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Speleo Spiel
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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 143 (Mar 1979)
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See Extended description for more information.

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Newsletter of the Tasmanian &-ring Club Ma~l. IQ79 NQ 143 T.C.C. EsWisM 1946


Speleo Spiel. No. 143. Pwe 1. Elarch, 1979. Ncwsletter of the Twnaniun Caverneering Club. Annual subscription 84.00. Single copies 40 cents. President: Bill Tondin, c/o Division of Recreation, Rirksnrry House, Kirksmy Place, bttery Point, 7000. Ph. 30 6214 (Bus. ) president (!.!aydens Dch. ) : Lir~ Jeff rips, 18 South Crescent, EJaydcna, 7457. Ph. 88 2256 (Hone), Secretary: Im Gothard, 9 Jams Avenue, Rinzston Beach, 7150. Editor: Stuart Nichol,as, 7 Rupert Avenue, Elev Tom, 7008. Ph. 28 3054 (H). Typist ei Distribution: T.Gocde-Vcrnoulen, 8 Bath Street, Battery Point, 7000. FORY~MD Pn0cnnr.m. LIarch TO, l l Exit Cave. Leader: Bruce EicIntosh. Uarch T8 (SUN.) *it Cave. l3.IT.C. beginners trip(naxinun of 10 students). Leaders : Roy Slcinner ancl Bmce IlcInt osh MARCH 28 VIED11 ESDAY ANI?UAL GU\TE&IL KEETING. Meeting Roon, Yflleatsheaf Hotel, 8 p .n. Would a11 ncnbers please ncke every effort to attend this neeting. See 'Club Mens' for further details. IJay 2 General meeting, ihentsheaf Hotel, 8 p.~1. Near fufure Trip to The Chairrim. See Bill Bicl~olson if interested. Mid. July Hclls Passap, Wolf Hole. Letader: Im Gothard. Dec. 1,2 ICubla Khm. Photogrcphy etc. Leader: Bill Tonalin. Late Jrtn.,eyly Feb.1980 Another expedition to Prmklin River Area see Club Hens for fu2thcr details. Mid.to late Feb. 1980 Possible expcdition to Cracroft Area see Club Nens. EDITORIAL. My dew subjects, Ve wish it hoim that your President is grateful for the co-operation of his various ninions, serfs ad general undcdoe;s in the conpletion of yet another year in the histoly of our ancient Club. It should be noted that the free, liberating sport of caring could not proper without the back-up services of a longsuffering, totally unselfish, highly dedicated band of people generally horn as Ifthe Cornittee". To thmk each individual v110 hcs given to the snooth running of such a conplex organization as ours vould be inpossible and probably highly contentious. Suffice it to scy that, in honour of their unceasing efforts over the tmultuous tirelve I ontlm pcst, it is norr decreed that they nay (a) sit in ny presence, and (b) refer to ne by Christian nctne(in Concittee only!!). Ve are infonicd by ourf'collector of Speleo naterial", Therese, that I m not getting may rrith a short editorinl, so, in an effort to boost the lendh of this article, I shall try to say soncthing plcasmt about a few selected individuals a taak extrenely taxing hut cnc to vhich 1 shall bend ny not-kcnoidcrl able mental pouers. Stuart liicholas (Vice-President md 0,uartemaster) for services rendered in the production of fine gezr(md nrecking of s~ae) plus the distinction


Spelco Spiel, No, 143. Page 2. Iiarch 1 979. of testing the S.md R. o~,~?cylisation rre mnrd the Orcicr of Superior Knotting. 1x1 Gothmd (Secretary) for ncri'rorious irork involving. the Incorporation of the Club, the Ikcping of I'inutes ,and the Cesip of ,an unlockable lock for Kublc Khm ne ai;ard 7 out of 10. Brucc the S4ack (~reasuror) for kecpin.; everyone co~~plctcly in the dark as to the vrcalth of the Club md thus enforcing s Saving Policy, for keeping his cool in various Konbin,.;tions, for writing his nm.c (rrith no spelling nistakcs) on 27 chcqucs VC amrd 0.05. Albert Ckxde (Archives A.s.F.) for the production of rmny scientific ('and conplctely incor?.prehcnsible) papcrs ranging fron spiders to spclcoforns, md for stccrin~ thcCormittee throu* v~?.~ious adr:inistrativc problem elevated to tlie rank of 12rch-,',rachnid3 (A,A. ) Bill Itkholson (S.& R.) for scnrchine. 2nd rescuing, buyin? mci selling (and aiding in nrccliing) md gencrally sprcxling the nme of the ~lub(Sce I.I.C. 206 pub) rie award a first Clnss Honours Dcgrcc in Spcling. Mu Jeffries .