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Speleo Spiel
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Speleo Spiel
Southern Tasmanian Caverneers
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Regional Speleology ( local )
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The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September 1946. Initially, information was provided to members through a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947. "Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter. In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as continues today (2015). Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements, of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other information likely to be of interest to members from time to time.
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No. 56 (Apr 1971)
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See Extended description for more information.

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SPELEO SPIEL. No.56. April, 1971. Published by the Tasmanian Caverneering Club, Box 641G, G.P.O., Hobart, Tasnania, 7001. Registered for ;?osting as a periodical Category "Bis. Amual sub. $1.00. Single copies 10c. The New Cormittee. President: klbert Goede, 8 Bath St., Battery Point, Tas. 7000. Vice-President; Sinon Stephens, 43 Seaview Ave., Taro'na, 7006. Secretary: Noel Vhite, c/o Hytten Hall, Uni.of Tas., Sandy Bay, 7005. Treasurer: Ian Parley, 49 Wells Parade, Blackmans Bay, 7152. Quarterizaster 2 Brian Collin, 66 Wentworth St. South Hobart, 7000. Cornittee: Mrs. Dorothy Boulter, 52 St.Georges Terrace, Battery Poiht, 7000. Phi1 Hobinson, 5/282 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay, 7005. Henk Meerding, 7 Gourlay Street, Blackmans Bay, 7152. 1 F OR WARD PRO GRAMME. Easter triy Lake Margaret. See last Spiel. Leader: A. Goede. April 17,18 Weekznd. Trip to Lake Timk, Mt. An e, Leader: Peter Shaw. April 24 Saturday: Day trip to Exit Cave with group of 15 physical education students doing Adventure training with Iain Barnes. Bring a pack for a good clean-up at Camp 2. Leader: A, Goede or P. Robinson. Nay 1,2 Khazad-dum. Ladd-ering of cave as far as possible in preparation for following weekend. Leader: Phll Robinson, May 5 Vednesday: General meeting, 8 :).n. at 4 Clarke Ave.. Batterv Point. Brina slides, refreshments. Iflay 8,9 ~eekjnd: ~hakd-dm. The -BIG PUSH' to the botton followed by detackling. Leader: P. Hobinson. May 22 Saturday: Surface e~plor~tion in 'Jeld River area using our new access track. Leader: k.Goede. EBITORIAL As indicated by the trip reports the past I-onth has been an active one. Two trips went to the Junee area and a nu~?ber of new holes were nuiibered and explored in the area around Iiclirygoat Hole. Exploration of JF 22 was completed and it was found to terninate at the boLon of a 110 ft. free hanging ladder pitch about 200 ft. below the surface. A track cutting trip to the Weld River virtually conpleted the access track and on the next trip we ho;~e to do sone surface ez;iloration. In the Mt. Anne area Lake Ti& w,l;n visited on a weeken?' trii~ and exploration corn~enced on the swallet that drains the lake. k large party made a weekend visit to Exit Cave and although all objects were not achieved it was a riemorable trip. ~t the annual eneral meeting it ivas decided to nake one riore ( attempt to bottom I& azad-dun before winter closes in. If the present dry autumn continues the attempt will be made on the first two weekends in Illay, Come if you can. A LARGE supi~ort party will rlake things easier! ! SUBSCRIPTIONS DUE!!!!! Unless you paid your sub. at the annual general iieeting YOU are now unfinancial and the treasurer will be pleased to receive your contribution. Ian Farley still has the job. Send your subscription either to the club box or direct to his home ad&ress(see above) The pesent subscription rates are: Full rne:nbers(over 18 years) three dollars. Junior menb ers one dollar. Associate 11e:zbers one dollar, The full l~enbership fee includes a $ 1.00 contribution to H.S.F. and entitles one to receive the A.S.F. nev,~sletter. Junior and associate rneribers wishing to subscribe to the A.S.F. newsletter can do so by paying an extr; one dollar. CLUB NE VS. + CongrL?.tulations to Col and Joyce Hocking or, the birth of son Christopher. + k cordial welcome is extended to the following prospective members ;: Richard Bloonfield, 4 Wentworth Street, Bellrive, 7018.


