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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 103 (Jul 1975)
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See Extended description for more information.

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SPELEO SPIEL Newsletter of the Tasmanian : No. C Tasmanian mountain shrimp (Anaspides tasnaniae) TnCIC* P& BOX 416% srnw BAY, TASMANIA, loos Registered for posting as a periodical category B


Speleo Spiel. (No. 103) Pam 1. ihnual Subscription $3.09 Single copy 30 cents. ............................ President: Albert Goede, S Bath Street, Battery Point. 7090. Secretary: Tony Culberg, P.O. Box 47, Sandy Bay. 7005. Edit or Speleo Spiel : Lmrio Ill~ody, 13 Ihson Street, Claremmt 7011. Phone 197316 ............................ FORXARD PROGRUWE July 5-6 Weekend Trip: Spend two days at Exit Cave, Ida Bay. Leader: Tmy Culbcrg. July 5 Saturday: Cave nmbering and scrubbashing Flwentine area. Leader: Laurie ?9?ody. July 12-13 Weekend T&: Yqlo Creek expl~ration and nunhering. Leader: Andrew Skinner. July 19-20 Weekend Tri~: Volf l??le, Hastine. Leader: bdm Skinner. July 26-27 Weekend Tri~: Kaydenn Area Leader: Tony CulSerg. August 2-3 'Jeekend Trip: Ida Bap Area Track-cutting to Midnight Hole. Leader: Tony Culberg. August 6 Wednesday: General Bleeting at 18 Nixon Street, Sandy Ray. (Guess nho lives there:) ilu@st 9-10 leeken6 -Trip: Table Nountain Caves, South Africa. Leader: Albert Goede. There will be September General I'leeting! RepcatSeptenher neeting! October General Xeeting mill be held ot IImk lleerding's, 7 Gourlay Street, B1 nckuan 'S Bay. ............................ Editorial. Another fairly active month with trips to usual areqs. Nunbering at Vole Creek is past the cenfxiry nhile in the Junee-Florsntine, 86 caves now sport a little aluninium tag. Once again, attendance at General Meetinqs has again dr~pped and as several-regulars won't be available in Septenber, there vill no neeting for this month. I would like to tzke this ?pp?rtunity t? thank all those people vho have been supplyiilg me with articles for Spiel many thanks. Laurie Iloody. LETTER TO THE EDITOR. The f ollor~in~ letter was receive6 f ron John Bosler (UNSVSS) and is dated 1/7/75. Dear Sir, In Speleo Spiel (No. 109)~ Andrew Skinner described a trip into Exit Cwe at Hastings. h his report, he criticised my action in cutting steps on the mud-?>a& fron the river to inner Sase camp. He s~id that "this modification nakes valking u~ the hank vith billies of water much easier but (I) nisagrec! strongly with the principle of inproving a cave for mere cnnvenience to cavcrs. Gronl:!" Yy decision to cut the steps vas Sased on fxo factors. Firstly, the steps were cut after two men3ers qf the party had slipped on the hank. They were not cut for "yere convenience" but fqr safety reasms.


