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Speleo Spiel

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Speleo Spiel
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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 132 (Mar 1978)
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See Extended description for more information.

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Newsletter of the Tasmanb Cwemeen'ng Club tlwc~ 197% NQ / 3r T.C.C. EstaMished 1946


Speleo Spiel. No. 1 3_2, Page 1. March, 1978. $icnsletter of the TasmanimCaverneering Club. Annual subscription $4-00 Single copies 40 cents. 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 President: Stuart Nicholas, 7 Rupert Avenuc, Ben Tom, 7008. Ph. 28 3054. ~rcs.(L?aydcna &h.): lIax Jcffries, 16 South Crcsccnt, Maydena,7457. Ph.88 2256. Secretary-: Tony Culbcrg, P.O. Box 36, Lindisfarne, 7015. Editor: Albcrt Gocdc .Pl1.23 1929(~), 23 0561 cxt .4l~ (B). Typist: Tl~crese Gocdc. 0-04-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 Ilarch 4 Saturday: Day trip tc Tasmans Arch (~agichatrk ~cck) for S.R.T. practice. Spcc-tacular coastal sccncqr. Lesdcr: Stuart Nicholas. Idarch f 1,12 VlEYhI\TD: Thc Chrtiman, Juncc Area. Lcdcr: Stunrt Nicholas This is thc last assault of thc sunncr season. A special effort to push cxplor,?;tion as for as possiblc. Anybody tho cm assist vith surface support please cone!! Iinrch 12 Sunday: Day trip to bit Cave to ifitroducc H.1i.C. students to thc delights of caving. Lcodcrs: Roy Skinner ,ancl Brucc McIntosh. assistancc nith transport iiould be nost nclconc. March 24-27 Easter: h uiofflcial trip to I.Iaydenc. to cclcbratc birthdays of scvcrsl ncnbcrs aid incidc~~tally do sonc caving. Contact Thercse Gocdc or 3mce IlcIntosh for dctails. March 25 Snturdax: IChazad4um expedition 1978. Contact Stud Nicholas for further infornation. March 29 I'IEDNESDAY : 8 p. n IiNWJAL GDERLL IZEETING Election of office bcmcrs. This meeting will be prcccdcd by a very short Extrrordinar~ gncral liceting to approve constitutional chmgcs required for the club to bcconc an incorporated body of 1:hich NOTICE IS lEl?E13Y GIVEN. Wc trould like to sec as nmy ncnbcrs as possibfc. kcting Roon Whcctsheaf Hotcl. (1.1acquaric Street. ) (* Zxtraordinary Gcncral Lceting d.iscussion tine nil1 be linitcd md at the discretion of the Chairnm.) April 1 S~tur*: Cavc Scclrch md Ecscuc. 3ithcr kit Cave or J!Iystcry Crcck Cavc(Entrancc Cave). Cont2ct Bill Bicholson for dctails. Early April 11 night to bc arranged for the addressing of the A.S.F. Bensletter. Prcc rcfrcslmcnts available. Contact Tony Culbcrg for dr?rte. Sonetine April ii rrcclccnd trip is Scing plmcd to I.Zolc Crcck nith studcnts of H.1.l.C. For ilctails contact Crucc IJcIntosh. April 14-1 6 UEXIZND (lcsvc ~ridcynight) Thc Fcdcration of Tasnanian Bush~io1l;ing Clubs is arr'anging search and rescue parties to a number of arccs, to tcst ad inprovc radio comunications. Nmcs to Bill IJicholson as soon m possi5lc. PLEASE R: Thcrc is no general meting on tllc first ~~MESDAY of APRIL. 13usimss nil1 bc dealt with at thc I.G.11. "IXRST IN CHINA" p-THE book for thc DISCRILIINATI!?G C:= OIiLY $ 12-00 (Plus postagc ncight ~488gns.) Contact Thcrcse Gocdc, 8 Bath St., Ihticry ~oint.($4-00 per copy sold to T.C.C.)