Speleo-Spiel, (page 2). bpil, 1971. .Michqel and Shirley Tarburton, 4 Barossa Road, Glenorchy. .--. Michael and Shirley have recently arrived from ~f.8. and have been caving in the S.W.' of that state. Waym Walker, Hytten Hall, Uni.of Tas., Sandy Bay, 7005, + New Names:The following were accepted at the A.G,M. Dribblespit Swallet JF 13, Junee Florentine area. k swallet only in wet :,leather. Ap;,rox. 300 ft. deep. For further details see last ~;)iel(pages 2,3). Bottleneclc Cave Ida Bay. Not yet numbered. Explored on afternoon .of 13/2/71. See last Spiel(page 3). + Cave num~ering.' Jumee Florentine, Numbering was carried out by NO-te and party on 20/3/71. The following details were given:~nail vkrtical entrance to 30' deep shaft with unstable floor, snall side chanber. llrunerous bones skulls collected. Xumber on rock 2 ft. above entrance, Small inclined entrance at base of 15' cliff face in YerrnAan. Length approx. 60 ,depth ap,Jrox, 15 below entrance. Number on linestone face apnrox. 4' above entrance. Snall vertical entrance betweeen roots of large stringy hark tree. 20' deep cleft, no extension. Pwlerous insects of different varieties. Number on tree root. Sinkhole amongst manf erns approx. 30' deepo Hole in line stone face to 30' with minor extension tq side, Nunber on right-hand side of hole on vertical lilzestone face. Adjacent to 19. Two snall holes joining, de;?-bh 301, no extension, fossils in limeat one. Number on limestone iruediat ely above entrance. Large shaft aTlrox. 30' deep previously exanined, no prospects. lvurnber on liciestone face just below edge on S. side. Fery snall vertical entrance apiTrox. 50' to floor of chdmber, approx. 30' of which is extrenel narrow with 2 vertical squeezes. Fifty feet (down inclihed passage to hole!! + Depth 90' free hang(measured with ro2e) to rocky floor wi Lh ;?uddle. Possible extension. Slight oi1tw~rd draught noticed. Eunber on small rock face 1' above entrance. Cracroft Area The recent discovery of caves in this area nakes i.t of interest to republish a historical report of caves there by Henry Judd in 1896. 'l The Dark Lantern or Hidden Side of Nature, by Henry Judd, Huon River, Tasmania 1896. Printed at the Mercury Office, Hobart 1896. pp.33 34. ,... Fron Lake Pedcler you can easily travel to ths Arthur Ranges, and when on top of the northern end you have a beautiful view of Port Davey, which is about 15 or 20 rliles off, also over wide extending plains. It is no easy natter to describe this view with all the beauties that surround the lake scenery, rivers rounding through the distant lowlands at the foot of the rocky mountains, the winding avenue of trees on each side of the rivers 3rd the bare open plains at the back. Southwards there is a splend-id cave of large size filled with stalactites of all forms and size. This cave must go about a quarter of a nile underground and is on a southeast tributary of the Craycroft river. An easy track could be made to join this district on to the Hartz mountain track, making the whole a very intsresting tourist journey." TRIP I?EPORTS. .-m Junee Area Sunday, 28th February, 1971. Part alher-L Goede(leader), David Mitchell(S.C. S, ), Auart Nicholas, d*Cri;,ps and Richard Bloorf ield(prosp. ) filbert and David M. returned to the surface at 12,45 ;).m, after belaying the advance >arty in Khazad-dum down the 92' ladt'er pitch. Stuart, David and Richard reported finding a cave entrance next to the waterfall at the opposite side of the doline from JF 4. A small portion of thc water drains into this. A steep muddy slope brings one to the toL] of a 15 ft. drop which requires a ladder, Since we had none further exploration was abandoned. After lunch we headed south-east from Khazad-dm to the holes explored a few wecks earlier to do sone cave numbering. A new hole was found on the way. Only a few feet across the hole widens out


below and a gravel floor can be seen 60' down. It war, nuubered JP 12. Lacking a suitable rock face the number was fastened to a tree. Then to tlie 300' deep pothole explored on 7/2/71 which was numbered JP 13. ~t lc~st four other holes were found in close Jroximity in a line to the L,X. but not nunbered. The next hole partially explored on 7/2/71 was nunbered JP 14. It has an impressive entrance. Yet another hole was found on our way down to the dry valley. Pron there we went cross country to Hairygoat Hole now numbered JF 15. We followed tke yellow track almost back to ;F 10 and fron there returned to Mhazad-dun in anple tine for dinner. A. Goede. Lake Timk 6,7 March, 1971. Party: Pet er Shaw Phili? Robinson, Revin Kiernan. We reached Lake Timk in four hours on the Saturday rlorning after callping at Search Canp the previous night. ~fter a polonged session of zdrliring the view and sunbaking on the beach, we investigated tlie swallet and found that the lake had dropped several feet leaving the elltrance dry. Kevin crawled in 10' and re~orted that there was a narrow vertical rift ap ,rox. 15' deep. liith Peter for moral SU~J at the top of the crack which was about 18-1 wide at the top increasing to 3' at the bottom, Kevin began to descend the crack. 