Speleo Spiel. I felt they were a justifiable safety neasure. Secorldly, the steps mere not qf a pemanent nature. I ~ould gladly have filled then in, therehy returning the' bank t? its f omer condition (sonemhat less than pristine) had I ina,yined that their presence would offend others. Bmeker, I considered that their existence ~nnstitutc.3 a less seroius modification qf the cave envirment than either the netal steps hlted onto the rock at the entrance, or the 10,hridge acrnss the river 3eh~een Canp One the entrance There do you draw the line on cave "inprwement"? Yours in caving, John Rosler. m1sms +++++++++++++++++++++++++W+ Please send any replies to 45 ICyogle Street, Filarou'ra. 2035. (John's address) Prospective Y'lenher: Gaynor Avery (I have yet tr, ?e supplied with her address.; ~lnyvay nelcone tc~ the nob! Search and Rescue Foms. Bill Leban mould like t6 advise that the follming people have submitted their search and rescue fons:liiike Jag?e, Tmy Culberg, Stuclrt Richolas, Andrev Davey, lllbert Goede C live Bol ter, Kevin Eciornan, Laurie Noody, Brian and.&wife Jeanette Collin. If your nane does not appear here then fill out the fon at the end of this Spiel and get it to Bill Lehnan as quick as you possibly cm! Cmprcnde? Don't ask ne I-rhzt that neans lmt it sure swnds @?d! .............................. CAVING CAPERS. The following lettcr was sent to Ros Skinner by J9hn Carnichnel after he had received a letter fron Andren infoming hin that Ros mas heving kittens. "Ros Please break new to ymr poor nisguided husband slonly. He thinks you are going to have kittens. Explain t,) hi? that the ba5y-?ringing bat dqesnlt deliver kittens, only little cavers. But he gentle you dmft want to shatter all his illusions all at mce! J.C." :~cc~npanying this letter was n draving of a haby-?rin,ying bat n%ich vas labelled with this title: LNFBWTUSCHIROPTZLI. Unfortunately, space does nnt pernit us to reproduce this dra~ing at this stage. Ed. Someone has 3een sho~t ing at Nax Jeffries bees with a "Eke-Bee" gun: Someone to baby-sit Hank ?Teerdingls ~o~kshnp while he goes caving! Contributx-S are advised that the AUTUPIN isme of this qagazine has been completed and should be in the pqst later this month (ne hope). As to the whereabouts of the SUiTCER issue no one is exactly sure! Hovever, a deadline date for articles re the B~~R issue closes I~LI~S~ 1st.


by your Northern Speleo Ferret. There dave hcen quite a fen trips to Jlole Creek but there is little exciting to report. One trip to survey A~ril Foo1.s' entrance in Croesus W& seduced by fine weather and ended up as a Landrover trip up the Testern Tiers. Ghengis Khan and the Honeycomb system nere also visited. Exploration of two nev caves at Loongana has been completed; (See description). ,l very successful social evening 7as held i2 Launceston, netting over $790 for the club. LSC are planninc to publish a journal soon does anybody have a second-hand duplicatnr fo? sale? Caves visited at Mole Creek during the nonth included:Little Trimmer, Croesus, ad Ghcngis Khan. Several caves vere also visited in the Hone's Cave area for numbering. .-'mdren Skinner. LOONc.,YLI. L0 17:PUZZLE 11:Inflow cave n~rth-east of Ulstergren bridge on top side of road; approxinately 200 metres of passage; some decoration in uppe? levels; stream becomes too lm to follow; discovered by LSC in May, 1 a75 L0 12:P'TJZZLT 1:Outflotr cave dornstream from Puzzle II; about 100 metres of tight passages; very muddy; several avcns; small stream probably does not originate in Puzzle IT; discovered by TSC in May, 1P75. NC 84 & 95 95:EIONTYCOW3 I:Lage system with numprous entrances and complex system of passages; several levels with stream in lmest; part of Tale Creek system; mapped to Grade G; entrances nmhored in domstrecm direction. 96:SrSS i?IL1S C,WE:(Outflow entrance); stream cave, being the source of Sassafras Creek; three erttrances; fmmation in the upper levels; discovered 1900 or earlier; ends in sump. NC 97:Un-named cave; small pothole south-east of Sassafras Cave; 10 metres deep; blocked with r~cks; no draught. lrIC 98:TL1RTTN'S C.iTrE:Medium-sized cave on hill near Sassafras Cami 10 metre entrance pitch leads to several chambers; some decoration. MC 99:Un-named cave; small fissure cave near Plartin's Cave; bo chambers vith squeeze at far end; draught; my connect with Flartinls Cave. NC 100:FIRST OUTING:Snall cave on opposite side of 'hill to >Tartinvs Cave; tno ch-ambers ; onme decoretion.