(i..izydena) for nanaging to avc.icl 97 .fir$ of Cornittee nectings 1,kritorious Amrd (zone A Class 111). Jultc I.larsh (fenale) for lcncling a note of colour to the Cormittee, refusing to blush or react to vnrious chauvmistic sallies by Certain Pcoplc and for keeping us in order (sonctincs) rrc marcl tlic iTobel Gortcr of the Chauvmctte. One could go on! The mnels of the Club ring with nmes like EIm, Pavel, Therese, Gurncy Grapple, etc., etc. This has bccn n ner~orable year ni.th a vast array of ncn caves nu-bcred, expl~ration of The Clnirmn, Incoporation, training standcrds, new neobers, r;?ul'iitud~s of trip reports, the civilisation of ~~usclcs(riho is, alas, gone to the liorth) md so on. One gentle reringer :re have the Annual General Ileetjn,~ to get thou& her@ is your chmce to p>t your orm bnck on the vnlicnt fen. Cone and join battle, perhaps you nay bc clcvatecl to -the pec-rap. Yours, King Trog (Bill) CLUB NEVS. biud Gcncral I.:ceti.nq: Porcshadoned notions: a) subscription rates \rill 5e discussed and reviwed ALL executive posotions nil1 becone vacznt at the IL.G .I:. EOiiIBATIOIiS nfll be accepted at the A.G.K. The nerily created position of Public Officer will ncec! to be filled at the A.G.F. Proxy votes tiill be accepted at the L.G.1.i. but these ~tust be in yrriting please, Ue hope to see you there on I.isrch 28th, at the !'ken-Lshectf. ..................... 9 Stuart the Ed.(alias Selbyfs Jctsettcr) is in !!elbour-e undcrtdcin~ a -training course, so nany tlxnks to those ~rho helped provide "instant" naterial to fill this issue of the Spiel. (T.G.) Caroline Recs cx.Ed. and very versatile young lady has rci;urned frou a banking course in Ilelbourne and has non taken up sky-diving. Hopefully she nil1 still have tine to drop in to Club gatherincs. (~lso H~ppy birthday)


Spiel. KO. 143. P;t,"~c 3. U&-, 1979, Various contentious issues have arisen lately within thc Club. One is the placing of a pern~ncnt or ser~i-pen~anent telephone crblc in "najor risk" caves for use in enereencics. imothcr is the proposed blocking/gating of the easy access to the Dulcimr area in 1:wblc I&m. Your vicrrs on the smc nould be gratefully received by the Zditor for publishing in the Spiel and come$s at neetings are also invited so put your pen to pEper imd air your opinions! Franklin River Ekpedition 1980. The recent trip into this area indicated thct a great deal nore tine nould be necessary to do justicc to iis pAxn-&izl, Tlrrrcf~rc >las for c. lon~r U;; to 4 rreeks trip are already being worked out. ''lying in of Scar and people muld be fc2sible if finances pernit. People intcrcstcd in this trip should contact Iruz Gothard, 9 Jams Avenue, i:int;s+,on Beach, 71 59, bcrsre the end of June, About n week after the conplction of the above expedition Bill Nicholson is planning to do som najor vork in the Cracroft crea. Rccent visits into the C area hmc indicated that i-t is north doing further in-depth research, and the possibility of further caves is vcry likely. Sill ilichclson should be contacted if you are intexstcd address: 9 Heather Roacl, Risdon Vale, 7019. Your Editor is still riz-iting for ,m artistic person xithin the Club to design a new cover for the Spiel. Please send all efforts to Stuart. Bill Tonalin is hoping to corplete the Kublo Khan survey in 1980-82, This is a very denamling task and he has undcrtdccn to co-ordinate things so any infornation recarding this cave should be sent to Eill(see adclress p, ),tkank you, VlACCObi Conference Pci-th Jwuarg 1979. The conference nas well attended I-rith ovcr 100 cavers present nostly fron interstate. With fcv exceptions cavcrs fron Ecstem Australia drove across the r!ullarbor and there wcre the usual sad stories of vclliclcs abcmdoncd in various out of the riay places for expensive rep~zirs while their unfortunztc ormcrs hitchikcd the rest of the '\Tay. Yours truly md his vrife decided to c10 it a different nay by driving to Launceston, thcu flyin2 to lIelbourne md fron there by train to Perth. An interesting expcricnce but not to be done