'Jhile searching for holds he slip,)ed and fell about 8', uninjured exce;2t for a twisted ankle. The rift continued down another 15' which sh~uld be climbable, but down which Kevin refused to continue. h rolled plastic ground sheet was lowered from above for use as aid but not used as the climb out was done unasr3isted. The crack has water drop71ing down from everywhere and would be vcry wet if the lake were at its previous lirait. Suggestec! gear for the next trip is two 15' ladders and sixty feet of rope. After another stint of sunbaking, we investigLAted the dry depression below the lake. No sinkholes were noticed although we did not quite reach the foot of the depression. In the floor of the depression was a series of small pools but no stream. On Sunday we headed out reaching Search Canp in three hours of walking. Peter Shaw. bield River Track Cutting Saturday, 13/3/71. Party: dbert Goede(leader), liorn Poulter, Phi1 Robinson, Peter Henley, Clive Boulter. We left HoSert at 7.30 z.m. and tvio hors later sst off along the South Gordon track at Frodsharns Gap and from there S.E. along the Davey track. fit 11.30 we were at the beginning of our own track. The Davey trzck is in good order and the gradient is ~xch easier than comiiw over l!dt.Bowes as we did last winter. The weather was ideal for a~lring pleasantly cool with cloud in the 'xrning but a sunny afternoon. It took another half hour to reach the end ofoour track fror: where we started cutting ofi a conpass bearing of 60 (nore or less) a5 wc had to dodge several sinkholes. Soon WC reached a dry valley and followed this down heading S.E. A mall stream soon came in Irolil tbe right followed some distance further by quite a large crctk, The track was continued some distance downstream. The valley was becorlin;: gorge-like and rather difficult to follow but we nust have been close to the Weld River when lack of tine forced us to turn back. Three hours of track cutting and it took us a $ of an hour to ,et back to where we started. There secms no point in marking the track further as the route down the large creek is obvious although it would be difficult with aopack. Eventually it nay be worthwhile to continue the track on a 60 bearing acros5, the dry valley. It would probably provide a shorter and easier route to the Weld. The two crecks we found would be worth following ul~qtream as dolomite ap2ears to occur at higher ~levations. Ye arrived back at the car at 6 i2.m. after a ;)leasant and productive day. The next trip we should be able to do sonc surface exploration. Hlbert Goede. Junee Xrca Saturday, March 20th, 1971. Party: :'Toe1 ;hite(leader), Bill Lehrnann Norm Poulter, Wayne Walker. The purgosc of the trip was to exanine and nur~her sol-ie of the many knowrl but unexplored holes near Hairygoat Hole(~P 15). With %his goal in nind the intrepid four set out from Hobart in crystal clear weather. By 10 a.m. we reached the end of the road and decided to take the IT-iairygoat Trailtf up to the holes. This trail had been marked on the l~crnorable trip when Halrygoat Hole was first located but had not been used since. The general area of interest was reach -ed with only ninor cuts and abrasions and surface trog~~ing started.


Speleo-3piel. (Page 4). April, 1971. The first find of the day was a snall hole near the next gully west of the one followed by the trail. After the stinging nettles had been cleared from it Noel descended, collected a few animal skulls and returned to the surface. No go, nurilbered JP 16. As wc headed back to the east along the permian contact another snall hole was found and again Noel descended, and agzwi;l was soon out. No go9 ilu~ibered JF 17. The next find was a black hole between the roots of a large stringybark tree. This tine Bill, Eoel and Wayne all descended, but still no go, numbered JF 18. By this time we were back in known territory and the next hole examined v-as _rade obvious by some red tape which had bcelr used to narii a number of holes previously found by Noel White and Sinon Stephens. J2 19 