Spclco Spiel. 1:o. 132. March, 1978. ECITORIAL If this issuc is a bit short on trip rcports it is not bccausc thcrc has bcen no caving activity during thc past fcn nccks but bccausc thcrc arc still sonc rcports outstanding, c.g. Exit Cave. 3y all acounts this was rrorth nriting up cvcn if the cxciting "ncnff passagc thc lcxlcr brokc into aftcr auch frantic digging through thc talus hicl bccn discovcrcd bcforc. Rcninda ne of mother cpisodc nmy ycars ago ~rhm ncnbcrs spcnt t~o vcckcnds diggifig a prospcct in thc tourist scction of Nciidcgatc Cavc. At last thcy brokc through into a big f'ncnff chaobcr. As thcy scrambled throu&. cxcitcdly to cxplorc thcir find thc lights ncrc svitchcd on! Iad so ve approach mothm A.G.1.I. I-i-hcrc rrc m11 havc to votc in c ncv comittcc for the coning ycnr. It is no sccrct that thcrc has bccn sonc discord in thc cxccutivc during thc lcst ycar partly as a rcsult cfppcsonclity claslics. It nay bc north~ihilc rcmincling rncnbcrs that thcy ,yt the comittcc thcy dcscrvc. If you arc in thc usual scr=blc to moid bcing clcctcd you cmiot conplain if sonc of the ncnbcrs ~ho arc clcctcd do not ncct rrith your approval. It is inportant for a corn-it-tcc of my caving club -to ~iork togcthcr h harmony. It is also inportait to clcct officc bcarcrs rho havc sonc ability to do thc job. d club sccrctary or Spc1c.o Spicl cditor :;h0 cm iiot cxprcss thcnsclvcs ol-? pa@cr arc obviously not a good clloicc. Mcithcr is a trcasurcr nho cannot add tvo and tco togctlicr or is so untidy that hc ccm~ot kccp the books in ordcr. A prospcctivc quartcmastcr my rcasonzbly bc cxpcctcd to have m intcrcst in kccping club gc3r in ordcr. If you gct 'chc vrolzg pcrson for thc job YOU could bc thc onc to suffcr thc conscqucnccs! It's your club. If you have dcfinitc iclcas on horn it should bc run and czrc prcpzrcd to do your slicrc thcn stand for officc ! Thc suggestion tlia-i; thc club bc incorpor?.tcd rcsultcd in a livcly discussion at thc last gcncral nccting. Up till norr thc club has rcsistcd this novc bccausc thcrc sccncd no rcd mcd for it. Homvcr, 15th thc futurc inconc fron bccr tickcts nc will clearly bc handling vcry much norc noncy. This also ncms norc risk to individual ncnbcrs xho at p~c.scnt src fully liablc for my dcbts that thc club my incur. Incorporation ncm3 vcry linitcd liability. SuBSCR1PT10~JS S Subscriptiolis for 1978-79 m11 bc duc 2% thc :i.G.bi. The fccs for full and fanily ncr!bcrship liad to bc raiscd lsg 50 ccnts to covcr m incrcasc in I1.S .F. subscriptions. Ratcs vill bc: Full ncnbcrs(ovcr 18 ycars) :; 7-50 Fasily ncnbcrs $70-50 Junior ncnbcrs :j 1,-00 Associate ncnbcrs C; 4-00 c Thc full ad fmily ncnbcrship fccs incluilc c S 3-50 contributio:l to A.S.P. ad cntitlcs onc to rcccivc thc A.S.F. Nc~;slcttcr. Junior ,and i~ssociatc ncnbcrs i-rishing to subscribe can do so by paying thc extra <1; 3-50. PLEASE assist thc ncr; trcasurcr by paying dues p-onptly at thc h.G .M. CLUB NEWS. P,EKBERS. Thc follox7ing rscrc acccptcd as full ncnbcrs rt tCc L!arch Gcncral I.lceti?ig, sub jcct to filling in cpplicatioli f oms cad yaying thcir fccs bcforc thc .;.G .M. Ton Idid~llcton, l/l36 Bavcy Strcct IIobart 7000. (Bus. Dcpt .of Construction, Ph. 30 6430) Imita Truchmas, 18 Bcddonc Strcct, Smdy B2y, 7005. Pawl Ruzicka, (address ~m1:noim) Julic Marsh, . Brisbmc Strcct, IIobcrt. 7000. Thcy havc all donc thcir prcscribcd thrcc trips and nc nclconc then to thc club.


