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Speleo Spiel
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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 107 (Nov 1975)
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See Extended description for more information.

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SPELEO SPIEL Newsletter of the Tasmanian Caverneeri l Tasmanian mountain shrimp (Anaspides tasnaniae) *_ Ir '1 Ts6.C. PsOs BOX b16,. SANDY BAY, TASMANIA, 7005 Registered for posting as a periodical category B


Speleo Spiel. (no, lol) Pam I. B;NMO'AL SWSCRIPTION $3.00 Single copy 30 cents. President: Albert Goede, 8 Bath Street, Battery Point. 7000 Secretary: Tony Culberg, 16 Nelunie Street, Lindisfarne. 7015 Editor Speleo Spiel: Laurie Moady, I3 Nason Street, Clarenont 7011 "Speles Spy" Phone: 49 3316 Bwenber 8-9 Weekend Trip: Woodchop at Maydena on Saturday and a days caving at Beginners Luck on Sunday. A/Leader: Therese C-oede. Novenber 9 Sunday: Scrub-bashing in the Vherrettss Loolcout area. Leader: Laurie Noody. Novenber 15 18 EKit by Invitation. Leader: Andrem Skinner. Novenber 29 Saturday: Ida Bay Hastinga area: Leader: Laurie moody. Decenter 3 General Meeting: Wednesday St. Nicholas Night at the Goedels 8 Bath Street, Battery Point. Decenber 6-7 Weelcend Wip: Mole Creek ~roesus/~ittfe Trinner and &Jersey Hi11 Caves. Leaders: Andrew Skinner and Al'Gert Goede Decenber 25 January l Mole Creek/~ooTrip. January 26-28 W Cormittee freeting Wollongcmg. (ASF) January 26-28 -. Loomana Trip: Leaser: Andrew Slrinner. Early ray 1976 Mended stay in Exit exploration and surrey work see Andren skinner or Laurie 160cly if you are interested. Editorial. October was a fairly busy nonth with trips to a nun5er of places. However, in nost cases these trips were confined to the Wherrettts Lookout area near !Taydena anb to Hastings, So far efforts to penetrate the shafts %lam VJherrettls have yet to Iive up to eqectations although one shaft has been eqlored to 55 ~etres but .. subsequently fizzled out. Efforts 3y a nmber of rienT~ers have succeeded in naking he Tmee Romestead a hone from home and their work is mch appreciated. It is C also pleasing to note hat attendance at the Voven3er general neeting exceeded all expectations, It was the best attended neeting for sane the. Keep it up! !l%e Novenher meeting also saw two new junior nenl~ers and a senior nenber wted in. I cannot elaborate mch further apart from sayin& that letts nake ETovenber a nonth to renenber GO CAVTE FIND CATITS! It was decided at the Nownber general meting to publish a Iist of the nore active party leaders and this Iist appears below:'I@C Andrew Skinner, Albert Goede, Laurie Moody, Tmy Culberg, Brian CoEIin, Peter Shaw mcl Stuart Nicholas. TC(=/r,Taydena Jeffries and PhiIlip Voss.