and JF 20 both proved to be snall shafts with no extensions. another hole was examined but not numbered because of a total lack of anything to at&h a number to. Number JF 21 wns attach -ed to a large shaft which had previously been examined and shown to go nowhcre. Numbe? JF 22 was attached to an extremely snall hole which was found in 1970 and which had been previously exanined by two intrepid cavers who had declined to go in. Just to prove that speleos fron N. S. W. (Are not scared of tight holes(they would not Bo niuch caving if they were) Noel half climbed, half let himself fall into the hole. After a very unpleasant first 20' it opened out and soon became quite roomy, and clearly went on. Bill lehnann was swbloned for support and niraculously hot his bulk down as well. Progress stopped at a depth of about 100' when a gaping great hole ai2peared in the floor. After overcoming the initial horror a torch was lowered on a rope to deteraine the depth of the shaft. It proved to be about 90' absolutely clear and free hanging. From the top it seems 120ssible that the ccve mdy continue. Because of lack of time and mercy no attempt was aade to descend the hole. Getting to the surface again proved to be just as difficult and unpleasant as antici~pted. Tirne had now run out for us so we had to start down the hill leaving nuricrous holes un-nunbered, a job for another trip. Seven holes nunbercd, three of them conpletely new, and one still going seems like a reasonable yield for a pleasant day9s work. Woe1 Nhite. Exit Cave March 27,28 1971. Party: Ihil Hobinson(1eader ) Bill Lehnann, Kevin Kiernan, Peter and Julie Henley Peter Shaw and Laurel Stuart Nicholas, David Cripps, Richard Bloomfield, Arthur ~larfie, Mike Esling and Tiny(dog), lborm Poulter and Henk(Saturday only) + Uncle Tom Cobbley and Co. Our ain was to push the new extension and make the elusive through tri;? from Exit Cave to Entrance Cave. False high hopes. A11 we achieved this weekend was a record(?) tine from cave to cars in 45 mins. in search of Bill; Arthur8 dog to camp 2 and beyond; and now eight nore people know where the extension starts. Fourteen(or was it 15 or 16)people gathered at the start of the Exit Cave track on Saturday morning. Setting off in odd groups nearly everyone arrived at the cave after 1 2 hours ever one except Bill. ~~m~~~,s Blll?" He set off in the rnlddle at a crgcklng pace to guide 2eople to the cave entrance. Bill was lost in the busk Some time later six of us dashed madly back to where we thought him to be lost. In 2 of an hour we were back at the cars. After driving up and down the road back to the cave again yelling and whistling loudly. Now a11 were worried, but no need, Bill had turncd up. Not knowing whether to curse or be relieved we collapsed and had a cup of tea. Bill had passed the swanp, tripped over a tree, knocked himself out and wandered off half dazed. Luckily he found an old railway track, followed it up for an hour finally reaching the cave. ~t 2.30 >.m. twelve 0% us and a dog entered Exit Cave, off to Camp 2 for the night. llorm and Henk had a very shortened(1 hour) day trip. All agreed Exit Cave to be a wonderful spectacle. Enormous caverns and large riverwa make it very worthy of ~ustralia's longest cave.Ncedless to say 8 y the tine we and our packs had passed the talus to the inner base camp, it was too late to s~t off for the extension. k very comfortable night was had by most, especially those with air beds. Off to the extension on Sunday morning, hine people and Tiny, along to the Grand Fissure where we took the wrong passage. Only Philip had been this far into the cave before. We clanbered over enornous, Ijaafamiliar and very spectacular fallen blocks in an imnense passage. Returning Bill lit the Mg ribbon in the Grand Fissure for us all to gasp in amazament. Finding the right pasL,age, recog


(Page 5). nised by the formations and the Mud Passage we reached the st.art of the extension. Eventually we even found the hole one enters.