Speleo Spiel. Un-nmed cave; small cave nea? First Outing; one mainchanber 175th pitch leazing oPf; decoration. S~iallet where Sassafras Creek runs ui-~dergrnund; camqt be entered in net vreathcr, S-ISS,WRLS C:lTTE:(Second entrance). Un-named cave squth-vest of Hone's hquse; shgrt pitch in doline leads to intermittent stream passage; approximately 1W metres qf narrov passages; manyhones. Swallet discovered by GC; takes consi.7crzhle quantity ~f sater in vet 'meather; too tight to enter; located south. of King Solomon turnoff. Un-named cave; small cave discovered by BC; situated south-west qf Hove's hquse; several narrov passages; some decoration. 109: HciJFXCQ?;j3 11:Small cave through spur; part c~f same system as Honcycqmb I; streari in lm7er level; surveyed to Grade 5 (CRG). JF 84: (\Jestern Florentine) Small cave beside Stan PIIurr?yls Roed; small s trean surips ; little f nmAtim; two entrances only me nmbered; estimated length 3n xetres. JF 83: (Vestern Fl~rentine) Smdl cave in dqline; north ~f JT 53; takes sqme surface water; several small passages; some formation; "dig" pushed to sump; length estimated 00 metres. Abwe infornetion vras supplied 5y -Infirem Skinner and Laurie Noodg. TRIP RZPOF.TS. Party: Andremand Ros Skinner, Jed 9utler and Hugh King. On Saturday, ne visited Ghengis !%an an? later joined'an LSC party an$ mm%ered several caves south-west qf Hove's house. On Sunday, IIoneycomS 11mas numbered. (That would be the sh~rtest trip report qn rec?rd, ilndrerr:. Did your biro run out?) Party: ."u??re~7 and Ros Skinner, R,y and Fiona Skinner, Pip Casey and Lyn Dunc ombe ., .i very Oayvas had by all after the LSC "booze-up". Three tags nere affixed .in the L9~e.r Sassafras Creel.: area. Baldck's, Honeycmh I, First Outing and Sassafras Caves vere visited Sweral nmes -xiere. f oun&,+in Sassafras Cave, scratched m f lmstqnr? in an upper leml: ono was fron 19Or) and ko f rnm 1930. On PIm:l.ny, re vent qn -n trip tr, Loonp.na, arranged by LSC. Puzzle Qneand3~3 ere vbitec antigr~velling P around in small mudcly passages as -----------p p


Speleq Spiel. Pam5. July 1975, much appreciated. (~ust like ~astings) An attempt r7ns made to number Leven Cave hut after wading through the rather c?ld waters ~f the Leven River snon and all I fmnd that Ubert Gqede hod been there hefwe me and already hsd nunhered it! (Curses tough and all that jazz. ~d.) Farty: hdrew and Ros Skinner, John Richardsm, Jed Butler. One Saturday, m intellded t-, vj-sit Croesus, surveying the .Ipril Foqls entrance. IIovever, as the r?po vasn't collected fron Launcestm, 77e decided to drive up the Vestern Tiers. 7hilst the qtherts left in %h's Landrover, I q~bered elltrances t? Hmeyuonh X. On Sunday, several caves were numbered in the 1mkr Sassafras "Creek area. Vun3cr-lW vas affixed to First Outing nqte time JYr. Tlo~dy 2.Wpm. .In Suzday 8th. June. (Tine noted but I'm nqt nunbering rabbit burrms!!! ED.) Andrev Skinner. Party: Yax and Tin Jeff ries, Phillip Vms, Jnhrl Niller(~CC-NB) Laurie ~wdy (TIIC) The main objective qf this trip mas to investigate several holes off Stan Murray's Road on the Western side of the Florenti~e River. The h~les had been loqked at hriefly by members of the Vaydena B~anch pri?r to this trip but as it ras late afterenom, a trip hack vas necessary. 'Rere is quite an extensive mt-V crop qf limestone in this area which extends ame distance inland fron the river. Further scru5-3ashing in AREl ONE c17uld result in sone sipificant finds. LIKE-l T;!O (see nap) is at the t~p end of Gittus R~ad about l+ kilmetres vest of Gong Cave (JT' 51). The party arrived at 1"LRTi:-l OIJC armnd 10.00an. -1 tenp~rary obstacle in the form of a fallen tree further dvm the road bared'progress 5ut with the aid of Phillipts chainsw, vre mere sq?n able to press on. I'M and slush due to the extemive rain in this region, held doubts at me stage to our'crossing the Florentine River hut the level vas much loner than ze expected. Donning mr trog-suits, -7e beaded into the scrub 2nd five ninutcs later, reached the first of the holes. ..l la3der nas rigzed and I descended the F; netre pitch into a small chaaber which contained swp and nothing else. ?mm here, me moved a shwt way up the bank md mere able to scramble down into another hole (JF C%). This led dmn a snall slope and. into a passage containing ti. mall strean and despite a traverse to avid yet feet, it vas finally una-roida5le. The passage ended sone 10 metres past the creek which merged from a 1017 bedding plane and ended in a snall hole nqt much bifyer than a fist. It appeared to open up again past this ~bs tacle Some f orrlati~n, including several long strams (one metre is long in this area) vere in evidence. Phillip and myself then follmed the stream a short distance to where it disappeared into a sunp, encrging again mtside the cave. ?k exited several metres axty fron nhsre me went in, through another cntrmce. Fron here, we proceeded t? scrub-has? the inmediate area but although several dolines and a cmple of holes \ere investigated, n~thing eventuated. (Ra~ibit burrows again) It vas then 4eciriee! to have a look at the other "find" from the previous visit, !This was got far fron JT Sj and up hill. The hydena 'ooys had explored this cave and vere keen to cush a "digft at the fcr end of the cave. Vhilst the "dig" vas in prvgess, I nede a Grade 2 survey and then attached a nuqher above the entrance (JF 83). In the neantine, Tlax and Co; succeeded in widening the passas and proceeded dnwn a short way to a sunp. h9ther choked hole cm the opposite side qf the road vas ttexcavatedtt by :Tax and John hut failed to go very far. By now, nost of the party nere vet and cgld so we then adj~urned to the top end of Gittus Road where we lit a "5onfireW and had lunch. After "drying out", me set off on the southern side 9f the mad to