S~eleo Spiel, Paw 2. Nuwrubm 1975. mv ~~mmRs. Corqratulations areextended to the foITminc new menbers. Welcom to tbe nob! Pat Rxllerton, I6 Nelmie Street, Lindisfarne. TO15 (F') BilT Nicholson, 9 Reather Road, Risdon Vale. 7016 (J) Grahm Harrin@on, 217 Dement Avenue, Lindisfarne. ,7015 (J) Renenl~r Won Insmiendun Sed Uvat" ~~S FOLLP!: Pothole near lanslip near Wherrettfs Lookout. Sea trip report. ITo nunber as yet. T~~~ CAVES FOR SCHOOL PARTIES, At the !,Tay, 1975 Genera1 Fieeting the follm* caves were sumested as be* suitable for use on trips with school parties. At the Noven%er, 1975 neetiq it was asked that the list be published in the Spiel. (so here goes) Ida By Ras tim Areas .7olfhole, Entrance Cave, Loons Cave, Eradley Chesternan Gave and Revelation -. Jimee-Florentine Areas. a P 1,Cashion Creek Cave, Juries Cave, Ross Valker Cave, Khnzad-dun (top area only), Beginnerf s Luck and JF 5 9-60. Mole CreekArea. Vet Cave, Boneyco~3 1, Scotts Cave, Baldocks Cave, Spider-Blac-bhan1 Cave. NEW TRJF LEADERS. Co~gratulations to Stuart Nicholas on his appointnent as trip leader nith TCC. BTm Jeffries and phillip Toss were also elected as trip leaders for the lkydena B'ranch of WC. Conpat9 to you blokes too! SEARCH Pm RESCrn. -. Peter Tatts is ouf nen representative in this s3phere and he mouId like ned~ers to fill out yet another search and rescue forn which appears on the last pap. Ve have had trouble obtainin~ forns in the past l~ut as this coul8 assist you at sone tine, make sure that he gets yours. It doesn't take Tow to fill one out get to it ITOT?! (7KAITGE OF ADDRESS Fiom Skinner is back hone at 12 hrixon Street ,,Saiv2y -Bay. 70D5. (P ,S;A wee hirdie telIs Me that it's E"ionafs birthday on Dece~ber 6th. Sweet eighteen. OId enough for f'uI1 nenbership Fiona! The Albert The unIess Stuart BlGe-Vater rope is naw meif by:Peter Shm, Peter Vatts, Andrew Skinner, Goede and Tony Culberg. cTu?~ om only electric lsrp and: in future Imps ill not M lent permission frog owner is 6btained. Club Imps mill be available frm Nicholas at a cost of.50~. 'l;lkter issue of' ASF Xewsletter is in the post I hope! N.B. Typing error. Wolfhole in the above and subsequent reports should read Wolf Hole.


Spe1e.o Spiel. Page! 3. The homestead itself was first given "cm loanff to the club just before. the IgTO ASF Conference. Repairs to glassless windows were carried out by nailing a double thickness of heavy duty plastic across them. The few bullet holes in the tank mere repaired and the spouting & guttering fixed up and things were "ma1 beaut". The "Homestead" was much appreciated by those who went on the Conference Field Trip in that area. Unfortunately, after the thrills or KhaeadDum & Dnarrmdelf were over, interest in the area waned and the "Homestead" was visited less frequently by club members. Seasonal workers (blackberry pickers) were known tc use the place but for the rest of the year, it was fair game for the vandals, The plastic was efficiently torn to shreds, bullet holes once more pierced the tank & also the interior woodwork vas being ripped off in places to be used as firewood. When interest in the Junee-Florentine area was rekindled, members once more began to use the ffRomesteadn but by now it was less comfortable than a tent. 1b.x Jeffries started salvaging various bits of furniture Pm the place but most of these were either smashed up or stolen and only the bunks & mattresses surviveif. Arourd this time (approximately tvrelve months ago) the place changed hands & FAax approached the new mer, Jim Rall of Wes,temay, on behalf of the club. .Tin has generously given us the "Homestead" on permanent loan & mishes us the best of luck in keeping the vaxdals at hay. In fact he will even give us a hand