too often. Uc left IIIelbourne on the ni&t of the 28th Dec. ruzd arrived in Perth in the early hours of 31st Dec. IEeals on board the train were quite good but the sleeping accorm.iodation for tourist class is incredibly crauped. Fortunately cavers do not suffer fron claustrophobia. Anymy, we saw the Bullarbor in air-conditioned confort but unable to get off to look at som? of the caves. Perhap just cs well cs the ter~pcr~turc in Cocliicbiddy rose to 520 C on one day! In Perth wcre !.?et by Yarn Poulter, ;fell hotm to older TCC cavers for his exploits in Khazad-dun durine a six-nonth stay following the Hobart conference in 1970, Nom is now narricd md has a bouncing son. Iqorn ad his nife Ratalic kindly put us up durinc the conference and rre are vcry grateful for their hospitality. They expect to done to Tasr-imia for an extrnded holiday in early 1981 following thc I,klb~urnc iL S. P. Conf erence The Perth Conference r?as held in a Tcaclwrs Colleee close to the Uni.of V.A. and accon;l.odation rias provided in Currie Ha11 a university resicientid college. The paper sessions r7erc r~cll attended with nany papers on conservation issues and technical aspect S of caving. V1e scientil~ c side nas rather disappointing and some papers were vithdrarm nt the last ninute. The photo~rzphic conpetition was extrenely rrell ort;a.nised by Ros Hart who went to vcry considerable trouble persuading photographic firm to donate prizes for various c?.tegories of slides and prints. Entries were docina-l;ed by C .A. The only Tasnanian entries were fron Northern C~Vcrncers unfortunately without any indication of uhere they were talwn. Although there were sone really ou-i;stmding entries the overall stond~rd aas a bit diszppointing. The trophy for the best entry overall ;7as non by Nom Poultcr nith a slide of a drop of water on the end of a straw. Thc Cavc~lans lIinncr nust rate as the quietest ever held. Just as the first buns started to fly the orcanizcrs very cleverly introduced Elery Hmilton-Snith to give m illustrzted talk on Uational Parks for cavcs znd karst in Yu!3oslavia.


S~cleo S~icl. MO. 1jr3. Parcc tr I inrch,7qL It nas a very informt.ivc ancl interesting con%ribut.i_on, Even tllougll Elery had. accidcntly left his best slides at honc they nerc be2i.ter thm nost other peoples Spelco Sports organized by Rauleigh Yebb nas mother successful venture md rras held on a rocky 1il:lestone coast ncar the nouth of the Swan River. It included laddering, sniming, wall S caline;, storndrain crn~sline ~qd attcqting to nriggle under a sho~cr of initation S-tra~rs(consisting of suspended r?.ci;al rods) without touchinc any. The conr.littee neetings arc a nccessnry evil r~hich as TCC dclegatc I had to attend. The thrcc vice-prcsidcnts of AS~(iuciuding rysclf) ircre retircd. The neuly elected three cme fron Quecnslmd(G1enn Purc) i: .S .:!. (llndren Pavey) and S.A. i in Culcly). This ncms that Tasnxiz is no lonccr represented at this level. i'ifter nany years of servicc as A.3 .?. Prcsificnt, Rick I'Thite retircd and Ken Lance of '7.i~. tras elected in his place. Ken nas also responsible for the organization of thc YIXCON Conf crcncc Laurie f.oocly resigned as ~cnslettcr cditor md a notion of specid thanks nas noved for all the Ihard work hc has put i11 over thc last fen years, Rosie Shannon rras elected to -the job. Her adr'.ress is 4.1 I.IcCau1 St., Taring+ Queensland, 4068. She cm also be contscted by phone on 07 3708959 but either before 8 a.n. or after 5 p.~?. (~uecnslmd tine) plczse! Thc reco~r.:cndations of thc Ad Hoc Conr.~it%m on I!occ-nclaturc on cave naning ad nwberinz vcrc acccp-tecl md havin?; coaplc-l;cd its function the connittee was disbanded. The ASP Handbook is still a long n2.y fron being ccopletcd but Petcr Matthens is. still quictly rrorl.ring army iroiling out all tllc coqmtcr bugs, The ncxt ASF Conr.!ittee Hecting r~ll be held fror! 26-28 January, 1980 in Uuchan, Victoria md catering nil1 be provided. The next ASr? Confcrence nil1 be COI?JIC and irill be hcld bctneen Christnas 2nd Xen Year soncrrhcre in Victoria probably in 1.Zclbourne. Tasrxmia is due to host Lan~-t;l~er conference in Decenbcr 1984.. All in all the Perth Conference rras a very succcssf~zl event. Our thanks to Ken Lace and his org,mizing conr~ittce for all the nork thcy have put in. Field-hips cere held both bcfore mcl after the conference. As rre nmted to see a little mre of !