Spclco Spicl No. 132. Pcgc 3. March, 1978. Congratula-tions are cxtcnecd to Pat md Tony Culbcrg on thc birth of thcir son Jcrcny on thc 3/3/78. + FIRST AID COURSE. At thc last tvro gcncral ncctings thc dcsirability of norc mnbcrs bccanixg fmiliar mth first aid -vas discusscd. An cight ncck coursc conducted by St. Johns stLvts sonc tinc in Qril. Thc coursc runs cvcry Thursday fron 7-30 9-30 pan. Ti?c cost is 915-00. Final ~unbcrs taking part nrc rcqi~ircd rt the .;.G .?I. Runour has it that Job P?xlccr lms dcpcrtcd for Ncn Guinca on a trip of scvcr2.l months duration so no ncrr cavcs cm bc cxpcctcfi to bc found in Juncc-Florcn-Linc Tor 2 i71lllc unlcss so~?co?lc clsc carrics on nith thc good work. \?c all wish Jolm a good tinc in IJcli Cuinca. C;LVE NOl~mlCLi~TU17J3 Thc f ol1ot:ing docmlcnt :-as prcpucc! by Llbcrt Gocdc for thc f~ .S .F. Comittcc in !~ollon~;ong. It is non bcing cli::cuascd by nci..bcr clubs md hc lrould bc grntcful for ,my ~~~~~~ts that ncr-bcrs aay hmc on thc pro2oscd rulcs: Noning Thc folloning mlcs for naring oI' cavcs and hrst fcaturcs (fnon, 1968; milcock, 1968) arc suggested for cxrnination by mcnbcrs of thc Fcdcration znd arc intcndcd for gcilcral discussion at thc cor.nit.tcc ncc-Ling and rbt socicty lcvcl during 1378. The fcdcration is urgcd to adopt a sct of guidclinc rulca at thc Pcrth Confcrcncc in January 1979. Nwcs should bc approvcd only if thc locdity md naturc of thc fcaturcs hove bccn rccura,tcly rccordcd in socictg rccords and axhivcs. A nmc should bc concisc, euphonious md in good tnstc md should not bc such as to givc offcncc to clay pcrson. i~ fecturc should bc nm-cd only if it is of sufficient significmcc to ~-rarra~t nming Cavcs shoulcl not bc nclmxl dtcr living pcrsons unlcss in vcry cxcpptiona1 circuustanccs. On no account should a cavc bc ~imcd after a living ucnbcr of caving society. Uhcrc pcrsoual nmcs arc. uscd thc posscssivc 'S' is o~zittcd unlcss this dcstroys thc euphony or dcscriptivc 2pplication of thc nmc. If thc possessive 'S' has to bc uscd thc npostropbc should bc or~&ttcd, c.g. Scotts Crvc Scott's C~VC. Hyphcns shozld not bc uscd in nc11 nmcs. 11s.1~~ COOPOSC~ of 3 1iu.-bcr of ;iords should bc 21-cidcd. Uma-1;ural combinol;ions of 1:ords should not bc uscd. 'Ihcrc fcaturcs zrc nmcd &tcr pcrsons, iiz~~cs should not involvc the usc of both Christim and surnmc or a conbination of thc two. Long and difficult aboriginal, botanic or scicntific nmcs should bc cvoidcd. If ,m aboriginal nmc is uscd, it should lmvc m appropriate ncaning Cori-uptcd or aodificd nmcs should not bc usc2 unlcss such foms zrc 17cll cstablishcd by local usagc. Ncmcs that can bc construed 2.s dvcrtising a particulzr conncrcial or induotrial cntcrprisc arc not occcptcblc. If norc thm onc nac is ovailablc for o cavc, thc nmc bcst cstabliahed in local usagc should bc acccptcd. If locd usage docs not providc a solution thcn thc nanc that has bccn cstablishcd longcst in historical rccods will nornally bc fmourcd. Ch=ging m alrcc2iiy rccc2tcd nmc should bc avoidccl ct all costs 1~11css thcrc arc vcry co~pclling rcasons for doing so. l,!I~crc LW cxisting nmc has bccn uscd In r scicntific description, c.g. to nmc a geological fomction or as a typc locality of a nc\ispccics of cavc founc thc nmc should ncvcr bc altcrcd nor should thc sm-c nmc bc assigncd to my othcr f coturc Thc usc of diffcrcnt nmcs for parts of thc smc naturd fcoturc should bc avoidcd. hcrship of lmd on \;hi& a fczturc occurs is not considcrcd grounds