to do' this as -ms discovered by Therese when cozrfronted by Jim toting a gun one Sat., while she was repairing the mantlepiece. It was dehatahle who was more surprisedJim, on seeing a female waving a hamer around, or Therese at being confronted nith a gun, After explanations, mork continued & Jin returned to shooting rabbits. The three best rooms are now tidied up for club use it is hoped the "kitchen" mill also soon be fixed up. Please steer clear of the "hathroon" ao the haby smallo~s have just hatched, Thanks are due to several people. The Salvation Army donated the furniture Bt carpet. The Sleep Shop (plastic for windows), Stuart & Mr. Nicholas, mho spent the best of a day getting the furniture from the Salvoes and gp to the "Honestead" and BTax Jeffries for all the tine and effort he has put in at the place: It is to ?x hoped that vandalism will be kept at a minimum by more frequent use of the "Honestead" and any danage (recent3 should he reported to F!ax and if possible, repaired hy persons using the place. The timl~er stacked neatly in the front roon to the right of the fireplace is for shelving, please DO NOT use for firenood! Plastic for repairing holes in windows is on top of sane cupboard and nails are in a green plastic container (use brick as a hmer). Anyone prepared to spend sone tine lining the water tank with cement will 3e welcomed with open ams (the Editor would like to make a concenton this one but he 'S not game. ED,) as ne would like to be able to put it back into use. Leftovers of light-coloured paint would also he appreciated, Keys to the place are held 5y Max Jef f ries (Maydena) & the Goedes (Robart), Anyone using the place b are asked to leave it tidy & prefera3ly leave sone kindling in the box next to the front fireplace for the next lot of visitors. There is no charge for usin(: the "Honestead" but please wield the Froon 3efcre ypu leave. There's no place like the "Honestead"! I'Imoth Cave, Kentucky, ms officially declared a NaXional Park in 1941. 'I%e park itself encloses 51,354 acres, The cave has low ?em considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Wem \Jorld, vith cver 150 miles (240 kilonetres) orf ex-plored corridors and nith striking ~ypsun, linestone and onyx fomations, deep shafts and lofty dories. Above pound, the ?ark contains a nooded, rolling landscape, traversed by two forest-?ordered rivers; these lands are steadily recovering fron years of'


Speleo Spiel, E1AlP.IOTR CAVE Con t ; nis-use to mhich they were subjected before the park was established. The Pinestone in which Nam~oth Cave is found was forned when Kentuckg was subnerged during the IIississippian Period (sone 240,000,000 years ago), As the Land rose slowly, the ocean waters receeded. Durhg the period of transition frog ocean botton to dry Land, sand was deposited over the earlier linestone strata. Grbund water than disolved the linestone along joint and bedding planes to f3rn Tar@ mom and passages, The water ta5le dropped lower as the land was elevated. Very gradually, the Green River cut dom the linestone and the caves ifere drained. Vndergrounr3 trihtaries of the Green, such as todayts ~cho River, flowing sone 91 netresbelow the surface, qodif iecl the passagerrays in nany places and nays, This first process left undecorated room and corridors, such as are still found in sone sections of F'lannoth Cave. Other sections, however, vere beautified as water, heavily inprapatd with,line, flowed dom malls and dripped fron ceilings, forning lovely draperies, stalactites and stalagnites, Vhite translucent crystals of Gypsun on walls and ceilings add still further to the heautg in nany parts of the cave. Eyeless fish, found in some of' the cave lakes, are one of the'unusual