-!A. KC sipre only ablc to spend a couple of dsys in the Yallin~;up Augusta area. As $he !!lnlSGL cmpsite rrzs badly overcror-rcled nith ncarly 60 cavers t7e sx-lpecl at the SRG hut r-nth Nom his fmily. !h70 nild caves ncrc visited. !7e looked at >iorn1s dis in Crystal Czve and &nj.rcd sane of the fornations nearby. Unfortuiiatcly nost of thc cavc was out of bounds as the ViA cavers had decidcd to scverely rcsiirict access to thcir bettcr ccvcs because of their vulnerability to -i.xap. !;c also visited one vcry badly vandalized forner tourist cnvc a sad exax;.de of r7ht era happcn to an unlocked cave close to 3 road. In addition Tic visi-kd. three -tourist caves. Yallingup Cme is m by a local council. It is quite attrcc-Live imt very poorly lit ad dev~loped although there are plans for i~proveri~nts. Jt contains som very fine fornations includins nany helictites. Tourists have the option of doing a nilderness stint dorm a tight slop in^ passage to a snall cl~m.ber nith a concrete floor. The ponerful snell of urinc in this part of the cave does not add to the attraction of the place. Ii~ar~~ioth Cave is a rrell kno;m tourist cave md in the past has yielded fossil bones. It is one of the fe.7 strew caves in '.':'.A. and contains lare chmbers ~6th nassive for~lations Jerrel Cave near iiu~sta is a very spectacular Cave only reccmt.1~ developed for tourists. This is mdoub-tedly the nost spcctacular cave ne San. Unfortunately our pleasure of seeing the cave is soner;hat spoilcd by the very large parties 'chat nere bein3 pushed throu&~ so that. nost tine was spent standing jcm-paclted together rrith 100 or rxre other tourists. Trick and coloured lighting is used and nhile it nay be attractive to the averagp tourist it is unliicely to inspire rimy cavers. Beaches in the South-Y!est offer a pleasant alternative r-rhcn onc gets


Speleo Spiel. IJo. 143. Pap 5.m tired of seeing pretties, It is a nonder that Yl.ii, oweget der,mund at all. wcre also able to sec nany other aspects of the S.!/. of Western Australia the extensive forests of the I.imjinup aca, the spectacular scenery of the south coast, the Stirling Ranges and nave 2ock at Hyclen. C'c really enjoyed our stay in 'V.A. even though uc rrcre able to sec only a smll part of the larecst state of Australia. Albcrt Goedc. Exit Cave Survey.. Exit Cave has a reputation as Australia's loncest cave systen. A great deal of it has been surveyed but nuch of it, althouzh explored, has not, Sone has been uapped in detail(thc glorr-worn chmbers and Conference Concourse) but nostly sirlple line trmsects nake up the survey naps. Apart fro12 sorle published naterial, nost of the accurate survey details are in thc hands of a nur-ber of pcoplc uho carried then out. In late January a surveyinc trip i:as held in Exit et the request of sonc interstate. visitors xrl~o vere eager fo help add. to our nap(trip rcport and naps nil1 be published soon), nnd ve rrcre norc than sildly surprised to find that nc had no accurate conpletc nap of the nork alrezdy done. The January trip resulted in naps of tno sections of cave previously not surveyed, as fcr as ne knon but, lacking an accurate nstp of the nain passage. ne find it difficult to attach our result to anything. All this inspired a recent meting to appoint m Exit Cave Sunrey Co-ordinator who nould collate correlate infornation, as is done for several large cave system on thc nainland where surveying is perfomed by a variety of people over a period of years. Having been m instigator of this nove, I an stuck with the above irzposlng title and ny first act in office is to issue the folloning invitation: WOULD PEOPLE WHO IJliVE SURVEY INFORELITION FOR EXIT CAVE SYSTEf I PLILiSE COITj!LCT I3 Bruce I klntosh, "Springvale", Y.Iidr7o~d Strcet, ELX/ TOCVJ 7008. +******X ****+%-*-X ******-X-*** Ichazad--m Cormunic at ions. ¢ evcnts in K-D have started a debate, rminly betneen vcrtical cavers ,. and surface support pecple, nbmt tkc cthics of coalmica-lion by telephone in dangerous verticzl caves. 