Spclco Spicl. Do. 132. Page 4. for thc adoption of thc pcrsonal nmc of thc omcr." . . Rcfcrcnccs: ,ban, 1968. Hulcs of Orthography md Foncricloturc : Noncncl~.turc Board of Tasnaain. lidoptcd at Idccting No. 132 ( 15th February, 1968), 2p. Matthc~~~, P. 1 97jr. IImdbook Cormissioa Circular (April, 1974), Australim Spclcological Pcdcration. Matthcvs, P. 1'977. Cavc Sunnary Guide Lddcndun No. l (Thy, 1977), i'lustralim Spclcological Pcdcration, ? p. Wilcock, :L .A. 1968. 'Gcogrqhic?.l Uoncaclaturc & Mat-i;liccs, P. (Ecl. ) Spclco Iiandboolr (Pirst ~dition) !us-tralim Spclcologiccl An intcrstatc cxrc diving tea lcd by Phi1 Prust of Adclaidc r,ith participants fron B.S.!7. mcl Sth.i:.ustralia spcnt n fortnight in 'i'as~xmia during Fcbruxy to ccrry out snvc divcs at Molc Crcclr, Juncc ,and Ida Bay. Thcy scorcd a major succcss at 1.01~ Crcck rrhcrc nftcr m cffort lasting scvcral days thcy ncrc ablc to link Kubla Khan Exit r~ith thc siphon at thc domstrc,m cnd of Cairn Hall in Kubln Ism. About 400 nctrcs of diving in Kubla Ibm Exit ;ras f0110~;cd by n long strctch(cslinatcd at 800 nctrcs) of vading md srrinming in a high-roofed, vcrtic~.l-~jcllcd pnssagc Thcn cmc mothcr divc of about 35 nctrcs ~hich cndccl in Cairn Hall. Ibc divcs hnvc cstablishcd bcyond doubt that Khbl~~ IChLan Exit is thc rcsurgcncc of Kubla Khan a.nd havc addcd mcstinatcd 1300 nctrcs of prssagc to thc lcngth of Kubla IChan. Thc tcLm also attcnptcd to divc 2t Juncc Cavc bat rrcrc bcatcn by cxtrcncly poor visibility and difficult pnssagcs. At Ida Say thc tcminal siphon in i,lystcry Crcck Cavc(Entrmcc Cavc) rms divcd ,and connection r,dc vith thc strcan in thc Canyon arc2 still in thc smc cave. Turthcr progrcss hcrc is blockcd by -t;alus. !'lit11 a li-ttlc cnginccring cfTort non-divcrs cay bc ablc to push furthcr at this point. .;lbcrt Gocdc TRIP REPORTS. Vandal Cavc, Juncc Arca Tucs. 14th Pcb, 1978. Thc group lcft soncr~hat latcr thm plmmcd duc to ccrtain pcrsons slccping in. Rinn, Carolinc m-d Julcs travcllcd up to ihydcna in Bill's F .C. Strato, Lindy cad John in thc Fiat md hita and !'lccvcc (Lynn) in Prank' S car, J7c all act nt thc LIaydcna shop' about 9.45 ?ad dtcr a prclininary stufTing of faccs and shoi-ring of pog profilcs to thc dj.sr.lay of thc shop assistants nc cvcntually lcft for thc cmc. '~'hc trnditionnl riggicg up ,and visits to a prickly trrinklc pnrlour(I2ina rrill cxplaln) took o quartcr of cm hour. A "bcforc" photo was tzlwn by thc group photcgraphcr, Strato, bcforc rrc sct off. Duc to sonc ncnbcrs of thc group having hcd no laddcr practicc nc sct off to thc right of thc first cntrmcc for thc sccond. Carefully follouing John Parkcrfs instructions YIC ovcrshot thc sccond holc by a ncrc 300 nctrcs. Thirty oinutcs nas spcnt farting around in thc wrong area, till thc nistakc nas rcaliscd, md it i;as back to thc first cn-trmcc to stxt agair,. hita found thc holc in undcr -thrcc ninutcs, liC had virtually nal1;cJ ovcr it bcforc. In Strato's hmtc to scc thc sccond cntrmcc hc stcppcd into thc first but vas caught by thc zrr? bcforc hc bcat CS zll clo~in. Thc sccond holc rcqi~ircd co. lit'ilc body jcocuing to Crop in and sonc of thc norc well proportioned ~xr;l.bcrs(-to cnsurc tllc i;ri-tcr's sLafoty thcir n,w.cs nil1 bc nithhcld) found it a bit of n squcczc. Vith a hclping hand fron Strato ,and a lcss hclping handful of nud fron Bill all got clorm snfcly. Pron thc sccond cntrancc to bcncath thc first is 3, snall passcgc of about fiftccn