phenmena associated with Flanrroth Cave. In these sane lakes are found cravsfish (a cave type) and the cave cricket is also connon. Bats also live in several of the caves, Xational Park Service guides conduct groups throu~h the cave on'toum of varying length, fo~ which ,-uide fees are charged. One of these tours, lasting all day, proceeds alory: Echo River, past such places as Black Hole qf Calcutta, Rock of Gihralter, Grand Canyon and Gran8 Central.StaZion and past extraordinary gypsun and onyx fomations. The largest of these onyx fornations is called the Frozen Niagara. W the four entrances, three F"rozen Niagara, Ter aald Carniehael are nan-mde. Visitors nay not enter any part of the cave without a-guic?e. The Gkeen River follows a minding course across the park. The Nolin, a sizeable tributary, flows into it near the nsst 9oundary. Iluch-of the lLmd has heen famed indiscrirrinately prior to the park being established. Civilian Conservation Corps caqs during the depression years (1930 'S) started. the process of reha?)ilitati'on, halting erosion and planting eroded slopes and worn-out fields with native vegetation, Ihe )rational Park Service has continued this work aith great success in restoring the natural appearance of the land. The park forests, principally deciduous, cover a5out 60 percent of he watersheds of the IVglin and Green Rivers inside the park. There is a great-variety of flora and fauna now that the ground cover has heen restored. Jlannoth Cave was discovered in 1799, reputedly 7-y a hunter mned Houchin. During the war of 1812, saltpetre for use in naking gunpowder for the herican f qrces, nas leached fron cave depwits; the vnfs and other equipnent used'in the process are still to be seen in the cave. Through the years, TIarmoth Cave becane wieely known and was mch visi'ted-. In 1926, aith support and encourager~ent fron Kentucky, -&he Congress authorised establishent of the park, but requirecl that the needed lands be donated. The Kentucky National Fark Comission and the people of the state, through the I\Tarmoth Cave Rational Park Association, acquirer? the &re~ter part of the necessary land. Laurie Moody, + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + TRD REPORTS (Belated) Party: Andrew and Ros Skinner, Ruth Stephenson, Peter Watts, Tony CuIberg, Patrica Fullerton, Feter Green, John Wise and students of. Geilston Bay High SchooE. Caves Entered:flevdegate & Kin[; George V. Thistrip was too large for the purpose but was enjqyed ?y nost of those present, No nen thin* mere found and in fact Sunday =as spent gett* Andrev sone firemood and visiting Manson's Falls,


Speleo Spiel.. Page 5. TRP REPORT3 Cont; NOLE CREEK 27-28/9/75. Party: Andrew and Ros Skinner, Tony Culherg, Peter Watts, Ruth Stephenson, Pat Fullerton and students of Geilston Bay Hi@ school,& Therese Goede On S~turday, incursions to Roneyconb I, Ppnid4ow, Wet, Tailender I & I1 were nade, as well as @thering sone wood for the hut. Sunday was spent retrievibg the scaling pole fron Croesus. A better organised trip than the previous one. Party: 1h.x & Tin Jeffries, Phillip Voss, Johnny FIiller (Maydena) Tony Culherg and Pat fillerton. This was a qukk trip to the new caves found Iast meekend 3y Laurie and IITax at the top of the landsIip uncfer Lberrett's Lookout, The area is worth a visit even if" only to see'the landslip. Several holes were looked at and one entered. It slopes steeply,i,e 15 netre ladder needed in entrance and bcones-n series of steps 2-3 rretres high and a3out 1 netre wide, with the slot al>out .6 netres wide. Due to lack of tine and lack of gear, only a brief exploration was made. d return is planned. Proposed nane Perforations. (this was rejected at the Nov, rreet*. E8.) Party: Anrlrew Skinner, Tony Culberg, Ftuth Stephenson, Pat Fullerton, Peter Watts and Bill Bicholson (Geilstan Ray nigh). This. was the Iong proniseil redescent of ITidnight'HoIe. An early start (l1.30 fron the quarry) saw us at the entrance at a5out 12.45~3. I led dam each pitch, a thankless job untanzlintl; the ropes, and we reached the last 55 netre pitch in reasonable tine. llndren celehratecl this hy ciislod~ing a 10 kg rock which hit the bottom quite noisily. The squeeze nas a little danp and we reached the dayTi~;ht at about 5.30pn. There was no apparent wear or comosion on the eye4olts. ELISTINGS 22/6/75 (now that's what I ca11 belated'! Ed,) Party: Peter Murray, Tony Culberg, Ruth S tephenson, Peter Watts and visitor Gaynor Bve-y. Nnn-cavers but helpers dlbert and Therese Goede. This vas intended as a trip to introduce Gaymr to cavinicj;, _She wrote to the club expressinc an interest in cavrLng and Bolfhole was selected\for her de?ut. We entered via a ladder 2 netres too short and ~nerally poked around in the cave. We found the lake, Peter found some net: anirral life ancl we all: merged af'ter about 2+-3 hours, It vas still raining. I an not sure that this is a pod cave for beginners as the ladder pitch is a 3it nasty. All the above reports were subnitted by Tony Cul?>erg who has been fairly busy it seems. Party: T.Vx and Th Jeffries, Peter Xatts, Ruth Stephenson (TCC), plus visitors Peter Golden and: Feter Niemen8yk fron SSS, Above pound: Stuart IJicholas and Therese Goede. Heavy rain in the south-east precipitated a cl?an&-e of plans for the weekend. The planned excursion to Exit Cave by Rerese with Roy Skinner was cancelled an2


SpeIeo Spiel, TRIP HEPORTS Cont ; f'olloning the arrival of two cavers from SSS on Fkiday afternoon, a rapid arrangement vas nade to take then to he Junee-Florentine where it was hoped that there mouPd he less rain, Departure tine was supposed to Tje 8.00an but after querying each of&erts sanity and loading the cars vrith nore material for the "Ronesteadtl, ve finally left HoSart at 9.00an in teening rein With the windscreen wipers worki.rq overtime. We also playec?"doggens" v~ith the water-filled potholes between mew IVorfolk & Ifaydena and arrived at Elax's in tine for norninc coffee at 10~15an. ETax and Tb decided to join us for a visit to WeIcone Stranzer, hut first a fast and slippery trip to the llHonesteacl" to unload the building materials. The 3iee River was high hut not quite over the $ride. Then, through the barrier and up the ANNts roads to the cave. At this point, Stuart decided to join Therese and stay aboveqound. The rest of the party tro~pd up and went under. At this point Ruth takes up the stmy:"M1 bar Stuart and Therese decided to see horr net Velcone Stranpr reaIly ma. Ve had to et our feet wet (nost of us) bar I& and Th ~ho cheated by mearin~: boots, The Sydney Peters took nwzerous photos and were quite inpres5ea viTi the cave. A desperate attempt was nade by >one menhers of the party to keep tEeir feet dry, however, only one sizcceeded ask Peter. Ve enerced to fin3 Shart and Therese had got a roaring fire goi~ and had loaded the cars with firemood for he llFTonesteaPt.l~ (end of Ruth's report) As the underpound party expected to he away for 3 hours or so, Stuart and Therese decided to put the tine to good use. Firstly a quick walk dom the road to retrieve sone discarded mire xesh. Although sone of this nas rusty, it proved quite useful as will be read Iater, Therese then spent some tine Imphunting while Stuart pottered around with his W. On noting several pronis* Iqs U: wood near the vehicles, the bug-hunting ana vehicle potterinc were cut short to inciuIge inthe warning occupation of vood-cutt*. Several hefty bIons later, a neat stack