-.DG'kness at 6.30 ;j.ilz. left us no time. We had to drag twelve people, packs and dog back to the cave entrance. Useful tips for the next trip are: Don't g~t lost in the bush; no dogs sllowed; large parties need nore than one guide, This was a trip which will be rernembcred, even with pleasure, Af-tcr all we did a?, least cover about 4 niles underground. P.Robinson. bT&TEMZNT OF RECEIPTS AND PAY1:IGJT S. ---=P 1 st April, 1970 31st March, 1971. RECZIPTS PAYMENT S Bank balance 1/4/70 133.44. Postage Full me~nbership 75.60. Public'lt ion Costs kssociat e lvlenb~rship 3.60. Equipment Entrance Fees 18.00. Federation Fees Publications 31.80. P.IvI.G. Box Donations 2.60. Dinner Expenses Sale Of Badges 1.50. Copy 6f Mt .dtna Cavc Bank Intcrcst 5.61. Co~y Speleo Abstract Bank Balance 31/3/71 Balance in Tasmanian Cavcrneering Club Publication A/C $ 200.00. HON ATTDITOR. J.R.Herington. (signed). &SA XIS. HON TR.3aSUIIER. Icn Parley. (signed). SEARCH AND RESCUE LIST. -APRIL 1971. T,IS'LAI~IBN CaVXRNE.JIING CLUB. -. In cass of Delay, Emergency or Overdue Party one of the following, (-), should be contacted. Brim Collin 23 1920 (Home), 30 4686 (l~ork). Bill Hodge 34 2892 34 1180 H Doug. Turner 43 9443 30 9011 'I Police Search and Rescue(lnsp.Howard) 34 2011 (l~ork), List of ne~,ibers (see over). Menbers on this list have been graded seperately for bush searches and cave search and rescues. Four gradings are used ranging from A to D. Menbers either not interested or not coc~~~etent to take part in one of the two gradin~s are indicated by FiNO;; on the list of graGings. Menbers with special experience or qualifications are graded as GSpecialT1. Gradings are based on a conbined assessment of leadership qualities, experience' and physical fitness. They are confidi;ntj_al and are made available only to police and search and rescue CO-ordinat8rs. BUSH. CAVE. Your grading is:For any corment S, corrections or complaints please contact Brian Col.l.in or klbert Goede as soon as possible so that alterations can be incorl~orated in the final list to be circulated shortly to ~~olice and search and rescue co-ordinators of other clubs,


TASPIAMIANCA~~L~NE~RING CLUB SEARCH uND RESCUE LIST T'XTBIBS. phone. Hone. Work. ADDRESS. Nrn. BBKGTER, Clive BELABON, Peter COLLIN, Brim COLLIN, Jcmett e CRIPPS, David DE VRIE3, Bien FARLEY, Ian GOEDE, Albert H3NLEY, Peter HODGE, .;Villiam HONE, Berrlard KIERNAN, Levin LEHNANN, Yillian XEERDI NG Henk MORRIS, Clive PETERSON, Tillian POULTER, l!.iornan ROBIIiSON, l'hilip SEYMOUR, Denis SHAW, Peter STEPHENS, Sinon TURNER, Douglas WHITE, Noel 230561. 52 St.Georges Tce.,Battery Pt. 342733. Old Beach Rd. ,East Risdon. c/o P.O. Box 74, Lindisfarne. 71524. 15 Haminston St., Hobart. 230561, 20 Wellesley St., South Hobart. sxt. 436. 304686. 66 Ventworth St., South hobart. 231920. 66 Wentworth St., South Hobart. 442 Elizabeth St., Nth.Hobart. 612611. 345511. 49 Wells Parade, Blackmans Bay. 230561. 8 Bath Street, Battery Point. ext. 415. 346111. 3'1.23, Princess Park News, Battery Square, Battery Point. 341180. 208111. 46 McKinley St. Midway Point. or 208635. -10 Meath Avenue, Taroona. 231040. 29u D9arcy Street, South Hobart. 296230. 7 Gourlay Street, Elacknans Bay. Mercury. 11 Church Strect Kingston. 230561. 12 Auvergne Ave., i\rew Town. Peel St. Caravan Park, Sandy Bap 2305.61, F1.5,282 Sandy Bay Rd. Sandy Bay. ext 411. 345552. 4 Clarke Ave., Battery Point. 313773. F1.3,25 Broadview Cres.,Trevallyn, ton) Launceston. 230561. 43 Seaview Ave., Taroona. 303215. 79 Riawena Rd. 2ose Bay. 200257(~rny). 230561, Hytten Hall, Uni.of Tas., Sandy ext 411.Bay. p---'l' -FIRST AID TRhIBING. x snall nunber of vacancies are available on a full first aid course on Tuesdaynights 7.30 to 9.30 p.~. for 12 weeks to be held at the Nedical School, Collins Street, Hobart. The course has been specially arranged for members of the Blirnbing Club of Tnsmania. Cost $ 6.40. If interested contact Col Hocking for further details. Ph. Home 43 8572, Business 23 7821, ext.418.

The Tasmanian Caverneering Club was formed on 13 September
1946. Initially, information was provided to members through
a circular, copies of which exist back to November 1947.
"Speleo Spiel, Circular of the Tasmanian Caverneering
Club" was first published December 1960. Eight issues of this
are known, up to May 1962. In April 1964 a "Circular" was
again issued and seems to have continued, irregularly, until
March 1966. Then in April 1966, a "New Series" of Speleo
Spiel commenced, as a monthly newsletter.
In December 1996 The Tasmanian Caverneering Club
amalgamated with the Southern Caving Society and the
Tasmanian Cave and Karst Research Group to form the Southern
Tasmanian Caverneers. The combined group agreed to continue
to publish "Speleo Spiel" as its bi-monthly newsletter, as
continues today (2015).
Speleo Spiel is a vehicle for recording the cave and
karst-related activities, and particularly the achievements,
of the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers. It also carriers
technical and scientific reports, reprints, reviews and other
information likely to be of interest to members from time to


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