Spclco Spicl. No.132. .Pagc 5. l.Ic?rrch, 1 97B2 nctrcs. Unfortunately to procccd furthcr dom into thc cavc is 2 nud slidc' requiring a lddcr. iiftcr sonc postulction on ~rha-t to do rrc fixcd our thoughts by flinging nud. :JI all out cucryonc-for-hinsclf nud fight lastcd long cnough for cvcryonc to gct their fair shzrc of nlud. The clinb out ass cnsicr thm in ~iFtl? only a fc~i grunts fron Ccrolinc md norc grunts f ror Lindy Vc vcrc tripping down brck to thc cars by latc lunchtinc for ,m "aftcr" photo, to provc just korr nucky tcn snabs ca~ gct in tcn ninutcs. Thc afternoon follovcd with a B.B.Q. 2t the honestcad, and a mtcr fight dorm at thc crcck. !!'irst prizc gocs to Llndg ;.rho cncrgcd xith thc clcmcst facc, ad to Vlccncc, ~50, nhilst micaking up 011 thc honcstczd in thc long grass, put hcr h~1ad snack in thc i:;idClc cf a juicy cow paddy. Julic Idarsli Molc Crcck arca 18th Fcb. 197%. Starters: Roy Skinner, Bill Nicholsoc, Thcrcsc Gocdc(Acting ~csdcrcss) Hcnk Tjccrding, Emcc LIcIntosh, 5:oa Liiddlcton, Julic Ilcrsh, Rina Truchmas, Cmolinc Hccs, Tin Philips, Pavcl Ruziclta md Rcg.0. Most of thc pmup 1nd trzvcllccl to Ilolc Crcck on thc Friday night or 2t m ungodly hour cn thc Saturday norning. Thc lcadcrcss hnd ndc a slight detour vic IImgma, m-d lcft from tllcrc for liolc Crcck to arrivc at 9.30 2.2. Gathcrcd fron cormcnts that sonc hcd nct spcnt a vcry pcaccful night and it nas obscrvcd that scvcral of thc norc cnthusi?stic trogs mrc still blcmy cycd or in one casc still aslccp! Lfter nuch hcapiiig of 2busc on thc offending cavcrs conccrncd(vho didr,'t cvcn bat XI cyclid), ,and ~uch consunption of coffcc, thc group that intcndcd going into Crcl?gl?is lbm first rrs finally gcarcd up md rcady to go. Gcnghis law Party: ?licrcsc, Roy, Hcnk, Brucc, Ton ,and Tin. For thc bcncfit of thosc 1-111o hadn't had a pcck at thc botton cntrmcc of Kubla Khm Roy lcd c quick sprint up tlic hill. !?c then procccdccl to thc nain objcct of our caving trip aid all ncrc und~rgrouncl by l1 2.n. Thc rocks at thc top of thc cntrancc look dccidcdly unszfc but T~C camfully moidcd usc of thcsc as hmdholds. Also it aas soncvhzt dry md slippery. Through thc "holc" md into thc ncin climbcr 1-rith thc rather bcaut stalsle;.~itc. Lookcc! at thc prcttics bc+mcn thc 3l515~ on thc right md tlicn procccCcd dolm to thc scction mth. thc vcry rhi-tc _calm. Sorr tinc nas s~cnt photogr~phing md thcn rrc continucd to whcrc tlic leo!crcss had prcviously found a couplc of bat (?) sltclctons. Onc of tlicse had bccn disturbccl ~1ad rras thcrcforc ccllcctcd for idcntif ication. '.c o-thcr onc, ~il~icli although norc cxposcd, had had some protcctivc rocks placcd around it on thc prcvious trip by Thcrcsc I-I~S thmlifully still 0.11. m-d a photo of smc nns -b?