or ;C700d-~ounted up. This was loaded into the Renault -m4 W & the left-overs were use$ to 1i;;ht a fire for what was asswed would 3e a net party ener~ing fron Velcone St-re Four hours later, when they finally appeared, they proved to 5e fairly dry ht the fire was still welconed, Back to the llRorzesfeadll for dinner an8 Stuart left for Bobart. A lazy night nattering and early to bed. next nornix darned bright md clear ancl the party had a hurried broakfast, having slept late and naited for Albert to arrive so Beginners Luck could he surveyed. When he was 4 hour over&.~e, mtterirv~s were heard and aIternative pPans mere sumsted. Finally it vas decided to visit the holes ncclr TIJherrettts Lookout at the top of the landsIip, Slogged up the slip ana began-by looking at the hole on which my hours.hac1 been spent diverting a strean whichpreviously ran dom it. Dm went one and stoppecl. The hole petered out at approx. I0 rrefres. It was choked with alluviux and the strean was re-directed backfinto the holein the hope that the blncksge nodd wash itself out, perhaps in one-hoyears it nieht go? Readcd back to the other hole that takes mter but even after sone edensive ,~rdening it was too ti~~ht, Returned to tb little cliff line where we had started out and Peter N. had a look dom one hole but it ended after 14 netres. bth ha5 a look in a narrow little hole close to nher~ the-wafer cones over the cliff, It was very net and nud.7~ and got too ti&t after a short dist;lll-cree (At this point the Editor apologises for the boo-boo that he has just realized that-he has-nade. A slicht interruption, Ruth coxpiled this report m& iF starts -heIve lines up at "Slo~pd up the slip -l1. Editor can't be bothered to st& spin, soriy) Still a c~uple of hours to go belom Therese was due to pick us up, so 'lack towards the landslip an? Te f ourrd a hole which shone?! no signs of previous entry. It had three entrances, a11 close tosther, Peter 8. went down the widest for 15 netres and then the other ko Pcters+Ruth followed-. It wound 8.om at a steep angle and en3ed in a heap of bones at an approx depth of 55 netres. Some sic?e passaces mere noted but piere -to3 barrow, CTou18 clinl, up a11 ht the last 15 netres although one persm ask Peter free-clinbed the whole way! Back :!o~m the slip to f inz Therese naiting for us ." After the "L%errettts" had gone up to the slip to ferret around, Therese returned to the "Honestead" to continue reparations. Nateria1 was nov available


SpoIeo Spiel, TRIP KEPORTS Cont ; . 'f"or a cm-deterent fence armd one corner of the "Honestead", so the first hole was duc For a post. Fortunafely, at this stage, Flax arrived to assist and he made light vork of puttine inathe posts by belt* then in nith a sIe?@-hamer very effectim, and nu&quicker than dG-~cine; holes fiist. Then the cross-bars vkre mt up and the fence was finished, slightly crooked lxrt servicahIe. The nesh which we had found on SrStululay,' pyovecl to be the right size for nailing ?mer the win?-ms which were still un-protected. While this was Sew done, Therese once a-in hit the mong (thmb) nail and a shorthalt was carled nhile stars mere counted and then a Skht snack was hacl. After lancing the area around the mil, the blood build-up easea and stars disappeared. d tight Sandap and back to work. Max offerea sone sherry for nefliciml purposes but this was refused on the pounds that mre mong nails night 3e hit as a result of the effecTs. The nesh work fas finished ancl then a piece of carpet was put donn in the rcsr bedroon. This has been tacked on one side only, so please tread carefully until it has flattened. out and beeri'tackec! down properIy. It also has a reasonable sprinkling of pins still in it fron the previous omer so