Speleo Spiel. July 1975. investigate several large dolines. The first of these prqduced several mall holes ~~hich unfqrtunately, were to9 smll t9 enter. "kilst the exploration of the first one nas tnkiog place, I scranhled d9m1 iqto an adjnini3g one and found a nwt inpressive lo~king entrance strean and all! Honrever, after only a few ~etres, it fi-zzled: Further scruh-bashing revealed me 9tkr ninor hole vhich was shmt 8 netrcs deep but ve didn't even lnther t? nun5er it. (Amther rabbit hqle ) Nqthing najor resulted after t5e day's events but further prospects i:~ this regim could be enc?uragin(:. kmther trip to this area is planned for early in July. Laurie No3dy. Elap 9f this area appears on Page 8. Party: !'lax Pc Tin Jeff ries, Phillip Voss, FSichael Brmfield (TCC/P.D~) and Laurie b9dy (%!C). What a day to go caving! It as pouring with rain when I left Hobart and still pouring nhen I arrived at Maydena! A2nyvay, the party assem1~lecl at a Uax's and then headed out the Junoe Road towards Junee Rising. d neck hefore, llnx had "rescued" three teenage )yirls fron a cave -zhilst checking his bees. The cave is on the top side of the road less than half a kilnnetre fron the Jume Bridge. (See separate article on rescue). We trggged up in our net weather gear and clinl,ed the clearly defined track md found a nan-size h?lo in the limestone. Max infoned us of another entrance snne 10 netrea mray and after numbring it (JF 90), --e, t!lat is Elax, lIichael and rryself, doscen(1-ed a three rxtre pitch into the cave. .lfter negotiating a steep nudcl-y 'lank 77e then proceerl.ed. to investipte as nuch of the cave as we could. Unf ortunatcly, everphere we there was plain evidence that the cave had been extensively vandalised. Tree saplings had 3een cut dm and dr7pped into the cave apparently to serve as a ad dies" t~ knock off the fnmatinns. Pri~r to the vandalisation of this cave, it xould have undoubtedly hen the prettiest cave yet discwered in the Junee Area. Approxinately 100 netres of passage .exist and further 'extensions cwld 5e possible as a 4 netre pitch vas mt descencl.ed due to the absence.of a ladder. ?!any aninal hones nerc noted as nere also a sardine tin ancl other rub'7ish. A hmier and chisel aere also f~und al~d duly rennved. Only the one entrance was nunl~ererl. due to the fact that the top hole is connon hc!vlec?ge and the possi7>ility of the nuxber repaining in plain vier: fw any long periqd as dnu7sked. ',7c then adjourned to the Fl~rentine Valley and had lunch. After this, tje then attached a further tm num3ers tn Beginner's Luck Cave. The daylight hole was nm3ered JF' 81 and the Jonguano Passage entrance, 82. Further scrub bashing sme 290-300 netres do~m the road revealed anqther hole which was duly nun3ered JJ? 85. As it T7as still raining and n?st of us oere v~et and cqld ne decidcd tn call it a clay and returned to Kaydena. Laurie Moody. EXIT CAVE 5-6/7/75. Party: Tony Culherg (L), Peter J~ztts, -5uth Stophenson and Gaynor livery (P). :!e left thc car af tcr checking ?ut t5e level of tli~ DIEntrecasteaux River at the '>ridge. It ?vas Sarely svollen, s~ Fe headed in, Uscd the hi& level travcrse at thc entrance nertly t9 av?id thi,T'2-deep mter. ITeaded in to Camp Two. The river crossings werc a little deeper than on ny first visit to Exit. After lunch, we visited the Chanhr of 3amoclns, adniring the !w1y "pretties" en mute. Returned to Camp Tvlo after ame photographic sessions an6 Zuly adnired Edie 'S Treasure. After Ivcakfast m Sunday, m headed for the 'Jestern Eassage and had