&.cn. Thc rocks acrc then rcplcccd md hopefully it ii-ill stay unc!j.sturbcd. '.?c tlicn cbout turned md ncnt to -thc scction chcrc all thc hcllti-ccs grow on thc u?dcmczth sidc of a hugc slab. Lbrc pho-Lographs ncrc takcn but tlicn thc photopqhcrs succmbcd to thc urgings of tlic othcr ~?cnbcrs of thc party vho mrc suffering hunger pangs, md nc hcadcd out. Tlr clinb back out vcs accoqlishcd with sonc cursing on thc p?.rt of sonc md a fcn rocks did roll(snal1 ones fortunntcly) L11 out by 1.20 p.n. Rcturncc: -L3 thc hut to discover that Sill h2d tdwn thc others -to Bzldocks Cavc(1 think) mcl tliat Corolinc hxl gonc on a tourist trip through Liaracoopa Ccvc 2s Lbc sol? custoxcr for the guidc. Thcrc sc Gocdc Lynds Cave Party: Roy, Brucc, Tor.1, Carolinc ,ancl Tin. Tollouing a visit to Gcnghis Khan ~ith Thcrcsc VC rcturncd to the Maracoopa hut for lV~icli. In thc custo~ary tardy fashion of cavcrs, TIC sct out to visit Lyncls at 3.30 p.n. Ronc of us had bccn thcrc prcviously, but of coursc nc ltncn it ncs bcsidc thc Ilydro dcci~natcd Kcrscy Rivcr Thc ncathcr being idcal for such purposes, Ton clccidcd tc svin across to vhcrc ire could scc the location of thc cntr?xc caused by thc condensation ghcrc the cold cave outflorr nct thc :sxrncr Mcrscy ixtcr. Hc vanishcd into


Spclco Spicl I'To.13A thc strcm czcrgcncc md rc-appcarcd 2 fclr ~?.inutcs lxtcr ,?,-I; the dry cntrcncc sli@tly stupcficrl Trot his cold sirin. Uc negotiated our nay nround thc rm-tcrfsll and follor~cd thc ncll norn trail as frr as thc rlassivc flowstonc scction bcforc thc first rock-fall. I'lc couldn't gct thc thougfit of tl~c nmn sunshinc out of our ninds, (particularly Ton i7h0 sccncd soncvrh,?;t stunnccl) so dtcr c rnthcr bricf visit nc re-surfcccd md spcnt a dcliglztful hclf hour or so mim-ing md basking in thc sun md apccing that Lplils nust bc vlsitcd orr a hot day. Roy Sicimcr. A rcport fron Bill IJichol~~iz cn 1rh2t his pp-rty Cid hns not yct bccn rccciv-. cd but fron all cccounts a ncrry tinc ms. hzt~ by all. A proposed trip on thc Sunday norr~ing to try >ad find Lit-Llc Trimcr Czvc fizzlcd duc to thc lcaxlcrcss bcconing crcck. II,uly t11mi:s to thc proprietor of thc IJolc Crcck Botcl for thc assistailcc hc gxc. I would likc to run mcther trip to Gcnghis with onc or tno othcr photo Ercaks rrho arc prcprccl tc spcnd at lcast four hours indulging in ahxttcrclic1:ing my tt=l:crs? dssistancc is going to bc nccdcd if nc arc to g2,tc Gcnghis. T11osc nho havc skills rsith vclding, ccr~cnting or cm just hclp cnrry thc ncccssnry itcns to thc cntrmcc plcasc speak up i-rhcn thc nzttcr is discussed nt a necting. Thcrcsc Gocdc . During thc past tr;clvc zonths tlic ?!mna:im Cavcrncering Club has sccn a cons id crab?.^ incrcme In ~cnbcrship md hcnzc pc tivity Ilmy t'rips hsvc bccn to previously lmom csvcs both for gcncral sight-sccing ad also cxplor,?.tion. Trips for tkc cxplar,?;tion sf r~cciltly iliscovcrcd holcs havc also figured pronincntly in thc Club's prograsmc, pcrJ~iculurly in thc Juncc arca mar 1k.ydcna. Olzcc ,again thc Ihydcnn Brmch has bccn vcry activc r:ith thc disccvcry of rimy cntrmccs in th? Juncc-Florcntinc arca. Soac of thcsc hmc bccn cxplorcd but; nany arc still amiiting invcstigction. Sincc uost arc v~rtical cavcs, suitably traincd and cxpcricnccd czvcrs src rcquircd for thc cxploration of thcn. Dcspi-t? thc