tread warily. As it was marine the appointed hour fop the pick-up-, a halt vas called to the norkin;: bee and Plm header? hone while Therese once nore headed Fack up the road to the Gap. The SSS Peters rlecided to spend another ni~ht at the "Honestead" and do a to-mist-trip of the Cordon River Road on the Monday. Peter L'atts, Ruth ane! Therese enjoyea yet another cuppa at Flaxt S then' headed 3ack to Hobart arriving at approxirmtely 10.15pn. after first running Ruth hone. Despite the disnal start, a ,yood neeked was had by all. Nany thanks to Max for his help and hospitality. Therese Goede. &stralianIVaturaI History. special Issue -Australian Caves. V01.18No.6 ~~5lished %,g the AustraIian National: Nuseun, Sydney. -. A concise, enlichtening publication on Speleolom in Australia, vith-at the usual comercial frills. Vine articles on such diverse su?,jects as '!The F~matTon and Developnent of Aus t'relian Caves''to-'".IBe Eeavy Rand of Ko5ern Tlan". Notab16 speleolo@ar personnages such 3s Joe Jemin~q, J~lia Jmes and hdrem Pavey are anonpf the authors. 'I'his ?u?~lication is r3agnificehtly illustrated nith appropriate phofopphs, colour as well as black mr! vhite, Exit Cave features on the rfront cover. -Copies of the above my be obtained fron Tony Culherg at the neasiIy price 09 approx $1 (they should arrive soon) and should you wish to viev before ym mke ymr purchase, ask the President for a look at his copy. LIST OF F IMA.N'CTf" 7:EF.TRERS 11 9-76. BOULTER, C'live and Dot, 11 Sheldon Place, Sest Robart, 7000. EUBOI?, Peter ana Joan, F.O. B~x.74, Lindisfarne, 7015. BROMFlELD, ITichael, C/o P.0, Baytiena, 7457. BROT.V, frank, 68 FarelIa Street, Hmrah, 7019. BUTLER, MichaeI (~ed), Rin,proom RoaC, Scottsdale, 7254. CARET, Prof. S.V., 24 RichslzTson Avenue, Dymyme, 7005. CASET, Pip, 2 Pirie Street, Km Tom, 7008. COLLIIT, ISrian anit Jeanette, 66 i7entr;orth Street, South Hobart, 7000, C*ITLI?ERG, Tony, 16 IVelmie Street, LinQisfarne, 7015. Fan. m. J. Fu1P. Furl. Hon. J Fan. FiTlP


C~.PTIJl'GS, Rick, P15 King Street, Smdy Bay, 7005. DATTEY, Andrew, C/o'John F'isher Ik211, Dynnyme, 7005. LE?, 1x7 and Stella, P.0, Box 24, TiTargate, "fT53. FRi~SRCOMBE, Don, 94 Parkdiem Crescent, ;1Tay5ena, 7457. FULLERTOIT, Pat, 16 Nelunie Street, Linclisf arne 7015. G&lBlX, Stuart, C/o P,O, Fm, Dover, 7T16. GOEDE, Mbert-, 8 Bath Street, Batterg Point, 7000. GOEDE, TKerese, 'l 11 II II I II G%1UFJ, Robert, Hastings Caves via Lune River P.O., 7116. HERINGTORS J'ohn, 24 Balaka Street,Rosny, 7018. E'1RRlXGTON, Grdmn, 217 Dernent Avenue, LinclisTnrne 7015. JAGOE, Nike, Springvale Postel, 2 TTidTiood Street, Rew Tom, 7008. JEFFRES, llax and Tin, 66 South Avenue, Elaydena, 7457. KELLER, Bllan, C/o B.H.P., Damin, 5790. LEHT.T;VJI?, BilI, C/o 66 Jed -wth Street, South Hobart, 7000, 1iL"J?'SFIF:LD, Boss, 77 Cala3ria Road, Is.lin@on, Londm, N5 England, ME'ERDING, Henk, 7 Gourlay Street, Blacknans Bay, 7I52. XTLLER, Jo~ C/o Elaydena P .O 7457. FllTiWlY, Peter, C/o Dept. d hatony, Vni. of Tas,, Sandy Dag, 7005. KOODT, Laurie and Sue, l3 Nason Street, Clarenont 7011, NORRIS, Clive and Sally, 11 Church Street, Kings ton, n50. XEHOLAS S tuart 7 -9upert Avenue, New Tom, 7008. NTCETOLSOTT, 3iI1, 9 Heather Road, Risdon Vale, 7016. PETERSOV, EI1, 12 Auverme Avenue, New Tm, 7008. POU'LTER, Nom, P.0, Box 120, Redlands, Western Australia, 6009, IihiJLINSOE, Roe1 C/o Guides Off ice, Jenolan Caves, I?.S.V,, 2786. RICRNUISON, John, ROD. 681, Latrobo, 7307. RICEARDSON, Tory, Mole Creek, 7304. ROBINSON, Phil, C/o Geolum Dept., Uni. of Tas., Sandy Bay, 7005. SEAW, Peter, P,O. Box 326, Sandy Bay, 7005. SRILRSER, Roy an8 Pan, 12 Ni~on Street, Bandy Bay, 7005. SKINRER, Fiona, 12. mixon Street, Smdy 3ay, 7005. S~I'~O~, bth, 35 Tophan Street, Rose