Speleo Spiel. July 1975. a good look reund. Back to caqp for lunch an3 then headed out. Dmn tn the creek a little deeper than 2.1 hours previously. At Ganp One we had dou3ts as to exactly nhere ne'd be spen2ing the night 3ut the river crossing at that point was only aaist deep. Hwever, the next crossing was a conpletely different kettle qf fish: 3 f e;4 anxious nments rihcn ;re lost our f oqting md had to swim a 3it. Our 5ods vcre covered hy the nater as ;ire crossed t3e lqg '>ridge. An extra nctre of water Sctvreen the lng 5ridp and the gate sure changes t\e cave. Cmnents 911 seeing the anount ?f water at the entrance:"Shit eh:" "Bloody Hcll"! "Shit No cmnent Gaynm just sat and stared! Experiencing that anpunt of water in Exit is worth vhile once BUT Happiness is van, dry clqthes: Ruth S tcphenson. Cu13ergts th~ught for the day .Help Conserve our Native Forests Re-use Your Envelnpes! During the mekend of June 28/29$ !Tax Jeffries the Tlaydena Branch President, reported that he had cause to "rescue" three ywng girls fron a cave close t~ T'Iaydena. IIe had been nut checking his 7?ee hives m the Junee Road and found that soneme had 5ee3 stqoting at then. Hearing shots frm the directi~n of Junee Rising (JF 8 j, he had driven along the mad and noticed several bicycles. Deciding to take a look, hc climbed a short nay up the hank and found a young boy vainly trying to encourage his three girl companions to climb the rqpe back t~ the surface. They had entered the cave via thc "home-nade" rope, knotted and nearrotten. I'Iax then collected his torch and entered the cave via a near?y hole which led int~ the sane systen. The girls had been in the cave for about two hmrs and every attempt to clinh the 6-7 netres to the surface had failed. The only lighting carried oras a 5ox 4 natches. llax guided the girls out of the czrve and learnt that they had nqt horn of the ether entrance. b lecture frorl llax and it is dou.btcd that any r~f the trio nil1 3e going caving for sone time. \Iax infqrned ne that several of the Maydena Branch nen5ers had looked at the cave a fen weeks previqusly and children were a3out at that time. It seems rezsnnahle to assune that the children visited the cave after Elax and C ? had gone. The cave has 'wen known for nany years and vandalisation need not have been necessarily caused recently, Flax vefitured Sack the fqllming day and renoved the rqpe which I hay-e pcrsmally seen. Anyme g?ing Flax 'S rray is asked to call in and take a l?ok! It's a real "eyc-?pener": Laurie Moody. CAVE NUI'IBERING. (Late Edition) JF 81:Daylight hole entrsnce to Beginner's Luck. JF 82 :Entrance to -Jonguann Passage in Beginner's Luck. JF 85 rSnall tight cave srith 30-4 0 netres of cravlo ; approxinately 300 metres down rod and m same side as Beg.innerls Luck. JF 90:VNNJDALISATION CAVE (Suggested nme) ; Cave nith ~CJ vertical entrances 2-3 netres and 5-7 netres respectively; a shqrt distance above Junee Road; approxinately 100 metres of pa,ssa&e; exploration inconplete; previws to ?eing extensively vandalised, mmld have had perhaps the best displays ~f f~rnatim in the Junee area; many hones. (J)

The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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