3uring the initinl exploration of i:-D a telephone line nas set up vhich eventually connected the surface and the smp. In the event of a party being seriously overdue, such n linc voulclprove invaluable to people on the surface who nust nake a decision about nal~ing a search and rescue call-out, BUT, say the people who use the cave, this ~iculd detract fron the aspect of advcnture, risk, excitenent or trllatevcr turns you on in such a cave. Vould the naintcnmcc of a pcrimnent linc be inadvisable in K-D because it nould nake the cave "tane"? Vould this objection be outnei&ed by the certain benefits in the event of accident or other clifficulty? !'fould it be better to have line kept at Naydena vhich could be easily recled out by a descending party? Vould . . etc. ctc. ?? Connents are invited in the fora of brief letters to the Editor, especially conr.lents from vcrticnl cavcrs. Just to get the ball rolling, I ~iould vote for a pcmanent line to the sunp in I(-D, with access pints at scvcral strategic plcces to pk~g in lightneight telephone transceivers. Any arty-lents? Bruce I'lcIntosh -, .. HOPE TO SEE AT TIIE NXUbL GE171:3AL T..!EETIYG, LURCH 28.


Spcleo Spiel. KO, 143. TRIP REPORTL a .Page 6. Death or Glory Inc. 1979 Cracroft Expcditi on. ~eadcrs(~arty): Bill Nicholson and Pave1 Ruzicka. Well, i~h~re do Tie st~xt? You wouldn't believe hon hard thc conditions i-rere, mg;?ed, ye rugged. Uclve had it rugzed before but never as rugged as this. Put it this nay, if JP 99, 110 md 172 nere rated as severe 1.~11, rr!?cre do rre start? Ve nonlt uention the veathcr but :.-c could hcve had it better.' The first stage of thc aalk in, along Pan-house Creek, ended up as sonewhat of epic. i~s per usual Pcvel char~cc! off in front ;;l'ile Bill slog@ alone;, beins occasionally overtalten by the odd snail. I..lemxllile, Pav had nanaged to get lost, fd1 off a rotten log md lmd on a nest cf jackj-wprs. A dozen or so bites later Pav jmps up, becorxs very itchy, and runs like the clappers for the creek. lifter a vrbile of sitting nclted in the. creek his face ,and back puffed up alamingly. 2~y7ay, Pav cot bct-kr, but r:e,mrfiile, Bill Tras still slogging up Farrdlouse. 3e eventuelly mt n,?cle cmp ::t Pinc Cmp tlmt night. Next d2y ne did "Four ?ape Cmcfi(proposed narx) a cave Albert Goede and Bill had partly ~xplored last ycar, md proceeded 201-M alon:; to Judds Cavern, Visited Judds on Ilonclay the strem vas very lou md explored the partly surveyed passage near the siphon. Also visitcd i.iztchli&t Ccvern Pour Tape Cave: Albert, rencnbe> that cave ae visitcd? Quote "I 'lmppose you could call it a cave" Tlell, ire pushed and pushcd and founcl 600 netres of nc1.7 cave, large passages, chmbers and very large avens. Iio real fornation to spe* of but there are so rimy passages r:e didn't have tiue to cxplore it's not funny. "Four Tape" is a lot nore cornplex than Volf Hole ~iith Leads rumling into every direction of the conpass. rL'll~ length of "Pour Tap?" could very easily bc pushcd up to a lcilonctre or nore, 5ut rrho will survey it! There is great potential for iar~c system in this area so if you are interested drop ne a note(p1Ln s.a.e. pleasc). Bill liicholsm. I.1Zole Creek Long \i?ekend, Iiarch 3-5, 1379. Party: Bill Nicholson, Pin2 Truchmas, Tony IIorg'm and Pcter :?edds. The ain of the neelrend was to neet and socialise aith other cavers, relax, and ccverneer. I1n pleased to say that rie did all three md enjoyed ourselves in doing so. ITon I have received several corxents to the effect of "nas 1.Iole Creek a booze-up like usual?", or "Did you do ,my cwing?", "Lily do i7~ Lole Creek?", Beczuse it's a bemtiful area, nowhere in Tassie nill yo-d find a publican who nill go out of his nay so r.lucli to nalw you fcel at hone, the at~osphere of the area and the people, nalces it a very relaxful tieekend. 