influx of ncr; ucnbcrs, vcrticzl trips during thc past fcn nonths havc attractccl vcry fcrr nci? fcccs, pcrtly bcc~~~sc of a lsclc of tine aid cquipmnt, but minly I suspcct bocmsc of insufficient training in vcrtical caving tcchiqucs. S .R.?. Is bcconing po?ulcr r-rhich is pcrhops unfortunate as laildcring is still 2 vcry uscful tcchniquc, corzsidcr~.bly chcapcr ,and probzbly saf'cr. Frcqucnt visits to sonc of thc Sh.tcls illorc sccnic csvcs havc bccn thc causc of, in sonc cnscs, considcrablc dmagc to fomztion. This fact indicatcs th2.t acccss to thcsc cavcs should bc lizitcd to sonc cxtcnt, pcrhaps by gating. iilthougll alrcziiy gatcd, Exit Cavc hzs ic ny opinion rcccivcd too umy. "socicl" visits rcccntly :ii'ih only tuo or thrcc trips king for scrious cxplorxl;ioi anc! survcying. Other cavcs xhich nppcx to nccd protcction arc Kublc lka md Gcnghis Khan ~:t 1:Tolc Crcck. Evcnts of sienificmcc during thc ycar h~vc includcd thc beginning of s high e;rsdc syrvcy of Exit Cave, inprovctlcilt of t:ic ccccss track to thc. Cracroft srca by Llbcrt Gocdc, 2n cxpcdition to thc Precipitous Bluff arc2 'and tlzc cxp1orzt;ion of The Chaimm on Juncc Xdgc vlzich has so fcr rcvcalcd about 1 of passqc ,and is still going. Although not n T.C.C. trip, a group of cavc divcrs fron S.A. and lT.S.17. divcd thc rcsurgcncc of Icubla Khm cad cvcntuslly Brokc through into thc cavc Ftsclf for thc first tinc cvcr. I~lportant cvcnts plmncc! for thc ncar f'uturc includc thc survcying of thc Juncc Ridgc and o scarch cad rc,scuc cxcrcisc Curing April nith thc Policc S .& R. Squd thc Cli:!bcrs Club of Tas: :mia, i.~~!bulmcc Board staff, bushnalkcrs nnd ncnbcrs of othcr caving clubs. Club cquipncnt stocks hsvc Sccn boostcd ~iiith thc nmufscturc of fivc ninc nctrc lcddcrs. Ilorc ropc, both dynmic md s-batic, should bc purchascd soon as cxisting stocks arc dctcrioratiizg rc.piclly. Sonc cquiprlcnt tcsting has bccn donc md norc rrill bc. carr.' cd out in thc ncar futurc


Spclco Spicl ]To. 132. Ppgc 7. lharch, 1 978, Gcncrsl occtings havc bcen r:cll 6,ttcncIcd but unfortunately thcrc has bccn a tcndcncy to conbinc socialising aith thc busincss scssion. Vith coopcrztion fron ncnbcrs, thc busincss session cm bc lrcpt short lccving plcnty of tinc for socialising 2-ftcr. Pinclly I wish to thank th? officc bccrcrs of T.C.C. for thcir mrk during thc past tmlvc i:onths, for aithctlt thcir concerted cf forts, running of the Club nould li~-vc bccn nuch eorc difficult. Thc forthconiiig A.G.16. bri~gs i.?ith it thc clcction of officc bcarcrs for thc folloriing tnclvc nonths. Plcssc think ccrcfully bcforc ncrlinsting s ncnbcr or czstlng a votc. I shall bc a~nil&lc for rc-clcction bat duc $0 study and otllcr co~~itrxnts ny tinc will bc vcry liuitcd ad I consider it xlvisablc to clcct s pci-son irith sparc tinc -to thc position of Prcsidcnt. i.lccting Roon '7hczt shczf Hot cl. Still ?.vsil2blc: H LRST IN CHIBA U 2.t only $ 12-00 pcr copy. or cvcry copy sold gocs to T.C,C. to bclp purchsc gczr) (1Vould cain1.mil purchmcrs plcpsc allon cxtra for postqc costs. Wcight of book is 1488 PS.) Intcrcstcd thcn contact: Thcrcsc Gocdc, G &th S-Lrcct, !;,1Y:I

The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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