnbedded in t'?e scrub! Anu all to no avail, we were not lookin.; for a~ un-magped roaci starting at the junction of' the F9 and the short cut to 'vVestfiela Rosd. The rest of tne section out to the gate was completed on time and without furtner drama! Stuart Nicholas.

The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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