2nd in today's life of tension, stress md other nastics, you mst find m outlet or you becone defunct. Also nhen nc do the sme caves over and over agLain it's not because ne are slacl;ing(i;ell not really) bv-t it's bemuse that's ail ne linorr. So let it be lcnom that Nole Creek neekends are not all purely booze-ups. V!e spent the neekend nith a fmily fron Savace ?iver(N .C. ller.!bers)md on Ilonday ~4th Peter ~over(Pres .l? .C. ) Pollovring negotiation nith Peter Cover, a solid attenpt rrill be nade for an interclub caving rrcelccnd sonetinc in the future rrhich L'n, sure necbers will participnte in. Rina and I experinented nith lights and caneras in Genehis IOlan and sho~ied Prank Salt and Co. (Savarje ~iver) around the cue generally. To in-troduce Peter Tedds to this nad-cap sport ne did a tour of Honeyconb, picked blackberries md drove hope via the ens-t coast. It nas a great weekend. Bill Bicholson. PLEASE renenber papent of subscriptions at thc I..C.Pi. nould be appreciztcd.


Spelco Spicl. 170. 143. March, 1 97 3. T. C .C, President" S Rcport 1978-79. Yithin Tasnmia there are appro:rinately 120 laom cavers of vhon 50 are Tasnmian cavernecring Club ncnbers. The majority of the rcndnder are dfiliated to the T.C,C, with active group(Southcrn Caving Society) making up the balmce. The fact of a fcl-7 non-affilicted people vho go c~.ving should not be a source of irritation to the Club but, as is so often the case, this very snall ninority does create tension nithin caving circles. -It ~rould be to the Club' S aclvmtagc md the caving f rc-Lernity's(ald sorerity) peace of nind to cncourwe all would-be cavcrs to liaise with the Caving Clubs of this State. This rrill not be done by sniping at the various "non-ali@edn cavers, or by hcaping scni-official rc?~ulations on access to caves. It is ny contention that thcse unaffiliated Grsups be invi-teci -50 contribute to cavinc, by discussion, exchange of infornztion(Spe1co Spiel), and by joining trips with Clubs (md vice versa). . During ny travels arowlc! thc State in connection vith ny ~rork, f have net many individuals \rho T~~~ld like to "CO caving" sor.1~ .,-in0 do "go caving" nith hichly suspect notives. In nmy cmes they re jcc t; the idea of affiliatixg rrith a Club on -the bascs of: "too nay repla-tions", "costs toc r.mchf', %hat do ve get out of it?", "Clubs have no busin'ss telling nhat to do" and so on, On further analysis, it often appears that there have been a distortion of reports re, the the activities of these people I sugp:est tbal~ the T.C.C. investigates a forun to discuss these problems (Onbudsnm)? At the last ii.G.1;. a call 17as nade for the younger nenbers to contribute to the miing of the Blub. This challenge has been zccepted ~rith excellent results. The Cormittee has nithin its ranks several youneer nenbcrs rrho bring a note of colour to uhat could be a very boring exercise, I noulcl like to record ny appreciation of the efforts beine nade by the rrholc Connittee and in particular to these younger nembers. I hope for n conticuation cf -this involvcrlcnt during 1979-80. A vord of ~iarning on this last.. Too often the running of a Club becones dependant on very fen individuals. It is for c3very nenber to realise that they have a, significznt pzrt to play in support of Club activities nhcther oa Connittee or not. I aould go as far as to sugyest that cveiy nenber of the Club should be asked to contribute at least om cr-ticle per year tc the Speleo Spiel mcl to attend a basic nininw~ of {;c.ncrzl.-r:.eetirIgs. I nust, reluctantly, ~~ithdrm fro^:; replar participation in Club Etffairs for the next couple of years. I have a nen, very tine-consw.ling job, and a .Jdegree -to get through, 2 house -to corlple-tc cmd three c!lildren 'iiho EUS~ be trained to irri.g.gle, cra~il, clinb md dcvelcp a healthy regard for nud, To all cavers in Tasmania and particularly in the Tnsnaniaul Caverncering Club, thank you for your support over thc 1978-79 cming season. Bill Tonalin (signed).

The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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