ay, 7015, VAW TTJILLE?T, Renlc, 633 Nt. Nelson Road', Nt, ITelson, 7007, VALTOX, Dave, 3 Kairi Street, Rotorua, new Zealancl. ~,l?P?T, Graerre, 16 Pottery Road, Lenah ValIey, 7008. WATTS, Peter, 22 Raynont Terrace, Nt. Stuart, 7090. WEITE, NoeI', Geo1ogist, C/o Z.B.P,, G.P.0. Dux L923, Perth, BwAw, 6001. RUSRTON, Grahm, Hastiw Caves, via Lune River F.O., 7116. SPELEO SPIEL SUZSCRT19ERS. DYKES, Peter, 538 Port Racking Road, Caringbah, IT.S.W., 2229, ELLIS, Ross, 1~,/10 Fourth Avenue, Canpsie NOS .W., 2194. EV~ILTOIT-SPIII'PT~, Eleqt, P ,O. Box 36, Carlton South, Victoria, 3053, VINDFBLD, Carey, 259 Dmond Street, Carlton, Victrria, 3057. flICHSON, ITeiI, 13 Waratah Road, Tumrra, N.S.R., 2074. TTOBiE, Roger, C/o Geoterrex, 613A Eliza5et-h St ; RecTf ern, NOS .V., 2016. l.mTPL\F, Mike, 30 ?'lapIe Crescent, Lithgom, N,S.7., 2790. PU!ITm, Peter, 66 Fromore Crescent, Park Orchards, Victoria, 3114. mT.. F"uP1 F=& Rd. FUTI. filr,. Rm, fiIT.. RonA Rod J. fill. Ass. Ass. F"ul1 fill. filP. rnl* F'UIP. Fan. Fan. fill. J. Ml. Ass. Ass. Full. Horn$. FulI, FuI1. Rd. J. Full ks, m1. 11ss. Ful P, M1. Ass. MELVILLE, ~aqy,-~& ofo on on Cave, l'loie Creek, 7701. .. -.. NI3~vTENDYEC, Peter, 9A, Durhan Street, Hurstville, N.S .G., 2220. REDISIN, A., f7,0, Gm 83, East Devmport, 7310. ROBIYSON, LIoy8, 167 Nt, Keira ;ioad, ITt. Keira, NOS .Q., 2500, $RAY?, Chester, King Solonon Cave, Role Creek, 7304. VOSS, Phillip Main Road, Xaydena, 7457. If, for sone reason your nane does not appear on this list please get in touch mith the Editor or the Secretary/Treasurer and we shall try to establish why! Regards to Ross Ellis just love your nag.!! I could do mith a cwditorS~M.


Speleo Spiel. NOTE: If telephone contact at hone or eork is not nornally possible, hut nay be used in an enerency only please state here:CAR E'L1IE AND TYlE (e .G. Iblden ~dan) ......................................... . CA.I'XITYDRIVER + ........... .P."S~GEIX + ........... PXXS TENT 'rYI33 ............. *..~~. mrSB Arc you available for search? YES..... lJO....e. .... If YES at any tine for short periods YES .......... at any tine f?r extended periods YES .......... f cm wekends only YES.. ........ State notice require.? (e.~. 2-3 hours, 1 day etc) ..................... That areas do you how best? ............................................. .......................................................................... .......................................... hy previous search experience? CNITTG Are you available for search? YES*.... ?TO..... If YES at my tine for short periods YES... ....... at any tine for extended periods YES .......... for :-leeken& only YES .......... ......... ............... State notice required (e.g. 2-3 hours, I (Tay etc) ; ............. Vhich areas do you know neIl? (cave location, proplens, etc) .......................................................................... Any previous search eqerience?...,...................,,.................. FIF* ETZRGEIEY ..... ...... Are you available for call out? YES NO If YES at any the for short periols YES......... at any tke for extended periods YES ......... for weekends only Yds. ........ That areas are you interested in? (e.g. Nt. Ame, Franklmd Range etc) DO'YOU HAVE ANY SmC ULIZED XNOZLXXE THAT VOULD REU' DT ANY SlURCR RND FlESXIE? ..................................... (e.g. First Aid Cert., 'JireIess Operation, ). ............................... ANY OTRER RENihUB ,ELIT ITAY PROVE 07 ASS ISTATICE :................................................................................ ................................................................................

The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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